All My Children Recaps: The week of May 13, 2013 on AMC

JR grappled the news that he had been responsible for Marissa's death. Cara allowed David to believe that their baby had been aborted, but it was a lie. Cassandra's situation grew increasingly dire. Billy Clyde Tuggle was revealed to be alive.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 13, 2013 on AMC
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Monday, May 13, 2013

In the hospital locker room, David was stunned and angered to hear Cara confess that she'd had an abortion while he had been in prison. As Griffin tried to protect Cara from David's flaring temper, Griffin threatened to call the police to have David removed from the hospital. "You shot JR at point-blank range. You told the police you were sorry he wasn't dead," Cara snapped. "How could anyone want a child of yours after that?" she demanded.

Cara added that the thought of having a child who could grow up to be anything like David repulsed her. She continued to express her disappointment in David and stated that she would not have been able to have a child who would have endured the hardships of being connected to David's many crimes.

David, in disbelief over what Cara had done, asked her, "How did you become so cold, so callous, that you could just throw away your own baby?" Cara responded by telling David she was not sorry and that she would do the same thing if she had to do it all over again. Cara asked David why he had returned to Pine Valley and blamed his return for opening up old wounds. David reminded her that he had lost everything and that he was still grieving over Marissa's death daily. David explained how he had inadvertently shot Marissa in an attempt to keep JR from hurting a room full of other people. David insisted that even though he was the one who had shot Marissa, JR was solely responsible for her death.

When Griffin saw David storm out the locker room, he returned to check on Cara, and he assured his sister that she was doing the right thing by lying to David about her abortion. Cara vowed to do whatever it took to protect that secret. She added that she would be leaving Pine Valley after completing the treatment rounds for one of her patients. Griffin agreed with Cara's decision to leave Pine Valley.

Later, Griffin told Cara that JR had woken up from his coma and asked for her assistance, since Angie could not be reached. Cara agreed, but they both wondered why Angie had not responded to her pages and noted that was uncharacteristic behavior for Angie.

As their special night at Chandler Mansion wound down, Miranda hugged AJ and thanked him for being the best friend she had ever had. Miranda told AJ it was getting late and because he had baseball practice then next day, she had better return home. AJ reminisced about good times he had spent with his father when he was young boy.

Miranda encouraged AJ to visit his father in the hospital. AJ was quick to remind Miranda of the havoc JR had wreaked in their lives, ultimately breaking apart both of their families. AJ told Miranda that instead of wondering what it would be like for his father to wake up from the coma, he spent more time wishing life had been different before his father became unstable. As Miranda was leaving, she again thanked AJ for an amazing night and encouraged AJ to make things right with his father one day. Later, AJ decided to go visit his father in the hospital.

As JR was waking up from his coma, he asked Dixie who had shot him. Dixie, unsure of how to respond, had Angie paged, but Angie could not be reached. Filling in for Angie, Griffin checked on JR and asked him about his last memories before falling into his coma. JR said he remembered that Marissa had asked him to do something for her and was angry that he hadn't done what she had asked. JR began wondering why Marissa was not there to check on him. He became frustrated when no one would answer his questions. Dixie told JR to relax and not to worry himself trying to remember details, assuring him that they would return in time.

Griffin assured JR that everything was all right, and explained that they were performing neurological tests to check on his brain functions. JR thanked Dixie for being by his side throughout his coma. Outside JR's room, Dixie met with Griffin and Cara to go over JR's test results. Griffin told Dixie the JR was suffering from retrograde amnesia. Cara explained how the bullet had affected a part of JR's brain that allowed him to store recent memories.

As Dixie quizzed the doctors on what JR would be able to remember, Cara warned Dixie of the possibility of JR exhibiting some distinct personality changes. Later AJ returned to visit JR and was pleased to see his father was awake, but was shocked to discover that JR did not recognize him.

Bianca met with Zach at Jane's Addiction to discuss Miranda. Zach first made a phone call to the Feds to check on a suspicious website named Bianca explained to Zach how the kids at school had been ridiculing Miranda for having a lesbian mother. Bianca was relieved that none of those kids was aware of the identity of Miranda's biological father, thanks in part to a gag order that Erica and Zach had obtained. They both feared that Miranda might learn she was the product of rape from something she could find on the Internet.

Zach and Bianca agreed that it was in Miranda's best interest for them to tell her the news before she learned it elsewhere. Zach was quick to offer his support to Bianca for whenever she decided to tell Miranda how Miranda had been conceived.

Later, Zach arrived at an underground strip club. When he realized that he would need a special bar code to gain access to the club, he stole another patron's phone and emailed that's person's bar code to his own mobile phone.

Vlad and Uri escorted Cassandra into their office and offered her pills to help her relax before going to perform on stage. They explained how she needed to learn to perform right and be nice to the customers. Cassandra wanted nothing to do with their plans for her. She told Uri that he had made a mistake and that she was not the type of girl who was cut out for that line of work. She revealed that she had strict parents and was still a virgin. Uri was thrilled to learn of her inexperience, telling her that just made her more profitable to him. Uri turned on some erotic music and demanded that Cassandra begin to strip for him.

Cassandra tried to hold back her tears while nervously taking off her clothes. Uri became frustrated when Cassandra did not perform well. "You will learn. One piece at a time. You are only making this harder for yourself," Uri growled. Cassandra made another attempt to dance as requested, but it was still not what Uri wanted. Angrily, he poured vodka down her throat to help loosen her up. Cassandra cried and begged to be released so that she could go home. As she unbuttoned and removed her blouse, Uri told Cassandra that it was time for her to get to work.

As Angie grilled Jesse about what had happened to Cassandra after her arrival at the airport, Jesse finally opened up to Angie and revealed that she'd been "taken." Angie encouraged Jesse to meet the kidnapper's demands, suggesting that they use the cash from their retirement and pension funds to pay the ransom. Jesse explained to a distraught Angie it was not a typical kidnapping, and there was no ransom. Angie was inconsolable and begged for more details regarding who had kidnapped her daughter.

Jesse told Angie that Zach was helping him with the search for Cassandra and that he feared sex traffickers had taken Cassandra. Angie fell apart with tears. Jesse assured Angie that they were doing everything they could to find the kidnappers and had notified federal agencies, including the FBI.

As they were talking, a hospital security guard alerted Jesse that the girl he had taken into the hospital the night before was waking up. When Angie asked Jesse about the unknown girl, Jesse gave her a few details and told her to wait outside the girl's room while he went into the room to talk to the unknown woman. Reluctantly, Angie remained outside the room.

As Jesse tried to communicate with the woman, it became obvious to him that she was still too traumatized to provide any helpful information. Angie, insistent upon finding out if there was a connection between the woman and Cassandra's abduction, stormed into the girl's room and was horrified to see the bruises on the young woman's face. Angie fell into Jesse's arms, sobbing uncontrollably.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

At the hospital, AJ attempted to talk to JR, but the confused JR said that AJ had the wrong room. AJ bolted out of the hospital in tears. It wasn't until after AJ was gone that JR made the connection. "Oh, my God...AJ," JR uttered.

Dixie entered in time to stop JR from getting out of the bed. Murmuring that AJ had been there, JR said he was an idiot for not recognizing his own son. Dixie insisted that JR remain in bed while she located AJ. As JR settled back in bed, Dixie left the room.

Later, David leaned on JR's threshold and pretended to be amazed that JR had awakened. JR recognized David but wasn't sure why David was there. David said to "cut the crap" because a five-year coma hadn't changed anything between them. David asserted that JR knew why David was there, and JR would experience the same thing David had experienced, beginning with a prison sentence for murdering David's daughter.

JR was shocked to hear that Marissa had died, and he asked what had happened. David rasped that JR had happened to her. David said that JR had been at the mansion, waving his gun around and looking to punish anyone that had wronged him. JR was surprised to hear he'd had a gun, and David yelled that JR had better not dare pretend not to remember killing David's daughter.

Dixie rushed in, angry that David had returned to JR's room after being told to stay away. She ordered the guard to call the police immediately. JR told his mother to wait, and he asked if it were true that he'd killed Marissa. Dixie didn't want to address it, and JR assumed that meant it was true.

Cara entered to check on JR, and Dixie told David that if he hadn't interfered, none it would have happened. Dixie blamed David for JR shooting Marissa and for shooting JR. JR was surprised to hear that David had shot him. David exclaimed that he regretted not being a good shot, but he'd served his time. "Now it's your turn!" David roared.

Dixie tried to hustle David out of there, but JR asserted that if anyone had done that to AJ, he'd feel the exact way that David did. JR figured that he deserved to be in jail if David were telling the truth. Dixie insisted that it hadn't been JR's fault; however, JR thought it sounded like it had been, and he felt very sorry for that.

David chuckled, saying that JR's memory loss was a load of crap, and David had even tried that faulty memory routine himself a few times. Cara reminded David of how the brain tried to block trauma, but David insisted that JR was just trying to keep himself out of prison. David asserted that JR wasn't fooling David, and JR would pay for what JR had done to Marissa and David.

David left, and JR insisted upon knowing what had happened five years earlier. Dixie urged her son to relax and calm his mind. She was sure that the answers would surface naturally.

At the mansion, the distraught AJ arrived in the dark living room. He smashed some glass from the bar onto the floor and sat in a chair to sulk. Miranda arrived and noted that his text message had been cryptic. She flipped on the lights and asked what was going on with him.

AJ announced that his father had awakened. He said it should be good news, but JR hadn't even known who AJ was. Shrugging, AJ reasoned that it wasn't like his father had ever known him. He recalled that he hadn't visited his father in the whole five years, but being there earlier, he'd felt a desire to have what every other kid had -- until JR had awakened without even knowing his own son.

Miranda figured that JR was probably having problems with his brain after being in the coma for five years. AJ told her not to make excuses. To him, the bottom line was that he just wasn't important to his father, and he never would be.

Miranda was sure that, no matter what, JR loved his son. She said that JR had to love AJ, who was the coolest guy ever. She promised to set straight anyone who didn't believe that about him. AJ calmed down and told Miranda that she was his best friend. He said he wouldn't know what to do if he didn't have her to talk to. The two hugged, and AJ said he felt better, thanks to her.

In a hospital room, Angie was shocked by the condition of Amy, the girl that Jesse had admitted to the facility. Jesse relayed that Amy had been in a dumpster by a nail salon, and the salon was a front for a prostitution ring. Angie sobbed, but Jesse assured her that Cassandra wouldn't end up like Amy.

Amy awakened, but she didn't remember what had happened to her. Jesse suspected that Russian sex traffickers had held her captive. Angie said that other girls could be in trouble, so they needed Amy's help. The fearful Amy replied that if she talked, her former captors would hurt her family.

Jesse promised that he wouldn't let that happen, but Amy insisted that if her former captors found out that a police officer had helped her get to a hospital, she'd be dead. Jesse implored Amy to say who the captors were and where they'd held her, but the terrified Amy refused to say anything.

Jesse showed Amy a picture of Cassandra, but Amy claimed she'd never seen Cassandra before. He pressed until Amy rolled over in her bed and told him to leave her alone. Angie said he was scaring the girl. Jesse wished he had something to go on, but Angie feared Amy was hanging by a thread.

Angie and Jesse went into the hall, and Angie sobbed in his arms. Jesse decided to call Zach for an update. Angie returned to Amy's room, and Amy asked if Angie knew the girl in the picture. Angie explained that it was her daughter, and Angie gently asked Amy to reveal what she knew so they could prevent Cassandra from suffering as Amy had. Amy replied that if the captors had Cassandra, then it was already too late.

Angie held in her sobs until she'd left the room. She wandered to a corner in the corridor, where she sobbed and cried for God to help her baby.

David happened by and became concerned about Angie's distraught state. She told him what was happening with Cassandra, and David wondered who he could call or how he could help. Angie told David about Amy's condition, and Angie sobbed, wondering if she'd ever see her daughter again.

Angie wished Jesse had told her about the kidnapping sooner, so she could have done something to help. She supposed, though, that Jesse had already been doing all that could be done. David frowned, and Angie said she was sorry because she'd probably made him think of Marissa. David replied that the only thing he was concerned about was Angie.

David looked up and saw Jesse staring at him. Angie asked if Jesse had spoken to Zach, but Jesse said Zach wasn't answering his phone. Angie left to get some air, and Jesse's stare narrowed on David.

Jesse told David not to think it, but David ranted that after trying to pass Lucy off as Angie's baby, Jesse still hadn't learned to tell Angie the truth. Jesse ordered David to back off because David knew nothing about Jesse's marriage. David retorted that he knew Angie deserved better.

Later, Jesse found Angie sitting in Amy's room. He'd expected that Angie would be there, and he promised that they'd find Cassandra before the same thing happened to her as had happened to Amy. Angie began to pray to God to help them find their baby before it was too late.

Backstage at the club, Uri tossed a skimpy outfit at Cassandra, but she let it fall on the floor. Vlad reared back to slap her, but Uri stopped him and grabbed a nearby girl. Uri squeezed the girl's arm, and the girl pleaded with Cassandra to pick up the outfit. Cassandra complied, and Uri said it was show time.

Cassandra changed clothes, and Vlad made her down some liquor. Through the stage door, Uri showed her what the other girls were doing, and he told her to get close enough for the men to touch her with their tips. Cassandra balked at the command, and Uri grabbed another girl to use to threaten Cassandra into compliance.

At the bar, Zach pretended to the bartender that he was interested in getting to know the girls on stage, and the bartender said he could make some introductions. A dancer named Sinnamon approached and noted that she hadn't seen Zach before. He guessed she was new then.

As Sinnamon flirted with Zach, he asked what it would take to get a backstage pass. She asked how green his wallet was. Zach assured her that it was very green. She advised him to pay the bartender and follow her.

After Zach headed to the back with Sinnamon, Cassandra crept onto the stage. Uri stood in the crowd with his hand casually around a girl's throat, and Cassandra began to dance and shed her clothes. The crowd of men went wild and tossed money into the air. At that moment, Angie was praying that God kept Cassandra safe and delivered her home.

In a private room, Sinnamon sat on Zach's lap and flirted with him. Zach touched her necklace and asked if there were any other spices around because he liked to combine flavors. He claimed to like chocolate, and he preferred to break in new girls. As Sinnamon wrapped her top around his neck, he asked if she knew what he meant. "I do," she replied, jerking the cloth tightly around his throat.

Zach guessed that Sinnamon liked it rough, and she giggled. The bartender knocked on the door and entered to say that time was up. Sinnamon thought it was too bad that she and Zach couldn't finish, but Zach promised he'd be back.

Once Zach left, Sinnamon handed the bartender her necklace and ordered him to run it for fingerprints. She asserted that she needed the customer's identification immediately.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

In the Chandler living room, Dixie arrived as AJ and Miranda were discussing giving JR another chance. Dixie was relieved to find AJ, and she implored him to return to the hospital. Dixie said that JR felt horrible about what had happened, and he wanted to make it right.

Dixie conveyed that JR had recognized AJ the moment that AJ had left, but JR had been too weak to follow AJ. She said she'd promised JR that she'd talk to AJ and let him know that he mattered to JR. AJ seemed leery, so Miranda asked to speak to him alone.

Dixie left to find Brooke, and Miranda reminded "Ace" that he really did want to reconnect with JR. She asked AJ to give it another shot. AJ reluctantly agreed, and they headed off to find Dixie.

At the hospital later, Dixie led AJ in to see JR and then left the guys alone to talk. JR apologized for their last encounter and swore that he hadn't forgotten AJ. JR noted that "Bud" was all grown up. AJ murmured that no one called him Bud anymore. JR said he'd missed a lot, and he apologized for not being around as a father.

AJ reasoned that JR hadn't been much of a father before the incident, and JR replied that the worst part of it was that he'd been trying to avoid being the kind of father that Adam had been. JR was sorry for putting AJ through the same thing JR had been through as a child. JR felt that AJ hadn't deserved that, nor had he deserved to lose his mother.

JR claimed not to remember what had happened five years earlier, and he didn't expect his son to forgive him for the incident. He added that he couldn't even forgive himself, and hurting AJ had been the last thing that JR had wanted to do. JR knew that it would take time to regain everyone's trust -- especially AJ's; however, JR declared that he was back, and he'd be the father AJ deserved.

JR touched AJ's arm, but AJ pulled himself back. Dixie entered to check on the guys, and AJ rushed out. She tried to stop AJ, but JR said to let the boy go.

JR berated himself for not recognizing his son. He guessed his son thought he was the same jerk as always. Dixie asked if JR had expressed how sorry he was for not recognizing AJ. JR replied that he had, but AJ just didn't trust his father. She urged JR to keep the lines of communication open, and JR vowed to make it right with his son.

At Opal's house, Opal saw a scratch beneath Pete's eye and demanded to know if Celia had done it to him. Pete explained that he'd gotten it from climbing a trellis at Celia's school to help her slip in after curfew. Opal said that trellis climbing for his beloved was romantic.

Pete complained about Ceila's strict school and her obsessive, psycho guardian. Opal guessed that with a guardian like that, Pete wouldn't be seeing Celia that evening. Unfazed by the guardian, Pete asserted that he planned to see Celia as much as possible.

Back at the mansion, Celia was telling Brooke about the wonderful change of events between Celia and Pete. Celia was excited about him and said she'd never felt that way before. Brooke replied that it was a wonderful feeling.

Just then, Pete arrived, and he and Celia seemed drawn to each other as he greeted the women. Pete handed Brooke a proposal he'd done for her. Sensing that Celia and Pete wanted to be alone, Brooke excused herself from the room.

Celia and Pete talked about what a great time they'd had the other night, and Celia noticed the scratch on his face. He said it had been worth it to see her. He wanted to spend the day with her, but he had a lot of work to do. She hoped that they'd see each other that night, and she wondered if it were possible to top the fun they'd already had. Staring into her eyes, Pete said it was very possible.

At Bramwell Hall, Opal arrived in Celia's dorm room to talk to Evelyn. Opal introduced herself and said that Celia was dating Opal's son, Pete. Evelyn rendered a surprised look, and Opal hoped Celia hadn't gotten into trouble the other night. Evelyn said she didn't know of any trouble Celia could be in.

Wandering to the window, Opal noted the broken trellis she'd seen on the way in. Opal suspected that someone had busted it while sneaking in the other night. Evelyn became outraged, but Opal offered to pay for the damage, so no one would get in trouble over it.

Opal and Evelyn went outside to view the trellis, and when they returned inside, Opal insisted upon paying for the damages because her son had been involved. She remarked that Pete was a determined man and wouldn't let a trellis or curfew get in the way of what he wanted. Evelyn thanked Opal for stopping by. "We have to look out for love. Let's just hope a broken trellis is all we have to worry about with those two," Opal added.

Later, Celia arrived in her room and discovered Evelyn waiting inside. Evelyn beamed that she had a surprise for Celia. Evelyn had planned for herself and Celia to spend the rest of the spring in Europe. Evelyn advised Celia to pack because they'd leave that evening. "I'm not going," Celia declared.

In an unknown location, Uri awakened Cassandra and praised her work from the previous night. Handing her some pills, he said she'd be treated well when she performed well. She took the pill, and he said they'd see what other talents she had. Uri left, and Cassandra took the pill out of her mouth.

In the corridor, Uri told Vlad that they had to take advantage of the clean, exotic Cassandra before she got used up. Uri ordered Vlad to call Martin about the new talent, but Vlad didn't think Cassandra was ready. Smacking Vlad on the head, Uri demanded, "Don't think! Do!"

Uri and Vald went back into the room to retrieve Cassandra. Uri grabbed her by her face and said she'd been a good girl up to that point. He warned her not to let him down anytime soon.

Later, Uri took Cassandra, who was clad in a leather-tasseled bikini, into a boudoir and tossed her onto the bed. He called in Marvin. Wearing only a pair of briefs, Marvin entered with a bag of sex toys. He spilled the bag onto the bed, and Cassandra tried to make a dash for the door. Marvin caught her and held her down, and Uri injected her with a syringe.

At Jane's Addiction, Zach was telling Jesse about the strip club. Sinnamon approached, sporting a ponytail and dark suit. "Now there's a surprise," Zach remarked. She announced that she was Special Agent Lea Marquez, and flashing an FBI badge, she told Zach that he was under arrest.

Zach found Lea amusing and said he knew there had been something special about her when he'd met her. Lea insisted upon arresting him, and he asked her if he'd be booked for enjoying the view. She asked if she had to make a scene, and Zach introduced her to Jesse, the chief of police. Jesse wanted to know what was going on, but Lea replied that it was a federal matter.

Jesse volunteered to take responsibility for Zach's actions because Zach was assisting on a case. Lea insisted that Zach was a person of interest in her case. Jesse invited her to sit down and work things out. Zach quipped that he'd seen strippers pretend to be cops but never cops pretending to be strippers. Upon hearing that, Lea whipped Zach around, placed cuffs on him, and began to read him his rights.

Jesse ordered Lea to remove the cuffs, sit down, and shut up. Lea said she was there to arrest Zach, but Jesse replied that in his jurisdiction, she had to give him the courtesy he deserved. Jesse invited Lea to sit down, and she revealed that she was following a money laundering trail run out of some businesses. One of the trails from Zach's casinos led to some offshore, dummy accounts. She claimed that one of the accounts belonged to Zach, and Zach murmured that the Koslovs were pulling out all the stops.

Lea asked what Jesse and Zach knew about the Koslovs, and Jesse said her investigation was about to take an awful turn. Jesse asked what branch she was with, and she said, "Philly." Jesse suggested that she check with DC because she had just begun investigating sex trafficking, as well.

Lea left to call her superiors, and Jesse left to follow a lead. Lea returned to Zach's table to announce her boss had given her the sex trafficking case. Zach asked, "When are Scooby and the gang coming down?" Lea snapped that her dancing on a pole in a g-string didn't mean she wasn't good at her real job, and he quipped that she'd looked good on the pole in her g-string.

Lea wasn't in the mood for games. She needed to question Zach, and she warned him that she'd arrest him for being uncooperative. Zach told her to hurry up with her questions because there was a missing girl that needed to be found.

In an FBI office later, Lea questioned Zach about the offshore accounts. Zach said that he'd spent the entire afternoon trying to explain to her that the Koslovs had set him up. Zach was bored, tired, and ready to go home. Lea contemplated arresting him, but he told her that he knew she wouldn't because of the two unshakable facts he'd learned about her.

Zach had learned that Lea as smart enough to know that he wouldn't have handed over his books if he were guilty. He assumed Lea was also smart enough to know that wasting time with him could cost a girl her life, and Lea wouldn't want that hanging over her head. As he opened the door, Lea asked him to say the other fact he'd learned about her. "You have a great ass," he said and strode out.

In Amy's hospital room, Angie tried again to get Amy to relay some information that could help Cassandra. Amy revealed that she'd been kept in dark, smelly rooms, and she and the others would only be let out at night to work at a club or motel. The captors transported the women in windowless trucks. Amy said that, sometimes, they wouldn't leave for weeks at a time, but "they'd bring the men there."

Amy didn't want to talk anymore, but before Angie left, Amy said she was sorry about Cassandra, and no one should have to suffer what Cassandra was going through.

Later, Jesse arrived to question Amy about the location she'd been held in. Amy remembered that, though she hadn't been able to see out of the windows, she'd heard a train go by twice a day. Hours had ticked by between the train sounds, and the trains had seemed to take a long time to pass. Amy remembered wishing that she'd been on one of the trains.

Jesse thanked Amy, and in the corridor with Angie, he said that it sounded as if a freight train was going through the area where Amy had been held. He decided to find some maps of train routes in the area, and he promised that they were one step closer to getting Cassandra home.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

At Jane's Addiction, Pete and Frank reviewed financial information, and Pete grumbled that it would be stupid to try to revive Cortlandt Electronics. Frank mentioned that the company's only worthwhile assets were intangible, so it would take a bundle of money to relaunch. Pete griped that venture capital would be tough to find, and he wondered who would possibly fund the company. David eavesdropped with interest.

Pete condemned Caleb for ruining the company, and he said that he would let Frank know if he found an angel to fund it. After Frank left, David approached Pete, and Pete moved to leave, but David suggested that Pete hear him out. David said that he'd read about Pete's success story, and Pete replied that he knew all about David, too. David wanted to focus on the future, and he thought that they could help one another. David mentioned that he'd overheard that Pete was looking for an investor, and he declared that it was Pete's lucky day.

David quipped that Pete needed an angel investor, and David was ready to spread his wings. Pete likened it to making a deal with the devil, but David insisted that they could help each other. David explained that he was hoping to rebuild a life there, and he wasn't likely to get a hospital job with his prison record. Pete asked why he wanted to stay in Pine Valley, and David said that his daughters had been buried there.

David declared that Cortlandt Electronics could be his fresh start. Pete said that he only worked with people he trusted, but David doubted it. David said that Palmer had understood the concept of quid pro quo, and David could help make the company take off. Pete agreed to think about it, and the men shook hands.

Evelyn was surprised by Celia's unenthusiastic reaction to going to Europe, but Celia said that it wasn't a good time. Celia revealed that she'd met someone amazing, and she thought that she was falling in love. Celia apologized for not telling Evelyn sooner, but she hadn't wanted Evelyn to look at her like she was "some overdramatic teenager on the CW." Celia thought it would be even worse if Evelyn lectured that her guardian wouldn't approve.

Evelyn insisted that she wanted Celia to be happy, and Celia gushed about how wonderful Pete was. Evelyn confronted Celia about sneaking out to see him, and Celia admitted that it had been wrong, but she pleaded with Evelyn to understand how much Pete meant to her. Celia asked if she could stay in Pine Valley, but Evelyn shook her head. Celia suggested that they delay their trip to Europe, but Evelyn maintained that they'd leave that night.

Celia complained that she couldn't continue to take orders from a guardian who wouldn't even show his face. Evelyn said that it was for the best, but Celia spat that she hated her guardian. Evelyn calmly suggested that Celia pack, and she walked out. Celia threw a vase across the room in frustration. Celia called Pete and said that she didn't know what to do. He promised that he'd take care of everything, and he asked her to trust that she wouldn't go anywhere, except with him.

Evelyn was pleased to discover that Celia had packed. Evelyn asked if Celia had her passport, and Celia tossed it on the bed. Evelyn reported that the chauffeur had arrived to pick up their things, and a disguised Pete entered and knowingly nodded to a stunned Celia. Evelyn told Celia that it was time to go, and Pete and Celia smiled at one another. As Pete collected the women's bags, he fished Evelyn's passport out of her purse and dropped it on the floor.

Pete carried the luggage to the curb, and he asked Evelyn and Celia if they had everything, including their passports. Celia displayed hers, but Evelyn couldn't find her passport, and Pete winked at Celia. Evelyn went inside to retrieve it, and as soon as the door closed behind her, Pete picked up Celia's bag and took her hand. He said that they were getting out of there, and they ran to his car. They peeled away, and Evelyn returned just in time to see them driving off.

Outside the coffeehouse, Bianca assured Miranda that Hunter's cruel trick had had nothing to do with who Miranda was, and Miranda insisted that she was dealing with it. Bianca said that she was proud of Miranda, but Miranda accused her of being scared that Miranda wouldn't continue the strong, fearless tradition of the Kane women. Bianca denied it, and she simply wanted Miranda to be happy and to know that Bianca was there for her. Bianca understood that it wasn't easy to get through things alone, and she was glad that Miranda had AJ. Miranda revealed that JR had woken up from his coma, but he didn't remember everything.

Bianca ranted that JR had never taken responsibility for the pain he'd inflicted, but Miranda said that it sounded like JR was truly sorry. Bianca pointed out that JR had wanted Marissa dead, and he always got what he wanted. Bianca was livid that JR had another chance, and she ordered Miranda not to go anywhere near him. Miranda contended that AJ was her best friend, and she refused to abandon him.

Bianca thought that JR had done too much damage to their family, but Miranda pointed out that the situation impacted AJ, too, and she swore that she'd have AJ's back. Bianca asserted that JR had killed the woman she'd loved, and Miranda declared that she'd also loved Marissa, but she wouldn't bail on AJ. Bianca suggested that they forget the topic and have a nice afternoon together, but Miranda said that she had to go.

David ran into Bianca, and he said that he should have known that she had been the other person who'd left flowers on Marissa's grave. Bianca began to leave, but David remarked that they'd both lost someone they'd loved, and he asked if they could talk about Marissa for a while. David said that Marissa had loved beautiful days like the one that day, and he wished that she were alive to enjoy it. David snarled that the bullet should have killed JR, and an incredulous Bianca asked if he expected her to thank him for pulling the trigger.

David contended that Bianca knew how much he'd loved Marissa, but Bianca recalled that he had manipulated Marissa, too. David admitted that he'd made a lot of mistakes, but Marissa had given him another chance. Bianca countered that he had broken Marissa's heart all over again, but she conceded that David had loved Marissa. David said that he'd seen how much in love Bianca and Marissa had been, and only one man was to blame for taking away their future.

At the Chandler mansion, Dixie asked Brooke if it was okay that JR stayed there, and Brooke replied that it would be the best place for him. Dixie worried that the room might be a trigger, but Brooke believed that familiar surroundings could be good for JR. Dixie hoped that it would also be good for AJ, and she anticipated that they had a tough road ahead of them. Brooke dreaded having to tell JR that Adam had put her in charge of Chandler Enterprises.

At the hospital, Brooke apologized that Adam couldn't be there to escort JR home. JR couldn't wait to get back to a normal life, including work. He noticed Brooke and Dixie exchange a glance, and Dixie claimed that it was nothing important, but JR didn't believe her. Dixie revealed that Chandler Enterprises had gone bankrupt, and Brooke added that Adam had been gone a lot as he rebuilt the company.

JR couldn't believe that he had damaged his family's legacy, and he vowed to help Adam make the company better than ever. JR realized that there was more he didn't know. Brooke disclosed that since Adam had been traveling extensively, he had put her in charge of Chandler Enterprises. JR surmised that Brooke would get JR up to speed, but Brooke said that Adam had explicitly stated that he wanted Brooke to remain head of the company.

Later, JR confided to Cara that he had to make amends with half of Pine Valley. Cara stated that she didn't know JR well, but she thought that he deserved a second chance. JR regretted that Marissa hadn't gotten one, and he understood why David had wanted to wipe him off the face of the earth. A bitter Cara called Marissa's death an accident, whereas David had wanted JR dead. JR asked why there was tension between Cara and David.

JR signed his release papers, and Cara wished him luck. He hoped that he hadn't spoken out of turn regarding David, and she admitted that JR hadn't been wrong about the tension, but she planned to return to Doctors Without Borders, so David would soon be a distant memory. JR revealed that he had been able to hear when he'd been in the coma, and he knew that she hadn't had a miscarriage or an abortion. JR declared that Cara didn't want David to know that their baby was alive.

Jesse scoured some local maps, and he informed Angie that he hadn't found anything yet. She offered to help, and he remarked that there couldn't be too many freight trains running through the area. Jesse discovered a train that had two daily stops, but Angie was preoccupied with what Cassandra's kidnappers were doing to her. Angie began to cry, and Jesse took her in his arms.

Jesse pored over the maps, and he found a train that stopped twice per day in Rosemont and Center City. Angie surmised that Cassandra was being held somewhere close to the tracks, and Jesse said that they were one step closer to getting Cassandra home. Angie and Jesse hugged.

Uri became angry when Cassandra started to cry, and he ordered the cameraman to stop taping. Cassandra begged to go back to the strip club, but Uri ordered her to do as she was told. He urged her to imagine that her costar was her boyfriend, because if she didn't, she'd end up alone in a room with Vlad, and no one would be able to hear her scream.

Later, Uri whipped a sheet off a bruised, traumatized Cassandra and said that it was time to move. He coldly told her not to turn into a diva, because she hadn't been that good. He suggested that she embrace her new life, and he warned that the next time, they'd make a snuff film if she didn't try harder.

Vlad threw Cassandra back into the room with some other girls, and he informed her that she would be working the pole that night. One of the women warned Cassandra that stripping and porn were just the beginning. Another girl wiped Cassandra's forehead with a cloth and assured her that she'd be okay.

Uri told Vlad that he wanted to step up business in Center City, and Vlad informed him that another pimp controlled the territory. Uri didn't care, because if the pimp had a problem with it, Uri would simply get rid of him.

In a diner, a madam told a man to get his "lazy ass off that seat and go to work." Another woman introduced herself as a nun from a local church, and she said that they had been about to have a prayer meeting. The man handed the "sister" a $100 bill, and she tucked it into her bra. He asked her to bless his lottery ticket, and she made an elaborate display of doing so.

The madam told the man that "the girls" needed that money, because the johns hadn't shown up. The man argued that he needed to keep his reputation as a friend of the needy, or people would talk about him. The madam warned him that if he kept throwing money around, he would end up dying alone in an empty stable. The man told her to watch her mouth, and he drawled, "I'm Billy Clyde Tuggle, and I rule this borough."

Friday, May 17, 2013

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