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Michael rescued Lauren from jumping off the edge of the rooftop. 'Terrible Tom' forced Gloria to pay his bail through 'Jennifer.' Brittany fell apart when she learned of Bobby's death. Sheila tried to poison Lauren. Mac spotted J.T. comforting Brittany.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 17, 2005 on Y&R
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Monday, October 17, 2005

As Michael's bachelor party continued, a slightly tipsy Phyllis, Kevin, and Scott played poker. Michael continued to try to reach Lauren by phone and thought it was odd that she wasn't answering. Phyllis cleaned everyone out in the poker game and also beat Michael at arm wrestling. Kevin suggested that they go to Crimson Lights for something non-alcoholic to drink. Kevin felt awkward due to Nick's presence, but Nick told them he was going to the Athletic Club to work out. Phyllis asked Nick if he was okay and Nick reassured her that he was. Kevin told Scott that he would explain later. Kevin asked Michael if he heard from Lauren. Michael said that he hadn't and they leave for Crimson Lights.

Jack and Neil ran into each other again at the Athletic Club gym. Jack told Neil that Neil is being a little "short" and Neil explained that he has been uptight lately. Jack felt partly to blame because he let hadn't given Brad the CEO position at Jabot and now Brad was at Newman Enterprises making moves on Victoria and chumming up with Sharon. Jack told Neil he thought Neil was a great guy. Neil realized that Jack was making a recruitment pitch for Neil to return to Jabot and asked Jack if he had put Phyllis up to making her earlier pitch. Neil claimed that he was comfortable at Newman Enterprises.

Jack ran into Nick working out at the Athletic Club gym. Jack recounted how Brad had married both of the Abbott girls and Cassandra Rawlins, and now has set his sights on Victoria. Jack warned Nick to keep an eye on Brad -- that Brad was trying to insinuate himself into the Newman family. Nick wondered about Jack's motive for caring at all about the Newman family and Newman Enterprises. Jack told Nick that he doesn't care about Newman Enterprises but he does care about Nick and Victoria as they were once his stepchildren. Nick told Jack that he was a good stepfather, which meant a lot to Jack.

Drucilla arrived home and was pleased to learn that Devon had worked on his schoolwork. Devon said that Neil had been tough on Yolanda. Dru told Devon that Neil had been very supportive of Yolanda. Neil came in and started talking to Dru about Jack and how he didn't trust him. Dru and Neil decided not to talk about business, though Dru hoped that Neil wasn't thinking about going to work at Jabot. Neil told Devon that Yolanda had to leave the rehab center and Devon said that it was because Yolanda was poor and had no insurance. Neil told Devon that Yolanda needed to get her life together -- get a place to live, a job, etc. Devon said that he wanted to get a job to help Yolanda out. Dru and Neil agreed as long as it was part time and didn't interfere with his school work. When Neil and Dru retired, Devon quietly left the apartment.

Christine went to see Daniel at Crimson Lights and informed him that he still faced bail jumping charges. Daniel was very upset with this news -- he felt he shouldn't have to face the charges because he was found not guilty. Christine explained to Daniel that he still broke the law and suggested that it would be best if Daniel appeared remorseful before the judge. Daniel wondered what was going to happen to him.

Kevin, Michael, Phyllis, and Scott arrived at Crimson Lights. Phyllis saw Daniel and she asked him why he was bummed out. Daniel explained that he had to return to court. Phyllis became angry with Christine and confronted her. Daniel intervened and stopped them from arguing. Daniel told Phyllis he didn't want her to blame Christine or to become involved in his legal situation. Michael sat down with Christine. Michael wanted an update on Tom Fisher's situation -- he heard that Tom didn't make bail due to an outstanding drug warrant, and that he wouldn't mind if Tom were locked up forever. Christine asked Michael if he had anything to do with Tom's arrest. Michael said that Tom was a liar. Christine wanted further reassurance that Michael had nothing to do with setting Tom up. Michael told Christine to stay out of it. Christine was not reassured that Michael was telling the truth. Michael left Crimson Lights to go back to his apartment.

Phyllis apologized to Christine, realizing that Daniel's situation was not Christine's fault. Phyllis asked Daniel to go home by himself as she had to make a detour. Phyllis thanked Scott and Kevin for the fun time and then went to the Athletic Club where she saw Nick working out by himself. Devon came into Crimson Lights and asked Kevin for a job. Kevin told Devon that he had plenty of after school help but that he needed someone to work during day shifts. Devon told Kevin that he would work there full time, any time, and Kevin went to get Devon a job application.

Michael arrived home looking for Lauren. He realized she wasn't in the living room and looked for her in the bedroom. Lauren's wallet is on the couch. The note that Lauren wrote to tell Michael about the rooftop dinner was on the floor and Michael didn't see it. He wondered where Lauren was.

On the rooftop of Michael's apartment Lauren's cell phone continued to ring. A dizzy and frightened Lauren remembered the cell phone turning into a rat and wouldn't answer it. Lauren insisted that something is wrong with her mind and that Sheila was not real. Lauren was absolutely terrified. Sheila continued to tell Lauren that she was "part of Lauren now." Lauren hallucinated that Sheila's face turned into Lauren's face. Sheila insisted that they were one person now and that Sheila was a part of Lauren. Lauren grew even more hysterical when she realized she was locked on the roof. Lauren told Sheila that she can't be real -- that Lauren saw her in the mental institution. Sheila told Lauren that her body was in the mental institution but much of her soul wasn't because of Lauren and people like her. Sheila told Lauren that she was going to take over her life. Sheila told Lauren to look at the bread -- that it was on fire. Lauren looked at the bread and hallucinated that it was burning as Sheila told Lauren that she now controlled her mind and would destroy everything that Lauren cared about. Sheila told Lauren there was only one way out. Lauren told Sheila that people like her should be locked up but Sheila told Lauren that she was a hypocrite as Lauren "stole" Scott from her. Lauren insisted that Scott was hers. Sheila told Lauren that Scott would be Sheila's again. Lauren then hallucinated killing Michael. Sheila walked to the edge of the roof and told Lauren that that she used to contemplate jumping off a roof into oblivion. Lauren insisted she has so much to live for. Sheila told her that she doesn't anymore -- that everything was different now. Sheila lured Lauren toward the edge of the roof. Lauren hallucinated hearing Michael's voice telling her not to do it. Sheila told Lauren to do it.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

On the rooftop, Sheila backs Lauren almost to the edge of the roof. She scares Lauren into a fit of hallucinations, so that Lauren can't tell what's real or not. Sheila tries to convince her to jump. Finally, Michael shows up and is concerned when he sees Lauren shaking, huddled in ball in the corner. She points to where Sheila is hiding in the shadows, but Michael thinks that Lauren isn't being rational so he doesn't look over. He tries to calm her, and she eventually believes that Michael is really there. Lauren admits that she's so confused, and Michael takes her back downstairs. Sheila is furious that her plan to push Lauren to the edge didn't work. Brittany vents to J.T. about her frustration that she and Joshua weren't taken away with Bobby. Phyllis reminds Nick that he can still be the "dealer" at Newman Enterprises and that he still has those cunning instincts. She asks him to find a reason to be passionate there again, leading him to announce that he wants to deal with Brad. Ashley meets Jack at the coffeehouse and asks for the name of his divorce lawyer. Jack wonders why she'd want to divorce Brad nowóby not divorcing him, she keeps a little bit of control over him. Victoria tells Brad that in order to be objective, neither he nor she is going to have a vote on who the new spokesmodel will be. It will be decided by an independent consulting firm. When Nick comes home, he sees Sharon practicing for the spokesmodel audition and helps her relax by giving her a sensual massage, leading into lovemaking upstairs.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

While John insisted that Ashley have a private talk with him about Tom Fisher in the dining room, Gloria received a call from Tom. He said that either she would bail him out, or he was going to tell John everything. He suggested that she have Jennifer (the woman he knew as Brenda, but who was really Sheila) bring Gloria's money so Gloria could keep her name out of it. He also told her to make sure Ashley came to see him. After John went to take a business call, Gloria shocked Ashley by suggesting that she go see Tom. Ashley wondered why Gloria had changed her mind, since she'd earlier told Ashley to stay away from him. Gloria said she couldn't explain. Ashley said she'd think about it and left the house.

Sheila was furious that Michael had rescued Lauren. She'd gotten so close to making Lauren take her own life. After she got into her Jennifer disguise, vowing that this was only a temporary setback, she received a visitor. Gloria told her that Tom wanted Jennifer to deliver the money for his bail. When Sheila/Jennifer asked if Tom had made threats, Gloria realized that Jennifer was afraid of him. At first she considered using that to her advantage, but she finally just said that Tom simply wanted Jennifer to act as a courier. He hadn't made any threats. Gloria did warn Jennifer to be careful.

When Lauren woke up in the hospital with Michael at her side, she slowly began to recall the events of the night before. She told him about hallucinating the snarling dog, the worms, and the rat. When she finally told him that she'd seen Sheila, Michael reminded her that Sheila was locked up. It was only another hallucination. Dr. Walker came in to say that she'd tested negative for diseases, but they were still awaiting toxicology results and they wanted to do an MRI. An orderly gave Michael Lauren's jewelry, including the poisoned necklace.

While Lauren was getting an MRI, Ashley came to the hospital to get an update on Lauren, but also to tell Michael that Tom wanted to see her. She felt like she should see him to keep him from getting suspicious about her being part of setting him up. Michael agreed it might be best. After Ashley left, Lauren was returned to her room. She confessed to Michael that even if Sheila was locked up, she couldn't get her out of her head. She'd been convinced there was only one way to end it, and that was why he'd found her standing on the ledge. Michael held her and promised her that no one was going to hurt her.

Ashley went by the jail to see Tom. He knew that she was afraid of him, but he swore to her that he'd been set up. He was even sure he knew who did it: Michael. Ashley admitted that Michael had a past, but so did Tom. She wasn't sure who to believe, especially since Tom had been in trouble with drugs before. Tom wondered how she knew that, and Ashley said the police had told her. Tom said he could prove his innocence. There was a motel camera pointed toward the area where he kept his bike. He was sure if he could get the tape, it would show Michael planting the materials to make crystal meth in Tom's saddlebags. Ashley weakly expressed her hope that he'd be cleared, then she left the room. Later, Jennifer/Sheila/Brenda arrived to post Tom's bail. Tom acted happy to see her, but she asked him what he was really up to.

Jill and J.T. had gone on an early shopping trip to buy some things for Brittany, hoping to cheer her up after her visit from Bobby. When Brittany left to get tea for them all, Jill answered the phone and got the news that Bobby was dead. As she was telling J.T., Brittany overheard. She called the FBI and was told the same thing. She turned on Jill, accusing her of setting the whole thing up so that Brittany would have to stay there with Joshua. When she went upstairs to take care of her son, she warned them that she was going to get the real number of the FBI and call again.

After Brittany left, J.T. asked Jill exactly what the FBI had said. Jill told him that a car had jumped a curb at the house where Bobby was staying. Both he and his bodyguard had been killed. Jill was sure that it was a mob hit made to look like a hit and run. They stopped talking when Brittany returned with Joshua. They tried to talk to her, but Brittany began singing a lullaby to her son and wouldn't answer them.

Everyone at Newman had a reason to be disgruntled. Sharon was shocked when Victoria made changes to the script Sharon had memorized for the spokesperson audition. Neil and Drucilla were annoyed that Brad had changed the shoot from one room to another at Newman without informing anyone. When Neil went to see Nick, Nick was perturbed that Neil, too, thought Brad was getting out of hand. He decided to sit in on the auditions, and his arrival at Newman didn't please Victoria. As the models came in and auditioned, Sharon was the last. When she opened the tube of lipstick and found that it had been broken by another model, she quickly took a tube from her purse and turned it into her personal endorsement for the products. Everyone was impressed by her quick recovery. After the models left, Victoria was startled to hear that Brad had scheduled a press conference without consulting her. As Brad smoothed things over with Victoria, Nick and Neil talked off to the side. Neil again expressed his uneasiness about Brad, and Nick vowed that Brad wasn't going to be getting away with this for long.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Deeply distraught, Phyllis tells Jack that Daniel is going to have to go to trial all over again today for jumping bail. Jack offers to go to court with her and hold her hand. The judge sentences Daniel to a year of probation and 500 hours of community service. Brad calls a press conference at Newman Enterprises, and Nick is annoyed when the press asks Sharon if her being in the running to be the new spokesmodel is just a publicity stunt. Brad takes control, revealing that they've hired an independent consulting firm to judge which candidate will be best. Later, Brad questions Ashley on why her lawyer hasn't called him yet, and she says that for Abby's sake, she doesn't know if finalizing the divorce is the right thing to do right now. At the hospital, Lauren is upset, telling Michael that she is obviously not over Sheila, and doesn't want to live her life in fear. Michael says he'll go find Scott and then they will both come back and visit with her. Sheila uses Gloria's money to bail Tom out of jail. Tom and Sheila bond over the fact that soon they are both going to get the exact revenge they have desired for so long. Tom goes to Gloria for help in proving that Michael framed him. Lauren is asleep in her room when "Jennifer"/Sheila enters, dressed as a nurse, and loads some of her poison into a syringe.

Thursday, October 21, 2005

Brittany's grief over Bobby's death turned to rage as she talked to J.T. and Jill. She felt like Bobby had lied to her and left her without knowing where to turn next. While Jill went upstairs to keep an eye on the baby, J.T. told Brittany that Bobby had done his best to take care of his family. And he'd also gotten J.T.'s promise to take care of her. Brittany said that she couldn't ask him to do any more, and J.T. reminded her that they were friends forever. As he held her in his arms, Mac came home and saw them embracing on the sofa.

Victoria and Sharon talked after the spokesmodel auditions. When Victoria complimented Sharon on how well she'd done, Sharon said that it had helped to have Nick there lending his support. Victoria wasn't buying it and said that Nick had hoped to throw the other women off so that Sharon would have an edge on the job. Furious, Sharon said that Nick would never do that. Nor would Sharon want to get the position that way. If she couldn't get it on her own merit, then she didn't deserve it. Victoria backed off of her accusations and Sharon left.

Nick went into the CEO's office and was looking at a photograph of himself with Sharon, Cassie, and Noah when Brad came in. Brad tried to leave, but Nick wanted to talk. He commended Brad on everything that had happened surrounding the auditions right up to the press conference. He said that Newman's usual procedure was to keep the press away until decisions had been made, and when there were reporters around, it was the CEO, not an assistant, who talked to them. Brad said that maybe Victoria had a different way of doing things.

After Brad left, Nick went back to the conference room to find Sharon, but she was gone. He called to see if she was ready to leave, but she had some work to do. Nick said he'd catch up with her later. Before he could leave, Victor returned. They talked about the trip to Greece and how Nikki was doing, then Nick caught his father up on the current situation at Jabot. He then startled Victor by telling him that his family would always come first, but he'd been away long enough. It was time for Nick to come back to Newman.

After making a phone call, Brad caught up with Victoria. She congratulated him on how well the auditions had gone. When he suggested they go out to celebrate, Victoria reminded him that she couldn't have a personal relationship with him as long as he was married. Brad offered her a jeweler's box, and Victoria nervously opened it to find a pair of earrings. Brad said maybe she would accept his gift when she found out his news. He'd decided to go through with his divorce from Ashley. Victoria then agreed to take the earrings, and the two of them shared a passionate kiss.

Disguised as Jennifer in scrubs, Sheila was about to inject poison into Lauren's I.V. when a real nurse came into the room. Sheila made a quick exit and went back to her motel room. She was furious at having been thwarted once again, and vowed that her third attempt on Lauren's life would be successful.

Tom went by to see Gloria after he got out of jail, demanding that she help him prove that Michael had framed him by planting illegal substances on him. Gloria said that she didn't believe it for a minute. Nor would she help Tom do anything that would hurt Michael. Michael was too busy planning his upcoming wedding to be bothered with Tom. Not only that, but Lauren was in the hospital after having some kind of hallucinations. Tom was interested to hear that Lauren had been sick. He told Gloria that either she would help him, or he was going to John.

When Tom went back to the motel room, Brenda/Sheila told him that he needed to get another room, just as she'd asked him to days before. Tom said he understood her bad mood. She'd just failed in her attempt to poison Lauren. Sheila pretended not to know what he was talking about, but Tom wasn't fooled. They obviously should be working together, since he was out to get Michael and "Brenda" was out to get Lauren. Sheila admitted nothing, and after Tom left to get his own room, she said it was too bad for Tom that she still needed him, but he was definitely a threat to her.

At the hospital, Lauren was thrilled when Michael came in with Scott. Scott was upset about what his mother had been through and insisted that when she got out of the hospital, she needed to postpone the wedding until she was fully recovered. Lauren refused to consider it, even when Michael said Scott might be right. When Dr. Walker came in, he told them Lauren had been exposed to some kind of toxic agent. It could have been something she ate or drank, or from the ventilation system in the apartment, even new clothes. Lauren couldn't think of anything she'd come into contact with that was out of the ordinary. After Dr. Walker left, she repeated her desire to get married on schedule. Nor did she want Scott hovering over her. She was fine and he should get back to Brenda to work on their book. Scott finally left, and Lauren put her earrings back on and asked Michael to clasp her necklace from Scott on her.

Scott told Brenda/Sheila about his mother's situation, which she pretended was all news to her. But when she found out that Dr. Walker was trying to figure out how Lauren had come into contact with such a deadly toxin, she knew that she had to get the necklace back before someone found out it was coated in poison and managed to connect it to her.

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Y&R EDITORIAL: Paris or bust
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