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Passions Recaps: The week of October 17, 2005 on PS
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Monday, October 17, 2005

Sam tells Ivy he is sure that Jessica is innocent. He says he could run tests on the blood-soaked fabric to see if it's Jessica's DNA, but he won't because he loves he and trusts her. The phone rings and Sam answers it. It's Martin, who tells him about Luis's death. Sam is shocked and devastated. He offers to tell Paloma for Martin, and he hangs up and goes to the stairs. He almost starts crying, but composes himself and calls for the girls. They nervously come downstairs. Sam hugs Paloma and says he has some bad news about Luis. He says Luis is dead. Paloma says she doesn't believe him. She says Luis was the only person in her family she could trust, and runs out of the house. Jessica sits down with her father and says she realizes now that life is too short to waste, and she realizes that's what she's been doing by hurting herself. Sam is so happy that she has realized this and is happier when she agrees to start going to counseling again.

Sheridan is distraught when she is told she can't make any decisions regarding Luis, and she instead calls Pilar and Martin. She talks to Martin and tells him she's with Luis's body. There's no need for them to come down, she says, but asks what they want to do with the coffin. Pilar says to take it to the house. The casket later arrives at the Lopez-Fitzgerald house. Gwen and Ethan try to comfort Sheridan. Pilar looks at the coffin and says she has to see Luis. Sheridan tearfully says his body is very damaged and tells her not to. Martin changes the subject and goes to call Paloma. When he comes back, Pilar reminisces about Luis. When Paloma hears the news, she runs into the house and sobs in her father's arms while Sheridan breaks down.

Tabitha tells Kay that when Fox wakes up, Fox and Kay gradually begin to fall out of love. Kay begs Tabitha to reverse the spell. She says if Tabitha doesn't, she will expose her as a witch. Tabitha eventually agrees as Fox wakes up and she goes down to the basement to try to change the spell while Kay distracts Fox.

Fancy tells Julian she needs to talk to him at the Blue Note. She asks how Julian survived after being disinherited. She is worried about how she will get by without her inheritance. The conversation shifts to Eve, Liz, and Rebecca, and Julian tells her that he signed an agreement to stay married to Rebecca in exchange for Eve's freedom. He admits he hasn't told Eve about the agreement yet, and Fancy asks when he'll tell Eve. Julian doesn't know. At another table, Eve and Noah talk about the murder at the hotel. Noah tells her he is sure it wasn't Jessica and tells her Paloma and Simone were both with Jessica. Eve asks about him and Fancy, and Noah admits that he loves her.

Theresa comes to Whitney at the convent and tells her the news about Luis and that Martin believes Alistair is behind it. Theresa feels trapped in her marriage to Alistair. She tells Whitney about the rape and says she wants out and she needs Whitney to help her "get rid of" Alistair. She says she has to stop Alistair from hurting her. Whitney suggests getting an annulment and Theresa explains that she can't because of Little Ethan. She says she can't stay married to the man who murdered two of her brothers, and tells Whitney that maybe if she gets rid of Alistair it will make up for all the bad things she's done, and if not, at least she'll be a rich and powerful widow. Whitney says this is not the solution and refuses to help Theresa plot his death. She says killing another human being is a mortal sin and if Theresa kills him, Whitney will be forced to turn her in. Theresa tells her to go ahead and yells that the only way for her to escape Alistair is to make sure he dies.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

At the Blue Note, Noah brought a na´ve Fancy the newspaper want ads to show that he'd been looking for an apartment. She thought they'd be like a hotel suite with room service and housekeeping, so he set her straight. They went to look at a few apartments while he was on his break and Fancy was appalled at the mice and cockroaches they'd encountered. She said she'd wanted to live with him, but she refused to live like she was poor. He reassured her that it would only be for a while. She asked if he thought she was a spoiled brat. He said he did, but she'd stolen his heart. She said she wished there was something she could do to make money for them. Noah went back to the Blue Note and Fancy pursued an idea. She walked into a shop and told the leering proprietor that she wanted to make some quick cash.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house the family gathered to mourn the death of Luis. Sheridan was confident that the body was Luis's despite having been beaten and left in water. They were blaming Alistair for their loss when Theresa entered and said that she'd take care of Alistair herself. Julian told Eve that he couldn't live without her and she told him that she wasn't going to live with regret so she wanted to marry him. Theresa whined to Eve about Alistair killing her two brothers and Eve urged her to leave him. Theresa explained about the prenup and how degrading it was to have sex with him and how he hurt her, making her act like she liked it. Eve encouraged her to leave, but Theresa said that she couldn't leave her son. Then she begged Eve to help her with Alistair. She wanted something to give him to stop making love to her constantly. Eve told her that she couldn't give her prescription medicine for Alistair because she could lose her license. Theresa told Eve that the only way she could get through Alistair's torturous love making sessions was to fantasize that it was Ethan. Gwen and Ethan walked in at that moment and Gwen called her a bitch for talking about her sex fantasies at her brother's wake and then threatened to put her in the coffin with Luis. Pilar made Sheridan some chamomile tea and Sheridan cried and asked her not to hate her for losing Luis. Pilar reassured her that they loved her like a daughter and then got a candle for Sheridan to light every night for Marty like the one Pilar had lit every night to bring home Martin and Antonio. Martin told Pilar that he was back to stay and she told him that she hoped so because she was nearly broken.

At Tabitha's house Kay and Fox cuddled in bed as she worried about the spell she'd had cast upon him and then as Tabitha was in the basement working on undoing the spell, Kay had second thoughts. Though he'd never thought about it before, now that he'd lost his inheritance, he realized his whole life was about using the Crane empire to do something in the world and Kay realized that he would lose that if Tabitha removed the spell. Tabitha cheered herself on with the Notre Dame fight song as she did her work in the basement. When Kay went to tell Tabitha not to reverse the spell because it would kill Fox not to succeed, Fox went in to the girls' room and played with the babies. He told them that he'd give up everything including his Crane name to have a life with Kay and Maria. He told Maria that she and Kay had changed his life. Tabitha was irate with Kay because she'd already done the reversal. Tabitha was so exhausted that she was flat on her back on the floor. She didn't want to reverse the reversal because Kay might change her mind again. Kay promised not to change her mind again.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Kay entreats Tabitha to reverse her spell reversal so Fox will climb to the top of the heap at Crane Enterprises. Upstairs in the nursery, Fox confides to little Maria how Kay's love has changed his priorities so that a successful career no longer matters. At the Blue Note, Noah suggests to Liz that a vengeful Alistair is responsible for the sudden drop-off in her business. Sheridan admits to Pilar how difficult it is for her to believe that Luis truly is gone forever. In need of some quick cash, Fancy hocks her diamond-studded watch. Ethan is forced to play referee to keep Gwen and Theresa from coming to blows once again. Kay sadly explains to Tabitha why she's willing to sacrifice for the man she loves. Displaying a sheaf of lottery tickets, Fancy cheerfully assures an amused Noah that they'll soon be millionaires. Gwen gleefully reminds Theresa how her ill-advised marriage to Alistair killed any chance she ever had of stealing Ethan's heart. Endora masters a new trick. Fancy cajoles her grandfather into giving Noah a job.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Jessica and Simone walked along the waterfront eating ice cream and reminisced about simpler times. Jessica wondered why she was a good girl and ended up losing her mom and Simone agreed. Simone asked Jess if hooking and cutting were really a good way to deal with her pain and Jessica demurred and then asked how Simone had made it through all her family's traumas unscathed. Simone assured her that she had her own things to deal with too. Simone tried to convince Jessica that she's got a family that lovers her and she doesn't deserve to be involved with the murder. She counseled her to unburden herself to Father Lonigan. When they got to the Bennett's Jessica thanked Simone for helping her and Simone told her to let this be a second chance. Nobody was at home when Simone left her. Jessica went into her room and pulled back the covers of her bed only to find Spike waiting for her.

At the Blue Note Noah chewed out Fancy for getting him a job for Alistair. She couldn't understand why he wouldn't want a good job and to know that her Grampy was "coming around" to seeing why she loved him. Noah tried to explain to her that he didn't want anything from Alistair and she really got him the job for herself so she wouldn't be poor. Fancy wanted to know what was wrong with choosing to be rich. Noah told her that he wouldn't take money from a man whose wealth came from blood money. He reminded her of all the horrible things Alistair had done to his own family. He asked her if she was freaking crazy and she was puzzled and sad. She told him that he was crazy for not wanting to take the job. She said it would be genius for him to take the job because he'd get on her Grampy's good side like Ethan. He reminded her that Alistair needs Ethan more than Ethan needs him, but it would be the reverse for him. She reminded him that she's a Crane and he told her that he had to accept it and she had to accept that she hated her grandfather. He told her that the problem was bigger than two people from two different worlds and that he didn't see them having what it takes to make it as a couple. She tearfully turned away when he walked back to the bar.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house Alistair showed up at Luis's wake with flowers that he'd pulled up from their front yard. Everybody made sure he knew he was unwelcome, he said he just wanted what he came for-his wife. Martin told him she wasn't going with him and Julian asked him to stop being crass. Instead Alistair reminded everybody of Julian and Rebecca's sexploits with Edgar the donkey. He demanded Theresa to leave with him right then or they'd have sex on top of Luis's coffin. Eve thought about her earlier conversation with Theresa about Alistair's appetite and Gwen silently laughed at Theresa. Martin started to attack Alistair and Ethan separated them, reminding everybody why they were there. Alistair reminded Theresa that she had to fulfill the terms of their marriage and she agreed to leave after she took a moment to mourn Luis. Sheridan accused Alistair of Luis's death and he blew her off. Eve hugged Theresa before she left and pressed some knockout pills into Theresa's hand to give her relief from Alistair for the night. After Theresa left, Paloma bemoaned losing Luis. Martin and Pilar hugged her together and assured her that they'd always be there for her. Julian and Eve apologized to Sheridan for Alistair's words. She explained that Luis had been the one who helped her Sheridan told them all that she really thought Luis is still alive. They all assured her that there was proof that he is dead and she hoped that they were wrong like Marty's first DNA test. Julian told Gwen and Ethan that he worries about Sheridan's fragility. Sheridan heard Luis's voice tell her that he loves her and she cried out to tell everybody that he was there. Eve and Pilar told her that it couldn't be him, that she'd imagined it and then they heard the voice too. Sheridan opened the door and ran into a man's arms smiling and yelling, "Luis!"

A mysterious person drove quickly, listening to the radio announcer tell about Luis and then we saw a teddy bear in the back seat of the car. (check the website for more information on the mystery woman.)

At the Crane mansion Theresa found the negligee that Alistair had left for her. When he came into her room, he demanded that she put it on so he could rip it off of her body and then went to answer his cell phone. While he was gone, Theresa doped Alistair's brandy. When he came back she handed him the brandy and he told her that he could see that she'd found a way to deal with having sex with him-getting drunk so she didn't feel it. She heaved a sigh of relief and agreed as he swilled his brandy. He told her he didn't care what she did so long as she fulfilled her wifely duties.

Thursday, October 21, 2005

Jessica is rattled to find Spike waiting for her in her bedroom. At the Blue Note, Noah tells his dad why he and Fancy are all washed up. Meanwhile, Ivy shows her daughter no sympathy when a dejected Fancy reports on her latest break-up. Sheridan happily rushes into "Luis'" arms, then realizes she's embracing a total stranger. At the Crane mansion, Theresa stalls and plays for time, hoping the drugs will kick in and knock Alistair out before he can put his hands on her again. Jessica asks Spike to leave so she can make a fresh start with people who truly want what's best for her. Ivy reminds Fancy that she's a spoiled brat who has no clue about how the real world works. Agent Ramirez apologizes to a deflated Sheridan for accidentally hitting the "play" button on a tape containing Luis' voice. Spike threatens to expose Jessica as a double murderer unless she cooperates. After having sex with her husband, Theresa bitterly informs Eve she wants Alistair dead. Sheridan, Ethan and Gwen watch the videotape Luis left behind.

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