One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 22, 2006 on OLTL

Todd was at death's door as plans for his execution proceeded. John and Natalie tried to get in touch with the prison. Kelly admitted that she'd only loved Duke as a friend. Spencer taunted Todd about Blair. Starr and Jack visited Todd, and Jack admitted that he thought of Spencer as his dad. Cristian admitted he had feelings for Evangeline.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 22, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, May 22, 2006

David tells a skeptical John that Margaret is alive and was hiding in the closet up until the moment John arrived. John wants to know where she is but David says that she must have escaped out the window during all the commotion. John is ready to escort David out of Margaret's room when David inquires about Denton's body. John tells him that the local authorities will find it soon and whatever happened there stays there.

Meanwhile, Natalie spots Margaret in the lobby of the hotel she is staying in. She calls out to Margaret and hobbles after her but Margaret knocks down a cart while running scared preventing Natalie from being able to pursue her. When John brings David back to the hotel, a relieved Natalie tells John how she saw Margaret alive and that he needs to go after her. John is hesitant but Natalie reminds him that Todd doesn't deserve to die if Margaret is alive and well. She persuades him to leave David with her so that he can find Margaret before it's too late.

Nash and Tess arrive at Duke's memorial. Tess is a little freaked out by the whole thing since this is the first funeral she has been to. She comes to Kevin's aid when he is hounded by the press outside of the church. Jessica begs for Tess to allow her to come out so that she can comfort her brother, but Tess refuses. Viki sees her struggle and calls out to Jessica but Tess regains control dashing Viki's hopes yet again.

Kelly wants Dorian's help so that she can attend Duke's memorial service but Dorian tries to talk her out of going. She implores Kelly to think about her recovery and to let the Buchanan's deal with their loss. Kelly seemingly takes Dorian's advice but gets the assistance she needs when Hugh stops by for a visit. She is helped to the service and sits in the back unnoticed while watching Kevin's breakdown. Kelly asks the nurse to take her back but she is accidentally wheeled further into the church where Kevin spots her.

A distraught Kevin prepares for his son's memorial service. He tells Clint and Bo how he wishes he could have been a better father to Duke and how he failed him which ultimately led to his death. Clint and Bo wonder where Leeann is but Kevin tells them that she will not be attending because she is too distraught and angry with Kevin in light of her son's death. Kevin listens as Viki and Clint deliver their eulogies before stepping up to the podium to deliver his. He is overcome with grief as he bemoans how he failed to be the man and father that Duke could look up to. He looks up to see Kelly at the back of the church. Kevin yells at her to leave since she is the reason that Duke is in the casket.

Father Andrew visits Todd on Viki's behalf to help him prepare for his execution. Todd makes light of the situation until Andrew gets angry and calls him selfish for not taking the steps to get himself right before his death. Todd tells him that he has made all the necessary arrangements for his children and that Blair will be the executor. Andrew tells him that he needs to think about his actions and to make things right in his last moments because no one should have to die alone.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Kevin yells at Kelly to leave but Kelly wants to know why Kevin chose to save her life over Duke's. When Kevin can't answer her, Kelly cries out that he should have let Duke be operated on first and taken the chance with her life instead. Kelly believes that Kevin has finally gotten his revenge since Duke's death will always haunt them both. Clint and Viki try to get Kevin to continue with the memorial but Kevin refuses to continue with Kelly present. Kelly refuses to leave since she loved Duke too as a best friend. Clint tells them that today is not about them or the events that led up to the tragic event. He also tells them that they are dishonoring Duke's memory by carrying on the way they are. Clint finishes the memorial by saying a few more words about Duke and his legacy. Kelly finally leaves escorted by Dorian and her nurse. Back at the hospital, Kelly reveals to Dorian and Adriana that she still has feelings for Kevin.

During the commotion at the memorial, Tess is fighting desperately to stay in control since Jessica wants out to help her family deal with their loss. Tess yells out that being a Buchanan is nothing but a curse. Nash covers for her when everyone hears her outburst. Later, back at Llanfair Bo asks Tess to think about whether being a Buchanan is a curse or a blessing the next time she kisses her baby girl.

Blair stays behind in the church hoping to put together funeral arrangements for Todd. Spencer tells her that someone else has probably made arrangements but an annoyed Blair yells back that the state will not bury Todd properly and he deserves that no matter what has transpired. Viki overhears them talking and tells Blair that she is hoping that Todd will still be found innocent but just in case they do need to make the necessary arrangements. Bo walks up to Blair and asks her how well she really knows Spencer. Blair says that it's no secret that she and Spencer have been spending a lot of time together but Bo once again questions how well she really knows him.

Cris is at the hospital to pick up a released Antonio. Antonio shares with Cris his desire to be reunited with Jessica and the baby. Cris inquires about the results of the paternity test but Antonio tells him that the test has been held up due to the storm and that it will be weeks before they know the results. Cris laments how the storm took a toll on everyone especially Evangeline who may be permanently blinded as a result. Antonio senses that Cris may be developing feelings for Evangeline and calls him on his suspicions. Cris says that with all that has happened, it is not the right time to tell Evangeline how he feels about her. Antonio tells him that if he has feelings for Evangeline, he should tell her and let her be the judge.

Evangeline pays Hugh a visit at his office. He is a little unnerved by her blindness, but she tries to put him at ease by telling him to treat her as he has always done. She strengthens her request by asking Hugh to have Margaret's body exhumed. Hugh says that Spencer already signed off on the results of the autopsy which shows that she was murdered. Evangeline reminds him that Spencer has become her number one suspect in framing Todd and that if he doesn't honor her request, an innocent man will die. Hugh feels that without proof of her accusations, there is no reason to have the body exhumed and that Todd had the chance to prove his innocence in front of a jury of his peers. Evangeline receives a call from Margaret's sister who hangs up on her when she finds out what Evangeline wants to do. When Hugh leaves, Evangeline calls Cris by mistake and asks him to take her to see the governor.

John goes out to find Margaret leaving David handcuffed to a chair with Natalie in charge. David begs her to let him go since John will more than likely kill him when he returns. Natalie says that John is not a murderer even though he has finally come face to face with the man who killed his father but David isn't convinced. John returns with a lead on Margaret but it is in the form of encoded passages in her journal about a secret place that she likes to visit. Natalie turns out to be a math whiz and decodes some of the formulas revealing part of the location. John assures Natalie that he has no intentions of killing David but that he isn't going to let David know that. They find a map in David's jacket and piece together the park where Margaret likes to go to meditate. John finally comes face to face with Margaret at her secret place.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Viki can't bear it; she's buried her grandson today and will have to bury her brother tomorrow. Clint admits that he thinks Todd is guilty and he and Viki argue over the death penalty. Dorian stops by, declaring that she wants to pay her respects. Claiming to be horrified by all of the reporters camped out in the front of the house, she exclaims how she had to put them all in their place by telling them to leave the family to grieve in peace. This irritates Viki, who recalls Dorian's rude comments in the church and ventures that she is aiming to get into Clint's bed by her fake pronouncement of sympathy. It's the beginnings of a catfight until Clint intercedes. Viki then invites the press inside and announces that Todd is innocent; she is against the death penalty and will be joining the protesters at the prison. She invites them all along. Clint declines the invitation to go along, citing the need to look for Kevin if he doesn't appear soon. He raves about Viki after she leaves, much to Dorian's dismay and mentions how he is concerned about her. He also laments not knowing Duke better than he did or spending more time with him. Dorian gives him some comfort.

Spencer pays a visit to the prison as Todd is getting ready to choose his last meal. He advises Manning that Blair and the kids will be well taken care of. Todd mentions that he doesn't believe the execution will happen as the bodies of Margaret and the baby are about to be exhumed and he will get the evidence against Spencer that he needs. Spencer appears to be nonchalant but even Todd can sense his nervousness. He'll return the favor when Spencer is the one on death row, he continues. Spencer joyfully mentions how much he's had to comfort Blair during the night.

As Starr leafs through a photo album, she accuses Blair of wanting her to forget that her father ever existed. Blair denies it and also states that she doesn't want Todd to die. Starr insists that he's not lying but Blair will figure it all out when it's too late and Todd is dead. She accuses her of being weak. After mulling it over, Blair declares that she and the children will visit Todd to say their good-byes. Jack really doesn't want to go and when Spencer shows up, he announces that he prefers to stay behind with the doctor. Spencer voices his unasked for opinion that it's a bad idea to visit the prison; Blair retorts that it's really none of his business. When Jack puts the television on and spots his Aunt Viki making her speech, Spencer promptly turns it off, citing it as garbage. Blair takes off with the kids. Spencer refuses to lose Blair now.

Cris drives Evangeline to Harrisburg to meet with the governor. She wants to request that Margaret's body and that of the baby be exhumed. He will take it under consideration but it doesn't look good. Todd calls for the news and she tells him it's not what he wants to hear. She wonders if she can get Spencer to confess.

Natalie is understandably frantic when she is unable to use the phone due to the monsoon. People at home need to know that Margaret is alive. David mentions that she either has amnesia or was brainwashed because she doesn't remember anything. John locates Margaret and after some difficulty and resistance on her part, manages to get her back to the hotel. He figures they have less than 24 hours to save Todd. He and Nat make repeated attempts on their phones; there is no other form of communications that is in working order. He finally gets through to the prison on his last try to tries to reach the warden.

Blair arrives with the kids in tow to visit with Todd. He yells at her to get out as he remembers Spencer's taunting words about his comfort of her. The guard won't allow her back in, citing the fact that Todd still has some rights and he'd prefer to visit with his kids only. As she begs to be let back in, the phone rings. The guard cites that the caller has the wrong department. It's John and he pleads with the guard not to hang up. He states that the dead woman is still alive.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Adriana asks Kelly if she was in love with Duke. Kelly replies that she misses Duke, and states that he was her best friend (in a wistful tone as if she was just realizing it). She also says she feels responsible for his death-but she wasn't in love. Adriana tells Kelly that if Duke had been faced with the choice: his life or Kelly's, he would have picked her, just like Kevin did.

Kevin talks to flowers left where Duke will soon be buried. He tells his son of all his regrets, including not being there for his childhood. As Clint looks on, he also confesses that he cannot rid himself of the rage he felt when discovering that his son slept with his fiancée.

Blair finds out that Spencer visited Todd on his own, but doesn't push to find out exactly what he said. Spencer convinced her that he simply wanted to assure Todd that she, Starr, and Jack would be well taken care of. She is furious-but not nearly as much as she will be if she finds out the truth.

John and Natalie try to call Lehigh Prison to save Todd's life, but they can't get a connection. John asks the front desk to send a police officer to the room. He wants to explain the situation, and convince them to charter an emergency flight. The Thai authority remains unconvinced, however, and Natalie knocks him out with her crutch.

At the Capital Punishment protest organized by Viki to save Todd, Margaret's sister overhears Viki and Evangeline talking about their attempt to exhume Margaret's body. Dorian witnesses them fighting, and buts in-of course. Viki appears to be at the end of her rope with Dorian, and tells her that she knows the reason for her sudden interest in activism is really about sucking up to Clint-and that it's despicable.

During Todd's last visit with his children, Jack tells his father that he considers "Dr. Spencer" his dad now. Todd has tender words for his son, but Jack reminds him that he was taught to always listen to his mother-and she thinks he's bad, so he does, as well. Starr tries to tell her little brother that he's wrong, and so is their mother, and Todd says that while Jack should listen to his mom, he can feel whatever he wants. Ultimately, though, Jack is unable to hug his dad, or even say, "I love you." He leaves the room, and then leaves the prison with Dr. Spencer. Starr dissolves into tears, and once again proclaims her faith in her father's innocence. Outside the room, Blair is slowly breaking-she screams out, pleading with Todd to let her see him, as he has been refusing to do so. He is not in denial, however. In fact, Todd seems to finally accept that death is his fate, and he and his daughter share an absolutely gut-wrenching goodbye when the guard comes in and tells him that "time is up." In more ways than one, it seems. Starr bursts out of the room and past Blair, who she vows never to forgive. Blair loses it, and goes back to pleading with Todd, now alone. She says he wanted to believe him, but she couldn't, because he always lied to her. She also says that he can't die until he hears what she has to say.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Todd was haunted by Margaret's last moments (or what he imagined they were). Todd spit at Andrew when he asked if Todd had any last words, along the lines of asking for forgiveness. Andrew explained what Todd would experience as they began administering the three different kind of death drugs. A prison doctor took his vitals and asked if he wanted a sedative. Todd refused. He wanted to be clear headed. He sat on his cot and looked at the photo of his family, and again flashed back to Margaret and said "I'm not a baby killer." Evangeline arrived with bad news. "The governor has refused our request for a stay." Todd began crying and tried to comfort her. Todd and Evangeline lost it in each other's arms.The guard had to separate them. The warden asked Todd for any last-minute requests. No. A nearly catatonic Todd walked to the death chamber as Andrew read the 23rd Psalm. Todd nearly collapsed as he was brought into the chamber. Evangeline sarcastically invited Hugh to take a front-row seat. Blair came face-to-face with Margaret's sister. Cris sat by Evangeline.

Paige and Spencer were both at the police station. Paige was determined to save Todd. Paige and Spencer exchanged barbs. "You are sicker than I thought," she spit out, but Spencer retaliated by saying the story of her life was missing out on love. Paige drove like a crazy woman to the prison, but swerved off the road.

Blair walked around her living room looking at all the photos of Todd and the family. Dorian came by to watch Starr. Starr accused her mother of not being able to wait until Todd's life was over. Blair assured her daughter that she and her brother are her life. Blair asked Dorian to speak about Todd with respect when discussing him with Starr. "That man will always be that little girl's father," Blair said as she left the penthouse crying. Adriana showed up and tried to prevent Starr from going to the prison, but Dorian agreed to take her.

There was mayhem outside of the prison. Clint brought Viki some coffee. An exasperated Viki told her ex that no one she called would help her and expressed some bitterness about "politics." Blair, Hugh, Bo arrived. Hugh said a few words to the crowd — "the punishment fit the crime." Bo, Blair, Clint and Viki glared from the sidelines. Starr showed up. "The baby killer's daughter" the crowd yelled. Starr asked her Aunt Viki for a favor — "Keep my mother away from me," but then fell into Blair's arms for comfort. Clint left to hold down the fort at home. Bo and Viki entered the prison. Starr ran into Spencer in the prison yard and was horrified to see that Spencer planned to be in the viewing room during the execution.

Meanwhile, somewhere over some ocean, John, Natalie, David and Margaret were on some plane flying under the radar (literally). John worried that they wouldn't make it in time. Natalie told Margaret and a napping David that they were heading directly to the prison to "save my uncle's life." Natalie assured John it wouldn't be his fault if they didn't make it there in time. "I don't want Manning's blood on my hands," he explained and then thanked her for being there for him. "You really came through for me." John added. The plane landed and David observed, "I hate to break it to you. But we've got company out there."

The final eerie moment: The curtain opened on Todd strapped to the gurney as Blair and Viki wept.

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