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The Forresters expressed discontent about Eric's engagement to Quinn. Bill saw to every detail of his wedding to Brooke but overlooked R.J., who was hellbent on reuniting his parents. Steffy had no answers for Wyatt about their marriage but declared that she was still Mrs. Spencer.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 12, 2016 on B&B
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Steffy learns of Eric's engagement Steffy learns of Eric's engagement

Monday, September 12, 2016

At Thomas' loft, Bill arrived to find out how long Steffy planned on staying there. He said he had two sons who needed the answer to the question. Steffy didn't have an answer. Bill told her that it was easy, and she needed to pack up and return to her husband.

Steffy said Bill should know better than anyone why she couldn't because Bill had started the whole ugly mess. "What?" Bill asked. Steffy said he'd pulled Quinn into their lives, and Steffy wouldn't go anywhere until Quinn was gone.

At the Forrester mansion, Eric adjusted Stephanie's portrait and asked if it was perfect. Staring at her ring, Quinn repeated the word. Eric chuckled to see her mesmerized by her diamond ring and said her coffee was getting cold. She was ecstatic about their engagement but certain it would make Steffy hate her even more.

Eric believed Steffy would accept Quinn as his wife, and Steffy had no choice but to do so. Quinn replied that Steffy had made her choice and rejected Quinn at every turn. Quinn asked Eric to talk to Steffy and get Steffy to return to her marriage and accept peace. Quinn was worried about losing Eric. She didn't want to lose him, and she didn't want Wyatt to lose Steffy.

Eric pulled out his phone and made a call to ask Steffy to meet him at the house to talk about him and Quinn.

At Thomas' house after the call, Steffy was in a rush to leave. Bill asked what was wrong with Eric. Steffy had sensed something in Eric's tone and hoped he was leaving Quinn.

When Steffy arrived at the mansion, she told Eric she was sorry. Eric asked why. Steffy assumed that Quinn had left him as Steffy had told Quinn to do. Steffy asked if Quinn had left or if he'd been the one to break it off with Quinn. Steffy was sorry because she hadn't wanted Eric to be upset with her for the way she'd talked to Quinn; however, Steffy felt that she'd had to do it. She'd always be there for Eric and wouldn't let Quinn take him down.

Steffy asked if Eric had invited her there to tell her that Quinn was gone. Just then, Quinn entered from the study, and Steffy asked what Quinn was doing there. Quinn asked Steffy to see that Quinn wasn't "that woman" and never would be again. Steffy didn't care, just as long as Quinn left. Steffy instructed Eric to tell Quinn to leave. Eric said Quinn wasn't leaving.

Eric understood Steffy's feelings, but they were unwarranted. He offered to help her get back with Wyatt, but Steffy wouldn't discuss it until Quinn was gone. Eric said Quinn wasn't leaving. Quinn had given him many reasons to live his life. Steffy asked what Eric was saying. Quinn held up her hand. Eric said he'd asked Quinn to marry him. Quinn stated that she loved Eric and would be his wife. Tears welled in Steffy's eyes, and she yelled, "No!"

At Forrester, Maya and Rick were checking out the fit on a suit Forrester had tailored for "Kiké" Hernandez. Nicole arrived with Zende, who was immediately star-struck and said he was a huge Dodgers fan. Kiké remarked that Rick always hooked him up. Rick replied that if one played like a pro, one should dress like a pro.

Kiké asked if they were attending the game and remarked that a big name was singing the national anthem. Excited, Maya said that singing the anthem at a game had always been one of her dreams. Nicole threw out guesses as to what star it was, and to Maya's surprise, Kiké revealed that it would be Maya Forrester. He added that it had been Rick's idea.

Rick stated that he'd said he'd always make Maya's dreams happen. Maya was in shock. Rick said she could warm up in the car. Nicole and Zende nodded anxiously, and Maya accepted the invitation to sing. Everyone gleefully left for the stadium.

At the stadium, Rick, Nicole, and Zende had changed into Dodgers fan gear, and Maya was wearing a purple outfit. A woman instructed Maya on how the song set would go. Nicole said that Julius and Vivienne had text-messaged that they were in their seats.

Maya took her spot on the field, and the announcer asked the crowd to stand for the anthem. Maya sang beautifully, and as everyone cheered, Rick proudly said to everyone around him, "That's my wife."

Maya returned to Rick and said he'd made her dream happen. She felt that she owed him. Rick asked if it meant he'd get to first base that night. Maya predicted a grand slam and kissed him.

In Brooke's kitchen, Brooke poured Ridge coffee and noted that he was becoming a regular. Ridge said he didn't have a coffee maker. She replied that it had been his excuse the last time. He couldn't thank her enough for what she was doing for his family. She was marrying Bill just so she could give Ridge the shares to get rid of Quinn. "It's all because of you," he added, touching her hand.

Ridge wanted to make sure Brooke wasn't marrying Bill purely to get the shares for Ridge. Brooke said she was doing it for Ridge -- but she was also doing it for herself. Ridge was having trouble believing Brooke loved "that guy" and wanted to marry him. Brooke said Ridge only needed to worry about her getting the shares as a wedding gift.

"And you're selling them to me," Ridge added. Brooke said she was, explaining that getting the shares and getting rid of Quinn were what he needed to focus on. Ridge suggested that Brooke get the shares as an engagement present. "And then not marry him?" she asked.

"Boom!" Ridge replied. Brooke repeated that she wanted to marry Bill. Ridge noted that she hadn't done it before, but Brooke said it had been due to Katie. Brooke asked why they were having the conversation. Ridge replied that Logan knew why, and Brooke replied that he'd have to stop calling her Logan. She said Bill wouldn't like it, and Ridge would drive Bill crazy with it. Hiding a smirk, Ridge replied that, out of the huge respect he had for Bill, Ridge would stop calling her Logan. Brooke grinned knowingly.

Brooke decided to change the topic to Ridge's life. She guessed it was a silly question to ask if he was seeing anyone because he was always seeing someone. To her surprise, he replied that he was a free agent. She guessed he was taking bids from women in their twenties. Ridge said he'd been there and done that. He just wanted to be with someone he was comfortable with -- no airs, no pretense. "Like us, like -- like an old pair of shoes."

Brooke disliked being compared to an old pair of shoes. Ridge tried to reframe what he'd said, but she joked that he was just digging himself in deeper. Ridge asked about the wedding date. Brooke hadn't given thought to it but assumed the wedding would be small and private, and she'd get the shares for Ridge. Ridge asked her to run the company with him, but she said that Bill wouldn't like it.

Ridge recalled that he and Brooke had worked well together on creating lines, and he said he could make her the lead model. "An old shoe like me," she joked. Ridge replied, "If the shoe fits..."

Ridge thought Brooke could do better than Bill. Brooke said it was time to move on and recalled that she hadn't been alone "this long" since she'd been a girl. Ridge thought she was doing fine on her own. Ridge wet his lips and leaned forward a fraction. "Well, well, well. Am I interrupting?" Bill asked as he entered, and Brooke whipped around to face him. "I hope so," Bill added.

Forresters begin battle over the company

Forresters begin battle over the company

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Steffy was livid to discover that Eric and Quinn were engaged. "Take it off. Take it back," Steffy demanded of Eric in regard to Quinn's engagement ring. She shouted that Eric had done everything Steffy had worried about. He had fallen for Quinn's lies and manipulation.

"No, this can't happen," Steffy said.

Eric argued that it was time for Steffy and everyone "to accept how important she is to me." Steffy countered that Quinn was poison. Steffy shouted that Quinn was toxic to every person she touched. Steffy angrily said she would find a way to stop them, and she stormed out.

Eric and Quinn hugged on the sofa, and he told her not to worry. They toasted with Champagne, and Quinn lamented that they wouldn't even be able to find anyone to stand up with them. She expected no hugs or high-fives from Wyatt, either. She worried that her relationship with Eric had damaged their family ties.

Eric teased that they would save a lot of time and trouble sending out wedding announcements. He asked if she was happy, and she agreed she was. He said that he was on cloud nine and on top of the world. They hugged, but Quinn reminded Eric that Steffy had threatened that she would stop them. He said there was nothing she could do.

Eric told Quinn she would soon have a new name: Mrs. Eric Forrester. Quinn smiled, and she gushed that she had never thought it would be possible to find a man so kind and decent. She trusted him and depended on him. "You made amazing changes in my life," Quinn said. Eric and Quinn agreed that they believed in one another and could accomplish anything together -- "no matter what anyone thinks," Eric said.

At Brooke's place, Bill interrupted a conversation between Brooke and Ridge. "What did I walk in on?" Bill asked. He teased that he had known Ridge could hardly wait to get his hands on Bill's 12.5 percent share of Forrester. Bill thought it was funny that his shares were the only way that Ridge and his kids could get their company back.

Brooke reminded Bill that Ridge had to act fast in order to get rid of Quinn. Ridge left. Bill agreed that Forrester was stuck with Quinn, "the black widow." Bill figured Eric would have been smarter than that, but Brooke said she was as worried as Ridge. They all worried about what would happen to Eric because no one wanted to hurt him in the process.

Bill changed the subject, and he said he wanted to get married right away. Brooke agreed. Bill said, "Now." Brooke agreed. Bill said they were a perfect match and a force of nature with a connection too strong to be kept apart. They were meant to be together, and he intended for them to remain together.

At Forrester, Ridge looked at photos of Brooke on his computer, and he looked at pictures of them as a couple, taken years prior. He flashed back to when he had tried to interrupt Brooke's last wedding to Bill. Steffy barged in and announced that Eric had asked Quinn to marry him. She was furious.

"He's losing it," Steffy shouted. She claimed that she had never thought she'd be grateful to Brooke, but Brooke had to marry Bill quickly so they could get Quinn out of their lives, and they would have to push her granddad out of the company, too. "I had hoped it wouldn't come to this," she said.

Ridge said that Brooke had agreed to sell him her shares as soon as she married Bill. He called Brooke "my Logan," and admitted that he had mixed feelings. He started chatting about his history with Brooke. He worried that she was marrying Bill to save the company. He wished there was a better way.

Steffy was unsympathetic. She advised her father to stop thinking that he and Brooke had another chance. She told him to stay focused and stop calling her his Logan and worrying about her impending marriage to Bill. "She's marrying Bill because she loves him," Steffy said.

Ridge agreed that he knew what had to be done. Steffy said that Quinn might get the Forrester name, but she would not get the company. It was a price they had to pay to get her out of their lives. She added that they had to be ruthless. She wanted to fight for their family legacy, no matter what it took. She reminded her father that she had left her husband to get rid of Quinn.

In Rick's office at Forrester, he, Maya, Zende, Nicole, and Vivienne gushed about how wonderful it had been that Maya had sung the national anthem at a baseball game. Maya thanked Rick for setting it up, and Vivienne glowed with pride. She added that Julius had been extremely proud.

Maya joked that her knees were still shaking. They all told her she had "crushed it." Zende added that he was certain she would be called again to sing. Maya doubted it, but she thanked Rick for his faith in her and said they had always been good together. She was grateful for his surprise -- he had arranged the entire thing without her knowledge.

Eric walks into an office ambush

Eric walks into an office ambush

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

by Pam

At Spencer Publications, Bill met with Evelyn, the wedding planner. He said he wanted a wedding within a few days, and Evelyn said she could handle it. Brooke entered and asked what was going on, and Bill said it was a surprise. Evelyn left.

Brooke teased that Bill's divorce wasn't final, and she mentioned a six-month waiting period, but Bill said he had it all taken care of. Brooke quizzed Bill about the wedding plans, and he told her to pack a bag -- they would be leaving on his jet. Brooke didn't know what clothing to pack, and Bill said he would handle it. He didn't want to wait any longer to be her husband, and he knew Ridge didn't want to wait for Bill's Forrester shares so Ridge could get rid of Quinn.

Brooke said she worried about things at Forrester, but Bill advised her to clean out her desk at Forrester because he didn't want her working with a man who hated him. Brooke said she liked her job, but Bill was insistent.

At Forrester, Eric entered his office and found Pam, Steffy, Rick, Thomas, and Ridge waiting for him. Ridge advised him to take a seat, but Eric quipped that Ridge was in his seat. Ridge started the conversation about engagements. He noted that they had all made mistakes in engagements. Rick agreed. He noted that he and Ridge had never agreed on anything, but they did agree that Eric needed to get away from Quinn.

Eric was offended. He said he'd heard that people shrunk as they aged, and he asked his family if they thought his feelings had shrunk. Steffy worried that Eric would create a legal relationship with a woman who had hurt everyone in the room. She reminded her grandfather that she was the namesake of her grandmother.

Eric snarked that Steffy had the passive-aggressive behavior of her grandmother. Steffy was undeterred. She said she would be blunt. She had considered the Forrester mansion the family home since she had been a child, but she would never step foot in that house again if Eric married Quinn.

Pam agreed. She reminded Eric that she had been lonely at times, too, but she advised Eric not to marry Quinn and make her a member of the family. "I can't bear to see her take Stephanie's place at our table," Pam said.

Thomas pointed out that Eric was an intelligent CEO who had built an empire by hiring great people. He recommended that Eric look at Quinn on paper and how she would work within his life and the company. He concluded that Eric would never hire her.

Rick stepped forward and reminded Eric that everybody had said that Maya was a gold digger before he'd married her, and he had refused to listen. He added that they had known each other a long time and had withstood the test of time. "We don't know Quinn," Rick said. He added that his father should take more time to get to know her. He didn't want to condemn the relationship, but he wanted his father to wait. Ridge rolled his eyes.

Eric walked past everyone to his desk and waited for Ridge to get out of his seat. Eric placed his briefcase on his desk and quizzed his family members about their job duties and reports that should have been submitted. They stammered that they were not there for a business meeting. Eric reminded Steffy, the company president, that it was his office, and they would do what he asked.

Ridge asked if Eric had seen a doctor recently. Rick scoffed, but Eric interrupted. He told his family that he would not change his life to suit their needs. He didn't know how much time he had left in life, but he wanted to spend it with Quinn. He professed his love for her and announced that she would be the next Forrester matriarch. Everyone grimaced and shook their heads.

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn opened the door, and Wyatt entered. He noted that his mother was engaged, and he'd heard it from his wife in a text message. Quinn apologized, but Wyatt dismissed her. "Did you think about me?" Wyatt asked. He scolded his mother and said that her marriage would end his.

Quinn stood her ground and reminded Wyatt that it was not within her power to save his marriage. She had a chance to be happy, and she was going to take it. She added that Steffy had been unreasonable in leaving Wyatt because of Quinn. "Don't accept Steffy's terms," Quinn ordered.

Wyatt countered that Steffy had been very clear that she would not move back in with him unless Quinn got out of her grandfather's life and the company. Quinn announced that she was not going to give up happiness because his wife didn't approve. "I've done everything I can do for you. It's my turn. Steffy only has herself to blame," Quinn said.

Quinn said that she and Eric had had a quiet affair until Steffy had gone ballistic. Wyatt was shocked that his mother had disregarded his feelings. "You realize this won't end well for you or for me," he said. Quinn disagreed. "This is a gift, and I'm going to be a positive and true force in Eric's life. Be happy for me," she said. Quinn advised Wyatt to demand Steffy's true feelings. Wyatt left.

At Forrester, Brooke flashed back to memories of Ridge when he had first returned from Paris. Ridge entered and interrupted her thoughts. She told him that she and Bill would be married in a few days. Ridge wished they could get the stock some other way. He didn't want her to marry Bill.

Brooke reminded Ridge that she wanted to marry Bill. Ridge called her Logan, and she told him to stop. She wanted him to succeed in getting Quinn out of Eric's life and the company, but she wanted Ridge to be gentle with Eric and with Rick.

Ridge noted that Brooke would be working with them and would see everything that happened, but Brooke said she would be leaving because working there was inappropriate. Ridge argued that it was Spencer's idea. She said it was the right thing to do.

"Is he gonna make you happy?" Ridge asked. He said that Bill would never understand Brooke the way he did. He put his arm around her and pulled her close. A voice from the doorway interrupted them.

"Mom, Dad, I'm home," R.J. said, and he entered. His parents were surprised, and Brooke became tearful.

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn heard the door open and was surprised that Eric had returned home. He said his family had ambushed him at work. Quinn shared that her son had similarly told her she was making a mistake. Eric noted that his kids only liked gifts from him but not a new stepmother. Quinn wondered if they had made a mistake.

Eric said they had already known how everyone would react. He felt everything would work out fine. Eric asked about Wyatt, and Quinn noted that what Steffy did in regard to Wyatt's marriage was out of her control. Eric agreed. He said none of the kids understood what he and Quinn had together. Quinn chimed in that they had love, trust, and romance. Eric said she would soon be Mrs. Eric Forrester.

At Thomas' place, Steffy and Wyatt met, and Steffy wondered what important news Wyatt had for her. She wondered if it was about his mother. Wyatt was miffed. He noted that it would be nice if they could converse -- just once -- about something other than his mother.

Wyatt confessed that he could no longer allow Steffy to hold their marriage hostage. He told her that she wanted him to change what his mother did, and he had no more control over that than changing the weather.

"I can't go on like this. I'm tired of this in-between state. It's time to come home or tell me your home is not with me because I can't do this anymore," Wyatt said. Steffy told him that she loved him, but she was afraid. Wyatt wondered if she was afraid of him.

Steffy said that Wyatt had grown up with Quinn, and he felt safe with her. "Maybe you are blind to seeing how dangerous she is," Steffy said, but Wyatt argued that Steffy had known what Quinn was like before she had married him. Steffy disagreed. She had not known that Quinn was capable of what she had done to Liam -- she had kidnapped him and had targeted Steffy's grandfather.

Wyatt argued that Quinn was not destroying their marriage. He added that Steffy had reduced their marriage to being about his mother. Steffy was quiet. She told Wyatt she was afraid of being close to him because of his mother. Wyatt was defiant. "I just want you to be honest with me. If Eric marries my mother, does that mean our marriage is over, or is it already over?" he asked.

R.J. refuses to let Brooke marry Bill

R.J. refuses to let Brooke marry Bill

Thursday, September 15, 2016

At Spencer, Bill worked and grinned to himself. Alison entered, and he asked if everything had gone well. She thought so. Bill didn't want to hear that. He demanded certainty. Alison conveyed that Katie had agreed to the quickie divorce in Nevada, but there had been a concern with establishing residency in the state. Because Bill owned a hotel there, Justin had been able to fudge residency for six weeks.

Chuckling triumphantly, Bill said he'd known the hotel would pay off. Alison had filed the paperwork and waited for the final decree. "Which we now have," Bill stated. Alison said there was nothing standing in the way of him making Brooke his wife.

Bill had gotten a private island for the honeymoon and said there was no chance that "the poser" would track him and Brooke down there. Alison figured Ridge would be too preoccupied with using the stock and asked if Bill was sure about gifting the shares to Brooke. Bill wasn't thrilled about Ridge getting his slimy hands on the shares.

Checking his phone, Bill noted that he hadn't heard from Brooke. Alison asked if there was a problem, and Bill asked if she meant a problem like him telling Brooke that once they were married, she needed to stay clear of the dressmaker even though they shared a child.

Bill took a call and rasped at the person on the line. After the call, Alison wondered if Brooke knew what she was getting into. Bill claimed that, on his worst days, he was above Brooke's previous husbands. Alison asked how many husbands there had been, and Bill said it didn't matter. The exes were in Brooke's past, and he was her future and the one Brooke wanted. He reveled in the idea that it had to be killing Forrester that Forrester's Logan would be all Bill's.

Alison asked what Katie thought about it all. Bill asked why he'd drag his former wife into it. Alison reasoned that the pair shared a child. He replied that Katie was doing fine, and he only wanted the best for her. Alison replied that, at one time, Katie had thought that had been him.

Bill revealed that, in a lot of ways, Katie had been better than he'd deserved; however, Brooke was the one, and she always had been. Bill said that after a few vows, he and Brooke would be married as they should have been in Abu Dhabi. Alison quipped that it wasn't like Bill was holding a grudge against Ridge for stopping the wedding.

Bill decided "to hell" with Ridge because what Ridge had had with Brooke didn't compare to Bill and Brooke. He knew Alison had heard it all before. "Tell it again, boss," she replied, sitting down. Bill stated that it had always been bigger than life for him and Brooke. A flashback montage of Bill and Brooke's entire relationship played onscreen. At its conclusion, Bill said the woman he'd waited so long for was about to be his wife.

At Forrester, R.J. saw his parents sitting intimately together on the edge of the desk and decided he'd return later because he was interrupting something. Ridge rushed to the door to escort his son in, and Brooke and he expressed surprise that R.J. was there and not at Ojai, where his second semester should be starting.

R.J. asked if it was okay for him to be home without permission. His parents were fine with it -- as long as the school knew about it. R.J. said he wouldn't leave without letting someone know. Brooke stated that she and Ridge would have picked their son up if they'd known. "You mean you and Dad together?" R.J. asked, grinning at the possibility.

Brooke stared at Ridge, and he changed the subject to how long R.J. would stay. R.J. wanted to talk to his parents about that. He said they didn't spend much time together, which was partly because he liked staying at school between semesters; however, he missed his parents. Ridge replied that they missed him, too. "Enough to want me around?" R.J. asked.

Brooke asked if R.J. wanted to return to stay. R.J. was thrilled about seeing his parents together and said he wouldn't miss it for anything in the world. Ridge had thought R.J. was enjoying school. R.J. explained that he'd taken extra classes and attended summer school, so he was able to take the fall semester off if his parents would let him move back home.

Brooke said that she and Ridge always wanted R.J. around. Ridge was just surprised that R.J. had been thinking along those lines. R.J. remarked that, because Ridge wasn't with Caroline and didn't have to share a child, it seemed like the right time. Brooke asked what it was the right time for. "My turn with my parents," R.J. replied.

R.J. stated that they had once been really close, and he wanted to be a part of the time Brooke and Ridge were spending together. "I want my family," R.J. asserted. Ridge and Brooke tried to explain that there had been changes in their lives that R.J. wasn't aware of. R.J. said his parents were single, and he could see that they were still crazy about each other.

As he was talking, R.J. spotted Brooke's sword ring. In mid-sentence, he asked what "that" was and said it was the ugliest ring he'd ever seen. Brooke explained that it was an engagement ring. "You mean you and Dad?" R.J. asked. She shared that she and Bill were engaged.

R.J. was upset and noted that Bill was married to Aunt Katie. Ridge and Brooke explained that it was no longer so, and there had been marital problems for a while. R.J. asserted that Ridge could not be okay with Brooke's choice. He cited that Ridge hated Bill, who was the last person Ridge would want Brooke with. Ridge tried to say he would always love Brooke, "but..."

R.J. didn't know why his parents couldn't see what was right in front of R.J.'s face -- which was that his parents loved each other. He asked why they weren't fixing their family instead of making another mistake. R.J. declared that he couldn't let Brooke marry Bill Spencer.

At the loft, Wyatt told Steffy that he needed to know if there was no way Steffy could get past things and if their marriage was over. Steffy said that she knew it was unfair. She was sorry. Wyatt didn't need an apology. He just needed to know what she was thinking. She claimed he did know what she thought. Wyatt replied that he knew about the Eric and Quinn part and the Forrester part, but he was talking about the marriage part.

Asserting that Steffy wasn't indecisive, Wyatt said he wanted to know if she couldn't see herself working though it. "I want to know, too," she responded. She was worried about Eric and the company and couldn't think of anything else. "Including your future with your own husband?" Wyatt asked. She claimed to get that he was frustrated and added that she was, too; however she had to get the company straight first. Steffy declared that she was still Mrs. Spencer, even though they lived apart, and she hoped it was enough for the time being.

Later, Steffy was with Thomas, who'd walked in on her talk with Wyatt earlier. Thomas asked what had happened between the couple. She relayed that Wyatt was worried about what Eric and Quinn's engagement meant for his and Steffy's marriage. "It's the end," Thomas said, "which I'm sure Liam thinks it should be." Steffy said she couldn't think about it right then.

The only thing Steffy could concentrate on was the company and making sure Bill and Brooke got married. Steffy thought someone should light a fire under Bill. Thomas said to do so under Brooke, too, because for some reason, she was dragging her feet. He wondered if Brooke was second-guessing something. Steffy said Brooke wouldn't mess it up, and Brooke knew how important it was to them. Steffy added that Brooke loved Bill.

Thomas remarked that it was love in the same way Steffy loved Liam -- and loved Wyatt but in a different way. Thomas asked which man it would be. Steffy repeated that she was only focused on the company, and once Brooke had Bill's shares, Quinn would be stopped -- at least at Forrester.

At the mansion, Wyatt arrived after receiving a message from Quinn. Quinn was anxious to know that Steffy wasn't ending the marriage. Wyatt said it hadn't happened -- yet. Quinn was glad because she didn't want her happiness to ruin his marriage. Wyatt claimed it had already happened, and he and Steffy would be together and happy if it weren't for Quinn.

Quinn said the good news was that the couple was communicating, and Steffy hadn't hired an attorney. Wyatt didn't think it meant Steffy wouldn't. Bitterly, he agreed that there was some reason for hope, "for now anyway." Quinn considered that things might be looking up.

Wyatt didn't know how Quinn could claim that but said things could change if Quinn gave Eric back the ring. She replied that she couldn't, and she was in love with Eric, just like Wyatt loved Steffy. Wyatt stated that Steffy loved Liam, too. "Oh, so who cares! Let him circle!" Quinn decided. She said that Liam was half the man that Wyatt was; otherwise, Liam would have fought for Steffy while he'd still been married to her.

Quinn said Wyatt was fighting for his marriage. She believed his wife had to see it, but she said he couldn't let Steffy dictate the marriage. Quinn believed that Wyatt deserved better and hoped that Steffy would come around, accept it, and move on with her life and Wyatt. He said for Quinn not to kid herself; they faced big challenges. Quinn recalled the saying that love conquered all. Wyatt asked if they were resorting to sayings.

Quinn shrugged. She said many wonderful things had been happening to her. Looking at her ring, she asked who would have thought she'd be Mrs. Eric Forrester. Wyatt asserted that it didn't mean the family would accept Quinn, and Steffy wanted Quinn gone more than anything. Quinn replied that she wasn't going anywhere, and there was nothing Steffy could do about it.

R.J. lays down the law with Bill

R.J. lays down the law with Bill

Friday, September 16, 2016

At the mansion, Ivy was almost blinded by Quinn's astonishing ring. When Ivy asked how many carats it was, Quinn replied, "It's eight carats, but who's counting?" Ivy was excited for the couple. "Are you really?" the giddy Quinn asked. Ivy affirmed it, adding that Eric was a really good man, and they would make each other very happy.

Quinn said she'd changed, and people were really capable of it. She cited Ivy's sexy and glamorous transformation as proof. Ivy had changed her accent, hair, and style to look like Steffy and appeal to Liam, but Ivy was beginning to think that "this" could be impossible. Ivy had reached out and messaged Liam a few times, but she didn't see that much of him.

Quinn believed Liam would come around, but Ivy had to be more confident and assertive. Quinn advised Ivy not to fear using a little sex appeal. Ivy didn't intend to throw herself at Liam. Replying that she hadn't meant that, Quinn said Ivy just needed to make a move for what she wanted. Ivy revealed that she'd already done it and had kissed Liam. Quinn exclaimed that it was a great start, but Ivy said it had made her even more sure that he was in love with Steffy.

Quinn had needed an ally and was very glad to have Ivy on her side. "Of course," Ivy responded. Quinn asked her to keep up the good work with Liam and said she knew Ivy was doing it to help Wyatt and Steffy's marriage. Ivy asserted that she was doing it because she cared for Liam and needed to know if there could be a future. Agreeing, Quinn said she knew it wasn't a manipulation at all; there were genuine feelings there, and Ivy just needed to take what was hers.

Ivy claimed to be trying, but she couldn't control who Liam wanted to spend his life with. To Quinn, Liam and Steffy would be a terrible couple, and Ivy would be better off with him. Quinn said that Steffy hopefully wouldn't be a problem anymore. "Boy, does she have it out for me," Quinn said, adding, "She has it out for you, too, right? It makes it difficult to work in the same company."

Quinn believed that if Steffy kept going down the same road, Eric would side with Quinn over his granddaughter, as he had been doing. Quinn claimed to have tried to get along with her daughter-in-law, but nothing was ever good enough. Neither was Quinn. Ivy replied that Steffy could be hard to read at times. Quinn said that Steffy was nothing but trouble for Quinn -- and for Ivy. If Steffy weren't married to Wyatt, Quinn would just let it go.

Quinn believed Steffy should concentrate on her marriage, not her mission to destroy Quinn. Ivy concluded that Steffy was just protecting her grandfather. Quinn exclaimed that she'd been trying to tell everyone that Eric didn't need it. She'd been living in the spirit of family, trying to get everyone to see that she was changed. Steffy wouldn't accept it, but she'd soon have to because Quinn was indeed marrying Eric. "And that means I'm going to be the next Forrester matriarch," Quinn stated.

Quinn said that her ring was a symbol of Eric's commitment to her, regardless of whether Ivy succeeded with Liam. Quinn hoped Ivy did for the sake of Wyatt's marriage. "No pressure," Ivy sarcastically said. Quinn wished the rest of Eric's family was accepting like Ivy -- especially Steffy, because, if she kept acting up and Eric kept defending Quinn, Steffy would be the one gone and out of the company.

At Forrester, R.J. was upset that he'd arrived and seen his parents holding each other, but Brooke was engaged to Bill Spencer. R.J. felt that Brooke couldn't marry Bill because just one look at his parents had told him that they belonged together. He asked about his cousin Will, who was still too young to have a voice. "But I do," R.J. asserted, "So, listen to me when I say -- stop feeling whatever you're feeling for Bill Spencer."

R.J. stated that his parents had taught him that the most important thing in the world was family. Ridge contended that Brooke marrying a Spencer didn't mean they weren't still family. R.J. reminded his parents of how hard they'd fought to be together, and he remembered the stories they'd told him about his grandmother trying to keep them apart. He said his parents finally had a chance, and nothing was holding them back.

Ridge stated that there were other factors, like the company. "Who cares?" R.J. shot back. He said they'd taught him that family ranked before anything. Brooke agreed and said they'd always be close. "If you don't do something to stop this, I will," R.J. declared, and he marched out of the office.

The gravity of what R.J. had said hit Brooke. She hadn't realized how he felt, and she believed she was letting him down. Ridge reasoned that R.J. was just surprised, but R.J. would get past it to see what was right for Brooke. She'd never seen their son that way before. Studying Brooke's face, Ridge said R.J. was a tough kid who was fighting for his family.

Brooke kept trying to message R.J., but he wouldn't respond. Ridge said the boy had turned his phone off, but Brooke replied that R.J. never did that. Ridge hadn't expected R.J. to react as he had. Brooke hadn't, either, and remarked that R.J. was normally not an emotional person. Usually, he kept things to himself. Ridge replied that it wasn't that way any longer.

Brooke wondered what R.J. had meant when he'd said he'd handle it himself. "Do you think he's going over to Bill's?" she asked. Ridge sighed, dragging himself out of his seat to go get the child. Brooke said she'd go over there to check it out, and it was something she needed to handle.

At Bill's office, Alison handed Bill a ring box containing two wedding bands. She also had his executed divorce papers and marriage license. Noting that there was one more thing, Bill pulled the stock contract out of his drawer and said Brooke would get the stock once they were married.

Alison believed it was quite an act of love, especially knowing the stocks would go to a man Bill couldn't stand. "Consider it a parting gift. Brooke's final gesture to Ridge," Bill grumbled. Alison figured that Brooke would get to sell the stock to Ridge, and everyone would get what they wanted. "I don't give a damn. As long as he gets the hell out of Brooke's life," Bill said.

Alison and Bill worked a little, but she had a look on her face. He finally asked what was wrong. She asked if he was absolutely sure about giving his new bride his entire stake in Forrester. Bill conceded that, under normal circumstances, he'd never make such a business move. He wasn't one to give away freebies, but if Brooke was crazy enough to marry him, she could have them. Alison said he'd give up all the power he'd held over Ridge's head.

"I'm gonna miss that," Bill wistfully replied. It had been a lot of fun for Bill to make Ridge squirm in board meetings, but he and Brooke would finally be rid of the dressmaker. One couldn't put a tag on it. "Besides, the Forresters are in this predicament, to some extent, because of me," Bill said. "I created a child with that psychopath. Quinn is in their lives because of me."

Later, Bill was alone, staring and grinning at the wedding bands. R.J. entered. Bill said the kid was obviously lost, and the interns were on the twelfth floor. "Run along," he prompted when R.J. didn't leave. R.J. realized that Bill didn't remember him. Bill said the kid was the one who'd screwed up Bill's sandwich for lunch the other day, and Bill hated mayo.

R.J. asked Bill to take a good look, but Bill asked if he looked like he enjoyed guessing games. He said to get out of his office. Instead of leaving, R.J. closed the door, and Bill stared at the kid's gall. "You're marrying my mother, and you don't even recognize her own son?" R.J. asked.

Bill's mouth gaped, and he became excited. He hopped up from behind the desk, remarking upon how R.J. had turned into a young man since the last time Bill had seen him. Bill figured that R.J. had arrived to congratulate Bill in person. Bill appreciated it. He said he and Brooke were excited and had waited a long time to get married.

Bill revealed a few details about the wedding and said he wanted R.J. to meet them on the yacht after the ceremony. Bill pulled out the rings to show R.J. and remarked that he hadn't wanted them to be over the top. "No, you wouldn't want to be inappropriate," R.J. quipped. R.J. asked how Bill could care about Brooke when he had a son with her sister.

"Well, that's true," Bill replied. He explained that the divorce was final, custody had been settled, and everyone was happy. He said he and Brooke would fill in the details for R.J. later. "You know what, Mr. Spencer -- let me fill you in on the details," R.J. asserted.

R.J. said he'd returned to see his parents and found a hideous ring on his mother's finger. "Hideous ring?" Bill repeated with a tight, mirthless grin. He decided that R.J. was clearly upset about something. R.J. asked if Bill wanted to marry R.J.'s mother. Bill replied that it would happen as soon as possible. "Well, I'm here to tell you that's not gonna happen," R.J. informed Bill.

Bill realized that it wasn't what R.J. had been expecting. R.J. said he was glad to be home because his mom needed a little guidance from time to time. He stated that when he'd arrived to see his parents, his parents had been in each other's arms, hugging it out. He said that "those people" had been in love all their lives and asked if Bill really wanted to get in the middle of it.

Bill said it was natural for a kid to want his parents together. R.J. said it wasn't about him; it was about his parents belonging together. Bill said that R.J.'s parents had raised a bright and spunky son, but there was no future there. Bill believed that Ridge, whose focus was on his company, would agree. Bill added that Brooke wanted the marriage as much as Bill did. R.J. said he wouldn't let Brooke marry another loser like Deacon Sharpe.

Chuckling, Bill replied that he was just about as far from Sharpe as a man could get. R.J. labeled Bill as one of the conceited tough guys Brooke was attracted to. Bill said that he and Brooke were leaving that day, and the ceremony would happen. "Cancel the trip," R.J. responded. Bill said he wouldn't do that, and R.J. needed to learn his place. Bill asserted that a teenager would not tell Brooke and Bill what to do, even if the teen was Brooke's son.

Brooke arrived, relieved to find R.J. Bill noted that R.J. wasn't Bill's biggest fan, and Bill had gotten an earful. Bill had listened to R.J.'s concerns but made it clear that he and Brooke had a plane to catch. R.J. implored Brooke not to do it, and Bill said to have respect for Brooke, R.J.'s mother. R.J. pleaded with Brooke not to do it, and Brooke's eyes turned down.

At the loft, Steffy read from her phone that there was a rumor that Bill might be sweeping Brooke off to get married that day. Thomas said it was insane because Bill and Katie were barely divorced. "We could get those shares today," Steffy concluded. It would be "bye-bye, Quinn."

Sensing a vibe, Thomas asked if Steffy was really on board with the Brooke and Bill plan to get the stock. Steffy was, but she didn't know about their father. Thomas figured that Ridge was more open with Steffy and asked how Ridge was. Steffy relayed that Ridge seemed torn and like he hated the idea of Brooke marrying Bill.

Alone in the CEO office later, Ridge smiled at a picture of Brooke that was behind the desk. Thomas and Steffy entered to find out if Brooke and Bill were really getting married that day. Ridge didn't know. Steffy said they had to move on it. Ridge sarcastically thanked her for letting him know that. He said something unexpected had happened, and their brother was in town.

Steffy and Thomas were glad to hear it but asked what it had to do with the shares. Ridge stated that R.J. didn't want his mother to marry Bill. "And I don't blame him," Ridge added.

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