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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 17, 2005 on DAYS
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Monday, October 17, 2005

On the rooftop of the loft, Belle watched from the fire escape as Shawn and Mimi kissed. Heartbroken, she descended the ladder and went inside. When Mimi wondered about their past loves, Shawn promised to make new memories with her. As they began to kiss again, Mimi asked Shawn if he was ready for the next step. Unsure, Shawn pulled away and proposed they take things slowly so that neither one gets hurt again so soon after they both had such horrible break ups. When Shawn suggested they go inside for hot chocolate, Mimi lingered long enough to tell herself to shut up before following Shawn back inside. Once back in their apartment, Mimi pulled out a chocolate lava cake and the two began to dig in. After Shawn smudged some on her face, he playfully licked and kissed it off her face. Things soon got very heated, but eventually, Shawn pulled away again and apologized for the mixed signals. Mimi told him not to worry and the two decided to curl up on the couch and watch a movie.

Philip cooed at his new baby girl in the living room of his loft as Belle came downstairs. Philip passed their daughter into an uneasy Belle's arms as she told him that she had just been up on the roof. At first Philip was upset that she had climbed up the fire escape, but Belle calmed him by apologizing for her mood swings lately. Sensing an opening in the conversation, Philip mentioned Lexie's theory that Belle was suffering from postpartum depression. Belle felt that was not so much to blame as her fear of losing her daughter and husband. A chuckling Philip told her she was stuck with him and as for their daughter, she would grow to love Belle more than he did. Emotional, Belle told him she loved him. After putting the baby down, the two noticed the sound of laughter coming from Mimi and Shawn's apartment. Philip was happy with the match, but Belle worried that if it ended badly, it could be messy. Unshaken in his belief, Philip explained that they were a special couple and since they seemed so relaxed and happy around one another, it had to work. Holding back tears, Belle clutched Philip to her and begged him to make love to her. At first resistant because of Belle's healthy, Belle pushed Philip and assured him that she knew she was ready.

John gently held Marlena's arm, preventing her from leaving the restaurant. Alex threatened to call the police and a quick thinking Kate intervened and pulled Alex to the side. Kate told him that she was on to him and suspected that Alex had romantic intentions for Marlena. A grumbling Alex protested once again and insisted his interest in Marlena was purely professional. Alex then excused himself and left to call the police.

John continued to object to Alex taking Marlena out for dinner but a huffy Marlena retorted that John was out with Kate, so why should it matter? Blowing off the argument, John explained that he and Kate were just friends and were not using once another. John then made another plea to talk things through and Marlena disagreed. Softening, John apologized for pressuring her but that because she was the love of his life, she could not expect him to just walk away. Feeling a connection, Marlena finally agreed to talk tomorrow about the divorce. Before she could leave though, John asked her to promise to lock her bedroom door before bed. At first she laughed, saying he was being ridiculous but finally Marlena agreed in order to make him feel better. Kate returned with Alex and told them that Alex had agreed not to call the police if John would let Marlena leave. John agreed and Marlena went home with Alex. Worn out, Kate suggested they head back to Kate's room for room service. John eagerly agreed, adding "Then I can keep an eye on Marlena."

Back at Kate's room, John gazed across the way and watched Marlena get ready for bed and lock her bedroom door. Satisfied that Marlena was safe, John relaxed and had a drink with Kate. After checking on Marlena one last time and seeing that her bedroom lights were out, John tucked into his dinner with Kate, relieved.

At the penthouse, Alex listened to a tape recording of himself making post hypnotic suggestions. Finding Marlena's door locked, Alex snickered and went out on the building ledge in order to get to Marlena.

At Alice's restaurant, Lucas tended bar for Shawn, and Roman stopped by to say hello. Lucas filled Roman in on his new job at Titan with Victor and then changed the subject to Sami. When Lucas demanded to know why the charges were dropped against Sami, Roman told Lucas that Austin was to blame. Lucas was upset, but Roman admitted that as a dad, he was relieved that Sami was free to get her life in order. The two commiserated over their lost loves, and Roman suggested that the right woman for Lucas was out there but he was likely out of the game. Hearing an opening, Bonnie interrupted and offered Roman her companionship. Roman was cordial to her, and Bonnie, hoping to get to Roman's heart, offered to talk to Sami.

Over at the pool table, Nicole flirted with Austin over a game, and when Nicole suggested that if she won she would get to spend the night alone with Austin, Sami butted in to argue. Furious, Austin told them he would not tolerate their bickering and the two women quickly pretended to be fine with one another. After Austin reluctantly left to get some drinks, Sami insisted that Nicole stop hitting on Austin. Nicole returned the threat and told Sami to give up on Austin before sauntering off. Bonnie sidled up next to Sami and tried to talk to her about her love life. Bonnie suggested that Sami pick one guy and stick to him instead of mooning over two. However, when Bonnie made the mistake of mentioning Roman, Sami snarled that she better not date her father. After her foray into Sami counseling, Bonnie returned to Roman and brought him a plate of ribs. Thrilled, Roman chowed down.

Back at the pool table, Nicole became annoyed when Austin could not keep staring over at Sami in the corner. Furious, Nicole turned Austin toward her and warned him not to fall for Sami again. A tearful Sami overheard Austin tell Nicole that he would not abandon Sami before heading over to the bar. Sami approached Nicole and laughed that Austin would not give a tramp like a Nicole a glance. When Nicole dredged up the Vegas almost wedding again, Sami responded by goading Nicole about her non-relationship with Austin. Sami then promised to ruin Nicole by exposing her misdeeds if she went after Austin.

At the bar, Austin asked Lucas for a cup of coffee. Still annoyed that Austin helped to spring Sami, Lucas lashed out at him, complaining that Austin had to mess with all the things that Lucas once had. Austin shook his head, frustrated.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Unable to stop thinking about Marlena, John uses Kate's binoculars to watch the penthouse. He thinks he spots someone out on the ledge but Kate doesn't see anyone. Both are unaware Alex has once again climbed along the ledge and into Marlena's locked room. John decides to go to the penthouse and make sure Marlena is safe. As Shawn and Mimi finish watching their movie, they flip channels on the TV and find a Rolling Stones concert. Mimi raves about the concert as the band's newest song plays. Across the hall, Belle's disappointed when Philip pulls back from her heavy kissing and suggests she head upstairs and get some rest while he tends to Claire. Belle falls asleep but dreams about kissing Shawn. Back in Shawn's loft, Mimi falls asleep on the couch so he heads up to the roof where he finds Belle crying. Bonnie's pleased when Roman not only likes the ribs she served them both but also catches him eyeing her as she walks away. When Austin leaves them alone near the pool table, Sami and Nicole argue over who will be spending the night with Austin. Sophie points out to Lucas that he's spent most of the night watching Sami and Nicole. He downplays it but when she compliments him, he remarks that past girlfriends have always concentrated on themselves. Kate calls Roman about John heading to the penthouse. After Roman runs out, Sami does too followed by a concerned Austin. While Alex whispers commands to Marlena, John starts knocking on the door but before he can break in, Roman stops him but then lets him in once Kate, Sami and Austin arrive. John's outraged to see Alex following Marlena down the stairs.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Belle won't let Shawn call Philip or Lexie. Shawn suspects postpartum depression triggered her crying. She feels her whole life has been an act. She has no business being a mother. Shawn reminds her she took good care of JT when they ran away. Belle misses her mommy and struggles to get up every morning. She wishes life were perfect, like when she was with Shawn. He says they were too young and naive. He won't come clean about Mimi but assures Belle he wants everything Philip has. Belle's disappointed he doesn't mean her, but a loving wife. Finally, she agrees to sleep.

Lucas had fun working with Sophie. She encourages him regarding his Titan job. They celebrate with a date - Java and a walk on the pier. She denied a second chance to her unfaithful fiancé. Lucas says it's over with Sami. Sophie claims there's water damage in her apartment. Lucas invites her to stay with him overnight. Shirtless, he doesn't immediately tell a crying Sami that Will's at Arthur's. He admits a woman's there and closes the door. Kate's relieved. Sami sobs inconsolably. Austin holds her.

Alex denies entering Marlena's bedroom window. He wants to press charges for slander and larceny, and get a restraining order. Roman backs up John until the latter admits to spying. The divorce news thrills Sami. Alex suggests Marlena's traumatized because John's abusive. The concerned husband tries to reach his confused wife. He meant every word of his vows; she helped him become the man she loves. Marlena believes John...until Alex flashes the pendant. John leaves at Marlena's request.

Austin points out Alex was nervous and Marlena seemed entranced. Kate explains Alex's plan and John's suspicions. Sami wants to rush to the rescue, and doesn't trust a cautioning Kate. She spews venom: Stefano's whore seduced her best friend's husband. Kate slaps Sami and calls her a bitch. Sami goes to Lucas's to see Will. Kate rants about Sami.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Alex attempts to erase Marlena's memory of John but little does Alex know that it backfires when a token of John's love blocks his pass – the Swiss clock John gifted her years ago. Alex informs Marlena he and she used to be lovers and shows her pictures of their time together.

John comes up with a plan to get Marlena's attention: he'll kidnap her! Kate doesn't like it, thinking his actions will just push Marlena further into Alex's arms. John insists it's the only way he can get back his wife.

Jack and Jennifer tell Bo and Hope that Jack's dying. Bo and Hope are devastated by the news. Bo asks Jack if there's anything he can do, and Jack privately asks Bo to keep Lockhart away from her. Bo and Jack go out to look for Chelsea and Abby.

Billie is worried about Chelsea. Patrick assures her everything's fine and the two of them dance, leading to a romantic kiss. Jennifer calls Billie and she, with Patrick, joins the search for Abby and Chelsea. Bo drops by and Billie tells him Patrick is out looking for Chelsea. Bo goes berserk and leaves.

Chelsea is supportive of Abby's fears and sadness over learning about Jack's illness. Abby tries to take her advice and spend as much time with her father as possible. Patrick finds Chelsea and she opens up to him, offering a softer side. Bo witnesses this and orders Patrick to unhand her daughter. Abby and Jack come face-to-face and Abby tells her father he's let her down.

Thursday, October 21, 2005

Back at home Billie lays into Chelsea for all the money she's spending and asks where it's coming from. She also thinks her choice of pajamas is inappropriate since Patrick is living there. When Patrick enters, Chelsea mentions Bo picked a fight with him last night. Telling Billie she's making her life miserable, Chelsea calls Kate and convinces her to rush over. When Kate arrives, Billie pulls her aside and asks her to stop spoiling her daughter with gifts and cash. Chelsea secretly listens and angrily complains to Patrick. He admits he thinks Billie's right which sends Chelsea running out. Meanwhile, arguing about his confrontation with Patrick last night, Hope warns Bo about pushing Chelsea into Patrick's arms. When Sophie answers the phone at Lucas' place, Kate's pleased and tells her son she's glad he's moved on from Sami. He assures her that she's mistaken and reminds her he wants nothing to do with her. Wearing only a towel after her shower, Sophie thanks Lucas for the room and mentions she heard him utter Sami's name last night while he slept. Jack overhears Abby confess to her mother that she checked on her father four times last night while he slept to make sure he was alive. Crying, Jack apologizes to them both for not telling them earlier. Later, he overhears them talk about keeping him alive long enough for a cure to be found for his fatal illness.

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