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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 17, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, October 17, 2005

Stephanie's lawyer informs her that her divorce to Eric is final. Jackie and Stephanie argue over whom Eric wants to be with. Later, Jackie stumbles across the caterer preparing a romantic meal and she assumes Eric is devoted to her. Bridget is stunned to learn that Eric and Brooke have remarried. Massimo tells his son to stop fighting his feelings and be with Brooke. Nick begins to think that being with Brooke may be the best thing for his child. Later, Nick finds Brooke and expresses his desire to marry her. Just then, Nick learns that Brooke is married to Eric. Brooke insists that she and Eric are happy and she wants Nick and Bridget to be happy as well.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

At home Brooke informed Nick that she and Eric just got married. Brooke admitted she has no feelings for Eric but married him for Bridget's sake. Brooke reunited Bridget's parents for her so her family would be together. Nick did not believe that it was necessary for Bridget's parents to be together since Bridget is an adult. Nick vowed not to let Brooke go. In a rage, Nick knocked over a coffee table. He began kissing Brooke passionately. Nick abruptly stopped kissing Nick. She adamantly told him that family is what is important to her now. Angry and hurt, Nick left.

Simultaneously, Eric told a broken hearted Jackie that he had married Brooke in Las Vegas the previous night. Jackie was humiliated for assuming that the candle light dinner and wedding proposal were for her. Jackie was extra humiliated knowing that Eric had married Brooke instead of her. Overcome with hurt, Jackie left the beach house.

At home, Taylor thought that perhaps Ridge is ready to return home. Ridge was still upset over Taylor's revelation during their counseling session that she had kissed Hector. Ridge rushed out of the house to Brooke's after Bridget telephoned him to tell him that Brooke had just gotten married.

Hector arrived just after Ridge left to check on how Taylor's marriage counseling was going. Taylor revealed that the counseling was not going smoothly and that she told Ridge she had kissed Hector. Taylor voiced her upset over Ridge's feelings for Brooke. Taylor was not certain if at any time Ridge and Brooke could decide to reunite.

Ridge arrived at Brooke's house to find her distraught. Brooke confirmed that she had just married Eric in Las Vegas the previous night. Ridge was dumfounded and shocked to hear that Brooke married Eric. Ridge proclaimed that there had been one man in Brooke's life; not Nick, not Eric; it was Ridge.

Stephanie arrived at the beach house. She was upset to hear that Eric had divorced her. Stephanie begged Eric to get back together. Eric told Stephanie that they could not get back together because he had gone to Las Vegas and gotten married. Eric told Stephanie she was not going to like whom he had married!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Ridge insists that Brooke's marriage to Eric is a mistake as he tries to console her. Hector fantasizes about making love to Taylor and he decides that it's time to make his move. Hector finally confesses to Taylor that he wants to be with her. Taylor ponders Hector's admission because she is unsure whom Ridge would rather be with. Eric finally breaks the news to Stephanie that he and Brooke eloped in Las Vegas. Stephanie concludes that Brooke is using Eric and she will break his heart. Stephanie reminds Eric that he will not be able to control Brooke's feelings for Nick, when Brooke walks in. Stephanie tells Brooke off, but Eric and Brooke share a passionate kiss in front of Stephanie.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Brooke, trying to enjoy her evening with Eric, is forced to ask him to get rid of Stephanie or she will go.

Ridge tells Taylor that his mother has done some horrible things but even she doesn't deserve this. Taylor is very concerned, that even though Stephanie went through this once before, this time she was humiliated again and it could kill her.

Nick is at Stephanie's when she arrives home. He asks her how she is and tells her that he told her to keep her mouth shut, so that no one else would get hurt. He tells her that most people would say that she is getting exactly what she deserves.

Brooke and Eric talk now that Stephanie is gone. He tells her that he feels blessed because he not only had one chance of being with Brooke but two times in his lifetime. Brooke and Eric toast to their future, and Brooke tells him to Bridget's future also. She wants to call Bridget but Eric doesn't think that calling her on their wedding night would help the situation. Eric tells Brooke to give Bridget some time to let everything sink in before she contacts her.

Stephanie tells Nick that it must be killing him knowing that Brooke is sleeping with another man, when you are the man that she loves. Stephanie tells Nick that this was all his fault. Brooke is in love with him, and he needs to do something right now, to stop this whole thing. Nick asks Stephanie where they are, and she tells him that they are at the beach house. He leaves.

Brooke is telling Eric that she thought she was ready to do this, but she's not. He tells her not to worry, there will be other nights. She comments that it could take some time. She says that "here she is in love with another man, and all she wants to do is make the man that she's with, happy. She wants it right for him because she made a promise to him. She steps out on the terrace for some fresh air and Nick arrives.

Ridge tells Taylor that there is nothing more he can do for Brooke. He's through with her. Taylor cries and rushes into Ridge's arms. Ridge tells Taylor that he is over Brooke. He says that his dad is going to have another broken heart and his mother is is going to be humiliated all over again.

Stephanie calls Eric and when he answers the phone, she assumes that he and Brooke have consummated their marriage. Eric reminds her that he and Brooke made a commitment to save Bridget's marriage. She tells Eric that his marriage to Brooke is going to end soon, maybe sooner than he thinks.

Nick asks Brooke, "Where is Eric?" She tells him in the bedroom. Nick is sure that they have all ready done something until Brooke tells him that she couldn't. Nick uses that as a statement to Brooke that that should show her, the marriage wasn't meant to be. Brooke tells Nick that Bridget is carrying his child, and he tells her that there has to be another solution. They embrace, and Eric calls out to Brooke. She leaves him standing alone and goes to Eric.

Thursday, October 21, 2005

Stephanie wants to kill Brooke. It's the only way to get rid of her permanently, and she wants revenge. Taylor insists she stay away. Brooke has humiliated Stephanie. She appears in Brooke's bedroom. Her life consists of her obsession with Brooke. Stephanie strangles Brooke until Taylor dissolves the daydream. Stephanie wants Taylor's help; Brooke has ruined her. The former best friends embrace.

Tony is working on the AIDS benefit. Spectra, Forrester, and Marone are proud to sponsor it. Darla gently tells Zende Stephanie might not be able to host a benefit in L.A. He goes to the pool to meet Phoebe and Steffy. Kristen can't believe her dad remarried Brooke. She's glad her mom's in therapy. Ridge worries Stephanie will attack Brooke. Massimo assures Thorne he's not to blame for Stephanie's deterioration. They've abandoned her, however, and Massimo empathizes.

Still wearing a transparent black negligee, Brooke feels bad about not consummating her marriage. Eric orders her to make him breakfast. He told the office they'd be in late. She lets him kiss and caress her, but halts him, citing Nick. Eric leaves so she can dress for work.

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