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Lesley Williams Webber
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Actor History
Denise Alexander
March 1973 to 1984 [contract]; 1996 to October 20, 2009; May 16, 2013 to present [recurring]
Other Names

Lesley Williams (maiden name)

Lesley Faulkner (name introduced as; former married name)




24 Royal Street, Port Charles, New York

Marital Status

Single/Widowed (Rick Webber)

Past Marriages

Cameron Faulkner (dissolved by his death)

Rick Webber (dissolved by her "death")

Rick Webber (dissolved by his death)


None known


Laura Webber (daughter; with Gordon) (adopted by Rick)

Blackie Parrish (adoptive son)

Unnamed Child (with Cameron; deceased) Nikolas Cassadine (grandson)

Lucas Lorenzo Spencer Jr. (grandson)

Lesley Lu Spencer (granddaughter)

Spencer Cassadine (great-grandson)

Aiden Nikolas Spencer (great-grandson)

Rocco Falconeri (great-grandson)

Jacob Martin Spencer (Jason Morgan father, but Lucky listed on birth certificate and raised Jake as his son)

Flings & Affairs

Gordon Gray

Crimes Committed

Took the blame for her daughter killing David Hamilton; acquitted

Posed as a hospital employee and viewed a confidential patient record [Jul 2013]

Health and Vitals

Kept in a drugged state by Stefan Cassadine

Poisoned by Heather Webber [2004]

Fainted at the sight of Cesar Faison answering the door at Wyndemere [Oct 2013]

Brief Character History

Lesley came to town and immediately joined the staff at General Hospital. Lesley's first patient was a woman named Florence Gray. Florence was suffering from stomach ulcers that she had thought were brought on because of her troubled failing marriage. Florence talked to General Hospital's psychiatrist Dr. Peter Taylor. She told him about her husband Professor Gordon Gray's affair years earlier with one of his students. He had gotten her pregnant and the child had died after birth.

Peter told Lesley about Florence and her marriage history. Lesley then realized that she was that very student who had an affair with Florence's husband. Lesley had put that part of her life behind her but now Gordon Grey had reentered her life and confessed his love to her. Gordon told Lesley that he wanted to leave his wife and reconcile with her. Lesley was undecided and asked Dr. Steve Hardy to be taken off the case. Lesley convinced Gordon to stay with his wife while she recovered from her stomach ulcers and soon after Gordon and Florence left town. Lesley was tormented by the memories of giving birth, and losing her daughter.

Lesley later married millionaire Cameron Faulkner. She then discovered that the daughter she thought died at birth was in fact alive and living only miles away from Lesley's house. She did some research and found that her daughter Laura Vining was living with her adopted parents Jason and Barbara Vining and a little sister Amy.

Lesley, desperate to see her long-lost daughter was ordered by her husband to never make contact with Laura. Lesley defiantly went out to make contact or at least see her daughter that she had lost years ago. Lesley walked into a local candy shop where she would see her daughter for the first time. Lesley was so overjoyed that she followed her daughter and friend to a nearby park. Finally at the park Lesley and Laura spoke.

Laura went home and told her little sister Amy of all the things Lesley had told her. Lesley promised Laura that she would buy her many gifts. The Vinings guarded their daughter worried about Laura's new "friend." They were curious as to why Lesley would want anything to do with their twelve year old daughter. Then they finally had the answer that Lesley was actually Laura's biological mother. Then Barbara and Jason swore to never give up their daughter.

Laura was thrilled to find out that Lesley was her mother. Lesley then filed for custody of her daughter. The judge realized that the mothers had been wronged and allowed Laura to spend time with her biological mother to get to know her. Soon Lesley was granted full custody of her daughter for one month. Then Laura would make the decision as to whom she would want to live with. Laura chose Lesley, thrilling her.

After Laura fell ill, Lesley went to Dr. Peter Taylor thinking that her illness could be emotional based. Peter concurred that that might be the reason. Lesley then made a painful decision and returned Laura to the Vinings. Lesley's husband was thrilled that Laura was out of his and his wife's lives. He then focused on healing Lesley in her painful time. But Lesley remained infatuated with her daughter. Cameron began an affair with his secretary Peggy and spent much time away with her.

Cameron was determined to keep Laura out of his life and so he paid an elderly nurse to convince Lesley that Laura was actually not her daughter. Lesley accused the woman of lying, knowing that Laura was her daughter. So Cameron concocted yet another plan to get Laura out of his and his wife's lives. He paid the Vinings a great deal of money to take Laura and move far away.

Lesley would never give up on her daughter and was even more desperate to find her after the Vinings took her away. Cameron tried to convince Lesley to move on with her life but Lesley would not hear it and then learned that her husband paid the Vinings to leave and go far away. Cameron kidnapped Lesley. As Cameron was driving Lesley grabbed the steering wheel and the car lunged off the road killing Cameron. Lesley then learned days after his death that Cameron's company had crumbled beneath him. Dr. Rick Webber, a colleague of Lesley's at the hospital comforted her.

Rick was trying to stay away from his brother Jeff's wife Monica Bard. So Rick spent much time with Lesley and comforted her after she miscarried her late husband's baby. Rick moved out of the Webber family home where he lived with his sister Terri, Jeff and Monica.

Monica had become jealous over how much time Rick spent with Lesley. She confronted her and told Lesley to stay away from Rick and that they were having an affair. Lesley was unsure as to whether Monica was telling the truth or not. But Lesley was sure that she loved Rick very much. Fortunately for her, Rick and Monica's hot love affair was cooling. Rick was also becoming closer to Lesley and even volunteered to help her find her daughter Laura. But Laura was not the same girl she once was. Laura had become older and had a very bad attitude. Lesley was hoping for a joyful reunion. But Laura didn't want to live with Lesley and wanted nothing to do with her. Lesley was crushed.

Laura realized that the reason she didn't want to have anything to do with Lesley was because she believed that Lesley didn't care about her when the Vining's had taken her away. Rick was the one who got through to Laura convincing her that both her mothers loved her. Lesley was so grateful for Rick's efforts. Rick then confessed his love to her and proposed. Lesley was surprised and also confessed her love to him and agreed to be his wife.

A man by the name of David Hamilton was admitted to General Hospital. He was Rick's old college roommate and it was revealed that David's wife and children were killed in the wreckage of his home that left him paralyzed. General Hospital couldn't figure out why David couldn't walk and so he was released. He then accepted Rick's offer to move into the Webber family home to recuperate.

Lesley thought that there was something strange about David. Laura on the other hand cared about David. This bothered Lesley a great deal. Laura was growing up and rebelled against Lesley from the moment she returned to Port Charles. Lesley became even more concerned when she suspected that Laura was having a romantic relationship with the young Scott Baldwin. David had also begun to show an interest in Laura. Scott was also noticing that Laura had a fascination with David and caught Laura in a few lies involving David.

Laura and Lesley had decided to make peace with each other and make an effort to get along. But David living in the house was no help. He began to paint portraits of Lesley. Soon David moved out of the Webber home and into his own apartment. He tried to make a pass at Lesley but she rejected him. She confided in her brother in-law Jeff about what had happened between her and David. Jeff swore he wouldn't tell Rick. After being rejected by Lesley, David moved onto her daughter. Laura did not reject him. Laura and David then began a secret romantic relationship. But in reality, David was only using Laura to hurt Lesley and Rick.

Laura and David's relationship grew and Laura begged David to take her away from Port Charles. David finally told Laura the truth that he didn't care about her but loved her mother. Angry, Laura pushed David causing him to fall and hit his head. Laura then left his apartment hysterically crying. Lesley later discovered David's body. In an effort to protect Laura, Lesley confessed to killing David and was indicted. Laura had blocked the terrible night from her memory. She went to counseling with Peter Taylor and was able to recall killing David. Feeling guilty, Laura took a bus for New York City. Scott and a friend followed her and brought her home. She confessed to murdering David and the charges against Lesley were dropped. Laura was sentenced to six months probation and was released into Lesley and Rick's custody. The Webber household was far from cozy and later in the year, Lesley began to think that Rick and Monica were having another affair.

In 1979, Dr. Steve Hardy was forced to put the whole hospital under quarantine. For weeks everyone was locked in General Hospital. Among the doctors working at the hospital were Steve, Audrey, Monica, Rick, and Jeff. After everyone was free from the quarantine Monica and Rick made love. Monica claimed that she was completely committed to Rick. Rick told her that they needed time away from each other to be sure of their feelings. But Laura's car accident shook Rick back to his senses and he told Monica they were over for good. Monica then reconciled with Alan and discovered that she was pregnant.

Lesley and Rick pondered whether they should have a baby. Unfortunately Lesley was told she couldn't conceive otherwise she would be putting her life into danger. Lesley though did deliver Monica's son and then Monica told Lesley that the child was Rick's. Rick wanted to confess his affair with Monica to Lesley but she told him that she knew. The two separated and Rick left Port Charles to think about his feelings for both Lesley and Monica.

After Alan Jr. developed a heart problem Rick was called back to Port Charles to perform the surgery that he desperately needed. Then Rick filed a paternity suit against Monica. He wanted Alan Jr. to be his son. Lesley was so in love with Rick, she supported him all the way and then filed for divorce so that Rick could marry Monica. Lesley wanted nothing but happiness for Rick.

Later a birth mark revealed that Alan Jr. was in fact a Quartermaine. Alan publicly announced that Alan Jr. was his son and not Rick's. Rick was humiliated and hurt. He ended things between him and Monica and left town.

Rick then returned to Port Charles. He remarried Lesley and they adopted a six year old boy name Mike. They also began working at the Waterfront Sports Center.

Laura disappeared in 1982 and Lesley was crushed. That winter a boy by the name of Blackie Parrish arrived in town and he immediately bonded with Rick and Lesley. They welcomed the street kid into the Webber home after Blackie's mother had died.

In 1984, Blackie entered the music business and Lesley and Rick began to notice a change in him. He was becoming arrogant and shallow. He then accidentally killed his girlfriend Lou and was arrested. He was then found guilty and sentenced to time in prison. D.L. Brock, an enemy of Rick's, came to town. Rick, who was a part of the Port Charles Health Commission, closed down D.L.'s cannery. He then began his revenge and a young woman named Ginny Blake came to town claiming to be little Mike Webber's biological mother.

Ginny set a trap for Rick. She pretended to leave town but before she "left" she gave him a check for Mike's college fund. A camera showed Rick taking the check. D.L. had set up the hidden cameras and D.L. showed the pictures. It showed Rick taking a bribe from cannery employee Ginny Blake to reopen D.L. cannery. Bobbie Spencer, D.L.'s wife warned Lesley thinking that it was a scam and told her that Ginny may be in on it. Lesley went to Ginny begging her to confess but Ginny refused. Lesley then went driving and was killed in an accident from the icy roads.

It was revealed that Lesley was in fact alive in 1996. Stefan Cassadine, son of Mikkos and brother of Stavros who had kidnapped Laura years ago was keeping Lesley drugged in a catatonic state. Lesley and Laura were reunited and, with Luke's help, they faked their deaths to escape the Cassadines. When they returned months later, their friends and family turned against them out of hurt. Stefan blackmailed Laura into leaving town once more. She lied to Luke that her mother needed treatment in Switzerland and took Lulu with them. In 1998, they returned and Lesley took over being a mother to Laura and grandmother to Laura's sons Nikolas and Lucky and daughter Lesley Lu.

In 2002, Rick Webber returned to give his daughter Laura away again at her second wedding to Luke Spencer. Rick was happy to see Lesley alive and well again but his return made Laura remember some terrible events. She began having flashbacks involving the garage attic, including wearing a dress covered in blood. Rick and Scott Baldwin could tell that Laura was remembering and tried to prevent the truth from coming out. Years ago Rick was having an affair with nurse Theresa Carter and Laura walked in on them in the attic. Theresa had gotten violent and Laura took an antique camera and hit Theresa over the head with it. It killed her and Rick and Scott buried her in the back yard. Rick then gave Laura a certain drug for her to forget that night.

Laura was still missing pieces of the truth when she had a confrontation in the attic with Rick the day before the wedding. She believed that Rick had killed Theresa. When he tried to give her an injection to calm her down, she panicked and hit Rick over the head, killing him. Luke, who had followed Laura and Rick, whisked Laura away into hiding. Everyone was puzzled by Luke and Laura's disappearance. Lucky and Nikolas found Rick's body and tried to make his death look like a drunk driving accident.

While on the run, Laura had a severe mental break and deteriorated before Luke's eyes. They were found and Laura was institutionalized. Lesley was crushed by Rick's death and Laura's mental collapse. She became young Lesley Lu's caretaker with the help of her brothers Nikolas and Lucky.

When Heather Webber returned to Port Charles, Lesley was suspicious of her, but Bobbie convinced her to give Heather another chance. A few days later, Lesley was hospitalized and Heather convinced Bobbie to let her care for Lulu. Fortunately, Lesley recovered.

Over the years, Lesley continued to help raise Lulu in Laura's absence. As Lulu grew up, Lesley was seen less frequently. She has made occasional appearances in Port Charles whenever Laura has been out of her catatonic state.

In 2013, Lesley returned to Port Charles upon the news that Laura planned to marry Scott Baldwin. Lesley was concerned with her daughter's choice and questioned Laura's feelings for Luke. Laura assured her mother she loved only Scott and Lesley agreed to support the marriage. Lesley made her approval of the marriage certain by marrying the couple when the scheduled officiate did not show up. After the wedding, Lesley became Laura's confidante when Laura worried about Luke's health. Lesley discovered that Luke was suffering from radioactive poisoning and shared the news with Laura.

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