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Lucinda admitted that she'd left Neil because she was an alcoholic. Billy learned that Jill had been blackmailing Phyllis. Chloe shot Adam with a tranquilizer dart and revealed her plan to watch him die. Chelsea and Nick saw the cabin explode in flames.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 29, 2016 on Y&R
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Chelsea and Connor find Adam Chelsea and Connor find Adam

Monday, August 29, 2016

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse bedroom, Chelsea contacted Adam via FaceTime, using the cellphone Nikki had given to Connor. Adam appeared to be at a cabin in a secluded area. Chelsea worried about making her way to Adam because surveillance cameras could see them. Adam assured Chelsea that the cameras would be turned off. Chelsea expressed misgivings about trusting Victor, but Adam said they had no other choice. Chelsea agreed that Nikki wouldn't be helping them if she thought Victor might pull the rug out from under them. Adam added that Victor had admitted to everything. Before they ended their call, the couple pledged their love for each other.

In the living room at Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, a watchful police officer stood guard. Nikki, Kevin, and Chloe waited for word on Adam. Chloe complained to Kevin that she and Bella weren't safe with Adam on the loose. Kevin explained that Dylan had given orders for no one to leave. Nikki assured Chloe that she and Bella would be safe because Adam was long gone. Kevin seemed perplexed and asked Nikki why she seemed so sure that Adam was far away.

Chelsea appeared downstairs and said she felt better. Before Nikki left, Chloe asked if she wanted the phone she'd given to Connor. Nikki opened her purse, quickly peeked inside, and said she had her phone. After Nikki left, Chelsea returned to her bedroom upstairs. Chelsea put a coat on Connor, kissed him, and said, "We're going to go start our new life with Daddy, okay?"

Back downstairs at Chelsea's, Kevin told Chloe that the area was secure, so no one could get inside. Chloe recalled that Chelsea had acted weird. Kevin blamed Chelsea's behavior on the fear of Adam's imminent capture. Suspicious, Chloe went upstairs to check on Chelsea. Chloe entered Chelsea's bedroom and initially thought that both Chelsea and Conner were asleep. When Chloe inspected, she discovered that Chelsea had placed pillows under the covers to make it appear that she and her son were asleep. Chloe ran downstairs and alerted the police officers and Kevin about Chelsea and Connor's escape.

At the ranch house, Dylan instructed police officers to check all structures at the ranch in search of Adam. Victor, addressing Dylan, scoffed that Dylan had accused him of putting Adam behind bars and helping him break free. Nick asked his dad if he'd helped Adam escape. Victor denied involvement and told Dylan that his men should search under every mound of horse manure on the ranch. Dylan persisted with his questioning and said he was certain Victor had planned every detail of Adam's escape just the same as he'd orchestrated having Adam framed for murder. Victor asked Dylan to consider what he might do to protect his own son. After Nikki returned, Dylan learned that Chelsea and Connor had run away.

Chelsea and Connor approached the cabin in the woods. Adam rushed out to greet them. Connor grinned when his father scooped him up in his arms. Adam promised that they'd never be parted again. Inside the cabin, Adam told Chelsea that a private jet would soon whisk them away to a foreign country, where they'd begin a new life. Adam showed Chelsea the passports Victor had provided. Chelsea inspected the passports and said that their new last name meant beloved. Adam asked if anyone could have seen her when she'd left their home. Chelsea insisted no one knew about the hidden passageway Adam had built from their penthouse to his old apartment.

At Victoria's house, Victoria and Travis were disrobing when Billy used his key to enter the home. Billy claimed he'd let himself in to retrieve Johnny's favorite book titled, Bumpy the Camel. Billy asked Travis if he planned to convince Victoria to take the kids and sail away. Travis replied, "Actually, no. I'm back here for good." After Victoria left the room, Travis said he knew that Billy had shown up to be with Victoria. Travis added that Billy wouldn't be able to win Victoria back.

After Victoria returned without the book, Billy left. Victoria assured Travis that she was done with Billy. Travis asked if Victoria was serious about being with him. Victoria told Travis she wanted to build a real relationship with him. Travis locked and barred the front door before making love to Victoria.

At the Top of the Tower, Mariah confronted Daniel about Cassie's death. Phyllis defended Daniel, but he admitted he was responsible for Cassie's death. Daniel explained that he'd gotten drunk and passed out, so Cassie had attempted to drive him home when the accident had occurred. Phyllis interrupted and insisted that Daniel had no reason to feel guilty about the accident. Daniel asked to speak to Mariah privately.

After Phyllis left, Mariah told Daniel that his mother had been right about her being nothing like Cassie. Mariah claimed she was an evil twin. Mariah assured Daniel that it wasn't his fault she'd never gotten to meet Cassie, and she said she was thankful to be with her mother and siblings. Daniel mentioned that Kevin, his best friend, was smitten with Mariah. Mariah noted that Chloe had returned to town and was the only person Kevin needed. Mariah said she feared Chloe would hurt Kevin again. Daniel noted that Mariah was more like Cassie than she imagined.

At Summer's apartment, Jack entered and noticed that Luca appeared to be jerking a phone away from Summer. Jack said he'd heard shouting. Luca claimed that Summer had been experiencing pre-wedding jitters because her family had turned against them. Summer replied, "They didn't turn against us, Luca. They turned against you." Luca pleaded with Summer to talk to him alone. Summer, frightened, asked Jack to summon the police. Luca violently grabbed Summer from behind and ordered Jack to put down his phone.

Summer, terrified, said Luca didn't need her or her family and should return home. Jack looked horrified when Luca berated Summer for allowing her family to intervene in their relationship. Jack warned that if Luca hurt Summer, he'd have to deal with Victor. Luca let go of Summer and apologized. Summer turned to embrace Luca, and Jack grabbed his phone and called the police. After the police handcuffed Luca, Nick arrived and demanded to know what Luca had done. Luca told Summer he'd truly loved her. The police escorted Luca away.

Summer ran to Nick's arms. Summer cried that Luca had admitted to everything. Jack added that Luca had snapped. Summer blamed herself for having chosen Luca over her family. Nick explained that Summer was a trusting person and should never change. Jack left a frantic phone message for Phyllis and said Summer needed her mother.

Phyllis entered the elevator at Newman Towers and encountered Billy. Phyllis noted that despite Travis' intervention with Luca, Summer had insisted on standing by Luca. Billy noted that though Travis hadn't saved Summer, Victoria had rewarded Travis' return. Phyllis replied, "You are so territorial. So, I guess when you and I were together, I wasn't the only one cheating." Phyllis exited the elevator and rushed away.

Billy followed Phyllis to her office and reminded her that he and Victoria were divorced. Phyllis cried that she'd risked everything for him because he'd vowed to love her. Phyllis told Billy that she'd been nothing more to him than a distraction because he was still in love with Victoria. Billy said Phyllis had been the one who'd ended the relationship. Phyllis admitted that Jill had found out about them and had insisted she break it off with Billy and reconcile with Jack.

Nick presses Dylan to let Adam go

Nick presses Dylan to let Adam go

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

At Summer's apartment, Jack made calls to try to find Phyllis. Summer asked if her mom was on the way, but Jack reported that he hadn't been able to reach Phyllis. Nick worried that Summer was cold, and she complained that she couldn't get warm. She added that she wanted her mom, and Jack assured her that Phyllis would be there as soon as she got his message. Nick pulled Jack aside and stressed that Phyllis needed to be there, and Jack swore that he'd tried everywhere to find her.

Nick wished he'd been there sooner, and Summer expressed surprise that he was there at all after the horrible things she'd said. He assured her that there was nothing she could say or do to keep him away, and he'd been afraid that she and Luca had run off together. Summer confirmed that Luca had wanted to leave the country, but she hadn't been able to do it. She explained that after all the warnings Nick had given her, she'd stopped letting herself ignore Luca's suspicious behavior and trusted her gut. Nick said he was proud of her for standing up for herself.

Jack reported that there was news about Adam, and Nick informed Summer that Adam had escaped. Jack revealed that the police were searching the ranch, and Nick relayed that he and Dylan had already confronted Victor about being behind the escape. Summer imagined that Chelsea was going out of her mind, and she insisted that Nick check to make sure Chelsea and Connor were okay. Jack promised that Summer wouldn't be alone, and Nick hugged Summer and said he was really proud of his "Supergirl." Nick sympathized that the day had been hard, but he was confident that the following days would keep getting better. Nick thanked Jack and departed.

At Jabot, Billy was livid when he learned that Jill had forced Phyllis to walk away from him, and he asked how long Jill had known about their affair. Phyllis divulged that Jill had been holding it over her head for weeks, and Jill had threatened to tell Jack everything unless Phyllis broke things off with Billy. Billy wondered why Phyllis hadn't told him about it, and she explained that Jill had intervened whenever Phyllis had gotten close to him. Phyllis insisted that Jack couldn't find out that way, and Billy vowed to fix things that night by showing the "queen of blackmail" how it was really done.

Phyllis anticipated that Jill wouldn't cave in because she was determined to get Billy and Victoria back together. Phyllis worried that if Billy confronted his mother, Jill would blow up Phyllis and Jack's marriage. "Fine -- let her," Billy replied. Phyllis questioned whether Billy wanted to let Jack find out about their affair in the worst possible way, and Billy pointed out that he would have told Jack already if he didn't care. Phyllis urged Billy to consider the collateral damage to their families of going public, and she lamented that Jill had already won.

Billy was furious that Jill had stooped to blackmail, but Phyllis accepted that she and Billy had had the affair, so they had to deal with the consequences. Billy refused to be miserable for the rest of their lives, and he thought he and Phyllis could still be together as long as they were careful. Billy asked whether Phyllis wanted to be with him, and she stammered that she had work to do. He pleaded with her not to ignore him, but she noticed that Jack had sent an emergency text message. She called Jack, who told her that things had blown up with Luca, and Summer was asking for her. Phyllis said she was on her way, and she told Billy that her daughter needed her. Phyllis hurried out over Billy's protests.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill informed Colin that she'd tucked Johnny and Katie into bed, and she discovered that Colin had set up a candlelit table in the living room. He declared that he was romancing his bride with delicacies that he'd had flown in. Jill marveled that he'd done it all for her, and she kissed him. Colin said she should be pampered, but she declared that he was slipping, since he had always been much less obvious before. Colin argued that he'd pulled out all the romantic stops, and he'd even put her preferred bubbles in the bath.

Jill huffed that the innocent act was beneath Colin, and he guessed that he was closing in on what her agenda was and that it had to do with Billy and Victoria. Colin refused to leave it alone until he found out what it was, and Jill groaned that he'd relentlessly continue the interrogations for months. Colin kissed her neck to entice her to tell him what she was up to, and she agreed to answer one question without shying away from the answer. Colin asked what she was holding over Billy's head, but Jill insisted that that there wasn't "a damn thing." Colin didn't believe her, and he wanted to ask another question. Jill went upstairs to enjoy her bath.

Billy arrived at the mansion, and Colin offered him a drink, but Billy flatly stated that he wanted to see his mother. Colin informed him that she was taking a bath, and Billy hoped she'd hidden the jewelry beforehand. Colin remarked that Billy's animosity was misplaced, since Colin was probably the only person who could help with Billy's problem. Billy wasn't aware that he'd had one, and Colin suggested that he could get Billy's persistent parent to return to Chicago. Colin added that when he saw a need, he tried to fill it -- for a price.

Billy was curious about Colin's offer, and he wondered what need Colin would fulfill. Colin questioned whether Billy minded answering to his mother, but Billy thought it wasn't worth being in Colin's debt unless there was something more that Colin wasn't saying. Colin appealed to Billy to look at it like a business arrangement, but Colin needed more information to be an effective partner. Jill returned and asked what the men were talking about, and Billy quipped that it had been a fishing expedition in a dry lakebed.

Billy claimed that he was there to check on the kids, but Colin said Billy had something he wanted to discuss with Jill. Billy barked that he wasn't sticking around, and he went upstairs. Jill surmised that Colin had grilled Billy because Colin hadn't believed her, and Colin apologized for not trusting her, but he was glad she'd told him the truth. Colin confirmed that he knew she wasn't holding anything over Billy's head, but he realized how carefully she'd worded her denial, and he knew she was holding something over someone. He demanded to know who it was.

Phyllis rushed into Summer's apartment, and Jack asked why she hadn't answered her phone. She suggested that they focus on Summer, who ran downstairs and into Phyllis' arms. Summer credited Jack for making sure she was okay, and Jack explained that Luca was in police custody. Summer revealed that Luca had confessed to being behind the sabotage, and she'd tried to get him to turn himself in, but he'd become furious. Summer continued that Luca had tried to escape, but Jack had been amazing. Jack said Summer had been very brave, but Summer didn't know what she would have done without him, and she felt lucky to have him.

Summer thought she should call the minister to let him know the wedding was off, and she insisted on taking care of it herself to get closure. Summer acknowledged that she'd made many mistakes, like getting involved with Luca and refusing to listen to anyone who had wanted her to see the truth, especially Phyllis. Summer decided to swear off guys for a while or maybe for good, but Phyllis thought Summer didn't mean it. Summer recounted that she'd been married, cheated on, and widowed, and she thought love got her heart racing and filled her head with hope and desire, only to make her fall for the wrong guy.

Summer asked Jack and Phyllis to spend the night, and Jack agreed. Summer hugged them and said she loved them, and she started to head upstairs. She paused and recounted that Nick had told her that there was a guy out there who was waiting to fall in love with her, and if she was ever as in love as Jack and Phyllis were, she'd know Nick had been right. Summer ascended the stairs, and Phyllis expressed her gratitude to Jack for taking care of Summer. Jack pushed to know why Phyllis hadn't responded to any of his messages, and she claimed she'd put her phone on silent mode when she'd been preoccupied at work.

Phyllis' phone rang, and she noted that it wasn't silent anymore. She saw an incoming call from Billy, and Jack asked who was calling. Phyllis fibbed that she'd been waiting for a call from the legal department, and Jack stepped out to get the spare room ready. Phyllis picked up the call and curtly informed Billy that she couldn't talk. Billy insisted that they had unfinished business, but she flatly stated that it would have to wait because Summer needed her, and she hung up.

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, a stymied Dylan said he'd had every exit covered, but Kevin insisted that he and Chloe hadn't done anything to help Chelsea and Connor get out. Chloe reported that Chelsea had arranged the pillows to make it look like she had been sleeping, but Dylan snapped that people didn't just disappear. Kevin warned Dylan to back off, and Dylan went upstairs to check the bedroom. Chloe thanked Kevin for defending her, and Kevin stated that she hadn't done anything wrong.

Dylan inspected the bedroom, and he opened the closet and pushed the hanging clothes aside. He pushed against the back wall of the closet, and it opened into a secret passageway. Meanwhile, Kevin told Chloe to stop freaking out, but Chloe realized that the last hug Chelsea had given her had been to say goodbye, and she might never see her friend again. They were startled when Dylan reentered from the front door. Dylan announced that he'd solved one mystery, but they still had a big one left to figure out.

Dylan relayed that he'd found a secret passageway that led to the apartment next door, and Chloe said Chelsea had never mentioned it. Dylan theorized that Chelsea and Connor had taken the back stairs because there were no security cameras there, and Kevin guessed that Adam and Chelsea had planned it for a while. Nick entered and said he'd just heard that Chelsea was missing, and Dylan hoped Nick could tell him where she'd gone. Dylan disclosed that he'd found the passageway to Nick's former residence, and Dylan questioned whether Nick and Adam had discussed it when Nick had visited Adam in prison. Nick clarified that Adam had asked him to look out for his son, since Adam had been facing life in prison and had been concerned about his family.

Nick reasoned that Adam wouldn't have asked him to look out for Connor if Adam had been planning to run off, and Dylan said he believed Nick. Chloe maintained that she hadn't known anything about it, and Dylan apologized for jumping on her. Dylan admitted that he was frustrated because he'd put his job on the line to clear Adam's name, and he thought he looked like an idiot. Kevin was more concerned about what would happen when the dragnet found Adam and Chelsea, and Chloe fretted that Chelsea had no idea how much danger she was in.

Dylan wished he could promise that Chelsea would be okay, but he couldn't. Chloe insisted that Chelsea wasn't a fugitive but just a woman who wanted to be with her husband, and she went to check on Bella. Dylan bemoaned that his chance of nailing Victor had disappeared along with Adam, but Nick pointed out that Adam finally had a shot to take back what had been stolen from him. Chloe and Kevin overheard Nick implore Dylan to look the other way. Dylan received a call.

Later, Kevin asked if Chloe was okay, since he'd thought she'd been about to pass out when Nick had told Dylan to let Adam go. Chloe maintained that she was worried about Chelsea, and she just wanted her friend to be happy. Meanwhile, Nick asked Dylan if there had been any progress, and Dylan advised him not to break out the confetti. Nick reiterated that Dylan could right a wrong by looking away, and Dylan acknowledged that Adam had gotten a raw deal, but he thought Adam should return to clear his name. Nick stressed that all that mattered to Adam was his family and his freedom, and Dylan was Adam's best chance of keeping them.

At the remote cabin, Chelsea informed Adam that Connor had been restless, but she'd calmed their son down. They held one another close, and she implored him to talk to her. Adam said he'd been thinking about how the daughters of the prison guard would never see their father again if he died. Adam questioned how fair that would be when he was with Connor, and Chelsea insisted that it had been a terrible tragedy under extenuating circumstances. Adam believed he deserved to be punished, but she and Connor didn't, and they'd have to give up everything they knew. Chelsea asserted that keeping their family together wasn't a sacrifice, but Adam worried that she hadn't thought it through.

Chelsea reminded Adam that she'd been ready to go on the run even before his trial. Adam urged her to consider what she'd be giving up, and she recognized that she'd be walking away from work, friends, and family, but a life without him wasn't an acceptable alternative to her. Adam expected that she'd feel otherwise in a year or two, but Chelsea was adamant that from the second Nikki had given her the burner phone, it had been clear to her what she could live without and what she couldn't bear to lose.

Adam warned that pretending to be other people would be ten times more difficult than Chelsea imagined, but Chelsea was sure that it would be different from when he'd posed as Gabriel, since they would have one another. Adam asserted that it meant they'd both be looking over their shoulders, and it would also make Connor a fugitive. Chelsea countered that all Connor would understand was that both his parents loved him, and the only way to give their son a family was to do what they were doing. Adam cautioned that if the guard died, it would a lifetime on the run from murder charges for all three of them.

Chelsea refused to waste her first night back with her husband talking about "what ifs," and she considered them to be free as long as they were together. She thought all that mattered was to give Connor a life he loved, even if it meant never telling him the truth. Adam envisioned what would happen when Connor discovered the Internet and found out about the horrible things Adam had done, and he didn't think Connor would accept that they'd lied to him for his entire life. Adam mentioned the nightmare he'd had in prison about an adult Connor hating him. Adam said he could live with Connor hating him, but he couldn't live with Connor hating Chelsea.

Chelsea assured Adam that the nightmare was over, but Adam felt like he was doing the same thing to Connor that Victor had done to Adam. Chelsea protested that Adam would never hurt Connor the way Victor had hurt Adam, but Adam feared that Connor would hate him one day for taking the boy on the run. Chelsea argued that Victor had framed Adam for ugly reasons, but the decisions Adam was making for Connor were out of pure love. Adam regretted that Chelsea and Connor had to give up a lot, but Chelsea thought it would be worth it to see Adam every day, and she begged him not to send her away. Adam mused that he thought he hadn't been able to love her any more than he already had, but he did. They kissed and made love.

Chelsea dreamed that Dylan burst into the cabin and placed her and Adam under arrest, and she awakened with a start. Adam asked if she was okay, and she covered by saying that she'd thought she'd heard Connor. She told Adam to go back to sleep, since they had a big day ahead. They pledged their love.

Lily tells Neil she's found his mother

Lily tells Neil she's found his mother

Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Kristoff St. John shared that he thought the masquerade ball was one of the coolest things he'd ever been part of as an actor. It was one of those occasions when everyone had been on stage, and he'd never forget it. He also thought a highlight was when Christel Khalil was brought on to play Lily.

Christel Khalil recalled one of her favorite moments was with Michael Graziadei (Daniel) when they shot on location in Malibu, when Lily and Daniel had run away.

Kristoff said when Bryton James (Devon) first came on the canvas, he didn't know that Devon would become one of the closest people to Neil. Kristoff laughed and said he didn't know about that lately because Devon had done a lot of bad things.

Bryton James recounted how Devon went from sleeping on the floor in Victor's office to being a billionaire and sleeping with his blind father's wife. Bryton also fondly recalled working with Jeanne Cooper.

Mishael Morgan's favorite moment was when Lily dumped ice water on Hilary. She also recalled Hilary and Devon's wedding. Bryton chuckled and shared that Mishael had been very pregnant at the time of their wedding and the bouquet had been enormous in order to hide her belly.

Daniel Goddard recalled Cane and Lily's wedding that was set in France. He said it was an absolute treat. He talked about his relationship with Lily and how she was the real deal for him, and no matter what happened, he'd fight for her.

The five actors then thanked the fans for their support of The Young and the Restless over the years.

* * * * * *

Paul waked into his office and told Dylan that not only had Adam escaped, but his wife and child had given his guys the slip and were probably with Adam. Dylan told Paul they knew Chelsea had taken off through the secret passage, but no one knew where she'd gone. Dylan said Chelsea's car was in the usual spot, and no one had seen Chelsea and Connor get into another car. Paul doubted they would be on foot to get to an airport, train, or bus station. Dylan had questioned Victor, and Victor had denied everything. Paul wanted to get a lead on Chelsea before Adam disappeared completely. Dylan returned to his computer and found a video of Chelsea as well as a license plate of the car she had driven.

Paul told Chloe and Kevin their statement read like a bedtime story. Chloe and Kevin assured Paul they'd told him everything. Sharon arrived with food and coffee for Dylan and went into Paul's office.

At the Athletic Club dining room, Devon talked to Neil about Adam's escape, but Neil was distracted. Devon asked if Adam's family drama wasn't exciting for Neil. Neil said he had his own family trauma. Neil was upset that Hilary had given Lily the cards and letters from Neil's mother. Hilary had had no right to do that, nor had she had the right to fish them out of the trash. If Neil chose not to have contact with that woman, it was his business. Lily and Cane arrived. Lily said Neil was wrong, and it wasn't just about him; it was about the entire family.

At the cabin, Chelsea woke up and told Adam she wanted to make sure she hadn't been dreaming. Adam assured her she hadn't dreamt it, and the plane was going to take them to a whole new life where no one would find them. Chelsea was positive everything would work out this time, and they kissed.

Neil said Hilary had betrayed him because she'd kept the letters. Devon said Hilary had been his wife at the time and cared about him. Regardless of how the marriage had ended, Hilary always wanted what was best for Neil. Hilary had been afraid that Neil would regret pushing his mother away. Hilary had given Lily the cards and letters, hoping Lily would be able to convince Neil to reach out to his mother. Lily admitted that Hilary had had the right idea. Cane and Lily told Neil they had gone to see Lucinda.

Adam told Connor a plane would take them to a whole new life, and the most important thing was that Adam wouldn't leave again. Chelsea wished they could leave immediately, but Adam said they had to trust Victor's plan, because Victor's plan had worked so far, and Victor had Nikki helping him. Adam decided that he and Connor should go fishing. He assured Chelsea he was a master fisherman and took Connor outside. Adam told Connor they were going to catch a shark.

Paul asked if Kevin and Chloe wanted him to believe they knew nothing when they'd been in the same apartment with Chelsea when Chelsea had slipped out with Connor. Chloe said she was the one who had discovered Chelsea was gone, and if she'd been helping Chelsea, she would have had no reason to tell Dylan. That would have defeated the purpose. Kevin pointed out that the last person who would give Adam a happy ending would be Chloe. Paul thought maybe Chloe was giving Chelsea her happy ending.

Kevin asked Paul why he wasn't grilling Nikki. She'd been at Chelsea's earlier, and he asked if Paul was giving old friends the benefit of the doubt. Paul assured Kevin that everyone was a potential accessory, and he told Kevin and Chloe they could leave. Paul said that if Kevin knew where Chelsea was meeting Adam, keeping it a secret wasn't doing anyone a favor. Victor was most likely behind the escape, and more than likely, it would end badly.

Sharon asked Dylan if he'd found anything. He'd closed his computer so fast, she hadn't gotten a chance to see what he'd found. She asked if it was about Chelsea and Connor. Dylan said he'd been staring at footage for hours and hadn't been able to confirm anything. Sharon ordered him to get out of the office for some fresh air.

Lily told Neil they'd tracked Lucinda down using the return address on the letters. Lucinda was in a facility an hour's drive away. Neil was angry and said some things were better left in the past. Lily had no right to interfere. Lily disagreed. It was time to deal with it. Neil had harbored resentment since he was a kid, and it was time to heal.

Neil said it wasn't Lily's call, and she should've asked him first. Cane said they'd known he'd say "no." Neil agreed, but it was his life. Lily advised that Lucinda had a right to know about them, and they had a right to know about her.

Neil suggested Cane and Lily take Lucinda some flowers, show her some photo albums, and listen to all her excuses. He wanted nothing to do with her. Lily said they'd tried that. Neil asked if they'd gone to see her. Cane disclosed that they hadn't ben permitted to see Lucinda because they weren't immediate family, but they had been notified that Lucinda was sick and never had visitors. Lily asked if Neil was prepared to let his mother die alone.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe called Esther and asked why she and Bella weren't there. Esther had lost track of time and promised to take Bella to Chelsea's later. Chloe told Kevin that Bella was everything to her, and Bella had changed Chloe's world. Kevin told Chloe he'd pushed Dylan to find Chelsea and Connor, but the more he thought about it, the more he thought maybe Nick was right that they should let Adam and his family get away.

Mariah arrived and asked if Kevin was serious. She asked why Dylan would let them go when his job was to find criminals and make them face justice. Kevin reminded her that Adam wasn't a criminal and had been framed and locked up for a crime he hadn't committed. He asked if that was justice. Mariah agreed it wasn't, but Adam had attacked a prison guard and nearly choked him to death, which meant a hard-working family man was in a coma. Mariah felt someone needed to answer for that.

Sitting outside on a bench, Dylan told Sharon he didn't know what to do. He had visual evidence that Chelsea had put Connor into a car, and if he followed that lead, it could take him right to Adam. Sharon asked what stopped him. Dylan said Nick had made a good argument for staying quiet. Sharon was shocked that Nick wanted Adam to go free.

Dylan agreed that there was no love lost between Nick and Adam, but Nick was furious with Victor and wanted Victor nailed for what he'd done to Adam. Sharon knew how much it had taken for Nick to reach that point. She was impressed that Nick would want Adam to lead a new life. Dylan said when he'd seen Victor, he had gotten the feeling that Nikki was involved somehow. Pursuing the investigation would mean bad things for Nikki, just when things had settled down for her. Dylan had a responsibility to the public and wanted to live up to Paul's standards and become what Paul expected Dylan to be. Dylan was in turmoil about what to do.

Adam tried to figure out the fishing rod. Chelsea was in the doorway and was very amused while she listened to Adam trying to explain fishing to Connor. Adam threw the fishing rod down and told Connor they would have plenty of time to figure out fishing, horseback riding, or anything else Connor wanted to do. There were going to be together forever. They were family, and family was important. Adam described Connor, Chelsea, and himself as a super team.

Neil asked if Lily thought that because Lucinda was sick, all should be forgiven. Lily told Neil he should hear his mother out. Neil said it was too late for that. Lily said it was never too late, and it was obvious Lucinda cared. Neil asked why, if Lucinda cared so much, she had abandoned him. Lily said that Lucinda had tried to contact him, and that might have been her way of saying she was sorry.

Neil wasn't happy his mother was sick, but if she was alone, she had no one to blame but herself. Neil left. Lily told Devon it was his turn to convince Neil. Devon followed Neil. Lily told Cane she'd made things worse instead of making them better.

Chloe told Mariah that putting Adam behind bars would only take another father away from his son, and it would cause more pain and misery. Mariah said she thought Chloe was all about pain and misery where Adam was concerned. Mariah mentioned that Chloe had used Adam as a human speed bump. Kevin told Mariah that Chloe had worked very hard to get to a place of forgiveness. He was very proud and very protective of Chloe. Kevin thought it would be best for all of them if Adam was gone and never returned.

Mariah said Adam would be gone if he was in prison. Kevin said only for ten years, and Adam would have found a way to get out sooner. If Adam was off the grid, Chloe and Bella could live their lives in Genoa City without the constant reminder of the daughter that had been taken away from Chloe. There was also justice in that.

Dylan admitted he'd played a role in having Adam convicted for a crime Victor had framed Adam for because Victor had wanted to teach Adam a lesson. Dylan said it didn't make sense that Victor would help Adam escape because he'd never see Adam or Connor again. Sharon was surprised Adam would trust Victor. Dylan said maybe Adam had had no choice. Dylan admitted he would make a deal with the devil if that were the only way to stay with Sharon and Sully. He couldn't imagine being cut off from his family for ten years when his son needed him the most.

Sharon assured Dylan that she and Sully weren't going anywhere. Dylan felt he couldn't look the other way. If he didn't turn over the lead, he'd be violating his oath, and he'd be helping Victor get away with everything. Sharon said Dylan would be helping a family stay together. She said Nick was right, and Dylan should let them go.

On the rooftop, Devon told Neil that Lily was trying to help. Neil was upset that Lily had gone behind his back, against his wishes, and had tried to visit his mother. Devon said Lucinda was a person with a heart, soul, and life story. Neil knew the story. Devon said he didn't know the story.

Neil said he'd already told Devon what Lucinda had done. Devon pointed out that there were two sides to everything, and Lucinda might have a different take on what had happened. Even if Neil was right and Lucinda had abandoned the family, there was always a thing called forgiveness, and he and Neil were a living example of that. If they could get past all the things they'd done to each other -- the hurt, the lying, and the deceit -- then Neil could do the same thing with his mother.

Dylan told Sharon he got what Nick was talking about, but it was Dylan's career and conscience on the line. Adam deserved to be with his family, but Dylan had to think about himself, Sharon, and their family. Withholding evidence was a felony. If he didn't give Paul the photo and Paul found out, Dylan could be charged as an accessory. If Adam went free, Dylan would go to jail. Sharon thought Dylan had painted the worst-case scenario. Dylan wasn't willing to risk it. Sharon asked Dylan what he was going to do. Dylan honestly didn't know.

Adam told Chelsea he was grateful for his time in prison. It had given him an appreciation for the sunset, cool breeze, fresh air, fishing -- at which he chuckled -- and being with Chelsea and Connor. He felt lucky. Chelsea said she'd changed her mind about paradise. She'd thought paradise would be on the Left Bank in Paris, but paradise was anywhere they were. They kissed.

Chelsea said she'd never felt so peaceful then went to check on Connor. Chelsea returned with Connor and asked Adam if Connor felt warm to him. The fever felt different from Connor being in the sun all day. Chelsea said she had packed medication, and it would be fine. Kids got fevers all the time.

Esther told Chloe she'd had a great time with Bella. Esther said she was really tired and had never realized finger painting could be so tiring. Chloe noticed some paint on Bella, and Esther was about to remove it with spit on her thumb, but Chloe stopped her and said she'd give Bella a good wash before bed. Esther left.

Chloe told Kevin it felt empty in the suite without Chelsea and Connor. Kevin wanted Chloe and Bella to move into his place, but Chloe felt it was too much to ask. Kevin said she hadn't asked, he'd offered, and he asked Bella how much fun they'd have playing "patty cake" or "itsy bitsy spider" any time they wanted. Chloe thanked Kevin for defending her to Mariah. Kevin said Mariah was a good friend, but she didn't know Chloe the way he did. They put Bella to bed together.

At home, Sharon's phone rang, but no one answered her, so she hung up. Mariah carried in some tea to help them sleep. Sharon said she wouldn't sleep until Dylan got home. Mariah thought he'd be home sooner than Sharon thought. Mariah had seen Kevin and Chloe, who both thought Adam had suffered enough, and Dylan should just let him go. Kevin had almost bitten her head off when she'd said that Dylan had a job to do. Kevin had said with Adam gone, Chloe's life would be easier, because that was who the world revolved around, at least in Kevin's world.

Sharon said Connor needed his father, like Sully needed his. The idea of Connor growing up without Adam was sad. Mariah asked if that excused everything. Sharon said whatever Dylan decided, she trusted him to do the right thing; he always did.

Dylan returned to Paul's office. Paul advised him that he had many witnesses who claimed they'd seen Chelsea and Connor on a bus, on a train, and even on a plane to Rio; all were dead ends. Paul pointed out that they were no closer to the truth than they had been twenty-four hours earlier. Dylan said he had something.

Chelsea was worried. The medicine hadn't worked, and Connor's fever had worsened. Adam thought it might be an ear infection, and they needed antibiotics for him. Chelsea said they'd get those when they arrived at their new destination. Adam said Connor couldn't fly with an ear infection. It would break his eardrum. Chelsea asked what they should do. Adam said the only thing they could do.

Devon advised Cane and Lily that their interference with Neil might have done some good because Neil had gone to see his mother.

Neil was at the facility and found his mother's room. He went in and identified himself as her son.

Chloe thanked Kevin for helping her put Bella down. Kevin said he'd feel better if someone stayed with her and Bella in case there was any news about Chelsea and Connor. Chloe welcomed the idea, and Kevin offered to sleep on the couch. Chloe accepted, gave him a peck on the mouth, and went upstairs.

Sharon said that Mariah couldn't stop Kevin from feeling responsible for Chloe and Bella any more than Sharon could stop Dylan from being responsible for her and Sully. Mariah wished that the family thing came with instructions. Before she'd had a family, she had thought she'd been the kid that was never invited to a birthday party. She had assumed everyone would sit around a table, eating cake, but she was finally actually sitting at that table, and it was a lot more complicated. Sharon said she was glad Mariah was at their table. Mariah said she was, too, and she went to bed.

Dylan told Paul that he'd been staring at surveillance footage and traffic cameras, things had become a blur, and he'd missed the car that Chelsea used for her getaway.

Adam told Chelsea he'd made a lot of selfish decisions in his life, but Connor was first for him. Adam said they had to get Connor to the hospital and get him the medication he needed. Chelsea said that the minute Adam stepped into town, he'd be arrested. Adam said he wouldn't be arrested because he was going to turn himself in.

Chloe exacts explosive revenge on Adam

Chloe exacts explosive revenge on Adam

Thursday, September 1, 2016

At the Athletic Club bar, Lily inquired whether Devon had gotten any word from their dad, and Devon responded that he hadn't. Lily wondered what Devon had said to make Neil change his mind about seeing his mom, and Devon noted that it didn't mean that things had changed between Neil and his mother. Devon added that he and Lily didn't know what Neil had been through, but Lily countered that it was because Neil had kept them in the dark about his parents. Devon cautioned that they shouldn't expect much, since sometimes the past needed to stay in the past.

Lily was surprised that Devon had no interest in their family history, and she pointed out how different his life would have been if he'd never known about Katherine and Tucker. Devon was glad to know his biological father and was grateful for his time with Katherine, but he didn't think Neil's history had been as happy. Lily argued that Neil's mother had never stopped trying to connect, so there had to be love there.

In the assisted-living facility, Lucinda called out to ask if Neil was really there. Neil replied that he'd talked to her doctors about her condition, and she wasn't doing very well. She called the doctors fools, and she invited Neil to step closer so she could get a look at him. She marveled that he'd grown into a fine man with a successful career and a beautiful family, and she mentioned that she'd kept up with his life over the years. Neil huffed that she'd made it very clear that she'd never wanted to be part of his life, so he questioned why she'd bothered keeping updated on it.

Lucinda swore that she loved Neil very much, and she'd always wanted them to have a relationship. She recalled that she'd kept reaching out, but he'd never answered her letters. Neil growled that she'd cheated on his father and broken up their family when she'd walked away from them, but Lucinda replied that she'd had no choice but to leave. Neil sternly stated that everyone had a choice in life, but she wailed that he didn't understand. Neil recognized that his parents' marriage had been over, but it hadn't meant that she'd had to stop being his mother.

Neil asserted that Lucinda could have been part of his life, but he hadn't even factored into her thinking. Lucinda clarified that she'd wanted to be a mother to him, but she'd been in no condition to be. She referred to him as "son," but he snapped that she hadn't earned the privilege to call him that. Lucinda tried to explain that life was never that simple, but Neil spat that a mother-child relationship was as simple as it got. She repeated that he didn't understand, and he told her to enlighten him.

Lucinda lectured that if Neil wanted to understand, he had to shut his mouth and listen, or he could keep yelling at an old lady on her deathbed. Neil quietly stated that he was listening, and Lucinda explained that she'd walked away from Neil because it had been safer for her little boy. She confessed that the bottle had been the center of her life, and she'd only cared about where to get her next drink, since she was an alcoholic. Neil's eyes filled with tears, and he buried his face in his hands.

Neil wondered why his father had never told him, and Lucinda imagined that it had been easier to make her out to be a demon than to explain the truth to a child. She recounted that she'd wanted to reenter Neil's life after she'd gotten clean, but his father had made it difficult for her. Neil defended that all he'd known had been that his mother had walked out, and Lucinda swore that she'd tried to make amends for many years. "Mom," Neil cried, and he informed her that he was an alcoholic, too, so he understood the importance of making amends. He sobbed that he forgave her, and he wished he had known the truth, since he'd thought she hadn't wanted him for all those years.

Lucinda regretted the pain she'd caused Neil and the pain she'd felt from being away from him, and he asked if she'd do things differently if she had them to do all over again. She replied that she wouldn't, since she never would have sobered up, and he would have grown up with a dangerous drunk for a mother. Neil argued that it also could have worked out, but they'd never know. Lucinda maintained that she'd made the right decision based on the man he'd become, and she was proud of the way he'd turned out. He tearfully took her hand.

Neil said it was getting late, but he offered to visit Lucinda again the following week. He wanted to tell her about his kids and grandkids, since they had been responsible for putting the pieces together. Lucinda acknowledged that Neil didn't owe her anything, but she made one request -- that he stay with her. He agreed, and they embraced.

At the police station, Dylan hosted a press conference to announce that Chelsea was aiding and abetting Adam and that she had fled Genoa City with Connor in a grey sedan. Dylan implored the public to contact the police with any information, and he added that the passengers in the car weren't considered to be dangerous, but it was urgent to find them.

Later, Dylan was disappointed that the phones weren't lighting up. Paul sympathized that it was frustrating, but he thought Adam hadn't done himself any favors by going on the run. Christine inquired about the progress of the investigation, and Dylan reported that they'd found Chelsea's original car in impound. Christine guessed that Victor had coordinated the entire escape, and Dylan suggested that he make another attempt to get the truth out of Victor. Christine thought there was another way to go about it.

At the ranch, Victor and Nikki watched Dylan's press conference on television, and Victor griped that Dylan had just sealed Adam's fate. Nikki defended that Dylan hadn't had a choice, since finding Adam was his job. The doorbell rang, and Nikki opened the door to Jack, who asked if Victor was home. Victor asked "what the hell" Jack wanted, and Jack offered Victor a chance to do right by his son before it was too late.

Jack lamented that there was a massive manhunt with Chelsea and Connor involved, but Victor could end it by convincing Adam to turn himself in. Victor contended that it wasn't in his power to change the situation, and Nikki added that Victor was under house arrest. Jack barked that Victor had set up his own son to prove a point, but Victor's desperate attempt to fix things had put Adam and his family in grave danger. Victor became incensed that Jack was accusing him of endangering his son, and Jack retorted that he'd been more of a father to Adam than Victor had ever been -- and Victor knew it.

Victor huffed that Jack had cast himself in the role of father figure, but Jack had only befriended Adam to stick it to Victor. Jack reiterated that Adam and his family were in serious danger, and he urged Victor to do something about it. Christine and Paul arrived to talk to Nikki and Victor, and Victor presumed that they were there to make accusations. Christine announced that they knew Victor had broken Adam out, and she was there on behalf of the citizens of the city to offer Victor a deal.

Christine offered not to charge Chelsea with anything if Victor revealed where Adam and Chelsea were, and Adam would only serve time for assaulting the guard. Victor pointed out that Christine was assuming that he knew where the couple was, and Paul asserted that it would just be a matter of time before the police caught them, since they had a description of the car Chelsea had been driving. Victor encouraged them to follow their lead, since they wouldn't get anything out of him. Nikki inquired whether Paul and Christine were going to arrest her and Victor or show themselves to the door, and Paul and Christine headed out.

Jack noted that Nikki had "been through hell" while standing by Victor and their family, and he urged her not to let Victor rob her of her integrity. Nikki told Jack that she valued their friendship, but she ordered him not to stand in judgment of her or her marriage. She advised him that he'd be better off examining his own relationship and staying "the hell out" of hers with Victor. Jack stated that whatever happened was on both Nikki and Victor, and he stormed out. Victor said Nikki never ceased to amaze him, and he assured her that everything would be all right, since Christine and Paul wouldn't have been there on a fishing expedition if they'd had anything.

Over dinner at the Athletic Club, Christine remarked that Paul had been starving, and he was glad they'd been able to dine together. He kissed her hand and said he felt "so damn lucky" because they had one another at the end of the day. Christine asked if he felt that way even after a day of dealing with Victor, and he conceded that not every day was perfect. Lily approached and asked how their dinner had been, and Paul replied that they just needed the check. Lily reported that there wouldn't be one, since a woman across the room had taken care of it. Lily added that the woman had said Paul and Christine had reminded her of the woman and her late husband, and Paul blew the woman a kiss.

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, the doorbell woke Kevin up, and he let Daniel in. Daniel mentioned that he'd stopped by the police station to say goodbye, and he'd learned that Kevin was staying there. Kevin explained that he'd been helping Chloe to get Bella to settle down, and Daniel assumed the couple was back together, but Kevin clarified that he was just crashing on the couch to get Chloe through things. Daniel lectured that he knew Kevin's history with Chloe, and he was sure that Kevin didn't just want to be a good buddy to her.

Kevin got a couple of beers from the fridge, and Daniel hoped Kevin and Chloe got back what they'd had, but he remarked that he wouldn't be much of a friend if he didn't tell Kevin to be careful. Kevin was confident that things were moving in a positive direction, since he knew how Chloe thought, and she trusted him. Bella cried over the baby monitor, and Kevin ran upstairs to get her before Chloe woke up.

Kevin carried Bella downstairs and reported that the scary monster under her bed had been a false alarm, so they could let her mommy sleep. He introduced Bella to Daniel and mentioned that Daniel had a little girl, too. Daniel said he had to catch a flight, and they shared a group hug. Daniel wished Kevin and Chloe luck, and he called her a lucky woman. After Daniel departed, Kevin told Bella that he was the lucky one.

At the cabin, Chelsea refused to let Adam turn himself in, since it would ruin their plans for a new life. Adam insisted that Connor needed to see a doctor because the boy's fever hadn't gone away, and he thought the only way to get Connor medicine was to surrender. Chelsea suggested that she go to urgent care with Connor with their new fake IDs to get antibiotics, but Adam warned that every cop in the Midwest would be looking for him.

Chelsea reasoned that even if the police caught her, Adam would still be free, and she'd stall the authorities by lying that she'd never found him. She figured they could make arrangements to meet once the search died down, and she believed they deserved to be together after how far they'd gotten. She swore that she was never going to stop fighting for him and for them, and he promised that he wouldn't, either. They kissed, and he agreed that she was right.

Later, Adam informed Chelsea that the bags were packed, and Connor was ready to go in the car. She assured Adam that everything would be okay, and he half-heartedly replied that he knew. They kissed, but he stopped her from going and told her he loved her. She returned the sentiment, and he touched her face and tenderly kissed her once more before she ran off.

In the car, Chelsea promised that she'd get Connor some medicine, and she grabbed her phone to search for the nearest clinic. She discovered that an AMBER Alert had been issued for them, and she realized that the police had identified her car.

At Sharon and Dylan's cottage, Nick testily asked Sharon if Dylan's idea of backing off had been to tell the whole world that Chelsea was helping Adam, and Sharon asserted that Dylan had needed to do it. Nick grumbled that Dylan could have gotten justice by keeping quiet, but Sharon swore that Dylan hadn't had any choice but to go to Paul with the footage of Chelsea in the car, since Dylan could have been prosecuted if he hadn't. Sharon questioned whether Nick would have wanted to see Dylan taken away from her and Sully, and she was adamant that Dylan had done what he'd had to do.

Dylan returned home and surmised that Sharon and Nick had seen the press conference, and Nick asked if the police had found Adam and Chelsea. Nick became angry when Dylan replied that they would, and Dylan explained that he'd wanted to let Adam go, but he'd had a job to do. Nick argued that if Adam and Chelsea were caught, she would be convicted of helping Adam escape, and he questioned who would raise Connor. "Victor," Dylan suddenly realized, and Sharon wondered if that had been Victor's plan all along.

Dylan doubted that was Victor's endgame, but Nick reminded him of Victor's sick need to control his family's lives. Dylan truly believed that Victor felt guilty about what he'd done to Adam, and Sharon ordered them to stop obsessing about Victor before it ruined their lives. Sharon supported Dylan's decision to stand on the right side of the law, and she thought their priority should be to make sure Chelsea and Connor were okay before they considered whether Victor had committed another crime. Chelsea called Nick from a motel and begged for his help.

After Nick departed, Sharon apologized for losing it, but she believed the possibility of Dylan being separated from her and Sully was too big of a risk to warrant Dylan going after Victor. Dylan gave his word that it wouldn't happen, but Sharon stressed that she'd seen bad things happen to people who'd gone after Victor. Dylan confirmed that Victor was the least of their worries until they found Adam, Chelsea, and Connor. Dylan answered a call from the station, and he reported that Chelsea's car had been spotted.

Nick arranged for a doctor to discreetly examine Connor at the motel, and Chelsea gushed that she didn't know what she would have done without Nick. Nick said he was glad he could help make things right, and he hoped Chelsea, Adam, and Connor had a safe and happy life. He suggested that he drive her and Connor to pick up Adam together, but she protested that Nick couldn't be involved. He pointed out that he already was, and she left a voicemail for Adam so he wouldn't panic when Nick's car pulled up.

Adam waited in the cabin, and he was startled when someone opened the door. "Hello, Adam," Chloe said, and she shot him with a tranquilizer dart. Chloe urged Adam to relax, since it would take about five minutes for the drug to completely take effect. He asked how she'd found him, and she explained that she'd figured out that Chelsea had been going to meet him. Chloe assumed that it had been Victor's plan for Adam to start a new life, and she'd wanted that for Chelsea and Connor but not for Adam.

Chloe expected that if Victor's plan had succeeded, Adam would have walked away again, just like he had with Delia. Adam realized that he'd been right about Chloe being the woman who'd worked with Victor to set him up, and Chloe admitted that she had been. She recounted that it had been an elaborate and difficult plan, and the worst part had been saying she'd forgiven Adam, since she'd never forgive him. As Adam became woozy, he asked what Chloe's plan was. She hovered over him and taunted that she intended to watch him die.

Later, Nick's car pulled up at the cabin, and he honked the horn. Connor called out for "Dada," and Chelsea told Nick to stay with Connor in case Adam hadn't listened to her voicemail. She headed toward the cabin to get Adam, but it suddenly exploded in flames. Nick yelled Chelsea's name as she was thrown back from the blast.

Nick accuses Victor of killing Adam

Nick accuses Victor of killing Adam

Friday, September 2, 2016

As Chelsea approached the cabin to get Adam, the building burst into flames. Nick frantically told Connor that he'd be right back, and he exited the car. Chelsea screamed Adam's name and tried to run into the burning cabin, but Nick pulled her back. Chelsea yelled for Nick to let her go, but he dragged her away from the flames and cautioned that it wasn't safe. She hysterically wailed that she didn't care, since she'd promised that she'd be back for Adam.

A woman approached and said she hadn't seen what had happened, but she'd called 9-1-1. Nick claimed that they'd seen the explosion from the road when they'd been driving by, and he instructed the woman to flag down the fire truck to show the firefighters where to go. After the woman hurried off, Chelsea tried to convince herself that Adam had left after getting her voicemail, and she left him another message to ask where she should pick him up. Nick insisted that they had to go, since the woman might have recognized Chelsea, and Connor needed his mom. The mention of Connor's name prompted Chelsea to return to the car to reassure her son that everything would be fine.

Chelsea and Nick arrived at the location where the plane was waiting to take off, and she panicked when she didn't see Adam. She asked the pilot if Adam was on the plane, and the pilot replied that he hadn't seen Adam, but they had to leave soon. Chelsea told herself that Adam couldn't have been in the cabin, and she desperately looked around. Chelsea insisted on going back to the cabin, but Nick refused to give her the car keys. Nick stressed that Adam needed her and Connor to be safe, so they had to get on the plane without Adam.

Chelsea was determined to check the woods for Adam, and Nick appealed to her to think about her son. She asserted that Connor needed his father, but Nick reiterated that Connor needed her, and she would be arrested if they didn't get on the plane. Chelsea refused to get on board without Adam, and Nick promised to find Adam and get word to her once she was safe. Nick reminded her that Adam had asked him to look out for Connor, and she could either argue with him until the police arrived or get her son to safety.

Chelsea bemoaned that she and Adam had been happy and close to being free, and she questioned how the explosion had happened unless someone had set it on purpose, but no one had known where Adam had been. Nick's expression darkened, and a horrified Chelsea realized that one other person had known. Chelsea thought she'd been stupid to believe that Victor had suddenly been on Adam's side, and it had been too good to be true to think that Victor had been acting like a decent human being.

Chelsea surmised that Victor's plan had been all about revenge and not love, and there was no other way the cabin had just blown up. Chelsea asked if Nick believed that Victor had done it, but Nick warned that she and Connor were at greater risk every minute they stayed. Chelsea insisted on talking to Victor, but Nick divulged that Victor was under house arrest with police everywhere, so she would be arrested if she went to the ranch. Chelsea recognized that she couldn't get to Victor, but Nick could.

At the police station, Paul and Dylan reviewed footage of Chelsea's car from a gas station's surveillance camera. They spotted Connor in the car seat, but there was no sign of Adam. Paul noted that the footage had been taken less than an hour earlier, and Chelsea had headed north. Dylan insisted on being there to make sure all three of them got home safely, and he hoped that Victor was the one to go down.

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, Kevin got Bella settled into her playpen downstairs to let Chloe sleep. Paul called and requested that Kevin get to the station to track down Chelsea's car, which hadn't been registered. Kevin replied that he couldn't be there, but he could handle it from where he was. Meanwhile, Chloe made her way back into the penthouse through the secret passageway.

Kevin cooed to Bella that he had a mama bear and a baby bear near a gas station and a motel, but he wasn't sure about the papa bear, and they couldn't have a happy ending without him. Chloe crept onto the stairs and listened as Kevin declared that he was a wizard who needed to use his powers for good to find Adam, but he wasn't sure about the happy ending.

Later, Paul and Dylan arrived at the motel, and Paul stated that Kevin had done a good job tracing the car, which was still in the lot. Dylan pounded on the door of Chelsea's room, but there was no response. Dylan forced the door open and found no one inside, but Paul spotted a blanket with Connor's monogrammed initials, and he surmised that Chelsea and Connor had been there. Paul instructed his officers to secure the perimeter and have forensics examine the car. Dylan found a leftover chicken nugget and remarked that it was Connor's favorite food.

Paul pointed out that there was nothing to indicate Adam had been there, and Dylan discovered some eardrops and a cold patch, so he figured there had been a change of plans. Paul imagined that Chelsea hadn't been able to get far with a sick kid, and he answered a call and learned there had been an explosion about five miles away. Paul added that someone had spotted a man, a woman, and a child on the scene, and none of them had been hurt. Paul and Dylan rushed out.

At the explosion site, Paul spoke to the witness, who confirmed that she'd seen a family in a car. She explained that they hadn't said much, but they'd asked her to flag down the fire truck, and they'd taken off. Paul thanked the woman for her help, and he and Dylan agreed that the explosion had been a diversion. Dylan asked where the nearest airstrip was.

Paul and Dylan arrived on the airstrip as the plane took off, and Paul instructed Dylan to try to identify the pilot to make sure Adam and Chelsea had been on board. Dylan picked up a stuffed dinosaur, which he recognized as Connor's, and he said they had the answer.

Kevin jumped when Chloe approached behind him, and she fibbed that she'd just woken up. Chloe asked what she'd interrupted, and Kevin revealed that he'd traced Chelsea's car to the edge of town, but Adam hadn't appeared to be with Chelsea and Connor. Kevin received a text message and relayed that Chelsea had already left the motel by the time the police had gotten there, and there had been no sign of Adam in the room. Kevin added that they were investigating an explosion in the woods, and Chloe feigned confusion as to why the police were checking out a cabin if Chelsea had been at a motel. Kevin reported that a witness had mentioned seeing a family there, but it seemed like a long shot.

Chloe looked at a map on her computer screen, pinpointing a location. She flashed back to planting a tracking device in Connor's toy dinosaur, and she sighed deeply. A clearly distraught Chelsea suddenly descended the stairs, and Chloe worriedly asked where Connor was. Chelsea reported that the boy was safe upstairs, but her voice trailed off when she mentioned Adam's name.

Chelsea explained that she'd met Adam at an old cabin, and they'd had the perfect day with Connor before they'd intended to fly out that night. She continued that Victor had handled all the details, and Chloe asked where Adam was. Chelsea whimpered that she didn't know, since she'd gone to get antibiotics to treat Connor's ear infection, and the cabin had exploded in flames when she'd returned. Chloe pointed out that they didn't know anything for sure, and Kevin fretted that Chelsea would get in trouble if she stayed there, but Chelsea said she couldn't leave without Adam. The doorbell rang, and Paul called out for Chelsea to open up.

Victoria and Travis arrived at the ranch, and she asked Victor and Nikki what was going on with the AMBER Alert that had been issued for Chelsea and Connor. Victor grumbled that the first thing Victoria had thought had been that her father was guilty, but Travis pointed out that it wasn't a preposterous idea that a man like Victor had been behind it. Victor demanded to know who he was, and Victoria announced that Travis was her boyfriend and that he had helped stop Summer from marrying Luca. Victor doubted that Travis was the kind of man who did things out of the goodness of his heart, and he asked how much Travis expected in exchange for stopping the wedding.

Travis asserted that money wasn't his thing, but Victor replied that money was everyone's thing. Victoria swore that Travis had returned to help and not to get paid, and Nikki expressed gratitude for Travis' part in getting Summer away from Luca. Victor maintained that everyone had a price, and he asked what Travis' was. Travis recounted that Billy had said practically the same thing, but Travis couldn't be bought. Travis mentioned that he'd once had expensive suits and money like Victor, but he'd walked away.

Victor advised Travis not to compare his dalliances on Wall Street with the empire Victor had built, and Travis guessed that Victor had had him investigated. Victor pointed out that Travis had been the prime suspect in the oil spills, but Travis countered that he'd been clean, and he was only in town for Victoria and not a slice of the corporate pie. Victor dismissively remarked that he was sure Victoria had things to do, and Victoria and Travis departed.

Nikki called Travis an interesting young man, but Victor considered Travis to be "a cocky punk." Victor added that Victoria had never had the best taste in men, and Nikki observed that Victor had repeatedly checked his phone. She assumed that he was worried about Adam's family, but Victor reasoned that the plan had been laid out in great detail. Nikki inquired whether there was any way for Victor to reach them, but Victor didn't want to put their safety at risk by calling them. Nikki said they had to have faith, and she and Victor embraced.

Billy entered Phyllis' office at Jabot, and she curtly reminded him that his office was downstairs. He insisted on finishing their earlier conversation, since Jill's blackmail had changed everything. Phyllis warned that Jill could walk through the door at any minute, and she ordered him to go. Billy proclaimed his love and said he knew Phyllis loved him, and he swore they could make it work. He mentioned that Hannah had the kids, and he suggested that he and Phyllis go somewhere private to be together. Jack entered and wondered what Billy was doing there.

Billy claimed that he'd wanted to invite Ashley to dinner, but he noticed that Jack seemed rattled. Jack explained that he'd just gone to see Victor at the ranch to try to talk some sense into him about Adam, and Billy griped that Victor didn't listen to anyone but himself. Jack blasted Victor for sacrificing his son and grandson, but Phyllis opined that there was nothing more Jack could do. Billy agreed, and he offered to take both Jack and Phyllis to dinner. Phyllis declined because of her workload, but Jack said she'd been working hard, and Billy envisioned having an old-fashioned Abbott dinner. Ashley overheard as she entered and declared that it sounded good to her, and Billy remarked that it wouldn't be a party without Phyllis.

The Abbotts went to the Athletic Club, and Jack and Ashley marveled that it felt like old times. Ashley suggested that Billy give Victoria a call to invite her to join them, since she'd heard a rumor that the former couple was getting close again. Billy complained that his mother had been spewing nonsense, since he and Victoria had learned to get along, but Jill forcing them to work together wouldn't make them a couple again. Ashley thought there was no way Jill could force Billy to do something he didn't want to do unless Jill was holding something over his head, and Billy replied that it was exactly what Jill was doing.

Jack questioned what she was holding over Billy's head, and Billy slyly asked if Jack was sure he wanted to know. Phyllis nervously suggested that they order dinner, but Ashley was more interested in Billy's answer. Billy recalled that his mother had worked hard to get rid of him as a child, but she wouldn't get out of his business as an adult. Ashley compared it to the way Phyllis had interfered with Summer's love life, but Billy argued that Phyllis solved problems while Jill created them.

Billy added that it was impossible to make two people fall in love, especially when one of them was in love with someone else, and Phyllis covered her growing discomfort by recommending the short ribs. Billy pointedly suggested that he and Jack split the dish, and Ashley guessed that Billy was in love with someone. Ashley pushed to find out who it was, but Billy looked up and saw Victoria and Travis in the entryway, and he claimed that he'd been talking about Victoria and not himself.

Travis offered to take Victoria someplace else, and she acknowledged that it wasn't easy to avoid people in Genoa City. Travis groused that Billy's death stare didn't set the mood, but Victoria declared that all that mattered was that they were happy, and she and Travis beamed at one another.

Billy observed that Victoria looked happy, and Ashley asked if he was jealous at all. Billy said his focus was on his kids, and it was fine with him if Victoria enjoyed a romance with a person who treated her well. Billy added that he thought Phyllis would be thrilled, and she squirmed, but he clarified that Travis had saved Summer from the big bad wolf. Ashley was convinced that Billy was honestly all right with Victoria moving on, and Billy said it meant he also got to move on and concentrate on what he really wanted.

Victoria toasted to facing her father and her ex within 24 hours, and Travis toasted to the gorgeous reason it had been worth it. She hoped being in Genoa City didn't send him running back to his boat, but he assured her that there was only one blue-eyed beauty in his future, and he was looking at her. She wondered whether Billy had really accused him of returning to town for money, and Travis confirmed that Billy had implied that Travis was using Victoria as his "sugar mama."

Victoria wanted to remind Billy that they'd agreed to stay out of one another's personal lives, but Travis repeated her statement that all that mattered was that they were happy. She regretted that Victor and Billy had been jerks, but Travis assured her that he hadn't expected a warm welcome from anyone except her, and he'd definitely gotten that. She thought Travis had been right about getting out of there, and he requested the check.

Jack declared that it was time to cut ties with the past and forge ahead, and Billy commented that he'd been doing a lot of forging. Ashley wanted Billy to be happy, but she hoped there would be no more forging with Bethany. Billy firmly stated that Bethany was out of the picture, and Ashley excused herself to go to the ladies' room. Jack toasted to the future, and he hoped Billy got everything he wanted. Billy stared at Phyllis and said he planned on it, and Jack noted that Phyllis seemed quiet. She blamed it on low blood sugar, and Jack stepped aside to make a call to get an update about Adam, leaving Billy and Phyllis alone.

Phyllis demanded to know what Billy was doing, and he replied that he was enjoying an Abbott family dinner. She snapped that she hated him, but he was confident that she loved him, and he imagined that she was as turned on as he was. She blasted him for acting like a child, but he asserted that he was going after what he wanted. She told him to stop, and he guessed that she wanted to rip his clothes off. Phyllis groaned that she hated herself, and Billy admitted that he hated himself, too, but he couldn't stop and didn't want to. He touched her leg under the table, and she placed her hand over his.

In the foyer, Jack thanked someone over the phone for the update, and he looked stunned as he hung up. Ashley approached and asked if he was okay.

Nick burst into the Newman ranch and snarled that his father was really sick. Nick ordered Nikki not to defend Victor, since there was no defense for what Victor had done. Victor wondered if Nick was still falsely accusing him of mastering Adam's escape, but Nick reported that Adam was dead. Nick bellowed at Victor not to act like he hadn't arranged for the cabin to blow up with Adam inside, and he questioned how Victor could have killed his own son.

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