General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 13, 2013 on GH

A mystery man tampered with Pickle-Lila then flew to Port Charles. Scott and Laura's wedding hit a snag. Sam met Stephen Clay's brother, Silas. Luke kissed Tracy. Molly invited Rafe to the prom.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 13, 2013 on GH
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Monday, May 13, 2013

Emma knew that something was wrong because Patrick had taken Emma to Kelly's as a special treat. Patrick admitted that he had something important to tell Emma as he explained that Britt was going to have a baby after all. Patrick was stunned when Emma referenced Britt as "Witch, please." Patrick cautioned Emma about her language and muttered that he would have to have a talk with Felix.

Emma accepted the discipline but said that she did not like Britt and had a right to her own feelings. Patrick agreed. Emma was dismayed to think that Britt would be her new mother. Patrick promised that Britt would not be Emma's mother, but Emma said that Patrick had also said that the baby was gone, and it was not.

Patrick told Emma that he was the father of the baby and would honor his obligations. Patrick told Emma that they were a family, and they would always be together. Emma asked if that meant even when she said bad things. Patrick said they would work on that. As Emma sat on Patrick's lap and finished her pancakes, Emma asked Patrick if the next time they had a baby it could be with someone she liked, like Sabrina.

At General Hospital, lab tech Brad displayed a prurient interest in Felix before Brad was summoned to deliver test results to Britt. While Britt and Brad met in an examining room, Felix and Sabrina consulted at the nurses' station. Felix was sure that Brad and Britt were hiding something, but Sabrina reminded Felix that the last time Sabrina had listened to Felix and confronted Britt with their suspicions, Sabrina was the one who had ended up with egg on her face.

Felix said that he had a plan to find out what was going on between Britt and Brad. He asked Sabrina to keep Britt busy while he dealt with Brad. In the exam room, Brad told Britt that he had falsified her records to make it seem that she had a serious disease that posed a health risk to both her and her unborn child. Britt was delighted to hear that Brad had made it impossible to prove that she was lying about her condition. Britt cautioned Brad to keep his mouth shut just before Sabrina asked to talk to Britt.

Sabrina and Britt went to the nurses' station where Sabrina apologized for her earlier accusations that Britt was faking symptoms of morning sickness. Britt took Sabrina to task. Sabrina was defending herself when Patrick arrived on the floor and asked what was going on. Britt said that Sabrina was apologizing, but Britt did not think that Sabrina meant it. Patrick backed Sabrina's sincerity.

Britt waved her test results and said that her condition had worsened. Brit told Patrick and Sabrina that she would have to quit working and stay in bed for the rest of her pregnancy. Patrick immediately offered to pay for 24-hour care. Britt demurred that it was too expensive. Patrick said that insurance would pay half, and he would take care of the rest. Sabrina was relieved.

Britt said that there was another complication. She had given up her lease to search for a two-bedroom apartment for her and the baby, but her condition had made it impossible to search, so she was homeless as well as sick. Disgusted, Sabrina went to find Felix.

Felix stopped Brad from leaving the exam room by sexily asking if he could take Brad's temperature. Brad made a sexy reply, but it was obvious that Felix was not really into Brad, even though Felix said enticing words. When Brad made physical advances, Felix tried to worm information about Britt out of Brad, but Brad insisted that they do the deed before he spilled the beans. When Brad shed his clothes, Felix opted to run away.

Felix found Sabrina in the hallway and told her that he had failed to get any information from Brad. Felix said that when the moment had arrived, he had not been able to go through with his plan to "sex" it out of Brad. Sabrina was glad that Felix had not done something that he would regret later, or as Felix had said, "Cause Epiphany to shoot me up with large quantities of antibiotics."

Sabrina went back to the nurses' station. Patrick said that he and Britt had a plan. Britt would be moving in with Patrick until the baby was born.

In the green room, Nikolas told A.J. that he had nothing to fear because Tracy would not be going. A.J. was relieved but still suspicious. Nikolas, A.J., and Elizabeth watched the monitor in the green room as the hosts of The Chew, Mario, Daphne, Michael S., and Carla, began the show. Tracy, who had escaped her guards, also watched from her hotel lobby. When Tracy heard one of the hosts say that Tracy Quartermaine had chickened out of the relish wars, Tracy got very angry and started muttering at the television.

One of the Nikolas' men caught up to Tracy as she vowed to reach the studio and get her relish on the air. She appeared caught, but when the second man appeared, the very large first guard was down, and Tracy was gone. The second guard immediately called Nikolas.

A.J. missed his first introduction on the show because he had been arguing with Nikolas but responded immediately on the second try. A.J. was very charming when he appeared on-camera. When Mario, who fondly recalled the original Pickle-Lila, put A.J. on the spot by asking if it was the same recipe, A.J. told the truth, that this relish did not use the original recipe. A.J. successfully spun it as an improvement to the original. He was well received by the hosts and the audience.

Nikolas was incredulous that Tracy had gotten away from his security men and told the guard who had called that he would look out for her. Nikolas bumped into Tracy as soon as he left the green room. Nikolas tried to stop her, but Tracy kneed him in his manly parts, and Nikolas hit the floor as Tracy hit the stage.

Before anyone tasted the new Pickle-Lila, A.J. made an impassioned speech on-camera to Michael, telling Michael how much A.J. loved him and thanked him for his help and support in launching Pickle-Lila. A.J. added how much he admired Michael for putting his family first in a crisis. A.J.'s monologue was very touching, not only to Michael, who was watching, but also to the hosts of The Chew.

Just as the tasting was about to commence, Tracy walked on stage with "Pickle-Eddy," and proclaimed it, "The daddy of all relish!" She told Mario that she had not chickened out, but had been detained. When someone else asked about Nikolas, Tracy said that Prince Nikolas was not there because he was attending to his crown jewels.

Tracy told the story of how Edward had left her the last jar of Pickle-Lila. Tracy mocked A.J. and called him a thief, but A.J. withstood her verbal assaults. As the tasting began, the hosts praised both relishes. Mario announced that Pickle-Eddy tasted exactly like he remembered the original Pickle-Lila. Carla said that they were delightful together. The Chew hosts gobbled down the samples with relish.

Both A.J. and Tracy were eager to find out which relish would triumph. As Mario started to announce the winner, he began gagging and grabbed a wastebasket. Soon, all the hosts were vomiting uncontrollably. A.J. accused Tracy of sabotage, and she accused him. In the hallway, Elizabeth tended to Nikolas, who was still suffering from Tracy's attack. As everyone asked who was responsible, a blond man entered the green room. Except for his hair color, the man looked exactly like Todd Manning.

Three large thugs went to the Crimson offices to terrorize Olivia and Connie. The lead goon said he was there because both women had visited Johnny Zacchara in prison. Connie told the thug that she had gone to see Johnny to finalize her divorce from him. Olivia said that she had visited as a friend. The head goon menaced both women as he told them that it had not taken his boss very long to figure out that college kid Morgan Benson was also Morgan Corinthos.

The thug added that Connie and Olivia had both gone running to Sonny to tell him what Johnny had passed on to them. Connie and Olivia said that they did not know where Morgan was hiding. The goon said that he already knew where Morgan was and that a message had recently been delivered. While the goon talked, Olivia fooled with her phone. When the three thugs started breaking vases and furniture in Connie's office, Olivia hit the send button.

At Carly's home, Sam, Sonny, Shawn, and Carly joined forces to find Morgan. Sam said that she had been texting Morgan under the pretext that she was Jerome Around The World, but the conversation had terminated suddenly. Sonny thought that perhaps Morgan had merely caught on. Carly was equally frantic to find Michael, who was not home and was no longer answering his cell phone, despite many attempts by both Sonny and Carly to reach him.

Sam suggested that since it appeared that Michael's phone was still turned on, it was possible that she could track his location. As Sam began the process, Sonny's phone rang with a text message from Olivia that said, "Connie's office. Help!" Sonny and Shawn left for Crimson while Sam and Carly continued to search for the Corinthos brothers.

Michael ignored his ringing cell phone after finding an injured Morgan in Morgan's Manhattan hideout. Morgan made jokes as Michael tried to convince his brother to call their parents. Morgan insisted he had a plan to fix things as he begged Michael to continue to ignore his ringing phone. Michael told Morgan that if his plan to repay the money included taking money from loan sharks, then he could get hurt a lot worse than he already had been.

Morgan's injuries seemed to get worse, so Michael insisted that they go to an emergency room. While a doctor attended to Morgan, Michael watched television in the waiting area. He saw A.J.'s impassioned speech on The Chew, and was touched by it. Michael called Carly, who was angry and upset and demanded to know where Michael was and what had happened to Morgan. Michael told Carly that Morgan had been injured and that they were in a Manhattan hospital. Sam and Carly departed for the hospital.

Michael checked on Morgan, who had left the hospital against medical advice. Michael went back to the apartment where he had originally found Morgan. Michael pounded on the door and called for Morgan. Michael was very surprised when a brown-haired woman, with a strong resemblance to Starr Manning, opened the door and asked what Michael wanted.

Carly and Sam arrived at the hospital and found that both Michael and Morgan were not in the emergency room. Carly and Sam agreed to split up and search the hospital for Carly's sons. Sam got an eerie feeling when she entered the morgue and spotted a morgue attendant. When the man turned to face Sam, he bore an uncanny likeness to John McBain.

Sonny and Shawn arrived quietly on the elevator as henchmen for the gambling ring continued to destroy the Crimson offices and terrorize Connie and Olivia. When Olivia asked if the thugs were finished, the leader told her that they would be as soon as Olivia penned a note to Sonny, which read, "Dear Sonny, if you get in our way, your kid will end up like Connie and me." The goon added that since Olivia was supposed to be psychic, she should have predicted that she and Connie were going to get killed.

Olivia saw Sonny and Shawn moving in on the thug leader. She faked a vision and said that she saw the thug with a bullet in the brain. When he laughed at her, Sonny fired, and the goon went down. The two remaining thugs declared that they were unarmed, so Sonny told them to get lost, and they did. The remaining goon leader groaned because Sonny had shot him in the leg, not the brain, as Olivia jokingly mentioned that she had envisioned. Sonny told the thug that he was sorry about the leg, but would shoot the goon in the other leg if the thug did not immediately tell Sonny where Sonny could find Morgan.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

At Kelly's, Felix noticed that T.J. seemed downcast, so T.J. confessed that Molly had dumped him right before the prom. Felix was surprised because T.J. and Molly had seemed happy, but T.J. revealed that Molly had kissed Rafe. T.J. admitted that he had hit Rafe, prompting Felix to remind T.J. that violence wasn't a solution. However, Felix conceded that it had sounded like Rafe had deserved the black eye. T.J. was relieved, but Felix sensed that T.J. had reservations about what had happened with Rafe.

T.J. confessed that Molly had told him about the kiss, but she had assured him that Rafe had backed off when she had made it clear that she was with T.J. However, T.J. had seen a text message that Rafe had sent to Molly, asking to see her so that she and Rafe could talk. Felix suspected that Rafe's intentions hadn't been as innocent as they had seemed. T.J. felt vindicated that his fears hadn't been baseless, but he confessed that he had lured Rafe to Kelly's to confront Rafe, despite Molly's assurances that T.J. had nothing to worry about.

Felix didn't blame Molly for ending things with T.J., so he advised T.J. to tame the "green-eyed monster," or T.J. would end up driving Molly straight into Rafe's arms. T.J. pointed out that Molly had already ended things with T.J., but Felix argued that it was never too late to apologize and grovel. Felix warned T.J. to be prepared to eat a lot of crow, but he was confident that Molly would forgive T.J.

At the lake house, Rafe walked up as Molly put Danny into the playpen on the front porch. Molly feared that it might be too chilly for Danny, but Rafe assured her that the temperatures were fine. Molly smiled in welcome as Rafe explained that Sam was working on a case, so she had asked him to wait for her at the lake house. After Molly invited Rafe to sit down, Rafe apologized for what had happened at Kelly's. Molly insisted that T.J. had been in the wrong, but Rafe argued that it had been Rafe's fault for kissing Molly.

Molly admitted that the kiss had been unexpected, but she reminded Rafe that he had immediately backed off when she had explained that her heart belonged to T.J. Molly thought that T.J. had been out of line for using her phone to trick Rafe and accused T.J. of acting like a bully for punching him. Rafe confessed that T.J. hadn't been entirely wrong because Rafe hadn't been honest with Molly. Rafe revealed that he was in love with Molly and had talked to Sam about it. Shocked, Molly asked what Sam had said.

Rafe explained that Sam had advised him to take his time and to examine his feelings closely to make certain that what he felt for Molly was love. Rafe appreciated that Sam feared that Rafe's feelings for Molly were mixed up with the huge hole his mother's death had left in his life. However, Rafe admitted that he had known from the moment that he had met Molly that she was special. He suspected that Molly had visited him in jail when she had first met him because she had felt the same strong connection that he felt.

Rafe assured Molly that he was grateful for everything that she had done for him, including helping him deal with the loss of his mother and learning that his father was a "psycho." Rafe and Molly talked about Stephen's certainty that Rafe had been just like him. Molly insisted that Rafe wasn't a reflection of his father. Rafe assured her that he believed her. He quickly changed the subject by apologizing a second time then reiterating that T.J. hadn't been completely in the wrong.

Moments later, Sam called to check in. After the call ended, Molly wondered what Rafe wanted from her. Rafe promised that he just wanted to be friends, so Molly assured him that they were. Rafe smiled with relief then gently suggested that Molly give T.J. another chance. Molly questioned Rafe's motives, so he assured her that he just wanted her to be happy. She smiled with gratitude then hugged him, unaware that T.J. had quietly walked up.

Sonny and Shawn boarded a flight to New York City. Sonny apologized to Shawn because he knew that Shawn hadn't signed up to help Sonny track down a wayward son. Shawn assured Sonny that he appreciated the gravity of the situation, so he was glad to be of assistance. Shawn tried to alleviate some of Sonny's worries by reminding Sonny that at least Morgan hadn't gotten involved with hard drugs. Shawn suggested that Sonny take comfort in knowing that Morgan wasn't involved in something that they couldn't get Morgan out of. "Not that we know of," Sonny pointed out.

Sonny admitted that he had expected Carly to mention Sonny's father. Shawn was curious what Mike had to do with Morgan's troubles, so Sonny revealed that Mike had struggled with a gambling addiction for most of Mike's life. Sonny had spent years believing that his father had chosen cards over his own family until Sonny had realized that the addiction had been in charge. Shawn pointed out that Morgan was just a kid, so it was unlikely that Morgan had developed a gambling problem.

Sonny was curious if Shawn had read the instant messages that Morgan had exchanged with Jerome Around The Word. Shawn nodded, prompting Sonny explain that it had been clear from the messages that Morgan had been hustled, but Morgan hadn't recognized it. Sonny was prepared to do whatever was necessary to protect his son.

In New York City, Michael banged on Ava Jerome's penthouse door and demanded that Morgan return to the hospital with him. A young woman opened the door and glared at Michael. She was outraged when Michael questioned who she was. She informed Michael that she lived there, but Michael ignored her as he pushed past her to enter the penthouse. He called out for his brother as the young woman sputtered with outrage. Moments later, Morgan entered the living room.

Michael was furious that Morgan had left the hospital, but Morgan insisted that he was fine and had been eager to meet up with his girlfriend. Michael was shocked when the young woman draped her arm over Morgan's shoulders and smiled. Michael asked if she was Jerome Around The World. "My friends call me Kiki," the young woman replied. Michael was relieved that Kiki was real, not a cover for a "shady old perv." Kiki had no idea what Michael was talking about, so Morgan explained that his brother had feared that Morgan had been scammed.

Kiki smiled smugly as she invited Michael to check for himself that she was real. Morgan chucked, but Michael wasn't amused. Michael immediately questioned Kiki's intentions when she made a show of kissing Morgan passionately in front of Michael. Morgan immediately defended Kiki by pointing out that she had let Morgan hide out in her mother's penthouse. Michael explained that he had read the exchanges between Morgan and Kiki, so Michael had seen how Kiki had persuaded Morgan to keep placing bets.

Morgan revealed that Kiki intended to give him the money to pay off the thugs, so Michael asked where the money was. Kiki admitted that she didn't have it yet. "And there it is," Michael said knowingly. Moments later, the doorbell rang. "And there it is," Kiki shot back as she went to the door. Michael tensed, fearing that it was a setup. Kiki told Michael to relax and opened the door. A group of college guys entered the penthouse, each assuring Kiki that they had the $10,000.00 necessary to play the high stakes card game.

Kiki invited the guys to get a drink at the bar then rejoined Michael and Morgan in the living room. She explained that guests were high rollers from her college campus, so Morgan shouldn't have any problem winning back the money that he owed the bookies. Michael immediately dragged his younger brother onto the balcony for a private word. Outside, Michael warned Morgan not to participate in the card game because Michael didn't trust Kiki, but Morgan dismissed Michael's concerns.

Inside, Kiki played up to the college guys that Morgan was a weak player, so they shouldn't have a problem taking his money. She asked them to go easy on Morgan by letting him win the first couple of hands before they wiped him out.

Outside, Michael and Morgan eavesdropped. Michael thought that Kiki's comments proved that she was disloyal, but Morgan explained that Kiki was trying to give Morgan the upper hand by downplaying his ability. Michael remained uneasy, so Morgan suggested that Michael watch and learn from Morgan. Michael was curious if Morgan intended to show their mother too. Morgan's confident smile instantly vanished.

Morgan was furious that Michael had gone back on his word by telling Carly where Morgan was, but Michael was unapologetic because Morgan had been badly roughed up by thugs. Michael reminded Morgan that there was a difference between showing Morgan's independence and walking over everyone who cared about Morgan. Michael wondered if Morgan had lost his heart along with the money, but Morgan ignored his brother and returned to the living room.

Morgan warned Kiki that Michael had told Carly where Morgan was. Annoyed, Kiki wondered how much time they had before Carly arrived. Michael admitted that he had sent Carly the address to the hospital, not the penthouse. Morgan was impressed that Michael had bluffed so well, but Kiki was not amused. She warned Morgan to pull it together because Michael had played him. Morgan continued to smile at his brother as Kiki led Morgan to the table.

On the set of The Chew, things went horribly wrong when the hosts of the show began to vomit after consuming Pickle-Lila and Pickle-Eddie relish. A.J. and Tracy watched in horror as people around them clutched their stomachs in agony between bouts sickness. Tracy immediately blamed A.J.'s relish, but A.J. insisted that Tracy's relish had been rancid. The cameras kept rolling as A.J. and Tracy bickered back-and-forth until A.J. decided to get help for everyone. Meanwhile, Tracy made her way to one of the hosts of the show to worm her way onto his good side, but he wanted nothing to do with Tracy. A short time later, a co-worker rescued the deathly ill host and helped him off the set.

In the green room, Elizabeth watched in disbelief as mayhem erupted on the set of the cooking talk show. Nikolas chuckled until Elizabeth suddenly doubled over in pain then ran out of the room. Nikolas quickly followed. He found Elizabeth curled up in the hallway, groaning, so he handed her a garbage can. Nikolas held Elizabeth's hair back as she became sick. Moments later, A.J. appeared looking for help, but stopped short when he realized Elizabeth was sick.

A.J. decided that Elizabeth needed medical intervention, so Nikolas offered to take her to the hospital. A.J. objected because he wanted to take her. Elizabeth moaned in pain, so A.J. and Nikolas decided to take her to the hospital together.

Nearby, a mystery man with blond hair made his way to the green room and closed the door. He watched the television as one of the hosts of the cooking talk show cried, "Who is responsible for this?" "Who indeed," the man replied with a satisfied smile. Seconds later, Todd, one of the producers of the show, burst into the green room, looking for paper towels. Todd's eyes narrowed as he demanded to know who the blond man was. The blond man provided vague answers, so Todd demanded to know what the man's name was.

"Todd," someone frantically yelled from the hallway. Seconds later, one of Todd's coworkers entered the green room, explaining that they needed paper towels. Todd ordered the blond man to remain in the room then left. The blond man resumed watching the pandemonium unfold on television as the camera zoomed in on Tracy, who had been left alone on set to ponder what had happened. "If this is a sign, Daddy, I don't know what to do with it," Tracy said while the cameras rolled. "How could this happen?" she asked.

Later, Tracy knocked on the door to the green room as she called out to the host of the show, explaining that she wanted to apologize. The blond man quickly ducked behind the door as Tracy opened it. Tracy took one step inside the room when Todd suddenly appeared in the doorway. Todd informed Tracy that everyone had been taken to the hospital, so Tracy turned and left.

The blond man closed the door then continued to watch the television as a few of the other hosts, who had recovered from their bout of illness, returned to the set. One of the hosts admitted that the relishes hadn't tasted bad or foul, so the other hosts wondered if she were suggesting that they had been poisoned. The blond man turned off the television to make a phone call. "I'm done here. I'm ready to go," he told the person who had answered his call. Seconds later, he revealed that he was headed to Port Charles.

At a New York City hospital, a nurse asked if she could help Carly. Carly explained that she was looking Michael and Morgan. She held up her cell phone to show the nurse a picture of the boys. The nurse recognized both young men, so she assured Carly that Morgan was fine and that he and Michael had left.

Nearby, Nikolas and A.J. arrived with Elizabeth. The emergency room was busy, so A.J. decided to fetch someone to help Elizabeth. After A.J. left, Elizabeth fainted. Nikolas managed to catch her before she hit the ground. Moments later, a nurse spotted Nikolas and Elizabeth, so she quickly yelled out for a doctor as she led Nikolas and Elizabeth to an examination room.

In the hallway, A.J. was startled when he bumped into Carly. He became concerned when she explained that she was looking for Michael, who had rushed to New York City to rescue Morgan from thugs who had assaulted Morgan. A.J. wondered if Carly knew where the boys were, so Carly admitted that she had no idea, but she was terrified that the thugs would find Morgan and finish the job. A.J. assured Carly that Michael would watch over Morgan, but Carly was curious who would protect Michael.

A.J. suggested that Carly call Michael, so she tried, but the call went to voicemail. A.J. agreed to help Carly track down their son, but first he wanted to check on Elizabeth. Carly smirked, so A.J. became defensive. He informed Carly that Elizabeth had been supportive and had stood up to Nikolas for him, and in return for her efforts, Elizabeth had ended up sick. Carly argued that the collateral damage around A.J. tended to be far worse, so Elizabeth had gotten off easy.

Frustrated, A.J. wondered if it was possible for Carly to dig deep down inside to find some compassion for Elizabeth. A.J. felt awful about what had happened to Elizabeth and even worse that he had slept with Carly behind Elizabeth's back. A.J. was unaware that Tracy had stopped to eavesdrop on his conversation when she had heard his voice.

In the examination room, the doctor confirmed that Elizabeth's vitals were good, so he ordered the nurse to start an I.V. After the doctor left, the nurse noticed how concerned Nikolas seemed. She asked if he and Elizabeth were friends. "Yes, since we were kids," Nikolas answered as he remained focused on Elizabeth. The nurse was surprised when he confessed that his and Elizabeth's roles were reversed because she had been at his bedside a few weeks before. The nurse realized that Elizabeth was important to him. "You have no idea," Nikolas replied. A short time later, Elizabeth's eyes fluttered open. She looked around and wondered where A.J. was.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Sam was shaken when she saw a doctor who looked exactly like Stephen Clay. Rattled, she mumbled that he was supposed to be dead then yelled out for the police. Sam told a concerned nurse that the doctor was a killer. The nurse asked the doctor if she should call security, but the doctor declined. Frightened, Sam ran off, dropping her cell phone in the process. The doctor picked it up and then followed Sam.

Sam was shaking when the doctor caught up to her. Sam couldn't understand how Stephen could be walking around when Lucy had confirmed his death in the morgue. Sam vowed that she wouldn't let Stephen get away with whatever he was up to. The doctor realized that Sam had mistaken him for Stephen Clay, but Sam argued that it hadn't been a case of mistaken identity because Stephen had kidnapped her and her son.

Sam was astounded that a mental patient who had snapped after his wife's death had been able to pass himself off as a doctor. The doctor assured Sam that she was wrong. A nurse suddenly appeared to ask for the doctor's help, so the doctor carefully set Sam's phone near her and then walked away. Sam quickly called home to check on Danny. However, Molly's assurances hadn't satisfied Sam, so she decided to call the police after she ended the call with Molly.

The doctor returned in time to ask Sam to reconsider calling the police because she would be wasting everyone's time. "I'm not Stephen Clay; he's my brother," the doctor revealed.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

At the lake house, Rafe promised Molly that he wouldn't let his feelings for her get in the way of their friendship. Molly was touched when Rafe suggested that she give T.J. a second chance, so she hugged Rafe to assure him that they were still friends. Moments later, she saw T.J. standing at the foot of the porch, so she quickly pulled away from Rafe and confessed that she hadn't expected T.J. "Let me guess, it's not what it looks like," T.J. coldly replied as he glared at Molly.

T.J. was furious that he had been made to feel guilty for punching Rafe. Molly warned T.J. to keep his voice down because Danny was asleep in the playpen, and Rafe assured T.J. that Molly was just a friend. T.J. didn't believe Rafe because T.J. had seen Rafe and Molly's hug with his own eyes. Furious, Molly conceded that T.J. was right; she had been so into Rafe that she hadn't been able to keep her hands off of him, so she and Rafe slipped away whenever possible to hug. T.J. rolled his eyes, which angered Molly further.

Molly informed T.J. that the real reason that she and Rafe had hugged was because Rafe had agreed to go to the prom with her. T.J. sputtered with outrage, while Rafe carefully hid his surprise. T.J. argued that Rafe didn't attend their school, but Molly pointed out that she could invite whomever she wanted to the prom. T.J. was certain that Molly was trying to spite him, so Molly suggested that she didn't have any reason to get back at T.J. since, according to T.J., T.J. hadn't done anything wrong.

T.J. reminded Molly that she and Rafe had kissed. "Once," Molly clarified, even though she doubted that T.J. believed her because T.J. had made his mind up about Rafe and Molly. T.J. suspected that Molly had wanted to go to the prom with Rafe from the beginning, so he told Molly to have fun then left. Rafe was curious why Molly had told T.J. that she was going to the prom with Rafe. He was disappointed when she admitted that she had simply blurted it out in the heat of anger. However, he quickly perked up when Molly assured him that she would like to go to the prom with him.

At Crimson, Olivia and Connie relaxed as they nibbled on some pizza. Olivia glanced at the thug, who had been gagged and bound to the chair next to her, so she jokingly offered him a bite of the pizza. The thug glared at Olivia as he muttered something behind the gag. Olivia assured the man that he wouldn't have to stay much longer; they just needed to make certain that he had given Sonny the correct address where Morgan was staying. As if on cue, Sonny called Olivia. Olivia put the call on speakerphone, so everyone could listen.

Sonny explained that he and Shawn were about to enter the premises of the address the thug had provided. Olivia and Connie listened as Sonny and Shawn kicked in a door then fired shots. After several moments of tense silence, Sonny returned to the phone to report that the thug had given them the wrong address. "You know what to do," Sonny instructed Olivia.

Connie jumped when Olivia suddenly produced a gun then aimed it at the thug and removed his gag. Sonny warned the man that Olivia would shoot if Sonny wasn't given the correct address immediately. The thug doubted that Olivia would pull the trigger, so she explained that she was an excellent shot because her son, a police officer, had taught her how to use a gun. Olivia asked Connie to step out of the office because it might get messy. The thug relented and provided Sonny with a new address.

After Sonny ended the call, Olivia replaced the gag then called Dante. A few minutes later, Olivia explained that Dante would send over a couple of police officers to pick up the thug. Olivia and Connie decided to finish their pizza in the reception area, so they walked out of the office and closed the door behind them.

In the reception area, Olivia and Connie agreed that they made a great team. They chatted about the past and their aunt's warnings for each of them to stay away from "made men." Olivia laughed when Connie suggested that Olivia would have been a good mobster. However, Connie became frustrated when she thought about Sonny because he kept intruding in Connie's life.

At the Jerome penthouse, Kiki explained that they would be playing Texas Hold'em. Nearby, Michael tried to persuade Morgan not to participate in the poker game, but Morgan remained determined to bilk the card players out of their money. Moments later, Kiki announced that they were ready to begin, so Morgan took his seat at the table.

Kiki was not pleased when Michael hovered over Morgan during the game, but Morgan assured her and the rest of the players that Michael was harmless. Kiki continued to complain until Morgan showed everyone his winning hand. One of the players accused Morgan and Kiki of cheating. Michael confessed that he didn't trust Kiki, but Morgan and Kiki denied that they had done anything wrong. The card players quickly left with their money.

Furious, Morgan reminded Michael that Morgan needed money quickly. Kiki blamed Michael for Morgan's missed opportunity, but Michael refused to apologize because he was certain that Kiki had intended for Morgan to lose. Kiki denied it, but Michael pointed out that she had been cheating. Michael also reminded Morgan that nothing good had happened to Morgan since Morgan had met Kiki online.

Morgan was confident that he could handle things, but Michael argued that it wasn't safe to remain at the penthouse because the bookies knew that Morgan was there. Michael suspected that Kiki had been the one to tip the goons off, but Morgan refused to believe it. Kiki informed Michael that they didn't need his help and ordered him to leave. She opened the door but stopped short when she discovered two burly men standing on the doorstep.

The men pushed their way into the apartment as they announced that they were there to collect the money that Morgan owed. Morgan explained that he had $10,000.00, so he offered it to the men with promises to pay the balance at a later date. The men took the money then informed Morgan that they wanted payment in full. Michael assured the men that Morgan was good for it because their father was Sonny Corinthos, which Michael suspected the men already knew. The men weren't intimidated by the Corinthos name and threatened to put Michael, Morgan, and Kiki in the hospital.

One of the goons stepped towards Kiki with the intention of grabbing her, so Michael sprang into action and pummeled one of the thugs. Seconds later, Sonny and Shawn burst into the penthouse with their guns raised. The goons quickly backed off, so Sonny tossed a thick roll of cash at one of the men to settle Morgan's debt. Morgan revealed that he had already given the men $10,000.00, so Sonny told the men to keep the extra cash. However, Sonny made it clear that any attempts to target Morgan again -- or anyone else in Sonny's family -- would cost the men their lives.

Shawn escorted the men out of the penthouse, while Sonny dealt with Michael, Morgan, and Kiki. Morgan started to explain things, but Sonny wanted to hear from Michael. After Michael filled Sonny in on what had transpired, Sonny wondered if Morgan had considered the position that he had put Michael in. Morgan insisted that he could have handled things without Sonny and Michael's help, but Sonny disagreed.

Sonny announced that it was time to leave, but Morgan hesitated to follow. "What about Kiki?" Morgan asked. Sonny was curious if Kiki was a nickname, so Kiki revealed that it was short for Katherine. Sonny admitted that he was more interested in her last name because he recalled a powerful crime family in the 1980s with the last name of Jerome. Sonny was curious if Kiki was related to Julian Jerome or Julian's sister, Olivia. Kiki claimed that she had never heard of them, but Sonny was skeptical because of what had happened to Morgan.

Kiki pointed out that there were a lot of Jeromes in Manhattan. Morgan defended Kiki to his father, so Michael revealed that Sonny had seen the instant messages that Morgan and Kiki had exchanged. Michael explained that even if Kiki hadn't set Morgan up, she hadn't done anything to stop Morgan from getting deeper in debt. "Wow, way to have my back," Morgan complained to his brother. Sonny made it clear that whatever Morgan had with Kiki was over.

Morgan reminded everyone that he was an adult, but Sonny was disappointed that Morgan would turn against his own father for a girl. Morgan assured Sonny that he appreciated everything that Sonny had done and vowed to repay the money. Sonny explained that it wasn't about the money. "It's about respect," Sonny told Morgan. Morgan argued that he could make his own decisions, but Sonny pointed out that Morgan had nearly gotten himself killed, so Sonny didn't intend to treat Morgan like an adult until he behaved like one.

Morgan realized that he wasn't going to change Sonny's mind, so he agreed to leave with his father and brother. Kiki was stunned, but Morgan promised her that he would see her soon.

In a New York City hospital, A.J. resented Carly's smirk when he decided to check on Elizabeth before they searched for Michael. He wondered if Carly could find some compassion deep down inside of herself for Elizabeth's situation. Carly thought that Elizabeth had gotten off easy with food poisoning, given A.J.'s track record for collateral damage. Disgusted, A.J. admitted that he felt terrible for sleeping with Carly behind Elizabeth's back. Meanwhile, Tracy stood on the other side of the curtain, eavesdropping.

Tracy quickly pulled out her cell phone, which had a voice recorder. She squeaked with delight as she turned it on. A.J. heard the noise, so he pulled the curtain aside. Tracy smiled innocently, but A.J. realized that she had overheard him talking to Carly. He started to explain away what Tracy had heard, so Tracy revealed that she knew that A.J. had slept with Carly behind Elizabeth's back. A.J. and Carly immediately denied it, but Tracy merely smiled.

A.J. tried to deflect by suggesting that Tracy's relish had made everyone sick. Tracy decided to use A.J. and Carly's tryst to her advantage by threatening to tell Elizabeth if A.J. didn't take responsibility for the fiasco on The Chew. A.J. refused to give in to Tracy's blackmail, prompting Tracy to call his bluff. Carly was outraged when A.J. didn't stop Tracy from walking away because she didn't want Michael to find out, so she demanded to know if A.J. was ready to lose Elizabeth.

A.J. pointed out to Carly that he was in a no-win situation because if he took responsibility for everyone getting sick on the cooking talk show then ELQ would be ruined. Carly told A.J. that he wasn't cut out for business, so A.J. admitted that he couldn't think clearly while Michael was in danger. Carly informed him that it was worse for her because both of her sons were missing. Moments later, Sonny called to let Carly know that he had found Michael and Morgan. Sonny promised to call her later when they were on their way home.

Relieved, Carly thanked Sonny for the update then ended the call. She shared the good news with A.J., who conceded that he was grateful for Sonny's help. Carly quickly returned to the topic of Tracy because she wanted to know how A.J. intended to handle Tracy's blackmail.

In the examination room, Elizabeth's eyes slowly opened. Nikolas softly greeted her as she looked around the room and noticed that A.J. wasn't there. Nikolas explained that A.J. had left to look for a doctor but hadn't returned. Elizabeth asked Nikolas to find A.J. because she was afraid that A.J. might not know where they were. Elizabeth was disappointed when Nikolas suggested that it wouldn't be a bad thing. She appreciated that Nikolas had tried to stop Tracy from sabotaging A.J.'s appearance on television, but she insisted that she was with A.J.

Nikolas argued that A.J. and Elizabeth couldn't be too serious if they had stayed in separate rooms at the hotel. Elizabeth explained that she and A.J. were still in the early stages of getting to know each other, so Nikolas admitted that he would never believe that A.J. was a changed man. Elizabeth reminded Nikolas that Nikolas hadn't seen A.J. in years, but Nikolas insisted that A.J. was a screw up who would hurt Elizabeth because A.J. always hurt the people who tried to help A.J. Tracy suddenly appeared in the doorway to warn Elizabeth that Nikolas was right about A.J.

Tracy announced that A.J. had already hurt Elizabeth, but Elizabeth argued that Tracy couldn't be trusted. Tracy was on the verge of revealing A.J. and Carly's secret when A.J. entered the room. Nikolas wanted to know what Tracy was talking about, so A.J. beat Tracy to the punch by confessing that he had hurt Elizabeth. A.J. explained that Pickle-Lila had been tainted, so Elizabeth had gotten sick because of A.J. Elizabeth questioned that because she recalled that others had eaten the relish without becoming sick.

A.J. claimed that he had ignored Duke's warnings to wait for the relish to pass FDA approval because A.J. had been focused on beating Tracy to production. A.J. explained that he had sacrificed the quality of the product. Tracy smiled with satisfaction as A.J. revealed that he intended to apologize to the host of the cooking talk show and to take full responsibility for the tainted relish. Elizabeth's eyes filled with compassion as A.J. turned to leave. Nikolas warned A.J. that ELQ would suffer the consequences if A.J. took responsibility for the rancid relish. Elizabeth advised A.J. to discuss it with an attorney first, but A.J. was determined to take the heat for what had happened.

Elsewhere, Sam was stunned when the doctor that she had mistaken for Stephen Clay revealed that Stephen was his brother. The doctor introduced himself as Silas Clay, Stephen's elder brother. Sam wanted proof, but Silas explained that he didn't have his hospital identification badge on him. Sam remained skeptical as she explained that Stephen had left a trail of bodies behind. However, as she talked to Silas, it became clear that Silas hadn't known that Stephen was dead until she had mentioned it. Silas revealed that he hadn't had any contact with his brother in over a decade.

Sam told Silas about Stephen's breakdown after Stephen's wife had died, Stephen's delusions of being a vampire, and Stephen's escape from a mental institution. She was surprised that no one had contacted Silas, so Silas reiterated that he and his brother had been estranged. However, Silas empathized with his brother's loss. "What good is sanity when it separates you from the woman you love? Better to embrace the madness and believe you can bring her back," Silas said. Sam quickly explained that Stephen had hurt a lot of people after the escape, including Sam.

Silas was curious why Stephen would target Sam, so she revealed that Stephen had mistaken her for his dead wife, Livvie. She told him about the kidnapping and Stephen's death, but Silas barely reacted. He congratulated her on escaping and announced that he had to continue his rounds. Sam was stunned that Silas had nothing else to say. Silas admitted that he was sorry for his brother's loss and that the grief had driven Stephen to commit heinous crimes, but Stephen was dead, so there wasn't anything left for Silas to do.

Silas started to walk away, so Sam informed him that he had a nephew. Silas quickly turned back to Sam as she explained that Silas was the only family that Rafe had left. Silas was curious about Rafe's mother, prompting Sam to reveal that Stephen had murdered Rafe's mother in front of Rafe. Silas wanted to know where his nephew was, so Sam told him that Rafe had been sent to a group home. Sam reluctantly added that Rafe had eventually been sent to a foster home and was living with her. Silas complained about Sam's lack of directness, but Sam was equally annoyed by his lack of compassion.

Silas suggested that Rafe was in good hands, so he walked away. A short time later, Sam caught up to Silas. She demanded to know what was wrong with him because he had barely blinked when she had told him about his brother and nephew. Silas pointed out that if a person didn't laugh then they would end up mad, like his brother. "There is more than one way to be cruel," Sam replied as she likened Silas to his brother.

Silas was curious if Sam would feel better if he had shed a tear or had dropped to his knees. Silas refused to do penance for his brother's sins when he hadn't seen Stephen in over a decade. Silas was sorry for the pain that Stephen had caused, and he was sorry that Stephen had left behind a son, but none of it had anything to do with Silas. Sam watched Silas walk away. A few minutes later, Carly caught up to Sam and told her that Michael and Morgan were safe. Sam was relieved, but she complained about the incredibly rude doctor that she had met.

After Sam left, Silas stepped out from behind a corner near where Sam had been standing.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dante looked around the deck of the Haunted Star then called out to ask if anyone was onboard. Moments later, Luke emerged on deck. Dante immediately holstered his gun when he realized that the scruffy man sporting a hat and sunglasses was his father-in-law. Dante was curious what Luke was doing there, but Luke turned the question around on Dante. Dante explained that he had received reports that the Haunted Star had been spotted drifting out of the fog towards port. Dante recalled that the ship had been anchored on Cassadine Island in Greece, so he had decided to investigate.

Luke revealed that the World Security Bureau had tugged the Haunted Star to New York, so Luke had taken command of the ship, sailed it up the seaboard, and then down the St. Lawrence River to Port Charles. Dante was impressed with Luke's commitment to return the cursed ship home. Luke confessed that he was fond of the ship and believed Helena and Stavros' deaths had broken the curse. Dante admitted that he was glad that Luke had sailed the Haunted Star home because the ship was special to Lulu.

Luke was curious how his daughter was doing. "Still shacked up with Milo," Dante complained. Luke wondered if Lulu had made any effort to remember the past, so Dante explained that he had taken Lulu to one of Maxie's prenatal checkups and the Floating Rib. Dante admitted that he had seen signs that Lulu had remembered something, but Lulu had denied it and had stubbornly avoided being alone with him after that. Luke suggested that Dante lure Lulu to the Haunted Star to jog her memory.

At the apartment, Lulu woke up with a gasp. Concerned, Milo rushed over to check on Lulu. She burst into tears as she confessed that she had dreamed about Stavros. Milo held Lulu until her tears subsided and then made a joke to cheer her up. Lulu chuckled, so Milo gently asked her about the dream. Lulu feared that it had been a memory rather than a dream because she had been dragged across the deck of a ship by a man who ignored her pleas to let her go. She was certain that it had been a flashback of her recent kidnapping.

Milo suggested that Lulu give herself time to remember, but Lulu was tired of waiting because she felt like she was stuck in limbo. Milo appeared hurt, so she immediately apologized because she appreciated how kind and generous he had been to her. Lulu was grateful for his friendship, so Milo assured her that he enjoyed being her friend. He slowly leaned down to kiss her, but their lips never touched because someone knocked on the door.

Milo opened the door. Dante was not pleased that Milo was only wearing a pair of shorts, so he asked if Milo ever wore clothes. Milo explained that he had been about to get dressed. Lulu was curious why Dante was there, so he revealed that it was a police matter. Milo assumed that Dante was there for him, but Dante clarified that he needed Lulu to go to the Haunted Star to sign some paperwork because the ship had been returned to dock with damages.

Lulu went to the bathroom to change, so Milo offered to make Dante breakfast. Dante questioned Milo's intentions towards Lulu. Milo claimed that he was just providing a friend a place to stay, but Dante knew that Milo had had a crush on Lulu for years. Dante warned Milo that Lulu's memory would eventually return, so Milo shouldn't take advantage of her.

Later, Dante and Lulu arrived at the Haunted Star. Lulu was awed that the ship belonged to her, so she was eager to take a look at the damage. Dante showed her where several bullets had grazed various parts of the ship. Lulu was curious how it had happened, so Dante explained that it had occurred when Dante, Luke, and Laura had searched for Lulu. He told her about the exchange of gunfire with Helena's guards. Lulu realized that Dante was trying to tell her that he had almost died for her.

Dante assured Lulu that he would do anything for her. Lulu became uncomfortable with the direction of their conversation, so she tried to ease the sudden flare of awareness by commenting that it had sounded like Dante and her parents had had an adventure. Dante admitted that it wasn't the first adventure on the ship, so she decided to take the bait by asking what his fondest memory was of the ship. "Our first kiss," Dante answered without hesitation.

Dante told Lulu how she had intervened when she had realized that her brother, Ethan, had been cheating Dante in a card game. Dante had been certain that Lulu had called Ethan out on the cheating because Lulu had liked Dante, so Dante had followed her to the deck to thank her. Dante revealed that he and Lulu had exchanged some words. Lulu was amazed that she and Dante had kissed, so Dante explained that she had wanted to make him work for it.

Dante insisted that Lulu had melted once he had cracked her shell. Lulu laughed at the cheesy line. Dante smiled back as he admitted that she had liked his cheesy lines, so Lulu was curious if he had spouted them until he had worn her down. He revealed that, in a way, he had.

At the Floating Rib, Lucy was looking over her résumé when Scott walked up and ripped it out of her hand. Lucy objected because she needed the résumé to find a job. Scott informed her that he had another job for her; he needed her to get Mayor Lomax to the courthouse because Laura had agreed to marry him. Lucy punched Scott in the arm because she thought that he had been holding out on her. Scott jokingly suggested that she should have stuck around the other day because she would have heard him warn Laura that another woman would snatch him up if Laura didn't marry him.

Lucy smiled then wondered if Lulu's memory had returned. Scott explained that Lulu was "still clueless," but the wedding was a go. Lucy was delighted that Laura had returned to her senses. Scott admitted that there was a problem. "Luke," Scott clarified.

Scott revealed that Laura had assured him that Luke and Laura were in the past. Lucy was confused because Scott seemed tense. Scott denied it, but Lucy recognized his expression; it was the one that he made when he was about to do something underhanded. She urged Scott to trust Laura, but Scott argued that Luke was the problem.

Scott feared that Luke would do something to stop the wedding. Lucy advised Scott to take deep calming breaths, but Scott wasn't interested in the yoga techniques that Lucy and Serena had taught him because he doubted that they could help keep Luke away from the wedding. Lucy continued to talk to Scott in a calm and soothing tone as she reminded him that Laura had picked him.

"Your love is requited," Lucy assured Scott as she hugged him. Kevin appeared in the doorway in time to see his wife in her ex-husband's arms. Lucy was excited when she realized that her husband was there, so she ran to greet Kevin. Lucy explained that Scott and Laura were getting married. Kevin made a snide remark, so Lucy scolded Kevin.

Scott decided to leave, but Lucy was worried about what Scott would do. Scott assured her that he intended to make certain that Laura married him. After Scott left, Kevin and Lucy ended up making out in a corner of the bar. Lucy wanted to know who Kevin was treating in Seattle because she resented Kevin repeatedly abandoning her. She feared that it might be Bobbie Spencer, but Kevin promised Lucy that Bobbie was happily dating Noah Drake.

Lucy wanted Kevin to refer the mystery patient to another doctor, but Kevin explained that it wasn't an option. "What's so special about this particular patient?" Lucy demanded. Kevin reminded her that he was bound by doctor/patient confidentiality, so he wasn't at liberty to share any information about the patient. However, he assured her that her concern was misplaced.

Kevin tried to distract Lucy by showering her with compliments, but Lucy saw through the ploy. She demanded to know why his patient in Seattle was taking so much of his time. Kevin refused to answer her question, but he promised her that he had everything well in hand.

Scott stopped by the Haunted Star to have a chat with Luke about Scott and Laura's wedding. Luke sarcastically wished Scott and Laura a long marriage. Scott assured Luke that the marriage would last, but he warned Luke to stay away from the wedding. Luke insisted that Laura had his blessing to be the "Bride of Satan."

Scott ignored the insult as he made it clear that he intended to make Laura happy and to keep her safe. Luke explained that it was Laura's life and her decision to marry Scott, so Luke wouldn't stand in the way. Scott anticipated having a great life with Laura, but he suspected that Luke would end up a "doddering old fool" and alone.

Later, Luke entered the Floating Rib and ordered a drink. "To Scott and Laura Baldwin and moving on," Luke said before he downed the shot of amber liquid.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas left Elizabeth a voicemail message offering to take some food to her and to watch the boys, while she recuperated from the food poisoning. He heard his mother call out to him, so he ended the message with a promise to stop by to check on Elizabeth. Seconds later, Laura entered the parlor to warmly greet her son and extend an invitation to her wedding. Nikolas was surprised because he thought that Laura had been trying to avoid the wedding.

"Are you sure about this?" Nikolas asked Laura. Laura was disappointed because she thought that Nikolas had liked Scott. Nikolas conceded that Scott had stayed at Nikolas' side during the early days of Nikolas' recuperation. Laura knew her son well enough to know that he always started an argument with a compliment, so she wondered if he objected to her marrying Scott.

Nikolas didn't think it was his place to object, but Laura sensed that he had reservations about the wedding. Nikolas wondered if Laura had forgotten what Scott had done to Lulu. Laura admitted that Scott had been wrong, but Scott and Lulu had made peace with each other and had put the past behind them. Nikolas reminded his mother that Laura had wanted to postpone the wedding until Lulu had fully recovered.

Laura reminded Nikolas that they didn't know how long Lulu's amnesia would last, so it wasn't fair for Scott and Laura to put their lives on hold, especially since Luke and Laura had said their goodbyes. Nikolas had no idea what that meant, so Laura revealed that Luke and Laura had realized that they had each moved on because their feelings for each other had changed. Nikolas suspected that the deaths of Helena and Stavros had somewhat resolved things for Luke and Laura.

Nikolas pointed out that there were no more vendettas or waiting for Helena's next atrocity, so Luke and Laura were free of the Cassadines. Laura clarified that they were all free of the past, but there was one Cassadine that she couldn't live without because she loved her son. She desperately wanted his blessing, so Nikolas assured his mother that as long as she was happy, she had it. Laura wondered if that meant that he would attend her wedding.

Nikolas assured Laura that he would be at her wedding, but he was surprised when she told him that it would be held at the courthouse later that day. Nikolas offered Wyndemere for the wedding, but Laura wasn't sure if he was serious. Nikolas explained that it was a new day, so he didn't want the castle to remain a symbol of the pain that the Cassadines had caused. He wanted Wyndemere to simply be a big drafty gothic house. Laura didn't want to put Nikolas out, but he insisted that it would be his wedding gift to her.

Laura gladly accepted Nikolas' generous offer, but she realized that she needed to let Scott know. Nikolas offered to make some phone calls to invite guests, so he was curious who she wanted at the wedding. Laura revealed that she had talked to Lucky, but he was busy in Africa doing charity work. Moments later, Lesley and Spencer appeared in the doorway. Laura was delighted to see her grandson and her mother. Nikolas hugged his son as Lesley explained that Spencer had been eager to reunite with his father, so Lesley had decided to arrive early.

Spencer didn't recognize the castle, so Nikolas offered to reacquaint his son with Wyndemere. After the boys left, Laura and Lesley talked about Lulu's amnesia and Laura's fear that Lulu would never remember her past. Lesley insisted that they were there to help Lulu and to make new memories for Lulu if Lulu's memory didn't return. Lesley reminded Laura that they had once been in a similar situation when Laura had first found Lesley, so Lesley and Laura were proof that it could be done.

Nikolas and Spencer returned, as Spencer talked excitedly about the wedding. Nikolas told his mother and grandmother that he and Spencer were headed to the florist to buy up every flower in town for the wedding. Lesley was stunned as she watched Nikolas leave because she hadn't realized that he had planned to get married. Laura admitted that Nikolas had been talking about Laura's wedding to Scott. Laura was surprised when Lesley clucked with disapproval.

Lesley revealed that she had gone to stay with Nikolas because she hadn't been able to bear to watch Scott romance Laura. Lesley had known that Scott was up to something when he had followed Laura to Paris and had rented an apartment three blocks away from Laura. Lesley wondered if Laura had forgotten what Scott had done to Laura and her family. Laura pointed out that they had all made mistakes, but Lesley argued that Laura clearly had reservations about marrying Scott because she hadn't invited her own mother to the wedding.

Laura claimed that she had hoped to avoid Lesley's scolding. Lesley was curious if Luke knew about the wedding, so Laura made it clear that Luke didn't have a say in Laura's life. Lesley vowed that Laura would marry Scott over Lesley's dead body. "Well, we'd miss ya so much," Scott said as he entered the room in time to hear Lesley's edict. Lesley glared at Scott, so he confessed that he was disappointed by her greeting.

Lesley wondered if Scott would settle for goodbye because she refused to let her daughter marry Scott again. Scott recalled that he and Lesley had once been close, so he was curious when it had gone south. "When you killed my husband," Lesley shouted. Laura told her mother that it wasn't the time, but Lesley couldn't believe that Laura would marry the man who had murdered Rick and had let Laura take the fall for it.

Scott assured Lesley that he had never intended to kill Rick. Scott claimed that he had been forced to act because Rick had been hurting Laura, so Scott had tried to protect Laura. Scott made it clear that he would marry Laura over Lesley's objections, but he knew that it would mean the world to Laura if Lesley gave her blessings. Scott urged Lesley to think of Laura.

Friday, May 17, 2013

At the Floating Rib, Luke ordered another drink from the bartender, but Mac arrived and made it clear that Luke was cut off. Luke was curious what Mac's problem was, so Mac admitted that he had been under the impression that Luke had sworn off of alcohol over a year ago. Luke denied it, so Mac reminded Luke of the intervention that Luke's friends and family had staged after Luke had killed Elizabeth's son, Jake.

Luke suggested that good bartenders minded their own business. Luke insisted that Jake's death had been a terrible accident. Mac argued that Luke had been drinking that fateful night, but Luke denied that he had been impaired. Luke claimed that no one could have seen the four-year old on the dark street that night. Mac explained that they would never know if that was true because they would never know how much alcohol Luke had consumed prior to the accident or if Luke's reaction time would have been different if Luke hadn't been drinking that night.

"That's right, we'll never know," Luke snarled. Mac reminded Luke that Luke had paid Coleman to change the name of the bar from Jake's to the Floating Rib because Luke had wanted to memorialize the little boy in a more fitting way. Mac was curious why Luke would go through all of that trouble then turn up at the Floating Rib, of all places, to drink. "Why would I?" Luke asked.

Luke didn't see the point of spending his money in a place where he couldn't have a drink in peace. He resented Mac's self-righteous lecture, so he tossed some cash on the bar and left. "Oh, you must really miss Frisco Jones," Luke said as he passed Felicia on the way out. Mac told Felicia that he had refused to serve Luke alcohol. Felicia realized what the squabble had been about, so she tactfully changed the subject by confessing that she and Maxie were having a blast planning the wedding.

Mac became concerned because he knew that Maxie had trouble sticking to budgets. Felicia assured Mac that their wedding would be perfect then told him about Maxie's various ideas to make the wedding special and fun. Mac's lack of enthusiasm worried Felicia, so she asked him what was troubling him. Mac told her that they didn't need all the things she had been talking about. "Maybe no wedding at all," Mac quietly added.

Felicia's expression fell as Mac rushed to explain that he loved her and already considered her his wife in every way that mattered. Mac slid a bowl of peanuts towards Felicia, who tried to cover her disappointment by nibbling on the snack. She was stunned when her fingers touched what turned out to be a diamond engagement ring.

Felicia looked up at Mac's smiling face. The tension leeched out of her as she confessed that he had fooled her. Mac took the diamond ring from Felicia then dropped on bended knee to propose. "No," Felicia replied when he asked her to marry him. Mac's smile vanished as he looked at Felicia with hurt in his eyes.

"Gotcha," Felicia told him after several tense heartbeats. Mac relaxed as Felicia officially accepted his proposal of marriage. Everyone clapped when Mac slid the ring on Felicia's finger then kissed her.

At the Quartermaine mansion, A.J. called to check on Elizabeth. Elizabeth assured him that she was well on the mend, but had taken a day off. A.J. felt terrible that Elizabeth had suffered a bout of food poisoning because of his tainted relish. Elizabeth promised that she didn't blame A.J., but she questioned how he could be certain that his relish had made everyone sick. A.J. reminded her that he had rushed production on the relish, so the quality of the relish had been sacrificed.

Tracy suddenly wrenched the phone out of A.J.'s hand then suggested that Elizabeth sit down because Tracy had something to share about A.J. A.J. desperately tried to get the phone away from Tracy as Elizabeth demanded to know what was going on. A.J. finally succeeded in snatching the phone back, so he promised to call Elizabeth back then ended the call. A.J. demanded to know what his aunt had been doing. Tracy revealed that she had intended to tell Elizabeth about A.J.'s tryst with Carly because A.J. had failed to hold up his end of their bargain. A.J. disagreed because he had talked to the host of the television cooking talk show to take full responsibility for the tainted relish.

Tracy insisted that it hadn't been enough. She showed him the front page of the Port Charles Press that featured an article about the relish fiasco on national television. Tracy expected A.J. to issue a press release clearing Pickle-Eddie of wrongdoing. Fed up with Tracy's demands, A.J. decided to tell Elizabeth the truth. Tracy laughed because she was certain that A.J. would chicken out. "Watch me," A.J. challenged her. Tracy assured him that she would keep her eye on him like a vulture watched road kill.

Later, Tracy was doodling on the front page of the newspaper when she heard the door close. Tracy assumed that A.J. had returned, so she was eager to hear the details of his confession to Elizabeth. Tracy wondered if it had been an epic fail. "Something like that," Luke replied as he entered the library. Tracy smiled as she greeted Luke and admitted that she had been wondering when he would stop by to console her about the relish debacle on television.

Tracy assured Luke that A.J.'s relish had been responsible for the bout of food poisoning on the set of the cooking talk show. Luke poured himself a drink as Tracy confessed that she was eager to tell him how she had forced A.J. to fall on the sword. Luke barely reacted, so she wondered why he was in a foul mood. Luke explained that Mac had lectured Luke about his drinking and Luke's efforts to change the name of Coleman's bar. Luke insisted that he had paid Coleman to change the bar's name so that Elizabeth wouldn't have to drive past the flashing red neon sign every day and be reminded of Jake's death.

Luke couldn't believe that Mac had refused to serve him a drink. "I can," Tracy admitted. Luke was disappointed that Tracy had sided with Mac, but she denied it. She reminded Luke that he had been sober for over a year. Luke quickly clarified that he was not an alcoholic. Tracy confessed that she had refrained from saying anything to Luke about his drinking because she knew how he would react, but she was concerned because she cared about him.

Luke seemed surprised by Tracy's admission, so he was curious if she had meant it. Tracy assured Luke that she didn't want to lose him to drinking or anything else. Luke promised her that she wouldn't then slowly leaned down and kissed her.

At the Webber residence, Cameron and Aiden were coloring in the living room when Elizabeth ended her call with A.J. Moments later, someone knocked, so she answered the door. She was surprised when she saw Nikolas standing on her doorstep, so she hoped that he had received her text message. Nikolas assured her that he had and that he was happy that she was feeling better. Elizabeth wondered why he was there, so Nikolas told her that they had stopped by to give her a present.

Confused, Elizabeth wondered who had accompanied Nikolas. Nikolas stepped aside as Spencer presented her with bouquet of flowers. Elizabeth warmly greeted Spencer then invited him inside to play with his cousins, Cam and Aiden. The boys quickly gathered around the dining room table to color while Nikolas followed Elizabeth to the living room to tell her about Laura's wedding at Wyndemere.

Nikolas explained that Laura wanted to her family present when she exchanged vows with Scott, so Nikolas invited Elizabeth and her sons to attend the wedding. Elizabeth was curious if Laura had specifically invited her. Nikolas was evasive as he assured her that Laura would love to have Lucky's children at the wedding. Elizabeth remained uncertain, but Nikolas pressured her to agree by insisting that Laura deserved to be surrounded by family on her wedding day.

A.J. entered the house as Nikolas asked Elizabeth to accept the invitation. Elizabeth was relieved when she saw A.J., but A.J. was curious what Nikolas and Elizabeth were talking about. A.J. became distracted when Cam excitedly greeted him with a hug. A.J. returned the hug then sent the boy back to coloring with promises of checking out the drawings after A.J. had talked to Elizabeth.

Nikolas told A.J. about Laura's wedding. Nikolas hid his frustration when Elizabeth invited A.J. to be her date to the wedding. A.J. happily agreed, so Elizabeth thanked Nikolas for the invitation then went to get ready.

Later, A.J. was awed by Elizabeth's beauty when she returned to the living room, dressed up for the wedding. A.J. thanked her for inviting him, so she confessed that she suspected that Nikolas was not pleased. Elizabeth appreciated A.J.'s timing because Nikolas had been pressuring her to attend the wedding as Nikolas' date. A.J. admitted that in the past, he had waited for the opportunity to be in the right place at the right time until he had realized that he had to make those moments happen. He had decided that if he was lucky enough to experience those special moments then he would not let them slip away.

A.J. admitted that he had something important to tell her. Elizabeth wondered if it had anything to do with why Tracy had taken the phone away from him. A.J. nodded then led Elizabeth to the sofa. He started to speak when Cam ran down the steps, ready for the wedding. A.J. inspected Cam's tie, then straightened it, while Elizabeth pick up Aiden, who had made his way down the steps at a slower pace. She smiled as she watched A.J. and Cam exchange a fist-bump after Cam's tie had been properly adjusted.

On the Haunted Star, Dante told Lulu how he had goaded her into their first kiss by accusing her of being obsessed with him. Lulu laughed as Dante recalled that he had kept talking until Lulu had kissed him to shut him up. Dante half jokingly wondered if she felt like shutting him up again. Lulu took a step back and suggested that he had lured her to the ship on false pretenses. Dante feigned outrage at the idea, but Lulu was certain that he had hoped to recreate their first kiss.

Dante was curious if it would be so bad for him to kiss Lulu. He promised her that she would like it because he was a great kisser. Lulu couldn't believe that Dante was trying to talk her into kissing him, but Dante was unapologetic because he suspected that the kiss would spark a memory of what they had once shared. Dante leaned towards Lulu, but her cell phone rang before he could kiss her. Lulu quickly stepped back to answer the call from her mother.

After a brief conversation with Laura, Lulu ended the call and told Dante that she had been invited to her mother's wedding at Wyndemere. She admitted that the idea of attending the wedding made her uncomfortable, in part because she had no idea where Wyndemere was. Dante stepped close to her then pointed to Spoon Island. Lulu was stunned when Dante revealed that her brother, Nikolas, owned the castle. Dante thought that Lulu should attend the wedding, but Lulu had no idea how to get to the castle.

Dante explained that Lulu would have to take a launch, so he offered to accompany her. Lulu was curious why she needed him if someone else would operate the launch. Dante turned on the charm as he told her that the island was difficult to traverse. Lulu feared that Milo would worry about her, but Dante promised her that Milo would be fine.

At Wyndemere, Scott offered his hand in friendship to Lesley as he asked her for forgiveness. Lesley ignored Scott's hand, so Laura assured her mother that Scott was the same person that Laura had fallen in love with as a teenager. Laura explained that she and Scott had found their way back to each other because Scott had never given up on Laura. Lesley questioned if Laura wanted to marry Scott because of love or nostalgic gratitude. Laura reminded her mother that Lesley had once trusted Scott to take care of Laura, which he had always done.

Scott admitted that he had a lot of regrets, but he had always loved Laura and wanted to make her happy. At last, Lesley agreed to give her blessing to Laura, but she made it clear that she was doing it for her daughter, not for Scott. Lesley vowed to crush Scott "like the dung beetle you are" if he hurt Laura. Scott assured Lesley that it wouldn't get to that.

Later, Laura talked to Scott about Nikolas' offer to host the wedding at Wyndemere. Scott hoped that they would hear their vows over the screams of the souls trapped in the walls of the old castle. Laura insisted that it had been a lovely gesture on Nikolas' part, and she was eager to be surrounded by her family. Scott assured her that he was happy as long as she was.

After Laura ended her call with Lulu, she worried that she had been too pushy with her daughter. Lesley assured Laura that Lulu knew, deep down inside, how important the day was to Laura. Scott promised Laura that their wedding would be wonderful no matter what. Lesley agreed.

A short time later, Scott pulled Nikolas aside to ask if Nikolas had corralled other family members to attend the wedding. Nikolas admitted that he had invited Elizabeth and the boys. Scott was curious if Elizabeth was Nikolas' date, so Nikolas confessed that she had managed to beat Nikolas at his own game.

Moments later, A.J., Elizabeth, and the boys arrived for the wedding. Nikolas greeted A.J. and Elizabeth as Laura hugged her two grandsons. Spencer was excited to see his cousins, so the boys scampered off while Laura welcomed A.J. and Elizabeth. Laura noted that almost everyone was there, so Scott gently suggested that they move ahead with the wedding, since it appeared that Lulu would not be attending. Laura buried her disappointment behind a sunny smile as she agreed.

Laura's eyes lit with joy when she looked up as Dante and Lulu appeared in the doorway. Laura wrapped her daughter in a loving hug as she mouthed her thanks to Dante. After Laura stepped back, Cam ran up to his Aunt Lulu to hug her. Lulu was grateful when Dante made a point of greeting Cam by name so that Lulu would know the young boy's name. Dante noticed that Lulu seemed overwhelmed to be surrounded by family, so he offered her words of encouragement and promised to stay by her side.

Lesley approached her granddaughter to introduce herself to Lulu. Lulu felt bad that she couldn't remember Lesley, but Lesley promised Lulu that the memories would return in time, and when they did, Lulu would know how much Lesley loved her.

Later, Lulu noticed Scott talking to someone on the phone in an agitated tone. She asked Dante if it seemed weird that she didn't like Scott, even though she didn't know him. Dante merely smiled.

Nearby, Lesley was shocked that Elizabeth was dating Monica's son, A.J. Quartermaine. Nikolas assured his grandmother that it wouldn't last.

Meanwhile, Laura pulled Dante aside to thank him again for persuading Lulu to attend the wedding. Scott asked to have a private word with Laura, so she followed Scott to a quiet corner. Scott confessed that they might not get married.

On a flight bound for Port Charles, the mystery man who had tampered with the pickle relish in New York City read an online article about the incident. He smiled to himself until a fellow passenger struck up a conversation about the fiasco on television when he saw the article that the mystery man had been reading. The passenger suspected that the scandal had been a public relations nightmare; he couldn't understand how ELQ had let it happen.

The mystery man suggested that perhaps someone had tampered with the relish. The passenger was curious why someone would want to do that, so the mystery man speculated that the person might have wanted to send ELQ into a tailspin to make the company ripe for a takeover. The passenger chuckled as he realized that the mystery man was a conspiracy theorist. "Sometimes," the mystery man conceded.

The passenger suddenly realized that there was something familiar about the mystery man. The mystery man doubted that they had met before, but the passenger was certain that he knew the mystery man from somewhere. The passenger wondered if the mystery man was famous. The mystery man suggested that it depended on the passenger's definition of famous.

The passenger noticed that they were about to land, so he wondered if the mystery man was in Port Charles on business or pleasure. "A little bit of both," the mystery man replied.

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