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Alex arrested Chloe. Lauren confessed her affair to Michael. Adam ended his relationship with Sharon in exchange for Victor's approval. Nick considered repeating Summer's DNA test, because he had concealed that the original one had been inconclusive.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 13, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, May 13, 2013

At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis warned Jack that his heavy-handed attempt to defuse Traci's vehement disapproval of their romance wouldn't prevent an ugly backlash later. Jack explained that Traci didn't yet know that he and Phyllis had both changed. Phyllis admitted to Jack that she couldn't promise she wouldn't hurt him. Jack told Phyllis that love offered no guarantees. He added that when two people loved each other, they could find a way be together.

Jack kissed Phyllis. Kyle returned home unexpectedly. Noting his interruption, Kyle explained that he'd stopped home briefly to grab his phone charger. Jack and Phyllis laughed about the difficulty of arranging time to be alone together.

At Crimson Lights, Summer joined Fen at a table on the patio. Summer told Fen that he'd made the wrong assumption about Kyle. Summer insisted that Kyle would never use her and then dump her. Fen refused to discuss Kyle. Stuttering nervously, Fen asked Summer to be his date at the prom.

Summer claimed that she and Kyle were a couple. Fen reminded Summer that Kyle was too old to attend prom. Summer offered to set Fen up with a date and said she couldn't wait to see him in his tuxedo. Fen hung his head. Summer said she had to leave. Fen seemed disheartened.

At Avery's condo, Nick kissed Avery passionately after they reunited. Avery cried, "I can't believe it. You're back!" Nick lifted Avery in his arms and carried her to the bedroom. As they made love, Avery gazed into Nick's eyes and begged him to promise that they'd never separate again. Nick promised they'd never be apart again. Nick told Avery he had a question to ask her, and he gently kissed her cheeks. The doorbell rang.

Avery put on a robe and went to answer the door. Nick stayed in the bed. He reached into the pocket of his trousers, which were lying across the foot of the bed, and pulled out Avery's engagement ring. Avery opened her front door, and Summer rushed in. Summer exclaimed, "Thank God that you're home!"

Summer said she needed to discuss her feelings about a guy. Avery tugged at the belt holding her robe closed and glanced at her bedroom door. She told Summer that it was late. Summer ignored Avery's suggestion that it was too late for a visit.

Summer sat on the sofa, and Avery reluctantly sat down beside her. Summer said, "I like this guy, and he likes me too. We would be so perfect together, but he's just being really stubborn." Avery told Summer that she should discuss the matter with her parents. Summer replied, "I can't talk to them about Kyle because when I mention his name, they freak out on me." Summer told Avery not to mention that Kyle Abbott was too old for her. Avery replied, "Well your dad thinks that he is." Nick overheard the discussion and sat upright in bed.

Avery noted that Kyle was more experienced. Summer said she knew that Kyle had been with other girls. Summer noted that she'd prefer an experienced partner when she made love for the first time. Nick threw back the covers and jumped out of bed. Avery was relieved when Summer admitted that she hadn't yet made love with Kyle. Avery lowered the tone of her voice and insisted that it wasn't a good time to continue their discussion.

Nick suddenly appeared, and Summer was surprised to see her dad. Nick calmly greeted his daughter and suggested that it was a bit late for a school night. Nick didn't let on that he'd overheard Summer. He explained that he had to leave at once. Avery said, "Are you sure you have to go?" Nick insisted that he had to take care of business that couldn't wait. Nick kissed Avery and told Summer that he loved her before he quickly headed out the door. Summer appeared to be concerned when she realized that her father had been in the next room all along.

After Nick left, Avery and Summer talked while mixing a batch of cupcakes. Avery asked Summer about the day she claimed to have accidentally spilled coffee on her blouse. Avery told Summer that she'd have to act like an adult if she wanted to be treated like one. Avery added that when the right guy came along, he'd discern right away that Summer was beautiful, smart, and caring. Summer asked Avery how she knew that Nick was the right one for her. Avery noted that Nick made her laugh and that she admired him because he was always willing to fight for what he believed was right.

Nick raced across town to the Abbott mansion. Just as Kyle was headed out the door, Nick pushed him back inside and yelled, "I told you to stay away from my daughter." As Nick rushed past Kyle, Phyllis asked if something had happened to Summer. Kyle stood beside Jack, who defended his son when Nick asked if Kyle planned "to take Summer's virginity." Kyle insisted that Nick was way off-base because he and Summer were just friends. Phyllis asked Nick what Summer had said. Nick explained that he'd overheard Summer when she told someone that she wanted her "first time" to be with an experienced guy named Kyle.

Kyle told Nick that he should take control of his daughter before she did hook up with an older guy. Nick charged toward Kyle, but Phyllis defused the situation. Phyllis reminded Nick that just because Summer discussed guys and sex didn't mean she was involved with anyone. Nick said that the idea of Summer growing up drove him crazy. Nick apologized to Kyle and said he didn't want Summer to make the same mistakes he had. Phyllis told Nick that Summer would make mistakes, but her parents could stand by her side and help her survive them.

After Kyle and Nick left, Phyllis told Jack that Nick was being an overprotective father. Jack offered to talk to Nick, but Phyllis nixed the idea because it would be like pouring gas on a fire. Phyllis began kissing Jack, but Summer arrived and interrupted them. Phyllis told Summer about Nick's encounter with Kyle. Summer sighed and said, "He must have heard me talking to Aunt Avery."

Phyllis wasn't pleased to hear that her daughter had turned to Avery to discuss having sex for the first time. Phyllis cried, "It's not going to happen with Kyle! Your dad is never going to let it happen." Summer, hurt and angry, replied, "Dad is overreacting with this whole Kyle thing, and he has been for months. I don't know what his problem is."

Nick went home to the tack house and removed a strongbox stored in a cabinet. He sat in a chair and placed the box on the coffee table. Nick seemed troubled as he stared at the box. Avery tried to reach Nick on his cell phone, but he didn't answer. Avery left a message explaining that she'd talked to Summer and didn't think that the young girl would do anything stupid. Nick slowly opened the box and dug through passports and other documents until he found an envelope with his name printed on it. Newman Enterprises' address was printed below Nick's name. He held the envelope, but he didn't remove the letter it contained.

In Paul's office at the Genoa City Police Station, Alex displayed detailed police reports on a laptop computer. He recounted to Paul the details of six similar break-ins that had taken place within a six-week period. Alex added that the break-in at Neil's was different because valuables had been left behind. Paul asked if the perpetrator had specifically targeted Neil. Alex theorized that someone had to have been searching for a specific item. When the perpetrator failed to find the searched-for item, a burglary had been staged as a cover-up.

Paul mentioned the flash drive that Neil said was missing. Alex insisted that the flash drive containing Neil's journal entries wasn't valuable. Alex added that police should focus their investigation on the other burglaries because the perpetrator was a "pro looking to make some easy cash." Alex explained that some of the stolen items were original pieces. Paul said he knew a few pawnshop owners who preferred finer items. Alex offered to visit the pawnshops after checking out another lead.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Kevin poured pricey champagne into glasses for himself and Chloe. Bragging that they had the extra cash to dine on lobster, Kevin told Chloe that was she was no fun when she announced that she'd rather pay off their debts. When Kevin produced a thick wad of cash from his pocket to pay their tab, Chloe grabbed it. She asked Kevin if he'd really managed to save the exorbitant amount of cash by not, as he'd claimed, purchasing Sumatran coffee beans. Kevin immediately discounted Chloe's suggestion that his sudden windfall was the result of criminal activity, and he assured her that he would prove it by showing her his excess inventory of coffee beans.

Chloe's eyes widened when Kevin suddenly sat stiffly upright in his chair and smiled cunningly. She told Kevin that she could tell by his cockiness that he was lying. Kevin reminded Chloe that she'd shared his sense of euphoria when they'd stolen items from Katherine. Chloe noted that technically she hadn't stolen the items that had been donated to charity. Kevin replied, "You still loved the thrill and the rush. What about the insanely hot, post-heist sex we had?"

Chloe accused Kevin of "stealing to get high." Chloe reminded Kevin that she was making a comfortable living, working at Jabot. She added that they were no longer struggling to pay bills. Kevin swore that he wasn't stealing. Chloe told Kevin that she could tell by the look on his face that he was lying. Kevin asked, "What look?" Before she headed toward the exit, Chloe warned Kevin that she'd figure out what he'd been up to. Kevin called out to Chloe, but she ignored him.

Chloe went to Crimson Lights and removed a strongbox from the safe. She found Kevin's hiding spot for the key and opened the lock. Chloe picked up assorted pieces of jewelry and inspected them. Alex approached and asked Chloe where she'd obtained the gold brooch she held in her hand. Chloe claimed that the box contained lost-and-found items. Alex showed Chloe a photo displayed on his phone of a stolen brooch that was identical to the one Chloe was holding. Alex arrested Chloe for possession of stolen property. Just before Alex escorted Chloe out, Kevin arrived and quickly dialed Michael's number.

At the Baldwins' condo, Lauren, sobbing, admitted that she'd had an affair with Carmine. Lauren told Michael that her terrible mistake didn't have to end their marriage. She cried, "Please tell me that we can fix this. Tell me that you want that." Michael replied, "I can't." He added that Lauren had no right to demand that he answer her immediately.

Lauren claimed that she wasn't the only one to blame for their marital problems because Michael had deeply hurt her when he turned his back on her and Fen. Lauren cried that she'd told Michael the truth because she wanted to get her marriage back on track. Michael asked Lauren if she and Carmine had been involved in an ongoing affair. Angrily, Michael leaned forward and said, "Are you still seeing the bartender?"

Carmine stepped off the elevator in the Michael and Lauren's condo building and approached the front door. Carmine was about to knock on the door when he overheard Michael shouting at Lauren. Michael yelled, "Are you and Carmine still involved?" Lauren said it was over and that it wasn't difficult to let go of something that didn't mean anything to her.

Fen approached Carmine in the hallway and asked him what he was doing. Carmine claimed that he'd stopped by to discuss dating advice with Fen. Carmine recalled that he'd suggested waiting to approach a girl involved in a bad relationship. Carmine added, "Sometimes, you've got to fight for what you want." Fen asked Carmine if he wanted to continue his visit inside the condo. Carmine replied, "Yeah. Why not?"

As Fen started to unlock the door, Michael could be overheard shouting at Lauren. Fen withdrew his key and invited Carmine to join him at Crimson Lights. After Carmine reluctantly followed Fen to the elevator, Michael told Lauren that she'd have to share all of the details about her affair, so he could get past it. Michael tearfully added, "You tell me every detail about your affair with Carmine." Lauren said that she'd begun the affair when she moved to a suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Michael irately cried, "That was months ago."

Michael became livid when Lauren admitted that she'd continued the affair even after she moved back home. After Fen was arrested and jailed, Lauren recalled, she and Michael hadn't been able to stand in the same room together without arguing, so she'd turned to Carmine because he was a very good listener. Michael claimed that Lauren had ended her affair because she'd been caught. Lauren sobbed and asked Michael what she could to say to him to make amends for her mistake. Michael explained that a mistake was something that happened only once in the heat of the moment. Before Michael left, he told Lauren that he wasn't sure he could forgive her. Lauren collapsed on the sofa and sobbed.

Carmine and Fen talked at a table on the patio at Crimson Lights. Carmine told Fen that the more a woman claimed she didn't want a guy around, the more she actually did want to be with him. Fen smiled and said, "Cool. I'll bear that in mind." Fen said he had to leave, and he accidentally left his cell phone behind. Later, Lauren showed up and was shocked when Carmine greeted her. She pulled away from Carmine and said that her son had sent her a text message. Carmine showed Fen's phone to Lauren and admitted that he'd sent the text.

Lauren grabbed Fen's phone and berated Carmine for involving her son. Lauren asked Carmine if he'd told Michael about the affair. Carmine shook his head. Michael had become suspicious, Carmine explained, when he spotted a matchbook from the Geneva Pines that he'd used to light candles at On the Boulevard.

Carmine claimed that it was best for the truth to be known. He recalled that Lauren had been trapped in an unhappy marriage. Lauren said she felt terrible for hurting Michael and would do anything to get her marriage and her family back together. Lauren told Carmine not to call her or show up at her house because she never wanted anything to do with him ever again.

At the police station, Kevin panicked when Alex said he would have to "book" Chloe. Kevin begged Paul to help. Paul noted that Chloe had been caught with stolen goods. Chloe swore that she hadn't stolen the jewelry. Chloe waited for Kevin to confess, but he recalled flashbacks of terrifying memories when he had been imprisoned. Kevin recalled visions of being beaten and abused in his prison cell.

Alex demanded to know why the stolen jewelry had been found in Kevin's coffeehouse. Kevin replied, "They were just there." Chloe was shocked. Kevin whispered to Chloe and told her not to say anything. She jerked away from him and said she couldn't say anything because she didn't know anything about the jewelry.

Michael arrived, and Kevin begged him to get Chloe released. Michael explained that night court had already closed, so Chloe would have to spend the night in lockup. Kevin nearly hyperventilated. Michael said he couldn't help unless Kevin admitted who had stolen the jewelry. Kevin remained silent and seemed unable to handle the stress.

Michael sent Kevin home. Paul approached Michael and asked about Lauren. Michael said that Lauren had admitted she was having an affair with Carmine. Michael added that Lauren claimed the affair had ended, but he wasn't sure he believed her.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lily stormed into Tyler's hotel room, but he said that it wasn't a good time. She sarcastically expressed sympathy if he'd had a rough night, and she was surprised that he was alone. She griped that he'd blown off her calls and the fitting, and she demanded to know what was going on with him. Tyler refused to argue with Lily, but she wouldn't let him jeopardize the launch so that he could get wasted and sleep with models. He denied that he had been partying, and he said that he was calling in sick.

Lily didn't buy it, and she asked Tyler what had happened, but he said that it didn't matter. She assumed that he'd had a fight with Gus, and she assured him that the men could work it out. Tyler replied that it was too late, but she reminded him of everything that she and Neil had worked through. Tyler blurted that her dad wasn't dead. Lily said that she was sorry, and she hugged him.

Leslie appeared in the doorway, and Lily offered her condolences and asked if there was anything she could do. Leslie said that she'd taken care of everything, and she'd arranged for the prison chaplain to conduct the funeral. Leslie asked if Tyler was ready to head to Milwaukee, but Tyler declared that he wasn't going, because he had to handle it his own way. Leslie informed him that she was going to have breakfast before she left, and if he changed his mind, he could meet her downstairs.

Leslie left, and Tyler told Lily that he hadn't been to a graveyard since his mother had died. Lily insisted that Tyler belonged by Leslie's side, but Tyler replied that he didn't know where he belonged. Lily recalled that she hadn't thought that she and Neil could make it through Dru's prayer vigil, but they had, and so would Tyler. Lily urged him to talk to his parents about his pain, because he'd keep hurting until he let it out. She added that it was time to live his life and to say goodbye.

Leslie ran into Neil in the Athletic Club foyer, and he said that he was there to see Tyler. Neil wanted to attend the funeral with Leslie, but he recognized that things hadn't been great between them since the blog about her had surfaced. She hugged him, and he said that he was sorry. Leslie hoped that Tyler would change his mind, since very few mourners would be at Gus's service.

Leslie mentioned that she hadn't been able to find Rose, and Neil was surprised that Leslie had looked. Leslie knew that she was asking for trouble, but Neil understood her desire to figure out why Rose had been important to Gus. Lily approached their table and asked if there was room for one more in the car, because Tyler had agreed to attend the funeral. Leslie thanked Lily for supporting Tyler.

Neil said that they had to hurry to make it to the funeral on time, and Leslie knocked on Tyler's door. She called out that she was glad Tyler had agreed to join them, and she was sure that Gus would have been, too. There was no response, and she figured that Tyler couldn't handle it, after all.

At Belinda's gravesite, Tyler apologized to his mother for never visiting. He recalled the day she'd been buried and the sound of the dirt hitting the casket. He said that he'd lain in bed, listening for her voice to tell him that she was okay, and he still listened for it sometimes. He pondered what she would have thought about Gus being close by. Tyler regretted that he'd believed the lies about Gus, and he didn't recognize himself anymore. He murmured that he missed Belinda, and he knelt down next to her grave and cried.

Tyler put the childhood photo of him and Leslie on Belinda's grave. Leslie and Neil arrived, and Leslie jokingly guessed that Tyler had left on his own to avoid her driving. Tyler called her an old lady behind the wheel, and they hugged. Neil went to get the chaplain, and Leslie pointed out where Gus's grave would be. She remarked that it was the first time in twelve years that their family had all been in the same place, and Tyler hoped that Gus and Belinda found peace. Leslie hoped that she and Tyler did, too.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea approached Dylan and called him Genoa City's own Frank Gehry. She said that she hadn't expected to see him so soon, and they agreed that they'd had a nice time the night before. He awkwardly questioned whether the end to the evening had been okay. She replied that it had been far more than okay, and he remarked that it had been the best goodnight kiss he'd had in a long time. Chelsea asked what he was drawing, and he said that it was something for the baby.

Dylan presented Chelsea with his drawing of a rectangle, and she jokingly praised that it was the best she'd ever seen. He described where the walls and windows would be, and she realized that he was planning a nursery. She was amazed by the thought he'd put into it, and she pointed out a perfect place for a closet. Dylan watched her as she excitedly added to his plans, and she noticed him staring at her. She worried that she'd overstepped, and she promised that she wouldn't dictate what furniture he needed to buy. He revealed his intent to make all of it, because he wanted his kid to be comfortable.

Dylan continued to draw, and he asked Chelsea what she thought of his addition of a toy chest. He said that a kid could never have too many toys, and she queried what his favorite one had been. He referred to Dusty McBearson, a stuffed bear that his dad had bought for him at a Cubs game. Chelsea wanted to hear about his and his father's adventures together, but Dylan had to get to work. He asked her if they could get together the next night.

Kevin and Michael visited Chloe at the police station, and she ranted that she'd spent the night in a holding cell with drunks and prostitutes. Michael asked her to explain the stolen items, and Chloe maintained that she'd found them. She knowingly stated that perhaps the real thief would grow a conscience and confess. Michael left to make arrangements for her bail hearing. Chloe excoriated Kevin for allowing her to take the rap for him, and she implored him to think about what it could do to Delia. Chloe called Kevin a selfish coward.

Chloe berated Kevin for abandoning her, and she asked if he had been out stealing again while she had been locked up. He said that he had been up all night, hating himself for letting her take the fall. Kevin admitted that he had failed, and he explained that when Alex had arrested her, he had flashed back to being a five-year-old kid who had been locked in a closet. Chloe told him to face his fear and move on, and he said that he'd tried, but something always happened that landed him back where he'd started.

Chloe asked what Kevin had told Delia, and he said that he'd lied that Chloe was out of town on business. Chloe blasted him for hiding the evidence at Crimson Lights, knowing that the cops were watching them. She questioned how many friends he was willing to rip off, since he'd already stolen from Katherine and Neil. Kevin swore that he hadn't robbed Neil's apartment, and he suggested that he hire a witness to pin the robbery on someone else. A livid Chloe wondered when Kevin would stop going even lower than he already had, and she stormed out.

Michael ignored a call, and Paul assumed it had been from Lauren. Michael remarked that it had been her fifth attempt to reach him, and Paul asked whether Michael intended to keep avoiding her. Michael replied that he had nothing to say, and he couldn't very well tell Fen that Lauren had turned to a bartender with "a hard body and a brain of a pitted olive." Paul argued that Lauren regretted the affair, and Michael inquired how long Paul had known that Lauren had been cheating.

Paul insisted that he'd only had suspicions and that Michael only would have been worked up if Paul had voiced them. Michael conceded that it wouldn't have ended well if he'd confronted Carmine. Paul asked if he and Michael were okay, and Michael said that they were in a better place than Michael and Lauren were. Paul said that Michael could take the easy way out by filing for divorce, but Michael's marriage could emerge stronger if Michael faced his problems head-on and braved the ugliness.

Paul left to make some calls, and Kevin told Michael that he wanted to confess. Kevin contended that a confession was the only way to fix the situation, and he admitted that he had robbed people. He hoped that he could still make things right and save his family. Michael applauded his brother's honesty, but as Kevin's attorney, he cautioned that Kevin could serve serious jail time, and he urged Kevin to consider his next move carefully.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe explained the situation to Chelsea, and Chloe wanted to strangle Kevin for sticking her with a criminal record. Chloe whined that she knew that Kevin loved her and Delia, but Kevin's first priority would always be himself. Chloe lamented that she'd been burned by many guys, and she couldn't believe that she'd thought Kevin was different. Lily informed Chelsea and Chloe that Tyler wouldn't be at their meeting, and Chloe flew off the handle.

Lily told Chloe to trust that Tyler had a good reason, but Chloe ranted that she was done trusting men. Lily asked why Chloe was so hostile, and Chloe barked that she wouldn't bow down to Tyler the way Lily did. Lily retorted that Chloe had no idea what was going on, and Chloe snapped that she had her own problems. Chelsea yelled that she'd had enough, and she ordered them not to ruin her good day.

Chelsea explained to Lily that Chloe was going through a difficult time. Chelsea added that she and Chloe appreciated everything that Jabot was doing for their company, and Lily suggested that Chelsea put a muzzle on Chloe. Chloe received a call, and she threw the phone down. A handcuffed Kevin left a message that he wouldn't be home for dinner, because he was doing what he should have done already. He apologized and said that he loved her. Paul led Kevin to his cell.

Victoria asked why Billy wasn't dressed, because she'd hoped that he would take the day shift. She purred that they needed to be home in bed with their clothes off that evening, because she was ovulating. He was surprised that she still wanted to get pregnant, considering the power struggle at Newman Enterprises. Victoria declared that she could keep one eye on Adam and the other on making another baby or two. Billy questioned whether she wanted more than one, and she pointed out that the use of fertility drugs often resulted in multiple births. Billy seemed less than thrilled.

Victoria noted that Billy looked green, and she asked if he'd changed his mind. He claimed that the need to make a baby on demand was throwing him, and he inquired what had happened to romance. She promised that she'd curl his toes that night, and she asked if he'd be home early. He said that he would be there in time for happy hour, and he went upstairs. She answered a call from her investigator, and she asked if he'd found anything on Adam.

At the Athletic Club, Adam crowed to Victor that they had the chance to buy Newman Enterprises back, but Victor wondered where Adam had acquired the windfall of cash to do so. Adam told him not to question the fact that Adam was able to deliver something that Victor's other children couldn't. Victoria arrived, and she assumed that Adam was badmouthing her, but she excused herself for a meeting. Victor asked Adam to account for every dime of the funding, and Adam resented the implication that he would put the company at risk. Adam asserted that preserving the family legacy was just as important to him as it was to Victor.

Victoria told Nate, her private investigator, that he'd given her exactly what she needed to make her case, and she slyly glanced at Adam. Meanwhile, Victor wanted to take Adam at his word, but he said that Adam had to prove himself to be trustworthy. Adam said that he had to get to another meeting, and he left. Victor asked for a word with Victoria, and he asked why she hadn't introduced the man she'd met with. She replied that her contact had been in a rush, but she added that the man was helping with arrangements for her family's future.

In the foyer, Nate and Adam had a thinly veiled discussion about fishing. Adam asked if the fish were biting, and Nate reported that they were swallowing the bait whole. Later, Victor called the head of finance and inquired how Adam had obtained a large sum of money.

Victoria dropped by Adam's penthouse, and she accused Adam of underreporting profits and diverting them into offshore accounts. She handed him a file of documents that tied the transfers back to him, and she revealed that she'd hired an investigator to dig up the trail, which had led straight to Adam. He assumed that she would go to Victor with her findings, and he suggested that they make a deal. He offered to step down and let Victor and Victoria run the company together. She threw the paperwork at him and spat, "How stupid do you think I am?"

Victoria said that she'd figured out that her PI had been working for Adam and had given her phony documents. She asserted that Adam would have loved it if she'd gone to Victor, and Adam conceded that it would have been awesome. Victoria hissed that she knew Adam was hiding something, and she vowed to find out what it was. Adam warned her that she might not like what she found.

Kenny, an old gambling buddy, approached Billy at On the Boulevard, and he mentioned the time he had cleaned Billy out in a 30-hour poker session. Kenny said that he'd learned from Barry that Billy had won the restaurant. Kenny invited Billy to a game in his hotel suite, but Billy replied that the game with Barry had been a one-time thing. Kenny suggested that Billy test his luck by attempting to win back what Billy had lost the last time they'd played, but Billy said that he had plans. Kenny wrote down his suite number and the buy-in, just in case Billy changed his mind.

Dylan arrived for work in an excellent mood, and he asked Billy if he could pick up extra shifts to make extra money for the baby he had on the way. Dylan gushed that he hadn't planned on having a child, but he loved kids and hadn't thought he would ever be a dad. Dylan looked forward to diapers, sleep deprivation, and even colic. Billy offered Dylan an immediate extra shift, because Billy intended to take the rest of the day off. Dylan looked at a photo of him and his dad wearing Cubs hats, and he smiled as he updated his sketch of the cradle.

Billy arrived at Kenny's hotel suite, and Kenny invited him in. Billy said that he'd only stay a couple of hours to recoup his losses, and then he'd leave. Kenny informed him that the game would start in a few minutes, and Billy swore that he'd only be there for two hours at the most.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lily and Cane had a romantic dinner at On the Boulevard, and he promised that he'd continue to make their marriage a priority. Leslie, Neil, and Tyler returned from Gus's funeral, and Cane offered his condolences. Lily asked how things had gone, and Cane left to take a call. Tyler admitted that he was glad he'd made the trip, and he thanked Lily. Someone snapped photos of Leslie, Tyler, and Neil.

Neil toasted to Gus, and he said that while Gus's death had been sudden, they should be grateful that Gus's name had been cleared and that Gus had been reunited with his kids. Neil continued that he had seen in Gus's eyes how much he'd loved Leslie and Tyler. Leslie said that it had been clear in Rose's letters that Rose had cared deeply for Gus. Neil excused himself, and Leslie asked Tyler if he thought she was making a mistake by looking for Rose. Tyler understood her curiosity, but he advised her to let it go, because they needed to move forward.

Devon interrupted Cane and Lily with some paperwork, and Lily protested that she was off the clock, but Cane got up to make a call. She reminded Cane that they'd agreed to avoid work on their date, but Cane told her to make some time for her brother, and he left. Lily scolded Devon, but she quickly realized that something was wrong. Devon couldn't believe that he'd become obsessed with deadlines and cost analyses, and Lily realized that he missed his music.

Devon grumbled that he'd been in a three-hour meeting about eyebrows earlier, and Lily understood that fashion wasn't for him. She suggested that Devon take Tucker's job offer, but Devon worried about disappointing Neil. Lily assured Devon that Neil would support his passion for music, but Devon thought that Neil would hate it if Devon quit Jabot. Lily encouraged Devon to do what would make him happy, and Devon said that he had a lot of things to consider.

Devon told Lily that he'd let Lily know when he made a decision, and he left as Cane returned. Cane declared that he had cleared his night to be with her, and she asked if he was ready for dessert. He suggested that they take it to go, and they kissed. Leslie noticed Tyler staring at Cane and Lily, and she asked how wrapped up Tyler and Lily were. Tyler defended that he and Lily only worked together, but Leslie reminded him that Lily was married.

Tyler accepted that Lily was happy with a good guy, so he wasn't going to think about Lily for another second. Leslie commented that Lily reminded her of Mariah, the love of Tyler's life who had stomped his heart into the ground. She suspected that Tyler saw the similarities, too, and she thought that was why Tyler had been fixated on Lily. Tyler conceded that Lily and Mariah were very much alike, and he genuinely cared about Lily, but he didn't expect anything more.

Neil ran into Devon, and he said that he hadn't wanted to intrude on Devon's conversation with Lily. Devon mentioned that he'd had some paperwork for Lily, and Neil reminded Devon that he always had Devon's back. Neil added that going to the funeral had made him more aware that he was lucky to have Devon and Lily in his life, and he felt doubly blessed to see his kids every day and tell them how much he loved them. The men embraced.

After Cane and Lily made love, Cane wondered why Lily was looking at him, and she marveled that he had chosen her over work. He replied that it hadn't been much of a choice, and he asked her to join him for a shower. She declined, and he told her to stay in bed. She received a text message from Tyler, asking if they could talk in the morning. Meanwhile, someone continued to take photos of Tyler.

At the Abbott home, Phyllis stumbled upon Traci looking through old photo albums, and Phyllis pondered how many photos the Abbotts had posed for over the years. Traci surmised that Phyllis was pretending to like Traci, but Phyllis contended that she was trying to get along, since neither of them wanted to upset Jack. Traci stated that she loved Jack, and Phyllis recognized that Traci didn't believe that Phyllis did, too. Traci referred to the many times Phyllis had convinced Jack that she'd cared for him, but then Phyllis had cheated, bolted, or "gone all Phyllis" on him. Phyllis insisted that she'd grown up, but Traci argued that she had no proof that Phyllis had changed.

Jack entered, and Phyllis hoped that Jack could convince Traci that Phyllis was serious about him. Phyllis made a show of plastering Jack with passionate kisses, and she walked off. Jack told Traci that addiction had been worst thing he'd ever been through, and he wouldn't be standing there if it hadn't been for Phyllis. Traci thought that he was giving Phyllis too much credit, but Jack asserted that Phyllis had single-handedly walked him through withdrawal. He added that Traci would never understand what he'd gone through, but Traci replied that she already did.

Traci recalled that in her youth, all she'd wanted was for Danny to notice her, and she had thought that she had needed to be thin to be loved, so she'd turned to diet pills. Jack remembered that Traci had crashed her car after Danny had announced his plans to marry Lauren, and Traci added that she'd also suffered severe heart damage from taking too many pills. Jack said that he had been proud when Traci had owned up to it, but she pointed out that she'd had to hit rock bottom. Jack said that he had reached his lowest point, too, but the difference was that he'd had Phyllis' help.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis greeted Avery with mock sweetness. Avery asked how living with Jack was going, and Phyllis gushed that she found herself smiling all the time. Avery sincerely congratulated her, and Phyllis felt obligated to inquire about Avery's love life, but Avery understood if it made Phyllis uncomfortable to talk about Nick. Phyllis noted that Avery wasn't wearing her ring, and she questioned whether the engagement was off.

Avery chided Phyllis for zeroing in on her bare finger. Phyllis haughtily inquired whether the ring was being upgraded to a bigger diamond, but Avery simply stated that she and Nick had decided to take their time. Phyllis concluded that Nick had had second thoughts, and Avery argued that nothing was wrong with going slowly. Phyllis assumed that Avery was no longer interested in Nick, since he was divorced from Phyllis, and Phyllis declared that she was glad that her marriage to Nick had ended, because it had allowed her to reconnect with Jack.

Avery found Phyllis' statement hard to believe, and Phyllis scornfully inquired whether Avery intended to go after Jack next. Avery said that she was happy that Phyllis had found Jack, but Phyllis retorted that every time she let down her guard, Avery went after something of Phyllis'. Phyllis cautioned Avery to be careful not to slow things down too much, or Avery might find it hard to kick-start her relationship with Nick. Avery snapped that it wouldn't happen, and she left.

Abby warmly welcomed Traci home, and Jack said that he liked seeing family in the house again. John appeared and remarked that the Abbotts were stronger when they were together. Traci called Jack over to look at a photo album with her and Abby. Jack said that he sensed John's presence, and Traci added that it felt like John was looking over their shoulder, smiling. As Phyllis looked in on the tender family moment, Jack said that John would always be part of their lives, and Traci responded that they would always be part of each other's.

Later, Jack thought that it was nice that Traci and Abby had left him and Phyllis to have dinner alone, but Phyllis suspected that they just hadn't wanted to be around her. Jack promised Phyllis that she never had to prove herself ever again, because he loved her for all her faults and fears. Phyllis suggested that she move back to her penthouse, but Jack swore that if things got ugly, he'd ask Traci to move out. Phyllis wondered who Jack would pick if he were forced to choose between Phyllis and his family. He kissed her and proclaimed that Phyllis was his family, but she hoped that he never had to choose.

Adam wasn't surprised when Victor arrived at the penthouse. Adam reported that the head of finance had sent Adam a text message about Victor's call. Adam offered Victor a drink, but Victor wanted answers about where Adam had gotten the considerable sum of money to buy out the shareholders. Adam implored Victor to trust him.

Adam pointed out that he'd welcomed Victor back to Newman Enterprises, while Victoria had politicked with Victor's other kids. Victor insisted that he considered his children to be equals, but Adam said that maybe not everyone in the family should be working at the company. Adam added that it was simply business, and if Victor didn't agree with Adam's decisions, Victor could back out of their partnership. Victor stated that they had nothing further to talk about, and he questioned Adam's judgment about a lot of things. Adam shook his head, and Victor opened the front door to leave as Sharon arrived.

Adam relayed that Victor had just debriefed him on his lapses in judgment. Adam pointedly stepped toward Sharon and kissed her, and a disapproving Victor left. Sharon said that she didn't mind the kiss, but she wondered what Adam was trying to prove. Adam griped that Victor had been trying to manipulate him, and he'd wanted to demonstrate that he was his own man who made his own choices. Sharon didn't want to be a pawn in Adam's game to get under Victor's skin.

Sharon questioned what Adam wanted from Victor, and Adam thoughtfully replied that he'd like acknowledgement that he'd gotten the company back and had given Victor a place in it again. Adam realized that the harder he tried, the more Victor pulled away, and Sharon commented that Victor needed to control everything. Adam argued that Victor couldn't control Adam, but Sharon said that Victor controlled all of his kids. Sharon warned Adam that Victor was the master of power games, and Adam vowed to figure out how to out-master Victor.

Later, a robe-clad Sharon found Adam downstairs, looking out the window, and he wondered how many times Victor had gazed at the same view. Sharon pointed out that Victor had sold the penthouse to Adam for less than it was worth, and she thought that the gesture was a message. Adam contended that he'd paid a handsome sum, and Victor had never given him anything. Sharon mentioned that Victor had taken credit for financing Adam's education, but Adam called Victor's statement "revisionist history." Adam asserted that he'd done everything on his own, just like Victor had, but Victor didn't like to fancy anyone else being a self-made man, because Victor didn't like real competition.

Victoria waited at home for Billy, and she impatiently tossed some lingerie back into a shopping bag. She called Billy, and he swore that he hadn't forgotten about their special project. She told him to hurry up, because she was looking forward to having another baby in the house. He half-heartedly said that he would be home soon. Kenny told Billy to get back in the game to give the others a chance to win their money back, and Billy agreed to a few more hands.

Victoria lit candles all over the room, but Abby burst in and said that she needed to talk. Abby babbled that the "old Abby" never would have confessed to Victoria, but she hadn't been able to hide the truth from Victor. Victoria asked what Abby had admitted, and Abby said that she'd told Victor about Victoria's plan to pool their money together to take Newman Enterprises away from Adam. Abby asked how she could make it up to Victoria.

Victoria wasn't surprised that Abby had caved, and she assured Abby that it was okay. Abby asked if Victoria had spoken to Victor, and Victoria revealed that he had felt betrayed, but it would be nothing compared to the backstabbing he'd get from Adam. Abby asked how they could protect Victor, but Victoria believed that the best thing for them to do was to wait for Adam to screw up. Abby suddenly realized that Victoria had arranged a romantic evening with Billy.

Abby thought that it was good for Victoria to focus on something other than Newman Enterprises, and Victoria remarked that it wasn't easy. Abby reminded Victoria that both Abby and Nick had found happiness away from the company. Victoria insisted that she was concentrating on her family, and she wanted to fill the house with kids. Abby guessed that the evening was a "prelude to pregnancy," and she excitedly anticipated becoming an aunt again. Victoria noted that it was contingent on Billy being there, and Abby mentioned that she had just been at On the Boulevard, but Billy hadn't been there.

Billy folded, and Kenny victoriously claimed the pot. Billy didn't answer a call from Victoria, and he thanked the men for the game, but he wanted out. Kenny asked if Billy was sure, because he'd thought Billy had wanted to win some of his money back.

Later, Billy called Victoria from the Athletic Club lobby and fibbed that he'd had an emergency, but he was about to leave On the Boulevard. Victor overheard and questioned why Billy had lied to Victoria. Billy claimed that he was there to pick up a dessert as a surprise, and he told Victor that it was killing Victoria that Victor had chosen Adam over her. Victor barked that Billy was filling her head with nonsense, and he pointed out that Billy wouldn't have been upstairs if he had been there to fetch dessert. Victor warned Billy not to try to fool him, and he stalked off.

Billy returned home and said that they just needed mood music. Victoria asked about his emergency, and he claimed that it had been a plumbing problem. She asked for specifics, and he wondered why she was giving him the third degree. She said that she knew that he hadn't been at the restaurant, and he covered his panic. Victoria told him not to be mad at Abby, but she wanted to know where he really had been.

Victoria blew out the candles, and Billy said that he'd felt terrible that he'd been late, so he'd stopped by the Athletic Club to get her favorite dessert, and he suggested that they eat it in bed. She kissed him, and she asked if he'd really had an emergency. He said that they could talk about plumbing all night, but they'd miss out on the fun during their window of opportunity. She went to slip into her lingerie, and he was clearly relieved that he'd managed to cover his lies.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sharon ran into Adam at On the Boulevard, and she explained that she was there to meet Noah. Adam said that Noah couldn't have chosen anyone better to talk to, and he thanked her for lending an ear the evening before. Nikki and Victor arrived, and when Victor and Adam avoided speaking, she guessed that the "honeymoon" between the men was over. Victor disclosed that they'd reached an impasse on a certain issue. Adam whispered something into Sharon's ear, and she amorously said that she'd take it under consideration. Victor thought that he'd found a solution to the impasse.

Later, Sharon and Noah discussed his career choices, and she advised him to be patient. He thought that he might have found something other than bartending to pursue, but he didn't want to talk about it yet. She asked if he was seeing someone, and he informed her that he'd been on a few dates, but he was waiting to get serious until he found someone who was willing to put as much in as he was. He noted that there was a big difference between someone who cared and someone who would take advantage just because he was around.

Sharon was proud that Noah believed in love, and he compared it to believing in air and water. She said that she'd been very much in love before, and she knew that finding a connection could be special, but the timing had to be right. Noah said that it was nice to see her making the right decisions. Nikki interrupted to hug Noah, and Noah said that she looked great. Noah departed, and Sharon said that she had been sorry to hear about Nikki's diagnosis. Nikki snapped that she didn't need Sharon's pity, because Nikki's life was wonderful.

Sharon pointed out that she was on her medication, and Nikki was sober, so an argument wouldn't be any fun. Sharon contended that Nikki was wrong if she had been implying that Sharon's life was empty, but Nikki clarified that she had been talking about her own life. Nikki taunted that Sharon had no job, was living alone, and was mercifully single for the first time. Sharon retorted that she had once been lady of the Newman manor, and she wouldn't wish that life on anyone. Nikki said that both she and Sharon had the lives they deserved.

Victor stopped by Adam's penthouse and wanted to discuss the tension between them. Adam called himself delusional to think that a relationship as equals could last, but Victor replied that they'd always be father and son. Adam contended that they could be effective as equals in business, but it wouldn't work if Victor second-guessed Adam's decisions. Victor agreed that he should trust Adam's instincts, and he wanted to allow Adam to tap into the outside funding. Victor called it an act of faith on his part, and he expected Adam to show an act of faith in return.

Victor asked Adam to demonstrate respect for him, the family, and the company, and Adam anticipated that Victor wanted him to step down so Victor could be in charge. Victor said that if Adam wanted him to approve the funding, then Adam had to cut Sharon out of his life. Adam stated that he couldn't fire or divorce Sharon, so she wasn't an issue, and they could move forward with the financing. Victor asserted that the fact that Sharon was in Adam's life was a reflection of Adam's ability to make the right decisions for himself and the company. Victor said that Adam wanted to be a respected part of the family, but Sharon had done nothing but damage the Newmans. Victor insisted that Adam get rid of Sharon.

Victor said that Sharon wasn't the right woman for Adam and that she wouldn't be the mother of Adam's children. Adam chided him for rubbing salt in the wound about Chelsea, but Victor barked that Chelsea had tried to trap Billy with a child, and then she'd trapped someone else, but Victor was glad it hadn't been Adam. Victor said that if Adam wanted Victor to trust Adam's judgment, then Adam had to help inspire Victor's faith in him by removing Sharon from his life. Victor headed out, and he found Sharon at the door.

Sharon entered, and she suggested that she slip into something more comfortable, but Adam told her that he'd changed his mind. A baffled Sharon assumed that he wanted to push back their plans, but he clarified that it was over. She couldn't believe that he'd dump her right after he'd propositioned her, and she compared his treatment of her to his rejection at their wedding in prison.

Sharon pointed out that she had been Adam's last friend, and they had stood by each other. He said that it hadn't been his plan, but things between them just had to end. She thought about all the times she'd defended him, and she realized that she had been wrong. "You really are the bastard that everyone says you are," she spat. Her voice broke as she added, "And I'm the fool they say I am." She rushed out.

Victor returned to On the Boulevard and informed Nikki that his business was done. Nikki said that she'd known him long enough to recognize his "master of the universe" look. She added that she should be worried, but she found it endearing. She spied Sharon crying at the bar, and she noted that Sharon's sunny mood had clouded.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea and Dylan nervously met for their date. He said that she looked great, and she said that she hadn't been sure what to wear, since he hadn't told her where they were going. He replied that she'd have to trust him. On their way out, Chelsea spotted Summer and complimented her jacket, which Chelsea had designed. Dylan and Chelsea left, and Summer told Courtney that the night they had planned would go perfectly, as long as Nick didn't figure things out.

Dylan led Chelsea to a warehouse that he planned to turn into his new home. He hoped that it wasn't too forward to take her there on a date, but she pointed out that their last one had been in her hotel room. She asked for a tour, and he imagined where the kitchen would be. She recommended getting some vintage industrial stools, and she joked that he should also probably get a door for the bathroom. She inquired what would go in the corner, and he said his bedroom. She looked uncomfortable.

Dylan presented Chelsea with an array of sandwiches, since he hadn't been sure what she liked. She wondered if he'd spoil the baby the same way with toys. He replied that he'd buy four toys right away -- a bat, a bear, a puzzle, and a book -- and eventually a doll and a truck, but no guns. She recalled that he had mentioned the Army when they'd first met, but he'd never talked about being deployed. He replied that there wasn't much to say, and she assured him that he could talk to her. He returned the sentiment, and he said that he'd always be there for her.

Chelsea marveled that Dylan had practically set up an all-you-can-eat dessert bar, and she praised him for thinking of everything. He was concerned that she was accustomed to a rich lifestyle, but she commented that fancy dishes were pretty, but they didn't keep her company. Chelsea said that the important thing was that the baby had someone who loved him or her unconditionally, and Dylan swore that he would. He regretted that he could only offer paper bags, not silver domes, but she replied that she considered it dining in style.

At the police station, Kevin was shocked to hear that he could leave. Michael explained that the court had looked favorably upon Kevin's confession and the return of stolen goods, and he told Kevin to thank Christine for offering Kevin a work release. Chloe pointedly stated that Kevin had been lucky to have someone else take the fall and spend the night in jail. She added that she hadn't been so lucky, and while Kevin's deal had worked out great for the victims and the cops, she wondered how Kevin would make it up to her.

Michael revealed that Kevin would put his computer skills to work at the police station, and Kevin was glad that he didn't have to serve time. Kevin admitted that he had been wrong, and he was sorry. Chloe angrily questioned whether he was sorry that he got caught or that he'd allowed her to be fingerprinted, cuffed, and locked up. Chloe berated Kevin for risking her daughter's future and lying to Chloe's face, and she didn't think an apology would cut it. Chloe stormed out, and Kevin ran after her.

Fen arrived at the station to talk to Michael. Michael reiterated that Michael and Lauren's issues weren't Fen's problem, but Fen contended that they were his parents, so it was his problem. Michael stressed that his marital troubles weren't Fen's fault, but Fen asked how it could happen that everything was fine, and then suddenly, "she" was seeing someone else. Michael looked alarmed, but Fen revealed that Summer had blown him off to go to prom with another guy.

Michael was sorry that Fen was hurting, but he didn't think that Fen and Summer were a good match. Michael pointed out that Summer had started the business with Jamie, but Fen accepted responsibility for keeping it going. Michael encouraged Fen to find someone else, and Fen asked if there was someone else out there for Michael. Michael wished that he could make things easier for Fen, but Fen said that no one could, because his life was a hole.

Michael thought that it might be good for Fen to talk to someone, but Fen griped that he should be able to complain about something without having to go to a shrink. Michael advised that Fen would wander off the path and back on again, but the awfulness would end. Michael predicted that one day, someone new and amazing would enter Fen's life. Fen declared that he only wanted Summer, but he added that he shouldn't bother, because they'd probably end up like Michael and Lauren.

Kevin chased Chloe to Crimson Lights, and he explained that he had panicked, but he wanted to fix things. She asked if he'd steal more jewelry for her, and he defended that they'd had money issues hanging over their heads and that she had been on board in the beginning. Chloe accused Kevin of stealing to work up interest in having sex with her. She was hurt that he'd let her get arrested, and he admitted that he had been a coward. He asked her how he could make it right, and she wasn't sure, because what he'd done would always be there.

Kevin insisted that Chloe and Delia were his life, and he wouldn't give them up. Chloe questioned whether he could give up the need to steal to want to have sex with her, and he said that he couldn't explain how much he loved her, but the thought of not being together made him want to implode. Kevin offered to give Chloe time to cool down, but he needed her too much to give up.

Chelsea and Dylan returned to Crimson Lights, and he handed her three extra cookies. He hoped that they could do it again, and he sweetly kissed her. They said goodbye, and he left. Chelsea approached the counter, and Chloe asked what was with her goo-goo eyes. Chelsea declared that she'd made a decision, and Dylan would be the baby's father forever. Chelsea knew that Dylan and the baby would love one another, and she vowed that no one would ever know the truth.

Across the coffeehouse, Summer was confident that everything would fall into place for a good prom night. Courtney suggested that Summer ask Fen to go to prom, since Summer had to be at the dance for the plan to work. Summer worried that Fen had freaked out on her already. Noah saw the girls conspiring, and he told Summer not to even think about doing whatever she was planning.

Summer called Noah a grumpy old man, but Courtney commented that Noah didn't seem that old to her. Noah remembered what his prom had been like, and the drama had been blown out of proportion. He cautioned Summer not to do something she couldn't handle, because he didn't want to see her get hurt.

Summer grumbled that Noah had to walk in at exactly the wrong moment, but Courtney called him "stupid hot." Noah noticed that the girls stopped talking when he walked by, and he told them to have smart fun. Courtney scrambled to find Summer a prom date, and Fen overheard. Courtney asked who Fen was taking, and Summer reluctantly suggested that she and Fen go together as friends. He agreed that it might be a decent night after all, and Summer swore that it would be better than decent.

At the tack house, Nick read over a document as Avery burst in. She had expected him to return the prior evening, and he claimed that he'd been tied up at the club. She mentioned that he hadn't returned her call, and she asked if everything was okay. Nick admitted that it wasn't. Avery freaked out, and she assumed that Nick thought that their lovemaking had been a mistake.

Nick tried to get a word in edgewise, but Avery rambled that although it had felt right, they had probably gone too fast. She worried that he couldn't get past the things he knew about her, but he told her to stop. He assured her that making love had been right, but he had stuff going on in his life that he had to figure out, and it had nothing to do with Avery. She was relieved, but she wondered what was wrong.

Avery assured Nick that nothing had happened between Summer and Kyle, and Nick was adamant that it never could. Avery insisted that she'd talked Summer down and that Kyle wasn't interested. Nick worried that Kyle's feelings could change, since Summer had become a model and Kyle was Jack's son, and Nick couldn't stop thinking about it. He added that his past was starting to haunt him, and he had to worry about his kid.

Nick couldn't believe that he'd been such an idiot to let things get between him and Avery, and he commented that he'd learned from a drunken guy that love involved taking risks. Nick said that he loved Avery and wanted to be with her, and she called them the best words ever. He asked if there was anything that could change the way she felt about him, but she said that she knew his soul. She mentioned that he had wanted to talk about something the prior night, and she assured him that he could tell her anything.

Nick stared at the document he'd left on the table, and he said that there was something he wanted to tell Avery, but he had to deal with an issue first. She told him to take the time he needed, because she wasn't going anywhere. They kissed.

Friday, May 17, 2013

At the Abbott home, Traci found Jack working late again, and he said that work kept him focused and clean, but she warned him not to work too hard. She observed that the house seemed empty, and she hoped that it wasn't because of her. Jack revealed that Summer's senior prom was that evening, and Phyllis was at Nick's house to take pictures. Traci mentioned that she'd heard about Nick ripping into Kyle, and she assumed that Nick wasn't happy with the living arrangements. Jack understood that Nick had a problem accepting that his little girl was growing up, but Traci wondered if that was all there was to it.

Jack remembered when Colleen had nursed a crush on J.T., and he said that he and Traci had been just as worried as Nick was about Summer. Traci replied that the difference was that Kyle wasn't interested in Summer, and she wondered if Nick's concern was misplaced. Traci added that Summer's life was in flux, and Phyllis had moved her daughter in, but Phyllis rarely committed to anything for very long. Jack defended that Phyllis had stood by him at his worst, but Traci argued that commitment was more than just being present. Traci believed that part of Phyllis would always be with Nick, since they shared a child.

Traci reminded Jack that Nick had once ruined the chance for Phyllis and Jack to reconcile, but Jack asserted that he and Phyllis had worked it out. Traci wondered why Jack had had to work so hard to convince Phyllis to move in, but he said that Phyllis hadn't wanted to make the same mistakes again. Traci realized that she'd forgotten to call Steve, but she said that she was proud of Jack for having everything figured out. Traci left, and John appeared and queried whether Jack really had everything resolved.

Jack insisted that he had things under control, but John thought that Jack was choosing sides between a stranger and family. John contended that Traci had known Jack for almost his entire life, and she had always been there for him, while Phyllis had flitted in and out of his life. Jack questioned where everyone had been when he had really needed them, but John countered that Jack had caused the distance. Jack stated that Phyllis had never left his side, and he was sure that they'd all work it out together. John pointed out that he wouldn't be there if Jack truly had things under control.

Lauren told Fen that she'd never had the chance to get Scotty ready for prom, and Fen asked how he looked. Lauren called him incredibly handsome, and he good-naturedly complained that she had to say that. Lauren assured him that Summer would think so, too, but Fen lamented that he hadn't been Summer's first choice. Lauren insisted that he and Summer could still have a good time as friends, and she was sorry that her problems had affected him. Lauren implored Fen to forget about Michael and Lauren's issues and just have a good time, and he agreed to try.

At Crimson Lights, Michael presented Kevin with his community service deal, and Kevin thanked Michael for his help, because he wouldn't have survived prison. Michael warned that it would be the last time he saved Kevin, and he advised Kevin to clean up his act, or Chloe would walk. Kevin understood that Chloe was mad, but he swore to make it up to her. Michael chided Kevin for putting his marriage at risk by lying, and he believed that it would take more than an apology. Michael turned around and faced Carmine.

Kevin barked that Carmine wasn't welcome there, but Carmine contended that Kevin could use a paying customer. Kevin snapped that he'd rather hand his keys to the bank than serve Carmine, and he ordered Carmine out. Kevin spat that he hated Carmine, and Michael stated that he had good reason. Kevin asked why Michael had seemed so bothered to see Carmine, and Michael revealed that Carmine was sleeping with Lauren.

Carmine crossed paths with Lauren on his way out, and he asked how she was doing. She wondered if he had been following her. Lauren contended that it wasn't the first time Carmine had run into her, and he acknowledged that he had been out of line to send her text messages. He insisted that he respected her wishes to stay away, and he had simply gone there to get coffee, but Kevin had refused to serve him. Lauren assumed that Michael had told Kevin about the affair, but she realized that there was no longer a reason to keep it a secret.

Carmine noted that Michael hadn't seemed forgiving, but Lauren said that Michael needed time, and she planned to keep trying. Carmine didn't think that Michael would get past it, and he questioned whether Lauren wanted to keep begging and having to change, when Carmine wanted her for who she was. Lauren swore that it would never work between her and Carmine, because he wasn't Michael. She affirmed that she wanted and needed Michael, and she always would. Michael overheard from around the corner.

After Lauren left, Michael confronted Carmine, who said that Lauren had already told Carmine to stay away from her. Carmine declared that he wasn't sure why Lauren had to beg Michael for forgiveness, when Michael had taken her for granted and tossed her aside. Carmine added that both Lauren and Fen deserved better, and Michael attacked Carmine. Kevin prevented Michael from strangling Carmine, but Kevin told Carmine that he had deserved far worse.

Michael returned home, and Lauren reported that Fen was at prom with Summer. A surprised Michael relayed that Fen had been upset because Summer had been seeing another boy, and he grumbled that he could relate. Lauren repeated that she was sorry, and she recalled that Michael had once told her that life was a gamble. She pointed out that part of risking big was being prepared to lose it all, and she hadn't considered the stakes. She admitted that she'd taken too big of a gamble with their marriage and their beautiful life together, and she'd lost everything. Michael contemplated what would happen if she hadn't, and she wondered whether he was saying that he could forgive her.

Michael stated that he was tired of being angry, and it wasn't good for either of them or for Fen. She asked whether he was willing to repair their marriage, and he said that he was willing to try. She smiled through her tears and said that it was all she could ask. She hugged him, and after a moment, he put his arms around her. They tentatively moved in for a kiss, but Michael imagined Lauren kissing Carmine, and he looked stricken.

Phyllis thanked Nick for letting her stop by to take photos, and he apologized for being a jerk about Summer moving in with Phyllis and Jack. Phyllis conceded that it was weird picturing Summer with Kyle or anyone else, and she said that it seemed like Summer had just been walking around with Mr. Ears. Nick marveled that their daughter had progressed to fashion shoots and prom, and soon Summer would go to college. Nick wanted to be a part of Summer's life for as long as he could, and Phyllis assured him that he always would be, because he was Summer's dad.

Summer descended the stairs in her prom gown, and Phyllis and Nick fawned over her. Summer wished that she had a stylist to deal with her cowlick, and Phyllis went to get a brush. Summer asked Nick if she looked okay, and he said that she was gorgeous, but he hoped that she was also forgiving. He admitted that he'd been overprotective, but he loved her and wanted what was best for her.

Summer wished that Nick trusted her judgment, and she longed for the days when they'd go to the pond and feed the ducks together. He said that they could still do that over the summer, if she wasn't spending all her time with her friends. She confirmed that she could make time for him in her busy schedule. Summer reminded Nick that she loved him and always would, and they hugged.

Nick and Phyllis helped Summer get ready for the prom. Fen arrived and was taken aback by how beautiful Summer looked. Summer tried to make a quick exit, but Phyllis insisted on taking some pictures. Summer looked uncomfortable when Fen put his arm around her shoulder, and she whined that she didn't want to be late. Outside, Fen remarked that he was glad that he and Summer were going to prom together, but she informed him that they weren't, because she had made other plans.

Nick was suspicious that Summer had wanted to leave so abruptly, but Phyllis reasoned that it would have been strange if Summer had preferred to hang out with her parents on prom night. Phyllis admitted that she was hurt that Summer had confided in Avery rather than Phyllis, but Nick pointed out that Summer didn't have to worry about disappointing Avery, whereas Summer still looked for Nick and Phyllis' approval. Nick was concerned that Summer was thinking about having sex, but Phyllis said that Summer was 18 and could do what she wanted. Nick hoped to prevent Summer from making a choice that could haunt her.

Nick questioned whether Phyllis would like to change some of the choices she'd made at 18, but Phyllis asserted that Summer had to learn from her mistakes. She added that mistakes were part of life, and she assured Nick that he was an amazing father. Phyllis expressed concern about how Nick and Avery's broken engagement would affect Summer. Nick disclosed that it had been a mutual decision, because he and Avery had realized that it was important to make sure that they were ready for a lifelong commitment.

Phyllis returned home and asked to talk with Jack privately. She worried that she and Jack were moving too quickly, and she should have given moving in together more thought. She suggested that they take a step back to think, but she clarified that she didn't want to break up. She announced her intent to move back to her penthouse that night.

Later, Traci was shocked that in the time it had taken her to call Steve, Phyllis had packed and moved out. Jack conceded that maybe Phyllis had been right, but Traci didn't think he truly believed that. He remarked that he'd thought things had been going great, but it took two people to make a relationship work. He was willing to give Phyllis time, and Traci remarked that if Phyllis and Jack didn't grow stronger, at least Jack wouldn't be disappointed down the line.

Summer and Fen arrived at Phyllis' penthouse, and Summer explained that they were going to skip prom and go right to the afterparty. They entered the penthouse, where a bunch of teens had already gathered. Summer hugged Courtney hello, and they discussed having to convince their parents that they had been headed to prom. Courtney urged Summer to try a sour apple concoction, and another boy handed Fen a drink.

A couple headed to the bedroom, and Courtney pointed out that it should have been Summer and Kyle going upstairs. Summer said that there was no way Kyle would attend a high school party, but Courtney thought that he would be there if he thought that Summer was in trouble. Summer worried that Kyle would alert her parents, but Courtney suspected that Kyle would want credit and Summer's gratitude if he rescued her.

At the spring fair, Abby teased Alex for not being able to shoot the ducks at the firing range, and she proudly displayed the stuffed animal she'd won. He called her a decent shot, but he claimed that his gun had been off. She asked Kyle if he was having fun, but he felt like a third wheel, and she consoled Kyle over being stood up. Alex went to get some funnel cake, and Kyle decided to leave, but Abby argued that it was good for him to be out of the house and away from Summer. Abby said that she'd seen the way he looked at Summer, and she understood that it was good to feel wanted, even if it was by the wrong person.

Abby, Kyle, and Alex waited for Madame Miranda, the fortune-teller. Kyle opted to head home, but Madame Miranda appeared and told him to stop because the girl who had stood him up wasn't the woman for him. Madame Miranda traced Abby's heart line, and she noted that Abby was very interested in the opposite sex and had no trouble expressing herself. She predicted that Abby wouldn't have to look far for the man of her dreams. Abby was pleased with the reading, and Madame Miranda suddenly had a strong feeling about Kyle.

Madame Miranda said that Kyle had a strong aura, and she gazed into her crystal ball. She said that she foresaw many obstacles in store for Kyle, regarding love, and Alex joked that chicks would keep standing Kyle up. Madame Miranda said that Kyle's troubles would be immense, but love would find a way, because love only listened to the heart and not the mind. Summer sent Kyle a text message, saying that she was drunk at the penthouse with Fen, and she requested that Kyle pick her up.

At Crimson Lights, Abby thought it had been eerie that Kyle had received a text message during the reading, and she wondered who the man of her dreams was. Kevin asked to take their order, and Alex mentioned that Kevin would be working off his sentence at Alex's request, since there was no one better than a hacker to protect the police department's computer system. Kevin refused to bow down to Alex, but Alex commented that Kevin was only free because of Michael's connections, but Michael couldn't fix everything.

At the afterparty, Courtney suggested a game of truth or dare. Fen didn't want to play, but another boy insisted that everyone had to participate. Fen chose a dare, and Angie told him to make out with Summer. Fen and Summer both balked, but Courtney taunted that Summer was into older guys who weren't afraid of kissing. Fen pounced on Summer and planted a passionate kiss on her. Summer protested, and Kyle burst in and pulled Fen off of Summer.

Nick visited Cassie's grave, and he said that he had been thinking about her that night when Summer had been getting ready for prom. He lamented that Cassie hadn't gotten to go to hers, and he closed his eyes and pictured Cassie in a fancy dress with a beautiful smile. He remarked that she'd always had the best smile, and he began to weep. Nick cried that he missed Cassie, and losing her had nearly killed him. He added that he couldn't go through losing a daughter again.

Nick said that he knew that Cassie would understand why Nick had been acting crazy, but he couldn't help it. He saw the path that Summer was going down, and it scared him, because he knew where it ended. He worried that Summer couldn't bounce back, and he had to protect her, because as Summer's father, it was his job to keep her safe.

Nick returned to the tack house and looked at the envelope with his name on it, and he flashed back to telling Phyllis about labs that performed DNA testing. Phyllis had anticipated that Nick hadn't wanted her child to be his, and he had stated that it would probably be best if Jack were the father. Later, Nick had told Phyllis that the baby was Nick's. Nick took out the document, which requested that Nick submit another sample, because the lab hadn't been able to verify paternity. Nick stared at Summer's hairbrush on the table.

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