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Quinn convinced Ivy to make herself over, lose her accent, and make a play for Liam. Eric decided that marrying Quinn would garner his family's acceptance of Quinn. Steffy admitted that she didn't know if she'd wind up with Wyatt or Liam. Bill and Brooke consummated their engagement.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 5, 2016 on B&B
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Brooke and Bill celebrate their engagement Brooke and Bill celebrate their engagement

Monday, September 5, 2016

At Bill's house, Bill and Brooke basked in the afterglow of their engagement. She said she'd be Mrs. Bill Spencer. He believed it suited her. Brooke was glad they'd waited and stayed apart for as long as they could. Bill said it had become impossible. She repeated the word, and they kissed.

Bill went to get drinks. Brooke noticed that she had a message from Ridge, asking for an update. She snapped a photo of her ring and sent it to him.

Bill returned with Champagne for himself and water for Brooke. He wanted to call Brooke his wife as soon as possible, and they'd do it wherever she wanted -- even on Mount Everest. Bill wanted the world to know how he felt about Brooke. "Scratch that," he said. Bill didn't care what the world knew, as long as Brooke knew. Brooke did know and said she'd always known.

Taking Brooke's hand, Bill asked Brooke to go with him. She replied that she'd thought they were celebrating at home. He replied that they'd certainly celebrate. "I see," the grinning Brooke replied.

Upstairs, Brooke marveled at the romantic setting Bill had created in the bedroom when he'd sneaked away to get drinks. She said the setting and the guy were irresistible. They kissed and agreed that it would be forever. A song played as they undressed and made love.

Cuddling with Brooke in bed, Bill said they were back where they belonged. It felt right for Brooke, being back with her stallion. Bill neighed, and giggling, Brooke claimed she'd missed the sound. She'd missed laughing with him. He said it was what love and marriage were supposed to be.

Bill said Brooke didn't have to give him a gift just because he was gifting his stock. Brooke hoped he knew she wasn't marrying him for the stock. He knew it and said she could do whatever she wanted to do with the stock, even sell it to Ridge to get rid of Quinn. Brooke believed that Bill had made the stock offer because he wanted Quinn gone, too, but he'd die before selling directly to Ridge. She said Bill had needed a middleman to do it for him.

Brooke hoped people didn't think she'd marry Bill for the stock. Bill didn't "give a damn" what people thought. It was what he and Brooke had wanted and waited for. He'd never met a woman like Brooke before and never would again. He loved her. He said she was his, and he couldn't wait to call her his wife. Brooke giggled, stroking his head.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Ridge sketched. Eric entered, asking if Ridge had seen Quinn. Ridge hadn't and was glad. The two began arguing about Eric's choice to be with Quinn. Eric asserted that he knew who Quinn was and what she'd done, but he chose to forgive her because she'd changed. Eric believed that Quinn wasn't no longer a manipulator who used people.

In the photo studio, Ivy asked Quinn why she'd made Ivy look like Steffy. Quinn corrected that it wasn't to look like Steffy but to better represent the business. Quinn said to trust her instincts like Eric, who'd trust them if she said she wanted Ivy on the line. Ivy was grateful for the help and would do anything. Quinn said to embrace the look and lose the accent, and Ivy would love the response she'd get.

"What if I can't?" Ivy asked. Quinn corrected Ivy's pronunciation of the word "can't." Ivy said okay, and Quinn corrected the way Ivy pronounced that word, too, and said she'd love to work with Ivy.

Ivy went to see Eric, and outside the office, Pam was excited to see Ivy. Pam loved the new look and noticed the American accent Ivy was working on. When they entered Eric's office, Pam said she had a surprise for Eric. Eric hopped from his seat upon seeing Ivy, who he'd missed around there. He said she looked great. Ivy thanked him and remarked that, thanks to the new woman in his life, he'd be seeing a lot more of Ivy.

Pam exited, and Eric tried to find out what Ivy meant. Ivy wanted to let Quinn tell him about it. He asked if Ivy was about to give him a hard time about seeing Quinn or tell him what a fool he was being. It had been a surprise for Ivy, but Ivy ultimately said it wasn't her business as long as he was happy. To her, it seemed that Quinn was making an effort.

Smiling, Eric noted that Ivy was doing an American accent. Ivy asked if it was good. He liked it and asked why she was changing. Ivy replied that she was just trying it out. She noted that Quinn had said Ivy could return to the jewelry line if Eric approved.

Eric said that he and Quinn hadn't discussed needing a new designer, but it would be wonderful to have Ivy back. He asked if she'd have a problem working with Quinn. Ivy asked if Quinn had changed. He affirmed it and said he'd expect complete cooperation between them. Ivy replied that neither he nor Quinn had anything to worry about, and she'd promised Quinn her loyalty.

In the design office, Quinn worked. Ridge entered, grunted at the sight of her and dropped off some fabric on the drafting board. Quinn greeted him, but he didn't speak as he turned to exit. "Leaving so soon? Hope it's not me," she said. Ridge replied that it was her, and she'd be the one to leave -- sooner than she thought. Quinn said she wasn't going anywhere, and she asked if they could at least try to get along.

"Not really. Your time here is limited," Ridge insisted. Masking her irritation, Quinn told him to never say she hadn't tried. Ridge's phone chimed. He checked it and saw Brooke's ring photo. Quinn asked if something was wrong. "Yes and no," he murmured. She asked if she could help with anything. Ridge said she could pack up and get out.

Ridge asserted that Quinn had his dad snowed, but she was out of her league to go up against Ridge. Quinn didn't understand why Ridge thought she was going up against him when all she'd done was fall for his father. Ridge replied that she'd preyed upon his father and was good in bed -- which meant she was at least good at something. Ridge believed Eric would find his senses.

"He's gonna come to his senses and go back to your mother? Cause that's not possible anymore," Quinn replied. Ridge told her to never mention his mother. She asked if she was crazy to want to make Eric happy and have his children accept her. She was a part of the company and Eric's life. Ridge said Eric was gullible, but Ridge was there to take care of the family and company. Quinn would not be there that much longer.

Quinn gave Ridge permission to continue his threatening behavior and said she'd accept his apology at whatever point he realized he needed to make one. Ridge said that everyone but Eric saw through her. Quinn didn't think it was necessarily true. She had her supporters and said there were people who didn't hold grudges and realized that somebody could change.

Ridge agreed that "somebody" could change, but not Quinn, who used people and then got rid of them. To him, she was sick. Quinn asked if he'd say those things if Eric were standing there and when she'd been nothing but polite. "Absolutely," Ridge answered. She decided that it made him the one who was sick, not her.

Across the hallway, Pam entered Eric's office and asked if Ivy had gone. Eric and Pam heard Ridge roar, "Get your stuff and get out!" Pam wondered who Ridge was yelling at. "Damn it!" Eric cursed and rushed out.

Back in the design office, Quinn explained that she just wanted to befriend Ridge and the family. Eric entered as Ridge yelled at Quinn, and Eric wanted to know what the yelling was about. Ridge raged that Quinn was a cancer, and Ridge would cut her out. Eric said Ridge didn't decide who worked there. "For now," Ridge replied.

Eric asked if Ridge would have Eric declared incompetent. Ridge murmured that he wouldn't have to, and he stalked out. Eric comforted Quinn.

Eric defends Quinn to his family

Eric defends Quinn to his family

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

by Pam

At Forrester, Eric thanked Quinn for his new lease on life. He said he had completed regular workouts and lost about five pounds. He felt better than ever. Pam interrupted and offered Eric some lemon bars, but Quinn suggested he pass them up because they were empty calories. Pam argued that a "teensy little lemon bar" couldn't hurt, but Quinn maintained that at a fashion house, they all needed to be fit and trim.

Eric agreed that it might not be a good idea to have lemon bars at the office. He suggested a healthier snack. Pam was insulted. Eric tried to smooth things over, and they discussed his schedule for the day. Pam offered what was on his agenda, but Quinn stepped in with her notes for his day. Pam was again insulted, and Quinn agreed she had more important things to do than work on his schedule. Pam left.

Eric said that he'd had a discussion with Ivy about rejoining the jewelry line, and he was glad to have her back in the family business. Quinn agreed. She apologized for dissing Pam's lemon bars. Eric understood.

Quinn asked about Ridge and Steffy, and Eric told her to stop worrying about his family. He noted that he wanted her in his life. She thanked him for his unwavering faith in her. She felt like a "lovesick schoolgirl."

Eric and Quinn discussed what they would do later. Eric said he wanted to watch Casablanca, and Quinn agreed. She worried that she was happy at the expense of her son's marriage. Eric pointed out that he loved his granddaughter and his son, but they had issued ultimatums that made no sense. "You're not going anywhere," Eric said. They embraced.

Eric said he needed a shower, and Quinn offered to book the steam room, but Eric declined and said his son had had some legendary episodes in there, but he had a different set of standards. Eric added that he refused to live his life for any of his children or grandchildren. "I've never felt more alive in my life," he said. He called Quinn his own fountain of youth, and he kissed her.

In another office at Forrester, Ridge, Brooke, and Rick discussed that Brooke had news. She announced that she was engaged to Bill and would receive his 12.5 percent shares of Forrester stock as a wedding gift. Rick didn't see how it would be helpful, and he was worried about his mother's involvement with Bill.

Ridge explained that he would buy the stock and combine it with Steffy and Thomas' stock to oust Eric as CEO. Rick wondered why Brooke was involved with Bill Spencer again, and Brooke explained that she loved Bill and wanted to marry him.

Steffy and Thomas entered, and they all discussed that Bill had agreed to give his shares in Forrester to Brooke, who would sell them to Ridge. Rick wondered how the deal would help anyone but Ridge in ousting Eric as CEO. Ridge explained that they needed to get rid of Quinn.

Rick said the ink was barely dry on Bill's divorce decree, and he wondered what that said about Bill. Steffy snarked that Bill had clearly been pursuing Brooke while he had been married to her sister.

Ridge changed the subject to focus on getting Quinn out of the company. Rick wondered if Eric might regain his focus, and Brooke agreed that he had done it before. Rick worried about his own career at Forrester, and Ridge promised that he had discussed with Brooke that there would always be a place for Rick at Forrester. They all worried that Quinn could infiltrate the company if Eric married her.

Rick piped up that he was worried about his father. Ridge agreed they had to protect Eric and his legacy. They discussed that Eric would feel they were treating him as a child, but Ridge pointed out that Quinn had been feeding off of him, and they needed to put a stop to it.

Later Quinn was alone in Eric's office, and Ridge and Steffy entered. Ridge and Steffy asked where Eric was, and Quinn said he'd had a meeting. They asked if she was his personal secretary, and she said she was trying to help out. Ridge told her the entire family was united against her.

Quinn chastised all of them and reminded them that Eric had plenty of energy to fight them. She said he had a lot more to contribute, and they needed to stop treating him like a child. He was creative, and they all mockingly noted that it was all due to her. Steffy said it was because Quinn had duped Eric.

Steffy accused Quinn of tearing people's lives apart. Quinn said she had changed and cared about Eric's happiness. She begged them to listen to her, but Steffy insisted that Quinn had no feelings for people. She only wanted to manipulate people. Quinn turned the tables and said that Steffy had decided to punish Quinn's son for Quinn's actions.

Steffy said she needed to get away from Quinn. Quinn said she loved Steffy, but Steffy insisted that Quinn had to leave Eric. Quinn refused and said she had finally found love.

Quinn tried to persuade Ridge and Steffy that she was a changed woman. Eric interrupted that Steffy and Ridge needed to stop. Eric refused to allow Ridge and Steffy to be disrespectful to Quinn.

Eric insisted that they had to learn to get along with each other. He demanded it as the patriarch of his family. "You will respect me, and is that clear?" he asked. Ridge answered that he had heard his father. Eric and Quinn left, and Ridge told Steffy that Quinn's reign would only last as long as Eric was running the company.

Americanized Ivy returns to Forrester

Americanized Ivy returns to Forrester

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

by Pam

At Forrester, Pam and Ivy discussed that Quinn had returned to Forrester. Pam dissed Quinn, but Ivy defended her. Steffy entered and asked what Ivy was doing there. Pam quickly exited. Steffy wondered if Ivy was in town for a few days, but Ivy quickly corrected her and said she was hoping to stay.

Ivy dished that Quinn had asked her back to help with the jewelry line. Steffy marveled that Ivy was there because of Quinn. Steffy noted that Ivy looked different and seemed to have lost her accent. Ivy said she had needed a change in clothing, and she was trying to lose her accent in an effort to "Americanize."

Steffy warned that if Quinn had asked Ivy to work on the jewelry line, Ivy wouldn't be around for long because they were trying to get rid of Quinn. Ivy reminded Steffy that Quinn was Steffy's mother-in-law. Ivy added that Quinn had to have been a sore spot because Steffy had separated from her husband. Steffy was miffed and said that her separation had been about Quinn, not Wyatt. Ivy noted that Steffy hadn't been married very long. Steffy was insulted, and Ivy left.

In Quinn's office, Quinn worked on jewelry, and Wyatt entered. He wondered why she hadn't left Forrester as he had asked her to do. Quinn maintained that she was working -- running the jewelry line. He ordered her to move out of Eric's home and move all of her jewelry tools out of the office. She could work from anywhere.

Quinn argued that she and Eric were good together, and he wanted her there. He was the CEO. She encouraged Wyatt and Steffy to accept her so they could all get on with their lives. Wyatt reminded his mother that Steffy had been very clear that she would not move back in with Wyatt until Quinn was out of Wyatt's life and out of the company. "My wife is gone because of you," Wyatt said.

Quinn said she felt for her son, but she and Eric had helped each other, and they had fallen in love. Wyatt reminded his mother that Steffy, Thomas, and Ridge were on a long list of people who wanted her gone. Quinn said that they had all been ungrateful after everything Eric had done for them. "No one will ever accept you," Wyatt said. He added that every day she remained at Forrester made it harder for him to get Steffy back.

Quinn countered that Steffy was being overly dramatic. Quinn said she was glowing and had never been happier. Wyatt said he had never been more miserable. Quinn encouraged Wyatt not to give up on Steffy. Quinn knew he could save his marriage, and she planned to help. Wyatt left, and Ivy entered. Quinn shared that Eric had approved Ivy's return to the jewelry line. Ivy expressed her appreciation.

Quinn said that she needed Ivy's help to save Wyatt's marriage. She needed Ivy to distract Liam and keep him away from Steffy. Ivy said she couldn't snap her fingers and make that happen. Quinn said Ivy could get Liam back with Quinn's help. "Liam is lonely and needs someone to take his mind off of Steffy," Quinn said.

Ivy said she had poured her heart out to Liam previously, and he hadn't wanted anything to do with her. She didn't want to risk rejection again. Quinn promised that Ivy could get together with Liam again with her help. Ivy said that Liam had been hung up on Steffy, and she didn't want to see him or her hurt again.

On the rooftop gym, Liam met with Thomas, and they discussed that Steffy had tried to cut all ties with Quinn. Thomas said the entire family had banded together to get Quinn out of Eric's life and out of the company. Liam was curious, but Thomas couldn't discuss it. Liam didn't want to hurt Wyatt. Thomas agreed. "She's always up to something," Liam said of Quinn.

Liam left, and Wyatt showed up to talk to Thomas. Wyatt acknowledged that Thomas had been protecting Steffy from Quinn when he'd asked Steffy to move in with him. Wyatt complained that he couldn't get Eric to break up with Quinn. Eric was a grown man, and no one could tell him what to do. Wyatt wanted Thomas to help him get Steffy back. He refused to lose his marriage because of his mother.

Later, Steffy was alone in her office, and Liam joined her. He wanted to hang out with her later. He added that he would be ready anytime she wanted to take up where they had left off.

Liam said that Thomas had shared that the Forresters were working on a plan to get rid of Quinn. Liam offered his help, and Steffy thanked him. She announced that Ivy had returned, and it was odd because she had thought that Ivy and Quinn hated each other.

Ivy kisses Liam

Ivy kisses Liam

Thursday, September 8, 2016

In the CEO's office, Ivy and Quinn watched Liam and Steffy hugging in the corridor. Ivy noted that the pair didn't break easily. Quinn said that Steffy was committed to Wyatt and was disrespecting him and their vows. Quinn felt that Ivy owed Quinn for the new look and the rehiring. Ivy wasn't sure the look fit her. Quinn said it would be great once Ivy got used to it, and in the meantime, Ivy needed to help Wyatt, help Steffy do the right thing, and get Liam to move on.

Quinn reasoned that Ivy also needed to help herself out and fight for the love she still felt for Liam. Quinn didn't think she was asking Ivy to do anything morally questionable and remarked that the married Steffy shouldn't even be looking at another man like she was looking at Liam. On the other hand, Liam and Ivy were single and had a history together. Quinn asked if Wyatt deserved to be made a fool of or to lose Steffy because Steffy had a problem with Quinn.

Quinn said Wyatt was a victim. He was Steffy's victim, which Ivy had experience with. Quinn asked if Ivy still loved Liam, and Ivy said she always would. "Then get in his face," Quinn suggested. She told Ivy to spend time with him, and she could get him back if she worked it a little. Ivy nodded in agreement.

Quinn anxiously went to the door and beckoned Liam and Steffy to see who was back. They stood in the doorway, and when Liam saw Ivy, he was surprised. He asked how long she'd be there. Ivy said it was indefinite, and she was back at work.

Steffy wryly explained that Quinn had convinced Eric to rehire Ivy. Quinn said Eric was more than happy to do it, and Ivy would be a big help to Quinn. Ivy said that was the plan. Liam noticed that Ivy's accent was gone. Ivy said that was part of the plan, too. She was reinventing herself and making her time in Los Angeles better that time around.

In the design office later, Ivy was with Liam, and she thought he seemed confused. Liam said he was surprised that Steffy had agreed to speak to Quinn privately. Liam asked if Ivy was sure she wanted to work with Quinn again. Ivy felt it was time to retake her rightful place at Forrester, and Quinn was part of the package. Liam warned Ivy to watch her back.

Ivy felt that she was a big girl but thanked Liam for having her back. Liam said he still cared about her, even though things had been weird at the end, and he'd missed her. Ivy asked him to repeat it. Embarrassingly, Liam repeated that he'd missed her. They remarked upon the good memories they had together, like Amsterdam. "Yeah. Like that," Liam said, smiling.

Liam said it was crazy, and he couldn't get over how different Ivy was. Ivy said she was dialing it down and didn't want to be the long lost Forrester from "down under." Her changes reflected her new, more assertive attitude toward being back in town, her job, and him. Liam was regretful for the way Ivy had left town, "but..." he started. Ivy concluded that he was about to bring up Steffy.

Ivy said that Steffy was married to Wyatt and asked why Liam would want to interfere with it. Liam explained that the couple wouldn't be married if it hadn't been for Quinn. Ivy felt as if he was giving the "all-powerful" Quinn too much credit. Liam reminded her that Quinn had pushed her off a bridge. Ivy replied that it had kick-started some of the best days of her life, and it was a bit hard to stay mad at it. Liam said it would be different if Ivy had been kidnapped.

Liam wanted to spare the shocked Ivy the details, and Ivy recalled hearing something about Liam being missing around the time Wyatt and Steffy had gotten engaged. Liam relayed that Quinn had kept him away in a cabin long enough for Wyatt to make his move on Steffy, and posing as Liam, Quinn had been sending Steffy messages that he didn't want to see her again. Ivy was speechless, and Liam said Quinn was a nut job.

Ivy asked if Liam thought Quinn was using Eric. Liam definitely believed so. He implored Ivy not to trust Quinn or turn her back on Quinn. Ivy said that he was looking out for her. Liam replied that he cared about her and always would. He decided that he had to go. She asked him to wait. She had one more thing for him. Ivy cupped his face and gave him a long kiss. He chuckled nervously.

Back in the CEO's office, Steffy noted that Quinn had gone to bat for Ivy. Quinn didn't know why she wouldn't want the talented Forrester around and asked if Steffy had a problem with Ivy. Steffy claimed she didn't; she said she had a problem with Quinn, but it wouldn't be for long. Quinn decided that it was fine for Steffy to heap her animosity on Quinn, but it was completely unfair of Steffy to continue to punish Wyatt.

Quinn acknowledged making mistakes, but Steffy said Quinn had committed crimes. Quinn stated that, however Steffy wanted to frame Quinn's actions, Quinn regretted all of it. Quinn said she was trying to be a better person, and it was working because she'd changed. Steffy said people like Quinn didn't change, and Steffy saw Quinn for who she was. She told Quinn to enjoy Eric while Quinn could. Quinn replied that she intended to and knew how lucky she was to have him.

Quinn suggested that Steffy change her focus from dwelling on Quinn's mistakes and making Wyatt pay for them. Quinn remarked that marriage was for better or for worse, and Steffy needed to go home to her husband. Steffy claimed not to be punishing Wyatt and asked if Quinn thought it had been easy for Steffy to leave home. Quinn didn't know but cited that Steffy didn't seem to be having a difficult time with it. Steffy said it proved Quinn didn't know her.

Quinn claimed to be trying to fix not knowing Steffy. Steffy claimed to love Wyatt, which was why she'd married him. "But your manipulations helped put us on that beach," Steffy added. Quinn didn't see what was so wrong with it. Quinn understood her actions had been wrong, but Steffy and Wyatt had been good together and happy. Steffy said Quinn had stolen a man out of his life.

Quinn exclaimed that she'd apologized for it. Steffy said Quinn had a twisted view and would never change. Quinn asked Steffy to ignore the past and see who Quinn was at that moment. Steffy called Quinn a calculating gold digger who'd seduced Steffy's grandfather. Quinn said it hadn't happened that way. She invited Steffy to spend some time around Quinn and Eric to see how good they were together. Steffy refused and asked Quinn to be honest about whether what she'd done to Liam and Eric had been directed at Steffy.

Quinn said it wasn't and asked why she'd do that. Steffy said it was to get back at her for banishing Quinn from their lives. Quinn replied that she loved Steffy. She wanted to have a good relationship with Steffy and for the marriage to be happy. Falling in love with Eric hadn't been part of a plan; it had just happened. Steffy replied that it wouldn't last. Steffy said Eric was lonely, and Quinn was targeting him. Steffy stated that it was a miscalculation at Wyatt's expense.

Quinn understood why Steffy needed to believe what she did; however, Quinn asserted that she and Eric were real, and it hurt Eric that Steffy wouldn't accept them. Steffy said that if Quinn loved Eric, then Quinn should make a sacrifice and leave. Quinn suggested they comprise. Quinn offered to stay away from Wyatt and Steffy completely. Steffy said it would be a deal if Quinn also stayed away from Eric. Quinn said she'd tried it before, and it hadn't worked.

Steffy said to try harder. She'd thought Wyatt and Eric's happiness meant something to Quinn. Quinn insisted their happiness did matter. Steffy said if that were the case, Quinn would pack her bags, leave the house and Forrester, and never return. Quinn felt it was an impossible choice, and Steffy wasn't being fair.

Steffy didn't want to talk about fair when she'd told Quinn to stay away from Steffy and the Forresters, yet Quinn was more involved than ever. Steffy wanted Quinn completely gone. It was the only way she and Wyatt had a chance of working things out. Steffy said that Quinn wanted Wyatt to have a solid marriage, "so leave my grandfather."

In the sky lounge, Thomas worked out and noted that Wyatt was stressed out. Wyatt replied that everything he'd worked for was just slipping away, and he couldn't seem to fix it. Thomas asked if Wyatt wanted to work out his tension, but Wyatt said getting Steffy back home where she belonged was the only thing that was good for him.

Thomas stated that it took Steffy a while to work up to ultimatums, and once she made them, she didn't back down. Wyatt asked if he was supposed to file for a divorce. Thomas said Quinn was the problem, and she was a problem for the whole family. Thomas imagined that it was tough for Wyatt to be stuck between his wife and his mother. Thomas wasn't sure how he could help because he was on the side that wanted to be rid of Quinn.

Wyatt said that he and Steffy were great, and the marriage had been too. He said Quinn had taken Liam out of his life to make it happen, but instead of respecting Steffy and her wishes, without giving Wyatt any time to get Steffy on board, Quinn had blatantly gone after Eric to get her job back and had started living with Eric. To make it worse, Liam was sniffing around Wyatt's wife.

Thomas thought Liam's actions should be no surprise. Wyatt said Liam needed to focus on his own life and move on. Wyatt asserted that he was Steffy's husband and wouldn't relinquish the title anytime soon. Despite their past differences, Thomas felt for Wyatt. Wyatt was grateful for the empathy. He said he had to figure out what to do with his mother, and he couldn't underestimate Liam, who was going full out.

"Steffy wouldn't cheat on you. That's it," Thomas claimed. Wyatt acted as if he was confident about that, but he said Steffy being away from home didn't bode well for his marriage, especially with Liam lurking around. Noting that there were millions of women in Los Angeles, Wyatt asked why Liam couldn't find one of his own.

Eric and Quinn get engaged

Eric and Quinn get engaged

Friday, September 9, 2016

At Brooke's house, Brooke made Ridge a sandwich as they discussed the shares and Eric's reaction to a takeover. Brooke was sure Eric would cling to Quinn and turn his back on them forever. Ridge thought it was worth the risk, and Eric would see that they were protecting the company for the kids. Brooke asked what would happen if Eric didn't change his mind.

Ridge said they'd have to accept it as more than a midlife crisis and assume Eric was losing it. Ridge recalled that Brooke had gone through it with Beth. Brooke said that just because Eric didn't agree with Ridge, it didn't mean Eric had dementia. Ridge hoped not but said they couldn't rule it out. Brooke said that if it were true, Quinn was the last one who should have influence over Eric.

The thought of it scared Ridge. Brooke reassuringly stroked his shoulder, and he smiled at the touch of her hand. She assured him that they'd put a stop to Quinn. He glanced at her hand, and grinning, continued to chew his food. She said that he'd soon have the stock majority to do it.

Ridge remarked that all Brooke had to do was marry Bill. Ridge hated for Brooke to make the sacrifice. Brooke didn't see it that way. She wanted to marry Bill. "Maybe you do...But even if you marry the guy, you'll always be my Logan," Ridge replied. Brooke gave him a curious smile.

In the CEO's office, Steffy insisted that all Quinn had to do was leave Eric, and Steffy would move back in with Wyatt. Quinn said it wasn't easy, but Steffy asserted that the only chance her marriage to Wyatt had was if Quinn left Eric. Though Quinn would do just about anything for her son, she'd found love and couldn't leave Eric.

"Then I can't stay with Wyatt. If there's a divorce, that's on you," Steffy decided. Quinn disagreed and advised Steffy to separate her feelings for Wyatt and for Quinn. Quinn didn't think her actions should have any bearing on Steffy's marriage and implored Steffy not to hurt Wyatt that way and to go home to him.

Later, Thomas was with Steffy in the office and figured that Quinn wouldn't budge. Steffy said she wasn't going back to Wyatt until Quinn left Eric. Thomas warned that if Steffy made declarations like that, she had to stick to them. Steffy didn't want to hurt Wyatt. He didn't deserve it. "He can't control his mom, so..." she concluded, rolling her eyes.

Thomas doubted that anyone could control Quinn, who did what she wanted. "And by the way, so do you," Thomas said. He asked if ending her marriage was really what she wanted. Steffy claimed that she'd never said her marriage was ending, but Wyatt wasn't the only one hurting. "Think about what Liam's been through, and it's all because of Quinn -- all that time she stole from him," Steffy said. Steffy felt that Quinn was doing the same to Eric, but Steffy wouldn't allow it.

Thomas said that Steffy might not be able to stop it. Steffy replied that they could at work -- if Brooke got the stocks and sold them to Ridge. Once Quinn was out of the company, it was only a matter of time before she was out of their lives. Thomas asked if Steffy would move back in with Wyatt as she'd told Quinn she'd do if Quinn left and never looked back.

Steffy said she probably would. "Unless Liam convinces you otherwise," Thomas added. Steffy tried to stop him from talking, but he insisted that she was in love with two men. Steffy admitted that she was and could easily spend her life with either one of them. She didn't know if she'd end up with Liam or Wyatt, but all she could focus on was ridding them of Quinn. At that point, Steffy said they'd be able to figure it all out.

At the mansion, Eric had a martini and talked to Stephanie's portrait about the reasons he'd moved out of the house before. He'd been rattling around in the old house with all his memories. He'd been alone, but it was no longer just him. He had a woman in his life, and he was sure Stephanie didn't approve. The family didn't approve, either, and they acted as if they were embarrassed. Eric asked what Stephanie thought of Quinn.

Eric sat down at the piano and played a few chords. He flashed back on Stephanie saying that her heart was in that room, and their lives were in the house. He remembered times with her that stretched back over the years, wonderful times and kisses they'd shared in that very room. He fought back tears and lifted his glass to her portrait.

Quinn arrived. She saw the piano and asked if Eric planned to serenade her. He said they'd see how the evening went, and he let her know that the staff had gone as she'd requested. They joked about the power of the lady of the manor and agreed that they'd needed time alone. Quinn needed it after the day she'd had. He asked what had happened. "Steffy," Quinn grumbled.

Frustrated, Quinn said it didn't matter how much she apologized or how good Eric and Quinn were together. Quinn said Steffy had called them an abomination and had said that Quinn would leave Eric if she really cared about him. Eric knew that it was a big strain on Steffy and on everyone. "Makes me wonder..." he pondered. Quinn asked what he was trying to say.

Eric had a lot to say. He just wasn't sure how to say it. Quinn felt that he didn't have to choose his words with her. Eric said very few people had supported him like Quinn -- just one other had. Glancing at the portrait, he said he'd thought of Stephanie a lot that day. Quinn decided that she'd been so consumed with her own problems with Wyatt and Steffy that Quinn hadn't given Eric the attention he deserved or been the kind of woman that Stephanie had been for him.

Quinn believed that Stephanie would have better acknowledged the sacrifices Eric had made to be in the relationship. Eric replied that it wasn't anything more than Quinn had. Quinn was used to hate and anger. She'd dealt with it most of her life, but Eric was up against his family. She recalled that their relationship had been meant to be something fun. She'd looked forward to seeing him, and he'd changed her. "I'd almost started to think that..." Quinn said.

Quinn cleared her throat and said she hadn't wanted to complicate his life, but things spiraled out of control when she was around. Quinn seemed to be trying to break it off with Eric. He told her to stop it, but she said she needed to tell him something. "Stop it. I mean it," Eric asserted. He said she'd told him that he was alone, but he wasn't. Eric had felt alone after Stephanie's death, but he no longer was because he had Quinn.

Quinn agreed that Eric did have her. She asked at what cost and noted that the hatred his family spewed was affecting him. Eric agreed that the relationship had caused unnecessary trouble for each of their families. He believed it was because of the uncertainty. He thought that if they got rid of the uncertainty and speculation about the future, there could be acceptance.

"Acceptance?" Quinn asked. Eric elaborated that Steffy would return to Wyatt, and Ridge and the rest would accept what they'd found together. Quinn didn't get it. Eric said they'd have to accept Quinn in his life. Quinn asked what would make that happen. He replied that they could make it permanent and official. "I thought you were ending things with me," the confused Quinn said.

Eric said that it wasn't that at all. He asked if it was what Quinn wanted. Quinn said she didn't want it at all, and he replied that he didn't either. "I love you, Quinn. I love you," Eric professed. Her inspiration was the best thing in his life, and he wanted his family to stop being afraid of it. He got down on one knee. "Eric!" Quinn exclaimed.

Eric admitted that he was impulsive, but it made him great at what he did. His instincts told him exactly what was going on, and they'd been screaming at him ever since he and Quinn had gotten together. He didn't want to let her go, and he never would. He didn't want her to leave his side -- or his bed. Eric opened a ring box and said, "Marry me."

Quinn didn't know what to say. "Say, 'yes,'" Eric prompted, and Quinn screamed it in repetition. She was honored. Eric slipped the ring on her finger, and as they kissed, Stephanie's portrait crashed down off the wall.

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The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back


The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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