General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 12, 2016 on GH

Hayden was arrested. Alexis fell apart on the witness stand. Paul strangled Sabrina. Lulu moved forward with her plans to search for her frozen embryo. Tracy and Monica agreed that it was time to close the hospital.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 12, 2016 on GH
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Monday, September 12, 2016

Sam and Jason sat down at Perks and hoped for Elizabeth's "speedy recovery." "Some wedding night," Jason said, apologizing to Sam. Sam knew that Jason wanted to check on Elizabeth and urged him to go. She playfully reminded him that he'd promised to spend the rest of his life with her, so she could handle one night away from him. He thanked her for being "awesome," and he offered to walk her home. She replied that she had a stop to make.

Alexis explained her situation with Julian to Molly as if she was on the witness stand. Molly critiqued the delivery, which frustrated Alexis. Molly assured her mother that, soon, she could "end this chapter for good." Molly began to hammer Alexis with difficult questions, but Alexis soon put a stop to it, citing a "splitting headache." She commented that Molly should become a lawyer.

A few minutes later, Sam arrived, to Alexis and Molly's surprise. She explained that Jason had been "called away," so she wanted to "bond" with the Davis women. Alexis knew that Sam had wanted to check up on her. "Guilty as charged," Sam joked. She suggested that they order food and watch a movie so that Alexis could relax. Molly and Alexis agreed, and Alexis absentmindedly handed Sam a glass of wine. "I forgot," Alexis said apologetically.

Molly guessed that Sam was pregnant and squealed with happiness about becoming an aunt again. Alexis rationalized that she hadn't spilled the news to Kristina. Sam hadn't wanted to tell anyone until after Julian's trial, so she'd know that Julian would be locked up for good. She didn't want him anywhere near her family. Sam wondered if it would be hard for Alexis to see him in court the next day. Alexis admitted that he'd been haunting her, but she hadn't wanted anyone to know so that Scott couldn't use it to discredit her testimony.

Sam and Molly hugged Alexis, promising their unconditional support. Alexis wanted to go to bed, and Sam assured her mother that "it's almost over." When Alexis was up the stairs and out of earshot, Sam expressed her hope that Julian got locked up "for all our sakes."

Ava entered the police station with a suit for Julian but stopped when she saw Paul. She commented that the hospital murders seemed to be a "high-profile case," and she sarcastically wished she had some "pertinent information" about the case. Paul quickly ushered her into the interrogation room and admonished her about once again making "veiled threats in public."

Ava informed Paul that she had her eye on the trial, and she'd heard that Paul had picked three jurors who had referred to Julian as a "mobster." Paul told her of all the "gimmes" he'd thrown Scott while trying to not raise suspicion. He explained that if he raised too much suspicion, a replacement district attorney, whom Ava wouldn't be able to control, would be appointed to finish the job. "Are we done?" he questioned. "For now," she answered, and she left the room.

Scott visited Julian and started to talk strategy. He proudly told Julian of the three good jurors he'd picked -- two who had been harassed by police, and one who was going through a "bitter divorce" because his wife had caught him cheating. Scott was optimistic, but Julian still believed that he was "doomed." Scott informed Julian that there was no such thing as a "slam dunk" case. He believed their best shot was to discredit Alexis and "destroy her character."

Julian shot down Scott's plan and said that Alexis was off-limits. Ava entered, and Scott complained that Julian was "his own worst enemy." He recapped the situation for Ava and implored her to talk some sense into Julian. Ava handed him the suit, and he left. Julian didn't want to talk about it, but Ava only said that she had "every faith" that things would work out. "Do you know something I don't?" he wondered. "Even if I did," Ava started, "we couldn't talk here. These walls have ears." She only told him that she had a "hunch" that he would walk out of the courtroom a free man.

Michael arrived at the hospital and found Sabrina. He wondered what she'd been doing there all day. She showed him a brand-new hospital staff ID card and excitedly told him that she'd gotten her nursing job back starting the next day. He was happy for her, but he wondered if it was a good idea with the hospital killer still on the loose. Suddenly, Tracy stopped him from talking.

Tracy told Michael that a Quartermaine couldn't be heard doubting the hospital. Sabrina chimed in that she appreciated his concern, but the decision was her choice. He implored her to wait until the killer was caught, but she stressed how important her career and having her own life were to her. He didn't want to stand in her way, but he also didn't want anything to happen to her. Tracy urged Michael not to hold Sabrina back. Michael asked for a minute alone with Tracy, so Sabrina went to check on Elizabeth.

Tracy informed Michael that, not only did Sabrina need the hospital as much as it needed her, but she also needed to build up her confidence. Tracy knew from experience what it was like to "throw everything away for a loser." She added that Sabrina needed to know that she could take care of herself. Tracy assured Michael that there was a police presence at the hospital every minute of every day and that Monica wouldn't have asked Sabrina back if it was dangerous. She advised Michael to trust Sabrina's judgment, and support Sabrina's choices.

Sabrina returned and worriedly updated Michael and Tracy on Elizabeth's condition. Paul entered and walked up to Sabrina. He reminded her that she was to testify against Julian the next day. Sabrina wished he would reconsider calling her as a witness. She explained to Paul about Elizabeth's condition, and she excused herself to see if there were any updates.

Paul thought that Sabrina would "do great" on the stand. Tracy warned Paul that he'd better protect Sabrina if he insisted on calling her as a witness. She wondered what the chances were of Julian getting acquitted.

Franco refused to let Elizabeth die, but Hayden wanted something from him in exchange for donating her blood to Elizabeth. She demanded that Franco retrieve her diamonds from Elizabeth and then convince Elizabeth not to pursue the issue. Finn entered with a release for Hayden to sign before she donated blood, and he wondered if she was ready. "I don't know. Am I?" she asked Franco.

Franco told Hayden that she had nothing to worry about, and he left. Hayden commented that Finn looked like he could use a little of his own medicine, but he told her not to worry about him. A short while later, Amy took Hayden's blood. When Amy was gone, Hayden thanked Finn for helping to prove her innocence. He commended her for helping to save the life of the woman who'd accused Hayden of attacking her, especially since Hayden had nothing to gain from it. As Hayden got dizzy, Naomi entered. Finn left to get Hayden some sugar for energy. Naomi was ecstatic that the charges against Hayden had been dropped, and she was proud of Hayden for "doing the right thing."

Finn stretched his shaky hands as he walked up to the vending machine. He pulled his syringe and medicine out of his pocket but urged himself to make it through ten more minutes. He struggled to put money into the machine and screamed at it when his candy bar got stuck. He hit the machine, and Curtis ran over to help. He observed how sickly Finn looked but helped him get the candy bar for Hayden out of the machine. Curtis advised Finn to "do right" by Hayden. Just then, Finn excused himself and walked away.

A few minutes later, Finn returned, looking much better. He assured Curtis that he was fine. He grabbed the candy bar out of Curtis' hand to get it to Hayden, and he promised to catch up with Curtis "later."

Amy returned to Hayden's room and talked about how noble Hayden was for putting her feelings for Elizabeth aside and donating blood. Finn returned, and Amy left to get Hayden's blood to the operating room. Finn gave Hayden the candy bar, and Naomi thought Hayden was lucky to have Finn in her corner. Naomi left, and Finn joked that he was making friends everywhere. Hayden was exhausted, and Finn offered to "get you outta here."

Franco was muttering to himself about finding Hayden's diamonds when he bumped into Jason. Franco updated Jason on Elizabeth's condition and informed him that Hayden was donating blood for Elizabeth. Jason thought that Elizabeth had enough to deal with without Franco, so Franco could leave. Franco responded that Elizabeth had chosen to be with him, and Jason needed to respect her choice. Amy approached and told the men that the blood donation greatly improved Elizabeth's chances of making it through the surgery. She informed Franco that Elizabeth had asked for him right before she'd been "put under." She walked away to get back to work.

Finn let Hayden into his hotel room, where he'd taken her bags, which she'd forgotten about. He assured her that she was welcome to stay there, especially after going from a murder suspect to a hero. Hayden blurted out the truth to Finn about her deal with Franco. He wondered if she would have let Elizabeth die had Franco not agreed to the deal. "No, I suppose not," she replied. He knew that she would have done the right thing no matter what.

"Maybe you're right," Hayden pondered. "I usually am," Finn cracked. She was happy that she wouldn't have to leave town anymore. "You're stuck with me," she joked. "I think I can manage," he replied. Hayden wanted to rest, so she got comfortable in the chair she was sitting in and closed her eyes. Finn put his jacket over her and sat down, watching her.

Paul attacks Monica with a syringe

Paul attacks Monica with a syringe

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

At Perks Coffee, Kiki watched Morgan open a new shipment of promotional baseball caps. He was disappointed because he thought the color was off and the font wrong. He dropped the baseball cap in the box and carried it away. Kiki pointed out that at least "Perks" had been spelled correctly, so he quietly assured her that he wouldn't let it ruin his day. Satisfied, Kiki suggested they both take the rest of the day off, since Perks didn't appear to be busy except for a student who had left books on the table.

Kiki was shocked when Morgan revealed that the books belong to him. He proceeded to tell her about his decision to enroll at Port Charles University. Kiki wondered if Morgan would have the time to attend school full-time and hold down a job, but he resented the question. Kiki reminded him that he hadn't even mentioned a desire to return to college, but he accused her of being jealous because he finally had a purpose, while she had nothing. Morgan realized that he'd gone too far and immediately tried to apologize, but Kiki stormed off.

A short time later, Darby approached Morgan at the coffee bar and struck up a conversation with him. Darby was surprised when he mentioned that he had enrolled at PCU. She congratulated him, but he complained that he already had a paper due for a book he hadn't read. Darby suggested that he buy a copy of the paper online, but he argued that he wouldn't learn if he didn't do the work. Darby shrugged and told him that several of her friends had successfully done it.

In Finn's hotel suite, Hayden woke up on the sofa. She scanned the room and saw Finn seated in chair with a tourniquet around his arm as he prepared to inject himself with a syringe. He asked for her help, so she knelt in front of him on the floor and followed his instructions as he slid the needle into his vein. After Finn was done, he thanked Hayden but stood up to avoid looking at her. Hayden expressed her gratitude to him for clearing her name and told him that she'd like to be more of a help to him. Finn refused to make her complicit in his illicit activities, but she wasn't satisfied because he wasn't the only person battling the illness.

Hayden explained that she wanted to use the diamonds that Franco had promised to return to her to fund Finn's research. Finn was uncomfortable with the idea, but Hayden shifted gears and suggested that they discuss the kiss they had shared. Finn tried to blame it on too much alcohol, but Hayden argued that there had been more to it. Finn quietly reminded her that he was dying and admitted that he was still in love with his wife. Hayden tried to hide the sting of rejection behind a brittle smile and claimed that she, too, was still grieving. She acknowledged that the love she had felt for Nikolas hadn't compared to what Finn had felt for his wife, but she thought it was best that she not get involved in a rebound fling.

At the hospital, Sabrina bumped into Tracy. Sabrina was excited to be back at work, but Tracy advised her to keep her résumé updated because the hospital might close the following day.

In Elizabeth's hospital room, Franco begged Elizabeth to wake up. He decided to tempt her by quietly confessing that she had a secret sister. Elizabeth groaned and stirred, but she quickly fell silent as sleep reclaimed her. Sabrina entered the room and was startled when she saw Franco. She asked what he was doing there as she checked Elizabeth's monitors. "Sitting vigil," Franco answered. He was concerned that Elizabeth hadn't woken up, but Sabrina assured him that rest was the best thing for Elizabeth. Sabrina was surprised when Franco revealed that he'd spent the night at Elizabeth's side, so she urged him to get some food.

Franco was reluctant to leave, but Sabrina promised to call him when Elizabeth woke up. Franco questioned why Sabrina would bother. Sabrina conceded that she wasn't fond of him, but she acknowledged that Elizabeth cared about him, and it was what Elizabeth would want.

Later, Sabrina finished replacing an empty bag of fluid when Elizabeth softly called out Franco's name and asked about her secret sister. Sabrina sat down as Elizabeth woke up. Elizabeth frowned when she noticed that Sabrina was in scrubs, so Sabrina told her that she was back on staff. Delighted, Elizabeth congratulated Sabrina, but she was curious why she felt groggy. Sabrina explained that Elizabeth had had an emergency partial splenectomy. Elizabeth was surprised when Sabrina told her about the blood shortage and mentioned that a donor had stepped forward, but Elizabeth was more concerned about her sons. Sabrina assured Elizabeth that the boys were with Audrey.

Sabrina imagined that Elizabeth's sons were eager to visit their mother, but she admitted that they might have to wait in line because Franco had spent the night at Elizabeth's side. Sabrina warned Elizabeth that the police might screen her visitors, but Elizabeth wondered why it would be necessary. Elizabeth became upset when Sabrina revealed that Hayden had been released from police custody; Elizabeth started to get out of bed. Alarmed, Sabrina reminded Elizabeth that it was too dangerous to move, but Elizabeth insisted that she had to stop Hayden.

Sabrina offered to help Elizabeth, so Elizabeth filled Sabrina in about the diamonds that Hayden had stolen. Sabrina promised to fetch the diamonds and take them to the police. Relieved, Elizabeth told Sabrina that the diamonds were hidden in Elizabeth's kitchen.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Franco greeted Kiki as he sat at the bar. He grumbled that he'd been shooed away from Elizabeth's bedside and asked if Kiki had any pointers on how best to deal with Elizabeth once Elizabeth left the hospital. Kiki jokingly asked if he and Elizabeth intended to live together. "That's the plan," Franco answered. Kiki's jaw dropped, but she quickly recovered and accused him of acting like Morgan.

Franco was horrified by the suggestion and asked what he should do. Kiki advised Franco to slow down, remain steady for Elizabeth, and let Elizabeth's family be there for her. Franco cryptically assured Kiki that Elizabeth's family had been there for her in ways that Kiki wouldn't expect. Later, Franco wolfed down his breakfast as Kiki watched. He confided that toast was a lucky breakfast food, but she appeared skeptical. He conceded that perhaps it wasn't, since he'd failed to protect Elizabeth from getting hurt.

Kiki insisted that Franco was not to blame for what had happened to Elizabeth. She appreciated that he wanted to help Elizabeth, prompting him reveal that he'd persuaded Hayden to donate blood to Elizabeth. Kiki was surprised that Hayden had agreed because Hayden and Elizabeth despised each other. Franco acknowledged that it was true, but he explained that he'd struck a bargain with Hayden. Franco admitted that he'd done something and was conflicted about whether or not to tell Elizabeth.

Kiki advised Franco to follow his heart but added that some people preferred to live in their own little worlds. Confused, Franco wondered if she were suggesting that he keep his secret. Kiki shook her head and told him to do what was right for him. After Kiki walked away, Sabrina called to let Franco know that Elizabeth was awake and asking for him.

Nearby, Kiki called Morgan. Morgan immediately apologized for lashing out at her. He realized that he'd been unfair because she'd had her hands full, dealing with Ava, Franco, and Morgan, and she hadn't been able to focus on following her dreams. Touched by Morgan's sincerity, Kiki apologized for her lack of enthusiasm when he'd told her about his plans to attend PCU. Morgan thanked Kiki, so she told him to get back to his books and ended the call.

At Perks Coffee, Morgan resumed playing solitaire online and became excited when he won.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Paul called a mystery woman to wish her a happy birthday. He apologized for not being there to celebrate with her, but he reminded her that he had a commitment to fulfill for her. He promised that he was nearly done and told her to make the most of her day. He added that he would be with her on her next birthday if everything went as planned. Paul saw Monica enter the restaurant and told the woman on the phone that he had to go. "I have one last present on my list, and she just walked in," he said.

At the table, Monica greeted Tracy. Monica explained that she had to get back to the hospital, but Tracy informed Monica that they had a problem. Tracy revealed that the board had met to discuss shutting down the hospital until the killer was apprehended. Paul walked up and greeted Monica and Tracy. Tracy invited him to join them and quickly filled him in about the board meeting and added that Mayor Lomax had pressured the board to close the hospital.

Paul was curious if the hospital could afford a temporary shutdown. Monica admitted that the hospital had closed twice during her tenure -- once due to financial mismanagement and another time because the hospital had burned down. However, Monica explained that the staff would find other jobs if the hospital closed. Tracy decided that she and Monica could lobby the board to keep the doors open while Paul talked to the mayor and pressured the police to solve the murders.

At the police station, Andre entered the interrogation room. Jordan explained that she needed his help with the hospital murder case. Nathan entered the room and closed the door as Jordan admitted that they barely had any leads and next to no physical evidence. Jordan opened a box as Nathan fanned out pictures of the victims on the table. Jordan created a timeline on a corkboard and pinned the pictures of the victims in order of their murders. Nathan explained that Mr. Ellis, Mrs. Jenkins, and Miss Prescott had all been patients at the hospital, and each had been found in bed after being injected with a lethal dose of derisifol between May 5, 2016, and July 29, 2016.

Nathan added that Dr. Mayes had worked at the hospital at the time of his murder on July 1, 2016. Jordan stuck Dr. Mayes's picture to the corkboard as Nathan filled Andre in about the surviving victims, Bobbie and Lucas, who had each been injected with derisifol on May 25, 2016. Jordan concluded with the discovery of a syringe filled with derisifol on August 31, 2016. Jordan thought the dates seemed random, but Andre asked if there had been any connection between the victims. Jordan pointed out that everyone had been a patient at the hospital except for Lucas and Dr. Mayes.

Jordan was confident that Lucas hadn't been an intended victim until he'd walked in on the killer. She also suspected the killer had been after someone who worked at the hospital because the syringe had been found in the staff locker room. Nathan wondered if perhaps the blackout had foiled the attempt, but Jordan was certain that the killer had orchestrated the power outage as a distraction. Jordan, Nathan, and Andre agreed that the incidents were connected and talked about Elizabeth being pushed down the stairs. Andre suggested that Elizabeth might have seen something without realizing it, so the killer had seized an opportunity to eliminate her. Nathan agreed that it was unlikely that two separate killers had been skulking around the hospital on the same night.

Andre was confident that the victims hadn't been random because the killer had been too methodical and had covered his tracks well. According to Andre, serial killers were notoriously rigid about their patterns and enjoyed watching the police scramble to try to figure things out. Nathan wondered what the killer's pattern was. Jordan reviewed each patient's file and realized that each patient had complained of gastrointestinal distress when they had arrived at the hospital. Andre suspected the killer had been responsible for the "bug."

Nathan was curious why the killer would infect the victims only to kill them at the hospital. Andre suggested that the killer had intended for the victims to die in the hospital because the hospital had been another target. Andre believed it was possible that the killer had felt wronged by the victims and the hospital in some way and had decided to make things right by killing people and ruining the hospital. Moments later, the phone rang. Nathan answered it and quickly excused himself.

After Nathan left, Andre advised Jordan to dig deeper into the backgrounds of the victims because he was certain there was a connection that might lead them to the next victim before the killer struck again.

In the squad room, Sabrina handed Nathan a small velvet pouch. He was stunned when he opened the pouch and poured the diamonds into his palm. Sabrina shared what Elizabeth had told her about the stolen diamonds and Hayden's connection to them.

At Metro Court, Tracy bumped into Finn as he entered the restaurant. She immediately dragged him to a table and filled him in about the board meeting. Tracy asked him to address the board because the members respected his professional reputation, but he thought Monica would be a better choice. Tracy explained that Monica had other things to do, but she promised that Monica would not take the threat lying down.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth heard someone enter her hospital room. Her eyes rounded with fear when she saw Hayden. Elizabeth cried out for help and accused Hayden of trying to kill her. Hayden denied that she had pushed Elizabeth and informed Elizabeth about the blood donation. Elizabeth didn't believe Hayden, but Hayden assured her that it was true and demanded that Elizabeth hand over the diamonds that Franco had promised in exchange for saving Elizabeth's life. Elizabeth told Hayden that it was too late because the diamonds had been turned over to the police. "Better run," Elizabeth added with a smirk.

Furious, Hayden accused Elizabeth of being a "vindictive little bitch" who had meddled in things that Elizabeth knew nothing about. Elizabeth insisted that Hayden was a horrible person, but Hayden warned Elizabeth to watch her step. Elizabeth groaned in pain, but Hayden ignored her as she continued to rant and issue threats. Franco entered the room and ordered Hayden to be nice. "Elizabeth is your sister," he added.

In Monica's office, Monica called Epiphany to cancel a meeting. Monica explained that she would be busy for the rest of the day and asked not to be disturbed. Meanwhile, Paul quietly slipped into the office and silently closed the door. He crept up behind Monica as she ended the call. Monica yelped with surprise when Paul pulled her into a chokehold and jabbed her with a syringe.

Paul takes another life

Paul takes another life

> Paul takes another life

Paul takes another life

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Diane and Alexis entered the courtroom and noticed that they were the first to arrive. Diane was pleased because it would project an air of confidence. Alexis assured Diane that she was trying her best and had even had Molly grill her the previous evening to get used to being questioned. Alexis admitted that it was difficult to be on the other side of the witness stand because she was used to being in control. Diane was confident that Alexis would be fine because Alexis had the law on her side. Alexis smiled and thanked Diane for everything.

Alexis admitted that she was grateful that the trial was about to start because it was the beginning of the end for Julian. Alexis thought it was divine justice that she was the key witness, and she relished the opportunity to send Julian away for the rest of his "miserable" life. Satisfied, Diane had Alexis sit in the witness stand to help get Alexis used to it. Alexis explained that the thought of Julian made the hair on the back of her neck stand on end, and she was ashamed that she had married him. Diane worried that Alexis might crack if Julian pulled a stunt similar to the one he'd pulled during the arraignment when he'd tried to be released into Alexis' custody.

Diane advised Alexis not to let the jury know Alexis' true feelings for Julian because they might view her testimony as vindictive. Diane also warned Alexis that Scott would try to showboat then asked a series of questions that Scott might ask to rattle Alexis. Alexis thought the questions were too harsh, but Diane was determined to prepare Alexis for the trial. Alexis assured Diane that she was ready and told Diane how Julian had refused to help Alexis by testifying on her behalf to the New York Bar Association. Alexis insisted that it was proof that Julian was a narcissist who had never loved her.

Alexis vowed to do whatever was necessary to send Julian to prison. Diane smiled with approval and urged Alexis to hold on to the fire because it would get her through the testimony. Alexis promised that she would not allow Scott or Julian to push her buttons. Relieved, Diane wished Alexis luck then left for a court hearing.

In the hallway, Carly was certain that Julian would be convicted, but Sonny warned Carly not to get ahead of herself. He reminded her that they'd been down a similar road with Ava, but the flash drive with Ava's confession had vanished. Carly refused to accept that Julian would find a way out of his legal troubles. She shifted gears and apologized for not being able to stay, but she had to cover for Olivia at the hotel because Leo was sick. Sonny thought Leo was lucky to grow up without knowing that he had a "son of bitch" for a father.

At the police station, Julian was in his jail cell, getting ready for court. He was confident that he would be acquitted and asked if the guard would miss him. The guard ignored Julian as Julian finished shaving. A short time later, Julian called out to the guard to ask if the guard had Julian's necktie. Sonny strolled up holding the tie. Julian tensed when Sonny unlocked the jail cell and stood in the doorway, wrapping each end of the tie around his hands as if in preparation for strangling Julian. Sonny smiled menacingly and reminded Julian of the offer he'd made Julian shortly after Julian's arrest.

Sonny wondered if Julian would plead guilty or if he'd risk being convicted and going to Pentonville, where he'd meet with a fatal "accident." Julian told Sonny that he would take his chances with a trial because he suspected that Sonny had made the offer because Sonny knew an acquittal was possible. Sonny explained that he'd hoped to spare Alexis the misery of testifying because she'd suffered enough already. Julian was surprised when Sonny revealed that Alexis' license to practice law had been suspended. Sonny suggested that Julian could prove his love for Alexis by doing the right thing and pleading guilty.

Sonny backed out of the jail cell, locked the door, and left. Scott passed Sonny as Scott arrived to talk to Julian. Scott demanded to know why Sonny had been there, but Julian ignored the question and instructed Scott to enter a guilty plea on Julian's behalf because Julian refused to put Alexis through any more pain. Scott thought it was a mistake because they'd gotten lucky with the jury pool, but Julian doubted he'd be acquitted, even with a favorable jury and Ava's vague insinuation that things would swing Julian's way in court. Scott argued that they could sway the jury if they undermined Alexis on the witness stand, but Julian remained adamant that Scott enter the guilty plea.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Tracy pressured Finn to do his part to keep the hospital from closing. Finn thought Tracy would be better off pleading her case to the board without him, but she insisted that she needed someone that could speak for the patients. Finn reminded Tracy that the board had recently suspended him, so they were unlikely to take what he had to say under advisement. Tracy explained that the board members were greedy and recognized that he was a valuable asset to the hospital. Finn was skeptical because he knew that Liesl had gone to the board with numerous complaints about him.

Frustrated, Tracy begged Finn to do it for her because she needed his help. Finn smiled and told her that she should have led with that because he would gladly help her. Grateful, Tracy thanked Finn. They were about to go to the hospital when Tracy bumped into Michael. Michael greeted Tracy and asked if she'd talked to Sabrina. Tracy revealed that she'd seen Sabrina earlier at the hospital and told him how excited Sabrina had been to be back on the job. However, Tracy admitted that it might not last long because the hospital's board members were considering shutting down the hospital.

Michael had heard about the rumors, but Tracy seized the opportunity to question Michael about his relationship with Sabrina. She knew that he and Sabrina had been spending their nights together because of the silly look of love on his expression every morning. She asked what his intentions were because she didn't want Sabrina to waste her time if the couple didn't have a future together. Michael was surprised that Tracy cared, but Tracy explained that Sabrina was a friend, and she wanted the best for both Sabrina and Teddy.

Michael pulled a small box from his pocket and showed Tracy the engagement ring he planned to give Sabrina when he proposed later that day. Tracy smiled with approval when she saw the spectacular diamond ring. Michael grinned and told Tracy that he wanted Sabrina to be his wife. "Hell, no," Carly said as she walked up. Michael frowned and reminded his mother that it was his choice. Tracy was pleased with Michael's response and decided to take Carly down memory lane.

Tracy pointed out that Carly had arrived in Port Charles and had promptly lied her way into Carly's stepfather's bed. Tracy snidely asked Carly how many times she'd married and divorced Sonny, but Finn cut Tracy off to remind Tracy that it was between Carly and Michael. He added that both he and Tracy had their own battles to fight. After Finn and Tracy left, Michael accused his mother of being against Sabrina from the very beginning. Carly admitted that she didn't think Michael and Sabrina shared the kind of love a couple who intended to spend the rest of the lives together should feel.

Michael wondered what gave Carly the right to decide that Sabrina didn't love him, but Carly argued that Sabrina had repeatedly demonstrated it by sleeping with Carlos behind Michael's back and trying to pass Carlos' baby off as Michael's. Michael reminded his mother that she had done the same thing during her pregnancy with him. Carly acknowledged that she'd done that -- and worse -- which was why she knew the difference between being with a man because it was easy and convenient versus being truly in love with him. Carly insisted that Sabrina had loved Carlos because she had been willing to risk everything for him, while she had never made any sacrifices for Michael. Michael explained that he had never expected Sabrina to make sacrifices for him because he wanted to give both Sabrina and Teddy the best life possible.

Carly warned Michael that he was proposing for all the wrong reasons, but Michael insisted that he'd forgiven Sabrina. Michael hoped that Carly could accept his decision because he refused to change his mind. Carly begged him to give it some time to make certain that it was what he wanted. She also asked for an opportunity for the family to get to know Sabrina again so they could see that they could trust her and know that she was loyal and true to him. Carly believed that if Michael and Sabrina were truly in love, then everything would work out. Michael advised Carly to back off because he intended to propose to Sabrina.

In Elizabeth's hospital room, Franco told Hayden to be nice to Elizabeth. "Elizabeth is your sister," Franco added. Hayden instantly denied it, while Elizabeth was shocked that he'd say such a thing. Franco assured both women that it was true and quietly revealed that he could prove it. Elizabeth was not amused. Franco conceded that he'd been conflicted about telling Elizabeth, but he'd been forced to tell the truth because Hayden and Elizabeth had been on the verge of scratching each other's eyes out.

Hayden muttered that she still might, but Franco reminded her to be nice to her sister. Elizabeth resented Franco repeatedly making the claim and demanded to know why he thought Hayden was her sister. Franco reminded Elizabeth that she and Hayden had the same rare blood type, but Elizabeth was not satisfied. Franco reluctantly explained that Jeff Webber had had an affair with a married woman, and the result of that affair was "this gift to the world known as Hayden Barnes." Hayden argued that her father was Raymond Berlin and that her mother had always remarked how much Hayden and Raymond looked alike.

Franco claimed Naomi's lie had been an attempt to avoid suspicion. Elizabeth refused to believe it because her parents were nearly perfect, and they'd spent most of their lives helping other people. Franco joked that Jeff had helped himself to something else, but Elizabeth was hurt and reminded him that he was talking about her father. Elizabeth was curious how Franco had learned about the affair and Hayden. He reluctantly admitted that his mother had told him. Elizabeth scoffed, prompting Hayden to ask who Heather was.

Franco filled Hayden in about Heather's connection to Jeff and revealed that his mother was incarcerated at D'Archam Asylum for the Criminally Insane. Elizabeth added that Heather's brain was so rattled that Heather could barely function, and when she did, Heather liked to inject her enemies with LSD. Hayden realized that the source of the information was a lunatic. Franco conceded that his mother was insane, but he explained that Naomi had confirmed it after he'd caught Naomi leaving D'Archam. Franco explained that Heather had been blackmailing Naomi for years.

Hayden realized that she had saved her sister's life, and in return, Elizabeth had destroyed Hayden's. Franco thought Hayden was exaggerating, but she revealed that Elizabeth had asked someone to turn the diamonds over to the police. Elizabeth was unapologetic because Hayden had tried to kill her. Franco frowned and told Elizabeth that Hayden hadn't pushed Elizabeth down the stairs. He explained that the police had found a picture of a man's shoes that had been snapped as Elizabeth had tumbled down the stairs. Elizabeth was immediately filled with remorse because she hadn't known about Hayden's blood donation and the picture when she'd asked Sabrina to take the diamonds to the police.

Elizabeth decided to call Sabrina to stop her before she went to the police. Seconds later, the room's phone rang. It was Nathan. Franco handed the phone to Elizabeth as Hayden waited expectantly. After a short conversation, Elizabeth ended the call and apologized to Hayden because Nathan had the diamonds. Furious, Hayden told Elizabeth that she regretted saving Elizabeth's life and stormed out. Elizabeth decided to call her father, but Franco took the phone away from her.

Elizabeth explained that she needed a more reliable source than Heather to confirm that Hayden was her sister. Elizabeth insisted that her sister was Sarah, not someone like Hayden. Her anger turned to regret as she conceded that she had destroyed Hayden's life, but she reiterated that she'd been certain that Hayden had pushed her because that had made sense. Elizabeth couldn't understand why a man she didn't know would want to kill her. Franco assured her that the police would catch him.

Elizabeth vowed to find a way to fix things for Hayden, but Franco confessed that he'd never forgive himself if sharing the secret hindered Elizabeth's recovery in any way. Elizabeth gently stroked his hand as she acknowledged all he'd done for her. Franco assured her there was nothing that he wouldn't do for her.

In Monica's office, Paul silently approached Monica from behind as she ended a call with Epiphany. Monica yelped with surprise as he grabbed her in a chokehold and jammed a syringe into her neck. Monica struggled briefly until the derisifol took effect and she collapsed. Paul looked down at Monica and told her that she'd deserved it and that she'd brought it on herself. Paul slipped out of the office, but he was startled when Sabrina suddenly appeared. She apologized for giving him a fright and told him that she needed to talk to Monica.

Sabrina brushed past Paul and entered Monica's office before he could stop her. Sabrina was alarmed when she saw Monica on the floor and rushed to help her. Sabrina realized that Monica wasn't breathing, so she turned to Paul for answers. He claimed that he had no idea what had happened to Monica, but he'd been about to fetch help. Sabrina instructed him to go to the nurses' station and ask for a crash cart. After Paul left, Sabrina administered CPR until Monica began to breathe on her own. Sabrina noticed that Paul hadn't returned, and she called for help.

A short time later, a doctor examined Monica as a nurse fussed with an I.V. bag. Sabrina showed the doctor the needle mark on Monica's neck and suggested that Monica had been injected with derisifol. Dr. Andy immediately instructed Sabrina to call the police. After Sabrina left, Tracy appeared in the doorway. Tracy was shocked when she saw Monica on a gurney. Dr. Andy revealed that the killer might have struck again.

Tracy asked if Monica would make it. Dr. Andy didn't have an answer, but he credited Sabrina with giving Monica a fighting chance by administering CPR.

At the courthouse, a clerk approached Scott to give Scott a large manila envelope that had arrived by messenger. After the clerk left, Scott opened the envelope and looked inside. He chuckled. "Wait 'til they get ahold of this," Scott said with a smirk. Scott immediately returned to the jail to talk to Julian. Julian was curious if Scott had changed Julian's plea, but Scott informed Julian that he had a much better deal for Julian and held up the envelope.

At the hospital, Finn waited for an elevator when Hayden walked up and impatiently hit the button. Finn asked if she was in a rush to pick up her diamonds, but she shook her head and told him that Elizabeth had turned the diamonds over to the police. Hayden was desperate to get out of town and asked Finn to help her. She was shocked when he refused, but he quickly explained that she should hire a lawyer and deal with her legal issues. Hayden reminded him that she would go to jail, but Finn promised to help her find a way out of being sent to prison. Hayden agreed to trust Finn and stay. Moments later, two federal agents exited the elevator and arrested Hayden.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Paul ended a call with his assistant, and Sabrina walked up and told him that the hospital killer had attacked Monica. Paul feigned surprise, but Sabrina questioned why he hadn't returned to Monica's office with help. Paul claimed that he'd told a nurse at the nurses' station and assured Sabrina that he'd been frantic about Monica because she was like family to him. Sabrina's eyes narrowed with suspicion, so Paul promised to call the police commissioner personally. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and the latex gloves he'd worn slipped out.

Sabrina suddenly tensed as she put the pieces together. She nervously backed away and tried to pretend that she didn't know he was the killer. Paul glanced around then quickly grabbed Sabrina, covered her mouth, and dragged her into an exam room. Sabrina managed to break free, but Paul blocked the door. She tearfully pleaded with him to let her go, but Paul explained that he couldn't. His eyes filled with tears of regret as he apologized and pulled Sabrina into a chokehold. She managed to open the blinds as she desperately fought to break free. Sabrina banged on the window, hoping to get someone's attention in the hallway, but Paul pulled her deeper into the shadows.

In the courtroom, Sonny greeted Alexis and told her about his visit with Julian. Alexis appreciated Sonny's help, but she doubted that Julian would do the honorable thing by confessing. Moments later, Paul entered the courtroom. Alexis admitted that she had started to worry that he wouldn't make it. Paul appeared shaken as he told her that he'd been taking care of something.

In the dark exam room, Sabrina's phone chimed under the exam table. It was a text message from Michael telling Sabrina that he couldn't wait to see her because he had a terrific surprise for her. He ended the message with "I love you!" Nearby, on the floor, was Sabrina's lifeless body.

Felix and Michael find Sabrina's body

Felix and Michael find Sabrina's body

Thursday, September 15, 2016

At Metro Court Restaurant, Lulu told Dante that Robert had done more digging into13 Amiklon, but there hadn't been any record of Daphne ever living at the address. Dante thought they'd reached a dead end, but Lulu disagreed because Daphne had been a real person. Dante agreed, but he pointed out that they had no idea if the woman's name was even Daphne or if she knew anything about the frozen embryo. Lulu asked if he wanted to give up the search for the embryo. Dante carefully explained that it was likely that the embryo had been destroyed at Crichton-Clark, but Lulu strongly disagreed because she was certain that Helena had taken the embryo when she'd fled the clinic.

Dante worried that it was just another one of Helena's games because all she had ever done was use Lulu or use her to hurt the Spencers. Lulu agreed, but she felt compelled to look for answers because there might be a chance that the embryo was out there. Dante admitted that he didn't want to see Lulu disappointed again or to fall into a trap. Lulu appreciated his desire to protect her, but he explained that it was more than that. He reminded Lulu that if she found the embryo and went through with her plans, then she'd be giving birth to Stavros' child.

Dante wondered if Lulu was truly prepared to raise Stavros' child after everything Stavros had put her through. Lulu insisted that the child was innocent and would also be a part of her. It was also her last hope of carrying a child. Lulu was certain that she could love the baby, but she wondered if Dante could. He assured her that he'd love any child of hers if it existed, but the embryo was not the same as a child, and they didn't even know if the embryo was out there. Lulu explained that it was why it was imperative for her to search for answers.

Moments later, Kevin approached the table and asked if he could speak to Lulu for a few minutes about Laura. Dante decided to check in with the police station and excused himself. Kevin smiled as he sat down and asked if Lulu had heard from Laura. Lulu confirmed that she had and told him about Laura's trip to the French Alps to get Spencer settled in at a secure boarding school, safe from Valentin's reach. Kevin opened up about his troubles with Laura and his desire to make amends.

Lulu had noticed her mother's budding romance with Kevin and assured him that he and Laura would have plenty of time to work things out when Laura returned. Kevin smiled and asked Lulu to let Laura know that he'd love to see her. Moments later, Dante returned and announced that he was needed at the hospital. After Dante left, Lulu invited Kevin to have dinner with her, but he warned her that he might not be a good dinner companion because he couldn't simply stop being a "shrink."

Kevin confessed that he'd picked up on some tension between Dante and Lulu when he'd walked up earlier. Lulu quickly filled him in about the search for Daphne and why it was important. Kevin thought Lulu was a lot like her mother because Laura had been equally determined to solve the mystery of Helena's gift despite being told to let it go. Lulu realized that it had been hypocritical of her to discourage her mother, but Lulu was desperate for answers. Kevin urged Lulu to proceed with caution because the best-case scenario meant that she'd have a child.

Lulu liked the sound of that, but Kevin was curious what would happen once the ideals of having a child wore off and she was faced with the day-to-day reality of it and the possible stress it would have on her marriage. Lulu assured Kevin that she would love her child, but he reminded her that the child hadn't been conceived in love -- it had been created by someone who had performed an invasive procedure on her against her will. Kevin gently pointed out that Stavros had assaulted Lulu, which meant that the child would be a product of a union between Lulu and her attacker. Lulu insisted that she and Dante would have to get over it, but Kevin wondered what would happen if they couldn't. Lulu promised Kevin that she and Dante had already discussed it, but Kevin advised her to consider that the reality might differ from what she envisioned.

Lulu reminded Kevin that Nikolas had also been Stavros' son, but she had deeply loved her brother despite who his father had been. Lulu wanted an opportunity to give Rocco a sibling, but she conceded that Kevin had given her a few things to think about.

In lockup, Scott waved around an envelope as he told Julian that it contained Julian's ticket to freedom.

In the courtroom, Alexis thanked Sonny for talking to Julian, but she doubted that Julian would do the honorable thing. Seconds later, Paul walked in looking frazzled. Alexis admitted that she'd been worried that Paul wouldn't make it, but he told her that he'd been taking care of something then proceeded to the prosecutor's table. Sam arrived moments later and greeted her mother. Sam promised Alexis that they would get through the ordeal of the trial together, but Alexis assured Sam that it wasn't necessary for Sam to be there. Sam explained that she wanted to watch Julian get what he deserved.

Sam and Alexis became distracted when they saw Ava waltz in and make her way to a seat behind the defendant's chair. Meanwhile, Sonny greeted Jordan and pointed out that they were on the same side for once. Nearby, Ava approached Paul and loudly accused him of being a bastard for railroading her brother. All heads turned to Paul, who softly told Ava that she'd put on quite a show. Ava reminded him of their agreement, so Paul cleared his throat and put on a show by sternly warning her that she'd wasted her breath because there was nothing that Ava could say or do to stop him from sending Julian to jail for life.

Sonny called out to Ava and demanded to know what she was doing. Ava ignored Sonny as she returned to her seat. On the other side of the room, Jordan approached Alexis. Alexis told Jordan not to worry because Alexis wouldn't lose it like she had in the restaurant with Kristina. Alexis tensed when Julian arrived and was escorted in handcuffs to his seat. Sam suggested that Alexis think of Julian as just another criminal.

Moments later, everyone sat down when Judge Rachel Lasser approached the bench and invited Paul to make an opening statement. Paul addressed the jury as he accused Julian of being driven by greed. Paul listed the crimes that Julian had been charged with and promised to prove that Julian had been guilty of each one. Paul concluded his speech by expressing his confidence that the jury would convict Julian. Judge Lasser turned to Scott to make an opening statement, but Scott asked for a meeting in the judge's chambers to discuss the admissibility of certain evidence.

Paul and Scott approached the bench as Paul feigned outrage. Judge Lasser called a short recess and excused everyone from the courtroom. After everyone filed out, Scott showed the judge a copy of the warrant for the wiretap. Scott revealed that the warrant had been issued for 2813 Belleforest Drive, but Alexis lived at 2183 Belleforest Drive, which meant that the evidence collected at Alexis' house had been illegally obtained. Paul scoffed and dismissed the copy of the warrant. Judge Lasser agreed that it might have been altered, so she sent for the original warrant.

Meanwhile, Sonny asked Jordan if there was anything to be concerned about. Jordan assured Sonny that Scott was grasping at straws. Sonny and Jordan looked up when Paul and Scott appeared in the doorway. Scott gloated, but Paul vowed that he wouldn't let Scott get away with the stunt that Scott had pulled. Scott smiled smugly because he had the truth on his side and a guardian angel on his shoulder. Later, Alexis paced the hallway as Paul walked up and handed her a cup of water and promised her that everything would work out.

In lockup, Ava asked why Julian was glum. Julian wanted to know what was going on, but Ava claimed that she had no idea. She told him to have patience then smiled and added that he would soon owe her for being such a good sister.

After the trial resumed, Judge Lasser explained that there had been an issue with the warrant for the wiretap. Alexis, Sam, and Sonny were shocked when the judge threw out all the evidence collected from Alexis' home. Jordan objected because she had filed the warrant herself and was certain that she hadn't made an error. Judge Lasser ordered everyone to sit and invited Scott to proceed. Scott wanted the case tossed out, but Paul was confident that he could still secure a conviction.

Satisfied, the judge offered Scott an opportunity to make an opening statement. Scott kept it brief by assuring the jury that Julian was an innocent man. After Scott sat down, Paul called Alexis to the stand.

At the hospital, Michael bumped into Jason. Jason was happy to see Michael but curious why he was at the hospital. Michael explained that he had stopped by to see Sabrina because he had a surprise for her. Michael showed Jason the small box with the engagement ring and credited Jason and Sam for inspiring him. Jason was happy for Michael and congratulated him. Michael was grateful because not everyone had been supportive. Jason realized that Michael was referring to Carly.

Michael told Jason about Carly's certainty that Michael and Sabrina weren't in love with each other. Jason promised Michael that everything would work out if Michael followed his heart. Michael thanked Jason and left. Moments later, Jason saw a familiar doctor. The doctor was curious how Monica was, so Jason assured him that she was fine. The doctor realized that Jason hadn't heard about the attack and quickly explained that Monica had been admitted as a patient and was in the Intensive Care Unit.

In Monica's hospital room, Tracy snapped a picture of Monica in bed wearing a hospital gown and hooked up to a ventilator. Tracy threatened to post the picture online if Monica didn't wake up before the end of the day. Tracy put her phone away and approached Monica. She sat down on the bed and took Monica's hand as she tearfully confessed that she needed Monica to get better because she couldn't go on without her beloved sister-in-law.

Tracy looked up when Jason entered the room and asked about his mother. Tracy revealed that Monica had been holding her own, but it could go either way. Tracy regretted that she hadn't let the board members close the hospital, but Jason insisted that Tracy was not to blame for what had happened to Monica. He reminded her that the hospital needed to remain open because it saved lives. Tracy smiled weakly, but she quickly pulled herself together and went to look for a doctor to get an update on Monica's condition. Jason sat with Monica and talked about when he'd first woken up from a coma following the life-altering car accident with A.J.

Jason recalled how Monica had begged him to return to the family and how much he had resented it. However, he finally understood the pain that Monica had endured because he was a father. He told Monica about Sam's pregnancy and admitted that he'd go to the ends of the earth for his children just like she had for him. Jason regretted that he hadn't thanked her sooner. "Well, Mom, I'm thanking you now," he quietly said as he took her hand and gently stroked it. Monica's eyes slowly fluttered open when he admitted that he and his children needed her.

In a dark examination room, Sabrina's lifeless body was sprawled on the ground. Outside the room, Felix ran into Michael. Michael dropped the small box with the engagement ring, prompting Felix to ask him about it. Michael smiled as he confided that he intended to propose to Sabrina. Delighted, Felix congratulated Michael and told him that it was about time that he made an honest woman of Sabrina. Michael realized that he and Sabrina had only recently reconciled, but they had a lot of history together, and Michael didn't want to wait another minute.

Michael was eager to be a family with Sabrina and Teddy, but he wanted Felix's blessing because Felix was important to Sabrina. Felix smiled and told Michael to go for it. Relieved, Michael filled Felix in about his plans to propose, which included a violinist serenading them. Felix asked Michael to take pictures, but Michael suggested that Felix join them. Felix explained that he couldn't leave because he'd just started a shift. Michael was disappointed, but he promised to send Felix a picture of Sabrina's expression when she said yes.

Felix thanked Michael then grabbed a set of linens to get the exam room ready for a new patient. Felix's smile vanished when he opened the door and saw Sabrina on the ground. He dropped the linens and called out to Sabrina as he rushed to her side. Michael heard Felix and ran into the room. A short time later, Dr. Andy desperately tried to save Sabrina's life by using a defibrillator to start her heart, but he quickly determined that it was too late. Michael begged the doctor to keep trying because Sabrina had a young son, but Felix tearfully explained that Sabrina had already been gone when he'd found her.

Sabrina's time of death was recorded at 4:16 p.m., and the police were notified. Dante and Crime Scene Investigators arrived to collect evidence and take pictures and statements. After Felix and Michael told Dante what they knew, Michael asked for some time alone with Sabrina. Dante agreed, so Michael entered the room and closed the door. His eyes filled with tears as he looked at Sabrina's body on the hospital bed.

Michael sat on the bed beside Sabrina and confessed that he didn't know how to say goodbye when he'd just gotten her back. He admitted that he'd thought they'd have forever, but he was glad that they hadn't wasted the time they'd had. Michael pulled out the engagement ring and slid it on Sabrina's finger as he told her that he loved her and always would.

In the hallway, Tracy noticed the police and was filled with trepidation as she approached Dante. "Who this time?" she asked. Her expression clouded with concern when she saw Felix standing at an exam room window. She walked up next to Felix and gasped when she saw Sabrina.

Alexis falls apart on the witness stand

Alexis falls apart on the witness stand

Friday, September 16, 2016

In the courtroom, Alexis was sworn in as she took the stand to testify. After she sat down, Paul asked her to walk the jury through the events of July 4, 2016. Alexis revealed that she'd been asked by the police and the district attorney to wear a wire. Paul asked Alexis about the recordings, but Scott objected because the recordings had been ruled inadmissible. The judge sustained the objection and instructed Paul to move on. Paul feigned frustration and asked Alexis to recount "word for word" everything that Julian had said on the night in question.

Alexis squirmed as she recalled talking to Julian about the dagger he'd used to frame her for Carlos' murder. She began to stammer as she recounted her conversation with Julian. Paul continued to question Alexis, but she became rattled when Scott repeatedly objected and accused Paul of leading the witness. Alexis grew increasing agitated as her gaze strayed to Julian and she saw him watching her intently. Alexis told Julian to stop it then turned to Paul to ask him to instruct Julian to stop looking at her. Concerned, the judge asked if Alexis was okay because it appeared that Alexis was under the influence.

Alexis assured Judge Lasser that she was fine. However, Alexis objected to Paul referring to Julian as her husband because the divorce was pending. Paul acquiesced to Alexis' request and asked why Julian had wanted Carlos dead. Alexis testified that Julian had told her that Carlos had been a problem because he knew that Julian had ordered the hit on Duke. Alexis began to ramble, so Paul moved on and asked Alexis about Julian's attempt to kill her. Alexis became increasingly distraught as she tried to tell the jury how Julian had taken her hostage after he'd discovered she'd been wearing a wire.

Judge Lasser took pity on Alexis and called a short recess for Alexis to collect herself. Scott smiled with satisfaction as he pointed out to Julian that Alexis was a "basket case." Julian ignored Scott and waited for Alexis to draw near to tell her that he'd always love her regardless of what happened in court. Furious, Sam ordered Julian not to talk to Alexis and hustled her mother out of the courtroom.

In the hallway, Jordan was upset because Alexis had been a disaster on the witness stand. Sonny agreed, prompting Jordan to ask if Alexis had been drinking. Sonny assured Jordan that Alexis had appeared sober when he'd talked to her earlier. Jordan stopped Paul as he walked by and demanded to know what had been going on with Alexis. Paul claimed that he had no idea, but Jordan feared that Alexis had deliberately tanked her testimony to help Julian.

Nearby, Sam gently queried if Alexis had been drinking. Jordan overheard Sam and waited for Alexis' answer. Alexis confirmed that she'd had a drink. Jordan was livid because Alexis had known how important Alexis' testimony was. Alexis insisted that she'd only had one small glass of wine to calm her nerves, but Jordan was skeptical because it seemed like Alexis had had more than a glass of wine. Sam suspected that the alcohol had hit Alexis hard because Alexis hadn't had anything to eat.

Alexis explained that she hadn't been able to think straight on the witness stand because Julian had been staring at her. However, she promised Jordan and Sam that she would pull herself together.

Meanwhile, Sonny was curious how Paul planned to salvage things and convict Julian. Paul explained that it was up to Alexis because losing the recordings of Julian's confession had hurt the case.

In the courtroom, Julian made it clear to Scott that he didn't want Scott to tear Alexis apart on the witness stand. Moments later, Judge Lasser returned to the bench and called the court to order. Alexis braced herself and approached the witness stand. Scott quickly discredited Alexis' testimony by pointing out that she had married Julian, knowing the kind of man her husband was. Alexis began to fall apart as Scott questioned her about the night she had run Kiefer Bauer over and her role in Luis Alcazar's death.

Furious, Julian stood up and ordered Scott to stop. "Leave my wife alone," Julian told Scott as Alexis glared at Julian. The judge was not pleased and advised Scott to get Julian under control. Judge Lasser also blasted Scott for the hostile questions and reminded him that Alexis was not on trial. The judge threatened to slap Scott with contempt charges if he continued to badger Alexis.

Jordan approached Paul and quietly told him that she had to leave because something "big" had happened at the hospital. Paul tensed, but Jordan didn't notice as she ordered Paul to find a way to secure a conviction against Julian. Meanwhile, Scott continued to hammer away at Alexis by twisting her words when she tried to tell the jury about Julian's attempt on her life. Frustrated, Sam jumped up to defend her mother and told the jury that her father had put a knife to Alexis' throat and taken her to the docks to kill her.

Judge Lasser ordered Sam to sit down. The judge warned Scott that she would not tolerate his conduct. Scott apologized and asked one last question -- he was curious if Alexis expected anyone to believe her. Alexis insisted that she had told the truth. After Judge Lasser excused Alexis, Alexis stepped down from the witness stand and began to sway. Julian rushed forward and caught Alexis as she fainted in his arms.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly left a voicemail message for Michael, asking him to call her back because she hated that they had argued. After she ended the call, Nelle walked up. Carly was pleasantly surprised that Nelle had returned from Atlanta. Nelle confessed that she hadn't had much to pack, and she was eager to start her new job. Carly and Nelle were startled when Nina suddenly approached Nelle and apologized for running late. Nina admitted that Nelle didn't look far along and asked if she was still in her first trimester.

Nelle had no idea what Nina was talking about, so Nina asked if she was Jill McAvoy -- a young lady who was pregnant and looking for someone to adopt her baby. Carly quickly introduced Nelle and explained that Nelle's kidney had been given to Josslyn. Nelle was thrilled to meet Nina because she wanted to thank Nina for putting her in touch with Josslyn's family. Nelle confessed that meeting Josslyn and Josslyn's family had given her closure. Nina sat down at the bar with Carly and Nelle as they chatted about Josslyn and how much Carly doted on her daughter. Carly confessed that she didn't feel like a great mother because she had quarreled with Michael.

Nelle was certain that everything would work out because Michael seemed like an easy-going guy. Carly agreed that he was, but he also had a temper and a stubborn streak. Nina thought Carly was a good mom for caring about Michael when he had done something that Carly had objected to. Carly thanked Nina for the compliment but turned the conversation to Nina's meeting. Nina explained that she'd decided to meet with Jill even though Nina had put her plans to adopt a baby on hold. Nina pointed out that she'd clearly been stood up, but she promised Carly that she was okay with it.

Nina was curious what had been going on with Carly and Nelle when she'd walked up. Carly revealed that she had hired Nelle as a personal assistant. Nina looked at Nelle's uninspiring outfit and decided that Nelle needed something more appropriate if she intended to work for Carly. Nina insisted on giving Nelle a fashion makeover and dragged Nelle to Crimson.

In Monica's hospital room, Monica woke up and looked around in confusion. Jason gently told her to take it easy and asked if she was in pain. Monica shook her head but admitted that she was tired. She was curious why she was in a hospital bed, so Jason told her that she'd been attacked and injected with derisifol. Stunned, Monica wondered where it had happened. Jason revealed that she'd been found in her office and asked if she recalled anything.

Monica thought about it, but all she remembered was working on some plans to keep the hospital open. She also thought she'd heard someone talking about a grandchild. Jason smiled and told her that Sam was pregnant. Delighted, Monica suggested that the new baby had given her incentive to wake up. Jason was happy that it had.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Michael wept as he slipped the engagement ring on Sabrina's finger. He insisted that she had deserved more and should have had a lifetime of happiness with her son. Michael added that he had wanted to give that to her. Tracy silently approached Michael and slid her hands onto his shoulders. Michael looked up at his great-aunt. "How could this happen?" she asked as her eyes filled with tears.

Michael told Tracy that he hadn't had a chance to propose to Sabrina. Tracy assured Michael that Sabrina would have said yes because Sabrina had loved him. Michael reached for Sabrina's hand as he talked about how excited Sabrina had been to return to work at the hospital. Tracy praised Sabrina for being an excellent nurse and credited her with saving Monica. Michael's expression clouded with confusion. Tracy realized that he hadn't heard about his grandmother's brush with death, so she told him that Monica had been injected with derisifol, and Sabrina had saved Monica's life by administering CPR.

In the hallway, Felix wept with grief. Dante asked if there was anyone he could call for Felix, but Felix shook his head and asked who could have hurt Sabrina. Dante speculated that it had been someone with access, who had been in plain view, and who Felix likely wouldn't suspect. After Felix stepped away, Jason walked up and asked if Dante had seen Tracy because Monica was awake. Dante broke the news that Sabrina had been strangled to death. Shocked, Jason wondered if it had been the same person who had attacked Monica.

Dante admitted that it was likely. Jason decided to check on Michael and entered the exam room as Tracy told Michael that Sabrina had saved Monica's life.

After Tracy left to check on Monica, Jason and Michael stepped into the hallway to talk to Dante. Dante told Michael that it appeared that Sabrina had been killed because she'd caught the killer leaving Monica's office. Dante promised his brother that he would catch the killer, but they would need to get Sabrina to the morgue for an autopsy so they could collect hair samples, DNA, and skin cells that the killer might have left behind. Michael asked for more time with Sabrina. Dante agreed and followed Jason to Monica's hospital room.

In Monica's hospital room, Tracy admitted that she had feared that she had lost Monica. Monica jokingly accused Tracy of looking forward to getting ownership of Monica's house. Tracy and Monica engaged in some good-natured bickering until Tracy turned serious and admitted that she would have missed Monica. Monica was surprised that she had made it, so Tracy revealed that Sabrina had saved Monica's life. Monica wanted to thank Sabrina personally and asked Tracy to fetch her, but Tracy explained that it was impossible because Sabrina had been murdered.

Moments later, Dante and Jason entered the room to talk to Monica about the attack. Monica didn't recall anything about the attack except the smell of cologne or aftershave that had seemed familiar. Monica believed that someone who had been at the Quartermaine mansion had worn it.

Later, Dante met up with Jordan and filled her in about the attack on Monica and his theory that the hospital killer had strangled Sabrina.

In Monica's hospital room, Tracy and Monica discussed closing the hospital. Monica's eyes filled with tears because she feared that the hospital would not survive the shutdown, but she realized that it was the only way to prevent another murder. Moments later, Dante and Jordan entered the room to talk to Monica. Monica assured Dante and Jordan that she knew it was time to close the hospital doors.

Meanwhile, Michael said goodbye to Sabrina. He tearfully told her that it wasn't fair that she was gone and that Teddy was too young to remember her. He had no idea how to explain to her son why she was gone. Michael credited Sabrina with pulling him out of a dark period in his life and admitted that he wanted to believe that she was in heaven -- at peace and full of joy. Michael gave her a tender kiss as Jason entered the room.

After Michael left, and Sabrina's body was removed from the exam room, Felix took a minute to privately say goodbye to his best friend. He knew that she had never realized how beautiful she was, but he insisted that she had been sweet without trying and had given everyone the benefit of the doubt. Felix admitted that she'd been his best friend, the longest relationship he'd ever had, and his rock. Felix wept as he told her that he'd miss her for the rest of his life then slowly pulled the sheet over her face.

Felix watched an orderly take Sabrina's body away. He recalled the first time he'd met Sabrina, their adventures planning the return of the Nurses Ball, graduating from nursing school, and other important milestones they had shared -- good and bad.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly was impressed when Nelle returned wearing a designer dress. Nelle was grateful for all that Nina had done and offered to pay for the dress, but Nina refused to take Nelle's money. After Nina left, Nelle confessed that Nina was a force of nature. Carly agreed then shifted gears to suggest that they get to work.

A short time later, Michael entered the restaurant. Carly was relieved when she saw her son and ran to give him a hug. She apologized for their earlier argument and acknowledged that it hadn't been her place to tell him what to do. Carly added that if he wanted to love Sabrina, then he should. Michael told his mother that it didn't matter because Sabrina was dead.

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