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Julie Catherine Camaletti
Who's Who in Springfield: Julie  Camaletti | Guiding Light on Soap Central
Actor History

Jocelyn Seagrave (July 13, 1991 to July 14, 1994)

Mira Sorvino (temporary replacement, December 1991 to January 1992)



Former nanny to Marina Cooper

Former dance student


Unknown; Last known whereabouts: Vancouver

Marital Status

Single/Never Been Married

Past Marriages



Tony "Mallet" Camaletti (Brother)

Henry Cooper Camalleti (nephew)



Flings & Affairs

Hart Jessup (lovers; deceased)

Dylan Lewis (engaged)

Crimes Committed

Along with Lucy Cooper, arrested and briefly jailed for being a "peeping Tom" at the Spaulding mansion.(bail paid by Alan-Michael Spaulding (January 1, 1994)

Snuck into Frank Cooper's bed [May 2, 1994]

Fraud; faked a telegram from Hart Jessup to Bridget Reardon. [June 24, 1994]

Eavesdropped on a phone call from Alan-Michael Spaulding to Lucy Cooper. [July 4, 1994]

Brief Character History

Julie Camaletti first appeared in July 1991 in New York after her older brother Tony "Mallet" Camaletti lost his love Francesca. Julie had been kidnapped by Francesca's father, Marco, and when Francesca broke up with Mallet and married Giancarlo, Julie was released. Julie followed Mallet to Springfield and fell in love with Hart Jessup. When Mallet discovered that Julie's boyfriend was Hart, he tried to break them up, since he blamed Hart's father for his losing Francesca. Hart and Julie were forced to meet each other secretly with the help of Bridget Reardon. Finally, Mallet discovered their secret meetings but Harley Cooper convinced him to let the couple stay together. Unfortunately, Hart became frustrated with Julie's refusal to sleep with him and Julie's fairy tale romance ended ended when she learned that Hart had an affair with her friend, Bridget.

Heartbroken, Julie accepted the friendship of Dylan Lewis. One day, when he and Julie were trapped in an elevator, Julie confided in Dylan about the reason she left Hart. Still in the elevator, Dylan had a panic attack and he and Julie bonded. Soon the pair became close and Julie urged Dylan to sleep with her. However, Dylan continually refused because he didn't want to make the same mistakes he had with Harley by rushing into things. Finally one day, when the couple was at the beach, they made love. Not long after, Dylan and Julie's new relationship became tense because Julie felt neglected due to Dylan's work at Lewis Oil. In early 1993, Hart returned to town and, though happy to see his friend, Dylan realized that Hart wanted to win Julie back. Julie assured Dylan that she only loved him and that Hart was history. Later, Dylan's dad, Billy, caught Hart in an attempt to steal money. Dylan and Julie talked Billy out of pressing charges and convinced him to give Hart a job. Meanwhile, Dylan continued to be nasty to Hart because he was afraid of losing Julie, which led to arguments between the couple. Soon, Dylan bought land to build a house there for him and Julie. Later, he needed to attend a family meeting at Cross Creek but as he was about to board the plane, he decided to have Julie join him. He found Hart with her but decided not to react jealously. Not long after, Billy promoted Dylan as head of Lewis Construction but Vinnie Morrison, whom Dylan had fired, arrived with two friends and threatened Julie outside. Hart rushed to her rescue and Dylan helped him, whereupon Dylan hired Hart to help him to build his house. In addition, Dylan proposed to Julie and dreamed of the perfect life with her. Unfortunately, Julie was unable to resist her first love and slept with Hart.

Julie quickly realized that she made a mistake and decided that Dylan was the man she loved. Later, Julie asked Dylan to fire Hart but a Dylan refused because he wanted to give Hart a new chance. The day of their wedding, Dylan was concerned about Julie's bizarre behavior but Julie assured him that everything was okay. However, when the ceremony began, Bridget arrived and announced to everyone that Julie had slept with Hart the night before. Her proof was a good-bye letter that Julie had written to Hart. Though Julie denied everything, Dylan saw through her lies and called the wedding off. Dylan went to his unfinished house and, when he found Julie's bracelet, he realized that she and Hart had slept together right there. Hurt, Dylan burned his house down. Dylan was about to be charged for arson but the Lewises were able to save him. As for Hart, he regretted what he had done and soon left town. Meanwhile, Julie wanted to win Dylan back and apologized to him in a letter. Though tempted, and on the verge of being seduced by Julie one day, Dylan refused and told Julie that their relationship was over for good.

Again heartbroken, Julie accepted the friendship of Frank Cooper and accepted his offer to move in with his family. Developing a crush on Frank, Julie tried to drive a wedge between him and his wife, Eleni, even going as far as to have Eleni catch her in bed with Frank! Unfortunately, Julie's obsession only alienated her from Frank and he kicked her out of his house. Julie then ended up at Bridget's boarding house. Wanting to win Dylan back, Julie decided to lure Bridget away from Dylan for a night by sending a fake telegram to Bridget from Hart. ("Arriving Springfield tonight. I know about Peter and the custody trial. Can you meet me at midnight at the old house? Don't tell anyone, especially my father. Hart."). Unfortunately the plan didn't work. Meanwhile, Mallet had finally earned how his sister had been acting and he gave her a ticket to fly to Florida to live with him and Harley. Bitter about having to leave Springfield, and not wanting to live with her brother, Julie traded the ticket for one to Vancouver where she planned to find Hart.

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