General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 15, 2006 on GH

Maxie decided that Nikolas needed to know about his son, so she gave the results of the paternity test to Robin. Luke outsmarted Holly. Emily talked to Lainey about Sonny's erratic behavior. Sam woke up from her coma.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 15, 2006 on GH
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Monday, May 15, 2006

On the Maarkam Islands, a helmeted stranger descended the rope from the helicopter flying overhead. The stranger removed the helmet, revealing that it was Anna Devane. Anna asked Robin to hold her bag, and she turned to Robert and knocked him to the ground. Robert told Anna that he had guessed that he had deserved it. Anna expressed her anger and frustrations for Robert having pretended that he had been dead for so many years. Having heard enough, Robin fired a machine gun into the air. Robin told her mom that Anna had every right to be angry with Robert, but fighting was not going to solve anything.

Anna informed everyone that she would be turning over Holly, Robert, and Luke for the half-million-dollar bounty. Clearly disagreeing with the idea, Lulu held Anna at gunpoint. Luke asked Lulu to hand him the gun; however, she refused. Robin defended her mother, saying that Anna hadn't thought things through clearly and that she would not be turning anyone in. Anna agreed with Robin about her hasty decision. Lulu handed the gun over to Robin.

Robin asked her parents if it would be too much to have a few minutes of their undivided attention. Anna and Robert both expressed concern about leaving Holly, Luke, Dillon, and Lulu by themselves. Robin offered them a choice between leaving the group behind to be with their daughter or staying with the group and not having their daughter. They both chose Robin. When alone, Robin asked her parents if they were sorry for what had happened.

Lulu and Luke shared an intimate father and daughter moment. Lulu told her father that she was envious of Robin for being able to have both of her parents want to be with her.

Sonny and Emily were lying in the back of Sonny's new car at Vista Point. A very curious Emily wondered what was going on with Sonny's spontaneous behavior. She commented on what a private person Sonny normally was and that he was just not acting like himself. Sonny apologized to Emily and told her that he was not looking to push her. Emily was not concerned that he was trying to push her but was just trying to make sense of his actions. She jokingly asked Sonny who he was and what he had done with the real Sonny.

Sonny exited the vehicle with Emily following closely behind. He told her that when he had been younger, the last thing he had ever expected was to be in love and have a family. Sonny explained how the money and power had seduced him and that death would have been the only way he could have exited the mob lifestyle. He was grateful to Jason for taking his business and allowing the ones Sonny loved the opportunity to live free of fear. Sonny kissed Emily and asked her if she was ready to leave the lookout. Emily wondered what had happened to Sonny's idea of making love in the back seat.

As Sonny and Emily cuddled in the back seat of the car, they overheard a knock on the window. Trying to clear the steam from the windows, they discovered a police officer. They exited the vehicle, wondering what kind of trouble they were in. The officer commented on what a beautiful car Sonny had and how he couldn't believe how close he was to it.

Sonny and Emily headed home and were about to open the door when Max surprised them. Sonny handed Max the keys and allowed him to go for a test drive. Before Max even entered the vehicle, he began to fantasize about driving the car with Carly by his side.

Sonny handed Emily a drink and began to ask her about her schooling. Emily told him that she was confident with the way things were going and felt that she had some breathing room. Sonny was quite glad to hear it and headed to the phone to make a phone call.

A worried Ric arrived and wondered what emergency had occurred for Sonny to take Ric away from the hospital. Sonny asked Ric to forget about all the stress going on and to go to Vegas with Emily and Sonny.

Lady Jane told Carly that Jax had horrible taste in women and that Lady Jane had thought he would have learned his lesson with Courtney. Carly won the board game they were playing and said that she would be with Jax, no matter what. Lady Jane passed out in Carly's arms. Carly checked for Lady Jane's pulse, believing that she might have suffered a heart attack. She asked an unconscious Lady Jane to hold on while Carly called for an ambulance.

While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, a panicking Carly checked Lady Jane's breathing and pupils to see how she was. Carly noticed that Lady Jane's pupils were dilated.

Michael and Morgan entered the house with a pail full of water. They noticed Lady Jane lying on the couch and wanted to know what was wrong with her. Carly told them that Lady Jane was just resting her eyes. Carly asked the boys to go and see Leticia, but she asked to keep the pail. Once the boys were gone, Carly threw the bucket of water in Lady Jane's face.

Lady Jane apologized to the paramedics for the misunderstanding. Lady Jane informed Carly that calling in a false emergency was against the law, and Carly was lucky that she hadn't been arrested.

Carly told Lady Jane that there were a lot of bad things that she had done to Jax and that Jax shouldn't trust her. It was Jax who did trust her in spite of all those circumstances. She continued to tell Lady Jane that they saw each other as they truly were. Carly suggested that they get along for Jax's sake. Lady Jane mentioned that she would consider Carly's request, but that Carly would need to pass one more test.

Jax arrived back at the house and found a very drunk Carly and Lady Jane. Lady Jane told the two that they would be trekking the bush the following day in order to make some plans. A curious Carly and Jax wondered what plan Lady Jane could possibly be talking about. Lady Jane informed them that her day was wide open on Tuesday -- for them to get married.

Patrick informed his operating staff that the procedure was almost completed.

A very angry Alexis yelled at Jason for allowing the surgery to continue after she had produced the injunction. Their argument was cut short when they began to hear beeping from the operating room. Alexis told Jason that if Sam died, it would be his fault.

Patrick exited the operating room to inform Jason and Alexis that Sam had made it through the surgery. He continued to tell them that it was too soon to tell if there would be any brain damage, but she had a very good chance of surviving.

Patrick told Liz that he felt that she had handled herself well in the operating room. He continued to say that she would make a wonderful operating room nurse. Their conversation was cut short when an angry Noah approached Patrick. Noah informed Patrick that he had risked his career and freedom in performing the surgery.

Mac and Detective Rodriguez arrested Elizabeth, Epiphany, Jason, and Patrick for disobeying the injunction. Jason informed the police that he should be the only one arrested for it and that they should let everyone go. Jason continued to say that Patrick had only performed the operation because Jason had threatened him. Elizabeth said that she had been present when Jason had threatened Patrick, and it had only happened because Patrick had asked Jason if he were packing. Patrick confirmed Elizabeth's story.

Stan arrived and attempted to bail his mother out. However, Epiphany did not allow him to. Lucky arrived at the police station to post Elizabeth's bail. Elizabeth thanked her husband but told him that she was staying until everyone was released. Lucky asked Mac to let Elizabeth go. Mac informed Lucky that there was nothing he could do unless Elizabeth agreed to leave.

Mac offered the opportunity for Lucky to speak to his wife again, but Lucky chose to speak with Patrick instead. Thinking that he was about to speak with his lawyer, Patrick left the interrogation room to an awaiting Lucky. Elizabeth told Jason and Epiphany that Alexis would drop the charges once she calmed down. Jason feared that his problems with Alexis were just about to begin.

Noah told Alexis that the surgery had probably been the best thing for Sam. Alexis told Noah that she was confused by Noah's change of heart. She believed that Noah had only changed his mind because of Patrick being arrested. Alexis continued to inform him that all she wanted for her daughter was to receive the best care possible, free of any ulterior motives.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

An inebriated Lady Jane wanted Carly and Jax to get married as soon as possible, and a very surprised Jax refused. A drunken Carly was upset that he didn't want to marry her, so Jax took Lady Jane's engagement ring and got down on one knee to propose. However, Carly was apprehensive of accepting and felt it was not the right time to get married. Lady Jane was impressed with Carly's answer and told Jax that he should be quick in getting her to agree, otherwise Carly would eventually find a man that was better than Jax.

Back at the island, Anna admitted that she and Robert had made selfish choices and had been horrible parents. Robert proclaimed that despite it all, Robin had turned out all right and that she had a successful career, an extended family, and a neurosurgeon boyfriend in Patrick. Anna was pleasantly surprised and started asking questions regarding Patrick and who he was. Robin shared that Patrick was a brilliant surgeon who was a self-centered, arrogant womanizer with a little bit of compassion. She also claimed that even if she were to like him, she could never trust him.

Anna punched Robert, exclaiming that Robert had made his daughter fall in love with a man just like him. Upon further discussion, Robin agreed that Patrick was in a way a substitute for Robert. As Robert and Anna continued their bantering, Robin asked if they had ever loved each other. Both Robert and Anna proclaimed that they loved each other, but because of Anna's need to be independent and Robert's need to be competitive, they could not stay together. However, both agreed that the best thing that had happened to them was Robin and that they were very grateful for that.

Robert left the room, and Anna and Robin shared some personal time. Anna asked Robin to try to give Robert another chance. Anna said that he was a good man and that Robin would be fortunate to have him on her side.

Lulu and Luke talked about Laura and how much Lulu had missed out on. Luke spoke about all of the wonderful qualities of Laura and said that the cruelest thing was Laura getting ill. Lulu wondered if her mother would have liked her. Luke said that he didn't doubt that Laura would have liked Lulu because Lulu was a combination of the best things of Luke and Laura with a bit of her own originality. However, he reiterated that while he appreciated her willingness to go there to help him, they would never have a typical father-daughter relationship. Lulu agreed that Luke was his own man and that the only reason she had gone to help him had been to break up the monotony.

Luke went inside to talk to Holly, and Dillon and Lulu were outside. Lulu apologized to Dillon for taking him with her. Dillon said that everything happened for a reason, and perhaps in a long time, they would understand why it had happened. Inside the mansion, Luke and Holly, who was dripping in jewels, talked about the disadvantages of having a romance and that it was more advantageous to have companionship. They were kissing on the couch when Robert walked in on them.

At the hospital, Maxie looked at another copy of the DNA test and put it in an envelope. Lucas stopped by to talk to her. She asked if she could use his car, since her father had confiscated hers. She said it would only be for a couple of days, since she had information that someone would not want to get out and would be willing to pay for her to keep quiet. Lucas tried to get her to understand that blackmail was not the best way to go about getting what she wanted. However, he did agree to drop and pick her up -- and ask no questions. As they were getting ready to leave, Maxie dropped the envelope addressed to Jax, and Lucas figured out that she was going to try to blackmail Jax.

Sonny wanted to go to Las Vegas with Ric and Emily. Ric was not sure if he was more surprised about Sonny wanting to go when everything was falling apart or Sonny wanting to go with Ric. Sonny apologized for treating Ric so horribly, expressed a wish for bygones to be bygones, and asked to make up for it. Ric was appreciative. However, he could not go at that time because Alexis had ordered Patrick, Elizabeth, and Jason arrested for operating on Sam. Ric left so that he could try to convince Alexis to drop the charges, and Emily wanted to go to the police station to bail Jason out; however, Sonny said that he wouldn't allow her to go.

At the police station, Alexis dropped the charges against Patrick, Epiphany, Elizabeth, and Jason. While she did not agree with the operation, she was not going to hold a grudge against them. Alexis and Jason went into an interrogation room to talk. Alexis said that she would be willing to overlook Jason's ways of handling issues if Alexis were made 100% responsible for Sam's care. Jason became angry, stating that the only reason he had told her about Sam being her daughter was so that Sam and Alexis could have a relationship before Sam died. He reminded Alexis that she did not know Sam and that Jason and Sam loved each other.

Alexis left the room and asked Mac to hold Jason a little while longer to give her a head start. When Jason tried to leave, Mac would did not allow him, at which time Sonny arrived at the police station to ask why Jason could not leave if the charges had been dropped. Mac sent both of them into the interrogation room, stating that Jason would be able to leave when Mac said so, because Mac was the police commissioner. In the interrogation room, Jason asked why Sonny was there after everything Jason had done to him.

Sonny said that, in a way, he was appreciative of what Jason had taken from him. Taking away the business had freed Sonny, and in a way, Jason's desire to protect Emily had caused Sam to get shot. Before leaving, Sonny told Jason that he was sorry about Sam getting shot and that he hoped that she would get better. Mac allowed Jason to leave, but when Jason got to the hospital, he found out that Alexis had taken Sam to another facility for treatment and that no one knew where she was.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Jax discovered that a blackmailer was targeting him. Jax showed Carly the DNA test results he had received anonymously. Jax contemplated telling Nikolas the truth in order to defang his potential blackmailer.

In the Maarkam Islands, Holly accused her companions of stealing her jewels after awakening to find the gems gone. Anna, Robert, and the others conducted an impromptu investigation to determine who among them was the guilty party. Robin theorized that her mother had taken Holly's rubies, while Dillon guessed that the alleged "victim" herself was the real thief. Tracy arrived in the Maarkam Islands.

Carly prodded Ric to reveal where his wife had taken Sam. Meanwhile, Jason stormed into the D.A.'s office and demanded that Alexis tell him where she had stashed his fiancée. Alexis reminded a fuming Jason how his dangerous trade had already endangered her daughter for far too long. Emily pointed out to Jason how closely Sam's situation mirrored her own.

Emily was amused to realize that Maxie had developed a crush on Nikolas. Maxie was forced to conduct some shady business with Diego. Emily had an awkward encounter with her brother, who reminded her that his feelings about her relationship with Sonny still hadn't changed.

Following a checkup at the hospital, Lucky pressed Patrick to renew his painkiller prescription, but the doctor refused. Lucky learned that Elizabeth and Patrick had gone to a hotel together.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Tracy showed up at the villa to stop Luke from running off with Holly and the jewels. She told Holly to stay away from her husband. She asked Luke where Dillon was. Luke told her he was around there somewhere. Tracy pushed her way inside and found everyone tied up.

Tracy noticed that Robert, Anna, and Robin were tied up together. She realized that Anna was there and was surprised to see her. Tracy had her men untie everyone and expected an explanation as to why Luke would tie up her son. Luke had to backpedal and explain himself. Tracy wasn't impressed and expected him to thank her for saving them.

Tracy informed everyone that she had paid money to the authorities to lift the bounty off of their heads. Tracy expected Luke to make it up to her and insinuated that she expected sex. Dillon and Lulu tried not to cringe when they heard Luke and Tracy talking. Luke asked everyone to stay and let him cook dinner for them all before they left the island.

Robin thanked Luke for the offer, but she planned on getting on a plane and heading home. Anna planned to leave as well. Robert offered to drive them to the airport. Robin touched Robert's heart when she told him that despite everything, she'd had an exciting time with everyone. Robert hugged her and told her he had enjoyed being with her too. Dillon and Lulu also headed to the airport.

Tracy sat with Holly while Luke drugged Tracy's wine. They drank a glass of wine together. Tracy pretended she wasn't jealous of Holly, but it was clear that she felt Holly was a threat. Later, Robert returned to the villa and found Luke sulking about having to return to Tracy. He also told Robert that Holly was upstairs, waiting for him. Robert planned to go up and take her up on her offer.

Luke drugged Robert's glass of wine without Robert's knowledge. Robert ended up going upstairs and got into bed with who he thought was a sleeping Holly. However, Holly appeared downstairs and asked Luke where Robert was and why he wasn't back yet. Luke told her not to worry about Robert.

Meanwhile, Anna told Robin, Dillon, and Lulu that only two people could take the next flight back to the States and that the other two people would have to catch the next flight. Dillon told Robin to go first, since she might be needed back at the hospital. Robin thanked him. Lulu told Anna to go ahead with Robin, and Lulu would fly back with Dillon.

Lulu told Dillon that despite the danger, it had been fun being on the island. Dillon agreed with her. She reminded him that he should be excited to go home to see his wife. Dillon wasn't too sure Georgie would welcome him home.

Anna informed Robin that she wasn't going back to Port Charles and that she needed to take care of something. Anna said she would go see Robin soon. Robin was disappointed that her mother wasn't going along but wished Anna well. Anna said she hoped to meet Patrick someday. Robin didn't bother correcting Anna on her relationship with Patrick. Robin left.

Maxie got Diego to make a blackmail call to Jax, using the voice distorter gadget. Diego didn't know Jax was the man she was trying to blackmail. However, Carly walked by them outside Kelly's. Diego disconnected just as Jax answered the phone. Carly was suspicious when she saw Maxie and Diego talking together. She asked why Maxie would be having coffee with the man who had taken nude photos of her friend and had been stalking her.

Maxie quickly made up a reason why she and Diego were talking. She told Carly that Georgie had convinced her to give Diego another chance, since he had served his time in prison. Carly agreed with her and let it go. After Carly headed inside, Maxie made Diego call Jax again. He placed the call.

Jax told Diego that he would not be giving in to any more blackmail and that he planned on telling Nikolas that Nikolas was the father to stop the blackmail. He also threatened to call the police. Diego didn't get to respond before Jax hung up. Diego warned Maxie to give up trying to blackmail Jax because she wouldn't want to deal with someone with as much money and connections as Jax had. Maxie called Nikolas and asked him to meet her at Kelly's later.

Meanwhile, inside Kelly's diner, Carly met with Dr. Meadows. She asked if the doctor planned to ask Jax for more money, like she had before, to keep the paternity tests a secret. Dr. Meadows told Carly that Jax had given her enough money to retire nicely, and she didn't want any more. She did admit to ordering another paternity test on Jax's son and him but had never gotten the results back.

Later, Nikolas showed up and found Kelly's was closed. Maxie opened the door and told Nikolas to enter. He went in and found that Maxie had a table set up for them. She told him she had made him dinner and had something important to tell him that he would want to know. Nikolas wasn't comfortable with the romantic setting that Maxie had created for them. Nearby, Maxie had the paternity test results on the table.

Monica showed up at Jason's place. She told him she knew where Alexis had transferred Sam. She couldn't tell him where Sam was but wanted him to know that Sam was okay and was still unconscious. Jason thought Monica couldn't or wouldn't tell him because she thought he would put Sam in danger. Monica didn't deny that was her main reason but felt that as a mother, she could empathize with Alexis wanting to protect her daughter from danger.

Jason thanked Monica for telling him about Sam. Monica left. Jason called his computer tech guy, Stan, over. He asked Stan to go to the hospital and hack into the computer files to find out where Alexis had gotten Sam transferred. He warned Stan to be careful, since Stan's mother, Epiphany, worked there.

Carly showed up at Jason's to ask him to intimidate someone for her. Jason started to worry that Courtney was up to something dangerous again. She told him it had to do with Jax. Jason guessed that Jax was being blackmailed and asked her what Jax was trying to keep secret. Carly told him she couldn't reveal the secret and assured him that she was not in any danger. Jason didn't give her an answer but didn't say no either.

Alexis went to see Jax at home. She unloaded on him about her concern for Sam's safety and why she'd had Sam transferred from the hospital. Jax understood Alexis' need to protect her child, since he was also parent. Alexis asked him not to take Carly's side in the whole battle with Jason. Jax agreed not to take Carly's side and agreed with what Alexis was doing. He did tell her that he believed Jason loved Sam in his own way. Alexis knew Jason loved Sam, but she couldn't let Sam be a target for danger.

Meanwhile, Stan's mother caught him hacking into the computer files at the hospital. Epiphany confronted him about what he was up to. She guessed that he was trying to find out where Sam was so he could tell Jason where to find her. Stan called Jason to tell him where Sam was. Epiphany took Stan's cell phone away from him while he was talking to Jason. She said that she wanted to talk to Jason herself.

Later, Alexis went to see Jason at his home. She told him that she'd had Sam transferred back to the hospital like he had wanted and that she wanted something from him in return. She asked him to keep Sam from being a target because of his line of work.

Carly headed over to Jax's and found him trying to burp the baby. She told him she did a great job getting John to burp for her. They sat down and talked. Carly said that she had talked to Dr. Meadows and didn't think the doctor was the one trying to blackmail them. Jax told her that the blackmailer had called him earlier, and he thought he had scared him or her off from trying anything. Carly and Jax shared a tender kiss while sitting with the baby.

Sonny told Max that he wanted Max to make sure that no one interrupted his dinner with Emily that night. Max said the groceries for the dinner were in the kitchen. Sonny reported that he had sent Milo to pick up a necklace to give to Emily. Milo returned without the necklace. He told Sonny that the necklace had already been sold to some other customer.

Sonny blew up in front of Max and Milo. He said that Milo was supposed to have found out who the purchaser was then offer him more money to sell back the necklace. Sonny insisted that people who worked for him were never supposed to take no for an answer. Soon after, Sonny realized how unreasonable he had acted toward Milo and apologized. He gave Milo a few hundred dollars as a way to make it up to Milo for losing his temper.

Max stood behind Sonny and motioned for Milo not to speak but to take the money quietly and leave. Max excused himself to go talk to Milo. Milo apologized to Max for screwing up. Max said he hadn't done anything wrong and that Sonny had a temper sometimes. Max took some of the money for himself and handed the rest to Milo.

Mike showed up moments later to see Sonny. Mike looked like he had gotten beaten up again, and he looked shaky. Max told Mike it wasn't a good time to see Sonny, since Sonny wasn't in a good mood. Mike was about to leave, but Sonny walked into the entryway and saw Mike. He asked what was wrong.

Mike went into the living room with Sonny. He reported that some guys had beaten him up because he hadn't paid them what he owed. Sonny guessed Mike had been gambling again and racking up debts. Mike admitted he had become desperate enough to skim from the petty cash at Kelly's. Sonny sat down with his father and surprised Mike when he didn't yell at him for screwing up again. Sonny offered to pay Mike's debts and seemed very calm about it.

Sonny suggested that Mike get help and didn't think he could do anything for him but give him the money to pay his gambling debts. Mike felt guilty for asking Sonny to bail him out again. Sonny said that life was too short to get angry at Mike anymore and that it didn't do any good. Mike asked Sonny what was wrong with him. Sonny didn't have an answer.

Emily showed up and saw how Mike looked. She asked him if he was okay. Mike told her he would be fine. Sonny invited Mike to stay for dinner. Mike declined because he was afraid to make things worse. Sonny told Emily that he felt that he was able to help Mike in a way he hadn't been able to before.

Later, Emily sat down to eat dinner with Sonny on the terrace. Emily raved about how great the pasta that he had cooked was. Sonny took a bite of it and didn't like it. Emily insisted that she loved it, and it tasted fine. Sonny disagreed with her and thought he had overcooked the pasta. He surprised her when he threw his plate of food onto the ground in a rage.

Friday, May 19, 2006

A drugged Robert awakened to a lump next to him on the bed. Robert, thinking that it was Holly, and Tracy, thinking that it was Luke, found comfort in each other's arms. They began to kiss, but they saw a bright flashing light. Holly and Luke were standing at the foot of the bed, taking a photo. Realizing that they had just been kissing one another, the upset Robert and Tracy screamed.

Tracy freaked out on Luke for his lack of gratitude for paying off the bounty hunters. In all of the commotion, Holly managed to slip out of the room, unnoticed. Finally noticing that she had left, Luke and Robert began to search the grounds. Unable to find her, they returned to the villa.

Holly asked the pilot if he were able to fly the plane any faster, as she was in a rush. Anna approached Holly on the plane and said that there had been a change in plans. Anna informed Holly that her actions were too predictable. On the other hand, because Anna had been able to maintain such a cool head, she would be the one to succeed. Anna took the jewels and escaped the plane by skydiving.

Luke informed Tracy and Robert that there was a plan B to all of the chaos. He produced the jewels and informed them of the switch he had made on Holly. Tracy managed to take the jewels from Luke, but the bounty hunters took them from her.

Nikolas was welcomed to a candlelit room at Kelly's when he went there to see Maxie. Maxie told him that there was something that she needed to tell him. The paternity test results were on the table. Nikolas misunderstood Maxie's motives and believed that she was trying to romance him. He called her on that, and Maxie wondered if perhaps the only reason she was not good enough was because she wasn't Emily.

After Nikolas left, Maxie called Robin and asked her to go to Kelly's. Maxie gave Robin the paternity test and told her that Nikolas was really John's father.

Jax confided how selfish he was being by keeping Nikolas from John. Carly tried to convince Jax that it was best for John if he remained Jax's son. They began to kiss when a knock at the door interrupted them.

Carly took out John and placed him in Nikolas' arms. Cradling the baby in his arms, Nikolas talked to John about it being his first summer and about baseball. Listening to Nikolas and seeing him with John, Jax informed Nikolas that perhaps it was best if it were the last time he saw the baby.

Angered by the ruined sauce, Sonny threw his plate off the table. A startled Emily was even more worried when Sonny threw the table. Max and Milo ran out to the terrace, armed and ready to shoot. They asked what had happened, and Sonny told them that he didn't know. Sonny then looked toward Emily and apologized for his behavior.

Asking the men to clean up the mess, Sonny took Emily inside and tried to apologize again. Emily said that she was worried and scared for him, but she forgave him. Emily told Sonny that she had forgotten her lab book at work and needed it to finish a paper. Sonny agreed to take her so that he could check on Jason.

Finding her book at the nurses' station, Emily saw Lainey and decided to approach her. Emily explained Sonny's random mood swings and temper. Lainey suggested that the episodes appeared to be the symptoms of bipolar disorder. She suggested that Emily get Sonny in for psychiatric testing. Emily informed her this it would be impossible, so Lainey suggested that Emily keep an eye on him and provided Emily with some brochures on the disorder.

When Sonny entered the living room with a new batch of sauce that he had cooked up, Emily was reading the brochures Lainey had provided her with. Emily tasted it and told him that it tasted like heaven. They began to kiss, and as Sonny removed the book from Emily's lap, the brochures fell out. Sonny picked up a brochure and asked Emily what it was.

Jason entered Sam's hospital room and found a strange man standing over her. Slamming the "orderly" into the wall, Jason discovered that it was one of Escobar's men leaving him a message. The messenger informed Jason that Escobar would leave Jason's family alone if Jason left Escobar's family alone.

Noah informed Alexis and Jason that Sam's vitals were good. He mentioned that there was no sign of her waking up, but it was still too soon to worry. Alexis told Jason that she would think it best if he would just leave. She proceeded to tell him that she knew that Jason loved Sam but that it was safer for Sam if he just let her go.

Noah informed Jason and Alexis that Sam's monitors were activated, and he thought that she was waking up. Alexis began to talk to Sam and asked if Sam knew her. Sam said that Alexis was her mother, and Sam hoped that Alexis was not angry about Sam having kept it a secret. Jason told Sam that he had been scared but was very happy that she had returned to him. He said that he loved her and that she was his whole world.

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