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Patient 6 was revealed to be the real Jason Morgan, and Jake Doe was his twin, Andrew Cain. Oscar suspected that Andrew was his biological father. Julian was released from jail. Griffin stopped Ava from making a mistake. Liesl contacted Faison.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 27, 2017 on GH
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Kim has a connection to Andrew Kim has a connection to Andrew

Monday, November 27, 2017

Alexis pulled away from her kiss with Dr. Bensch and apologized. He agreed that they "shouldn't," but he admitted to thinking about kissing her often. However, he believed that the stress of the holidays had played a part in their kiss, so he wanted their next kiss, "because there will be a next kiss," to be because they couldn't help themselves. He thanked her for including him in her holiday and promised to call her. He kissed her on the cheek and left.

Molly entered the house, having seen Dr. Bensch leaving. She listed all of his attributes, but Alexis didn't want to hear about it. Molly wanted to check in with Alexis, and Alexis admitted to being upset about Kristina. Molly suggested that Alexis put herself in Kristina's shoes. Kristina was in love with someone everybody hated, but she had a right to choose happiness even if no one else supported it. "Like I did with Julian?" Alexis wondered.

Molly made sure that Alexis didn't think anyone hated her for loving Julian. She acknowledged that Julian had made her mother visibly happy. Alexis hugged her "wise" daughter, and Molly left. Alexis got a family photo album out and flipped through the pages. She remembered the moment she'd found out that Julian was Sam's father, making love to Julian, when Julian had proposed to her, and the moments after their wedding. "I can't do this anymore," she said, and she left the house.

A short while later, Alexis sat down at the Floating Rib. She looked around at the various bottles and the drinks on tables. "Is this seat taken?" someone asked her. She looked over and found Julian.

At the nurses' station, Griffin and Kiki discussed their respective holidays. She mentioned that she'd been working and studying, while Griffin had hoped to spend the day with Ava. He informed Kiki that Ava had claimed to be sick. He asked her to call Ava to make sure that she was all right. She thought his worry was "sweet" and promised to call her mother.

Griffin hoped that Ava had dropped her desire for the experimental procedure. Kiki was sure that Ava had dropped it because "life is good for Ava Jerome." She casually mentioned that she needed help with her Molecular Biology class. Just then, Griffin was paged, so he left. Dr. Bensch arrived, and he and Kiki made small talk until she mentioned her exam troubles. He offered to help her with molecular biology and promised to meet her in the break room.

When Dr. Bensch was gone, Kiki pulled out her phone and called Ava. She got no answer and put her phone away just as Griffin returned. She happily informed him that Dr. Bensch was going to help her study. She also told him that Ava's phone had gone straight to voicemail, so Ava could have already turned in for the night if she was sick. She promised to try in the morning and walked away. "What if the morning is too late?" Griffin wondered.

Ava's new plastic surgeon showed her into an exam room, telling her that she was lucky he happened to be in Port Charles, visiting family. She sat down, and he looked at the scars on her face. As a plastic surgeon, he admitted that he could see how much scarring there had been because he had an eye for it, but he was amazed with the progress. He wondered why she wasn't working with whoever had started her "miracle." She claimed that her original doctor was "currently available," but she had his protocol, "and now, so do you." She handed him the flash drive.

A few minutes later, the doctor finished looking through Klein's protocol. Ava eagerly wondered if he could finish what Klein had started. The doctor called the process "revolutionary," but he reminded her that it was "completely illegal." She replied that she was under the impression that "that would be no problem for you." She knew that he'd been investigated for "shady procedures."

Ava continued that she wanted the procedure finished in the United States under no FDA scrutiny. She told the doctor that money was no object, and the two agreed on seventy-five thousand dollars. She added that her schedule was pretty open, but the doctor suggested that they do the procedure that night.

Sam descended the stairs and assured Jason that the kids were asleep. Changing the subject to business, Jason wondered how Sam had liked the candidate for their job opening at Aurora. She replied that she'd liked the man, and Jason only hoped that it was still their job to give away. He remarked on how everyone at Monica's had looked at him like he was a stranger.

Sam assured Jason that, even if Aurora failed, they would still have their family. Jason countered that Patient 6 had convinced everyone that he was the real Jason, so Jason was afraid that Sam would be convinced as well. She promised that he would never lose her because he was her partner in "business, life, and parenting," and she loved him with everything she had. He thanked her for her words, and she promised to say them however many times she needed to in order to comfort him. They shared a kiss that turned passionate, and they soon began to undress.

Sonny entered his living room with Patient 6 and introduced Oscar and Kim to him. "Drew?" Kim asked, and she bolted to him, her hands on his face. The patient removed her hands from his face and told her that she had mistaken him for someone else. Carly told Kim that the patient had a twin brother named Andrew, but they had been separated at birth. She wondered how Kim knew Andrew. She revealed that she'd known him "from a million years ago when I lived in San Diego."

Kim had to go help a colleague with a presentation, so she excused herself and Oscar. Before she could leave, Carly asked for some answers. Through Carly's questioning, Kim revealed that she'd met Andrew, who was a Navy SEAL, at a bar. They'd run in the same social circles, and he'd even dated her friend. She smiled as she remembered how nice, honest, and hilarious he was. She hadn't seen him since then and claimed to have no idea what had happened to him.

Kim wondered what had happened to Patient 6. He summarized that he'd been gone, he didn't know where, for five years, and all of his loved ones had thought he'd disappeared. Kim wished she had been more helpful and gathered her things. Carly informed her that Andrew was in Port Charles, and they would surely "re-meet," as it was a small town. They exchanged pleasantries, and Josslyn walked Kim and Oscar out.

Sonny thought the fact that Andrew was a Navy SEAL explained his abilities with fighting and weapons and how calm he was in crises. Carly confided that, for the first time, she was thinking about the life that Andrew had left behind.

Outside, Kim was clearly shaken and flustered. Oscar asked if she was all right, and she insisted that she was. "As long as I have you," she told him, and she pulled him into a tight hug.

Kim finds Oscar at Jason and Sam's penthouse

Kim finds Oscar at Jason and Sam's penthouse

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

At the Floating Rib, Alexis was shocked when she saw Julian standing in the bar. He assured her that her eyes weren't deceiving her -- he was back. Alexis pulled herself together then asked how he'd gotten out of Pentonville because it was clear he hadn't escaped, since he didn't appear nervous about being in public. Julian explained that he'd been released on bond because of his sister's unexpected confession that had absolved him of wrongdoing during Olivia's crime spree. Julian added that the judge had taken pity on him and had decided to let him spend the holidays with his family, but he had to wear an ankle monitor until the trial. Julian sat down beside Alexis then asked how her Thanksgiving had been.

"Manageable," Alexis replied in a tone that made it clear that she didn't want to discuss it. Julian respected her wishes and asked about Sam, so Alexis told him about the DNA test confirming that Sam's husband and his twin were Jason Morgan and about Sam's decision to stay with her husband and keep her family intact. Julian wished that he could help his daughter, but he knew that his relationship with his children was irrevocably broken, and he had only himself to blame. Alexis was glad that Julian recognized that, so Julian conceded that the same was true for his relationship with Alexis. Julian assured her that he didn't expect anything from her except an answer. He was curious if Alexis had had anything to do with Olivia's surprising statement.

Alexis' eyes rounded with surprise. She wondered if Julian truly believed that she would be crazy enough to act on his behalf. He agreed that it was a crazy thought, but it was the only explanation. Alexis denied any involvement then suggested that he talk to his attorney, but Julian assured her that Scott had been as surprised by Olivia's statement as anyone else. Julian was certain that Alexis had somehow coerced Olivia to act on his behalf, but Alexis remained adamant that she hadn't had anything to do with Olivia's decision. Flustered, Alexis grumbled about the service then called out to get the bartender's attention because she needed a drink.

A short time later, Julian ate dinner at the bar while Alexis sipped on a glass of sparkling water and lemon. He admitted that he'd been worried that she would order an alcoholic drink, but she assured him that she refused to allow an encounter with him to destroy her sobriety. Julian remained concerned because he wondered why he'd run into her in a bar. Alexis thought his choice of words had been interesting because exactly one year earlier, she'd run him over outside a bar. Julian asked her to let it go because it had been an accident, but she explained that she couldn't because she'd been drinking that night, and she was still in recovery.

Julian remained concerned about Alexis' state of mind, but she assured him that she'd had a great Thanksgiving despite dropping the turkey. Julian chuckled, but he wondered why she was at the bar. Alexis admitted that she had wanted to remind herself that she was a lot better than she'd been at the same time a year before. She'd also wanted to get out of the house, prompting Julian to ask why, but she refused to tell him because she didn't want to start having casual conversations and confiding to him about her day. Julian agreed to back off, but he warned her that he wouldn't stop caring for her. He stood up to pay his tab and leave, but Alexis wondered where he planned to go.

Julian admitted that he didn't know because he hadn't wanted to drop in on Ava unannounced, so he'd left her a message to let her know that he was out of jail. He decided to lay low until his sister returned his call. Julian admitted that he was eager to take advantage of his freedom by trying to make things right with Lucas and Sam, reconnecting with Leo, and getting a job. Alexis smiled, but she didn't say anything. Julian thanked her for caring about him then left.

At the nurses' station, Griffin checked his phone, but Ava hadn't replied to his text message asking where she was. Worried, he called her, but her voicemail picked up. Griffin warned Ava that he would assume she'd taken steps to find someone to complete Dr. Klein's work if he didn't hear from her soon. He told her that he cared about her then asked her to return his call.

At an undisclosed clinic, Dr. Zacjac returned to Ava's consultation room and announced that he'd been able to find a nurse who had agreed to work at the last minute, so he could perform Dr. Klein's procedure on Ava later that evening. Dr. Z suggested that they review the paperwork until Margaret arrived. He handed Ava a set of documents as he explained that there were no guarantees that he could complete Dr. Klein's work, and there were risks with the procedure. Ava skimmed the paragraphs and observed that the forms released him of all responsibility if anything should go wrong, but Dr. Z assured her that it was standard. He was certain that she'd signed similar forms prior to Dr. Klein's procedure. Ava remained uneasy, but Dr. Z assured her that the warnings were like the warning labels at pharmacies -- the side effects were extreme but rare.

Later, Ava had changed into a hospital gown and robe. She sat on a table as Dr. Z closely examined the skin around her scar. He was pleased because she was an excellent candidate for the type of skin rejuvenation and re-surfacing that Klein had developed. Ava felt encouraged that the procedure would be a success, but her anxiety mounted when Dr. Z told her that they would get started when Margaret finished setting everything up. The nurse worked silently in the background as Ava admitted that she was nervous because everything felt rushed, but Dr. Z assured her that he would give her something to help her relax.

Moments later, Dr. Z picked up a syringe then approached Ava. He explained that the injection would put her in a twilight sleep, and when she woke up, the procedure would be done. He anticipated the full effect of the treatment to be visible by Christmas, but Ava remained apprehensive. Dr. Z eased Ava's fears by assuring her that he was every bit as good as Dr. Klein then showed her testimonials from satisfied patients. Ava panicked when he offered to postpone the procedure until early February, so she told him to proceed. Dr. Z was about to inject Ava, but Griffin burst through the door and grabbed the doctor's wrist as he ordered him to stop.

Shocked, Ava asked what Griffin was doing there, but Dr. Z was outraged and demanded that Griffin leave. Griffin refused and accused Dr. Z of unethical and illegal practices. Griffin insisted that Ava leave with him, but Dr. Z objected. Griffin threatened to call the police and report Dr. Z, prompting Dr. Z to storm out with Margaret trailing behind him. Ava was curious how Griffin had found her, so he admitted that he'd had her superintendent let him into her apartment, and he'd seen her research online. He'd taken a chance that she'd gone to Dr. Z's clinic. Ava thanked him for stopping her from doing something stupid.

Ava confessed that Carly's harsh words had struck a nerve because she worried that Griffin would find someone else. She hated being needy and insecure, but Griffin assured her that he didn't see her that way. To him, she was one of the bravest, strongest, and most stubborn people he knew, so he asked her to use that tenacity to reclaim her life. He promised that he would never get tired of giving her assurances when she needed them then kissed her. Ava quickly slipped back into her clothes while Griffin took the opportunity to remove the jump drive from Dr. Z's laptop.

At Jordan's apartment, Curtis and Jordan deposited grocery bags filled with frozen dinners and dessert. Jordan slid a frozen pie into the oven as Curtis admitted that as fun as it had been at the Quartermaines', he preferred a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Jordan teased him about not being the modern man he liked people to believe he was, but the mood shifted when Curtis' phone sounded with a text message alert. He glanced at it then put his phone away, prompting Jordan to ask if it was news about Andre. Curtis was evasive, so Jordan continued to push for an answer until he revealed that the message had been from a woman. Jordan couldn't hide her jealousy as she demanded to look at his phone.

A short time later, Jordan and Curtis sat down to their microwaved Thanksgiving dinners. Jordan admitted that she was still annoyed that he'd fooled her with a text message from his aunt, but Curtis feigned innocence as he reminded her that his aunt had wanted to let him know that she'd made it home safe. Jordan smiled good-naturedly then sipped her wine. The conversation turned to Andre when Jordan expressed concern about finding Andre before the trail ran cold. Curtis explained that he had a personal stake in finding Andre because Jason was more than a client; Jason was a friend who deserved to know what was going on with his life. Jordan promised that they would find the answers they needed because she and Curtis had always been a great team.

After Curtis and Jordan made love, Jordan ran to the kitchen to rescue the burning pie from the oven while Curtis dealt with the smoke alarm. Jordan apologized for the ruined pie then suggested that perhaps being his partner hadn't been a good idea. Curtis disagreed then started to make love to her again, but his phone beeped. It was a text message from a contact who had an address for Andre. Excited, Jordan told Curtis to pack because they were headed to Cuba. Jordan pointed out that Andre was the only person who could tell them why there were two men walking around with the same memories -- and who the real Jason Morgan was.

Meanwhile, Josslyn and Oscar met up in the park after sneaking out. They talked about Oscar's mother's reaction to Jason and how Kim had mistaken him for Andrew Cain. Oscar had tried to ask his mother about it, but she had refused to discuss it and had gone straight to her bedroom. Josslyn was curious if Oscar had considered the possibility that Andrew was his father, so Oscar confirmed that he had. Josslyn told Oscar about Sam's husband's crash and facial reconstruction, but Oscar was curious why Andrew believed that he was Jason. Josslyn explained that Sam's husband had had Jason's memories, but she assured Oscar that the real Jason was the man he'd met at Sonny's house.

Josslyn added that Sonny and Carly were determined to prove that Sam's husband was not Jason, but until then, Jason's twin lived in Jason's penthouse with Jason's wife. Oscar was surprised when Josslyn mentioned that Sam and her husband had a young daughter named Scout. Oscar smiled because he recalled the main character in To Kill A Mockingbird was named Scout. Oscar was curious what Andrew was like, so Josslyn had an idea.

At the penthouse, Jason and Sam were snuggled on the sofa in the living room while a fire crackled in the fireplace. Sam assured Jason that he was still her husband. Jason smiled, but he needed the proof that he was who he claimed to be. Sam decided to liven things up and suggested that they celebrate by opening the bottle of wine they'd been saving for a special occasion. She opened the liquor cabinet as Jason walked up behind her and slid his arms around her waist. He proposed that they grab a bottle of tequila and a set of dominoes instead because he felt like reliving one of his favorite memories, but Sam assured him that he didn't need to do that.

After Sam and Jason grabbed the tequila and dominoes, they sat down in the living room and drank shots. Jason talked about the stormy night when Sam had made him realize that he still possessed empathy, sorrow, and love. He admitted that she'd made him whole again, just as she had earlier that evening. Sam conceded that she and Jason had evolved. She raised her glass then talked about the past being in the past and the present being in the present. Jason told her that the future was for them to learn about running a media empire, enjoying good wine, and "eating beets."

Sam laughed and playfully scolded Jason for going too far. They each drank a shot then agreed that tequila was better than wine. Jason smiled then nuzzled his wife's neck as he suggested they go to their bedroom. Jason and Sam made it as far as the stairs when someone knocked on the door. Jason was surprised when he opened the door and saw Josslyn and her friend. Josslyn introduced Jason to Oscar, who looked at Jason with an expression of wonder as he shook Jason's hand.

Jason was impressed with Oscar's firm handshake. Josslyn greeted Sam and admitted that she had hoped that Sam and Jason were still awake. Jason admitted that he was a night owl because he liked to feel like he was the only person awake in the world. Oscar smiled because he did the same thing for the same reason. Sam was curious if Carly knew that Josslyn and Oscar were there, so Josslyn shook her head. She offered to call Carly if it would make Sam feel better, but she explained that they had stopped by because Oscar needed help finding a lost person.

Later, Jason returned from putting Danny back down. Sam smiled and praised Jason as a father. Josslyn agreed that Jason was a great dad. Oscar smiled, but the conversation turned to his research, which Josslyn had claimed was for a school project. Jason was curious what the class was, so Oscar claimed it was a forensics class. Jason was suspicious, but the questions were cut short when someone knocked on the door. It was Oscar's mother. Kim Nero introduced herself then asked if her son was there.

Oscar was stunned that his mother had tracked him down, but she reminded him of the tracking app that they had downloaded on his phone. Josslyn implored Kim not to tell Carly about the app, but Kim didn't make any promises. Kim wanted to know why Oscar was there, prompting Sam to tell Kim about Oscar's class project and Oscar's interest in finding a lost person. Kim apologized then promised to have a talk with her son. She ordered Josslyn and Oscar to grab their things because she intended to drop Josslyn off on the way home.

In the hallway, Oscar told his mother that the man she'd met was "the other" Jason then added that he might be Andrew Cain. Kim glanced at the closed door then told her son that she felt bad for the man because it was a difficult situation. She warned Josslyn that she intended to let Carly know what had happened. Kim instructed them to meet her out front then left to fetch the car. Josslyn admitted that she was in a lot of trouble.

In the penthouse, Jason told Sam that he'd had a "weird vibe" from Kim. He had a feeling that he might have met her before.

Nathan and Maxie make an announcement

Nathan and Maxie make an announcement

> Nathan and Maxie make an announcement

Nathan and Maxie make an announcement

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

At Metro Court Restaurant, Valentin greeted his wife, but she explained that she had a meeting and tried to send him on his way. Unfortunately for Nina, Cassandra walked up before Valentin left. He tensed as Cassandra sweetly greeted him then feigned concern when she realized that he hadn't known about her breakfast with Nina. Cassandra apologized and admitted that she had assumed that Valentin and Nina shared everything, but Nina calmly explained that she had sent Valentin a text message to let him know about the breakfast. Valentin played along with Nina and confessed that he'd forgotten to check his messages, but he was curious how Nina and Cassandra had ended up arranging to meet.

Nina claimed that she'd decided to get everything out in the open when Valentin had told her about his involvement with Cassandra, and they had decided to continue their friendship. Cassandra felt bad for blindsiding Valentin, but Nina promised that everything was okay. Pleased, Cassandra admitted that she looked forward to getting to know the people that Valentin loved. He glared at Cassandra, but Nina didn't notice. However, his wife objected when he decided to join them.

Nina asked Cassandra to wait then led Valentin to a doorway and let him know that she had things under control. She assured Valentin that she had convinced Cassandra that she knew nothing about his arrangement with Cassandra, but Valentin insisted that Cassandra was too dangerous. Valentin didn't want Nina involved, but she was confident that Cassandra underestimated her, which would make it easy for Nina to glean Cassandra's secrets. Nina asked Valentin to trust her then returned to the table.

Later, Nina and Cassandra chatted about Monte Carlo and the winters in Port Charles. Cassandra confessed that Port Charles had its charms, which she hoped to enjoy while she was in town for business. Nina recalled that Cassandra had mentioned working in the pharmaceutical industry, and she mentioned that a large pharma company had been forced to pull their ads from Crimson recently because there had been an issue getting approval for some of their product. Nina was curious if Cassandra had experienced similar issues with the FDA, but Cassandra's smile was strained as she confessed that she preferred to keep business separate from friendships.

Moments later, Nina's phone chimed with a text message from her new assistant. Nina apologized then explained that she had to cut their visit short because her brother needed her.

At Anna's house, Finn stood in Anna's living room as he informed her that he wanted to help her take Cassandra down, but Anna explained that it was difficult to take down a major drug organization. Finn reminded Anna that Cassandra intended to put a cheaper and more powerful drug on the market, but Anna insisted that it was too dangerous. Finn scoffed because she hadn't had any qualms about blackmailing him into treating Cassandra or telling people that he and Anna were dating. He reminded Anna that Cassandra was attracted to him, which he could use to his advantage, but Anna argued that Finn didn't have the resources to extract himself if things went bad.

Offended, Finn asked if Valentin was any better equipped, so Anna explained that Valentin was both an ex-spy and a criminal, which made Valentin an ideal mole. Anna also pointed out that Cassandra would be suspicious if Finn were to offer to help her develop an addictive product to be sold on the street because Finn was a healer and a good man. Finn told Anna that there had been "60,000" fatal fentanyl overdoses in the United States during 2017, which was five times higher than in 2014. He refused to sit on his hands and do nothing, but Anna worried for Finn's safety. Anna and Finn continued to trade heated words until Robin appeared in the doorway and asked if everything was okay.

Finn apologized for his outburst then explained that he'd been upset about recent fentanyl overdoses in the emergency room. Robin empathized because she had noticed an uptick in overdoses in Berkeley too. Robin feared that things wouldn't get better if people made cheaper and newer drugs because it just created a new generation of addicts. Finn agreed. Robin shifted gears and reminded her mother they had to meet Maxie, so Anna promised to catch up with Robin later.

After Robin left, Anna admitted that she was determined to take Cassandra down because of Robin. Finn was surprised by the admission. Anna explained that her daughter had been a teenager when Robin had contracted HIV through sexual intercourse with her first boyfriend. At the time, it had been a death sentence, but Robin had been lucky to receive cutting-edge treatment. However, Stone had died from the deadly virus. Anna revealed that Stone had been infected by his ex-girlfriend, who had been an addict and intravenous drug user.

A short time later, Valentin arrived, but he stopped short when he saw Finn standing in the living room. Anna was happy that Valentin was there because she wanted Finn to understand that Valentin was a much more effective mole in Cassandra's organization. Finn disagreed because he doubted that Valentin could create a chemical compound. Finn was adamant that he could use his skill to develop a drug for Cassandra and uncover her secrets. Valentin agreed that it was a brilliant plan, but Anna bristled. Valentin explained that he already had his hands full worrying about his wife because Nina had decided to help him with Cassandra.

Anna groaned because she would have to keep an eye out for Nina, but Valentin assured Anna that he would take care of his wife. However, Valentin supported Finn's plan, but Anna refused to sanction it. Finn argued that Anna didn't have a choice, but she reminded him that she could arrest him if he made a move. "Fine. Can I move?" Finn snidely asked, hoping to make a point. Anna nodded. After Finn stormed out, Valentin smiled. "He seems like a keeper," Valentin observed.

Anna was not amused, but Valentin noticed that she seemed flustered. She clarified that she was furious then demanded to know why he had encouraged Finn. Valentin shrugged because he believed that Finn would have to work hard to screw things up with Cassandra. Anna was not pleased, prompting Valentin to ask why she was upset if her romance with Finn was all for show. Anna ignored the question and asked why he was there. Valentin revealed that he was not happy with how close Cassandra had gotten to his family, so he wanted Anna to do something -- or he would.

Anna's irritation mounted, and she ordered Valentin to leave. Valentin pointed out that she had never had an issue with putting people in harm's way while they'd been out in the field. It made him wonder what made Finn different as an asset. He didn't wait for an answer.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Finn marched up to the bar and ordered a coffee. He made it clear that he didn't want anything fancy, just black coffee. Cassandra overheard the exchange and approached Finn. She was curious if there was anything that she could do to help. Finn told her that he'd had a rotten morning, but she could help by joining him for a cup of coffee. Cassandra brightened and took a seat beside him at the bar. Nearby, Valentin stood in the doorway and watched Finn and Cassandra.

At the police station, Dante entered the squad room and was told that he had a visitor. Dante saw Patient 6 standing at his desk, so he approached and greeted him. Dante admitted that he'd known the truth as soon as he'd seen the security footage from the night Patient 6 had jumped through the skylight at Metro Court Restaurant. However, he'd avoided meeting Patient 6 because his twin had saved Dante's life, and Dante considered him a friend. However, Dante couldn't deny what was staring him in the face. "Welcome home, Jason," Dante said as he held his hand out to Jason.

After the two men shook hands, Jason explained that Diane was working on proving his identity, but Dante thought that Diane should focus on keeping Jason out of jail because Dante knew that Jason's hearing for the assault on Franco was later that day. Dante recalled reading the report of the brutal and unprovoked attack, but Jason insisted that Franco had provoked him in a way that only Franco could. Dante nodded in understanding then offered to testify on Jason's behalf if Jason needed him. Jason thanked Dante then revealed that he wanted to look at the file from the night he'd been shot by Cesar Faison.

A short time later, Jason sat in the interrogation room as Dante handed the file to Jason, but Dante insisted on remaining in the room because he couldn't risk the file leaving the building. Jason opened the file as Dante told him that his twin had tried to distance himself from Sonny's organization, and Dante had hoped it would rub off on Sonny. Jason reminded Dante that Sonny had tried to retire, but Dante argued that it had only lasted until Sonny had been shot. Dante doubted his father would retire when he had Jason to protect him again. Dante loved his father, but he hated what Sonny did, and Jason's presence would only enable Sonny to continue his life of crime. Dante liked Jason, but they would always be on opposing sides.

Jason read the file, so Dante asked what Jason was looking for. Jason admitted that he hoped to find something that would tell him where he'd been for five years. Dante doubted that he would find it in the file because Bernie hadn't revealed much before he'd died, and all Sam had found had been a figurine that she'd given Jason. "A phoenix," Jason remembered. Dante thought it was appropriate, but Jason remained focused on the file because he was certain that Faison had some answers. Dante explained that Faison was a fugitive, and the only thing that they knew for certain about Faison was that he was obsessed with Anna.

A short time later, Patient 6/Jason paid Anna a visit and asked her to help him track down Faison. She admitted that she had no idea where Faison was, but Liesl Obrecht might.

At the Floating Rib, Mac, Felicia, and Sam set up for a party as Sam told the Scorpios about Danny's obsession with Monica's dog. Moments later, Liesl entered the bar and warmly greeted her in-laws in German then coldly added "and guest" as she looked at Sam, but Sam refused to rise to the bait. Lulu joined the group, prompting Felicia to ask if Lulu had any idea why Maxie had called them together. Felicia worried that Maxie intended to announce that she and Nathan were moving to Portland, Oregon.

Seconds later, Nathan and Maxie entered. Mac was eager to know what the couple had to tell them, but Felicia implored Maxie to break the news to them gently. Liesl thought it would be best for them to do it quickly, so they could begin the healing and insincerely lament Nathan and Maxie's breakup. Nathan assured his mother that they weren't breaking up, but their news would have to wait until everyone arrived. The guests grumbled with frustration, so Nathan and Maxie took pity on them and shared the news that they were expecting a baby. Liesl happily hugged her son while Felicia squealed with delight and hugged her daughter.

After everyone congratulated Maxie and Nathan, Maxie acknowledged that they should have waited until the twelve-week mark to share the news, but she'd felt obligated to explain why their Thanksgiving dinner had ended up on the floor. Liesl was elated and told Mac and Felicia that they were forever bonded because of the baby. Mac groaned and announced that he needed a drink, but Felicia reminded him that it was only 10:00 a.m. Mac conceded that she was right and decided to fix a Bloody Mary. Felicia chuckled and asked him to make hers a double.

Meanwhile, Maxie mentioned that she and Nathan had shared the news with Georgie earlier that morning, but Georgie had been confused because she couldn't understand how her sibling could have the same mommy but a different daddy. Maxie immediately apologized when she saw the expression on Sam's face, but Sam assured Maxie that it was okay. As the guests began to mingle, Nathan pulled his mother aside because he hadn't seen much of her lately. Liesl confessed that being fired from the hospital had been a blessing in disguise because it had freed her up to travel. Nathan suspected that Liesl had gone to Europe to visit his sister, but Liesl denied that she'd seen Britt.

Nearby, Sam chatted with Lulu and Sam about the Man Landers scandal. Maxie wanted to know who had leaked the story and ruined her career, so Sam offered to look into it because it would help keep Sam's mind off of other things. A short time later, Robin arrived. Robin was thrilled when Maxie told her about the baby, and they agreed that Noah and the new baby would grow up to be the best of friends.

At the bar, Lulu talked to Sam about Lulu's decision to pursue a career in journalism. Lulu revealed that she'd been writing for a local parenting magazine, and she'd posted a few blogs. She was curious if Jason and Sam were hiring, so Sam jotted down Peter August's number and instructed Lulu to let him know that Sam had sent her. Sam explained that she and Jason had hired Peter to help them run Aurora Media.

Elsewhere in the bar, Maxie confided to her mother that she was determined to do everything right the second time around because Maxie's previous pregnancy had been a disaster. Felicia acknowledged that she hadn't always been the best mother, but Maxie assured her mother that Felicia had made up for lost time. Felicia appreciated the support, but she assured her daughter that all that mattered was love, patience, forgiveness, affection, sacrifice, and acceptance. Felicia had never met anyone with more love to give than Maxie.

Meanwhile, Nina arrived and was stunned when Nathan shared the baby news with his sister. Her eyes welled up with tears of joy as she assured her brother that he would be the most amazing and incredible father on the planet.

Nearby, Robin took a moment to talk to Sam and apologize for her role in adding to the confusion about Sam's husband. Robin admitted that when she'd seen Sam's husband at the clinic, she'd assumed that he'd been Jason because she hadn't known about his twin. Robin told Sam that she understood what Sam was going through because of what had happened with Patrick and Sabrina, but Sam asked Robin to stop. Sam immediately apologized and admitted that she was on edge, but she suggested that they focus on Maxie. Robin took the hint, but she asked Sam to call if Sam ever wanted to talk.

After Robin walked away, Nina approached Sam and asked if she was okay. Sam explained that people kept telling her that they knew that she was confused, but she wasn't. Sam assured Nina that she had all the answers she needed, but that didn't seem good enough for anyone.

Elsewhere, Mac and Lulu talked about Lulu's decision to switch careers. Mac admitted that he'd been afraid when he'd left the police force, but it had been the best decision of his life because he was truly happy. Mac encouraged Lulu to take a leap of faith and pursue her passion. A short time later, Dante arrived. He congratulated Nathan and Maxie on the addition to their family then greeted his wife. Maxie and Nathan proposed a toast to their friends and family, who were a reminder of how much love she and Nathan had in their lives.

Later, Liesl sat at the bar and smiled until she overheard Nathan tell Nina that he was sad that his child would never know Nathan's father.

In Havana, Cuba, Curtis sat in an outdoor café and was about to enjoy a Cuban cigar until Jordan walked up and snatched it out of his hand. She made it clear that he would not be kissing her later that day if he smoked the cigar. Curtis told her that she drove a hard bargain then kissed her. Jordan smiled as she sat down and reported that she had checked around, and no one in the hotel had recognized the name Arthur Matthews. Curtis suspected that Andre had used another alias. Jordan conceded that it made sense because it would make tracking Andre more difficult. Curtis assured her that Andre would show up at the café because Curtis' contact had snapped a picture of Andre visiting the café.

The waiter returned to give Curtis the bill, but Jordan offered to pay it. She handed the waiter a credit card, but the waiter refused to take it. Curtis gave the man cash then explained that American credit cards were useless because Cuba was a cash-only country. Jordan and Curtis realized that it might pose a problem for Andre because he hadn't had an opportunity to clear out his bank accounts before they'd been frozen. Curtis revealed that he'd taken a chance by asking the hotel's concierge if there was anyone who might be interested in selling antiquities or art, knowing that Andre had a passion for both, and the concierge had agreed to set up a meeting with an American in town who might be able to help Curtis.

A short time later, Andre approached Curtis from behind and greeted him. Andre was startled when Curtis turned and looked at him. Andre sprang into action and briefly traded blows with Curtis until Jordan pulled the men apart and implored Andre to stop. She warned him that they knew he had information about Jason, but Andre told them that they were wasting their time because he had no intention of returning to the United States. Curtis advised Andre that things wouldn't change just because Andre had left, but Andre argued that things wouldn't get better. Curtis disagreed because Jason deserved to have answers.

Andre felt bad for both Jason and his twin, but the people that Andre had worked for didn't want the truth revealed. Andre reminded Jordan that she didn't have any jurisdiction in Cuba, so he would be long gone before she could secure his extradition. Jordan threatened to call Anna, but Andre pointed out that he had once worked for the WSB and knew how to vanish. Jordan appealed to Andre's sense of decency because he was a good man, and she was certain there had been a greater purpose in what he'd done.

Andre returns to Port Charles as a prisoner

Andre returns to Port Charles as a prisoner

Thursday, November 30, 2017

In Havana, Cuba, Jordan, Curtis, and Andre sat in an outdoor café as Jordan implored Andre to do the right thing. She appealed to the man who had claimed to love her, but Andre was curious if she truly expected him to return to the United States, where he'd likely be arrested, and admit to his part in destroying two men's lives, all because he and Jordan had once loved each other. Andre didn't know what was more unsettling, that she'd try to manipulate him like that or that she was so bad at it. Jordan apologized, but Curtis accused Andre of being a coward. Andre and Curtis traded insults until Curtis reminded Andre that Jason had a wife and children who deserved to know the truth.

Jordan added that Andre had a chance to right a wrong, and the man she'd known would stand up and do the right thing. She implored him to show her that she hadn't been wrong about him.

At Pozzulo's, Sonny wrapped up a call in his office. Patient 6/Jason thanked Sonny for setting things up, but Sonny admitted that he didn't think it would do Jason any good because the woman would only help if it benefited her. Jason pointed out that he could return to Russia for answers, but Sonny objected because Jason was needed elsewhere. Sonny handed Jason a file as he explained that it was a report on the damages and the repairs needed on Sonny's island in Puerto Rico. Sonny asked Jason to review the report because he might need Jason to fly to the island and oversee the reconstruction.

Jason set the report on the desk then followed Sonny into the restaurant just as Liesl arrived. She greeted Sonny, who in turn introduced her to Jason. Liesl smiled politely then followed Sonny and Jason into Sonny's office. After Sonny gave Liesl a cup of coffee, she let him know that Nathan knew about their meeting. Sonny assured her that there was nothing to worry about because Jason only had a few questions. Liesl questioned if the man in Sonny's office was the real Jason Morgan because she'd been under the impression that it was still up for debate.

Jason cut to the chase and explained that he was determined to figure out where he'd been for the past five years and why he and his twin were walking around with the same memories. Jason had hoped that Cesar Faison could fill in the blanks, but Liesl denied knowing Faison's whereabouts or how to reach him. Jason was curious if Liesl knew why Faison had targeted him, but she didn't. However, she suspected that it was because Jason Morgan had been considered a valuable asset as an assassin, which would have been useful to someone like Faison -- if Jason could be controlled. Satisfied that Liesl had revealed what she knew, Sonny decided to walk her out. He promised to return in time to take Jason to Jason's court hearing.

Jason sat down at Sonny's desk then picked up the report, but he heard a noise in the restaurant, so he decided to investigate. It was Spinelli. Jason smiled at his friend. "It's you," Spinelli said with wonder, but his smile vanished because Jason hadn't made any overture to see him. Spinelli suspected that it was because Jason harbored a grudge, since it had been Spinelli's software that had identified Andrew as Jason. Jason assured Spinelli that he didn't blame Spinelli because Andrew was Jason's identical twin, which meant that the software had worked. Spinelli was relieved, but he wanted to know why Jason hadn't called.

Jason admitted that he'd been reluctant to put Spinelli in the middle because Jason knew that Spinelli loved Sam, and Sam loved her husband. Spinelli was filled with regret because he had embraced Andrew as Jason, which was why he'd officiated at Sam and Andrew's wedding. Jason was surprised, but Spinelli promised that he hadn't known about Jason's twin. Jason asked if Sam had been happy at the wedding because that was all that mattered to him. Spinelli confirmed that she had been, but Spinelli believed that it was because she hadn't known about his long-lost twin. Spinelli insisted that Jason, not Andrew, was Sam's soul mate, so they needed to find a way to reinsert Andrew back into his old life.

Spinelli decided it would be his mission to help Jason reclaim his life, but Jason made it clear that he had no intention of breaking up Sam's family. Spinelli argued that it was Jason's family, but Jason reminded him that Sam had a daughter. "The wee but mighty Emily Scout," Spinelli said with fondness. Jason smiled because Sam had named her daughter after his sister, Emily. Spinelli pointed out that Danny was Jason's son, which meant that it had been Jason's family first, but Jason admitted that it didn't matter because he was about to be prosecuted for assaulting Franco. Jason and Spinelli entered Sonny's office as Jason filled Spinelli in about the altercation with Franco.

Jason promised to make Franco pay, but he refused to plead temporary insanity to avoid a trial. Jason knew exactly what he'd done. Moments later, Diane arrived. She warmly greeted Spinelli then revealed that she was confident that District Attorney Campbell would likely tank his career if he pursued the charges because she intended to put the victim on trial by having a parade of witnesses, including Sam, Michael, and Dante, testify about what Franco had put them through. Spinelli approved.

Seconds later, Sonny entered the office and asked if Jason was ready. Jason invited Spinelli to join them, but Sonny objected because he was worried about an outburst. Spinelli promised to control himself. Diane and Spinelli followed Sonny and Jason out, but Diane lingered behind as Spinelli collected his things in the restaurant because she wanted to know about Andrew Cain. Spinelli assured her that his research had proved fruitful.

At the hospital, Kim Nero approached Elizabeth and asked if she could point Kim to the administrator's office. Kim admitted that it was her first day at the hospital because she had moved her OB/GYN practice from Mercy Hospital. Elizabeth introduced herself as she led Kim to the elevator.

Later, Kim was startled when she bumped into Oscar in the hallway. Oscar was upset because he had questions, and she had refused to talk to him at home. Kim was disappointed that her son would try to confront her at her new job, especially because she'd given him a lot of freedom since they had moved to Port Charles. Kim admitted that she was still furious that he had sneaked out the previous evening because it had been dishonest and disrespectful. Oscar wondered if she was curious why he'd paid "that guy" a visit, so Kim recalled that Oscar had mentioned a school project. Frustrated, Oscar admitted that it had been a lie. He revealed that he'd gone to the man's penthouse because the man might be Andrew Cain.

Oscar explained that he had thought that Andrew was his father because of the way that Kim had reacted when she'd seen Andrew's twin. Kim was curious what had prompted Oscar's sudden interest in his father, but Oscar argued that he'd always wondered about his father. Annoyed, Kim reminded Oscar that she had told him to stop asking about his father long before, and he had until he'd met Josslyn. Oscar promised that Josslyn had nothing to do with his questions, but Kim didn't believe him and made it clear that she wanted Oscar to drop it. Upset, Oscar cried that he couldn't stand not knowing who his father was, so Kim wondered if it had ever occurred to him that she'd been trying to protect him. Kim assured Oscar that they would talk later, but she had to get back to work because she didn't want to get fired on her first day.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Josslyn grumbled as she followed her mother to a sitting area. Josslyn assured Carly that it hadn't been necessary to pick her up from school, but Carly disagreed because Carly was livid that Josslyn had sneaked out the previous night. Carly lectured Josslyn about the dangers, but Josslyn insisted that she'd been helping Oscar with a project. Carly wondered if it had been important enough to betray Carly's trust then reminded her daughter that Carly had already lost a child. Contrite, Josslyn apologized then explained that she'd acted in the moment because she'd had "a major brainstorm." Josslyn acknowledged that she'd done the wrong thing, but she promised that it had been for the right reasons.

Josslyn conceded that she deserved to be punished, but she asked to call Oscar because she wanted his permission to explain why she had slipped out of the house late at night. Carly agreed, but she had to get back to work, so she instructed Josslyn to do her homework and stay put. Carly warned Josslyn that the restaurant's staff would keep an eye on Josslyn. A short time later, Oscar walked up and asked if the seat across from Josslyn was taken. Josslyn flirtatiously told him that she'd been waiting for her boyfriend, so Oscar played along for a few minutes then sat down.

Josslyn explained that she had sent Oscar a text message because she had wanted to tell her mother about Andrew Cain. Oscar didn't mind if Josslyn told Carly, since the secret was out with his mother. However, he warned Josslyn that it was unlikely that Andrew was not his father because his mother had barely reacted to meeting Andrew the previous night. Josslyn agreed that Andrew and Kim had seemed like strangers, but Oscar confided that there had been one clue that had tipped the scales in Andrew's favor. Oscar revealed that his mother had listened to the CD that his father had made for her when they'd gotten home. Oscar had followed a hunch and had found the CD in his mother's bedroom rather than its hiding place.

Oscar told Josslyn about his earlier encounter with Kim when his mother had told him that she had tried to protect him from his father. He worried that he would never know the truth about his father, but Josslyn assured Oscar that she had a plan. Oscar smiled and admitted that he wasn't surprised because she was always a few steps ahead of him. He was curious what she had in mind, so she pulled a clear plastic bag out of her backpack and revealed that she had snatched the glass that Andrew had been drinking from the previous night, which they could use for a DNA test.

At the penthouse, Jason greeted his wife as she returned home, but he was curious why she wasn't at work. Sam confessed that she had left some paperwork at home. She picked up a binder from the desk and showed him the notes that she had jotted down. Jason was impressed, but she assured him that she was determined to make Aurora Media a success. Jason reminded her how she had bragged about her private investigative skills to Josslyn's boyfriend, so Sam shifted gears and asked if Jason recalled where he'd met Kim Nero. Jason admitted that he'd thought about it, but Kim's name hadn't been familiar. Sam suspected that Josslyn and Oscar hadn't stopped by because of a school project.

Jason seized the opportunity to let Sam know that he'd heard from Curtis and that Curtis had a lead on Andre. Jason hoped that Curtis caught up to Andre soon because Jason was eager to prove that he was Jason Morgan -- again.

Later, Sam talked to Jason about hiring a full-time nanny to help with childcare because they would be busy with Aurora Media, but Jason didn't like the idea of a stranger living in their home. The conversation was shelved when Carly stopped by. Carly knew that Jason felt like she had betrayed him, but she revealed that she might have found someone who could clear things up. Carly told Sam and Jason about Kim Nero, and how Kim had mistaken his twin for a Navy SEAL from San Diego named Andrew Cain. Surprised, Sam quietly admitted that Jason had thought that he had recognized Kim.

Carly perked up because she was certain that it was significant, but Jason downplayed the incident and expressed his frustration because he was tired of having the same conversation with Carly. Carly urged him to meet with Kim because it might help him remember his past and who he really was. "I know who I am," Jason growled. "My name is Jason Morgan," he added. "If you can't believe that then go to hell," Jason told Carly. Carly knew that it was difficult for him because he was walking around with Jason's memories, but he insisted that they were his memories.

Carly conceded that both Jason and Andrew had been horribly misled, but she was certain that Kim could provide some answers. Jason informed Carly that he wasn't interested in meeting a stranger, so Carly decided to be direct and told him that she was certain that he wasn't Jason, and she urged him to face that fact. "Carly," Sam warned, but Carly ignored her and told "Andrew" that it wouldn't hurt for him to talk to Kim. He cut Carly off when his phone chimed because it was a text message from Curtis.

At the police station, Franco stood in the interrogation room as the district attorney asked him to go over his testimony again, but Franco refused. Joseph Campbell was not pleased, but Franco insisted that the attack had been unprovoked because Franco had simply been looking after his girlfriend, who'd been shot, when Patient 6 had assaulted him. Franco assured Campbell that there had been plenty of witnesses, but Campbell informed Franco that no one, including Franco's girlfriend, had been willing to testify. Stunned, Franco assured Campbell that Epiphany had witnessed the assault, but Campbell explained that Epiphany hadn't seen what had led to it. Annoyed, Franco assured the district attorney that he would make certain that Patient 6 went to prison.

"No, you will not," Elizabeth warned Franco as she entered the interrogation room. She made it clear that Franco would have a fight on his hands if he didn't back down, so Campbell collected his things then reminded Franco that the hearing was at 3:00 p.m. After Campbell left, Elizabeth reminded Franco that he had promised to consider dropping the charges, but Franco reminded her that they didn't know anything about Patient 6. He defended his decision to move forward with the charges, but Elizabeth wanted Franco to drop the charges.

Hurt, Franco asked why Elizabeth had taken Patient 6's side, but she assured Franco that she hadn't. She reminded Franco that a lot of people had wanted him to pay for his crimes, but he hadn't been in his right mind when he'd committed the horrific crimes because he'd had a brain tumor. Elizabeth assured him that "Jason" hadn't been in his right mind, either, but Franco remained reluctant to drop the charges. Elizabeth suspected that it had little to do with justice, so Franco confessed that he was worried that one of the two Jasons would want Elizabeth back because Sam could only choose one Jason. Elizabeth assured Franco that he didn't have anything to worry about because she was in love with him. She promised that nothing would change that.

Moments later, Campbell opened the door and let Franco know that it was time to head to court. Elizabeth followed Franco into the squad room just as Diane, Sonny, Spinelli, and Patient 6 arrived. Tensions were high as Patient 6 glared at Franco, but Elizabeth reminded Franco of their talk. Resigned, Franco announced that he had decided to drop the charges. Diane was pleased because she was confident that Franco would have lost in court. Campbell left to take care of the paperwork, but Franco wanted a thank you from Patient 6. Patient 6 refused because he wasn't grateful.

Franco was furious that Patient 6 -- a killer -- would judge him. Franco resented that Patient 6 claimed to be a good guy because he killed out of a code of honor, while Franco was the bad guy because of the terrible things he'd done. Franco thought it was all so simple for Patient 6, but Franco had suffered from a brain tumor that had driven him to do the things that he'd done. Franco explained that his brain tumor, and his actions, had been explained by science, and he didn't need Jason to believe it because Franco knew that he'd been physically and mentally unable to stop himself from doing awful things. Franco suggested that Patient 6 follow his twin's example and learn to accept the idea of Franco's existence.

Elizabeth decided to calm things down and pulled Franco into the interrogation room. She thanked him for dropping the charges then told him that she was proud of him and that she loved him. She hoped that people would eventually see the Franco that she saw. "A good and honest man," she added as she hugged him. Franco's expression was troubled.

In the squad room, Spinelli was disappointed that he wouldn't get to see Franco "crucified" in court. Jason vowed that Franco would pay, but Diane advised Jason to be careful what he said because he was in a police station. Moments later, Carly arrived, followed by Sam and Sam's husband. Carly revealed that they might get some answers just as Jordan and Curtis arrived with Andre in handcuffs.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Liesl called Cesar Faison to let him know that Sonny and Patient 6 had been asking questions. She assured Faison that she had told them that she hadn't been in contact with him, but she advised Faison to run because Sonny and Patient 6 were looking for him.

The real Jason is revealed

The real Jason is revealed

Friday, December 1, 2017

Ava was shocked to see Julian standing at her front door. "Hello, sis. Miss me?" Julian asked. After her initial shock wore off, Ava gave her brother a big hug. She was thrilled to see him. She admonished him for refusing to see her when she'd visited him in prison, and he quickly changed the subject by pointing out how good her face looked. He was pleased to see that she'd gone on with her life. Julian showed her his ankle monitor and explained that he was awaiting a new trial. He was hoping to get his old bedroom back, he declared.

The doorbell rang before Ava could respond. Griffin was standing there with a lovely bouquet of flowers. As he stood by and watched their affectionate greeting, Julian noted all of the morality lectures he'd received from the priest, and he taunted the doctor. Griffin announced that he'd left the priesthood, and Ava informed her brother of her "meaningful relationship" with Griffin. She advised Julian that he would have to respect it. She also added that Griffin had saved her life on more than one occasion, and she provided Julian with the details.

Julian offered his hand to Griffin but the doctor refused to shake hands with his father's killer. Julian thought better of staying at Ava's, and he left. Ava apologized for Julian's behavior, but Griffin only wanted to know why a murderer was out of prison. Ava explained the conditional release and the new trial because of Olivia's threats to Julian. Griffin was unable to accept any of it and was angry that Julian managed to stay free while still committing crimes. Ava spoke of forgiveness and reminded Griffin of his lectures to her on the subject.

Griffin called himself a hypocrite because he would never be able to forgive Julian. Ava quickly made him aware that while she was not making excuses for Julian, her brother had always tried to live up to their awful father and had always been in a state of flux. Julian had tried to both emulate and break free from their father. She pointed out that Julian hadn't been a very good mobster like Sonny. Griffin was adamant that he couldn't be around Julian and would never be able to make small talk or sit at the table with him.

Ava admitted that she was happy that her brother was free, even if it was conditional. She wondered if she had to choose between the two men. "Can you be with me if I can't be with Julian?" Griffin asked her. Ava proposed a compromise because she couldn't turn her back on either man. She would make sure that there was little interaction between the two men and would see Julian on her own. Griffin thought that might be complicated, but Ava admitted that she was a complicated woman and would make it work. She didn't want to lose Griffin. He assured her that he wasn't going anywhere.

Alexis encountered Dr. Bensch at General Hospital and apologized for not returning his text messages. She admitted that she'd been embarrassed the last time she'd seen him at Thanksgiving. David assured her that he'd loved being with her, but he didn't want to continue if she was on the rebound. She confessed that her ex-husband was out of prison, and the doctor wondered whether that was a good or bad thing her. Alexis wasn't certain, and David offered to lend an ear.

Alexis rushed through an explanation of Julian's bad time in prison and quickly glossed over her less-than-savory moves regarding a threat to a mobster via another mobster. She hadn't wanted Julian to die. Dr. Bensch was aghast at Alexis' involvement in extortion, though she didn't see it that way. The doctor asked if she was concerned about Julian because she was a nice person or because she loved him.

Alexis admitted that she'd played a part in Julian's release. She told him of the good times and the bad times in her life with Julian. She had no intentions of being with him in the future, Alexis exclaimed. The couple was interrupted when Julian arrived. Alexis introduced the men, and the doctor departed. Alexis ordered Julian to stop following her, and she threatened to get a restraining order. Julian insisted that he had not been following her but was there for a doctor's appointment.

Julian was surprised at Alexis' reaction to seeing him, as he had thought they were in a good place. Alexis responded that as long as he was far away, they were good. She was glad he had been released and hoped that his new trial would go well, but she couldn't be involved. She told Julian that he was worse for her than a fifth of vodka. Dr. Bensch returned and asked if everything was okay. Alexis reminded the doctor to call her to set up their dinner date, and she left.

Julian advised David to be good to Alexis, and the doctor quickly took offense. He snapped that he was certain that Alexis would speak up if she felt that she wasn't being treated properly.

Andre arrived with Curtis and Jordan at the police station, where everyone had gathered for the trial of Patient 6 vs. Franco. Jason ordered Andre to announce that he was the real Jason. Elizabeth berated Andre for hurting Jake, and Jason pounced on the doctor as well. Diane suggested that if everyone were willing, they could settle the twin issue then instead of dragging it out in court. Both of the twins were amenable. Franco reluctantly stayed because Elizabeth wanted to stick around. Diane confirmed that while it wasn't an official proceeding, the same laws still applied, like Andre's Miranda rights.

Andre spoke of his design to transfer a memory, which would have been a great procedure with someone with dementia. He'd begun his research with the WSB, but they had ended the program due to questionable ethics. An unknown party had paid him to continue and had wanted the procedure performed on identical twins. He had agreed to the test on Jason Morgan and Andrew Cain.

Both Andrew and Jason had been sedated and unconscious, and he'd never spoken to them. He had been willing to perform the procedure for the good of the medical field. He had imprinted Jason's memory to Andrew, much like a copy made on a Xerox machine. It had resulted in Andrew thinking that he'd led Jason's life. He had no idea why the unknown benefactor had wanted the procedure performed on those two men. Later, he'd been advised to relocate to Port Charles in order to monitor one of the twins. A furious Jason jumped onto Andre, and both Sam and Curtis wrestled him away.

Jason accused Andre of pretending to treat Jake, but Andre insisted that he hadn't been pretending. As Andre tried to explain the medical jargon and usage for the procedure, it was Sam's turn to lose her temper. She shouted that Andre had sold Andrew's memory and made money from the procedure. Andre continued that he had been sent to monitor Andrew. "You're Andrew," he said, looking at Jason. Andre turned and looked at Patient 6. "And you're Jason," he said. Everyone's mouths were open as they all looked at one another. Sam turned to Andrew, the man she had known as Jason.

The newly named Andrew accused Sonny of paying for Andre to lie and of selling him out. He declared loudly that he would not accept that he was Andrew. Sonny firmly denied any involvement. Jordan announced that it was time for Andre to be taken to booking. The doctor apologized to Andrew, who didn't want to hear it. Spinelli made it known that he had some proof. Andrew accused Spinelli of creating fake data, though Spinelli denied that he would ever hurt anyone. He had a photo of Andrew Cain, Navy SEAL. It was a photo of the man with Andrew's original face -- Jason's.

Apparently, Andrew had disappeared in 2012 after a very distinguished military career. Coincidentally, he had vanished shortly before Jason had gone missing. Spinelli believed that the backer had absconded with Andrew in preparation for the procedure. "The road to hell is paved with speculation," Diane called out. She suggested that Spinelli stick to the facts. Spinelli informed everyone that the newly named Andrew's fingerprints on file be compared to the Navy SEAL's fingerprints. Jordan sat at a computer and shortly after, her search revealed that the prints were a match.

Andrew still believed that the system could have been hacked, and he would have wanted to see a hard copy of the prints. Curtis thought that no hard copy would change anything. The man he knew as Jason was really Andrew Cain, Navy SEAL. Andrew insisted that the only thing he remembered was Jason's life.

The group began to split up. Spinelli felt bad for Jason and all that he'd lost, but it was "an honor and a privilege" to be Jason's friend. He gave his friend a hug and suggested drinks to celebrate Jason's rightfully acquired identity. Sonny and Carly were all for drinks, but Diane remarked that Jason had to stick around to finish paperwork. Jason thanked Sonny and Carly for being there for him.

In the interrogation room, Sam tried to comfort her husband. "You're a hero," she told him. Andrew replied that he had no connection to Andrew Cain. The whole thing had been a "slow-motion nightmare," he continued. His long-lost twin had reappeared, but Andrew was the one who felt lost. He was afraid that everything would be taken away from him. He went out to the front and confronted Jason. "We are not brothers," Andrew said. He didn't care what the DNA said. "Take care of yourself," Jason replied.

Franco and Elizabeth returned to the hospital. Franco confided that he had been disappointed with the result. At least he and the Jason with the new face had been able to talk to one another. He'd never be able to do that with the real Jason. Elizabeth noted that she'd have to explain everything to Jake, but she wasn't in a hurry. She knew that Jason would never demand to see him first. She had faith in Jason. Franco was not happy.

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