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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 17, 2009 on GL
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Monday, August 17, 2009

Josh joined Olivia's table at Company. Olivia said she was better thanks to Josh. She added that Emma was on her way home. Josh's phone rang, and Olivia joked that it was his "other friend," Reva. When Josh answered, Reva said that she'd locked her keys in her car outside the grocery store. Anticipating that Josh had to leave, Olivia started wrapping his food up before the call even ended. He thanked Olivia, and he left to help Reva.

Once Josh arrived at Reva's car, Reva handed him a coat hanger, and directed him to open her car with it. As they bantered, Josh accidentally opened her car with the remote control from his car. "Well, that's not very safe," Reva decided. Reva thanked him, and hurriedly left.

At Cross Creek, Reva unloaded her groceries, and the kitchen sink sprayed her again. She swore that she wouldn't call Josh. Instead, she left a plumber a message to show up there right away. Next, she called Company, and Blake gave her the number of another plumber. When Reva got that plumber's voicemail, she relented to calling Josh. "Another message machine," she said to herself. She tearfully left a message that she needed Josh to fix the sink again.

Before Josh ever called back, a plumber arrived, and fixed the sink. Reva wrote him a check, and realized that her wedding anniversary was approaching. After the plumber left, Reva told Jeffrey's picture, "It's almost our wedding anniversary. We've been together for a year."

Back at Company, a harried Vanessa told Blake that she was still juggling WSPR and her regular life. Vanessa left, hoping that she'd get her life back together soon. Blake approached Olivia to refill her coffee. Olivia said she was doing better, and apologized for being rude the other day. Blake reticently said that she was glad that Olivia had mended her broken heart.

A pregnant Natalia arrived back in Springfield. She visited Father Ray at the church to thank him for sending her to Sister Ann's. She said that she'd been able to think and pray there. Father Ray wondered if Natalia had figured out what God wanted her to do. Natalia replied that she'd done better than that; she'd figured out what she wanted. She'd gotten confirmation from God that she'd made the right choices, and she planned to be happy from then on.

Natalia left the church, and called Blake to meet across the street from Company. Blake rushed across the street to hug her. Natalia said that she was back, and ready to make a life for herself in Springfield. Blake was surprised that Natalia hadn't seen Frank, Rafe, or Olivia yet, and wondered if Natalia had a plan. Natalia wanted to talk to Olivia before divulging her plans.

Meanwhile, Olivia encountered Father Ray at the mini-mart. After she expressed her excitement about Emma returning to town, Father Ray asked if Olivia had heard from Natalia. Olivia said she hadn't. She figured that both Natalia and she had made their choices. Olivia didn't know if she'd ever be over Natalia, but Olivia was moving on.

After Olivia took Emma home from the airport later, they left to play at the park. Meanwhile, Natalia knocked on their Beacon door to discover they weren't home. Natalia drove around until she located Olivia and Emma on the playground.

Olivia left Emma playing, and met Natalia at her car. Natalia said that Olivia probably wondered why Natalia had left. Olivia agreed that she'd "wondered." Natalia explained that she'd gone on a retreat, because she'd had some decisions to make. Olivia didn't understand what else Natalia had to figure out. Natalia showed her belly, and said, "I'm pregnant."

Billy stopped by the church to ask Father Ray to marry Vanessa and Billy that afternoon at Towers. Next, Billy went to Bill house, where Bill and Lizzie were in bed, working on their baby-making project. Billy burst into their bedroom to invite them to his wedding to Vanessa. Bill hadn't realized that his mother had accepted his father's proposal. Billy replied that the wedding would be a surprise for Vanessa.

At Towers later, Lizzie complimented Billy's wedding décor. Billy explained that he wanted Bill to bring Vanessa to Towers for lunch. Billy envisioned that everyone would yell, "Surprise!" and then Vanessa and he would get married.

Bill and Lizzie questioned whether surprising Vanessa with a wedding was a good idea. Though Billy hadn't officially proposed to Vanessa, he insisted that he knew what she wanted. Billy left to make sure that Vanessa would be at WSPR when Bill arrived. "This has disaster written all over it. Disaster," Lizzie told Bill.

At WSPR later, Bill asked Vanessa to lunch, but she replied that she was much too busy. Bill tried to guilt her into spending time with her son, but Vanessa wouldn't take the bait. Next, Bill claimed that Lizzie and he were having trouble in the bedroom. "You'll work it out," Vanessa awkwardly replied. When Bill left, she wondered, "What in the world?"

When Josh arrived at Towers, Billy asked Josh to be the best man at the surprise wedding to Vanessa. Josh seemed dubious about a surprise wedding, but Billy insisted that he was merely relieving a distraught Vanessa of the wedding planning stress. Lizzie delicately explained to Billy that Vanessa was a woman who liked to be in control. Billy reasoned that sometimes, Vanessa liked someone else to be in control. "An instant bride?" Lizzie quizzically asked.

Bill entered, saying that Vanessa wouldn't be guilted or charmed into lunch. "I even told her that Lizzie and I were having trouble in bed-which we're not, by the way," Bill added. Billy told Josh and Bill that it was time for "Plan B."

At WSPR, Bill distracted Vanessa, who rambled about Ashlee's road trip to Canada. Billy sneaked up, and tossed a pillowcase over Vanessa's head. Josh uncoiled some rope.

Once at Towers, Vanessa warned that Billy had better have a good explanation. Billy slipped the case off her head, and everyone half-heartedly said, "Surprise!" Grinning, Billy reminded her of his intentions to marry her, and gestured to the wedding accoutrements. Vanessa insisted that she wasn't marrying him. Billy was disheartened that they wouldn't be together.

Vanessa pulled him aside, tersely whispering that she never said they wouldn't be together; she just refused to do it in that way. Vanessa wanted a courtship and a proper proposal. "And I want some input," she insisted, and then wondered when their last date had been.

"So you're not saying no?" Billy realized. Vanessa replied that she wasn't saying no. Billy grinned, and made a date with her for the following evening. Vanessa told Lizzie, Bill, and Josh that they were in big trouble. As Vanessa marched out, Bill yelled that Lizzie and he were not having problems in the bedroom.

Josh asked Billy if he were okay. Billy was ecstatic to be getting the love of his life back. He asked when Josh would get his. Josh didn't believe it would happen. He felt that his need to help Reva overwhelmed Reva and him, and that it had to stop.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When Jonathan casually climbed into Jeffrey's van, Jeffrey insisted that Jonathan be careful, because Edmund was watching. They took off in search of something that could pose as Sarah. Later, Jonathan laughed at the two-foot doll they'd bought to mimic Sarah. Jeffrey wanted Jonathan to pretend to talk to "Sarah" before sneaking into his hideout to grab some of his things. Jeffrey figured that Edmund wouldn't resist the urge to nab Sarah from the car. Jonathan buckled the doll into Sarah's car seat, and the men drove off in separate cars.

At Jonathan's hideout, Jonathan talked to the doll in the car seat, and then hid in the backyard. Edmund strode up to the car, and discovered the doll. "Edmund, don't move! You're under arrest!" Jeffrey yelled. Edmund fired his gun, and Jeffrey slipped behind a tree. Jonathan and Jeffrey fired on Edmund, and he returned the shots. As Jeffrey advanced, a black car pulled up. Edmund hopped in the back, and the car struck Jeffrey as it drove away with Edmund.

Jonathan and Jeffrey returned to the van. Jeffrey said Edmund had learned that Jeffrey was alive, and working with Jonathan. Jeffrey clutched his side, and noticed that Jonathan had been nicked by a bullet. Jeffrey said they needed a plan before Edmund killed everyone.

Inside Jonathan's hideout, they found a reeled tape recorder with a message from Edmund. Edmund said that he was enjoying their new game. Edmund felt he'd won the first round, and said that Jeffrey had to try again, if he wanted to protect his beloved Reva.

Edmund hated Reva, who had taken everything dear to him. Edmund didn't want Reva to know that Jeffrey was alive, because that would alleviate her suffering. Edmund threatened to kidnap Colin, Henry, and Sarah, if Jeffrey let Reva know that he hadn't really died.

Jeffrey decided that Jonathan would go to Springfield to protect Reva, while "dead" Jeffrey hunted Edmund. Jonathan stated that he was still on the run from Alan. Jeffrey insisted that Reva's life depended on it. Jonathan said he'd return in less than a week. Jeffrey thought he'd have Edmund by then. "Stay safe, little woman," Jonathan said, staring at Sarah's photo.

At the playground, Natalia explained to Olivia that she'd been sick because she was pregnant with Frank's baby. When Natalia had figured it out, she'd fled to figure out what she really wanted. Natalia cupped Olivia's face, and said she wanted to be with Olivia. "You left me, and you didn't say anything," a hurt Olivia replied. "You left me!"

Emma scampered up, excited to see Natalia. Emma noticed Natalia's pregnancy right away. Olivia said she'd call Natalia later, and marched off with Emma. Emma and Olivia went to Company for pizza and sundaes. Olivia decided that she should talk to Natalia. Olivia asked Daisy to watch Emma, and took off.

Natalia wandered to the bridge, and Matt approached, telling her that the swans were named Bill and Hillary. When Matt noted that she was pregnant, Natalia said that it was Frank's baby, but she hadn't told Frank yet. "I haven't seen you," Matt replied, and left.

Olivia called Natalia, and they met at the gazebo. Olivia stated that Natalia had left without a word. Olivia said it wasn't right for Natalia to mother Emma, and then walk out on her. Olivia admitted that she was happy to see Natalia, but her life had fallen apart while Natalia had been away. Olivia refused to allow everything to be about Natalia, after what had happened.

Natalia said she'd returned because she wanted everything to be about Olivia and her. Natalia stated that she wanted to be with Olivia for the rest of her life. Natalia, who'd never had regular periods, had considered her pregnancy to be a punishment from God. She'd feared how it would affect her relationship with Olivia. After Natalia had left Springfield, she realized that the baby was a gift, and she wanted to share it with Olivia.

Natalia said she planned to tell Frank about the child. Frank could be a father to it, but Natalia wanted to raise it with Olivia. Olivia didn't know how they could live together as a family, and raise Frank's baby, after Natalia had taken off on Olivia. Olivia loved Natalia, but Olivia sobbed that she didn't trust Natalia.

Josh sat down at Company, and checked his voicemail. He slumped his head on the table when he heard Reva's frantic message about her broken kitchen sink.

Lizzie and Reva sat at their houses, going through old mementos. When Lizzie saw a picture of Sarah, she called Reva to ask where Jonathan and Sarah were. Reva honestly didn't know where they were, and said she understood how it felt to lose someone.

After the call, Reva returned to looking at her wedding photos. She talked to Jeffrey about their wedding day, recalling what an unlikely pair they'd been. Reva heard a car pull up. Upon looking through the window, she said, "Oh, rats. It's Josh. Be right back, okay?"

Reva grabbed a watering can, and pretended to be leaving the house without knowing Josh was there. He met her in the drive, and offered to check her sink. Reva insisted that the plumber had taken care of it. Josh offered to help her water the lawn while she sat with Colin, but Reva claimed that Colin was asleep. Josh grabbed the can, and persisted to help anyway.

Once Josh was finished, he offered to check out the plumber's workmanship, but Reva said that he didn't want to go in her house. When Josh left, Reva rushed into the house, and told Jeffrey's picture, "It's just you and me. Let's get this party started."

Later, Reva took Colin to Company, and asked Daisy to watch him for an hour. Daisy said she already had Emma, but Reva insisted that Colin wouldn't be trouble. "It's Daisy's daycare," Daisy wryly said after Reva left.

At the police station, Lizzie asked Frank if he could locate Jonathan and Sarah. Frank said that the best he could do was run a check to see if Jonathan had been arrested.

Later, Lizzie waited outside Cross Creek until Reva arrived. Lizzie couldn't get Sarah off her mind. She gave Reva a copy of Sarah's picture. Reva was sorry that Lizzie was having a hard time, but said she had to take groceries into the house. Lizzie asked Reva to call if she heard from Jonathan. Lizzie left, and stared at a picture of Sarah.

Inside her house, Reva changed into her wedding dress, and entered the living room. It looked like a shrine to Jeffrey. "Happy anniversary Jeffrey," she said, and blew him a kiss.

Josh met Matt to play golf. Matt talked about Frank and Rick lying about their ages on the Internet dating site. When Matt said he'd stated that his age was 39, Josh laughed. Frank joined them, and Matt said that Josh wanted to sign up for online dating. Josh replied that it might be good to meet a woman that he had no history with. Frank didn't know if he were into dating, online or offline. Frank didn't want to spend his life with someone he didn't love.

Later, Josh left. Frank received a call from Natalia, asking him to meet her. Matt overheard, and decided to walk home instead of having Frank drive him. When Frank met Natalia near the playground, he immediately saw that she was pregnant.

Olivia went to Josh's hotel room, and he answered the door in a towel. "You, me, sex now," Olivia said, kissing him.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

After Frank noted that Natalia was pregnant, he congratulated her. She congratulated him right back, and told him that he was the father. "Wow, a baby," Frank sighed, taking a seat. Frank said they could do whatever Natalia wanted, even get married.

Natalia replied that she wanted to be with Olivia, and all three of them would raise the baby. "So that's your plan for me?" Frank asked. Natalia said it was in the baby's best interest, but Frank didn't think it was in anyone's best interest. He said he'd have to think about it, and left.

Daisy told Rafe and Ashlee that she enjoyed having free time. Rafe said that she only wanted free time to spend with James. Rafe mentioned that he'd talked to James, and James wouldn't hurt her. Ashlee teased Daisy to let her friend Rafe defend her honor.

The trio decided to visit Reva, but Rafe bailed out after Natalia called him to meet at the farmhouse. When Rafe met his mother, she announced that he would be a big brother. Rafe took the pregnancy as a sign that Natalia should be with Frank, not Olivia.

Natalia insisted that she wanted to be with Olivia, and raise the baby in a house full of love. Rafe retorted that he'd been raised with love, even though Natalia hadn't had a "playmate" at the time. He said he'd turned out okay, but he had really wanted a father in his life. Rafe felt that his new sibling deserved that chance. When Natalia held her head down, he stormed out.

At Josh's hotel room, Olivia played rough, throwing him up against the wall and kissing him. She pulled off her shirt, and Josh said it was okay to hurt him a little. "Make me forget that I'm in love with Natalia," she huskily said between kisses. Josh asked her what she'd just said, and Olivia frowned, replying, "Didn't I mention that?"

Josh sat on the bed in his towel, and Olivia explained that Natalia and she had been fighting their feelings for a long time. She said that they'd never been intimate, and Natalia had left her before they could come out at the barbecue. After Natalia had returned pregnant with Frank's baby, Olivia felt that she just needed a clean break.

Olivia tried to seduce Josh again, but he didn't think she really wanted to do it. Josh felt that one crazed woman in his life was too many, and Olivia really needed him as a friend, not a lover. He promised to be there for her, but he couldn't get in the middle of her situation sexually.

At Cross Creek, Reva donned her wedding dress, played Jeffrey's recorded songs, and ate hot dogs. She pretended that Jeffrey was in the room, and talked to the pictures on the walls and the floor. "Okay, boys, what the hell!" she shouted, sipping champagne.

Reva grabbed Jeffrey's guitar, and asked which of his pictures wanted to dance with her. As she twirled around, she glimpsed herself in the mirror. Unsettled and frightened, Reva glanced around the room, and gasped. She ran out of the house, and drove off in her car.

After a while, Reva pulled off the road, sobbing that it was all Jeffrey's fault. She said he wasn't supposed to die. She didn't know what to do. Reva got an idea, and pulled back onto the road. She drove to a construction site, where Josh was working. "Josh, you have to help me. I need you," she claimed.

Josh told her that he couldn't do it. Reva cried that it wasn't the pain or the mourning; it was something else. Reva explained that Josh had left a hole in her heart, but Jeffrey had patched it. Losing Jeffrey had made it even worse. Reva knew that Josh understood her pain. She said she was losing her mind. "Look at me! I'm standing here in my wedding dress!" Reva yelled.

Josh thought it seemed just like her to have a party with her dead husband. Reva felt as if she were fading away, and she didn't know who she was anymore. "You have to help, Bud. You have to," she pleaded. She said that she needed Josh to save her.

Josh said he'd spent his whole life saving those that he loved, especially her. He was still completely in love with Reva. "You are the most powerful force I've ever known. And sometimes, that scares the hell out of me. It wears me down, Reva," Josh claimed. He said that his life was a mess. He predicted that if he tried to save her, they'd both be lost. "You're going to have to save yourself," he decided, before continuing, "And when you do..." Reva nodded, and quietly left.

Just as Marina thanked Blake for being a stabilizing influence in Buzz's absence, Buzz breezed in, wearing a sponge liberty crown and an "I Love New York" tee shirt. Buzz doled out souvenirs, and Marina couldn't believe he'd spent the mortgage money on that stuff. Buzz insisted that they'd get the bail money back, and things would be fine. Marina wasn't so sure.

Blake called Ashlee to tell her that they needed to interview an unsuspecting Buzz for the book. Ashlee asked if she could meet Blake after Daisy and Ashlee visited Reva.

Later, Ashlee and Daisy found the door wide open at Cross Creek. Daisy was stunned to see the Jeffrey shrine. Daisy and Ashlee counted at least 200 pictures on the walls. Daisy said it wasn't normal, even for a widow. Daisy didn't want to alert anyone about it yet. She considered that it might help if she babysat Colin more. If the problem persisted, Daisy would tell Reva's family.

When Reva arrived home, she removed some of Jeffrey's pictures. She stopped after uncovering the "Always" mantel carving. She lay on the hearth, and sobbed. Meanwhile, Josh drove to the church, but couldn't bring himself to enter.

Later, Marina called Frank to say that Buzz had returned. Frank said he couldn't deal with it right then. Olivia strolled up as he ended the call, and she guessed that Natalia had told him about the baby. Frank didn't know what he'd do about it. Olivia chuckled that he was the good guy, who did the right thing. Frank stated that he couldn't do the right thing with a family that had been wrong from the beginning.

Olivia asked if Frank would marry Natalia. Frank retorted that Natalia had left him, and she wanted to raise the baby with Olivia. Olivia said that it didn't matter what Natalia wanted, because Olivia had refused her. Olivia figured that the baby needed its father. Frank admitted that he still loved Natalia, but Natalia loved Olivia. Olivia told Frank to fight for Natalia. "You will not fail, because I won't let you," Olivia said. Olivia stated that she loved Natalia, and that was why Natalia would marry Frank. Olivia didn't want any part in it.

Frank went to the farmhouse, and found Natalia sobbing about Rafe's reaction to her decision. Frank comforted her, and invited her to go with him to tell the Coopers about the baby.

When Frank and Natalia arrived at Company, Frank announced Natalia's pregnancy. Everyone congratulated them, and Marina asked if there would be a wedding. When Natalia said they hadn't planned anything, Marina looked annoyed.

Rafe found Olivia on the overpass, and said she was done. Rafe proclaimed that Olivia would be alone, while Natalia was with Frank. Olivia replied that she'd refused Natalia, not the other way around. Rafe said Natalia couldn't be with Olivia. "But I should be alone?" Olivia sarcastically quipped. Rafe warned her to stay away, and strode off.

Rafe asked Ashlee to meet him back at the bench. As he drank a beer, he told her that his mother was a pregnant lesbian. Natalia called him, but he ignored the phone call.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Reva awakened to see that her Jeffrey shrine was still intact. Marina called to invite Reva to the petting zoo, but Reva declined due to housework. Reva went outside to retrieve her newspaper, unaware that Josh stood outside, watching her house.

Later, at Company, Josh asked Daisy if she'd seen Reva. Daisy wondered if he'd been inside Reva's house. Josh said he'd seen Reva around town. Daisy replied that she'd visit Reva soon. Josh asked her about her summer, and Daisy said that all of her friends were busy.

While at the courthouse filing his own annulment papers, Shayne encountered Beth studying in the courtroom. Beth agreed with him that the annulment would legally dismiss his marriage to Dinah, but Beth doubted that it would dismiss it from his heart.

Beth went to Company. She told Josh that she'd seen Shayne filing the annulment. She understood how it felt when something didn't turn out the way one had hoped. Josh replied that he wanted Shayne to move on with his life as smoothly as possible. Beth mentioned that Shayne had Josh and Reva, but Josh differed that Reva had a lot on her plate.

At the Cooper house, Shayne arrived to tell Marina that he wanted to be a good example for Henry. Shayne felt that the annulment would help him get back on track. Mallet watched from the stairs as Shayne told Henry that he'd be there for him. Shayne played the music box from Dinah, and told Henry that Dinah had known that Henry belonged with Marina.

Mallet entered, looking for his phone. Shayne thanked Mallet for cutting him some slack a few days before. Mallet said he needed to get back to the station, but he'd try to get off early to accompany Marina and Henry to the petting zoo. After Mallet left, Shayne gave Henry a stuffed bear cub resembling one that Shayne had owned as a child.

Later, Mallet returned home in time to go to the petting zoo. He saw the stuffed bear cub. Marina said that Shayne had given it to Henry, and Henry liked it.

After they returned from the zoo, Mallet stared at the bear cub. Marina and he discussed what they'd cook for dinner, and they agreed to keep it simple. Marina said that simple and uncomplicated were how things should be. Mallet agreed, and stared at the bear cub again.

At the police station, Josh told Shayne that he'd heard that Shayne was there filing for an annulment. Shayne handed Josh a slip of paper, and said, "I've never been married." Josh thought Shayne should talk to Reva about the annulment, but Josh warned Shayne not to tell Reva that he hadn't used Jeffrey's lawyer friend to do it.

Josh went to Towers for a double bourbon and branch. Ed noted that it was a serious drink. "Reva," Josh replied, with a wry grin. Ed stated, "Some things never change." Ed said that Reva had loved ones around to take care of her, especially Josh. "Especially me," Josh echoed.

While cleaning up her party, Reva saw Daisy approaching the house. By the time Daisy made it down the drive, Reva had grabbed her water can, and pretended to be gardening outside. Reva stated that everything was fine, and she might go with Marina to the zoo that afternoon.

"I saw them," Daisy abruptly said. Daisy explained that Ashlee and she had seen all the pictures in the house when they'd stopped by the previous day.

Reva stuttered, and Daisy stated that she didn't want an explanation. She just wanted to know that Reva was okay. Reva promised that she was all right. They hugged, and Reva asked if Daisy had told anyone else. "Not yet. If you start acting weird, I'll have to say something," Daisy said with a smile. Reva smiled, saying that it was fair enough, and Daisy took off.

Inside, Reva told the pictures that they had to go in the basement. She looked at one picture, and gave in. "Okay, you can stay," she decided, kissing it. When Reva turned, she saw Jonathan, and screamed. Jonathan screamed, and Reva screamed again. They hugged each other. Jonathan said he'd arrived to check on her, and not a moment too soon, from the look of things.

Reva dismissed the shrine as nothing, compared to everything else. She asked where Sarah was, and Jonathan said it hadn't been safe to travel with the four-year old. He stated that no one could know that he was there, checking up on his "momma."

Reva introduced Jonathan to his little brother. Jonathan took Colin into his arms, stating that they had bonding to do. When Reva walked away, Jonathan called Jeffrey to say that Jonathan was holding Colin. Jeffrey asked about Reva, and Jonathan said she was hanging in there. Jeffrey said that he had to dump his phone, and he'd call Jonathan another time.

Reva returned with a photo album. She cried, showing Jonathan pictures of the day that Colin had been born. She continually referred to Jeffrey as she talked. When Reva told Jonathan about their wedding reception at the weenie wagon, Jonathan laughed at her. She hit him, and said it was part of the "what the hell" life they'd led. She went to the back of the house to get more pictures.

Meanwhile, outside Cross Creek, Shayne saw a man inside Reva's house. "Edmund," Shayne whispered. Shayne barreled into the house, and attacked Jonathan.

At Cedars, Phillip handed Ed a souvenir from Mexico. Ed wondered what Phillip had been thinking. "Obviously, I wasn't. I wanted there to be answers," Phillip replied. Phillip had returned to town to get his affairs straight. He knew it was time to talk to his family about his illness, but he still wanted to have a few days with them first.

Ed thought that the B.W.D. had progressed, and Phillip only had a few weeks to live. Phillip admitted to feeling tired. Ed anticipated that Phillip would experience a shortness of breath soon.

As Phillip and Ed walked down the corridor, they encountered Beth. Phillip said he'd just gotten back, and he wanted to spend time with everyone. Beth replied that James thought Phillip was an ass, and she had a tight schedule. Beth strode off, and Ed wished Phillip luck.

At Company, Phillip asked Daisy where James was. Daisy said she doubted the motives of any Spaulding looking for James. She offered Phillip coffee. He declined, and left.

At the mansion, Alan told James that they were a team, and they needed to get to the office. James thought that he should have a say in things, if they were a team. James said that he'd go to the office for half the day, but Alan had to play Frisbee at the park for the other half.

After Alan gave James a lesson in contracts, James enthusiastically moved onto budgets. Alan commented that Spauldings rarely wanted to work with him; they'd rather fight with him, or commandeer the family business. James preferred fun to fighting. Alan replied that there was more to life than fun, but James said that Alan was making it too complicated.

James left, and Ed arrived, hoping that Alan would be there when Phillip revealed his illness to the family. Alan agreed to be there, citing that the family would handle the matter with strength and dignity, as they'd always done. Ed said that, unlike Alan, they'd be in shock, and unable to pretend it didn't matter. Alan replied that it mattered, but he couldn't stop it. Alan said the family would support each other, and move on.

Later, Ed sat with Beth at Company while she studied. Ed thought that becoming a lawyer was time-consuming. Beth replied that, besides Peyton, no one really needed her.

Phillip found James on his way to the park. James declined the offer to join Phillip at the driving range, because he had plans with Alan. Phillip asked him to blow Alan off, but James reckoned that Phillip and James had plenty of time to go to the driving range, which would be open through November. James left, saying he couldn't keep Alan waiting.

Alan strolled around the corner moments later, and Phillip implored him to cancel with James. "He asked me, so I'm going to spend some time with him," Alan replied. Phillip said he wouldn't be around much longer, and he needed to spend time with James. Alan felt that Phillip should have thought of that before gallivanting off to Mexico.

At the park, Daisy encountered James. She said she hadn't liked the thought of James spending time with Alan; however, she'd decided that, from the looks of Alan, James was doing a good thing. James wondered what he'd get for it. Daisy kissed him as Alan approached.

While James and Alan played Frisbee, Alan noted that James had a gift for numbers. Alan figured that James could go far, if he didn't let someone get in his way.

Phillip watched them play from a bench. Beth sat beside him, and wondered if Alan and James gave Phillip hope that things would work out. Beth assured Phillip that it would in time.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Olivia had just received a large bouquet of flowers from Natalia. Vanessa saw Olivia trying to find a place in the hotel for the arrangement and mentioned that she had just spent the day shopping for a date. Vanessa admitted that she was nervous and pointed out that everyone had somebody in their life who made them do crazy things.

Billy called Vanessa to see if they could have their dinner date at 4:30 as opposed to 7:00 p.m. because he could not wait to see her. The pair negotiated for dinner at 6:00. At dinner, they reminisced about old times. When Billy took her home, Vanessa told him that the flowers that he gave her and the dinner were beautiful. After Vanessa told him that she enjoyed dating, Billy kissed her goodnight.

In the middle of their fist fight, Shayne finally recognized Jonathan. After Shayne's realization, Jonathan took a swing at Shayne and the fight began anew. Reva finally broke up the fight and formally introduced the brothers to one another. Shayne asked Reva if she had known that Jonathan would be arriving. Reva said that she had not and mildly scolded Jonathan for not being in touch with her for two years.

Shayne thought that it was quite a coincidence that Jonathan remained in hiding for two years and then suddenly showed up when Edmund was on the loose. Shayne voiced his suspicion that Jonathan was working with Edmund. Reva broke up their argument and insisted that Jonathan would never work with Edmund because Edmund tried to drown Jonathan when he was a baby. She then defended Shayne to Jonathan by telling him about Dinah's role in the situation and her having left Shayne. Reva then insisted that the boys hug, which they did half-heartedly.

After some talk, Shayne left the room and Jonathan snidely remarked that Shayne was just like Josh. To counter Jonathan's suspicion of Shayne, Reva insisted that Shayne had been there for her. Reva mentioned how tough being on the run must have been for Jonathan. Jonathan shrugged it off by saying that he was trouble like his mother. Reva said that was true, and pointed out that Shayne was very much like his father. Jonathan brought up the "Jeffrey museum" and told Reva that it was weird.

Later, Jeffrey called Jonathan to tell him that he was leaving and would call later. Jonathan asked Jeffrey where he was going but, of course, Jeffrey wouldn't tell him. Shayne overheard the call and assumed that Jonathan had been talking to Edmund. Jonathan snidely pointed out that Shayne was Josh's son because he made trouble where there was none. Shayne made it clear that he did not like--or trust--Jonathan but would be civil for Reva's sake. Jonathan made it clear that he did not like Shayne, either.

As Cyrus and Buzz sifted through Jenna's notes, Mel walked into Company to finalize the legal paperwork on Cyrus' case. When Mel announced that Cyrus was legally a free man, Cyrus wanted clarification that Mel meant he was able to travel anywhere-even out of the country. Mel assured him that was fine. Later, a frustrated Buzz asked Cyrus why Jenna kept all of her stuff and why he and Coop cared so much about it. Cyrus noted that they cared about Jenna.

Later, Buzz noticed that Frank was upset, and made it clear that he was not going to drop the Jenna project. Frank stated that he was not upset about that. He was upset about Natalia and the baby. At that point, Natalia walked in. After Buzz excused himself, Natalia told Frank that Lillian recommended the name of a good doctor, and Natalia had already scheduled a prenatal exam.

When Natalia invited Frank to go, he asked if Olivia was going to be there. Natalia said that she hoped Olivia would be, but she did not know. Natalia asked Frank if that was a problem, and he told her that he was not sure about her and Olivia raising the baby.

Ashlee finished typing up Blake's manuscript about Jenna. Since that was done, Blake just needed Ashlee to interview Buzz about Jenna. Blake was certain that the sale of the book would save Company. Blake called Cyrus and asked him to leave Company, because Buzz might be more inclined to answer questions if he were alone.

Blake saw Olivia's flowers at the Beacon and mentioned that Olivia needed a bigger table. Olivia asked Blake if she had known about Natalia's pregnancy. When Blake affirmed that she had, Olivia asked why Blake didn't tell her. Blake stated that Natalia had asked her not to and Blake respected that request. When Olivia asked why Natalia confided in Blake and not her, Blake said that it was often easier to confide in someone who was not personally involved. Blake told Olivia that she was sure things would work out between Olivia and Natalia.

Natalia went to the store to buy some cookie dough. Mel was there, as well, and the pair decided to make cookies together. As the pair made cookies, Natalia asked Mel if she was baking them for a friend. Mel made it clear that she hoped the person she was baking them for would be more than a friend.

After Cyrus left, Buzz did some research on the Company laptop. Suddenly, Buzz noticed Frank's on-line dating profile. Frank quickly denied to his father that it was his. Later, Frank went to the store, where Blake saw him looking at baby toys. Blake suggested that he pick a neutral color like yellow. Frank thought it was better if he bought nothing. Frank confided in Blake that he did not know where he would fit in the baby's life if Natalia lived with Olivia.

Blake realized that Frank was afraid that he would become an outsider in the child's life, and assured him that divorced couples, and unmarried couples, struggled with that same issue. Blake assured Frank that he was a great guy and she was certain that he could figure it out.

Mel delivered the cookies to the intended recipient-Cyrus. Cyrus commented on what a nice gesture that was and said that he felt that he should do nice things for her. Mel told him that the cookies were for his birthday. Seeing his surprised expression, Mel said that his date of birth was on his paperwork. Touched, Cyrus noted that it was the nicest thing anyone had done for him in a long time. Suddenly, Mel kissed him-twice-and told him that she had wanted to do that for a long time.

Cyrus and Mel began to make love. However, when they fell off the bed, Mel quickly put a stop to it and suggested that they just eat the cookies. Cyrus remarked that Mel was cute when she was nervous. Mel suggested that Cyrus tell her a little something about himself, and asked about the significance of the dog tag that he wore. Cyrus said that his mother's birth date was engraved on it and he wore it as a way to remember her.

When Mel decided to leave, Cyrus remarked that he would see her "next year." Mel said that she hoped to return sooner. Afterwards, Cyrus booked a flight to Australia.

Natalia went to Olivia's office to deliver her chocolate chip cookies. A cold Olivia told Natalia that she should not have sent the flowers. When Natalia said that she wanted to show Olivia how important Olivia was to her, Olivia replied that she didn't think she could believe anything Natalia said. Olivia ordered Natalia to take her cookies and get out.

Olivia, who did not want the flowers, drove out to Reva's to give them to her. When Olivia asked how Reva was doing, Reva said that it was difficult when the person that one loved was not there anymore.

Frank saw Natalia and told her that he would love to go to her prenatal appointments with her. Frank asked again if Olivia would be there and Natalia said that she did not think Olivia wanted to be with her. Frank assured Natalia that, no matter what, he and Natalia would work things out regarding the baby. Frank kindly suggested to Natalia that they should draw up legal papers to protect Frank's happiness and their baby's.

Natalia returned to Olivia's and told her that she knew what Olivia needed. Natalia thought that Olivia needed proof that Natalia loved her, and asked what would prove it. Olivia doubted that anything would. Natalia knew that something would and told Olivia that she would figure it out. Natalia told Olivia that she would keep trying until Olivia realized that their relationship would work out.

Blake entered Company. Ashlee told Blake that she and Buzz were chatting about true love. Blake said that Buzz was an expert on that. Buzz knew that she was talking about Jenna and said that was luck. Blake pointed out that most people could not find real love at different points in their lives. Blake said that she had true love once, but lost it. When Blake said that she would never find it again, Buzz agreed with her. Buzz said that she'd find something different and something to live for. Buzz said that one had to live in the moment.

Back at Company, Frank made a sarcastic remark about Cyrus. Buzz defended Cyrus, whom he called a good guy. As Buzz defended what he and Cyrus were doing, suddenly, Frank received a dating profile alert. Buzz assured Frank that there was nothing wrong with searching, and told Frank that, perhaps, he would find some answers. Frank visited his profile and had an enjoyable conversation with a woman who-unbeknownst to him-was Blake.

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