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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 19, 2007 on GL
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Monday, February 19, 2007

As Doris is thanking her wedding guests for attending the celebration, Alan staggers in from the elevator toward the crowd. He collapses. Doris shrieks constantly while Rick and Lillian attend to Alan. He has been shot. Doris checks with a dumbfounded Justice of the Peace to ensure that she is officially Alan's wife no matter what Alan's fate. Beth calls Alan an SOB and tells him to hang on. Doris insists she take Beth's place comforting to Alan. Beth moves to Lizzie, insisting that she leave. Lizzie does not want to go. The EMTs arrive. Rick leaves Alan's side to comfort Lizzie and Beth. As the EMTs leave with Alan, both Alex and Doris call after him. Doris tells Ashlee that they must clean up then go to the hospital. Alex insists that she Lillian, Beth, and Lizzie go to the hospital at once, before Doris gets there. Doris decides to go straight to the hospital. Lizzie can't make herself get on the elevator covered in Alan's blood so she and Lillian take the stairs. Lillian, Beth, Doris, and Ashlee take the elevator down together. Ashlee says they are all family now. At the hospital, Doris points to the gathered Spaulding clan and tells her daughter that there stands the list of suspects. She tells her to trust no one. Lillian sees blood on Lizzie's hands and asks how it got there. She tells Lizzie that they should go wash it off. Lizzie accuses Lillian of thinking there may be gunpowder residue on her hands as well.

Frank and Marina arrive to interview everyone present. Alex asks to go first and explains how Cassie crashed the wedding. She likes Cassie, but believes she is a good place to start. She believes that Cassie was going after vigilante justice against Alan. Frank sends Marina to Cassie's house to check things out. Frank questions Alex further about the picture Cassie pulled from her purse, not a gun. Alex tells Frank that they saw Cassie with Josh on Main Street when they left Towers to go to the ambulance with Alan. She suggests that Cassie was somewhat not herself and says should check that out.

Frank moves on to question Lillian, Lizzie, Beth, and Ashlee as well. Frank proposes a scenario in which Alan walks into the wedding party and is then shot. Lillian corrects him, saying that no one knew he was shot until he collapsed and they examined him. When Frank asked if he tried to say anything, Doris says that since she was closest to him when he walked in, she was sure he was trying to tell her that he loved her. Lillian scoffs at that, saying that he did not say a word.

When Alan is being led to surgery, Rick speaks to the group about Alan's prognosis. Doris accuses Rick of perhaps sabotaging Alan's chances of survival since he is Beth's "boyfriend." Beth tells her that she is pathetic. Alex warns Doris that "Lady, you do not want to start this fight." D.A. Doris tells Frank that he must look at the Spaulding women first as suspects—looking especially at those who disappeared just before Alan was shot. Mel has heard about the shooting and shows up to lend help to Rick. He leaves her with Alan's file. Beth approaches Mel and interrupts Mel's studying of Alan's chart. She wants Mel's legal opinion as to the right to Alan's estate should he die. Mel is appalled, just as the Justice of the Peace had been with Doris earlier. Once again Rick appears to the group saying that Alan must have surgery immediately. It will be risky, but necessary. He calls for consent papers to be signed. Both Doris and Beth reach for the papers. Beth takes them. Rick says he doesn't care who signs, as long as the papers get signed.

Earlier, Ava has gone to Alan-Michael's room only to find him gone. She is frantic until she sees him wheel himself back into the room. She tells him she was worried. He does not want to talk about his condition. They soon learn that Alan's been shot and on his way to the hospital. Alan-Michael says that Alan deserves this fate—he's only surprised it hadn't happened sooner. He says that his father has hurt so many people. Ava tells him that she's glad A-M wasn't at the wedding. She is surprised at how calm A-M is. She supposes everyone accepts tragic news differently. She tells A-M, however, that it is okay if he is worried about his father. A-M assures her that he doesn't want Alan to die, though many times he wished he could kill him. Ava offers to take him down the hall to where Alan and the family are, but he replies that he doesn't feel like "watching Doris Wolf play Jackie Kennedy." Eventually A-M does find himself watching Alan being wheeled into surgery. After Alan passes by, Ava assures a visibly shaken A-M that he will see his father again. A-M tells Ava that this would have all been harder without her around for him. Ava says that they'll find out who did this to Alan.

Josh desperately searches for Cassie on Main Street. She has not met him at the car as planned. Remy rushes past Josh without a word. Josh hears police sirens surrounding the street. He says to himself, "This cannot be good." Josh finds Cassie disoriented on a street bench. She has no recollection of where she's been or what she's done. She starts to mention that she saw Tammy, but stops herself. Josh tries to get her to continue, but she doesn't. She tells him that she is so tired. He asks her if she took her medication, but she can't remember. The EMTs rush Alan past the two on a stretcher just as Beth and Alex follow. The Spaulding ladies tell Josh that Alan has been shot. After they have passed, Josh tells Cassie that he has to get her out of there. When they arrive at the farmhouse, Josh puts Cassie to "bed" on the couch. Marina arrives shortly to question Cassie. Marina is very understanding of the situation and assures Josh she will only question Cassie for a short time. Josh constantly answers for Cassie when Marina asks her questions. A frustrated Marina asks Josh to let Cassie answer for herself. When she realizes she won't be able to get answers from Cassie that evening, she and Josh speak privately. He tells her that he was with Cassie every minute after retrieving her from the wedding. Marina says that that is good. Josh mentions that he when he and Cassie were on Main Street, Remy ran past them wearing a uniform. Marina says she will check it out. Josh says that he doesn't want to point any fingers. Marina assures Josh that she is on their side and feels that Tammy was one of the best people and friends she had ever known. Josh tells her to go find the shooter.

Marina goes to Outskirts to find a very drunken Remy. Earlier, after the commotion on Main Street, he stuffed something in a trash bag and left. Now, he is drinking at the bar, pouring shot after shot of whiskey. Marina tells Remy by being at the wedding, he was in violation of a restraining order Alan had against him. She reads him his rights and they leave to go to the police station.

After Marina leaves the farmhouse, Josh checks on Cassie who is supposedly sleeping on the couch. Cassie is outside speaking with "Tammy," telling her daughter that she took care of everything tonight. Josh watches through the window as Cassie speaks to "no one."

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Doris is outside of Cedars Hospital giving a press conference about the condition of Alan Spaulding while he is in surgery and the entire family is awaiting his fate. Still wondering who shot Alan, Beth and Alexandra (Alex) interrupt the press conference to ask Doris to come back inside. Beth and Alex confront Doris about the way that she is handling the situation with Alan, and begin to lecture her about the Spaulding family. Doris, being ruthless and vindictive, begins to tell them that she is Alan's wife now and she will make all official decisions. Doris tells Beth that she has as much against Alan as anyone and that Beth could have been the one who gunned down Alan. Beth denies the allegations and Doris storms away.

Beth and Alex go to see Alan-Michael and Alan-Michael begins to talk with them about how they should rally together for the family so that Doris will not take over the family's wealth and company. Alan-Michael takes a phone call just before the two of them arrive to see him, and he has a discussion with an unknown about the state of Alan and that they have to move fast. Alex takes a call and leaves the room as a courier shows up with a package for Alan-Michael. Alex signs for the package, opens it and realizes that Alan-Michael is trying to take over all assets with the company. Meanwhile Ava has tried to convince Alan-Michael that he cares about his father and she wants to do all she can to help. Alan-Michael sends Ava back to the office and tells her that is where she is mostly needed right now. Ava does not listen and goes to see Gus to see if he will take the case in the investigation of the shooting of Alan. Gus tells her that this family has caused him such grief and he refuses to take on such a burden. He does not care about Alan and he deserves all that he gets. He only cares about the family he has inside. Ava leaves disappointed and returns to Cedars just as Alex opens the package of documents. Alex approaches Alan-Michael while Beth and Ava are in the room. Alan-Michael defends his honor by stating that he is protecting everything from Doris Wolfe. Beth and Alex are not convinced and they leave the room greatly concerned about his intentions. . Ava defends Alan-Michael as Alex and Beth both accuse Ava of sleeping with Alan-Michael. Ava tells Alan-Michael about her discussion with Gus and that he has refused. Alan-Michael tells Ava that he will hire his own private investigation team to look into the shooting. Alan-Michael tells Ava that he appreciates her help.

Gus and Harley are at home and Daisy arrives to see them. Harley informs Daisy that she has signed her up for community service at Cedars. Daisy Agrees to volunteer to give back to the community. Daisy arrives at the hospital meets the supervisor and is alarmed that he is flirting with her. He walks away, tells her to wait, and she is scared for her safety and so she decides to hide out for a few minutes. In the meantime, Reva has arrived at Cedars after see the news about the shooting. She is approached by Doris they begin to confront each other, but Doris gets a call and must leave. As Doris walks away, Reva sees Daisy and asks her what she is doing here. Daisy explains about the supervisor and Reva agrees to take her home to Harley and Gus. Reva and Daisy get back to the house, and Gus had talked Harley out of following her to Cedars, but Harley did call to find out that Daisy was no where around. Reva arrives with Daisy, and Harley is furious. Reva tries to explain that she was a worried grandmother, and Harley tells her to but out. She is trying so hard with her. Reva takes heed and Harley apologizes and states that she may need some help but she will ask if need be. Gus has taken Daisy outside to have a nice talk with her. They all apologize to each other and all is well....

Remy is at the police station where Marina has brought him in about the violation of the restraining order. Frank walks in and begins to question Marina. Meanwhile the investigators have found the security uniform at the crime scene. Remy admits that he was there. As they begin to question Remy, Frank begins to doubt her devotion to the case and feels that she will protect Remy at all cost due to the friendship that she and Remy Share. Marina assures him that she is a true cop, and she can do this despite her close friendship with Remy. Mel arrives at the station as Remy's attorney and older sister. She refuses to let him answer any further questions. She asks to speak with him alone. She talks with Remy and tells him that she wants to know the truth. Why he is acting so stupid when he is such a great cop. Tells him to let justice do its work, and Remy loses it. She tells him that he should only show this anger with her that it will make him the prime suspect in the shooting. He tells her that our parents did not raise them this way, and he wants justice for Alan. Furthermore, Marina tells Frank that there is new evidence in the case against Remy. He was hired as a security office on the same day as Alan and Doris' wedding under an assumed name, and Mel is shocked as well as Remy that they even know...Why did he keep this information from them?

Beth and Alex still at Cedars waiting on news about Alan's condition see a doctor and approach. They ask about Alan only to be informed that it does not look good. His BP and his heart are not looking good. Doris interrupts, pulls the surgeon away stating that she is Power-of-Attorney as Alan's wife and she will inform the rest of the family once she has been updated on Alan's condition. All updates go to her first. The rest is on a need to know basis. Beth and Alex are furious....

Reva is back at Outskirts looking at wedding footage of Doris and Alan's wedding on her computer. She begins to zoom in when she sees a figure in the background behind the railing. She zooms in to realize that it is her face she sees. What could this mean could she be the guilty one?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Inside the Light: Let's Go Shoot Alan

Both Reva and Cassie sentimentally remember the last times that they saw their children. At the bar, Reva holds onto Jonathan's favorite shirt, recalling his goodbye to her. Meanwhile, at the farm, Cassie discovers an old childhood drawing of the two of them that Tammy made. She recalls Tammy's wedding day when she rhetorically wondered what would her life be like without her daughter. "Without Tammy..." she utters as Josh approaches.

Billy brings a rack of glasses behind the bar and notices Reva reading about Alan's shooting. Even though Billy advises her not to profess her feelings so loudly, Reva touts that Alan deserved to be shot and he deserves not to survive this. Meanwhile, Josh delicately questions Cassie about her talking to herself on the porch. She shrugs it off to recounting her grocery list, but Josh insists she was having a conversation. Cassie reveals that Tammy comes to her and talks to her. She knows it's not real, but it's comforting. With a pained expression, Josh tells Cassie that she's hurting even more than she realizes. He once again suggests Felicia, the psychiatrist. Cassie rages that she doesn't want to see the doctor because she doesn't want her visions to cease. She wants Tammy always around her. After a little more encouraging from Josh, she relents to go make an appointment. She tells Josh not to come; she'll call him from the hospital.

Later, Cassie exits a hospital supply closet wearing a doctor's coat. Stealthily she sneaks passed Alan's security guard and enters his room, where he lays unconscious on a respirator. As Josh visits Reva at Outskirts to discuss Cassie, Cassie trails her fingers along Alan's life support equipment. Josh explains to Reva what happened with Cassie the night of the shooting. Reva wants to be honest with Josh as they promised they would be from now on. She tells him that Cassie has confided the visions to her. Josh wonders if in these visions, Tammy is directing Cassie to take certain action.

Back at the hospital, Cassie grips Alan's respirator and argues that she couldn't let him get away with it. She couldn't let him celebrate getting away with it. When his heart monitor alarms, she releases the respirator. Tammy appears in the room and tells Cassie everything will be okay. No, it won't, Cassie replies and slaps Alan across the face. Just as she does, Reva enters the room, her mouth gapping in shock.

Cassie tries to explain that it isn't what it looks like. As she unbuttons the lab coat, Reva assuages the situation, saying that Cassie had to find a way to get in there somehow. They discuss the pain of losing Tammy. Cassie says Josh has been good, but this hole can't be filled. Reva understands that it's different for him-for anyone who hasn't experienced it. Cassie wants to do anything to hold onto Tammy. Reva tells her that Tammy is no longer there. Hostile, Cassie moves away from her. She knows Tammy's not there. She's dead because of Alan. Cassie never thought she could hate so much. She wants to know what to do with all the hate.

Reva agrees that she can't feel sympathy for Alan, but there's a difference between what one wants to do with the hate and what they should do. With something like this, it drives people-even herself-to do anything, but she advises Cassie that they shouldn't be there. Cassie won't leave. She has more to say to him. Reva winds up gently, but physically, removing Cassie.

Returning to the bar alone, Reva explains the situation to Billy. He thinks it's generous of Reva to want to help Cassie and Josh; however, he's more interested in a parking stub he found in her car that places her at Towers at the exact time Alan was shot. If she wants to help Cassie and Josh so badly, why then, he asks her, is she withholding this information.

On Main Street, Josh lectures Cassie about sneaking around in a lab coat to see Alan. Cassie says she just wanted to watch him lying in the bed. Josh seems skeptical and Cassie berates him for not believing her, saying that he thinks she probably just wanted to finish what she started. He probably thinks she shot him. Josh doesn't know what to believe with all the erratic behavior he's witnessed. He also reminds her that she's had blackouts. As much as Cassie hates Alan, she's not sure she's capable of shooting him. Even if she did, living with that crime is easier than living with Josh's lost faith in her. He hasn't lost faith in her, he utters as they huddle on the bench. He just doesn't understand how this whole mess has affected her. If she shot Alan, it was because he drove her to it. Josh wants her to trust him. He's with her no matter what. They will get to the bottom of what happened. Cassie wonders how. "The only way we can. We're going to go shoot Alan."

Josh and Cassie walk through the night of Alan's shooting step by step. He asks her what she stashed in her pocket before she left. She lies about the grocery list again, but Josh demands that she stop lying. Cassie admits that it was the wedding announcement. She could hear it as if it were talking to her, telling her that Alan was going to free and he got away with it. She left then, saying she was going shopping, but it was really Towers that she was headed to. Next the two head to the restaurant.

At the empty Towers, Josh asks her to describe what she remembers. She remembers shattering the glasses and walking toward Alan. She struggles against remembering, but Josh maintains the trek through her memories. She admits pulling out the photo of Tammy to make Alan look at her.

At Outskirts, Billy grills Reva about her reasons for being at Towers. She balks at him. He reminds her that if anyone finds out she was at Towers, she'd better come up with a hell of an excuse for not coming forward about being there. He asks who saw her there. Only one person, Reva says. Billy's eyes enlarge when she says just Alan.

Back in the elevator, Josh pulls the emergency button. Alan took a bullet in that elevator. Josh wants to know if Cassie was in there with Alan while he retrieved the car. Josh pretends to be Alan and pushes Cassie to tell him whatever it is that she has to say to him. Josh corners her in the elevator, talking pompously as Alan would about his guests and his new bride. Cassie yells that she doesn't want to do this, but Josh hammers on, goading her that she did not stop his wedding and he plans to have a long rich life with his family. Cassie fights him off, rushing for the buttons, sobbing that she has to get out of there.

At the bar, Billy learns that Reva and Alan spent moments alone while he was having a cigar. She wanted to leave when she realized it was Alan's wedding but couldn't stop herself from bashing him once more. Alan smugly laughed in her face. In that moment, she knew she wanted to kill him, but she didn't shot him. Someone else had that honor.

Back at the farm, Cassie doesn't understand how she could shoot someone but not know she did it. She thinks that she should have some sort of nagging feeling that she did it, but she doesn't. Josh thinks it's okay but pleads with her to stay open with him. They can fix it all if they can just be honest with each other. Cassie says she's cloudy. Immediately finding something he can help, Josh goes for her pills. He plans to toss them out, but Cassie fights him for them, yelling that she needs them. They could be the only things that keeps Tammy close. She's afraid to lose the anger because she will lose Tammy. Josh comforts her. She won't lose Tammy. She won't lose him. He urges her to trust him and give them a chance to move on. Both of their hands on the pills, he pleads with her to let go. Cassie hesitantly releases the pills and Josh takes her into his arms.

Later, she admits to Josh that she did want to kill Alan the day after the wedding. She wanted to take the gun Josh keeps at the farm and shoot Alan over Tammy's grave front of everyone. Josh reminds her that she never acted on her fantasies-never once on any of the occasions that she has confronted Alan. Cassie believes killing him was on her mind. Josh explains that there's a great difference between a fantasy and reality. She has never acted it on it before, so he believes that she didn't act on it this time either. He encourages her that she didn't do it. She's not a killer and Alan Spaulding didn't turn her into one. For the first time Cassie looks relieved.

Meanwhile, Billy feels confident that Reva didn't do it. It's something she would never be able to keep to herself. She would have told him already. He does wonder about Josh and Cassie, both of whom have no alibis. Reva huffs that neither of them did it. Reva tells Billy that the police have no suspects. The only person who knows who shot Alan is Alan himself. If he doesn't make it out of this, no one else ever will know. Billy sighs and Reva tears up her parking stub.

Cassie falls asleep on the sofa and dreams about Tammy in black and white. Tammy tells her that she was crazy to think she could only see her because of the pills. They'll always have a connection. She tells her mother that she has to go, but she promises she will always be there in her heart. They hold hands as Tammy fades. The screen becomes full color as Cassie smiles and says goodbye. Meanwhile, Josh tosses out the pills and he remembers Cassie telling him she wanted to take his gun to the funeral. While she's sleeping, he checks the gun box. It's empty. "My gun," he says and gazes at Cassie on the sofa.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mallet and Frank wander trough the crime scene discussing the possible suspects in Alan's shooting - just about everyone besides Blake (in a coma).

Harley confronted Daisy about skipping school. The two of them agree to meet with the guidance counselor. Harley is proud she was able to handle Daisy without getting upset. Daisy plans to leave. Gus promises to act as Daisy's father. Harley asks Frank for help raising Daisy. Frank advises Harley to let Daisy have some time to settle in. Meanwhile, Daisy is packing, sneaks out and runs smack dab into Gus, who is waiting for her - anticipating her next move. Gus drags her back into the house. Gus tries to convince Daisy Harley loves her and is trying to help her. Daisy just wants to leave. Gus takes Daisy into town. Gus shares how the town has changed. He tries to connect with her. He shares his experiences of Harley being in prison and how he never gave up on her. He assures her he won't give up on her, either. They share a movie. Harley finds them coming out of the show. Harley wants to know what's going on. Gus tells her he caught Daisy trying to run away. Harley tells Gus she doesn't approve of the way Gus is handling it. Gus tells her she has to trust him. Harley loses her cool with Daisy, while Daisy thanks Gus for a good afternoon together.

An excited Ashlee wants to share time with Lizzie and her dog, Moxy. Lizzie calls her a dog a mutt and assures Ashlee they are not "family". Doris starts planning redecorating much to Beth's disgust. Purple curtains - Alan hates purple. Doris continues to throw her new status, Mrs. Alan Spaulding, in Beth's face. Doris restricts Beth and Lizzie to the East Wing (they're currently in the South Wing). Ashlee argues with Doris' decisions, but Doris just ignores her. Doris takes away their driver's privileges and orders them to take their meals in the kitchen. They disagree with her orders and Doris attempts to have them thrown out by a police officer. As the officer tries to remove Beth, she tells him to wait - he'll hurt the baby! Lizzie stares - open-mouthed! Doris rolls her eyes and doesn't believe her. Beth assures Doris that Alan is the father. Doris demands she take a pregnancy test and a paternity test. Beth and Lizzie leave to visit Alan to tell him about the baby. Doris warns her not to stress Alan - another heart attack and he might not survive. Ashlee tries to talk some sense into Doris. Doris continues on her quest to evict Beth and Lizzie. Lizzie and Beth run into Lillian. Lillian tells them they're not optimistic about Alan's recovery. Beth tells Lillian maybe it's better Alan not recover.

Dinah reports the theft of her bank account and credit card accounts. Marina assures Dinah they have a team of identity-theft experts. Marina believes the thief wants Dinah to know it's personal. Mallet promises Dinah they'll figure out who is responsible. Mallet tries unsuccessfully to get Marina to let him handle his investigation of Remy's involvement in the Spaulding shooting case. Dinah makes a phone call checking the status of a prisoner.

Friday, February 23, 2007


Cassie comes across Lizzie on Main Street and the two start talking. Lizzie starts talking about how hard it has been losing her baby and then realizes who she is talking about. After apologizing, Lizzie tells Cassie that she misses Tammy and shares a warm memory of her. When she is done, Lizzie worries that it was inappropriate to talk about Tammy but Cassie wants to hear more about her daughter. When they are done talking, Lizzie acknowledges that she is partly to blame for Tammy, as well as Jonathan and Sarah's, death. Cassie warmly tells her she believes her. Lizzie points out that ever since she lost her father people keep abandoning her and wonders if being alone is her punishment. She asks Cassie if you ever get over losing someone. Cassie gently admits that you do not get over it but it does get easier. Cassie states that she will always miss Tammy but she has to learn to live with herself again.

Josh is at Cedars talking to Ava. After inquiring about Alan-Michael's condition, he starts to pump Ava for information regarding the investigation into Alan's shooting. Before Ava could tell him anything, Alan-Michael comes and demands to know why Josh is so interested and reminds Josh that he tired to attack Alan with a wine bottle. When Josh tries to explain what happened, Alan-Michael accuses josh or someone else in his family of shooting Alan. Josh shoots back that Alan-Michael could look at his own family for suspects and leaves.

Cassie returns to the farm to find Josh there. She tells him about seeing Lizzie and how it helped her. Cassie states that she is feeling the tiniest glimmer of hope that she could move forward in her life. Josh looks disturbed though and tells her that that his gun is missing and he does not know how long it has been gone. Cassie realizes that he thinks she took it to Alan's wedding. Josh tells her he does not know and an upset Cassie realizes that she does not either. Cassie is worried but Josh tells her he will take care of it. He gets the box the gun had been in and breaks the lock so that should the cops trace his gun to Alan's shooting, he can "discover" that it was stolen. Cassie does not like the idea of Josh lying to the police for her but he insists on protecting her. Later, a worried Cassie asks Josh if he thinks she could be a murderer.

At Cedars, Ava apologizes to Alan Michael about talking to Josh since she did not realize he was pumping her for information. A morose Alan-Michael tells her to forget about it. When Ava offers to help him get some work done, he suddenly tells her she can leave. He then shocks her by stating that he will not be needing her for a while and will assign her to work for Alexandra. Ava argues that she wants to stay and help him but Alan-Michael refuses her help. Ava asks why he is pushing her away and theorizes that he does not want her to see him vulnerable. When Ava assures Alan-Michael that she knows he is frustrated by his condition, he kisses her hand. This is witnessed by Coop. When Coop approaches, Ava coldly walks away. Coop apologizes to Alan-Michael for causing the fight that led to his paralysis; Alan-Michael accepts his apology. Coop then asks to speak to Ava alone. When they go into the hall, Coop suddenly kisses Ava. When a surprised Ava, who does reciprocate, asks why he did that, Coop responds that he wanted to remind her of them. Coop is put out by Ava's ambivalence and asks if they are over or do they fight for what they had. Ava brings up Alan-Michael and admits that she is confused about her feelings for both men. When Coop asks her if she honestly trusts Alan;-Michael despite all the stuff he has pulled, Ava says yes. Coop tries to tell Ava that Alan-Michael is a player and a user; for all they know he could have shot his father. Ava thinks that is ridiculous As Ava defends Alan-Michael, Coop says he cannot be around someone with blinders on and walks off.

Alan-Michael is visiting an unconscious Alan, talking to him and trying to make him comfortable. He is having a hard time adjusting the blanket because of his wheelchair, so 'Alan-Michael easily gets out of it.

Lizzie goes to Towers and sneaks past the crime scene tape to enter the elevator where Alan was shot. Suddenly, the power goes out in the elevator and the doors shut. A scared Lizzie pounds on the doors for help. Finally, she breaks down crying and exclaims that she is sorry to her grandfather. At that point, Mallet and Marina open the doors and Mallet asks Lizzie just what she is sorry about. Marina plays "good cop" and tries to coax the answer out of Lizzie. Lizzie replies to the both of them that she freaked out and has no idea what she was saying. Marina notices that a panel on the ceiling is open and asks Lizzie if she moved it to climb out. Lizzie admits that she did toss her purse up there for that purpose but realized she would not be able to climb out anyway. Marina asks Mallet to give her a push so she can check out the roof of the elevator. There she finds a gun.

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