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Robin returned home for Thanksgiving. Cassandra made an alarming revelation. Ava found a shady doctor. Maxie took a pregnancy test. Quinn had good news for Nathan and Amy. Oscar's mother recognized Patient 6 as Drew.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 20, 2017 on GH
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Amy and Nathan confess Amy and Nathan confess

Monday, November 20, 2017

Patient 6 sat at a table in the Metro Court restaurant with Sonny. They spoke of the rebuilding being done in Puerto Rico, and they agreed how thankful they were for their own lives. Sonny invited Patient 6 to Thanksgiving dinner and assured the man that Carly would be angry if he didn't accept the invitation. Patient 6 left, and Cassandra spotted Sonny and wandered over. She introduced herself and mentioned that she had enjoyed his coffee.

Cassandra went on to explain that she'd traveled to Port Charles for some medical advice but had happened upon a business opportunity. Valentin saw them and wandered over as the two chatted. Learning that Cassandra and Valentin knew each other, Sonny suddenly changed his tone and snapped, "Any friend of Valentin Cassadine is no friend of mine."

Cassandra and Valentin moved to their own table. Cassandra noted that that had been her first contact with Sonny, and she was anxious to get moving with her new drug distribution. Valentin informed her that Sonny didn't like drugs, and he would not be happy to have them in his controlled area. Cassandra noted that Sonny would have to change, but Valentin assured her that things would be over very quickly if she ruffled Sonny's feathers. As the two chatted, the waitress delivered their coffee.

Cassandra filled Valentin in on her new synthetic opioid and told him that she was anxious to have it produced. Valentin stated that he was on board and suggested they look for a chemist. Cassandra replied that she had something possible in the works. She received a phone call and walked away from the table.

At the Quartermaine residence, Michael and Ned joked about Olivia decorating the house for Thanksgiving. Ned thought that they should have a chat about the Jasons and ELQ. Michael reminded him that even the Jasons didn't know which one of them was the real Jason. Monica and Olivia, who was wearing a paper Pilgrim hat, walked into the room. They were having an animated discussion over the decorations. Monica couldn't see the point of decorating, because no one would be at the house for the holiday.

Ned said that while things were looking up at ELQ, everything was uncertain because of the two Jasons. He agreed that only one was a Jason, but another Quartermaine member would affect their stock. The Jason they'd known the past few years had bailed the company out, but perhaps their company would be in jeopardy if the money turned out to not be Jason's.

Patient 6 arrived when Monica was alone. He had wanted to say goodbye because she was headed to a spa in New Mexico for the holiday. "I'm running away," Monica admitted. She explained that there were too many loved ones missing from the holiday scene. Patient 6 invited her to dinner at Sonny and Carly's, but she declined because he and Michael were the only two things she had in common with the couple. She was thankful that Patient 6 was home, and he was thankful too. They embraced.

Shortly after, alone in the room, Patient 6 picked up a family photo from the mantel. Michael returned and stopped short. The men looked at each other awkwardly. "It's so good to see you," Patient 6 stated. Michael had returned to get his phone. He admitted that he'd been hiding from Patient 6, and he'd been feeling guilty and ashamed for befriending Jason. He'd had a feeling all along that the other man hadn't really been Jason.

Michael was embarrassed that Patient 6 had made the first move to see him. As usual, he had picked Michael up and taken care of him, Michael said. He began to cry, and Patient 6 was teary as they hugged each other. Olivia returned with her decorations, and Monica followed closely. She reminded Olivia again that no one would be in the house and ordered her not to get a Christmas tree until after Monica returned from her vacation. Michael and Patient 6 walked Monica out to her car.

Olivia griped about Monica, and Ned decided that Patient 6 was the real Jason. Ned proclaimed that he had no intention of allowing any Jasons to run ELQ. Olivia suggested that maybe it was time for Ned to step in as the CEO.

Finn found Chet with the punching bag at Volonino's Gym and made note of the fact that Chet had gone from hospital bed to gym in record time. He was impressed as he watched the man on two prosthetic legs. Chet replied that he was also back in Amy's life, and he appeared less than thrilled about it. He was feeling sorry for himself and didn't think that Finn could relate. He was surprised to hear about Finn's addiction. Finn thought that Chet should be thankful to be alive, and he didn't think it was too late to fix things with Amy. He accused Chet of running away.

Chet declared that he wasn't running, merely clearing his head. Finn informed him that Amy had been "a mess," and she'd done a lot for Chet. He added that he knew it was difficult to be different from what people thought. Chet confessed that he hadn't meant to go in the direction that he had, but Finn told him that it was possible to turn things around just as Finn had. He ordered Chet to accept help and not drive it away.

After Chet was gone, Sonny found Finn with the punching bag. He invited Finn to Thanksgiving dinner. "Big table, lots of food," Sonny told him. Finn thanked him but said that he had somewhere that he could go. Finn asked Sonny about the street drug trade, but Sonny didn't want to discuss it. Finn explained that it wasn't for him, and he was concerned about all of the people he'd seen in the hospital, suffering from overdoses. Finn wanted to do something about the problem.

Sonny was uncomfortable and advised Finn that it was bigger than one person. He thought that Finn would do nothing but put a temporary halt on the operation until someone else entered the picture. He suggested that Finn stick to research and helping people because stopping the operation was "above [their] pay grades."

Later, Sonny was practicing his moves in the ring. Michael and Patient 6 arrived, and the guys started horsing around, just like old times.

At Maxie and Nathan's place, Amy arrived with the bad news reviews after the Ask Man Landers reveal. She and Maxie blamed each other for what had happened, and Amy accused Maxie of being the one to spill the beans. Nathan quickly jumped to his wife's defense and assured Amy that Maxie would never have gone to the Invader with the truth behind Ask Man Landers.

As Amy, Nathan, and Maxie discussed it, the publisher Quinn arrived in full anger mode. "Dodging is over, and so are you," she announced to the group. She was livid and shouted at Amy and Nathan. Nathan tried to assure her that they hadn't meant any harm, but Quinn advised him that harm had been done. Her company had taken a hit, and their readers might well think that none of their self-help and improvement lines were truthful. The group made several attempts at weak jokes to keep it light, but Quinn was having none of it. She assured them that they would "pay through the nose."

Quinn announced that Amy and Nathan would live-stream their confessions straight to their readers. Amy was concerned that they would be sued, but Quinn advised her that after the advance was returned plus damage payment, they would have nothing left. Amy and Nathan stood in front of the camera awkwardly. Amy admitted that she had been the writer and explained how it hadn't been a scam. Things had gotten out of hand. Nathan blamed himself as well. Chet asked to speak, and although Quinn was against it, Chet ignored her. He identified himself and told of his situation. The money earned had been for his care. He hadn't always been deserving, but he was grateful. It hadn't been fraud but love and friendship.

Amy was proud of her brother, but Quinn snapped that they would hear from her lawyers. "Beat it, bitch," Maxie shouted. Quinn was indignant, and words were exchanged. As she was about to storm out of the apartment, she received a notification on her phone. She was amazed. Apparently, the live-streaming had gone well, and sales were suddenly up. Everyone was ecstatic.

Felicia and Mac dropped some Thanksgiving goodies off at Anna's house, and she advised them that she had some other help. After two bad guesses, she revealed that Robin was there. The couple was thrilled to see her, and Robin asked them not to wake the baby. She couldn't wait to see Anna's new boyfriend, Robin confessed.

Felicia, Mac, and Robin ganged up on Anna about her relationship. She explained to all that it was in the early stages, and she angrily asked to be forgiven for not providing a status update. She stormed away to accusations of being defensive. Felicia and Mac provided their own score and impressions of Finn for Robin. Mac insisted that Finn was a good person who adored Anna. Robin wondered how her mother felt about the doctor. Luckily, Anna was saved when the baby started crying. Felicia and Mac ran to the other room to check on him.

When they were alone, Robin demanded that her mother tell her the truth, and she pulled Anna over to the sofa. Anna stated that it was complicated, and Robin replied that it was okay as long as it worked for Anna. They were interrupted when the doorbell rang, and they were both surprised to see Finn. He acknowledged that he couldn't stay away, and he hugged Robin. He mentioned the text-only relationship they'd had and said it was good to meet.

Robin left them to check on her son. "What are you doing here?" Anna demanded to know. Finn confessed that he'd thought he'd been expected to show up. Anna revealed that everyone had been gushing about him and their relationship. Finn was willing to placate her need for their ruse but she advised him that she didn't need his help. Finn wondered if that was because Valentin was in on Cassandra's case, and he told her that he needed to help with the drug epidemic. Just then, she received a phone call. "It's worse than we thought," Valentin told Anna on the phone.

Finn inquired about the call, and Anna was reluctant to fill him in. Finally, she told him about the new product that Cassandra had been pursuing. It was cheaper to make and more addictive. Cassandra had been looking for someone to perfect the formula. Finn had an idea to stop her by "giving her exactly what she wants."

Valentin ended his call to Anna as Cassandra returned to their table. He told her he had to leave for his Thanksgiving dinner. She expressed how happy she would be to go along with him. Valentin sneered at her. She had threatened his family, and he would never allow her to visit his home. He added that they no longer had a friendship.

Franco offers Jason words of encouragement

Franco offers Jason words of encouragement

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

At the Jerome Gallery, Ava typed an email to the plastic surgeon she'd read about in Crimson, asking him to contact her. After she sent the email, Griffin appeared in the doorway and asked what she'd been working on. Startled, Ava smiled nervously as she greeted him then picked up a large sculpture and set it on a nearby stand. Griffin wondered if she'd been avoiding his calls. Ava avoided eye contact as she asked why he'd thought that, but he knew she'd been bothered by the ugly encounter with Carly at the restaurant the previous evening. Ava explained that it had been Carly's usual venom, but she asked Griffin not to pay attention to it.

Griffin assured Ava that he wasn't going anywhere, so she relaxed then asked about his plans for Thanksgiving. He was curious why Ava was at work rather than spending the holiday with Kiki. Ava revealed that Kiki had to work, so Griffin admitted that he was on call, but he couldn't think of a better person than Ava to spend the day with. Griffin surprised Ava with a special dinner from Kelly's that included Thanksgiving subs -- complete with stuffing, gravy, and cranberry sauce -- and warm mulled apple cider. Ava was touched by this thoughtfulness, but he warned her that he refused to let her spend the holiday alone. He realized that Carly's accusations had hurt, but he urged Ava to hold onto the piece of herself that refused to be ruled by how others saw her because what mattered was how Ava saw herself.

Moments later, Ava's phone chimed with a text message from Kiki. She frowned because it was a link to a live feed. Griffin and Ava watched a live news conference of Nora Buchanan speaking on Olivia Jerome's behalf. Griffin couldn't understand why the station had given Olivia a platform. Ava admitted that her family was a mess, so she invited Griffin to run for the hills, but he assured her that he wasn't going anywhere. Ava smiled, but their plans were ruined when Griffin received a text message that he was needed in the emergency room.

Ava agreed to give Griffin a rain check, but she reminded him that she would be busy with a project for the next few days. Griffin was glad that she had thrown herself back into her work because he was confident that she would soon feel like her old self. Ava smiled secretly and told him that she was counting on it. After Griffin left, Ava called the doctor she'd emailed earlier. She was delighted when the doctor scheduled an appointment for a consultation.

At Jason and Sam's penthouse, Sam greeted her mother. Alexis wished her daughter a happy Thanksgiving as she entered. Nearby, Jason was on the phone while Sam explained that there had been a work emergency because there had been breaking news. Moments later, Jason wrapped up the call then revealed that the breaking news had to do with Olivia Jerome. Sam was not pleased and wondered why they should give the woman who had nearly killed Scout any exposure. Jason pointed out that it was important for their company to remain impartial.

Sam realized that Jason was right, but she didn't like it. After Jason gave his wife a quick kiss goodbye and left, Sam told her mother that he was determined to make Aurora Media a success and something lasting for the children that no one could take away. Sam ducked into the kitchen to fetch three boxes of pies she'd picked up at Kelly's for her mother. Alexis was grateful because Molly was eager to impress T.J.'s Aunt Stella at dinner. Sam smiled until Alexis steered the conversation back to Jason by asking if Sam had talked to Patient 6.

Sam admitted that she hadn't seen her husband's brother since it was confirmed that the two men were twins. Sam insisted that she loved her husband more than anything, so she didn't know what she was supposed to do if it turned out that Patient 6 was Jason. She had no idea what it would mean for her marriage and her family. She also felt as if it would be a betrayal to believe Patient 6's claims. Sam refused to do it because it was wrong, and she didn't want to feel guilty.

Sam thought it best to follow Jason's advice and focus on her work. She sat down to turn on the television because she wanted to see the breaking news. Alexis sat beside Sam on the sofa as Nora Buchanan gave a news conference. Nora introduced herself as Olivia "Liv" Jerome's attorney then announced that she intended to read a statement from her client about the arrest and conviction of Liv's brother, Julian Jerome. Sam's expression filled with shock as she looked at her mother.

In Llanview, Nora read Liv's statement, which expressed regret for the crimes that Liv had committed. According to Liv, she'd had a break with reality when she'd found out that the love of her life, Duke Lavery, had been killed. However, Liv promised that she'd been in treatment and was once again of sound mind. The statement explained that Liv wanted to clear her conscience because her brother hadn't acted of his own free will. Liv revealed that she had blamed her brother for Duke's death, so she had forced Julian to do her bidding and commit crimes by threatening to harm Julian's family if he failed to cooperate. After Nora finished reading the statement, she announced that the statement had been notarized and forwarded to the district attorney in Port Charles.

Sam couldn't understand why Liv would exonerate Julian and asked her mother what Liv's statement meant for Julian. Alexis suspected that Julian would be granted another trial. Alexis asked how Sam felt about the possibility of her father leaving prison. Sam admitted that she didn't think of Julian as her father because of the horrible things he'd done to Alexis. Sam also pointed out that Julian had committed numerous crimes that he'd never paid for, which was why it baffled Sam that Liv had helped him. Alexis carefully suggested that they focus on the holiday and worry about the rest later, but Sam noticed that Alexis hadn't seemed at all surprised by Nora's bombshell.

Alexis admitted that she would be glad if Julian got out, but Sam reminded her mother that Julian had held a knife to Alexis' throat -- a knife that Helena had used to murder Alexis' mother. Alexis explained that she was a Cassadine, and she'd grown up in a world where violence, vengeance, and deception had been a daily activity. Alexis might have changed her name, pursued a career in law, and raised decent children, but it hadn't changed her past or where she was from. Concerned, Sam asked if Alexis thought she deserved someone like Julian, but Alexis shook her head. She explained that she believed they were drawn to what they were familiar with.

Alexis believed that she and Julian understood each other because they had each grown up in toxic worlds, and the ties that bound them were deeper than logic could define. Alexis acknowledged that Julian would be in a better place if he was released from prison, but she promised Sam that she would do her very best to move on to the next chapter in her life. Sam hoped that Alexis meant it. She walked Alexis to the door then promised to see her later for dinner.

On Sonny's back terrace, Sonny and Michael assured Patient 6/Jason that they wanted him to stay for dinner because they were thankful for his return and wanted to celebrate. Jason smiled and promised that he didn't feel pressured to be there; he was just glad to be home. After Michael went inside, Sonny let Jason know that it appeared that Klein's boss had cut his losses and disappeared. Jason wasn't surprised, but he wouldn't let his guard down because he was certain that someone was watching -- and waiting for the right time to strike. Sonny agreed.

Meanwhile, Robin stopped by to visit Sonny. Carly greeted Robin at the door then invited her inside because she was eager to get Robin's opinion about Patient 6. Robin revealed that she'd already talked to him, and she was certain that he was the real Jason Morgan. "Which means we made a terrible mistake," Carly admitted. They entered the living room as Carly reminded Robin about Spinelli's facial recognition software that had first indicated that Jake Doe was Jason, and the DNA test had confirmed their suspicions. Robin promised that Carly wasn't to blame for the mistake, but Carly disagreed because she'd known the truth the instant she'd looked into Jason's eyes that she'd been wrong about Sam's husband.

Robin confided that Jason had said something to her that had made her see the truth, and she had realized how much she had missed him. Carly smiled in understanding, but she reminded Robin that they had Jason back. Just then, Sonny and Jason returned from the terrace. After the men exchanged greetings with Robin, Jason invited her to stay for dinner, but she explained that Anna, Mac, and Felicia were watching Noah and waiting for her to return because her mother had planned a feast.

After Sonny and Carly excused themselves, Robin asked how Jason was doing. He assured her that he was fine, but she knew he wasn't. She suspected that he was frustrated because he'd traveled far to get home, only to find that Sam and Danny were still far away. Jason couldn't blame Sam for moving on because five years had been a long time, but Robin argued that Sam had believed that she was married to Jason until just a few weeks earlier. Robin imagined that Sam envied Sonny and Carly because they'd been free to throw their arms around Jason and welcome him home.

Robin explained that Sam was loyal to her husband because they shared a daughter, and recognizing Jason meant breaking Sam' husband's heart, but it couldn't change how Sam felt. Jason was surprised when Robin admitted that she was in a unique position to understand Sam's plight because Patrick had been in a similar situation when Robin had managed to escape Jerry Jacks and Helena Cassadine's clutches. Robin told him about her captivity on Cassadine Island and how she had managed to make her way home just as Patrick had been about to marry another woman. Robin confided that Patrick had needed time and space to figure things out, and she was certain the same was true for Sam.

After Robin left, Michael entered the living room and saw Jason looking at a photograph of Michael and Morgan. Jason admitted that he'd only known Morgan as a child, and he asked what his godson had been like. Michael's smile was bittersweet as he described his younger brother as charming, reckless, and a lot of fun. Michael explained that Morgan could make him furious one moment then laugh until it hurt the next. He conceded that there had been a lot of ups and downs as Morgan had struggled with bipolar disorder, and Michael had often been forced to bail his brother out.

Jason regretted that he hadn't been there to help Michael. Michael wished that his uncle had been around too. Their conversation turned to Nelle as Michael filled Jason in about Frank Benson and about Nelle's schemes. Michael explained that Nelle couldn't stop lying, so he'd suggested they take a break because he'd needed space. However, Nelle had kept pushing, and because of that, it was over. Michael pointedly admitted that things might have worked out if Nelle had given him time and space.

On the terrace, Carly smiled because Jason and Michael were talking. Sonny was pleased that he'd been right about Michael recognizing Jason once he talked to him. Carly admitted that she no longer felt lost; she was thankful, and her heart was filled with gratitude and joy. Sonny smiled then decided to check on the game. Carly chuckled and followed her husband into the living room then sat down as he flipped on the television. They were furious when they saw Nora's news conference.

After the news conference, Carly asked if it was possible that Alexis was behind Olivia Jerome's statement. Sonny admitted that it wouldn't surprise him. They returned to the terrace and saw Michael. Carly frowned because she didn't see Jason. Michael admitted that he had no idea where Jason was because he'd assumed Jason had been with them.

At Elizabeth's house, Franco sat on the sofa as he passed out Pilgrim hats to Cam, Jake, and Aiden. Elizabeth joined them and asked where her bonnet was, but Franco placed a Pilgrim hat on her head as he explained that the store supported gender neutrality. Franco looked at her adoringly and told her that she was beautiful even in a Pilgrim hat, which made Jake smile. Franco suggested that they each talk about what they were thankful for, but Cam reminded Franco that they usually did that when they sat down for Thanksgiving dinner. Elizabeth confessed that the turkey was taking longer than she'd expected, so Franco seized the opportunity to go first.

Franco admitted that he was thankful for Elizabeth and her sons and that they had welcomed him into their beautiful family. Franco vowed to protect them and the life they shared. Elizabeth was thankful for her boys, including Franco. She looked at each of her sons as she told them that she was thankful that they were healthy and strong and treated each other with kindness. She was also thankful that they had each other and that Franco had joined their family. Next, Aiden expressed his gratitude for his Grandma Audrey because she had taught him cursive.

Cam was thankful for meeting his Aunt Hayden because she'd been fun. Elizabeth smiled wistfully and admitted that she hoped they would see her sister again. "When?" Cam asked, but Elizabeth didn't know. She promised that he'd be the first one she told when Hayden contacted her. Finally, Jake was grateful that his parents were getting along. Moments later, someone knocked. It was Jason.

Cam and Aiden went upstairs to watch a football game while Jake visited with his father. Jake asked if Jason could stay for dinner, but Jason admitted that he had to go to Sam's mother's house. Things became awkward when Jake asked about Patient 6, so Elizabeth suggested that Jake take some chips to his brothers. After Jake scampered upstairs, Franco slipped into the kitchen to check on the turkey. Jason was relieved that his son and Elizabeth didn't have doubts about his identity.

Jason admitted that Sonny and Carly had let him down because they believed Patient 6's claims. It made Jason crazy that everyone believed Patient 6 without any proof or information about the man. Elizabeth advised Jason not to stress about things because it would only make matters worse, but he told her that it was easier said than done. She reminded him that the answers were on their way, and she had faith that he would find the answers he was looking for. Nearby, Franco's expression was troubled as he watched Elizabeth and Jason.

Moments later, Robin stopped by. Elizabeth was elated to see her friend, but the smiles faded when Jason greeted Robin. He immediately noticed that Robin was reserved, so she admitted that she'd met his brother, and she believed that Patient 6 was the real Jason Morgan. Elizabeth decided to check on the boys and excused herself. Jason was hurt and confused because Robin had been the one who'd found him at Crichton-Clark.

Jason reminded Robin that her research and treatment has saved him, and they had rescued each other. Robin acknowledged that he had saved her life, but she insisted that he wasn't the real Jason Morgan. Jason wondered how that was even possible, so Robin suggested that perhaps Helena had tampered with his memories. Jason flatly rejected the idea because he didn't just remember his life, including his relationship with Robin; he felt all the emotions. Robin reminded him that what they knew for certain was that he had a twin, and he was Alan Quartermaine's son. He was also Scout's father, and all the people he cared about still cared about him.

Jason wasn't satisfied because he needed the people he cared about to believe that he was the real Jason. Robin couldn't give him what he needed, so she decided to leave. Franco emerged from the kitchen as the door closed behind Robin. Franco acknowledged that he and Jason didn't like each other, but Jason needed to hear what Franco had to say. Nearby, Elizabeth hid out of sight as Jason agreed to hear Franco out because he didn't want to start anything with Jake in the house.

Franco admitted that he knew what it was like to have people tell him who he was because it happened all the time. Franco explained that people believed that they knew a person based on something that they knew about the person in the past, and people felt entitled to decide who a person was and what they would want. Annoyed, Jason advised Franco to get to the point, prompting Franco to tell Jason to "screw anybody and everybody" who insisted that Jason was not Jason Morgan because Jason knew who he was and what mattered to him. Franco encouraged Jason not to give up without a fight.

Franco pointed out that it hadn't been long before when Jason had been Jake Doe, a penniless, hardworking, and decent guy, and when Jason's memories had returned, Jason had refused to fall into place as Sonny's sidekick or Carly's go-to enabler. Jason had reinvented himself, and he'd built a life for himself, which Jason shouldn't let anyone take away. Jason walked to the door and admitted that Franco's opinion was the only one that he didn't care about. After Jason left, Elizabeth stepped forward and praised Franco for trying, but she was curious why he'd reached out to Jason. Franco explained that Jason was important to both Elizabeth and Jake, so he'd wanted to help. Touched, Elizabeth kissed him.

At the penthouse, Sam called out to Danny to pick a toy for himself and one for Scout then return to the living room because they had to get to his grandmother's house. Sam muttered under her breath that she hoped her mother hadn't gone to visit Julian in prison to wish him a happy Thanksgiving. She glanced at her daughter then went to the door to answer a knock. It was Patient 6.

Someone recognizes Patient 6

Someone recognizes Patient 6

> Someone recognizes Patient 6

Someone recognizes Patient 6

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Molly welcomed T.J. and Stella to Alexis' house. Stella offered to help in the kitchen, but Molly assured her that they had plenty of help in the kitchen. On cue, Dr. Bensch emerged from the kitchen with some hors d'oeuvres.

Outside of Alexis', Jordan wondered if a distracted Curtis was going to be on his phone all night. He revealed that he was waiting for some answers about Andre's whereabouts, but Jordan thought that Andre could wait. Just then, Stella opened the door to the couple, and they entered the house.

Molly took Alexis aside and asked if her mother had talked to Kristina. Alexis wondered how Kristina was doing, but Molly advised Alexis to talk to her daughter herself. Alexis revealed that Kristina wouldn't talk to her, but she didn't want to have that conversation anymore. Molly was happy that Dr. Bensch was there instead of Julian.

Alexis and Molly returned to the group and heard Stella talking about Olivia Jerome's statement about Julian. Molly was shocked, which prompted Stella to ask if she'd said something wrong. Curtis informed her that Olivia's brother was Alexis' ex-husband. Molly wondered if Julian could be released, and Jordan hoped that the appeal would be denied. Just then, the oven buzzed, so Alexis ran off to check the turkey.

Nathan and Maxie, and Ned and Olivia arrived at Dante and Lulu's, and Lulu immediately whisked Maxie away to ask if she was pregnant. Maxie answered that she couldn't tell Lulu before she told Nathan, which made Lulu think that there was something to tell.

Across the room, Dante asked Nathan what he was thankful for, and Nathan replied that he didn't want to talk about Man Landers. However, he was thankful that his in-laws were at Anna's for the holiday. He asked Dante if he'd noticed Maxie acting strange.

Laura and Kevin entered, and the guests at Lulu and Dante's gathered around to talk about what they were thankful for. Lulu was thankful for their family, and Dante took the opportunity to wish his wife a happy anniversary. Ned was thankful for his and Olivia's families being able to merge, and Olivia was thankful for getting to know Monica better. Kevin was thankful for having found Laura, and Laura was thankful for all the fun they were going to have planning their wedding. Nathan was thankful for his wife's patience, and Maxie was thankful for her "new job, wonderful husband, beautiful daughter, and good things to come." Rocco loudly thanked his parents for the turkey.

Jason entered the Quartermaine living room and looked at the pictures on the mantel. Monica entered the room with her suitcase, and Jason was surprised to see her. She informed him that her plane had been grounded due to bad weather. He was happy to see her, and she could tell that something was wrong. He wanted to make sure that they were still "good," as he was upset about Sonny, Carly, and Robin telling him that his memories were someone else's. He continued that he was just seen as a stranger.

Monica advised Jason that his relationships were real, but he wondered how long it would be until his family also felt that he was a stranger. Monica asserted that family didn't "cut and run," so she wasn't going anywhere. He was grateful to have her as a mother, and she was glad to have him as a son. They embraced, and he left.

A few minutes later, Monica was on the phone with Ned. He invited her over to Dante and Lulu's, but she insisted that she was fine in the house alone with her turkey burger. When Ned hung up, Lulu and Olivia listed off all the food they were serving. As they spoke, Maxie pressed a hand to her mouth. She gagged and reached for a napkin on the table, but knocked over the entire thing in the process. She ran out of the room as the food splattered all over the floor.

A short while later, Nathan tucked Maxie into bed at home. He felt her head and suggested that she go to the doctor. She insisted that she didn't need to, and she revealed that she had news that she'd been trying to tell him for days. "I'm pregnant," she said. He was in disbelief. She told him again, and he bounced on the bed with excitement until she nauseously warned him to stop. Smiling ear to ear, he hugged Maxie tightly.

Sam was shocked to open her door to Patient 6, who asked to be let in to talk to her about something important. He informed her that Diane was working on proving that he was Jason, but he would tell her to stop if that was what Sam wanted. He continued that he would never use his name again if it would make things easier for Sam.

Sam wondered what Patient 6 would do, "leave?" She informed him that no one would ever let him leave after five years of missing him. She thought that he shouldn't leave because, even though things would get worse before they got better, they had to have the truth in order to move on.

Just then, Danny descended the stairs and recognized Patient 6 as Sam's friend. He invited the patient along to Alexis', but he said he was going to a friend's. The three exchanged good wishes for Thanksgiving, and the patient left. Danny said that he liked the man, and Sam told Danny that the man was "someone special."

Jason arrived at Alexis' and wondered where Sam was. A few minutes later, Sam entered with the kids. Jason asked where she'd been, but Alexis called out that dinner was ready. As she carried the turkey out, she tripped, and the turkey slid across the floor.

A short while later, Alexis thanked Dr. Bensch for staying behind to help her clean up. She called her Thanksgiving "a disaster, like my life. I'm the turkey." Dr. Bensch replied that, if she was a disaster, she was a glorious and attractive one. She was surprised that he hadn't yet run screaming from her, and she grabbed him and kissed him.

Carly checked on Sonny, who was deep-frying their turkey and said it was taking too long. She offered for Michael to stay over if he wanted to, and then she went to check on Avery. Sonny wondered if Michael would be looking at his phone all night, but Michael said it was only Nelle wishing him a happy holiday. Sonny was surprised that the two were still in touch. Michael reminded Sonny that he was still Nelle's landlord. He added that he didn't hate her just because their relationship hadn't worked out.

At Sonny's, Josslyn opened the door to Oscar. He told her that his mother would be there soon, but she had forgotten the pie at home. They both complimented each other then shared a kiss. They quickly broke apart when Carly entered to welcome Oscar.

Carly, Josslyn, and Oscar entered the living room, and Sonny offered Oscar a beer. Carly reminded him that Oscar's mother might not appreciate Sonny's sense of humor. Sonny asked Michael to make sure that the guardhouse gates were open and that the guards stayed out of sight. Sonny got a call that Oscar's mother, Kim, was on her way up to the house. The doorbell rang, and the family went to the door to let her in. Kim entered with a pie.

Josslyn and Oscar went upstairs to check on Avery, leaving the adults to talk. Kim remarked on how nice the house was and how organized crime must have been "very good to you." Just then, Michael got a call from Ned, so he left to take it. Kim continued that Sonny's charitable donations only went so far, since he had a list of "criminal allegations." She was concerned for her son to be spending time with the daughter of a mob boss.

Kim continued that she wouldn't interfere because she felt that Oscar and Josslyn wouldn't last much longer, so she'd decided to let the relationship play out. Carly thought the two made a good couple, and Sonny advised Kim not to bet against the kids. Sonny went outside to check the turkey. Kim apologized to Carly for handling things badly, but her life was so busy that she didn't have time to beat around the bush. Carly respected that and was able to relate.

As Carly wondered if Oscar's dad had ever been in the picture, Josslyn and Oscar returned downstairs to report that Avery was still asleep. Sonny returned and announced that dinner would be ready soon, but Carly insisted that they had to wait for Jason. Just then, the doorbell rang, and Carly let Jason in. Kim looked at Jason wide-eyed and muttered, "Drew?"

Monica sat alone in the Quartermaine house with her turkey burger. She reminded herself to "sing first, then eat." Just then, Ned and Michael led everyone from Dante and Lulu's and everyone from Alexis' in song into the Quartermaine living room, each carrying a pizza.

Rebroadcast: Nathan announces that he's Man Landers

Rebroadcast: Nathan announces that he's Man Landers

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, General Hospital did not air. This was a planned preemption and there were no lost episodes as a result. Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 27, and picked up where the Wednesday, November 22 episode concluded.

On behalf of the entire Soap Central team, we are so grateful for your supporting over the years. We are thankful that there is still deliciously soapy drama to entertain us and bring us all together.

Thanksgiving holiday preemption

Thanksgiving holiday preemption

Friday, November 24, 2017

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, General Hospital did not air. This was a planned preemption and there were no lost episodes as a result. Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 27, and picked up where the Wednesday, November 22 episode concluded.

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