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Victor offered to give Chelsea his stake in her company. Jill lied about having a health scare. Billy confessed to Ashley that he was in love with Phyllis. Phyllis admitted her affair with Billy to Jack. Jack exposed Billy and Phyllis' affair to the press.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 12, 2016 on Y&R
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Colin Learns about Phyllis' Affair Colin Learns about Phyllis' Affair

Monday, September 12, 2016

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Abby was taken aback when Ben suggested they have another baby. Ben said the timing might never be perfect, but he recalled how thrilled they'd been after learning about their first unplanned pregnancy. Abby noted that during their brief marriage, they'd dealt with one tragedy after another and never gotten an opportunity to bond. Ben said it was time to plan the future they'd always wanted. Ben was called away to the hospital before Abby could share the reasons for her misgivings.

At Katherine Chancellor Park, Phyllis admitted to Jack that she'd lied about her commitment to make their marriage work. Through tears, Phyllis told Jack that she'd betrayed him. Jack asked Phyllis to explain what she meant. Sobbing, Phyllis said that she saw visions of Marco every time she made love to Jack. Phyllis added that she hated Victor for his role in switching Marco for Jack.

Phyllis cried that while pretending she was strong, she'd actually pushed Jack away. Jack said he'd been in denial because he'd wanted to prove to Victor that Victor's plan to hurt him had failed. Jack suggested that he and Phyllis start over and consider professional marriage counseling. Phyllis eagerly agreed.

At Jill's mansion, Jill berated Billy. Jill cried that Billy's affair with Phyllis would break Jack's heart and damage other family relationships. While Jill was yelling, she experienced a pain and clutched her chest. Jill continued with her tirade and reminded Billy that Phyllis had cheated on Jack in the past when she'd slept with Nick. Jill slumped on the sofa and gasped in pain. Colin entered the room and summoned an ambulance. Billy said he thought Jill was faking.

At the hospital, Colin and Billy hovered over Jill. Ben entered and sent Colin and Billy out of the room. After checking Jill's test results, Ben told Jill that she had acid reflux. Jill asked Ben not to mention her bout of acid reflux to Billy and Colin. Ben left and sent Colin and Billy back to Jill's room.

Colin and Billy asked Jill what the doctor had said about her condition. Jill replied, "It's not good. The doctor said the episode was brought on by extreme stress." Colin tried to figure out what Jill and Billy were alluding to as they both recalled the tense argument that had preceded Jill's sudden attack. Billy apologized repeatedly. Jill pretended she might relapse.

After Billy left, Colin determined that Jill was faking. Colin said he was aware that Jill was holding something over the head of someone close to Billy. Colin persisted with a guessing game until Jill admitted that Billy and Phyllis had had an affair. Jill warned Colin to keep the information to himself. Jill insisted that Colin not devise a blackmail scheme like the one he'd pulled on Devon and Hilary.

Phyllis met with Billy at Jill's mansion. Billy told Phyllis that Jill might have suffered a heart attack. Jill, Billy added, believed that he and Phyllis had ended their relationship. Phyllis insisted that her and Billy's relationship was over. Billy cried that what Jill wanted was irrelevant. Phyllis replied, "It's not about Jill. It's about me and Jack. We talked, and it was different this time. I am married, and I belong to Jack."

Phyllis explained to Billy that she'd been running from the truth. Sobbing, Phyllis said that she'd been fooling herself by believing that Billy was the only person that could truly understand the pain she'd dealt with from Marco's abuse. Billy listened and was sympathetic to Phyllis' emotions. Billy said he wanted to remain in Phyllis' life. Phyllis said she realized she'd been punishing Jack because he resembled Marco. Phyllis admitted that Jack, not Billy, was the man she needed.

After Phyllis left, Jill returned. Billy apologized for his selfish, destructive behavior. He assured Jill that his relationship with Phyllis had ended. Jill replied, "You've told me that before." Billy admitted that though he'd lied in the past, he was telling the truth about having ended his affair. Jill seemed relieved.

Summer met with Victor at the Athletic Club. She apologized for her role in Luca's attacks on Newman Enterprises. Victor admitted that he'd allowed Luca into their inner circle. Victor added that Luca had caused the damage, so no one else was to blame. Victor seemed taken aback when Summer explained that Jack had always looked out for her and kept her safe from Luca.

Victor said he didn't want to discuss Jack, though he been cordial at Adam's memorial service. Summer asked Victor to consider a truce with Jack. Victor mentioned Jack's role in the Paragon Virus debacle that had almost destroyed Newman Enterprises. Summer feared Victor might be planning revenge, but Victor assured her that nothing was in the works. Summer seemed relieved.

Victor overheard Jack talking on the phone in the Athletic Club's dining room. Jack was setting up an appointment with a counselor for him and Phyllis. Victor noted that Phyllis hadn't attended the memorial service, and he asked why. Jack angrily noted that Phyllis would never forgive Victor for what he'd done to them. Jack added that life was too precious to obsess over Victor's misdeeds. Jack said he intended to help Phyllis recover, and he warned Victor not to do anything that might set them back. Victor replied, "Oh, I wouldn't dream of that!"

After Victor left. Colin joined Jack at the bar. Jack got up to leave and noted that Phyllis expected him at home. Colin said, "I have some information of a rather personal nature about the divine Phyllis." Jack asked what Colin meant. Colin said he would divulge the information in exchange for a million dollars. Jack glared at Colin and replied, "Go to hell."

At Crimson Lights, Abby met with Summer. Abby surprised Summer when she announced that Ben wanted another baby. Abby admitted she wasn't ready. Abby added that because she'd once pressured Ben to have another baby soon after losing their daughter, she didn't feel she could change her mind. Abby said Ben believed they could recapture what they'd lost. Summer suggested that Abby be honest and tell Ben exactly how she felt.

In a waiting area at the hospital, Abby told Ben she needed more time before trying to have another baby. Abby suggested they wait until their marriage was stronger. Ben claimed that having a child would make them feel closer. Abby cried, "When you said we need to talk, I thought you were going to say that we should separate." Ben assured Abby that he was committed to their marriage.

At Sharon's ranch house, Dylan pleaded with Sharon to tell him why she feared Victor might harm them. Sharon explained that she was concerned because Dylan planned to take on the most dangerous man she'd ever known. Agitated, Sharon went for a walk. Mariah arrived just as Sharon left. Dylan told Mariah that Sharon feared Victor's revenge. Dylan was upstairs with Sully when Sharon returned.

Mariah told Sharon to either tell Dylan the truth or concoct a believable cover story and stick to it. After Dylan returned, Sharon claimed that she'd been covering for Mariah. Mariah said she'd confronted Victor in hopes that he might reveal some information. Mariah said Victor seemed threatening, so she'd backed off. Mariah suggested that Dylan back off of Victor, too. Dylan refused and said he intended to force Victor to tell the truth. Sharon pleaded with Dylan to change his mind.

Jack offers Colin money for information

Jack offers Colin money for information

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Nick arrived at Chelsea's penthouse, and he told Chloe that he wanted to take Chelsea and Connor to the park to get them out for a while. Chloe informed him that Chelsea hadn't been able to handle all the gestures of sympathy, so she'd gone to the studio. Nick was surprised that Chelsea had returned to work already, since he thought she should be focusing on herself. Chloe huffed that she knew her best friend better than he did, and Chelsea needed to let go of the past and remind herself that there was a life without Adam. Nick said he knew from experience that getting over the sudden loss of a loved one wasn't that easy.

Chloe conceded that she'd expected Chelsea to need a breather, but she didn't want to take away the comfort Chelsea found in work. Chloe pointed out that every inch of the penthouse was a reminder of the life Chelsea and Adam had shared, and she couldn't blame Chelsea for wanting to lose herself in work. Nick countered that Chelsea couldn't pretend that a tragedy hadn't happened, and he believed that they needed to encourage her to take the time she needed to get through it, since time healed all wounds. Chloe questioned whether he really believed that, and she advised him to respect Chelsea's wishes by letting her grieve in her own way. Nick refused to do it if it ended up hurting Chelsea more, and he walked out.

At the design studio, Chelsea flashed back to the explosion at the cabin. Sharon called to her and asked what she was doing there, and Chelsea testily replied that she was working. Both women looked down at Chelsea's sketch, which had been repeatedly crossed out. Chelsea claimed that she hadn't been able to get the design right, and Sharon suggested that Chelsea take a break. Chelsea ordered Sharon to call the buyers to inquire why they hadn't confirmed delivery of the new line, and Sharon revealed that she'd pushed back the delivery dates. Chelsea barked that Sharon hadn't had any right to do that.

Chelsea reprimanded Sharon for overstepping, and Sharon apologized for assuming that Chelsea would take time off. Sharon swore that she'd been trying to help, but Chelsea snapped that she didn't need help, since she had survived losing Adam before. Sharon said she had every faith in Chelsea, but she insisted that Chelsea didn't have to jump right back in. Chelsea retorted that Sharon should take the rest of the day off to reevaluate her job description while Chelsea cleaned up the mess Sharon had made.

Chloe arrived as Sharon headed out, and Chelsea griped to Chloe that Sharon had taken it upon herself to push back the delivery dates, so they'd miss their deadlines. Chloe confessed to giving Sharon the go-ahead, so if Chelsea wanted to blame someone, she had to start with Chloe. Chelsea swore that she wasn't blaming anyone, and she acknowledged that Chloe and Sharon's hearts had been in the right place, but they should have cleared it with her first. Chloe pointed out that Chelsea had had a lot on her mind, and Chelsea questioned whether Chloe thought she was really that fragile. Chloe mentioned that she'd just been telling Nick the opposite, and Chelsea demanded to know what Nick had to do with it.

Chelsea complained about people hovering, but Chloe said Chelsea needed people who cared about her to be there for her in rough times, and she refused to apologize for being concerned. Chloe opined that it was important for Chelsea to grieve, and she thought Chelsea was getting back to work too early, but she wouldn't fight it if it was where Chelsea wanted to be. Chelsea acknowledged that Nick had made Adam a promise, but Nick didn't get to tell her how to live her life. Chloe noted that people grieved differently, and Chelsea apologized for snapping at Chloe and Sharon. Chelsea added that Nick needed to realize that she couldn't look back, and she needed to focus on moving forward. Chloe prepared to call the warehouse and the stores to get the new line on the shelves, but Chelsea insisted on doing it herself.

Nick picked up coffee and doughnuts at Crimson Lights, and he noticed Sharon checking out the want ads. He remarked that she already had a job she loved, but she worried that it might not last much longer, since Chelsea had gone ballistic because Sharon had pushed back orders. Nick assured Sharon that it hadn't been her fault, and he urged her not to take it personally. He informed her that he was heading to Chelsea's studio for an intervention, and he hoped to convince Chelsea to take time off to avoid making things harder on herself and Connor. Sharon said she was glad Chelsea and Connor had Nick in their corner.

Nick offered to put in a good word for Sharon with Chelsea, but Sharon regretted that he'd had to fight her battles for most of her adult life. Sharon preferred to fix the mess herself, and Nick departed. Sharon's phone rang, but no one was there. She dialed the operator and requested to know where the call had originated from, since she'd been getting repeated hang-ups, both at home and on her cell phone. They suggested that Sharon contact the police, and an exasperated Sharon hung up.

Sharon made calls to reinstate the deliveries she'd previously canceled, and Chloe arrived and informed Sharon that Chelsea had already arranged them. Sharon inquired whether she still had a job, and Chloe relayed that she'd smoothed things over. Sharon thought the way Chelsea had overreacted hadn't just been about business, and she mentioned that Nick had just been there. Chloe asserted that it wasn't up to any of them to decide how Chelsea should handle it, but Sharon countered that people didn't just get over the loss of loved one, and some people never did.

Chloe recalled that she'd fought hard to get past her depression after she'd lost Delia, and Sharon said she still woke up every morning, missing Cassie, realizing all over again that her child wasn't with her. The women agreed that the emptiness never went away, but Chloe thought that they'd done everything they could to try to fill it by loving their other children. Chloe pointed out that Sharon wouldn't have been blessed with Sully if Sharon hadn't done everything in her power to move on with her life.

At the studio, Nick presented Chelsea with coffee and doughnuts, and she asked for the real reason he was there. He said he'd run into Sharon, and he thought someone needed to talk sense into Chelsea. Chelsea wondered if he expected her to crawl into a hole, but he encouraged her to take time to grieve and to help her son adjust to losing his dad. He assured her that it was okay to miss Adam, but it wasn't okay to pretend she wasn't in pain.

Chelsea asked if Nick preferred that she sob in a corner, and Nick recommended that she take time to heal. She said she had to live with the fact that Adam was no longer there, and she didn't need anyone to help her understand it. She released Nick from his promise to Adam, and she declared that she and Connor weren't Nick's problem. Chelsea told Nick to take his good intentions and doughnuts and "get the hell out." He wordlessly left, and she broke down in tears.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill rebuffed Colin's advances and lectured that one of them had to work. He cooed that he was always working, and she remarked that she was afraid of the angle he was working. She reminded him that she'd told him about Phyllis and Billy's affair in confidence, but it was over, so there was nothing left for Colin to exploit. Colin swore that he wouldn't exploit Billy, and he amorously asked for a reward for his good behavior. Billy interrupted their canoodling, and he scolded that Jill should be resting. Colin realized that Jill hadn't told Billy the truth, and Jill pushed Colin to go out for a walk. Jill admitted to Billy that she'd lied about having a heart attack.

Jill explained that she'd really thought she'd been having a heart attack when Billy had blamed her for his bad choices, but Stitch had determined that she'd been suffering from a bad case of acid reflux. Jill conceded that she'd been wrong to keep the truth from Billy, and Billy accused her of trying to control him by laying a guilt trip on him. She thought her plan had worked if he'd realized that he'd been ruining his life over someone who wasn't worth it, and she urged him to talk to her. Billy grumbled that it wouldn't change anything, since Phyllis had made the choice to end things, and the decision hadn't been mutual.

Billy figured the joke was on him, since he'd wanted to go public with his relationship with Phyllis, and that would have cemented everyone's opinion about him. He imagined that Victoria would have taken the kids away, and Jack would have punched his lights out, but Phyllis had saved Billy from all of it by telling him that he'd just been the drug of choice to ease the pain. He continued that Phyllis wanted to focus on putting the pieces of her marriage back together, and he sourly congratulated Jill on getting what she'd wanted, since he'd been dumped. Jill was shocked to realize that he really loved Phyllis.

Jack and Phyllis attended their first session with a marriage counselor, and Jack said they needed help to stop the growing distance between them, but he wondered if being there was a mistake. He started to stand up to leave, but Phyllis placed her hand on his arm and encouraged him not to hold back. The counselor said they were free to say whatever they wanted, and Phyllis proclaimed that the problems with their marriage were all on her. Phyllis recounted that she'd pushed Jack away after Marco had deceived her, and Jack added that the good news was that the monster who'd impersonated him was no longer a threat.

Phyllis disagreed, since Marco was still in her memories, and Jack lamented that Marco was there whenever Phyllis looked at Jack, including when they made love. Phyllis acknowledged that Jack had been a victim, too, and she wished she could drag the memory out of her head. Phyllis repeated Jack's words that there was a wall between them, and nothing they'd done had knocked it down. The counselor asked if Phyllis had hidden behind it, and Phyllis explained that she'd searched for someone to understand and listen without judgment. Jack noted that she'd turned to his brother.

Phyllis reasoned that she and Billy shared the same hatred for the man who'd put Marco into her and Jack's lives, and talking to one another had helped at first, but it had only ended up complicating things rather than solving them. The counselor believed that Jack and Phyllis could work through it if they were willing to knock down the wall.

In the parking lot after the session ended, Phyllis commented that it had been painful, but she was glad Jack had suggested seeing a counselor. She wanted to continue the conversation, and Jack agreed to set up another appointment, but he said he had to go. He abruptly took off.

Phyllis met Summer in the park, and she apologized that her session had run late. Phyllis noticed that Summer had been perusing a course catalog, and Summer revealed that she intended to take business classes, since she wanted to do things right if she was the future of Newman Enterprises. Phyllis wondered if Summer had discussed it with Victor, and Summer contended that Victor had inspired her to do it, since he was convinced the Newman-Abbott truce would never last, but she wanted to be the one to end the war. Summer inquired whether the session had had anything to do with Phyllis' prior comment about not being able to stay out of her own way, and Phyllis divulged that she and Jack had met with a marriage counselor. Phyllis recounted that she'd opened up, but Jack had shut down.

Summer had no doubt that Jack and Phyllis loved one another, and she hoped that in time, Phyllis would get over what Victor had done to Phyllis and Jack. Phyllis insisted that she and Jack were good, but it had been jarring when he'd clammed up and walked away. Summer advised Phyllis not to let one moment throw things off, and Phyllis asked when her daughter had become that wise. Summer thought of the things she should have found out about Austin and Luca, and she removed her engagement ring and declared that she'd have the next guy fill out a 300-page questionnaire. Summer swore that Phyllis and Jack were both keepers, and she urged Phyllis not to give up.

Phyllis wished everyone could be as honest as Summer was, and she looked up and spotted Billy. After Summer departed, Billy approached Phyllis, and Phyllis surmised that he'd been looking for her. He stated that there was nothing left to say, and she quipped that the more people talked, the less they seemed to say. She mentioned that the session with the marriage counselor had been helpful for her, but Jack had been guarded with his feelings. Phyllis asked how Jill's recuperation was going, and Billy reported that it had only been indigestion.

Phyllis stifled a laugh and swore that it wasn't funny, and Billy said it would have been funny if Jill hadn't used it to guilt him into breaking up with Phyllis, but he'd told his mother that Phyllis had already ended things. Phyllis noted that at least someone was happy, but she thought happiness was overrated. Billy said he wanted to kiss Phyllis, but she told him to shut up and not say anything, and she walked off.

Jack arrived at the Chancellor mansion, and Jill told him that he'd just missed Billy. Jack replied that he was looking for Colin, since Colin had tried to hit him up for a million dollars in exchange for information about Phyllis. Jack guessed from Jill's reaction that she knew what it was about, and he pushed to know whether it was worth the money. Jill figured that soliciting money was an old habit for her con-artist husband, and she scoffed at the idea that Colin had anything on Phyllis. Jill chalked it up to being the oldest scheme in the book, and she called Colin shameless.

Jill cautioned Jack not to give Colin a dime, and Jack thanked her for the warning and departed. Colin returned home and boasted that he'd walked three miles, and he proposed that he and Jill shower together. She ordered him to stop cashing in on her family's misery, and she informed him that Jack had just been there. Jill reminded Colin of his promise not to use the secret to scam money out of her family, but Colin clarified that he'd only promised not to blackmail Billy. Colin didn't understand why Jill was upset, and she huffed that he'd have plenty of time to think about it while he was walking back to Australia.

Jill blasted Colin for trying to cash in after she'd confided in him, but he queried why she'd confided in him if she hadn't wanted him to use the information. She said she'd expected him to be a decent human being where her family was concerned, and she commanded that he stop seeing dollar signs and walk away, since Phyllis had ended things for good. Jill plotted to break up Victoria and Travis so that Victoria and Billy could reunite, but Colin contemplated scoring a million dollars. Jill reported that she had Jack believing that Colin had nothing on Phyllis, and she insisted that Colin sell the same story. Colin told Jill not to worry, since they could move mountains together. She ordered him to move that particular mountain before they talked about anything else.

At the Athletic Club bar, Colin instructed the bartender to send a bottle of single-malt scotch to his suite. Across the bar, Jack asked what was wrong, and Colin sarcastically thanked Jack for throwing him under the bus, since Jill had thrown Colin out. Jack said he and Colin needed to talk, but Colin groused that Jack had talked too much for one day, and he headed upstairs with a smirk.

Colin wasn't surprised when Jack knocked on the door, and he asked if Jack had been thrown out, too. Jack demanded to know if Colin had any information about Phyllis, but Colin claimed that it had just been a con. Colin apologized if he'd caused Jack to doubt his wife, and he blamed it on his appetite exceeding his income. Jack was skeptical that Colin had nothing to bargain with, and Colin fibbed that it had been a bogus story. Jack recognized that Jill would like Colin's answer, but he wanted to do business, and he dumped a pile of cash out of a duffel bag. Jack implored Colin to spill everything he knew.

Billy starts to spiral out of control

Billy starts to spiral out of control

> Billy starts to spiral out of control

Billy starts to spiral out of control

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

by Nel

At Brash & Sassy, Billy took photographs of scantily clad models and drank tequila. Ashley arrived and advised that playtime was over. She told the models to leave. Billy said he'd been working on a new modeling campaign and needed the perfect muse. Drinking tequila was part of the creative process.

Ashley asked how Jill had felt about that. Billy laughed and said he didn't care about Jill's opinion. Ashley pointed out that that had not been marketing. Billy argued that it had been. He told Ashley to look at Cane's idea of half-naked women draped on athletes. Ashley asked Billy, "Who was she?" but Billy denied being involved with anyone.

Ashley knew there had been someone because that was how he acted when someone stomped on his heart. Ashley asked Billy what had gone on between him and Phyllis. Billy said he had no idea what she was talking about. Ashley said she'd seen the way Billy and Phyllis had looked at each other at dinner the other night, and there seemed to have been a connection. It wasn't the first time she'd sensed an energy between them.

Ashley told Billy that she'd mentioned it to Jack. Ashley said the more Billy denied it, the more sure she'd become. Billy admitted there'd been something between him and Phyllis, but it hadn't been planned; it had just happened. Ashley asked what he'd done. Billy said he'd done what he'd always done, which was the reason his life had been in disarray for the past decade.

Billy admitted that he and Phyllis had struggled with it. He couldn't recall when it had started, but suddenly they'd realized they were able to talk to each other, without feeling judged, and didn't have to explain themselves. It had only been an emotional connection -- in his heart, not in bed. Ashley was relieved.

Billy understood who Phyllis was married to, and so did Phyllis, but it didn't matter anymore because it was over. They'd realized their relationship had been wrong, and they'd ended it before it had gotten to the next level. Phyllis knew she needed to be with Jack. Billy told Ashley that Jack and Phyllis had been in counseling in an attempt to put their marriage back on track. Ashley pointed out that Billy stood with a drink in his hand with a bunch of half-clad ladies.

Billy admitted that he loved Jack and wanted Jack and Phyllis to be happy. Anything else would've been selfish. Ashley believed him and said she knew that Billy had become lonelier than ever. She asked what had changed. Billy admitted that Phyllis had changed. Phyllis had felt that she'd needed to end it, and Billy had agreed with her.

Later, Billy was alone in his office, drinking, when the redheaded model returned because she'd forgotten her phone. She invited Billy out for a drink. Billy said they didn't need to go anywhere because he had a bottle of tequila in the office. Billy told her how much he loved her hair.

At the Athletic Club, Jill offered to buy Phyllis a drink, but Phyllis said she'd rather drink strychnine. Jill asked if Phyllis had seen Colin. Phyllis asked if Colin had slipped his leash. Jill advised that Colin had taken a suite, but Phyllis had no interest in why Colin had taken a suite and walked away. Jill followed Phyllis and said she'd heard that Phyllis had broken up with Billy and that Phyllis had decided to focus on Jack. Jill had been advised that it was permanent and hoped Phyllis meant it.

Phyllis informed Jill that it had been her choice to break up with Billy. Jill's threats had had nothing to do with it. Phyllis demanded that Jill kept the information to herself. Jack never needed to know about it. Jill said she'd gotten what she'd wanted, but Phyllis corrected her and said Jill had only gotten half of what she wanted. Phyllis pointed out that Jill's real goal had been to get Billy and Victoria back together, and that hadn't happened. Jill assured her it would happen because Victoria would always be Billy's one true love. That kind of love wouldn't be denied. Phyllis said she cared about Billy and just wanted him to be happy.

In Colin's suite Jack demanded that Colin provide him with the information he had on Phyllis. Colin fondled the money and said that Jack was dangling a raw steak in front of a hungry tiger. Colin agreed to tell the truth. Colin covered up the money with a blanket. He couldn't stand for all the money look at him. Colin said he loved money, but he loved his marriage more. Colin had been tempted to tell Jack a bogus story and then skip town with the money, but then he'd lose his marriage.

Colin said there hadn't been anything going on with Phyllis. Colin advised Jack to look into his heart and the love he had for Phyllis. Jack had to ask himself how much of that stupid lie had made any sense. Colin was shocked that he'd gotten as far as he had with the lie. Colin stated he and Jack had had one thing in common -- they couldn't live without the women in their lives.

After Jack left Colin's suite, he encountered Jill. He advised her that Colin was a piece of work. Jill asked if Colin had told Jack the truth -- that he had nothing on Phyllis. Jack confirmed it. Jill suggested that they put it behind them and move on.

Jack excused himself when he saw Phyllis. He told Phyllis he owed her an apology for letting her do all the heavy lifting at the therapy session. He confessed that he'd been distracted and had tried to figure something out. Jack told her that Colin had asked him for one million dollars in exchange for information he'd had about Phyllis. Jack said he'd questioned Colin, and Colin had admitted he had nothing on Phyllis. It had been a scam to get cash out of Jack.

Jack felt horrible that he'd believed Colin's accusations, and when he'd left Colin's suite, he'd felt he'd betrayed Phyllis. What he'd done was wrong, and Jack hoped she'd forgive him. Phyllis said he'd never have to ask for her forgiveness for anything.

Jack thought therapy had been a good idea, and it had been long overdue. Jack admitted that he'd believed Colin for a split second. He admitted that he'd bottled up a lot of things he should've shared at their first therapy session. Jack wanted them to promise to make the therapy count and to find the whole truth, no matter how much it hurt while getting there. Jack asked if Phyllis still had the therapist's card and felt they should get in to see him as soon as they could, even if it meant squeezing them in that day. If their goal was to put their marriage back on track, he didn't want to waste another second. Phyllis agreed.

Jill went to Colin's suite and told him that she'd run into Jack but couldn't tell what Jack had been thinking. Colin assured her that Jack had completely bought the story. Colin said that Jack had thrown him a curve ball by showing up with a suitcase full of cash, but he'd told Jack that his marriage meant more to him than a fistful of dollars. He admitted that he'd rejected Jack's offer because he wanted Jill and loved her desperately. They kissed.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon gave Chloe a sweet bun as a thank you for having Sharon's back with Chelsea. Sharon said Chelsea was lucky to have a friend like Chloe. Chloe jokingly said she told Chelsea that all the time. Sharon was surprised because of the way Chloe felt about Adam. Chloe assured Sharon that that was in the past, and she'd spent too much time and energy hating Adam, especially since Victor was the bad guy. Sharon asked if Victor had really been the bad guy in that situation. Victor had broken Adam out of jail and tried to reunite Adam with his wife and child, so in the end, she thought that made Victor the good guy.

Dylan arrived and heard what Sharon had said. He sat down, looked at Chloe, and said he'd love to hear the answer to that. Sharon advised Dylan that she and Chloe had agreed that there had been rumors about Victor and Adam, but no one would ever know the truth. Adam had died, and Victor wouldn't talk, so there would be no way for Dylan to find out what had really happened. Dylan disagreed and advised that he had no intention of giving up. Chloe asked what Dylan hoped to accomplish. Dylan said he was looking for the truth and believed Adam would be alive if it hadn't been for Victor.

Dylan noted that Sharon felt Victor had been innocent, and he asked Chloe about her thoughts, since she'd been living with Chelsea and might have seen or heard something. Sharon asked Dylan to drop his investigation. His pursuit of Victor had made the situation worse for Victor and Chelsea. Sharon advised Dylan that Chelsea had been pushing herself too hard in order to keep her mind off things. Sharon told Dylan how angry Chelsea had become with her for making a mistake -- angry enough to send Sharon home for the rest of the day. Sharon said she had no idea what to do for Chelsea except give her some space. Dylan suggested they go to the studio and clear the air for everyone's sake. He said he'd missed Adam's memorial and wanted to offer his condolences in person.

Kevin saw how intense Chloe had been while texting a message. He asked her about it. Chloe advised him that she'd sent a text to her mother to remind her to give Bella medication for a rash. Kevin offered to go home with Chloe because he wanted to spend time with Bella. Chloe said she needed to take care of something for Chelsea, but he could stop by later. Kevin assured Chloe that he hadn't been trying to be pushy, but he enjoyed hanging with Bella. Chloe said she'd seen how much Kevin loved Bella; she left.

Victor arrived at Chelsea's studio. Chelsea had been crying. When she saw Victor, she said she should've known he couldn't keep a promise. She asked what Victor wanted -- her company or perhaps her son. She felt he had stolen enough from her. Victor assured her that he was there to give, not to take. Chelsea said it was still her workplace. Victor stated it had always been her workplace.

Chelsea asked Victor how much more of her business he wanted. Victor told her he was there to give her back his 35 percent stake in her company so she could enjoy the profits of her labors. Chelsea asked if he still had a say in everything. Victor assured her that he wouldn't have a say -- no voice, no control, and no interference.

Chelsea asked what was in it for Victor. Victor admitted that it would give him peace of mind. She would raise Connor by herself, and he wanted her to enjoy the fruits of all her efforts. She asked if he would willingly walk away from all that money. Victor assured her that he had enough money for five lifetimes. Chelsea asked what he was really up to. Victor handed her a contract that gave back the 35 percent share he'd held in her company, and if she signed it, there would be nothing to bind them, not even his grandson.

Chelsea said it wouldn't get Adam back. The papers wouldn't help her face each endless day without Adam. Victor asked if he could do anything else for her. Chelsea said there was nothing. As Victor left, Chelsea thanked him and said it was a start. Chelsea said she'd look over the contract and get back to him. Victor asked again if she needed anything else. Chelsea said she wouldn't be calling him and asked if that was the point -- that he'd be out of her and Connor's life.

Sharon and Dylan arrived as Victor left. Chelsea apologized to Sharon for overreacting earlier. Sharon assured her it hadn't been Chelsea's fault, and Sharon should've run it by Chelsea first. Chelsea assured Sharon that she'd been made aware that Chloe had given Sharon the go-ahead. Sharon had done her job and had done it well. Dylan said they had stopped by to make sure Chelsea was okay, but he hadn't expected to see Chelsea and Victor having a friendly conversation. Sharon tried to stop Dylan from questioning Chelsea.

Chelsea informed them that Victor had been good to her and that he'd been very considerate at the memorial. She gave Dylan the contract Victor had drawn up that gave back his percentage of her business. He'd wanted to make sure that she'd be able to take care of Connor. Dylan said Victor hadn't been known for his generosity, but he'd always been a man who paid his debts. Chelsea said Victor hadn't owed her anything. Sharon tried to run interference and told Dylan that it was not the time for it. Dylan apologized and said he knew Chelsea was dealing with a lot.

Chelsea became angry and said she'd be dealing with Adam's death for the rest of her life. She asked if Dylan thought that Victor had been paying her off. Dylan reminded Chelsea that at the police station, she'd wanted to help Dylan go after Victor and had agreed to answer questions about how Victor had framed Adam and planned Adam's escape, and what had finally happened to Adam. Chelsea said Adam had died in an explosion. It had been an accident.

Dylan asked if it had really been an accident. Sharon tried to defuse the situation, but she was ignored. Dylan told Chelsea he was trying to help. Chelsea said her husband had died, so looking for answers that didn't matter anymore wouldn't help her. Dylan said the truth mattered. Chelsea said the answers wouldn't get Adam back, so the pain she'd been trying to manage had been thrown it in her face.

Dylan admitted that Chelsea's pain was still raw, but everything Victor had done to Adam had been exposed. He needed corroboration and asked if Chelsea wanted Victor to pay and to get justice for Adam. Chelsea said she'd gotten everything from Victor. He was allowing her to raise her son away from the shadow of that family. Dylan asked her if that was enough. Chelsea said yes, and if Adam were there, he'd say the contract had been a miracle. Victor had agreed to stay away from her son.

Chelsea said Adam had died in an accident, and Dylan could show himself out. Sharon asked Dylan why he had pushed Chelsea like that when he had seen how much she'd been hurting. He said it was his job to get the truth. He kissed Sharon and left.

Sharon apologized to Chelsea for Dylan. Sharon was worried because the case had become an obsession for him. Dylan wouldn't let it go because he wanted to do right by Adam and Nikki. Dylan believed that Victor had used Nikki in his scheme, and it had become personal for him. Sharon said Dylan should allow Chelsea to move on. Sharon assured Chelsea that she'd try to convince Dylan to drop his investigation.

Victor met Chloe on the patio at Crimson Lights. Chloe said she'd run into Dylan earlier, and he wouldn't drop the investigation into what had happened to Adam. Victor said they were in the process of figuring out how Adam had escaped and how Adam had died. Chloe advised him that the police had proven that the explosion had been an accident. She assured Victor that she was not afraid of anything after he asked if she was worried the police would question her. She wanted to know what he intended to do about Dylan. Victor told her that it was none of her business, and he would take care of it.

Kevin arrived at Chelsea's with a toy for Bella. Kevin told Chloe he wanted to be there for Bella. Kevin said if he was Bella's dad, but Chloe had cut him off and said he wasn't. Kevin wanted to know who Bella's dad was and why he hadn't been there for Bella.

When Chloe didn't answer, Kevin realized that Bella's father didn't know about her and asked how Chloe could've kept something like that a secret. Chloe said Bella was her daughter. Chloe explained that she and the father had had a moment, and then they'd gone their separate ways. Chloe didn't want any more questions. Kevin agreed, but only for the moment.

At the police station, Dylan was working on his evidence board when Victor arrived. Victor thought the case had been closed. Dylan confirmed that officially it had been closed, and the department had moved on from how Victor had set Adam up for murder and broken him out of prison and how everything had gone out of control after that. Unofficially, as an officer of the law, it was Dylan's job to make sure that justice was served, especially when his mother and Chelsea had been caught up in someone else's agenda. Victor suggested they needed to get the game of cops and robbers over with, and he agreed to answer all Dylan's questions.

Phyllis was alone with the therapist and told him that she'd previously mentioned the connection she'd had with Billy, but she'd lied about it. She'd been living with that lie for months and admitted to the therapist that she and Billy hadn't only leaned on each other for support, they'd had an affair. Phyllis broke down crying and said she had ended the affair, but she'd betrayed her husband.

At Jabot, Jack asked Ashley if she'd seen Phyllis. Ashley replied that she hadn't seen Phyllis. Ashley said she had to leave for a meeting. Jack asked why she was trying to get away from him. She claimed she had a meeting to get to. Jack wanted to know what was going on with her. Ashley said nothing was going on with her.

Jack knew Ashley hadn't told him something and said she'd been acting strangely since he'd asked about Phyllis. He asked where Phyllis was. Ashley told him she hadn't seen her. Jack asked Ashley what she hadn't told him. Ashley said she'd talked to Billy, and Billy had admitted he'd been in love with Phyllis.

Jack confronts Phyllis about Billy

Jack confronts Phyllis about Billy

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Nikki was surprised when Paul stopped by to see her at the ranch, and he informed her that he needed to pull Dylan back from the ledge. Paul explained that Dylan was "hellbent" on proving that Victor had framed Adam and helped Adam to escape, and Dylan felt like he had to protect Nikki. Nikki maintained that Victor hadn't had anything to do with the horrific accident that had taken Adam's life, but Paul pointed out that Victor had left a trail of victims over the years. Nikki huffed that she didn't need to be protected from her own husband, and Paul urged her to convince Dylan of that before their son pushed things too far.

At the police station, Victor dared Dylan to skip the formalities and get to the point, and he extended his hands for Dylan to cuff him. Dylan admitted that there was nothing he'd like more than to put Victor in a cell, but he didn't have the evidence, and he refused to blow the case by jumping the gun. Dylan asserted that he knew Victor had put Adam in jail and helped him escape, but Victor argued that it didn't make sense. Dylan theorized that Victor had made Adam feel safe in the cabin before it had blown up, and Victor warned Dylan to be careful if he was accusing Victor of killing his own son.

Dylan conceded that Victor might not have intentionally caused the explosion, but he thought Victor had been responsible for the events that had led up to it. Victor defended that the police had placed him under house arrest and searched his property, but they'd found nothing. Dylan vowed to keep looking and asking until he got answers, and Victor threatened that there would be consequences if Dylan continued to harass him and his family. Dylan noted that the simple way to get him to back off would be to confess, and Victor implored Dylan to get a tape recorder.

Dylan set up a recorder, and Victor confessed to loving Adam and wanting the best for his son. Dylan shut off the recorder and snapped that it wasn't a game, and Victor imagined what Dylan would do if Sully disappeared and Dylan was accused of his murder. Paul asked what was going on, and Victor complained that Dylan was trying to coerce a confession out of him. Dylan defended that he'd been letting Victor tell his side of the story, and Victor ordered them to arrest him or let him go. Dylan was livid when Paul apologized to Victor and told him he could leave.

Paul led Dylan into his office and reprimanded him for hauling Victor in without probable cause. Dylan contended that Victor had stopped by the station to stir things up, and Paul threatened to suspend Dylan again. Dylan argued that if Paul had let him pursue the evidence before, he might have gotten to Adam in time, and Paul grew quiet. Paul understood that Dylan felt guilty and responsible, but he thought Dylan's emotional investment was a sign that he needed to take a step back. Dylan guessed that Victor had been there to check up on them because there was still evidence out there, and he declared that there was no way he was stopping.

Paul dictated that there would be no more questioning or posturing from Dylan, and the only thing he wanted to hear from Dylan was an apology for overstepping. Dylan told Paul to take away his badge if the alternative was groveling at Victor's feet, and he swore that Victor was "guilty as hell" and would go down.

Nikki embraced Victor when he returned home, and he informed her that he'd visited her son at the police station. Nikki clucked that there had been no need to antagonize Dylan, but Victor implied that Dylan had antagonized him. She revealed that Paul had been there earlier to discuss his concerns about Dylan's refusal to give up on the case, and Victor was convinced that Dylan wanted to see him behind bars. Nikki relayed that Paul thought Dylan was motivated to protect her from Victor, and she didn't want to be forced into making a decision between her husband and her son. Victor groused that Dylan was putting her in an untenable situation.

Victor apologized for involving Nikki in the escape, but she countered that she'd known the risks when she'd decided to help, and she'd do it again. He wished Adam were there so they could develop a better father-son relationship, and Nikki assured Victor that she was still there for him and always would be. She promised to find a way to make things better, and they kissed.

Nikki arrived at the station to see Dylan, and he assumed that Victor had painted himself as the victim. Dylan declared that it was his responsibility to prove that Adam was dead because of what Victor had done, and he knew that Victor had used Nikki by having her lie for him, but he wouldn't let her be another victim. Nikki said she appreciated Dylan's love and support, but her judgment hadn't been impaired. Dylan pledged to put a stop to it, and Nikki acknowledged that he wanted to see justice done, but he'd be doing the opposite of protecting her if he kept pursuing it, since he'd have to arrest her, too.

Dylan insisted that the only guilty party was Victor, but Nikki argued that Victor hadn't done it alone, so Dylan had to be ready to arrest her, Chelsea, or anyone else who had been involved. Dylan swore that he would never put Nikki or Chelsea in jail, and Nikki pointed out that he had a double standard if he justified punishing Victor while forgiving the hypothetical crimes of other people. Dylan argued that he and the system had let Adam down, and he had a chance to make things right. Nikki said he had to make a choice between protecting his mother and preserving his integrity, since he couldn't do both.

At the Athletic Club, Victor met with a man about taking care of a problem regarding his wife's son. Paul approached the table and assured Victor that what had happened with Dylan wouldn't happen again. Victor announced that he was certain it wouldn't, and his cohort handed Paul an envelope. Paul discovered a restraining order against Dylan, and Victor noted that it was Paul's responsibility to enforce it.

At Jabot, Ashley blurted out that Billy was in love with Phyllis, and Jack asked if she'd actually heard the words or if it was just a rumor. Ashley reluctantly confirmed that Billy had told her that he was in love with Phyllis, but he had been drinking. Jack demanded to know how close Billy and Phyllis had become, and Ashley reasoned that Billy had been struggling since his breakup with Victoria and that he and Phyllis had bonded over their hatred for Victor. Ashley relayed that Billy had said he and Phyllis could talk about anything and everything, and Jack asked what else Billy had confessed to.

Ashley swore that things hadn't become physical, and Billy and Phyllis had realized that their closeness had been inappropriate, so it was over. Jack wondered if Phyllis was in love with Billy, and Ashley insisted that Phyllis was focused on Jack and their marriage. She added that Billy was glad the couple was getting counseling, and Jack was surprised Billy had known about the sessions. Ashley swore that Billy wanted them to be happy, even though he was miserable and acting out like an idiot. Jack thought that both he and Ashley knew that Billy and Phyllis had more than a friendly attachment, and he rushed out to get answers for himself.

At Brash & Sassy, Billy handed a drink to the redheaded model, and he joined her on the couch. He seductively urged her to enjoy the feeling of the tequila in her mouth, and he got up to pour himself another. She threw her bikini top at him and purred that it wasn't the happy hour vibe she'd been hoping for, and he replied that happiness was overrated, but the gesture had perked things up. The model compared it to last call at a really sad bar, and she offered to let Billy talk about his problems. He said it was the last thing he wanted to do, and he caressed her face and asked if she'd always been a redhead.

Billy called the model's hair beautiful, and she admitted that the color was from a bottle. Billy contemplated starting a line of hair color with her as his inspiration, and she assumed that he liked redheads. She inquired what the woman's name was, but Billy replied that he wasn't big on names. The model wasn't opposed to role-playing, and she mentioned that she'd had a boyfriend who'd really been into Julia Roberts. Billy chuckled, and the model said he had a great laugh. They kissed, but he pulled away to get more tequila. Later, Jack opened the door and saw the duo making out.

The model noticed Jack in the office, and she buttoned her blouse. Billy started to introduce her to Jack, but she realized that Billy didn't remember her name. Jack requested some time alone with Billy, and the model hurriedly left over Billy's protests. Billy testily asked what had been important enough to interrupt his business meeting, and Jack observed that a drunken Billy obviously didn't "give a damn" about his job. Billy crowed that he loved it because of the perks, and Jack chided Billy for ending up with another nameless, half-dressed bimbo. Billy contended that she could be the love of his life, but Jack countered that he thought Phyllis was.

Billy remained silent, and Jack realized that there was actually truth to the theory. Billy thought he'd been stupid to confide in Ashley, and he contended that she'd blown everything out of proportion. Jack barked that it wasn't about Ashley or what she'd said, and he wanted a man-to-man answer from Billy. Jack added that Billy "better damn well" tell him the truth, and Billy steeled himself and asked if Jack really thought he wanted to hear it. Jack inquired whether Billy was in love with Phyllis, and Billy admitted that he was. A furious Jack lunged at him.

Jack threw Billy around the room, trashing the room in the process. Billy questioned whether Jack wanted to know if Phyllis loved Billy, and he informed Jack that she didn't -- she loved Jack. Billy said it had never been a race, since he had never been in it. Billy implored Jack to man up and do the right thing by being the man Phyllis needed him to be, but it was Jack's call if he'd prefer to keep punching and blaming Billy. A seething Jack walked out.

Billy tipsily pulled himself to his feet and poured another drink, and he threw it against the wall. He staggered to the door and took the elevator to Jabot, where he asked Ashley where Phyllis was. Ashley questioned whether he thought that was appropriate, and Billy blasted her for running to Jack minutes after Billy had bared his soul to her in confidence. Billy announced that Jack had gone looking for the truth and had gotten it, and he sourly congratulated Ashley on ripping their family apart.

Ashley pointed out that Jack had sensed that something had been going on, and he'd connected the dots by himself. Billy testily questioned whether her life was so miserable that she had to ruin the lives of everyone else around her, and he insisted that it had been his and Phyllis' problem to fix their crime. She asked what he meant by "crime," and she was horrified to realize that he'd lied to her when he'd said he and Phyllis had only shared an emotional connection. She demanded to know if he'd had sex with his brother's wife.

Ashley told Billy not to dare put it on her when he'd blown up Jack's marriage by sleeping with Jack's wife. Billy swore that he hadn't wanted to hurt Jack, and Ashley asked if he'd planned to sneak around forever. Billy flatly stated that it was over, but Ashley found it difficult to believe him after he'd lied to her before. Ashley thought part of the truth was out, but things didn't seem over when Billy had just been looking for Phyllis. Ashley questioned how Billy could be that selfish after everything Jack had done for him.

Phyllis wailed to the marriage counselor that she had no idea how to tell Jack about her affair with Billy, even though it was over that time. The shrink asked if she'd attempted to end it before, and she reflected back on the moments of joy and exhilaration that she'd had with Billy, when she'd felt free of Marco and Jack. She confided that she felt guilt and disgust when she looked in the mirror or in Jack's eyes, and she knew that she stood to take her marriage down with her. The doctor asked how she felt then, and she replied that it felt good to finally say the words. She braced herself to tell Jack that day, and the therapist inquired where her need to tell her husband about the affair was stemming from.

Phyllis insisted that she needed to stop lying, but the counselor wanted her to understand the consequences of unburdening herself, since she had to be prepared to lose Jack forever. Phyllis cried that she didn't want to lose Jack, but she'd been keeping the truth from him when he'd been honest. The doctor lectured that sometimes it wasn't honesty but the belief that couples knew the truth about one another that kept them together. Phyllis called herself a liar and a cheat who'd slept with her husband's brother, but the doctor questioned whether she intended to tell Jack to save her marriage or to punish herself.

Phyllis worried that Jack would find out about the affair from someone else, and she couldn't imagine rebuilding their marriage with the secret between them. She confided that she'd had another affair years earlier, and they'd dealt with it, but then Marco had happened. The doctor reasoned that Phyllis hadn't had an affair with Marco, and she'd been a victim. She recalled that the world had considered her to be an idiot for not being able to tell the difference between her husband and a complete stranger, and she thought they had been right. She regretted that she hadn't questioned the way Marco had touched her, and she'd done nothing to stop it.

The doctor assured Phyllis that she'd had no reason to believe the man in her bed hadn't been her husband, but Phyllis thought there had been signs that she'd ignored. The counselor insisted that the events had been out of her control, but the misplaced guilt she felt seemed to have worked its way to the surface. Phyllis scoffed at the idea that she'd had the affair with Billy because of her guilt about Marco, and she thought she had to be punished for choosing to sleep with Billy. The doctor advised that it wasn't about punishment, but Phyllis asserted that she wasn't innocent, and she ordered him to stop making excuses for her choices and tell her what to do.

The doctor insisted that it was Phyllis' decision to make, and he praised the progress she'd made that day in trying to understand her motivation. He maintained that she had the tools to make the right decision for her and her marriage, and Phyllis grappled with whether to risk losing Jack by telling the truth or to keep living a lie. Phyllis considered flipping a coin to make the choice between bad and worse, and the doctor reiterated that it was his job to help her find her answers, not to make her choices. She growled that she needed an objective voice, but all he'd done was make it worse, and she stalked out. Jack watched from his car as Phyllis left the counselor's office.

Phyllis returned home and looked through the mail. She jumped when she saw that Jack had silently crept into the room, and he mentioned that he'd looked for her at Jabot. She claimed that she'd grabbed a manicure, but he called her out on being at the therapist's office. Phyllis incredulously asked if he'd followed her, and Jack questioned why she'd gone by herself. She vaguely stated that she'd needed to work out some problems on her own, but the doctor had told her that he couldn't give her solutions but only help her and Jack to find their own answers. Jack asked if the counselor was helping her find her answer to Billy.

Jack vaguely stated that his brother had confessed the truth, and he thought Phyllis should extend the same courtesy. Jack disclosed that Billy had said he was in love with her, and Phyllis acknowledged that Billy thought he was, but she'd put a stop to it. Jack doubted that she had just been able to end Billy's feelings for her, and she swore that she'd repeatedly told Billy that Jack was the man she loved.

Jack relayed that Billy had claimed that there had never been a competition or a choice, and Phyllis blamed herself because of her hatred toward Victor. Jack told her not to hide behind Victor, but Phyllis wailed that she hadn't been the same, and it had been a mistake to turn to Billy. Jack demanded the whole truth, and he asked if she'd gone to bed with Billy.

Phyllis confesses her affair to Jack

Phyllis confesses her affair to Jack

Friday, September 16, 2016

At the Abbott mansion, Jack vowed to keep asking until Phyllis responded to his question about whether or not she'd slept with Billy. "Yes, I did," she brokenly admitted. Phyllis insisted that the affair was over and that it hadn't lasted long, but she had been in a bad place and unable to talk to Jack. Jack coldly doubted that she'd been confused when she'd fallen into bed with Billy, and she said it had been complicated. Jack told her to make it simple by revealing when, where, and how often it had happened.

Phyllis swore that Billy had been nothing more than a friend for a long time, but things had shifted on the night of the foundation benefit, and she and Billy had ended up in a kiss. Jack recalled that it had been the night of the storm, and he'd been worried about her, but she obviously hadn't been worried about him. Phyllis claimed that she and Billy had been horrified by what they'd done, but Jack scoffed at the idea that they'd never done it again. Phyllis cried that she hadn't wanted to have feelings for Billy, and she'd fought them, but Jack admonished her for sleeping with Billy while she'd been sleeping with Jack.

Jack reflected back on the times when he'd had no idea where Phyllis been or when she'd seemed distant, and he imagined that she either had been or had wanted to be with Billy. He suddenly recalled the trip to the cabin for his birthday, he questioned whether she'd gotten drunk and passed out because she hadn't been able to face making love to him. Jack continued that she hadn't returned to town with him because she hadn't been able to stomach Adam's trial, and Billy had said the same thing. Phyllis confessed that she and Billy had been together at the cabin.

Jack became emotional as he recounted that the cabin had been the place where Phyllis had helped him get sober and where they'd fallen in love all over again. He tearfully stammered that they had been incredible memories, but he wished he could scrub them off himself, since they had all been lies. Phyllis swore that they meant as much to her as they did to him, but Jack growled that he and Phyllis wouldn't be in that position if that were true. Phyllis wailed that she'd lost her way, but Jack snarled that she'd needed someone else because he had no longer been enough.

Jack argued that what had happened had affected him, too, and he'd given Phyllis his all, but she'd been giving herself to Billy and making a fool of Jack. Jack spat that he shouldn't be surprised, since she'd been unfaithful before, but he'd thought it hadn't been able to get worse than her cheating with Nick. Jack wondered if Phyllis and Billy had had some laughs at Jack's expense, and he envisioned them lying in bed, marveling at how easy it had been to pull off. Phyllis swore that she had wanted to tell Jack and had been close to doing it many times. Jack sarcastically applauded her half-hearted attempt at honesty, and he called her a coward.

Phyllis conceded that Jack was right, but she hadn't wanted to break his heart. Jack retorted that she'd done it the moment she'd wanted to sleep with Billy, and Phyllis compared her feelings for Billy to Jack's addiction to pills. She swore that she'd broken things off, but she admitted that Jill had found out about the affair and had threatened to tell Jack everything. Jack accused Phyllis of breaking things off with Billy because she'd had to, not because she'd wanted to.

Phyllis insisted that Jill had been right, since the affair had needed to stop, and she had been falling apart at the seams over what she'd been doing to Jack. Phyllis asserted that she'd ultimately realized that she couldn't walk away from their marriage, since it meant too much to her, and she couldn't lose him. Jack imagined that Billy had put up quite a fight, given how much he loved her, and Phyllis said it had been difficult for Billy to accept. Jack asked whether it had been difficult for Phyllis to stay away from Billy, and he questioned whether Phyllis loved Billy. She balked, and Jack realized she did.

Jack ordered Phyllis to say the words out loud, and she admitted that she loved both Billy and Jack, but she'd chosen Jack in the end. Jack hollered that it was the end of anything he and Phyllis ever were or could have been, since she'd destroyed them. Jack spat that he hoped it had been worth it, and he headed to the door. She chased after him, yelling his name, but he stormed out. Phyllis collapsed on the floor in heaving sobs.

At Jabot, Billy acknowledged that he never should have pursued Phyllis, but they'd had a connection. Ashley wondered what that meant, and Billy explained that he'd loved Phyllis and that he'd wanted and needed her with everything in him. Billy swore that they'd intended to make things right, and Ashley questioned whether they'd planned to keep Jack in the dark forever. Billy contended that things would have worked out if Ashley had minded her own business, but Ashley countered that he was still lying to himself, since Jack's marriage had been doomed the moment Phyllis and Billy had given into one another, and Billy would have to live with that for the rest of his life.

Ashley asked how the affair had started, but Billy chided her for always being on Jack's side. Ashley countered that she'd love to be on Billy's side, but he made it hard. She pointed out that the fallout from the affair would affect the whole family, and she wondered how they'd recover from it. She became irritated when Billy had nothing to say, and he barked that she wouldn't understand because she didn't get him. He picked up a black marker and scrawled "Phyllis loves Jack" on the wall, and he hurried out.

Cane, Victoria, and Travis entered Brash & Sassy's office after flying home from Seattle. They discussed the success of the trip, but they were stunned to see that the office had been trashed. Cane guessed that Billy had thrown a party, and Victoria griped that Billy had forgotten to clean up. After Cane departed, Victoria wondered if Billy had stayed home from the trip to go on a bender, but Travis noted that it had sounded like Billy had been dealing with something important. Travis figured that Billy had needed to blow off some steam, but Victoria groused that Billy hadn't needed to turn to tequila and who knew what else. Travis picked up the model's discarded bikini top and had an idea of what Billy had been doing.

Victoria prepared to go home, but Billy entered and asked what she and Travis were doing there. She reported that they'd taken an earlier flight, and she dryly asked if Billy had forgotten his bottle of tequila. Billy promised to clean things up, but Victoria pushed to know what had happened, and he replied that his work on a new marketing campaign hadn't gone well. Billy inquired whether they'd taken Seattle by storm, and Victoria informed him that the meeting had gone well, but she warned that Billy needed to step up his game if he wanted to impress Jill. Billy huffed that he wasn't out to impress his mother or anyone else.

Victoria wondered whether Billy didn't want to be part of the company anymore, and Billy complained that he was tired of his mom micromanaging him instead of trusting him to do something on his own. Victoria stepped aside to answer a call, and Travis remarked that he'd thought Billy had stayed behind for something important. Billy barked that his motives were none of Travis' business, since Travis was just a guy who was sleeping with Billy's ex. Travis warned Billy to watch his mouth, and he didn't understand why Billy had played nice one moment then acted like a "jackass" the next. Billy swore that he didn't want to hurt Victoria, and Travis flatly replied, "Then don't."

Later, Victoria returned after finishing her call, and Billy reported that Travis was waiting for her downstairs. Billy suspected that Travis didn't like him very much, and Victoria replied that Billy didn't make it easy. Victoria pushed to know what was going on with Billy, and he wrote it off as a bad mood. Victoria didn't believe that everything was fine, and she wanted to help, but he didn't want to deal with it that night. She said he knew where to find her, and she stooped down to pick up her bag. Phyllis burst in and announced that Jack knew about her and Billy, but she was startled when Victoria stood up.

Victoria realized that Billy had been having an affair with Phyllis, and he confirmed that it was over. Victoria scolded that it never should have started, and she admonished them for not thinking about what a huge disaster it would be. Phyllis said she didn't need to explain herself, but Victoria blasted Phyllis for cheating on Jack again. Victoria contended that Jack had been like a father to Billy, and Billy conceded that he had no defense. Victoria considered herself to be an idiot for believing that Billy had been trying to get his life together, since he was what he'd always been -- a complete disappointment to everyone who loved him. Victoria sauntered out.

Phyllis apologized, but Billy figured that Victoria would have found out at some point anyway. Phyllis said she'd expected the confrontation with Jack to be bad, but she'd never seen him that furious, and she'd seen from the devastation and disgust in his eyes that he was done with both her and Billy. Phyllis questioned why Billy had told Ashley that he loved Phyllis, and Billy grumbled that he'd been tired of lying. Phyllis angrily reminded him that she'd been trying to work things out with Jack, but Billy maintained that they should have told him a long time before. Phyllis stressed that she hadn't wanted to hurt her husband, and Billy asked how that was going for her.

Billy said he didn't want to fight with Phyllis, and she replied that she hadn't meant to put it all on him, since they'd gotten to that place together. She reflected back on the therapist's warning that she hadn't been prepared to face the consequences of telling Jack the truth, but she was swimming in the consequences anyway. Billy said he was sorry it was difficult, but he wasn't sorry that the truth was out. Billy considered it a relief that they could live out in the open, and he suggested that they run away together. She sternly reminded him that she'd just told him she wanted to save her marriage, but Billy countered that she'd also said it was over. Phyllis clarified that it was over according to Jack, but she had to believe that he'd eventually find a way to forgive her.

At Victoria's home, Travis rubbed Victoria's feet and asked if she was feeling any better. She admitted that she wanted to scream, but the kids were sleeping. She thought it was just like Billy to get involved with the worst person possible, but Travis argued that Billy wasn't her problem anymore. Victoria groaned that Billy would always be her problem, since Katie and Johnny stood to get hurt, and she thought it was only the beginning of Billy blowing his life apart.

At the Athletic Club, Lily asked Neil if he was ready for his interview, and she thought the international exposure would be huge for the foundation. Neil mentioned that he was supposed to meet Jack to go over the talking points, but Lily hadn't seen Jack there yet. Lily hesitantly inquired about how Neil had been doing after his mom had passed, and she remarked that she still didn't know what had happened that night. Neil recounted that he'd thought he'd known how things would go down, but life was full of surprises, and what had happened had been the biggest surprise of all.

Lily was stunned to find out that she'd had a grandmother who had wanted to know them, and Neil said he was still in shock himself. He added that he was glad he'd gotten there when he had, since he and his mom had had a difficult but good talk. He admitted that never reading any of Lucinda's letters had been a big mistake, since the story he'd been told about her hadn't been true. Neil revealed that his mother had never walked out on him, but she had been an alcoholic who had been in no condition to take care of him.

Lily realized that Lucinda had been protecting Neil by leaving, and Neil recounted Lucinda's struggle to stay sober, which had been a lot more than he could say for himself. Lily assured him that he was doing great by taking it one day at a time, but he regretted that he hadn't given Lucinda a chance to explain earlier. Lily thought that finding out the truth directly from Lucinda had to count for something, and Neil replied that it counted for far more than Lily knew.

Neil pulled out Lucinda's sobriety chip and marveled that his mother had been clean for 25 years, and Lily assured him that he'd get there, too. Neil was confident that he could do it since his mom had, and he thought the chip would serve as constant reminder to stay strong. Lily imagined it had been huge for him to realize that his disease might have been inherited, and Neil hoped to talk about it in the interview that day. Lily thought Neil sounded centered, and she hoped the time with his mom had given him closure.

Later, Neil left a message for Jack to remind him about the interview. Neil greeted television reporter Lois Thompson and showered her with compliments. Neil assured her that Jack would be there soon, and he escorted her upstairs to set things up.

Cane entered the club, and Lily rushed into his arms. Cane presented Lily with a bracelet he'd bought for her in Seattle, and she wanted to celebrate that his meetings had gone well. She gushed that she was proud of him for standing his ground, since Jill had been ready to let Billy and Victoria take all the credit. Cane said he thought Travis and Victoria were the real deal, and Lily remarked that Victoria deserved better than Billy.

Cane thought that it would be good for his role at the company if Billy imploded, but he observed that Lily seemed distracted. She mentioned that she'd had an intense conversation with her dad earlier, and Neil had opened up about his visit with his mom. Lily confided that Lucinda had been an alcoholic, and Neil was still processing it. She was grateful that she had a relationship with her dad, and she wished that Neil had had the same thing with his mom. Cane thought Neil could hold onto his last conversation with Lucinda, and he assured Lily that the love Neil got from his family would never be taken away.

Lily presented Cane with a nice bottle of Champagne, but he thought they'd go upstairs to watch the interview. Between kisses, she purred that it was his first night back, and he'd been amazing for listening to her talk about her family. She thought they should celebrate his success, and he envisioned Jill getting rid of Billy and Victoria and letting Cane run Brash & Sassy on his own.

On the club rooftop, Neil joked with Lois about going easy on him and Jack during the interview, but she made no promises. Neil approached Ashley at the bar and said he'd been trying to contact Jack, but he couldn't keep stalling. Ashley hoped Neil was prepared to do the interview on his own, since she expected Jack wouldn't be there.

Neil apologetically told Lois that they needed to reschedule, but Jack suddenly walked in and explained that he'd needed to handle something unexpected. Ashley pulled Jack aside and asked if he was okay, since she knew he'd seen Billy, and she assumed Jack had confronted Phyllis. Jack said he didn't want to talk about it, since he needed to stay focused. He added that the foundation meant the world to him, and he wouldn't let anyone ruin that for him. Jack joined Neil to go over talking points.

The interview began, and Lois asked Jack to tell her about the foundation. Neil covered for a preoccupied Jack by explaining the foundation's purpose, and Lois asked them to elaborate on the foundation's personal meaning to them. Jack declared that he and Neil both knew from personal experience what it meant to have unconditional support and a safe haven, but it wasn't enough for some people. A confused Lois asked if Jack was referring to a relapse, and Jack said an addict was his own worst enemy. Ashley looked on as Jack ranted that addicts convinced others that they had their priorities straight when they didn't, and they always hit rock-bottom and dragged everyone down with them.

Lois prompted Jack to continue, and Jack proclaimed that some people did nothing but leave a trail of destruction, and it didn't do any good to give them second and third chances because they didn't deserve free passes. Neil asked what was going on, and Jack blurted out that it was about Billy -- his screw-up brother had slept with Jack's wife.

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