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Bill urged Steffy not to tell Liam about their one-night stand, but Steffy warned Bill to brace for the fallout. Returning home for good, Thorne asserted that he wasn't Ridge's little brother anymore, but an accomplished designer with an eye for Ridge's Logan.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 27, 2017 on B&B
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Thorne reminds Ridge that he's a Marone Thorne reminds Ridge that he's a Marone

Monday, November 27, 2017

At the mansion, Brooke and Ridge chatted with Eric about how Thanksgiving had gone. The topic turned to how pleased Eric would be if Brooke and Ridge reunited. Brooke asked if Ridge had put Eric up to it. Ridge hadn't, but he said he'd gladly spend his remaining days with her.

Just then, Brooke gasped upon seeing Thorne enter the house. She rushed to greet him and said she couldn't believe he was there. "Neither can I. Welcome home, little brother," Ridge said.

Eric was happy to see Thorne. Brooke beamed with joy, noting that Thorne was as handsome as ever. Eric asked why Thorne hadn't let anyone know he'd decided to travel there. Thorne had wanted to surprise them all. Brooke threw her arms around Thorne, happy that he was there.

Thorne gazed at Quinn's portrait and wondered if she were around. She wasn't there, but Eric was sure she'd be thrilled to see Thorne, just as Eric was. Thorne noted that Eric looked happy, and Eric said Quinn was the gift he'd never expected.

Brooke asked Thorne how life in Paris was. Thorne replied that it was Paris and asked what else one could expect. He'd thrown himself into work after Ali had died. Eric, Brooke, and Ridge empathized with Thorne because they missed Ali, too. Thorne had realized that life had to go on, and he'd decided that it was time to move back to Los Angeles.

Brooke and Eric erupted in happiness, but Ridge asked if it didn't seem a little sudden. Thorne said he had been deliberating it for a while. His family was in L.A., and he missed them all. He missed the company, and "this" was home. Eric was glad to welcome his son back and felt that they could use Thorne at Forrester. "Right, Ridge?" Eric asked. Ridge grunted.

Eric asked if Thorne wanted to move in, but Thorne said Eric and Quinn needed their space. The beaming Brooke asked where Thorne would stay, and Thorne assumed he'd get a room until he could figure it out. She decided that the important thing was that Thorne was home. Eric hugged Thorne.

Thorne asked if his arrival had interrupted anything. Ridge replied that Brooke had just been saying that she wanted to spend her life with Ridge. Brooke glared at Ridge. Thorne said he'd heard that Brooke was divorcing Bill and asked if Brooke and Ridge were back on. Speaking in unison, Ridge affirmed it, but Brooke denied it.

Glancing at Ridge again, Brooke said she didn't want to rush anything. Thorne thought that was wise, but Ridge asked his brother not to discourage Brooke. Thorne asked what had happened. Brooke replied that unlike Eric and Quinn, Brooke and Bill weren't a perfect match. Ridge interjected that he'd told Brooke that from the start.

Eric reasoned that the timeframe for the divorce would give Brooke a chance to work things out. "And find her way home. Our home," Ridge added. Brooke said Ridge's name. Ridge said R.J. would be thrilled. Eric remarked that he would be, too. As Thorne observed Brooke and Ridge, Ridge said they'd make things right, the way they should have been from the beginning.

Alone with Thorne later, Ridge poured coffee at the coffee table. Thorne said he couldn't help but notice that Ridge wasn't as happy as Eric and Brooke about Thorne's homecoming, and if Ridge had a problem, he should say it. Ridge asked if Thorne would then hop on a plane back to Paris. Thorne said he would not, but he'd know where he stood.

Brooke walked up to the chair whose back faced the front door. Ridge said Thorne knew where he stood with family. Ridge had assumed Thorne liked Paris; however, if Thorne wanted to be home, "you're always welcome here, little brother." Thorne asked if they could drop the "little brother" thing. Ridge asked if Thorne was kidding. Thorne said he wasn't.

Surprised, Ridge said he hadn't meant to offend Thorne and asked when Thorne had become so sensitive. Thorne replied that he wasn't sensitive, but he was a grown man. Thorne felt that they were equals, and Ridge didn't need to call Thorne little anymore. Ridge referred to it as a term of endearment. Thorne felt it was condescending and said that if Ridge had to refer to Thorne as some type of brother, he could try "half."

"Half? Really?" Ridge asked. Thorne felt that half-brother more accurately described them and said he wasn't the one walking around with Marone DNA. Ridge asked if Thorne would say that to Ridge in the house in which Ridge had been raised. Thorne replied that no one should forget where they'd come from. Ridge told Thorne that it was a bad idea to have a chip on his shoulder and to antagonize Ridge. "A really bad idea, little brother," Ridge concluded.

At the cliff house, Liam found Steffy deep in thought. He said a lot had happened, and he hadn't been able to see a way back from what had happened with Spectra. The disconcerted Steffy claimed to be happy that Bill and Liam had made things right. Liam didn't think he would have done it without his wife, and he believed his father would agree that they were grateful to her.

Liam thought he could have avoided a lot of heartache if he had listened to Steffy in the first place. Steffy said he probably wanted to keep that in mind. Liam was sorry for what he'd done and promised that he'd never betray her again.

Liam asked Steffy to accompany him on his first day back at Spencer. Steffy thought the three Spencer men should bond together, without her. Liam said he had some things he needed to say to the family and needed her there for support.

At Bill's office, Bill flashed back to having sex with Steffy, professing love for her, and reuniting with Liam. "Last to know, checking in!" Wyatt announced as he entered. Bill asked what Wyatt was talking about, and Wyatt asked what was going on with their family. Wyatt wanted to know why no one told him anything and he always had to figure out what was going on.

Bill claimed that he informed Wyatt of all kinds of things. Disagreeing, Wyatt cited that he hadn't known that things had become hunky-dory between Liam and Bill until Thanksgiving, and Wyatt asked if the Spencers were making a fresh start. Bill replied that it was exactly what it was, and it was what Bill wanted. Bill asked what was with the cross-examination about it.

Wyatt sensed that there was a piece missing between "I never want to see you again" and "Oh, can you please pass the gravy?" Bill asked what difference it made, and Wyatt asked why the son who'd never betrayed Bill couldn't get a straight answer. Bill thought Wyatt was making a big deal over nothing, but Wyatt insisted upon knowing.

Bill relayed that Liam had come to terms with what the obsession with Sally had been costing him, namely his wife. Wyatt stated that Steffy had found a way to forgive Liam, even after he'd betrayed her with the worst possible enemy he could find. Remarking that the couple had even renewed their vows, Wyatt said it showed what kind of woman Steffy was. Bill quietly responded that Steffy was in a class by herself.

Wyatt found it unbelievable that Liam had spent what he'd believed to be the last moment of his life, making out with Sally Spectra. Bill said it hadn't been Liam's finest hour. Wyatt thought Liam ought to feel lucky that Steffy had taken him back, and Wyatt figured that Steffy walking out had gotten Liam to find his senses.

Wyatt asked if Bill knew how long Steffy had been gone or where she'd been. Bill flashed to kissing Steffy at the Forrester guesthouse. Wyatt guessed it didn't matter and said nothing would get between the couple again.

Just then, Liam arrived. Steffy entered behind him. Bill welcomed Liam back. Wyatt said he was pleasantly surprised to see Steffy, and Liam replied that she'd accompanied him on his first day back. Steffy stated that she didn't have to stay, but Wyatt said they didn't mind having her around all day. She replied that Liam had insisted that she be there.

Liam said Steffy had been the one to heal his relationship with his father, and she'd pounded into his head that family was first. He thanked her for not letting him throw it away.

Wyatt hated to do it, but he felt they needed to turn their attention to the plans to build, which were still on the table. Bill announced that he was fully committed to "Sky," but he was equally committed to helping Spectra rebuild. He said they'd spare no expense.

Wyatt asked if Bill meant it. Bill believed it was the right thing to do, and Liam said he appreciated Bill extending a hand. Bill planned to see to it that the Spectras were made fully whole and relaunched in a good location. Wyatt asked if Steffy was good with it. "Yeah. Whatever keeps the peace," she replied.

Bill wanted to get Sally's input on everything. He'd set it up with Alison, and that way, Liam didn't even have to be involved. Liam thanked Bill. Wyatt felt as if he were in a parallel universe and said all the cooperation was taking him by surprise. Liam attributed everything to Steffy.

Liam had realized that he'd gone too far in his defense of Sally and her company. He felt there could have been a solution that didn't involve him destroying his own family relationships. Liam felt that he'd betrayed Bill and said it wouldn't happen again. Though Liam wouldn't always agree with Bill, Liam would respect Bill and be loyal, as Bill had always been with Liam. Bill and Steffy seemed to simultaneous flash back to their night together.

Wyatt is suspicious

Wyatt is suspicious

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

by Pam

At Spencer, Wyatt, Bill, Liam, and Steffy discussed that everyone had made mistakes. Bill admitted that he had done some things he shouldn't have done. He promised to Liam that he would not to be that man again. Steffy looked at Liam and Bill.

Bill also promised to meet with Sally Spectra and get things started on helping her rebuild. Liam was impressed and thanked his father. "I'm just a little surprised," Wyatt said. Wyatt hoped it stuck, but he was skeptical. Liam noted that Steffy would make sure it happened. Liam gave her all the credit for preserving the family.

Steffy argued that it was Liam who had rebuilt his relationship with Bill. She reminded Liam that they had renewed their vows and started fresh with a blank slate. "That's exactly what we're gonna do -- all of us," she said. Bill looked slyly at Steffy.

Later, Wyatt and Liam were alone, and Liam argued that some of the plans Bill had made for the skyscraper had to be changed because Liam refused to back down on some of the environmental issues.

Wyatt was curious what was going on. Liam didn't understand what Wyatt meant. Wyatt explained that Bill and Liam had basically gone from blackmail and working against each other to a truce. Liam insisted that Wyatt should be grateful that he and his dad had finally worked everything out.

Wyatt maintained that their dad was letting things go for the first time ever. Liam agreed that Bill had finally put bad choices and the past behind them. Wyatt thought something was up. He added that he felt something was going on, and even Liam was unaware of what it was. Wyatt was convinced there was more to the truce.

In Bill's office, when they were alone, Bill told Steffy he was glad she had joined them for Liam's return to work. Bill was worried that Steffy had been upset. He didn't want things to be difficult for her. Steffy cried that their night together should never have happened. "What can I do?" Bill asked. Steffy said she could do nothing to erase the night that she had betrayed her husband and her vows.

Bill said they had both let Liam down. "How could I do that to my boy?" Bill asked. Bill said that it had not been ugly. "It was beautiful," Bill said. "I can't hear that," Steffy replied. She worried that Wyatt was suspicious. She thought she should tell Liam. She hated keeping the secret. Bill told her that night had reawakened feelings, and he had wanted to start a life together with Steffy. Bill insisted they had to keep the secret because the truth would kill Liam. "No one will ever know," Bill said. Steffy looked conflicted.

At Brooke's house, she welcomed Thorne back to the company and to Los Angeles. He complimented her on her new shorter haircut, and she said he was welcome to stay with her for as long as he needed to. She was concerned that Ridge and Thorne were at odds.

Thorne admitted that Ridge had rubbed him the wrong way. Ridge's comments about being the "little brother" were not so funny anymore. Brooke insisted it was a term of endearment, but Thorne shook his head. He attributed their differences to Ridge being in charge of the company. He understood that Ridge was charming to Brooke, and Brooke said they were both good-looking men with a lot of charm.

Thorne wondered why Brooke and Ridge had not married. Brooke said she didn't want to discuss it. Thorne assumed that Ridge had cheated on her. Brooke changed the subject and said she was glad to have him home.

At Forrester, Quinn and Ridge discussed jewelry for the new line. Ridge paused and thanked Quinn for Thanksgiving. She credited Charlie and Pam for handling everything. She was happy that Sheila had not crashed the party. Quinn believed Brooke's impending divorce gave Brooke and Ridge another chance. Ridge promised he would not screw up the next time.

Quinn asked about international orders, and Ridge told her that she could ask Thorne in person because he had moved back to Los Angeles. Quinn asked if Thorne was dating anyone. Ridge seemed irritated to discuss his brother, and Quinn noticed. She wondered if Thorne was as competitive as Ridge was. Quinn wondered if Ridge was worried that Thorne would take his job. Ridge maintained he was not worried about his little brother.

At Il Giardino, Sheila waited on Pam and scared her. "I thought you left Los Angeles," Pam said. Sheila answered that she couldn't afford to lose her job. Pam hoped that Sheila had no plans to bother Eric. Sheila promised to stay away from Eric, but she admitted that she had no faith that Quinn would be a loyal wife.

After lunch, Pam said she was in a hurry to visit Stephanie's grave, and Sheila felt it was sad that Pam was doing that alone. Sheila offered to accompany her and become her friend. Pam declined, but Sheila reminded her that she had heard all about Pam's reputation as the crazy sister. Sheila reminded Pam what she had done to Donna, and Pam flashed back to the incident where Pam had covered Donna in honey and lured a bear to the cabin.

Pam didn't want to discuss it, but Sheila promised not to judge because she had been called Crazy Sheila for years. Sheila again offered to be friends and have dinner or coffee with Pam, but she didn't want to interfere with Charlie. Pam admitted that she needed some girlfriends because she'd had a falling-out with members of the baking club.

Brooke gets surprises from Thorne and Ridge

Brooke gets surprises from Thorne and Ridge

> Brooke gets surprises from Thorne and Ridge

Brooke gets surprises from Thorne and Ridge

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

by Pam

At Brooke's house, Thorne and Brooke had tea, and Brooke was surprised that Thorne had started drinking tea. He said he had changed a lot of his habits while he'd lived in Paris. Thorne pressed Brooke to tell him what had happened to her marrying Ridge. Brooke insisted she wanted to forget about it, but Thorne assumed Ridge had been unfaithful.

Brooke explained that it had been silly. "It was a kiss," she said. Thorne said it wasn't silly if it had convinced her to back away from Ridge and marry Bill Spencer. Brooke flashed back to Ridge kissing Quinn. Thorne said that it was a shame that Ridge didn't appreciate "what an incredible person you are."

Brooke changed the subject and said she was looking forward to Thorne returning to Forrester and working with his brother and father. She said she had missed him. Everyone had missed him and had tried to contact him after Aly's death. Thorne said he had gone off the grid and not talked to anyone until a designer had shared with him that he had lost his son a year earlier and had poured himself into his work.

Thorne said he'd realized he could sit around and feel sorry for himself or do something to improve himself. He pulled some designs out of his bag and showed them to Brooke. She said they were fabulous. Thorne was proud of them and said he had taken a lot of classes, and a lot of designers had taken him under their wings. Thorne had developed a line of his own in Europe, and it had sold quite well. It was named for Aly.

Brooke was excited for Thorne, and she couldn't wait for Eric and Ridge to see his designs. Thorne said it had always been a dream of his to be on the design team rather than part of the logistics team.

Brooke was happy, and Thorne noted that something was different about her. She joked that it was her hair. He mentioned her abandoned marriage to Ridge again, and Brooke told him to stop obsessing about it. She wanted to move forward. She had to leave and wanted Thorne to show his designs to Ridge and Eric soon because she couldn't keep it a secret for long. They embraced, and she left.

At Forrester, Quinn and Ridge discussed her newest jewelry pieces. Ridge loved them and said he would design a dress around one of the pieces. Ridge said he was inspired, and Quinn teased him. Ivy entered and said she wanted to tell Quinn that her latest pieces were beautiful. Quinn thanked her, and Ivy left. Ridge said the one piece made her eyes sparkle, and it was stunning. Ridge said it was her finest collection ever. Their conversation turned to their friendship and how glad they were that they hadn't lost that. Quinn was glad she had been able to patch things up with Eric, and she assured Ridge that he and Brooke would be together again soon.

Ridge wanted to make sure that Thorne never found out about what had happened. Quinn said that she and Eric would never say anything. Ridge wanted a future with Brooke, but he was glad to have a friendship with Quinn. They discussed how much they had hated each other in the beginning. Quinn and Ridge returned to discussing the necklace she had on, and Ridge held the necklace and said it was beautiful. Brooke opened the door slightly and saw Ridge eyeing the necklace and standing close to Quinn. She looked angry when she heard Ridge say "absolutely beautiful.

At Forrester, Pam and Charlie discussed lunch, and Charlie said he had delivered the last of the "Turkey Day" leftovers to Pam for lunch, but she said she had eaten lunch at the restaurant and gone to the cemetery. Charlie sat down and ate the leftovers himself. Pam asked Charlie if he believed in rehabilitation. He wondered if she meant a leopard changing its spots. Pam agreed, and Charlie was thoughtful. Pam said she had run into Sheila Carter at lunch. Charlie choked on his food. Pam said she'd had an interesting conversation with Sheila, and she believed that Sheila was capable of change.

Charlie argued that Sheila was incapable of change. Pam said that she had at one time made a lot of bad decisions, but Charlie called Pam "Mother Teresa" compared to Sheila. He was convinced that Sheila only wanted one thing, and that was getting back together with Eric.

Pam was disappointed. Charlie felt Sheila was trying to get into the family through Pam, but Pam insisted she wouldn't be fooled. She added that she felt everyone needed a second chance. Charlie was quiet.

At Il Giardino, Sheila spotted Eric having lunch with Carter, and she smiled. Carter promised Eric he would get the contracts by the end of the day, and he left. Sheila greeted Eric at his table. He wondered why she was still in Los Angeles.

Sheila said her times in Los Angeles had been among her happiest, especially when she had been with Eric. She regretted that she had caused such misery. Eric was skeptical of her, and he reminded her of what she had done to Mateo and Quinn. Sheila defended her actions and said that she didn't believe Quinn would be loyal to Eric. She'd felt she'd had to test Quinn, and she realized she had been wrong. Although Quinn had kissed Ridge, Sheila was convinced that Quinn really loved Eric. Sheila apologized.

Sheila said she was embarrassed, but she asked if Eric still had her portrait; if he did, she wanted to pick it up. Eric said he did still have it. Sheila smiled.

Bill tells Steffy they are meant to be

Bill tells Steffy they are meant to be

Thursday, November 30, 2017

At Sally's house, Sally sat at a vanity, trying to find the best earrings to wear. Coco asked where Sally was going. Stating that it was no biggie, Sally said she intended to drop in on Liam to see how he was doing for herself. Liam didn't know that Sally would be there, but Sally said she'd make sure she didn't run into Steffy. Sally understood that the couple was moving on, and Sally didn't want to do anything to upset it.

Coco asked about Sally. Sally flashed back to kissing Liam. She claimed she didn't want to create problems for Liam; she just wanted to speak to him. Coco concluded that Sally had really fallen for Liam.

Later, Darlita arrived and asked where Sally was. Coco conveyed that her sister had gone to Liam's. Darlita asked why, and Coco said the two were friends. "And possibly more?" Darlita asked. Coco asked what made Darlita say that. Darlita claimed not to be as dim as people thought. Darlita could tell when a girl pretended not to like a guy in order to avoid trouble. "Then she gets trapped in an explosion with that guy, and something happens," Darlita added.

Coco asked if Darlita had put it together herself. Darlita said she and the women in her family were intuitive. They also read a lot of romance novels. Darlita suspected Sally had bared her soul to Liam while trapped in the rubble, but Darlita didn't think Liam would cross a line. Coco shifted nervously. "Oh, my God, are you saying he and Sally did cross a line?" Darlita asked.

Coco hesitantly revealed that, thinking they'd die, Sally and Liam had shared a few kisses. Darlita giggled in delight, and Coco made her promise not to tell anyone. Darlita agreed to it. To her, it was romantic and scary at the same time. Coco said her sister had a lot to work through.

Darlita was surprised when Coco said that Steffy knew about it all. Coco said Steffy had forgiven Liam and renewed their wedding vows. Darlita asked where that left Sally.

In the dining area at the cliff house, Liam felt blessed that he'd awakened to another day with his amazing wife. The reticent Steffy asked that he not put her on a pedestal because she wasn't perfect. They joked about their imperfections, and Steffy wished she hadn't walked out on Liam that night. She was glad that they'd renewed their vows, and she was happy to be Mrs. Liam Spencer. Steffy hugged him, but she wasn't smiling.

Over breakfast, Steffy showed Liam some remote places for getaways. He was all for it, but he noted that the holidays were near. Because the family had reconciled, Liam looked forward to spending time with Bill. Liam asked if Steffy did, too. Agreeing, Steffy said they'd talk about it another time then.

Steffy assumed Liam was going to work. He said he was working from home and would love it if she did, too. Steffy claimed to have a meeting to attend. She flashed to kissing Bill by the guesthouse window. Snapping out of it, she picked up her bags. Liam noticed that she was jittery, but she said it was just a chill. She seemed rattled, and he hugged her.

Later, Liam was alone when Sally arrived. She'd called Spencer, and they'd told her that he was working from home. She admired the house and was awestruck by the view she saw through the window by the dining table. She said Steffy and Liam had seemed happy at Thanksgiving dinner. Agreeing, Liam said Steffy's understanding was surreal. Sally replied that Steffy loved him. He said he'd betrayed that love, but Steffy had thankfully forgiven him.

Over coffee, Sally gave Steffy props for her Thanksgiving Day behavior. Sally was sure Steffy hadn't known Sally would be there beforehand because Steffy never would have allowed Sally to be invited. Liam said Sally had really expected Steffy to give it to her. Sally quipped that she'd expected Steffy to shove Sally's face into one of the dishes.

Sally hadn't let her guard down yet, and she expected to have something coming to her after what she'd done. Liam corrected that it was what "we" had done. Sally was sure Steffy understood that it had been more Sally, which was why Steffy had rebounded so quickly. Liam said Steffy had found peace practically overnight, and it had allowed them to renew their vows.

Sally said the couple could begin a new and exciting chapter in their lives. Hesitantly, Liam agreed. He said it was just that Steffy had left home as one woman and returned as another. Liam had feared that Steffy had left him for good. Sally replied that Steffy wouldn't do that -- no one would -- and Sally certainly wouldn't.

Liam stared at Sally, and she apologized. She didn't want to make him uncomfortable. She felt she had to be honest and tell him that she couldn't stop thinking of what had happened between them. Sally recognized that he was where he belonged, and she was lucky to have help getting Spectra back together. "Not as lucky as Steffy," Sally added. Sally claimed to be happy that Liam was happy and that he had a loyal, faithful wife in Steffy.

At Bill's house, Bill was preoccupied with thoughts of what had happened with Steffy and the secret that he and Steffy had vowed to keep.

Later, Steffy arrived in a huff. Slamming down her things, she cried that she couldn't keep the secret. Bill told her that she could. Steffy said it was wrong, and she wasn't being honest with her husband. Bill started saying, "Normally, I would agree, but considering the circumstances -- "

Cutting Bill off, Steffy said she'd overreacted that night, and Liam had been honest about him and Sally. Bill stated that it had been a few kisses, but his and Steffy's situation was totally different. Steffy couldn't take it that she had to lie to Liam over and over and over. It would haunt her for the rest of her life. Bill said it would be even worse if confessing cost her marriage. He asked if she was willing to take the risk.

Steffy asked if she was supposed to pretend everything was wonderful with her husband. Bill replied that it could be if she'd just let it go. Steffy assumed she was supposed to keep lying to her husband. Bill considered the action to be protecting Liam and the family. Bill didn't want to lose his son. Steffy asked why they hadn't thought of others before they'd done what they'd done and why they hadn't stopped themselves.

Bill said he and Steffy hadn't set out to betray Liam. Bill had thought Steffy had left Liam, and Liam had given her good reason to go. Bill reminded her that Liam had shared a connection and kisses with a woman Steffy loathed. It had been a connection that Liam probably hadn't been ready to own up to until that precarious moment in the rubble.

Steffy insisted that nothing excused what she and Bill had done. It had been a horrible lapse in judgment. Bill asked if she realized she'd be compounding it by telling Liam what had happened. Steffy replied that she needed to give Liam the same honesty and integrity that he had given to her. Bill quipped that she wouldn't have a marriage if she told Liam. Bill believed Liam would leave her, and she'd lose him forever. Bill asked if that was what Steffy wanted.

Bill warned Steffy not to open it up when they'd all started to heal. Bill asserted that Liam wouldn't care that Bill and Steffy had thought the marriage had ended; Liam would feel betrayed. Steffy replied that Liam had been betrayed. Bill stated that they hadn't intended to do it, and it hadn't been tawdry or dirty. Bill added that it hadn't been an accident, either.

Bill insisted that he and Steffy had made love, and they both had felt that way about it. Steffy urged Bill to stop, but he said he couldn't. Grasping her arms, he said he couldn't lock the feelings away again. He'd told her that he'd wanted to spend his life with her years back, and he'd said it again that night. Bill couldn't pretend that they weren't made for each other.

Bill said he and Steffy had always been connected, and he couldn't deny what he knew. "You and I are meant to be," Bill told Steffy.

Steffy warns Bill to be prepared for anything

Steffy warns Bill to be prepared for anything

Friday, December 1, 2017

At the cliff house, Liam filled the silence between him and Sally by asking if he could get her anything. As he listed off drinks and snacks he had, she asked if he was being a good host or testing her for allergies. Liam said he didn't want to appear as if he was giving her the brush-off, so he was patiently waiting to learn the reason for her visit.

Sally realized that she was about to embarrass herself again. She said it was totally none of her business, but Liam and Steffy had seemed strangely happy at Thanksgiving. Sally said people sometimes put on fronts at the holidays, and she was wondering if things really were okay. She understood that the couple had renewed their vows, "but it could have been -- "

"Desperation," Liam concluded. Sally really hated when people broke things and then just walked away. She was happy to know she hadn't done that. Sally stood to leave, and he thanked her for the visit. She thanked him for not slamming the door in her face.

Sally thought it was a shame that she and Liam couldn't be friends. Liam didn't see why not. Sally reasoned that they wouldn't hang out together, and the Spencers wouldn't invite her over. She figured they'd be overly aware of who'd be watching if they encountered each other. Liam was sure it would be like that for a while, "but in time..."

Sally said that, in time, the things that had drawn Liam and her together would be gone. Liam gazed awkwardly at her. She said it was okay and had to be that way. She promised to be there for Liam if he needed her, and she didn't "give a damn" who knew it.

At Coco and Sally's, Darlita and Coco hung out together and played cards. Darlita recalled that Liam and Sally had had to go to the hospital for debris inhalation. Darlita thought it was poignant that Liam and Sally had Spectra stuck in their internal organs forever and said it was like a love story of its own.

As Coco and Darlita played, Darlita wondered how terrible it would be if Steffy were lost at sea in an accident. Giggling, Coco replied that they weren't wishing things like that on her boss. Agreeing, Darlita began talking about a television show during which a woman had fallen in love with an island boy who'd rescued her from being lost at sea. Coco didn't see Steffy with an island boy. Darlita said the point was that if Steffy were gone, Liam would be magnetically drawn to the woman who shared his demolition dust.

Coco had a hard time concentrating on playing cards. Darlita did, too, and wondered if Sally would return home, brokenhearted. Coco didn't know how else it would go. Coco believed that Sally wanted Liam to have whatever he wanted, and in Sally's heart, Sally knew it wasn't her.

Later, Coco was straightening up, and Sally, who'd just arrived, asked who'd been there. Coco said Darlita had stopped by, and Coco had "kind of" told Darlita some things she'd already guessed on her own. Sally said her life was an open book to only Coco. Coco was sorry about it, but she said Darlita wouldn't say anything.

Coco asked how it had gone with Liam. Sally said he hadn't slammed the door in her face. Sally didn't know if Liam had been happy to see her; however, she'd gone there to see if he were really happy, and he was. Sally considered that he might be happier than he'd been before because it had sounded like a new-and-improved Steffy had emerged from the problems.

Sally wondered if life might be trying to give her a clue about her future. Coco asked if Sally meant something like a horoscope. Sally explained that she'd always known she hadn't needed a man to make her happy, but she'd been very torn up about Thomas and then Liam. She'd realized the kind of man she needed in her life if she ever let one in again.

Coco replied that Sally had it really bad. Sally didn't see it that way. She felt that she had it great. Sally had seen things in Thomas that hadn't been there. It hadn't been Thomas' fault, but Sally didn't believe she'd make that mistake again because she knew what to look for. Because of Liam, she knew the type of woman she had to be to deserve the type of man she wanted.

Coco believed Sally already was the type of person she needed to be. Sally wanted to be stronger and to never give up. Sally doubted Steffy would say, "I can't be who you want me to be, so I'm just going to give up." Coco said Steffy might think that when no one was listening.

At Bill's house, Steffy asserted that she and Bill were not meant to be. Bill said he was just telling her how he felt; however, he'd honor his commitment to his son because DNA was a bond that transcended time. He said he'd be a good and loyal father. Steffy replied that it would be that way if Liam allowed it.

Bill asked Steffy not to do what she was thinking of doing because nothing good would result. Steffy noted that he'd expected her to confess before. She asked what the difference was from back then. He replied that she was the difference. He began to remark upon their lovemaking, but Steffy asked him not to refer to it like that. Bill refused to lie to himself or her about what it had meant to finally be with her that night.

Steffy decided that she shouldn't have visited. Bill claimed not to want anything from her, and her feelings were her business -- even if she didn't know what they were. He asked her to think carefully before doing to his son what she was thinking. She quipped that she was thinking of being an honest wife, and she asked Bill to get the thought of her running to him out of his head.

Bill warned that if she was too honest of a wife, Liam would leave her. Steffy refused to believe it. She said one mistake wouldn't end the marriage, but lying would. Bill asserted that lying was the price of happiness, and everyone willingly paid it. Steffy retorted that it might be like that for Bill.

Steffy reminded Bill that he was her father-in-law, but Bill reminded her that there had been a time when he hadn't been. He didn't intend to fight Steffy on her choice to remain married, but he wouldn't let her act as if what had happened between them had been void of goodness, merit, or love.

Steffy wished it had never happened. Bill replied that it was a wish they didn't share. He said he had a stake in it, too, and he could lose his son if she told Liam. "And you deserve to!" Steffy shot back. She insisted upon telling Liam. She didn't know how he'd react, so she warned Bill to be prepared for anything.

Later, Steffy arrived home and found Liam working. Liam asked if she was okay and if something had happened at work. She said she hadn't been at work. He noticed that she didn't seem herself, and she replied that hypocrisy would do that to a person. Assuming she was referring to Sally, Liam said he'd had every intention of telling Steffy about Sally's visit.

The distracted Steffy said she wasn't worried about Sally. Liam asked what had made him a hypocrite. After answering that he wasn't, Steffy asked what Sally had wanted. Liam conveyed that Sally had expected some fallout at Thanksgiving and had felt uneasy because there hadn't been any. He said Steffy knew how it was when guilt made one feel the need to be punished or to maybe even insist upon it.

Steffy stated that her brass knuckles were at the cleaners, so Sally was out of luck. Liam replied that the reprieve would probably elevate Steffy from princess to empress in Sally's mind. Steffy griped about people seeing her that way. He claimed it was Steffy's fault for being wonderful. He started talking about how he fell in love with her every time he saw her, but he stopped mid-sentence when he saw she was staring off, preoccupied.

Liam concluded that his wife was really unhappy about something. Steffy uttered that it was crazy how just a few words could make everything go away. Liam asked who was gone and said he wasn't. He told her that she could tell him whatever it was, and it couldn't be that bad.

Liam started to get up, but Steffy stopped him. She became upset and said she couldn't waste more time. She cried that she didn't want him to forget, and she wanted him to love her. Liam said that Steffy was scaring him. Steffy responded that she was scaring herself.

Liam asked if Steffy was sick. Sobbing, Steffy said that she wasn't. He didn't understand why she was crying and trembling. She yelled that he wanted her to pretend, but she couldn't anymore. Liam thought it was his fault, and she'd felt trapped and forced into renewing their vows. He berated himself for it and said maybe she hadn't wanted to remain married.

Steffy shouted over Liam that she did so want it. Liam and Steffy talked over each other. He kept apologizing to her, and she kept asking him to let her finish talking. She exclaimed that she couldn't let him forget. Liam asked what she wanted him to do. Steffy wanted him to just love her. Liam said she'd always have that, but he wanted to know how to make amends.

Steffy said it wasn't about Liam. Refusing to watch her like that anymore, Liam insisted that she tell him what it was right that moment. "It's about your father..." Steffy sobbed.

Back at Bill's house, Bill waited around for the fallout. He kept checking his phone and flashing back on snippets of his conversation with Steffy. His phone alerted him. He hurriedly checked it. It was Wyatt, asking why Bill and Liam were not at work and if something was going on.

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The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back


The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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