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Bill shelled out thousands of dollars to arrange a photograph of Maya and her ex-boyfriend, Jesse. Rick again tried to break it off with Caroline. Steffy realized that she'd lost the baby, and Liam tried to cope with his resentment over the lost child. Brooke informed Eric that he'd be her baby's father.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 13, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, May 13, 2013

In her office, Brooke received a call from Bill, who could instantly tell that something was wrong with her. Brooke stammered, and he told her that if she'd just ask him, he'd be there. She claimed that she'd phoned him earlier that day in a moment of weakness, and then she quickly ended the call.

Hope entered Brooke's office and said she'd been to see Oliver and Thomas' new place. Brooke noted that Hope seemed out of it. Hope explained that while at the beach house, she'd overheard Steffy telling Thomas about Steffy's perfect life with Liam.

Hope explained that Steffy had seen Hope crying about what Hope had overheard. Steffy had been kind and considerate to Hope, and Hope no longer saw the point in fighting the fact that Liam and Steffy were a family. "And so I wished her well," Hope said.

Brooke thought that was generous of her daughter. Hope replied that Steffy was her stepsister, and Hope no longer wanted to fight over something that had been resolved. In Hope's view, Steffy and Liam were married, and they were expecting a child together. Hope thought it was time she accepted that there was no place for her in Liam's life.

Brooke felt sad to hear that. Hope asserted that it was sad because she was supposed to have married Liam and had his children. Hope wanted to move on and accept it, but she didn't know how to do it.

Brooke thought watching Liam and Steffy raise the baby would be the hardest thing Hope would have to do; however, Brooke was proud of how Hope had grown. Brooke reasoned that people could be wrong about their destinies, and relationships were tools to help people learn about themselves before moving on to something else.

Hope couldn't imagine there could be a time that she didn't want Liam or that she wasn't thinking of what she'd done wrong with him. Brooke suggested that Hope put it out of her mind and push forward. Hope relayed that she was immersing herself in work, and she reasoned that, once she was ready, she could be in a relationship with someone like Oliver. Hugging Hope, Brooke said that life was full of surprises, and Hope just needed to be open to them.

At Bill's office, Caroline arrived with a gift to thank her uncle for his generous donation to her foundation. Bill took Caroline's cell phone so he could have her complete attention, and he asked her how things were with Rick. She felt they weren't going well, and Rick was just biding his time until he could be with Maya. Bill grumbled that he didn't like hearing that.

Caroline said she'd been avoiding the breakup for as long as she could, but it seemed inevitable. She insisted that Rick being with Maya would be disastrous for Rick because he needed someone who complemented him and could function in his world. Caroline said Maya was an ex-con who'd given up her illegitimate child, and Caroline didn't want Rick blindsided by what else might be in Maya's past.

Caroline started to cry because she believed that she and Rick had been happy before Maya had manipulated her way into his life and his company. Caroline sobbed that she loved Rick, and she was hurt. Bill hugged his crying niece and advised her to hang in there. He was confident it would work out.

Caroline apologized for crying all over Bill, and Bill asked if she saw crying as a sign of weakness. She guessed it could be. He reasoned that, for some people, it was healthy, and it led to clarity.

Caroline mentioned that she and Rick would meet friends at a club where Othello was working that evening, and she feared that Rick would break up with her that night. Bill said that Caroline was a Spencer, and they took what they wanted. He advised her to be hopeful because something could happen to make Rick see Maya for who she really was.

Alison interrupted because she had some information from Justin to give Bill. Caroline took that as her cue to leave, and Bill insisted that things were going to start going Caroline's way.

Once Caroline had gone, Bill asked what Alison had for him on Maya. Alison handed him a picture of Jesse Graves, the father of Maya's child. Jesse had been released from prison not too long before due to prison overcrowding. Even though Maya's conviction had been overturned, a condition of her release dictated that Maya had to stay away from Graves or return to prison.

Bill scoffed that it was too easy, and Alison guessed that Maya wouldn't be staying away from Graves. Bill added that the judge who'd issued the order would hear about it, and the solution to the Maya problem would be nice and clean. Alison didn't see Maya as a threat, but Bill stated that Maya was a threat to his family because Rick belonged to Caroline.

Alison called Bill ruthless, and he said he made no apologies for himself. Bill was willing to do what it took when it involved threats to his family's happiness. He stated that Maya was a threat to his niece's happiness, and he was poised to remove that threat.

On a road, Steffy lay unconscious. A driver hopped out of his car, exclaiming that he hadn't seen Steffy. The paramedics arrived and took Steffy to the hospital. She was unconscious when they wheeled her into a room. Dr. Meade gasped when he saw that Steffy was the patient.

At the cliff house, Liam called Thomas to find out where Steffy was. Thomas relayed that the backup on the highway was probably delaying her. Liam then received a call from Steffy's phone, but he was shocked when he heard Dr. Meade on the line. The doctor relayed that there had been an accident, and Steffy was at the hospital.

Liam raced to the hospital, where Dr. Meade reported that Steffy had been unconscious since her arrival. Dr. Meade added that she didn't have any broken bones, but she was pretty banged up. Dr. Mead took Liam in to see Steffy, and Liam asked what in the world she had been doing on her motorcycle. He decided that it didn't matter. Nothing mattered to him but that Steffy and the baby were okay.

Liam asked if Dr. Meade knew that Steffy was pregnant. The doctor nodded, and Liam realized that Dr. Meade hadn't said anything about the baby. Liam asked if the baby was okay, and Dr. Meade gave Liam a long, somber look. Liam became distraught, and the screen turned gray.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

by Pam

At the hospital, Liam sat with Steffy and asked Dr. Meade if the baby was okay. Dr. Meade explained to Liam that Steffy had head trauma and a concussion. Liam asked again specifically about the baby. Dr. Meade answered there was no evidence of a heartbeat. "I'm sorry, Liam," Dr. Meade said.

Liam cried that it had to be a mistake. Meade reminded Liam that Steffy had taken a hard fall and was lucky to be alive and doing well. He apologized for Liam's loss.

Taylor showed up. She headed into Steffy's room, but Liam said that they had to wait. Liam reported that Steffy had to undergo a procedure. Taylor asked about the baby. Liam cried and shook his head. Taylor cried.

Liam said he couldn't believe it. Taylor asked if Liam had called Bill. Liam said he had not. He just wanted to be with his wife. He worried how to tell her about the loss of the baby.

Liam wondered to Taylor why Steffy had been riding a motorcycle home from Thomas' place. Taylor remembered that Steffy's motorcycle had been at Thomas' house. Taylor recalled that Thomas had promised to keep it for Steffy after the wedding, and she had to have decided to ride it home.

The nurse announced that Liam and Taylor could see Steffy. Liam ran into the room. Taylor followed. Steffy was still unconscious. Dr. Meade announced that Steffy had a concussion. He recommended that Liam and Taylor needed to encourage Steffy to awaken.

Dr. Meade reported that Steffy had no broken bones, and the hemorrhaging from the loss of the baby was under control. Liam and Taylor begged Steffy to awaken. Steffy groaned in pain. She called Liam by name and asked, "What happened?" Taylor and Liam realized she had no idea what had happened.

At Spencer, Bill and Alison discussed that the conditions of Maya's release included staying 100 yards away from her former lover, Jesse Graves, due to a restraining order.

Bill ordered that Alison had to get Jesse to a club opening that night. Bill guessed that Maya would attend, and Bill commented that Maya would mess up and end up back in the big house.

Bill anticipated that, with a little encouragement from Alison, they could persuade Jesse to talk to Maya and catch her on film violating the restraining order. Alison phoned Jesse and scheduled to meet Jesse at the farmer's market. Bill asked if he sounded like a thug on the phone. Alison answered that Jesse sounded polite and curious.

Bill teased that Alison had a soft spot for lowlifes. He recalled that she had been attracted to Deacon, and Alison denied it. Bill worried that she was fulfilling bad boy fantasies, but Alison countered that she did it every day -- with Bill.

Bill pulled $10,000 out of the top drawer of his desk and told Alison to offer it to Jesse. Bill also offered an additional $5,000 to Alison for a job well done after it was over.

In Rick's office, Othello tried to convince Rick to show up at Othello's DJ event at a hot new club in Los Angeles. Othello assumed that Rick would show up with Caroline as his date. Rick said he planned to ask a new girl. Maya entered. Rick introduced Maya to Othello as the new girl.

Rick asked Maya to attend Othello's event. She worried about it being a good idea. Rick encouraged her, and Maya left. Caroline arrived and asked Othello to make sure she and Rick received a good table at his event.

Othello smiled and wished Rick luck. Rick told Caroline that he had asked Maya to the event. Caroline pretended that Rick wanted to take a big group, but Rick reported that he was going out on a date with Maya.

Later, Rick met with Maya and encouraged Maya not to make him beg her to attend the event. Maya reflected on her meeting with Bill where he had threatened her to stay away from Rick.

At a farmer's market, Alison met with Jesse. Alison acknowledged that Jesse and Alison had been close once.

Alison claimed that Maya had wanted to meet Jesse. He refused at first, but Alison showed him the money -- $10,000. Jesse asked how Alison had found out about him. He reminded Alison that Maya was not permitted to see him due to a restraining order.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

by Pam

At the hospital, Steffy moaned and opened her eyes. She saw blurry images of Liam and Taylor. Dr. Meade stood by her bed and gently told her that he was Dr. Meade, and she was in the hospital. Steffy asked why she was there. Liam explained that she had been hurt on her motorcycle, but Steffy clearly did not remember. Taylor and Liam looked concerned.

Dr. Meade told Liam and Taylor that it was common with concussions. Dr. Meade gently asked if Steffy remembered what day it was or what she had for breakfast. Steffy tried to remember, but she looked worried and could not respond.

The doctor asked if Steffy remembered his name. She struggled but remembered his name. He asked where she worked. She stared blankly for a moment and then slowly and painfully answered that she worked at Forrester. "Am I gonna be okay?" she asked.

Liam tried to explain that Steffy had visited Thomas at Taylor's former beach house. Liam said Steffy had to have ridden the motorcycle home. Steffy wondered if she had broken any bones. She then said she had one question: "How will I look in a bikini," she joked.

Liam laughed, and Taylor told Steffy not to worry how she looked. Steffy told her mother that she was joking. Liam and Taylor realized Steffy had no recollection of being pregnant.

Steffy marveled at Liam being at her bedside. "My wife needs me," he said, adding, "Where else would I be?" Steffy repeated the word wife and then looked at her wedding ring. She looked at Liam, smiled, and said she was tired.

Liam reminded Dr. Meade that it was not Steffy's first concussion. Dr. Meade said that repeated concussions often result in symptoms that lasted longer and were more severe -- specifically memory problems. Taylor, Liam, and Dr. Meade exited to the hall to talk and give Steffy a chance to rest. Liam asked Dr. Meade why Steffy had not asked about the baby, and Dr. Meade said Steffy might not even remember having been pregnant.

At Spencer, Bill and Alison discussed that Alison had persuaded Jesse, Maya's former boyfriend, to track down Maya at a club that night. Alison said that she knew she had to get a picture of Maya and Jesse together. Bill said that he planned to protect his family, and the picture would mean that Maya had violated a restraining order, which could land her back in prison. Bill lamented that Maya had not heeded his previous warnings. "She will not ignore me again," he growled.

Alison left, and Bill's phone rang. It was Dr. Meade, who explained that Steffy had been in an accident, and Bill needed to get to the hospital immediately.

At Forrester, Hope admitted to Thomas that she had finally made peace with Steffy. Hope acknowledged that Liam and Steffy were happily married.

Thomas and Hope discussed that Steffy deserved to be happy. Thomas said that when Phoebe died, Steffy had lost a bit of herself. Thomas' phone rang. It was Taylor, who told him that Steffy had been in a motorcycle accident. Taylor begged Thomas to hurry to the hospital.

Thomas shared the bad news with Hope, and Hope said that she would drive Thomas to the hospital.

At the hospital, Bill, Thomas, and Hope arrived to meet Liam and Taylor outside of Steffy's room. Thomas hugged his mom. Taylor said Steffy would be all right. Liam announced that they had lost the baby.

Liam added that Steffy had a concussion and memory problems. She had not even asked about the baby and might not remember that she had been pregnant. The nurse told Liam that Steffy had been asking for him.

Liam hurried to Steffy's bedside, followed by the rest of the family. Steffy had worried that Liam had left her alone. Liam promised to stay by her side. Steffy was concerned that Liam looked worried. "I'm all right," Steffy said, and she repeated it. Liam said he was grateful and relieved that she was okay.

Liam told Steffy that he needed to tell her something about the accident. Steffy groaned in pain.

At the club, Alison watched Maya and Rick after they entered the club. They talked to Othello and discussed the great event he had hosted.

Caroline entered and saw Maya with Rick. Caroline started to dance with Rick and persuaded Rick to go to the bar. Caroline followed him. Othello warned Maya that Caroline was a take-charge kind of girl. Maya said that she wasn't worried.

Later, Maya and Rick chatted, and Rick said that he hated to hurt Caroline's feelings, but he knew he had to make a clean break with her. Maya danced with Rick, and Caroline interrupted. Maya suggested it was a good idea because Rick had wanted to talk to Caroline. Maya glared at Rick and Caroline and walked away.

Maya went to the bar, and Jesse caught up with her. "Hello, stranger," Jesse said. Maya was shocked. Jesse told her she looked great.

Maya wondered how Jesse had found her and what he was doing there. He said he had been enjoying his freedom because he had gotten out of prison recently. He wanted to talk to Maya and catch up. "I missed you, Maya," he said.

Maya said she shouldn't have talked to him and couldn't be seen with him. Nearby, Alison pulled out her camera and focused on Maya and Jesse.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

In the hospital corridor, Dr. Meade informed Steffy's loved ones that Steffy would make a full recovery. He said that Steffy's memory was slowly returning. Taylor cried because she feared what would happen once Steffy remembered the pregnancy and learned that the baby was gone. Bill assured Taylor that the couple would make it through together.

Bill and Hope watched Liam and Steffy from the viewing window, and Taylor told Thomas that they had to have faith in Liam. Hope joined their conversation to say that Liam would be strong for Steffy. Hope relayed that she'd had a good talk with Steffy before the accident, and Hope really hated to see Steffy go through "this."

Hope realized that it might be awkward to have her there, and she offered to leave. Bill, however, told Hope that she should stay.

In Steffy's room, the weakened Steffy uttered that she knew what Liam had to tell her. He looked expectantly at her, and she said she shouldn't have been on the motorcycle. She asked for forgiveness, but he said it didn't matter anymore. Liam kissed her hand, and she winced in pain.

Steffy noticed that Liam looked worried, and she told him that she'd be fine. She recalled that they'd been there before with the bathtub incident, the Cabo San Lucas accident, and the Aspen fall on the slopes. Liam said he just didn't want to live without her. Steffy replied that she was like a cat with nine lives. He replied that the only life he wanted was with her.

Liam quizzed Steffy on her memory by asking her how many weddings they'd had. Steffy recalled the Aspen wedding and Liam tearing up the annulment papers. She remembered marrying Liam at the mansion, and she again noticed that Liam looked worried. She asked what he had to tell her.

Liam moved on to the events that had happened earlier that day. He reminded Steffy that they'd planned a barbeque, and she'd gone to see Thomas. Liam guessed that traffic had caused her to ride the motorcycle instead of the car, and he asked if she remembered why he hadn't wanted her to ride the bike. She guessed that he'd been worried about her.

Liam asked if there were anything else, and after some thought, Steffy uttered that she was pregnant. "!" she sobbed.

>From the viewing window, Steffy's loved ones watched Liam cradle Steffy as she cried in bed. Everyone shed tears as Steffy cried, "My baby..."

At the club, Caroline danced with the preoccupied Rick. Rick told Caroline that they needed to talk, and as they got drinks, she thanked him for taking her there. Rick said they hadn't arrived together, but she seemed to be trying to define it as a date. Caroline claimed she wasn't that provincial, but she asked if it bothered him if she had considered it a date.

Rick said that he was bothered by Caroline's refusal to accept what he had to say. Caroline said she knew that Maya intrigued him, but he replied it was more than that. Caroline relayed that they all had their projects; hers was curing cancer, and Rick's was turning an ex-con into a princess. She insisted that Maya wasn't what she seemed, and Maya had another side to her that no one knew about.

Caroline tried to slip away to talk to some other people, but Rick pulled her back aside to talk. He insisted that he needed to say what he had to say. Caroline preferred to dance, but he said they needed to talk. She claimed to get it and to understand that he didn't want to be tied down. Rick, however, stated that he needed to let her know where he stood.

Caroline wished Rick would chill out. She said they were all friends, and they all worked together. She suggested that he give it time because he didn't even know how long Maya would be at Forrester. Caroline claimed not to want Maya to fail, but Caroline wondered if he'd still be interested in Maya if Maya were a bust.

Caroline told Rick that he knew her, and she'd always been by his side through his battles with Thomas and Taylor. Caroline wondered what Maya had ever done besides try to take him away from Caroline. She exclaimed that she couldn't stop him from taking a walk on the wild side, but he couldn't stop her from loving him, either.

At a table in the club, Jesse told Maya that he missed her, and he'd changed. Maya didn't seem to believe it, and she murmured that she shouldn't be anywhere near him. He acknowledged that there was a restraining order mandating her to stay away from him or return to prison.

Jesse noted that he'd seen her talking to a guy, and Maya got defensive. He told her that he'd gotten ten thousand dollars, and they could get their daughter and leave town with it. She exclaimed that he was out of his mind, but he replied that no one would be able to track them down. He swore that he'd gotten himself straight, and he reminded her that they had a daughter together.

Maya said that they didn't have a daughter. Jesse replied that he knew about the adoption, but it could be undone. He asserted that he needed Maya, and she was the best thing that had ever happened to him. He urged her to make a fresh start with him and their daughter. Upset, Maya replied that they couldn't, and their daughter had been killed in a car accident.

Maya explained that the child had died in the accident on the child's birthday. She relayed that she'd spoken to the adoptive relatives, and the child had been happy. The disconcerted Jesse murmured that he'd been hoping. Touching his hand, Maya said they couldn't go back, and it wasn't meant to be.

Across the room, Alison snapped some photos of Maya and Jesse.

Maya conveyed that she thought of her and Jesse's daughter every day. Jesse stated that knowing he'd had a child in the world had made him want to be a better man, and he'd begun to think about "us." Maya insisted there was no "us," and stroking his face, she said that, sometimes, the world changed, and that was just how it was.

Maya asked how Jesse had found her, and he replied, "Friends brought me." Jesse returned to trying to convince her to give him another chance, but Maya insisted that it was over. She wished him the best, but she asserted that she could never see him again.

Maya left the table, and Alison found Jesse to tell him that he'd done well. Handing him an envelope, she said he'd earned ten grand for doing next to nothing. Jesse wanted to know why it'd had to be done; however, Alison told him it wasn't his concern, and their business was done. He told Alison that Maya was a good person, but Alison cut him off, saying their business need not be discussed again.

Jesse walked off with the money, and Alison called Bill to say that she had what he needed. Bill was sure that the authorities would see the picture, and it would fix things for his niece.

Rick found Maya and asked where she'd been. Maya said she'd run into an old friend who'd served to remind her of how lucky she was to have Rick. She said she'd never take him for granted. As Maya kissed Rick, Jesse and Caroline looked on from the crowd.

Friday, May 17, 2013

At the cliff house, Liam held a baby's blanket to his face. Bill entered with flowers and assumed Steffy would be home from the hospital that day. Liam said he had to take her some more clothes because the other ones had been ripped up due to the accident. "It's all ruined," Liam murmured.

Liam tried to put together an outfit for Steffy, and he almost broke down as he asked Bill's opinion of it. Bill said he was sorry, but Liam insisted that he'd be all right.

Bill took a call from Katie, and afterward, he said Katie was heartbroken for Liam. Liam tried to suck in his emotions, and Bill said that Liam needed to be strong for his wife -- not for his father. Bill stated that, in front of Bill, Liam could punch a wall or throw a chair if the need arose. Liam shook his head. Bill asked what Liam needed and ordered Liam to say whatever it was he wanted to say.

Shooting up from his seat, Liam raged that he wanted to say, "What were you thinking?" He asked what Steffy could have been thinking to get on that bike when he'd told her not to do it. "I told her!" Liam roared and lapsed into thick silence.

Liam calmed down, and he recalled how cool and gorgeous Steffy had been rolling into the wedding on her motorcycle. It had been uniquely Steffy, but Liam hadn't been able to help thinking of how risky it had been. He said that pregnant women didn't do that sort of thing.

Bill asserted that pregnant women did that all the time. Bill felt it had been an accident, and Liam shouldn't be making it about Liam. "Well, guess what; it's my child, too!" Liam raged. Liam claimed that Steffy hadn't cared; she'd just hopped on the bike after promising him that she wouldn't do that.

Liam choked up, and Bill demanded that Liam say what was on his mind. Instructing Liam to pretend that Bill was Steffy, Bill urged Liam to tell her what he thought. "Tell her!" Bill yelled. Liam screamed that he was angry, and "you'd" had no right to do it to him. "So what? I rode my motorcycle!" Bill quipped. "You made me a father, and you took it away!" Liam bellowed.

"You should have listened. You should have listened -- because I told you -- I told you. I warned you, but you didn't care! And now he's dead. He's dead because of you!" a tearful Liam raged, pointing his finger. Liam sobbed that "you" hadn't listened, and that was on "you."

Bill gripped Liam's neck and said that any time Liam needed to express feelings like that again, he needed to do it Bill, not Steffy. Bill said he could handle it, but Steffy couldn't. Bill asserted that Steffy couldn't hear it at that point, and Liam couldn't hold it against his wife.

Liam claimed to understand, but Bill gripped Liam's chin and repeated, "You cannot hold this against your wife." Liam dismally nodded. Hugging Liam, Bill uttered that he was sorry.

At the hospital, Steffy was awake but silent and despondent as Dr. Meade tried to talk to her during his evaluation. Dr. Meade left, and touching her stomach, Steffy recalled Liam making her promise not to ride the motorcycle until after the birth of the baby.

In the corridor, Eric, Taylor, and Thomas assumed that Steffy was well enough to be released. Dr. Meade indicated that Steffy still wasn't talking, and Taylor sobbed about Steffy's lack of emotions. As Eric comforted Taylor, Thomas asked Dr. Meade about visiting Steffy. The doctor relayed that she didn't want visitors, but they might be good for her.

Thomas and the doctor left, and Eric received some business calls. He attempted to delay his meetings, but Taylor said that he should go. Eric assured Taylor that she'd get through to Steffy, and Steffy and Liam would heal together. Taylor asserted that she'd find a way to reach Steffy.

When Thomas entered Steffy's room, she refused to look at him. At her bedside, he said that the family was there for her, and they'd help her get through it. Thomas left, and Taylor entered.

Taylor said Steffy shouldn't blame herself because it had been an accident. Taylor hated seeing her daughter that way, and crying, she implored Steffy to forgive herself for what had happened.

Taylor left the room. Outside the door, she saw a plaque that said the "Mr. and Mrs. Eric Forrester Recovery Wing." She smiled sadly, touching the part of the plaque that indicated Stephanie.

Liam arrived at the hospital to pick up Steffy. Dr. Meade relayed that she was physically ready to leave, but he didn't know about emotionally. Liam braced himself and entered Steffy's room. He told her that he'd gotten her some clothes, and he'd take care of her. He suggested that they have the barbeque that they'd planned. Steffy tried to speak, but he told her not to if she wasn't ready.

Steffy sobbed and said she was sorry. She uttered that she shouldn't have taken the bike, and she was sorry. Liam hugged her as she cried, and he whispered that it was all right.

In Eric's office, Brooke thought of the time Katie had demanded a divorce from Bill. Donna entered and guessed Brooke was thinking of Steffy. Donna realized that Steffy and Brooke had both been carrying Spencer babies, but after the accident, only Brooke was pregnant. Brooke said not to talk about it because she didn't want anyone finding out.

Donna replied that Brooke couldn't hide the pregnancy for long, and Donna wanted to know what Brooke would do about it. Donna felt that Bill should be a part of any choice Brooke would make; however, Brooke said the choice had been made. Brooke stated that if God wanted her to have that baby, then she would. "And Katie?" Donna asked. Brooke said Katie didn't have to know the truth.

Later, Eric arrived in the office. Brooke was there alone, and she asked about Steffy. Eric said it was hard, but Steffy would make it through. Eric asked Brooke to help him with the bedroom line's relaunch in Europe. He wanted to present her in big showrooms in Milan and Paris. Brooke said she couldn't do it, but Eric assured her that no one could sell the line like she could.

Brooke announced that she had something to tell Eric. She recalled the talk they'd had about their relationship, and she told him that she needed something from him. She said that he'd seen her relationships unfold, and she was sick of the scandal and inappropriateness. She'd thought that Ridge would be the man for her, and besides Ridge, Eric was the only other man who understood her.

Brooke said she and Eric had shared children and a good marriage, and she believed they could again. Eric looked confused. She sighed and admitted to being pregnant with Bill's baby. Grimacing, Eric murmured that Taylor had been right. Brooke insisted that she hadn't betrayed Katie, and the pregnancy had happened after Katie had asked Bill for a divorce. Brooke said it didn't matter because Bill and Katie had reunited, and that wouldn't change.

"It will now," Eric asserted. Eric didn't plan to tell Katie or anyone about the paternity, but he was sure Katie would figure it out because she'd already had concerns. Brooke replied that Bill wasn't the father -- Eric was. Eric looked confused again. "You are the father of my child," Brooke repeated.

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