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Lucinda passed away with Neil by her side. Abby was stunned when Stitch announced that he was ready to have another baby. DNA evidence confirmed that Adam had died in the cabin. Billy and Jill faced off over his affair with Phyllis. An unseen person held Adam's wedding band.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 5, 2016 on Y&R
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Police Declare Adam Dead Police Declare Adam Dead

Monday, September 5, 2016

At the Newman ranch, Nick shocked Nikki and Victor when he told them that Adam had died. Nick blamed Victor. Nick explained that a powerful explosion had killed Adam while he'd been hiding out in a cabin Victor had provided to aid Adam's escape. Nick demanded to know how Victor could have killed his own son. Victor appeared stunned by the news. Nick added that he and Chelsea had witnessed the explosion and were certain no one could have survived.

Nikki defended Victor and told Nick that it wasn't Victor's fault. Nick cried, "It is his fault." Nikki explained that she'd helped Victor set the plan in motion for Adam's escape, so Nick should consider her an accomplice if he believed his father was at fault. Nick calmed down and collected his thoughts. Nick apologized to Victor. Before Nick left to console Chelsea, Victor embraced him and said, "You're my only son now." Victor seemed distressed and saddened.

After Nick left, Victor became despondent and told Nikki that Adam's death had left Connor fatherless. Victor said he knew that someone had set the explosion, and he vowed to avenge his son's death. Nikki asked about Adam's enemies. Victor mentioned Chloe and Billy. Victor explained that Chloe and Billy lacked the sophistication necessary to set off an explosion. Victor noted that no one had known Adam's secret whereabouts. Victor later learned that police had released him from house arrest. Nikki consoled Victor after he explained that police had also confirmed Adam's death.

At Chelsea's penthouse, Kevin and Chloe comforted a distraught Chelsea. Paul and Dylan arrived, but Chelsea hid upstairs, and Chloe claimed she didn't know Chelsea's whereabouts. Chloe mentioned the explosion and asked if anyone had made it out alive. Chelsea, listening, held her breath as she waited for a response. Dylan said police had theorized that the explosion had been a diversion, allowing time for Adam to flee. Paul explained that investigators would examine the ashes to determine whether or not a victim inside had perished.

Dylan and Paul filled in details about their next stop at an airstrip, where a plane had taken off just as they'd arrived. Dylan reported finding Connor's stuffed dinosaur on the airport's runway. Paul told Kevin and Chloe that Adam, Chelsea, and Connor had left aboard the airplane. Chelsea entered the room and explained that Adam hadn't left on the plane and was missing. Paul arrested Chelsea for having aided and abetted an escaped felon. Chelsea pleaded with Paul to find Adam. Dylan seemed sympathetic to Chelsea's overwhelming anguish.

Dylan asked Paul to step aside for a private conversation. Dylan pleaded with Paul to back off and leave Chelsea alone. Paul explained that Chelsea might be able to reveal the mastermind behind the escape. Dylan nodded and replied, "Victor." Dylan approached Chelsea and informed her that she'd be transported downtown for questioning. Chloe protested on behalf of Chelsea. Chloe agreed to stay behind and care for Connor.

After Paul, Dylan, and Chelsea left, Kevin summoned Michael. Nick arrived to see Chelsea. Chloe explained that Dylan and Paul had arrested Chelsea and taken her to the police station for questioning. Nick said he'd questioned his father and was certain that Victor hadn't been involved with the explosion. Nick added, "Somebody else wanted Adam dead." Chloe seemed nervous.

After Nick left, Chloe recalled the explosion in a flashback. Kevin noticed that Chloe seemed distracted and asked, "Hey, where did you go just now? You look like you're a million miles away." Chloe said she was worried about Chelsea losing Adam. Chloe asked to be alone, so Kevin left. Chloe phoned a sitter to watch Connor and Bella.

At the police station, Michael insisted on talking to Chelsea privately in Paul's office. Chelsea was desperate to hear news about Adam. Michael explained that police were searching near the cabin. He added that investigators were also determining the plane's destination. Chelsea cried that the plane was a dead end.

Chelsea recalled that while she, Adam, and Connor had been at the cabin, they'd made plans for their future. Chelsea cried that, once again, Victor had ripped everything away from them. Michael noted that police considered Chelsea to be an accomplice. Chelsea agreed to negotiate with police if she could be released to search for Adam. Michael said Chelsea would have to name the person who'd helped Adam escape. Chelsea said Victor had set up the escape plan.

Nick arrived at the police station. Nick angrily confronted Dylan about holding Chelsea after she'd just lost her husband. Dylan said he would hold out hope for Chelsea's sake. Paul approached and announced that blood and tissue discovered at the cabin were a match to Adam's. Paul expressed his condolences. Nick said he'd break the news to Chelsea.

Nick entered Paul's office. Chelsea seemed hopeful that Nick might have heard news about Adam's whereabouts. Nick informed Chelsea that Adam was dead. Chelsea broke down and sobbed pitifully. Nick held Chelsea as she cried. Michael looked on helplessly as Chelsea went limp in Nick's arms.

Victor stepped outside his home and entered his vehicle. Chloe was sitting in the backseat and surprised Victor. Chloe told Victor that Chelsea was at the police station, telling Paul that Victor had murdered Adam. Victor told Chloe that she knew he hadn't murdered Adam. Chloe replied, "How do we know that?" Victor pointed his finger at Chloe and said she was the murderer.

Lily, Cane, Devon, and Hilary expressed concern about Neil's meeting with Lucinda. Lily thanked Hilary for having saved the letters Lucinda had sent to Neil. Lily noted that Neil's reunion with his estranged mother was long overdue. The two couples laughed when Hilary noted that Lily had expressed appreciation to the woman she most disliked. Lily said she was grateful to Hilary for helping Neil reconcile with his mother. They all decided to visit Lucinda.

At an assisted-living facility, Neil visited his frail mother, Lucinda. Neil made plans for his family to visit Lucinda soon. Lucinda, weak and ill, replied, "Son, we both know that's not going to happen." Lucinda gently explained that she was dying. Neil became distraught. Lucinda said that she'd clung to life because she'd yearned to be reunited with Neil.

Lucinda asked Neil to describe his family. Neil began by talking about Moses, his younger son. Lucinda's eyes sparkled when Neil described Moses as a happy child. Neil said that Devon had weathered a number of setbacks, though he'd remained steadfast and was a good, honest man. Neil told Lucinda about Lily's battle with cancer. He noted that Lily, tough and strong, was a wonderful mother. Neil admitted he'd made mistakes in dealing with his family. Lucinda advised Neil to always reconcile with his family because broken relationships were difficult to reconcile.

Neil told Lucinda that he needed his family. Lucinda said, "You don't want to be alone. I'm not alone." Neil lovingly clasped his mother's hand and said, "Mom, I'm right here!" Tears streamed down Neil's cheeks. Lucinda drew her last breath, and Neil wept. Neil kissed Lucinda's forehead and sobbed.

Neil later returned to Lucinda's empty room and found a letter she'd addressed to him, tucked inside a Bible. Neil took the letter and went to a nearby bar. When the bartender approached, Neil showed the young man a 25-year sobriety chip. Neil explained that the chip represented many dark nights and hard moments. The bartender didn't comment about the chip and asked Neil what he wanted to drink. Neil replied, "Club soda with lemon."

After the bartender stepped away, Neil opened Lucinda's letter. In the note, Lucinda expressed her regrets for having abandoned Neil while she'd battled addiction. Lucinda explained that Neil had never been far from her heart. The letter concluded with Lucinda assuring Neil that she loved him. Neil seemed comforted by his mother's message of love.

Lily, Cane, Devon, and Hilary nervously approached Neil at the bar. Neil was sipping club soda. Lily, Cane, Devon, and Hilary consoled Neil, explaining that they'd learned of Lucinda's death. Neil read aloud parts of Lucinda's letter. Neil cried that Lucinda had feared dying alone. Neil's children encircled their father. Lily embraced Neil.

Word of Adam's death spreads

Word of Adam's death spreads

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

In Paul's office at the police station, Chelsea was in disbelief when Nick gently informed her that the police had found Adam's remains in the cabin. Michael extended his condolences, but Chelsea tearfully insisted that Adam would return for her. Michael stepped out to give Nick and Chelsea some time alone, and Nick held her as she swore that it wasn't real. Nick told her that the police had found Adam's DNA, but Chelsea reasoned that Adam had been in the cabin after his escape, so it didn't mean anything. She argued that her DNA had also been in the cabin, and she was fine. Nick clarified that they'd found Adam's blood and tissue, and he held Chelsea as she broke down.

Chelsea was horrified that Victor had killed his own son, but Nick insisted that Victor hadn't blown up the cabin. Nick revealed that he'd spoken to Victor, and Chelsea assumed that Victor had lied. Nick said he'd recognized Victor's expression as the same one he'd had after they'd found out Christian had died, and he was certain that Victor had been in shock. Chelsea pointed out that Victor had tried to hurt Adam many times, but Nick countered that Victor's love for Adam was bigger than anything, and he promised that he wouldn't protect Victor at Adam's expense.

Chelsea said the police had offered to drop the charges against her if she gave them a statement about Victor's involvement in Adam's escape. She asserted that even if Victor hadn't killed Adam, Victor wasn't innocent. Nick begged her not to send Victor back to prison after he'd tried to give her, Adam, and Connor a chance to be a family again, since the Newman family couldn't handle losing anyone else.

In the squad room, Paul told Michael that the evidence of Adam's death had been conclusive, and Dylan reported that they had a team working to figure out if someone had intentionally caused the explosion. Michael was sure that Chelsea would hold Victor responsible for Adam's death, and Paul inquired whether she would give a statement. Michael recounted that they'd been about to make a deal to drop the charges against her if she explained how Victor had arranged Adam's escape, and he was confident that Chelsea wanted Victor to pay for Adam's death.

Nick confronted Paul and Dylan about keeping Chelsea there instead of letting her go home to her son. Dylan assured Nick that no one wanted to torture Chelsea, but they needed her cooperation to prove that Victor had set up the escape. Nick announced that she wouldn't give it to them, since both he and Chelsea believed that Victor wasn't capable of murdering his own son. Paul argued that Adam would be alive if it hadn't been for Victor, and Nick snapped that it was fine if they wanted to build a case against a man who'd just lost his son, but Chelsea had a little boy at home who needed her.

Nick questioned when Paul and Dylan had started caring more about a case than someone in pain, and he wondered what they'd do if Sully was at home without either of his parents. Paul relented and said Chelsea was free to go, and she overheard and thanked him. She numbly requested that Nick take her home, and Paul offered to hold off on making a statement to the press until the rest of the family was notified. Dylan volunteered to do it so Nick wouldn't have to.

In Victor's car, Victor accused Chloe of killing his son, and he vowed that she would pay for it. She replied that she wouldn't pay for anything, since she could prove that she hadn't killed Adam. Chloe claimed that she'd been with Kevin and Bella at Chelsea's penthouse at the time of the explosion, but Victor cautioned that he had ways to find out if she was telling the truth. She reminded him that she was familiar with his methods, and he replied that he was familiar with her resentment toward Adam for killing Delia. Victor guessed that the thought of Adam going free and spending a happy life with his wife and son had driven Chloe crazy, so she'd tried to stop Adam.

Chloe conceded that she'd never forgiven Adam for killing Delia, but she'd found happiness with Bella, Chelsea, and Connor, and that meant more to her than getting revenge. Chloe acknowledged that she and Victor didn't like one another, but they both cared about Connor and Chelsea. She swore that she loved Connor and that she saw her daughter looking back at her whenever she looked at the boy, and she'd never wanted to take his father away from him. Chloe maintained that she hadn't killed Adam, but Victor couldn't imagine anyone else who might have blown up the cabin. Chloe speculated that Adam had created the fire.

Chloe pointed out that Adam had taken off after being presumed dead before, but Victor thought Adam wouldn't have left Chelsea and Connor again. Chloe suggested that Adam had wanted to spare Chelsea a life on the run, but Victor believed that Adam had been about to have the life he'd always dreamed of. Chloe noted that Victor was assuming that Adam hadn't gotten out of the fire, but she suspected that Adam was alive. Chloe worried that she had to get out of there before someone saw them, and Victor warned that she'd need God's protection if he found out she had killed Adam. She exited the car.

At Brash & Sassy, Phyllis opened the office door and stared at Billy, and he marveled at how gorgeous she was. She demanded to know whether he'd enjoyed watching her squirm when he'd held her hand under the table at their family dinner, and he replied that she knew exactly why he'd done it -- because he wanted and needed her. Billy wanted to be together again, and he asked her to tell him it would happen. Billy said his first thought every morning was that she wasn't there, and he missed her and knew she missed him, too. Phyllis admitted that she did, and Billy pointed out that she'd only pushed him away because of Jill's blackmail.

Phyllis clarified that she'd stayed away from Billy because people would get hurt, and it was too much of a risk to take. Billy pulled her close, and he insisted that being together was the answer, since he couldn't go on thinking that he wouldn't be with her again. He added that it would give him hope if he knew that they'd be together again at some point, and he'd get what he wanted most in the world -- her. He urged her to be with him, but Jill called out for Billy, and Phyllis hid in the office. Billy stepped out as Jill entered and asked who he'd been talking to.

Billy fibbed that he'd been talking to his computer, and Jill instructed him to go home and get some rest, since he'd be on a plane the next day to handle some business out of town. He guessed that Victoria was also going, and he grumbled that Jill needed to go to "Matchmakers Anonymous." Jill insisted that the trip was for business, but it wasn't her problem if his mind drifted elsewhere. She announced that Billy, Victoria, and Cane were going to Seattle to launch the Pacific Northwest line.

Billy complained that his kids would be left with the nanny if both he and Victoria were gone, but Jill countered that it was why he had a nanny, and she said she'd have her assistant handle the travel arrangements. Jill left, and Phyllis cautiously exited the office. Phyllis told Billy to go home and pack, but Billy protested that he didn't want to go on the trip because he wanted to be with her. Phyllis ordered him to get on the plane, since there was nothing to keep him there.

Ashley found Jack at Jabot, and he explained that he was getting some work done while waiting for news about Adam and Chelsea. Ashley handed him some documents to sign, but he pointed out that she was authorized to sign them, and he asked what her visit was really about. She inquired whether he'd found their dinner with Phyllis and Billy to be odd, and she recalled the look on Jack's face when he'd hung up from a call. Ashley urged Jack to talk to her, and he insisted that his relationship was fine. Ashley acknowledged that Jack and Phyllis might be fine, but she wondered about Phyllis and Billy.

Ashley wondered if Jack was worried that Billy and Phyllis had been spending too much time together, but Jack was sure that they'd stopped feeding off of one another's anger, and there were no more secrets. Ashley was skeptical, but Jack reasoned that Phyllis and Billy had put their heads together before because Jack hadn't been giving Phyllis validation and support. Jack resolved to help Phyllis by letting her know that he would always be there for her, but he couldn't force her recovery. He added that he and Phyllis were no longer having problems.

Later, Phyllis entered while Jack was on a call, and Ashley commented that Jack was looking forward to spending an evening alone with his wife. Jack had an emotional reaction to some news, and he relayed that the police had proof that Adam was gone. Jack hissed that Victor had done it to teach his son a lesson, and he'd just told Victor that night that the escape plan had been a bad idea. Jack thought of Chelsea and Connor, and Ashley was sure Jack would be there for them like he always had been. Jack agreed that Adam's family deserved all the love and support they could get.

Ashley wanted to find Abby to tell her about Adam, and she assured Jack that Adam had known how much he'd meant to Jack. Ashley left, and Jack wished he'd gotten through to Victor. Phyllis said there had been nothing Jack could have done, and Adam wouldn't have wanted him to punish himself. Phyllis stressed that Adam had known how much Jack had loved him, and it had meant the world to Adam that he had always been able to count on Jack.

In bed at Victoria's house, Travis mused that it hadn't been what he'd expected from the night. Victoria agreed, but she was glad to have him back in Genoa City and in her bed. She wondered how he felt about being back in town with the crazy chaos of her family, since it was much more complicated than life on the boat. Travis refused to let her scare him away, and he assured her that he was where he wanted to be, unless she wanted him to take off so she could be with her family. Victoria thought all she could do was wait for news, but the one thing she wanted at that moment was to be there with him.

Later, Jill arrived at Victoria's home and found Travis in an unbuttoned shirt. Victoria introduced Travis to Jill as her boyfriend, and she noted that it was late, so whatever Jill wanted had to wait until the next day. Jill declared that Victoria was going to Seattle with Billy and Cane the next day for the campaign rollout, and she wondered why she hadn't seen Travis around town. Victoria received a text message from Dylan, who wanted to see her about Adam. Victoria departed, and Jill suggested that she and Travis get to know one another.

After Travis filled Jill in about his bar and his boat, he announced that he'd returned to town for Victoria. Jill guessed that he had been the reason why Victoria had rushed out of town in spite of work and family obligations, and he clarified that Victoria had tracked him down in Mexico because of a family issue. Jill suspected that it hadn't been all the couple had talked about, and Travis recognized that Jill wanted Victoria and Billy back together. Jill contended that she wanted her son and grandchildren to be happy, and Travis pledged to make the happiness of Victoria and her kids a priority.

Jill said she had somewhere she had to be, and Travis politely opened the door for her. Once outside, she put her hands on her hips and seethed. Meanwhile, Billy appeared inside the house after letting himself in the back way. Travis imagined that Billy had hidden in the kitchen during Travis and Jill's conversation, and Billy quipped that he was surprised his mother hadn't hit on Travis. Travis mentioned that Victoria had stepped out to get news about Adam, and he asked about the trip Jill had planned. Billy groused that his mom had a way of getting what she wanted.

Travis remarked that Victoria's career was important to her, and Billy sarcastically replied that he hadn't known that. Travis conceded that Billy knew Victoria better than Travis did, and Billy announced that he was there to tell Victoria that he wasn't interested in going out of town. Travis was surprised when Billy suggested that Travis go with Victoria to mix business with pleasure, and Billy reasoned that he didn't want the ticket to go to waste. Travis guessed that Billy had something better to do with his time than go on a business trip, and Billy confirmed that he did. Meanwhile, Jill called Cane and told him that he needed to stay in town, so Victoria and Billy would handle the trip on their own.

Victoria arrived at the police station, and Dylan informed her that Chelsea and Connor were safe at home. Victoria wondered if Adam was back in prison, and Dylan explained that Adam had been hiding in a cabin that had exploded. Victoria realized that Adam was dead, and Dylan extended his sympathies. Victoria inquired whether it had been an accident, and Dylan said they were trying to find out. A stunned Victoria mumbled that things had been different that time, and she asked if her dad knew. Dylan mentioned that Michael had gone to tell Victor personally, and Victoria rushed out.

Dylan protested when Paul started removing items from the bulletin board that contained information about Adam's case, and Paul revealed that forensics had determined that a propane tank had blown, so the explosion had been accidental. Dylan argued that they knew Victor had set the whole thing in motion, but Paul didn't want to put a grief-stricken family through anything more. Dylan incredulously asked if Paul was just going to close the case, and Paul replied that it was sometimes better to just let things go. Dylan wasn't sure he could.

Michael entered Victor's office, where Victor sat silently, facing the window. Michael stated that he had news about Adam that he thought Victor would prefer to hear in person. Victor replied that he'd heard about the explosion, but he hadn't caused it. Michael divulged that DNA evidence had indicated that Adam had been in the cabin, and a pained Victor closed his eyes. Holding back tears, Victor quietly acknowledged that his son was dead.

Michael explained that Chelsea had been at the police station when they'd received confirmation of Adam's death, and Victor wondered what she'd been doing at the station. Michael said they'd been dealing with the charges against her and discussing Victor's involvement in the escape, but Nick had talked her out of giving a statement against Victor. Michael recalled the look on her face, since it had been hard enough for her to lose Adam once, but losing him that time would be forever. Victor thanked him for stopping by, and Michael headed out. Victor bowed his head in grief.

Victor looked at a photo of Adam, Chelsea, and Connor, and he blamed himself for sending Adam to prison. Victor told himself that he'd arranged the escape as a gift to get Adam and his family far away to be together, and he questioned how Adam's death had happened. Victoria quietly entered, and Victor knew it was her without turning around. She hugged him and said she was sorry, and he said Adam's death had been his fault. Victoria implored him not to say that, but Victor insisted it was true. He begged her not to leave him, and she cradled him in her arms.

At the penthouse, Nick asked if he could get Chelsea anything, and she wailed that she had to tell Connor. Chloe returned and was happy to see that Chelsea was home, and Nick wondered where Chloe had gone, since Chelsea needed her. Chloe claimed that she'd needed some air, and she asked if the police had dropped the charges. Nick revealed that it wasn't an issue anymore, and Chelsea brokenly added that they'd found DNA in the cabin and that Adam was dead. Chloe hugged her.

Chloe said she loved Chelsea and would do whatever she could to help Chelsea get through it, and Chelsea wondered how that was possible. Chloe didn't know, but she swore they'd figure it out together. Chloe asked what was going on with the investigation into Victor's role, and Nick explained that the police had no proof without Chelsea's statement, so it was over. Chelsea went upstairs to see her son.

Over the baby monitor, Nick and Chloe heard Chelsea telling Connor how lucky she was to have him and how lucky they'd been to have such a wonderful time with his daddy. Chelsea sobbed that Connor had made his daddy the happiest person in the world, and she needed Connor to remember all the memories and never let them go, since his daddy wasn't returning home.

Adam's Memorial is held

Adam's Memorial is held

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

by Nel

At the penthouse, Chloe finished dressing Connor. Victor arrived and walked past her straight to Connor. Victor assured Connor that he'd always protect him. Chelsea descended the stairs, visibly angry that Victor was there. Chloe took Connor upstairs. Victor asked Chelsea how she was doing.

Chelsea said her husband was dead, but she knew Victor had had nothing to do with the explosion. She reminded him that he had started all of it. She accused Victor of showing Adam the consequences of crossing him, and as a result, Connor would grow up without his father. Victor said he wanted to do what was best for her and Connor. Chelsea said what was best for Connor was none of Victor's business. Victor shouted that he was Connor's grandfather.

Victor told Chelsea that Adam had lit up whenever he'd talked about Chelsea and Connor. Nothing had given Adam more joy than Chelsea and their son. Victor had wanted Adam to live a life away from prison and away from Adam and Victor's poisonous relationship. Victor admitted he wasn't responsible for the explosion but acknowledged it was difficult for both of them. Victor said he'd support any decision if Chelsea wanted to start a new life with Connor elsewhere, and he wouldn't stand in her way. Victor said he was deeply sorry. Chloe eavesdropped from the top of the stairway.

Chloe told Chelsea that Connor had picked out and worn the cool sneakers his daddy had bought him. Chloe thought that Chelsea and Connor were being brave. Chelsea said it wasn't brave; it was putting one foot in front on the other for Connor. Chloe knew Victor had upset Chelsea and understood why Chelsea didn't want him around. Chelsea said Victor was different. She felt that if Victor could give her a sense of peace and closure, he would.

At Victoria's, Victoria told Travis that she and Adam had always butted heads, but she knew Adam had loved Chelsea and Connor. Travis said Adam sounded like Victor. Victoria said that when Victor and Adam hadn't been trying to destroy each other, they had shared a love, but with Adam gone, Victor was blaming himself. Victoria told Travis that when Victor had been in prison, Victor had felt his family had betrayed him, and he'd wanted to punish all of them. What Victor had planned for Adam was beyond anything he'd imagined, and Victor would never be the same.

Victoria picked up an envelope, and Travis explained that it was her ticket and itinerary for her Seattle trip. Victoria said she wasn't leaving her family, and Cane and Billy would have to handle it. Travis said that Billy had told him he wasn't going and wanted Travis and Victoria to go to Seattle. Victoria knew Jill was trying to push her and Billy together. Travis felt he'd convinced Jill that Victoria was otherwise occupied. Victoria asked if that had been before or after he'd buttoned his shirt. Victoria knew that Jill saw Travis as a snack.

Victoria admitted that Jill's version of happiness was getting Billy and Victoria together, and it was Jill's reason for the bogus business trip. Victoria understood why Billy had bailed. Travis said that Billy had given him the impression that he wanted to be somewhere else. Victoria found it strange that Billy was pushing her and Travis together. She wondered what Billy's angle was -- because Billy always had one. She said she didn't care what Billy's angle was. She wanted to live her life and not take it for granted. They left for the memorial.

At the mansion Billy left Phyllis a message asking her to return his call. Billy had his bag packed. Cane arrived and was annoyed because it was his marketing plan, but Jill wanted Billy and Victoria to launch it. Billy said he wasn't going, but Cane should go then tell Jill he'd gone on the trip after he returned.

Billy and Cane both knew that Jill was trying to get Billy and Victoria back together. Billy told Cane it wasn't going to happen. Billy assured Cane he was not pulling a fast one and showed Cane that he'd packed clothes for a getaway because he wanted some time to himself. Billy told Cane to go make Brash & Sassy the biggest thing to hit the northwest and be rid of Billy at the same time. Cane agreed, and they shook hands. After Cane left, Billy sent a text message to Phyllis: "Going to the cabin. I want you there. But I won't beg."

At the Jabot office, Jack told Ashley she was a good mother for supporting Abby and setting aside her differences about Adam. Ashley knew that she and Jack didn't share the same feelings about Adam, but family was always first, and she'd do anything for Abby. Phyllis arrived. Jack told her he couldn't imagine Chelsea and Connor waking up to the unspeakable. Phyllis reminded Jack that Chelsea and Connor were surrounded by love, and that love would help them. Ashley commented on Phyllis' inappropriate attire for the memorial.

Abby arrived and hugged Jack. She knew how close Jack and Adam had been. Abby told Jack that Victor was broken. Adam and Victor had their problems, but they loved each other. Phyllis couldn't believe Abby felt sorry for Victor and asked if Abby was kidding. Abby said Victor was devastated. Phyllis reminded Abby that Victor hated not being able to control the outcome of every situation and that Adam was dead because of Victor.

Ashley tried to stop Phyllis, but Phyllis asked if she wasn't permitted to express her feelings. Her heart went out to Chelsea and Connor, but Victor had lit the fuse when he'd framed Adam to punish him. Adam was dead because of Victor -- and no one else. Phyllis said that Victor was going to portray a picture of grief, and he'd milk it for every tear he could. They were all going to line up to comfort Victor and validate the hypocrisy. She thought that was a mockery to Adam's death. Abby told Phyllis there had to be a stone where Phyllis' heart should've been. Ashley and Abby left.

Phyllis asked Jack if they should forgive Victor for what he'd done to them, go to the memorial, and forget that Victor had blown their lives apart. Jack said yes, because he wanted to say goodbye to Adam, but he wouldn't insist that Phyllis go after what Victor had put her through. Phyllis corrected that it was what Victor had put them through, and she reminded Jack that he had nearly died and Kelly had died. Their marriage had been brutalized. They couldn't talk about what had happened, yet Jack wanted to bury the past in a box and move on.

Jack said he wasn't trying to minimize the devastation Victor had wrought on their lives. Phyllis felt that Jack wanted her to play nice and rise above -- be the bigger person -- but she didn't want to be the bigger person.

Phyllis wanted Victor to feel the pain and hurt they did, but for some reason, she was in the wrong because Jack thought Victor deserved a free pass. Jack assured her that he was not going to comfort Victor; he was going to pay his respects to Adam. Phyllis knew that Victor would make it all about himself. Jack reminded Phyllis that Chelsea had woken up a widow and Connor was fatherless. Victor had lost his son, and Jack said he'd go to the memorial, and father-to-father, Jack would acknowledge Victor's loss.

Phyllis was sorry that Adam was gone, and her heart went out to everybody who loved Adam and wished they'd never lost him, especially Jack. Jack had been more of a father to Adam than Victor ever could've been. Phyllis said she was angry because Jack wanted her to share that loss with a hypocrite. Jack reminded her that the day was for Adam, Chelsea, and Connor, who deserved their prayers, love, and support. If he had to be in the same room as Victor to acknowledge Chelsea and Connor's pain, that was what he'd do.

Phyllis acknowledged that Jack was a decent person, and she wasn't. Jack said she was passionate, deeply loyal, and fiercely protective of her family. He couldn't have asked for a more decent woman to share his life. Phyllis was in tears and said she loved him for saying that, but that wasn't how she felt. She left. At the elevator, Phyllis read Billy's text.

Billy ignored a call from Jill and left for the cabin. Phyllis arrived right behind him. Phyllis told Billy she'd been listening to Jack, Ashley, and Abby feeling sorry for Victor when she'd received his text. She'd had to hear about Victor's grief and his broken heart. She asked Billy if he thought she should've gone to the memorial to offer her condolences and tell Victor how sorry she was for his loss.

Billy said that Victor was the last person that deserved Phyllis' sympathy. Billy pointed out that if Jack understood her, he wouldn't have expected her to go. She didn't want to talk about Jack because it reminded her of the kind of person she really was. When Billy asked what kind of person she was, she kissed him.

At the Athletic Club, Ashley apologized for what Phyllis had said. Ashley said that Phyllis couldn't control herself when the subject was Victor. Abby said that she'd seen how devastated Victor was over losing his son, and she didn't understand how Phyllis couldn't show Victor any compassion. Ashley asked Abby if she was talking about her miscarriage.

Abby admitted that the situation had reminded her of how Stitch just shut down and shut Abby out. Ashley said that no one had ever accused Phyllis of shutting down. After seeing Phyllis that angry, Abby had realized that she could've been the one letting all that anger and hurt consume her. Abby admitted that what had happened to Phyllis because of Victor was horrible, but she felt that if Phyllis could let go of some of that pain, she could start the healing process.

Everyone began arriving for Adam's memorial. Nikki told Nick it was a beautiful way to honor Adam's memory and asked Sharon why she was there. Sharon reminded Nikki she'd been married to Adam. Nikki told Nick that Victor was with Chelsea because he was concerned about her and Connor. Nick didn't think that was a good idea because Chelsea was convinced that Victor had blown up the cabin with Adam in it. Nikki said Chelsea knew Victor hadn't blown up the cabin.

Nick said Adam wouldn't have been in the cabin if Victor hadn't framed him in the first place. Nikki told Nick that Victor was very remorseful and wanted to do the right thing. Nick said Victor had stripped Adam of his life and convinced himself it was okay. Nick couldn't understand why Nikki kept defending Victor.

Nikki said Victor had changed, and she reminded Nick how Victor had been shot protecting her in the courthouse when Ian had taken her hostage. Victor had left his hospital bed to save Nikki and Phyllis. There was a lot of love there, even though his family had testified against him. Nick reminded Nikki that while Victor had been saving her, he'd been manipulating Adam's life -- same old Victor.

Nikki said Victor had realized he'd gone too far, and when he realized what he'd done, he'd wanted to give Adam the life he'd deserved, but it had been too late. Nikki said Victor was devastated, and she saw his agony. She told Nick that Victor had sobbed in her arms. The whole situation had dropped Victor to his knees. Victor wasn't just grieving; he was searching for redemption.

When Michael arrived, Sharon said that Adam had been a complicated soul, and Michael agreed. Michael said he wanted to slip in, say goodbye, and leave before everyone arrived. He had an inappropriate amount of anger about how everything had gone down, and Victor was at the top of his list. Sharon assured him that Michael had done everything he could to help Adam. Michael felt he should've worked harder and dug deeper. He felt there was something he could've done to stop the insanity before it had gotten to that point.

Sharon told Michael not to feel guilty because he'd put his heart and soul into Adam's case. He'd fought for Adam's freedom when there had been no hope left. He'd never stopped fighting for Adam. Michael said that in spite of what he'd done, he was at Adam's memorial service. Sharon assured him it wasn't because of anything Michael had done. Everyone knew Michael had done his best for Adam. When Victor arrived, Michael said, "Not everyone."

Victor stood before Adam's portrait and told Nikki that Chelsea was strong and would get Connor through it. Nick said they all would because they were Newmans and would help each other. If they stayed together, they'd be fine. Victor and Nick hugged.

Ashley and Abby arrived and offered their condolences to Victor. Chelsea, Connor, and Chloe arrived, and Nick greeted them. Connor stood in front of his father's portrait, looking at Adam. Jack embraced Connor and told him they were there to say goodbye to his father and to let him know how much they'd loved Adam. Jack told Connor that he was very sad and knew Connor was sad too. Jack told Connor they'd get through it together.

Nikki hugged Chelsea and told her that Connor's soul would always be with Adam, no matter where Adam was. Nick offered to postpone the memorial if Chelsea felt it was too difficult for her. Chelsea wanted to do it and thanked Nick for organizing it. She said he was a good brother and friend. Chloe told Chelsea that she was a strong woman, but even strong women needed their best friend, who'd be sitting right behind Chelsea if Chelsea needed anything.

Jack offered condolences for Victor's loss. Victor appreciated hearing that from Jack.

Nick started the memorial by asking everyone to take a moment in silent prayer. Nick asked if anyone wanted to share a special moment they had experienced with Adam. No one offered, and Nick decided to be the first to speak. He said it was no surprise that he and Adam had been on the opposite sides of almost everything. Nick had never understood Adam's choices and had thought the worst of Adam too many times.

Nick said that after Adam had been accused of murder, Adam had asked Nick for his help, but Nick had refused to help Adam. Nick was sorry he hadn't helped and thought that if he'd been a better brother, they wouldn't all be at the memorial. Nick said that in the past few weeks, he'd grown to know Adam as someone who loved his family more than anything and would've risked everything to have the life he wanted with Chelsea and Connor.

Nick said he was honored to call Adam his brother. Adam was a man who'd had heart, he'd been brave, and Nick believed that Adam had been trying to show everyone the man he'd been. They'd never get to see it, but Nick was sure they would've been amazed. Nick invited Victor to say a few words.

Victor said that no parent should be there to say goodbye to his child. No father should have to say farewell to his son. Victor acknowledged that there wasn't a person there who didn't question his relationship with Adam. He admitted he knew everyone thought Victor should've been a better father to Adam. Victor agreed that he should've been. He said that Adam had been driven and ambitious, which were qualities Victor admired and encouraged, but sometimes Adam had employed means Victor had disagreed with.

Victor admitted that Adam's heart had always been in the right place. Victor acknowledged that Adam had changed after he'd fallen in love with Chelsea, and it had made him a better man. When Connor had been born, Adam's life had been almost complete. Adam had had new hopes, dreams, and aspirations for the future. Victor thought about the life Chelsea could've shared with Adam, but it had ben cut short far too soon.

Victor said that there were certain things none of them knew, things that he needed to talk about. They needed to be explained. Chloe looked worried.

Jack reaches out to Victor

Jack reaches out to Victor

Thursday, September 8, 2016

At Top of the Tower during Adam's memorial service, Victor announced that there were some things people didn't know about Adam, and those things needed to be said. Victor recognized that some people thought he and Adam had been enemies, and it had been true in some ways, mostly because Adam had been much like him. Victor described both of them as being proud and ruthless but having big hearts with regard to their families, and he knew Adam would have done anything to fight for Chelsea and Connor.

Victor continued that life had taught him to write his own story, and he had believed that people determined the course of their own lives until Adam's life had been cut short. Victor declared that he'd made plans for Adam and Chelsea to be happy, but despite all of Victor's money and scheming to give their family a happy life, fate had stepped in. Victor lamented that he hadn't been there when it had counted the most, and he proclaimed that he was to blame for Adam's death.

Victor admitted that he'd wanted to control Adam's life, and he'd tried to fit the pieces together so that Adam would become part of the Newman family and business. Victor considered it a tragedy that he'd attempted to do things on his timetable instead of Adam's, and he thought he should have been more patient. Nikki whispered to Victor not to continue, but Victor said it was too late. Jack stood up and declared that Adam would have forgiven Victor. Jack explained that he'd had to accept the hard-learned lesson that they couldn't control the people they loved, and the more they loved someone, the more they had to be willing to let that person go.

Victor said he appreciated Jack's words, but he maintained that Adam would still be alive if it hadn't been for Victor's actions. Jack swore that Adam's death had been a terrible, tragic accident, and he referred to Victor's comment about a man writing his own story. Jack thought that Adam would have been the first to say it wasn't too late for Victor or anyone else to write their own.

Jack acknowledged that they were all bound to make mistakes in the future, but that day was about Adam, and he was terribly sorry that Victor had lost a son. Jack added that he would miss Adam a great deal, and Victor placed a hand on Jack's shoulder and thanked him. Chelsea told Nick that she wanted to say something, since Connor deserved to know how important his daddy had been to the people who'd loved him. She stepped to the podium and announced that she was going to tell everyone about the best man she'd ever known.

Chelsea directed her words toward Connor, and she assured him that they would be okay. She envisioned that it would be them against the world, and there was no one else she'd rather have on her team, but they'd both really miss his dad. She told Connor that it was fine if he was sad or angry because she felt those things, too, and it was never easy to lose someone they loved, especially someone as amazing as Adam had been. She conceded that Adam hadn't been perfect, but he'd loved them with his whole heart.

Chelsea imagined that Adam would be smiling down on Connor all the time, teaching him to be kind and respectful and telling him to find joy in life wherever he could. Chelsea recalled that Adam had fought hard to be with them, and he'd kept returning to them, even when it would have been easier to disappear. She asserted that Adam had faced the consequences and earned forgiveness, and people had thought he couldn't change, but he'd proven himself. She noted that there had been one person in particular who Adam had wanted to prove himself to -- Connor's grandpa. Chelsea pointed out that Victor had made mistakes, too, but they'd never forget that he'd been there when they had needed him the most.

Chelsea recounted that Adam had said beautiful things to Connor, including that he'd always be there to teach the boy life lessons. She sobbed that she was sorry that Adam wouldn't be there to teach his son those lessons, but she and the people in that room would be there because they loved Connor. She encouraged Connor to remember his last day with his daddy, when Adam had told him to be brave. She wanted them to be brave, just like his father had been.

After the service, Nick told Connor that he should be proud of his mom, and he was sure that Adam would have been. Chelsea asked Nick to take her and Connor home, and Jack approached and thanked Nick for stepping up for Adam, especially given the brothers' history. Nick commended Jack for reaching out to Victor, and Jack urged Nick and Chelsea to call him if they needed anything. Nick and Chelsea headed out with Connor, and Kevin suggested to Chloe that they give Chelsea some time to settle in at home.

Michael proposed that everyone go to Crimson Lights for coffee, and Chloe told them to go without her. Chloe approached Victor and asked what had stopped him from confessing, since he was clearly punishing himself, and she bet he would consider it a bonus to take her down with him. Victor pointed out that he would have taken Nikki down as well, and he hadn't been able to do that. He hoped that Chloe was as innocent as she'd professed she was, since she'd wish she lived on another planet if she wasn't.

Jill stopped Victoria and Travis on their way out, and she imagined it would be a relief for Victoria to hop on a plane to Seattle. Victoria pointedly stated that they were looking forward to it, and she revealed that Billy had suggested that she and Travis go together, since Billy had another priority. Victoria assured Jill that she and Cane were capable of representing the company, and she planned to enjoy the city with Travis to celebrate Brash & Sassy's success. Jill curtly wished them luck, and the couple departed. "Damn," Jill muttered to herself.

Jack stared at a large framed photo of Adam, and he flashed back to learning about Adam's true identity when Adam had been posing as Gabriel. Jack had agreed to help Adam under the condition that Adam left his grudges and anger behind and became a better man. Ashley sympathized that Jack would really miss Adam, and she wondered why Phyllis wasn't there for Jack. Jack said he hadn't been able to ask his wife to set her feelings toward Victor aside because it had been convenient for Jack, but Ashley asked about his feelings and needs. Ashley wished Phyllis would get past her own pain and put Jack first.

Jack accepted that Phyllis was a complicated, passionate woman, and he wouldn't have it any other way. He said it was all right with him that Phyllis hadn't been there that day as long as they were honest with one another, and he walked away. Jill asked Ashley if it seemed like honesty was a one-way street with Jack and Phyllis, and Ashley huffed that Phyllis should have been there for Jack. Ashley understood that Phyllis hated Victor, but she wished Phyllis loved Jack more, and she wondered if things would have been different if Billy had been the one in Jack's position. The comment piqued Jill's interest, and Ashley explained that Phyllis had tons of sympathy for Billy whenever he was in trouble or in pain, but Phyllis didn't show the same sympathy for Jack.

At the Abbott cabin, Phyllis and Billy kissed passionately, and he realized that it was the first time they'd been together since Jill had found out about their affair. Phyllis said "to hell with" Jill, since all that mattered was that she and Billy were both there. They stripped and had sex on the floor.

After making love, Billy marveled that it felt good to be far away from Genoa City, but Phyllis noted that they'd have to go back sooner or later. She imagined that Jack would ask where she'd been, and he'd tell her about Adam's memorial. Billy didn't want to think about it right then, and he opted to just focus on her. She stressed that they had to make a choice, and she saw only one option. Billy begged her not to tell him that it was the last time they could be together, and she replied that she wasn't saying that. She said they had to live two lives -- one in public for the whole world to see, and one in secret for themselves.

Phyllis and Billy got dressed, and he scoffed at the idea of living a lie. Phyllis swore that it was the only way they could stay together without hurting Jack, but Billy doubted that would be Jack's preference. Billy said he loved his brother, but he didn't think they'd do Jack any favors by sneaking around, and he insisted that they tell the truth and deal with it like adults. Phyllis protested that Summer shouldn't have to deal with more heartache, and she worried that Jill would be out for blood.

Billy argued that Summer was a strong person who always landed on her feet, and the worst Jill could do was fire him. Phyllis inquired about Victoria, since she knew Victoria still got to Billy, and Victoria cared about him. Phyllis warned that Victoria might try to alter their custody arrangement, and she questioned whether Billy was ready to lose his kids over their affair. Billy insisted that Victoria would never do that, but Phyllis countered that love made people do crazy things, and they were an example.

Billy thought the whole situation had been insane since his affair with Phyllis had started, and he expected it to get even crazier if they compartmentalized their feelings. Phyllis swore they could do it, but Billy wanted all of her all the time. She remarked that they couldn't always get what they wanted, but he contended that they could have it if she said yes. He received a text message from Jill, asking where he was and telling him to call her. Phyllis' phone chimed with a text message from Jack, who apologized for fighting and said they needed to talk. Both of their phones rang simultaneously.

Jill left Billy a voicemail, sourly complimenting him on doing a good job avoiding her because he'd given his seat away to a "cowboy bartender." She scolded that it was unacceptable, and she told him to get over himself and go to the airport immediately. Meanwhile, Jack left a voicemail message for Phyllis, stressing that he needed to talk in person, and he requested that she meet him at Top of the Tower. Phyllis said she needed to get back to town, and Billy asked if she intended to keep living a lie or if she would tell the truth and deal with the consequences. She bemoaned that the last thing she wanted to do was hurt Jack, but Billy pointed out that they already had.

At Top of the Tower, Ashley remarked to Abby that it looked like they had to rally around Jack for support because Phyllis wouldn't be doing it. Abby said she would love to help cheer up Jack, but she thought her dad needed her, too, especially since Victoria and Nick had drifted away from the company. Ashley clarified that Victor had practically shoved them out the door, and she anticipated that Victor would be back to his old tricks soon. Ashley advised Abby to let her father and uncle look for support elsewhere and to focus on her husband, but Abby confided that she'd been almost relieved that Stitch hadn't attended the service, since she was tired of pretending.

Jill inquired whether Jack had heard from Phyllis, and he replied that he hadn't. Jill said she hadn't been able to reach Billy, and Billy and Phyllis walked in together. Jack asked where Phyllis had been, and she admitted that she'd been with Billy.

Victoria and Travis returned to her place, and she couldn't stop picturing her father's face when he'd talked about Adam. She wailed that it felt like everything was falling apart, and Travis asked how he could help. Victoria instructed him to pack a bag and join her on the flight to Seattle, but Travis worried about jeopardizing her job because Jill obviously didn't want him to go. Victoria argued that Jill had created the problem, and she wished Jill had listened to Jack about giving up control. Victoria cooed that she and Travis were proof it worked, and he replied that she was making it hard to say no. She reasoned that the solution was to say yes.

Victoria listed numerous fun things Travis could do in Seattle while she and Cane were giving their presentation. She acknowledged that the activities weren't as romantic as sailing around the world, but she noted that they had to start their adventure somewhere. Travis figured that Seattle was as good a place as any, and he agreed to go. Victoria excitedly rattled off a list of things to do to get ready for the trip, but Travis told her to slow down, and he pulled her into a kiss.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon prepared to cover for Chelsea at work, and Kevin voiced surprise that Victor had almost lost it at the service. Kevin wondered what had stopped Victor from confessing to framing Adam, and he asked if Victor had said anything to Chloe when they'd spoken earlier. Chloe flatly stated that Victor hadn't, and she got up to check on Bella. Kevin moved to join Chloe, but she dismissively said she'd talk to him the next day, and she left alone.

Kevin recognized that it had been an emotional day for Chloe, and Michael commented that Chloe was lucky to have Kevin's depth of understanding. Michael observed that Kevin and Chloe seemed closer than ever, but Kevin reported that she put up walls whenever they appeared to be making progress, and he wished he knew why.

Chloe arrived at Delia's roadside memorial and apologized for keeping Delia waiting. Chloe placed flowers next to Delia's photo and revealed that she'd kept her promise to make Adam pay. She said Delia could rest easy, since justice had finally been done.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor told Nikki that he needed time by himself, and Nikki understood that it was where he felt closest to Adam. Victor recalled that he and Adam had had some of their most bitter encounters at the office, and he wished that Adam had gotten past his animosity so they could have worked side by side. Nikki reminded Victor that he still had a son, two amazing daughters, and grandchildren who thought he'd hung the moon and the stars. She added that he also had a wife who adored him, and she told him to hold onto that. They kissed, and she departed. Victor gazed at a photo of Adam, Chelsea, and Connor, and his thoughts drifted to his conversation with Adam at the cabin, where Victor had offered Adam a new life with his family.

At the penthouse, Chelsea flashed back to Adam asking her to marry him again. Nick reported that Connor had insisted that he hadn't needed a nap, and Chelsea guessed that her son had been out before his head had hit the pillow. Nick said he was learning how the little man worked, and he suggested that Chelsea also get some rest. Chelsea protested that if she slept, she would dream about the life she and Adam should have had, and waking up would be like reliving the nightmare all over again. Nick lectured that she had to sleep at some point, but she wasn't ready yet. Nick admired that she'd kept it together when speaking at Adam's memorial. "How could he leave us?" she asked repeatedly.

Chelsea said she was exhausted, and Nick offered to wait around in case Connor woke up, but she thought Nick had done enough. She added that she wouldn't have gotten through the day without Nick, but he assured her that she was tougher than she thought. They embraced, and he left. Chelsea sadly looked around the room and flashed back to when she and Adam had renewed their wedding vows. They had pledged their love "today, tomorrow, now, and forever." After they had exchanged rings, Adam had remarked that it was almost like they'd never taken them off.

Chelsea sighed deeply and looked down at her wedding ring. Elsewhere, a pair of gloved hands picked up Adam's wedding band and placed it in a drawer.

Stitch's decision stuns Abby

Stitch's decision stuns Abby

Friday, September 9, 2016

At the hospital, Stitch apologized to Abby for not being at Adam's memorial service, and she downplayed it as a small gathering of family and friends. Stitch pointed out that he was her family, so he should have been there for her. He admitted that it seemed like he was always unavailable, and it wasn't right. She understood that he had little time between work and visiting Max, but he said they needed to talk, and he suggested having an early dinner together. Dylan interrupted and said he needed Stitch's help, but it had to be off the record.

Dylan explained that it was police business, and Abby asked if it was about her brother. Dylan replied that he couldn't say, and Stitch said he'd meet Abby later to talk. After Abby departed, Dylan confirmed that he was there about Adam's death, and he confided that he was still investigating even though the case had been closed. Dylan requested that Stitch review the forensics work, since something had seemed wrong with the DNA analysis. Stitch realized that Dylan suspected that Adam hadn't died in the explosion, and he agreed to handle it as quickly as he could.

At the police station, Summer finished filling out some paperwork in Paul's office, and she handed Paul her written statement. Paul noted that her statement detailed Luca's criminal acts against her family's company, but she'd also been about to marry Luca a few days earlier. She assumed that Luca had been shipped off to Spain, but Paul informed her that Luca was still in holding, and he sensed that there was unfinished business between her and Luca. Summer asserted that she didn't need a final goodbye, and she'd put everything she'd needed to say in her statement. She walked out of the office and faced Luca.

Paul locked Luca in a holding cell, and he explained that there was a delay with the transport van. Paul stepped away, and Summer started to follow him, but Luca questioned whether she was just going to leave when it was obvious she was there to see him. Summer claimed that she'd had to give a statement, and that was the only reason she was there and not with her family. Luca said he loved her, and he knew she'd loved him.

Summer clarified that she'd thought she'd loved Luca, and she had expected to start a life and a family together. He swore that it had all been real, but she snapped that he'd been working her, and he hadn't meant any of it. Luca insisted that it hadn't all been an act, and he said he was sorry. She declared that she was done with him and his lame apologies, and she had been an idiot for believing him. He begged for another chance, but she maintained that she wanted nothing from him. He grabbed her arm through the bars, but she barked not to touch her.

Luca conceded that he'd had a plan to gain Summer's trust in order to learn Newman's secrets, but he'd never expected to love her. He swore that he still did, but she refused to let herself believe him. Summer demanded to know what he regretted, and Luca recounted the things that could have been. He lamented that ruining the future they could have had was his biggest regret, and he hoped that eventually she wouldn't hate him. Paul announced that it was time, and a guard started to take Luca away. Summer called after Luca and said she could never hate him.

Dylan arrived at the station, and Paul surmised that he was still working on Adam's case. Dylan wouldn't deny it, and Paul reminded him that the case had been closed. Dylan argued that Victor had been the one who'd started the chain of events that had led to Adam's death, and he questioned how Paul was okay with that. Paul cautioned that Dylan was letting his personal animosity cloud his judgment, and he imagined that Dylan hadn't found any concrete evidence because it didn't exist. Paul advised Dylan to let it go, but Dylan thought Paul knew Dylan was right.

Paul led Dylan into his office, and he warned that no good would result from pursuing a case against Victor. Paul encouraged Dylan to consider how Nikki would feel, and Dylan griped that Victor had made her an accessory to his crimes. Paul reminded Dylan that cops couldn't make things personal, and Dylan bellowed that he was just doing his job. Dylan quickly apologized, and he explained that Victor's claim that he hadn't wanted his son to die in the explosion hadn't been enough. Paul countered that he didn't want to see Dylan end up like Adam, but Dylan refused to stop trying to make charges against Victor stick.

At the cottage, Sharon fretted to Mariah that Dylan refused to let the investigation go, and she worried that Victor would retaliate with a vengeance. Sharon contemplated what would happen if Victor found out about Sully, but Mariah asserted that Victor would have to be psychic to figure it out. Mariah assured Sharon that they were the only two people in the world who knew the truth, but Sharon looked unconvinced. Mariah asked if Sharon thought Mariah was the weak link who would blab to Victor.

Sharon stammered that she didn't think Mariah would wittingly betray her, but she knew how ruthless Victor could be. Sharon anticipated that Victor might put together that Nick's baby had died within days of Sharon giving birth, and Dylan would hate her for keeping the secret. Mariah contended that there was nothing for Dylan to find, since Victor would never leave a clue for Dylan to trace back to him. Sharon thought the person who'd helped Victor set Adam up was a loose end, and if Victor's cohort had overlooked anything, Dylan would find it. Sharon vowed to find a way to stop Dylan from looking.

Sharon worried that she had too much to lose if Dylan went after Victor, but Mariah expected Dylan to give up when he found nothing incriminating against Victor. Mariah warned that if Sharon pushed Dylan too hard, she'd end up steering him in the direction she didn't want him to go, and her fears would turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Stitch stopped by, and Mariah informed him that Dylan wasn't home. Sharon invited Stitch in, and Mariah took off. Stitch said he wanted to drop off the information that Dylan had requested about a case, and Sharon guessed it had to do with Adam's death.

Sharon complained that Dylan had been working on Adam's case nonstop, and she recognized that Stitch was trying to help a friend, but she encouraged Stitch to be a friend by not helping Dylan with the case. Dylan listened at the door as Sharon compared going after Victor to poking a mad dog with a stick, and she begged Stitch to talk Dylan out of it. Dylan entered and testily said if Sharon had a problem, she should talk to him and not his best friend. Sharon argued that she'd tried talking to Dylan, but he hadn't listened, so she'd thought Stitch might have better luck.

Stitch divulged that he'd had an expert review the forensics report, and the expert's notes were consistent with the original conclusion that Adam had died in the explosion. Stitch urged Dylan to let it go, but Dylan questioned whether Stitch had even had someone look at the report. Stitch incredulously asked if Dylan thought he was lying, and Dylan apologetically explained that that he'd just gotten an earful from Paul, but it was nice to know he could count on his friend. Stitch departed, and Dylan grumbled that it would be nice to know he could count on his wife, too.

Sharon admitted that she'd told Stitch that it was a mistake for Dylan to continue his vendetta against Victor, and she pointed out that Paul was also worried. Dylan regretted that he'd helped to put an innocent man behind bars, but Sharon argued that he could no longer help Adam. Dylan inquired about Chelsea and Connor, but Sharon testily stated that he had his own family to think about. He took her hand and said he thought of her, but he couldn't let Victor walk away.

Sharon pleaded with Dylan to let it go, and she pointed out that Nick was convinced that Victor had set up Adam, but Nick had decided not to go against Victor. She encouraged Dylan to think about what he stood to lose. Dylan realized that Sharon was terrified, and she said there was no telling what Victor might do to them. Dylan assured her that she wasn't alone anymore, and Victor wouldn't hurt them, but she told Dylan he was wrong.

Abby ran into Summer at Crimson Lights, and she noted that Summer hadn't been at the memorial. Summer explained that she'd been at the police station, and she hadn't been able to walk away when she'd seen Luca there. Abby fumbled through her purse for a tissue, and Summer handed her one and asked why Abby was miserable. Abby felt like she shouldn't complain to Summer about her marriage, and Summer offered to give Abby a free pass that day. Summer invited Abby to sit down and tell her what was going on.

Abby confided that she and Stitch had only been dealing with their troubles, and their marriage was no longer about love or the future. Summer thought it was just a phase because the couple had been through a lot that year, but Abby thought it was a bad sign that Stitch had said they needed to talk. Abby figured that he didn't want to go on that way anymore, and she admitted that she didn't know if she wanted to go on that way, either. Summer asked if Abby wanted to end her marriage, and Abby bemoaned that it felt like it was already over.

Abby thought her miscarriage had broken something inside her, and it had changed the way she felt about Stitch. Summer pointed out that losing the baby hadn't been his fault, but Abby said the feeling of emptiness wouldn't go away. Abby revealed that she'd been relieved that Stitch hadn't gone with her to the memorial, since it was too much effort to pretend everything was normal. Summer guessed that it was what Stitch wanted to talk to Abby about, but Abby wondered how she could say all those things to a man she'd once loved with all her heart.

Later, Summer deleted old messages on her phone, and Mariah entered and wished it were that easy to delete someone from her life. Summer groused that memories of Luca were everywhere, and Mariah recalled that in her cult days, she would have considered it a growing experience. Summer asked if that was how Mariah saw Kevin, since they'd seemed to be heading toward something before Chloe had returned to town. Summer recognized that both she and Mariah had a lot of garbage to work out, and they'd been dumped into one another's lives. Mariah was impressed by "Snowflake's" efforts to throw shade at her.

Abby met Stitch at the Athletic Club, and she noted that they hadn't seen much of one another lately, and it had been difficult when they had. Stitch agreed that he felt that way, too, and he insisted that they were partners, so they needed to talk about what happened next. He said he didn't like the distance between them, and she recognized that it had started when she'd lost the baby. He admitted that he didn't want to go on like that anymore, since he loved her and wanted to get back to the dreams they'd once had. Abby was stunned when Stitch declared that he was ready for another baby.

At Top of the Tower, Phyllis informed Jack that she had been with Billy, since she hadn't wanted to deal with Victor's show of grief when he was the reason Adam was dead. Billy voiced surprise that Jack had been able to tolerate the hypocrisy, and Jill snarled that somehow they'd managed. Jack recognized how difficult it would have been for Phyllis to be at the memorial, and he was glad she'd taken care of herself by staying away. Jill said it was generous of Jack, and she pointedly asked if Phyllis agreed.

Jill lectured that Phyllis had known how close Jack had been to Adam, and she doubted that Phyllis hadn't been able to put her animosity aside for a couple of hours. Jill questioned why Billy hadn't told Phyllis that her place had been beside her husband, but Jack reasoned that no one had wanted an ugly confrontation at the memorial. Jack pulled Billy aside, and Jill hissed to Phyllis that it was obvious that Billy and Phyllis had just had sex. Jill warned that Ashley was also becoming suspicious of the couple, and she believed that Jack soon wouldn't be able to look past Phyllis' behavior.

Meanwhile, Jack stressed that he was glad that Phyllis had turned to Billy rather than spinning out and doing something she regretted. Billy looked away, and Jack panicked that she already had. Billy swore that Phyllis wasn't planning anything, and Jack thought Phyllis would tell Billy if she was headed in that direction. Jack added that he was happy that his brother and his wife were comfortable together, and Billy abruptly departed. Jack approached Phyllis, and she observed that he looked worried. He said he knew what had been going on, but he didn't want to talk about it there. She followed him out.

Later, Jill found Billy at home, and she scolded that he couldn't just dismiss her, since she was his mother and his employer. She ordered him to get on the plane, but he argued that the trip had nothing to do with his responsibilities, and it was just an attempt to push him and Victoria back together. Jill conceded that it was no secret that she wanted them to reunite, but she pointed out that Billy and Victoria also worked well together. Billy declared that he wasn't going, and he revealed that he knew Jill had been dangling what she knew over Phyllis' head for weeks.

Billy accused Jill of loving messing around with other people's lives, but Jill retorted that he'd made the mess, and she was trying to fix it. He demanded that she stay out of his personal life, but she refused. Jill asserted that it wasn't her fault that Billy was having an affair with his brother's wife, and she questioned how he could do it. Billy threatened to start in on her shady past, but Jill told him not to deflect away from the fact that he'd been sneaking around with Phyllis when she should have been by her husband's side.

Billy maintained that Phyllis had told the truth about not being able to stand the hypocrisy, and she had wanted to be with a friend she trusted. "A naked friend," Jill huffed, and Billy claimed that what he and Phyllis had had was over. Billy thought Jill wouldn't tell Jack for the same reason Billy hadn't, since neither of them wanted to see Jack devastated. Jill blasted Billy for treating life like one big poker table where Phyllis was a card to play. Billy insisted that Jill didn't know what he and Phyllis had, and Jill ordered him not to tell her it was love. Billy commanded Jill just to walk away like she always had.

Billy barked that Jill had been in and out of his life like a timeshare, but she defended that she'd never stopped looking out for him. She suspected that Jack was making allowances because he couldn't comprehend that Billy and Phyllis would do something that horrible, and she chided Billy for blaming her for his bad behavior. Jill swore that she was doing everything in her power to keep Billy from making the biggest mistake of his life, and she refused to let him blame her when he broke Jack's heart and tore their family apart. She suddenly cried out and gasped for breath.

In the park, Jack informed Phyllis that he'd been talking to Billy about Billy's relationship with her, and he'd realized that he'd been blind. Jack thought he'd been forcing her to pretend to feel something she didn't feel at all, and he wanted her to stop pretending. Jack applauded Phyllis for being honest with him about how difficult things had been for her, but he hadn't allowed himself to see how she'd been struggling, even when she'd said she'd needed a break from their marriage. He pledged his love and said he couldn't believe he'd done that to her, especially since he'd shown empathy for everyone else in the world.

Phyllis called Jack a kind man, but he insisted that he'd handled the situation badly by not giving her the support and compassion that she'd needed, and he was grateful that she'd found that with his brother. Jack reiterated that he was glad that Phyllis could be open and honest with Billy, although he wished it had been him. Jack was ashamed and embarrassed that he'd forced her to try to act like everything was normal, and he imagined that she still saw Marco when she looked at him, so it was no wonder that she'd wanted to push Jack away.

Jack recognized that it had been hard for Phyllis to return to him, but she had because she was committed to him and their marriage. He begged her not to stop fighting for them. Phyllis sobbed that she felt guilty, but Jack assured her that she'd done nothing to feel guilty about. Phyllis blurted out that she'd been lying to him.

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