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Actor History
Rena Sofer
June 1, 2004 to spring 2005 [contract]

Manages various rock bands in New York

Former manager of the band "The Idle Rich"

Founder of L&B Records (is no longer affiliated with the company)

Resides At

London, England

Formerly Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York

Formerly 321 Harbor View Road, Port Charles, New York (Quartermaine Gatehouse)

Marital Status

Single/Divorced (Edward "Ned" Ashton)

Past Marriages

Edward "Ned" Ashton (divorced)

Edward "Ned" Ashton (divorced)


Carmine Cerullo (father)

Gloria Cerullo (mother)


Brook Lynn Ashton (daughter; with Ned)

Flings & Affairs

Danny Zacharowitz (dated)

Lorenzo Alcazar (one-night stand)

Crimes Committed


Maladies and Hospitalizations

Suffered Braxton-Hicks contractions during an argument with Tracy [1996]

Brief Character History

Lois Cerullo's life changed in 1994 when she attended a concert in Buffalo and saw a man named 'Eddie Maine' perform on the stage. Lois was a band manager and hired 'Eddie' not knowing that he was really Ned Ashton! Lois was a tough cookie from Brooklyn who saw great things in her new singer. The two soon fell into bed together, Lois believing the whole time that Ned was 'Eddie Maine' a traveling pharmaceutical salesman. Lois dreamed of the day that 'Eddie' would quit his day job and sing full time. Lois was truly head over heels with her 'Eddie'. 'Eddie' married Lois and moved her to Port Charles where Lois met old friend Sonny Corinthos, a person she knew from Brooklyn. Lois also became best friends with Brenda Barrett and the two decided to open their own record company, L&B Records. Sonny backed the two as a partner. Meanwhile, Ned was marrying Katherine Bell who was blackmailing the Quartermaines! Brenda begged Ned to tell Lois the truth, that he was Ned Ashton but Ned couldn't hurt the woman he truly loved. One day, Lois was watching TV and saw her 'Eddie' on screen...but as Ned Ashton! She also saw that Ned was married to Katherine! Lois was humiliated. During a birthday party for Katherine, Lois popped out of a giant cake with a special wish, "Happy birthday to Mrs. Ned Ashton from the other Mrs. Ned Ashton!" Lois left Ned and tried to cope with the fact that she was lied to by everyone. It took a while but Lois learned to forgive her close friends but didn't know if she could forgive Ned.

In 1995, Ned tried to get Lois to love him again. Lois was stubborn but eventually gave in, under one condition...no more lies. In a glorious church wedding, Lois and Ned were married. The union suffered some though when Lois was told by Brenda that she thought her current beau, Sonny, was a mobster. Lois told Ned privately but Ned hated Sonny and wanted this mobster to stay away from his family. Ned told Mac and Lois was hurt. She didn't know if she could trust Ned anymore and blamed his ways on his dysfunctional family.

In 1996, Lois requested that Ned distance himself from the Quartermaines. Lois, who was then pregnant with Ned's baby, reached her breaking point when Ned's mother, Tracy Quartermaine, returned to Port Charles to takeover ELQ. Tracy hated Lois from the very start. Eventually, the takeover attempt failed and Tracy was kicked out of town but ELQ was still in financial trouble due to Tracy's ways. Lois told Ned to choose between his job and her and the baby. Ned chose his job and Lois made the hardest decision of her life. Determined not to let her unborn baby be poisoned by the Quartermaines, Lois left Ned went home to Brooklyn. Lois still loved Ned but couldn't be with him. Lois later gave birth to a baby girl who she named Brook Lynn after her favorite city.

A year passed and in 1997, Lois felt guilty that Ned had not really seen his daughter, Brook Lynn. Lois went to back to Port Charles and told Ned that she couldn't keep him away from his daughter forever. However, Lois insisted that her visit was not a reconciliation but still, the two loved each other. It was during that time that Monica Quartermaine was being sued for sexual harassment by Pierce Dorman. Ned was forced to take the stand and expose the fact that he had slept with his aunt years before he came to Port Charles. Lois told Ned that she could handle the affair with Monica but not his lies. Ned said that he would change but he didn't. Lois overheard Ned blackmailing Justus ward over the fact that Justus had killed Damian Smith. Lois left town with the baby. She returned for a few days to comfort Brenda after Sonny left her standing at the altar. Ned was out of town that week, although Lois did have an uncomfortable meeting with Alexis at the Q mansion.

Lois returned to Port Charles in 2004 to help Ned reign in their teenage daughter. Brook Lynn had moved in with her father after she and Lois had disagreed over the interest Lois had in managing Brook's singing career. Lois decided to reopen L&B records and she met with Jax and Lorenzo Alcazar to discuss possible backers for the label. Lois convinced Brook to sing as part of an all-girl band which also included Georgie Jones, Lorenzo's niece Sage, and Dillon Quartermaine dressed in drag.

Although Lorenzo was in love with Carly Corinthos, he flirted with Lois and they bonded over the difficulties of raising teenage girls. When Sage was murdered, Lois comforted Lorenzo and they slept together. Lois hoped their relationship would turn into something more than friendship but Lorenzo's heart belonged only to Carly. Lorenzo did give L&B the rights to song lyrics Sage had written before her death.

Lois left Port Charles to manage other singers, which at one point included her daughter. When Brook returned to town in 2010, she revealed that her mother lived in London and managed several successful bands in Europe.

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Who's Who for other soaps

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