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Actor History

Morgan Englund (May 1989 to January 3, 1995; January 2 to January 7, 1997; September 11, 1997; May 19 to 24, 1999; June 7 to 11, 2002; August 14, 2006; September 14, 2009)

Brian Gaskill (March 2, 2007 to January 2008)


Works at Lewis Construction

Construction foreman

Former employee of Lewis Oil


The Beacon

Marital Status

Single/Divorced (Bridget Reardon)

Past Marriages

Bridget Reardon (Divorced on March 2, 2007) Relatives

Mark Cody (Adopted father; deceased)

Carol Cody (Adopted mother; deceased)

Billy Lewis (father)

Reva Shayne (mother)

Mindy Lewis (half-sister)

Bill Lewis (half-brother)

Marah Lewis (half-sister & cousin)

Shayne Lewis (half-brother & cousin)

Jonathan Randall (half-brother)

Colin O'Neill (half-brother)

Harlan Billy "H.B." Lewis I (paternal grandfather; Deceased)

Martha Lewis (paternal adopted grandmother; Deceased)

Sally Gleason (paternal biological grandmother; Deceased)

Hawk Shayne (maternal grandfather)

Sarah Shayne (maternal grandmother; Deceased)

William Lewis (paternal great-grandfather; deceased)

Sarah Randall (niece)

Henry Cooper Lewis (nephew)

Josh Lewis (uncle)

Kyle Sampson (Uncle)

Trish Lewis (aunt)

Rusty Shayne (uncle)

Roxie Shayne (aunt)

Cassie Layne (aunt)

Tammy Winslow Randall (cousin & sister-in-law; Deceased)

Benjamin Reade (Cousin; Deceased)

Roger Joshua Winslow (cousin)

William Richard Winslow (cousin)

June O'Neal (great aunt; deceased)


Susan "Daisy" Lemay (with Harley)

Flings & Affairs

Harley Cooper (lovers)

Samantha Marler (engaged)

Julie Cameletti (engaged)

Eleni Andros (dated) Medical Maladies

Type O blood

Crimes Committed

In prison for armed robbery [prior to 1989]

Falsely accused of kidnapping his daughter, Susan Lemay [October 24, 1989]

Took a minor, Samantha Marler, across state lines to St. Mary's Island, GA. [last week April 1990]

Fraud: Lied to Jenna Bradshaw that he DID NOT know Harley Cooper. [May 1992]

Arson; burnt down the house he was building for Julie Camaletti [August 1993]

Broke into the Aitoro house to look for evidence against Gus [April 23, 2007]

Brief Character History

Dylan grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A few years after the death of his adoptive-mother, Dylan ran away to escape an abusive adoptive father. A rebellious teen, he became involved with Harley Cooper and robbed a bank. Unfortunately, he was caught and arrested. In 1989, Dylan was released from prison on probation and blew into Springfield with the mission to not only find and win back Harley but also to find his real parents. Entering a nightclub, Dylan got furious when Billy Lewis, who was wildly dancing with Reva Shayne, accidentally hit him. Dylan wanted to punch Billy but Billy overpowered him. Meanwhile, to his surprise Dylan not only found Harley, but also discovered that she was married to the wealthy Alan-Michael Spaulding. Shocked that she didn't wait for him, he was further dismayed to learn that she had been pregnant with his child and gave her up for adoption. A child of adoption himself, he was determined to track down their daughter. At the same time, Dylan became close to Lewises and the Shaynes, especially when Billy stopped Dylan from going to jail for hitting Alan-Michael during an argument. Wary as to why these people would go out of their way to help a total stranger, he quickly realized that they were just good people who wanted to help him. Dylan continued to clash with the pregnant Reva but one day, when they both accidentally got locked into a van, they shared some warm moments before they were rescued.

Meanwhile, after locating his daughter, Susan, he and his new friend, Samantha Marler, began to work as nannies for Susan, but withheld their true identities from the adoptive parents, Harry and Connie Lemay. Dylan then convinced Harley that Susan belonged to them and that they should fight for custody. In the process, Dylan and Harley grew closer but when Alan-Michael told the Lemays who Dylan really was, he was fired. In addition, the Lemays got a court order that Dylan wasn't allowed to get near Susan. Harley was furious and when she and Dylan comforted each other over the fact that they didn't have enough money to get Susan back, they slept together. Unfortunately, Sam caught them in bed and told Alan-Michael. Later, when Alan-Michael kidnapped Susan in order to escape town with her and Harley, Dylan became the prime suspect. After stealing money from the cash register of Company, he ran away with Sam following him. At this moment, Billy accidentally hit Dylan with his car. Billy and Reva helped Dylan and when Reva recognized the birthmark on his knee, she realized that Dylan was the son she gave up for adoption years earlier!

Now that Dylan knew who his real mother was, he wanted to know who his father was but Reva didn't want to tell him. On Thanksgiving, Reva's husband, Josh, told Dylan of that he was a child of rape (which was the story Reva told everyone). Frustrated, Dylan felt ashamed until it was discovered that Reva had been lying: Billy was Dylan's father, conceived during a one-night stand. Apparently Reva was 17 years old when Dylan was conceived and wanting to give the child a better life while not wanting the Lewises to feel obligated to help, she gave him up for adoption. When Marah and Bill learned the truth, they ran away but Dylan was able to find them and they accepted him as their brother. Now there was only one person that couldn't really accept Dylan in the family: Billy's oldest daughter Mindy who was jealous of Dylan and Billy's growing relationship. Meanwhile, Harley returned Susan to the Lemays and Dylan and Alan-Michael were both sentenced to do community service at the fire station.

In 1990, when Dylan saved a girl in a fire on 5th Street and was in danger himself, Alan-Michael rescued him and the two rivals became friends. Dylan and Harley then both decided that Susan would be better off with the Lemays. Now a more mature Dylan realized what a great family he had, so he took the last names of his parents and left Harley alone since he was now in love with the sweet Samantha and planned to marry her. Unfortunately, Sam was underage and the families were against the wedding. Dylan and Sam decided to leave the state in order to elope at the island of St. Mary's with Reva's help. However, thanks to a tip from Harley, they were found by Josh, Billy and Ross Marler and returned to town. In addition, Ross contacted Sam's father Justin, and Justin returned to town to town to break them up because he disapproved of Dylan's criminal past. While Dylan and Sam remained steadfast in their relationship, Justin got a restraining order against Dylan. Soon after, Reva, on vacation in Florida with her family, arranged for Dylan and Sam to meet there. Unfortunately, due to severe post-partum depression, an unstable Reva drove over a bridge with Sam and Dylan in her car. Though she succeeded in throwing Dylan from the car to safety, Sam wasn't so lucky and became paralyzed. Grieving over his mother's apparent death, Dylan helped Sam and Justin finally realized Dylan's good nature and accepted him. Weeks later when Sam turned 18, Dylan proposed marriage but due to her paralysis, she refused since she didn't want to be a burden to him. Frustrated, Dylan left town for a vacation and when he returned, he convinced Sam's doctor, Daniel St. John, to perform surgery on her. So finally in early 1991, Sam was able to walk again. Unfortunately, in the meantime, Dylan had noticed that Sam was in love with Daniel and frequently argued with her about that. Finally, the arguments were too much and a hurt Dylan left Sam.

Meanwhile, Dylan had to deal with Billy's fall off the wagon, especially when Bill started to follow his father's example by drinking himself. Later, when Frank Cooper convinced him to find a new love, Dylan started dating immigrant Eleni Andros but didn't know that Frank was in love with her as well. Finally, when Eleni learned about Susan, she couldn't deal with this "scandalous relationship" and left Dylan. As for Mindy, she had started an affair with the married Roger Thorpe months earlier and even became pregnant with his child. When Dylan accidentally learned about it, he helped Mindy which bonded the brother and sister. In the meantime, Dylan also befriended newcomer Hart Jessup and helped him when Hart learned that his biological father was none other than Roger.

At the same time, Mindy miscarried her child and left Roger. Dylan and Vanessa Chamberlain were the only ones who knew Mindy's secret and they especially wanted to hide it from Billy, who in the end would learn the truth. Meanwhile, one day, Dylan accidentally caught Bridget Reardon's boyfriend Elvis Reese trying to rob the Bauer house. Dylan overpowered Elvis, who was arrested, and Bridget realized that Elvis was only using her. Thankful, Bridget fell in love with Dylan and went as far as to write a faked letter in which Elvis was threatening her, hoping that Dylan would help her. But Dylan saw through her schemes. Unfortunately, when Elvis was released from prison, he indeed threatened Bridget and her friends. Not only that, but Elvis also arranged an accident and Dylan almost died in this explosion. Finally, Dylan and Hart helped Bridget and Elvis was arrested again. On the professional front, Dylan accepted Billy's job offer to work at Lewis Oil. Though Dylan realized that the big business wasn't what he wanted, he helped his father anyway in getting a famous client named Packard. Unfortunately, Alan-Michael's offer was better for Packard; Dylan and Billy didn't know that Alan-Michael (with help of Blake Thorpe) only succeeded because he blackmailed Nadine Cooper into telling him the Lewis offer.

In 1992, Bridget wanted to win Dylan's love but he told her that she was too young for him and only wanted a platonic friendship. As a result, Bridget started to scheme to get Dylan's attention. One day, when Ed hired Dylan to do some repairs at the Bauer home, Bridget sabotaged his work and Ed fired him. Dylan was mad at Bridget and she finally gave up and set her sights on Hart despite the fact that he was in love with Julie Camaletti. One day, when he and Julie were trapped in an elevator, Dylan was shocked to learn that Julie had left Hart because he had had a one-night-stand with Bridget. Still in the elevator, Dylan had a panic attack and he and Julie became closer until Harley and Mallet rescued them. Meanwhile, Mindy had disappeared and when a worried Dylan searched for her in Cross Creek, Julie accompanied him and they became closer again. Julie urged Dylan to sleep with her since she realized that she and Hart had broken up since Julie refused to sleep with him. However, Dylan continually refused to sleep with Julie because he didn't want to make the same mistakes he had with Harley and he considered Julie too young. However, finally one day, when the couple was at the beach, they made love. Not long after, Dylan and Julie's new relationship became tense because Julie felt neglected due to Dylan's work at Lewis Oil. Dylan and Julie made a trip to New York and Dylan was shocked to come face-to-face with Mindy there in January 1993.

Dylan blasted Mindy for her disappearance and urged her to return home. He then accidentally told Billy everything by phone and Billy arrived to bring his daughter back. Not long after, father and son's relationship became tense because Dylan disapproved of Billy's violent behavior toward Roger, while Billy was upset that Dylan decided to leave the oil business to work at the construction side of Lewis Oil instead. Suddenly Hart returned and though happy to see his friend, Dylan realized that Hart wanted to win Julie back. So he told Hart that his breakup from Julie had been his own fault, while Julie assured Dylan that she only loved him. Later, Billy caught Hart in an attempt to steal money but Dylan and Julie convinced Billy not to press charged against him but to hire him as Dylan's colleague instead. Unfortunately, Billy and Hart became friends and Dylan was jealous of this growing relationship.

In addition, Dylan was upset that Hart continued to be around him and Julie, while the former friends argued on the professional front as well. Finally, one day, Dylan and Julie went to Laurel Falls and Dylan found a penned love letter by Hart to Julie but Julie insisted again that Hart was history for her. Soon Dylan bought land to built a house there for him and Julie. Not long after, Billy promoted Dylan as head of Lewis Construction but Vinnie Morrison, whom Dylan had fired, arrived with two friends and threatened Julie outside. So Hart rushed to her rescue and Dylan helped him, whereupon Dylan hired Hart to help him to build his house. In addition, Dylan proposed to Julie and dreamed of the perfect life with her. However, Julie suddenly asked him to fire Hart but a surprised Dylan refused since he wanted to give Hart a new chance. The day of their wedding, Dylan saw Julie's bizarre behavior but Julie assured him that everything was okay. However, when the ceremony began, Bridget suddenly arrived and announced to everyone's shock that Julie had slept with Hart the night before. Her proof was a good-bye letter that Julie had written to Hart. Though Julie denied everything, Dylan saw through her lies and called the wedding off. Hurt, Dylan burned his house down to the ground.

Dylan was about to be charged for arson but the Lewises were able to save him. As for Hart, he regretted what he had done but when the Jessup farm was auctioned due to his bankruptcy, Dylan bought the farm himself for $ 80,000 and Hart left town again. Though Roger, who blamed Dylan for Hart's departure, wanted to buy the farm back, a bitter Dylan refused. Dylan's bitterness irked Bridget and when they were arguing, Bridget accidentally told Dylan about her baby with Hart, It suddenly dawned on Dylan that Peter, the baby that Billy and Vanessa had adopted, was Bridget's son! Meanwhile, Dylan had done a million dollar deal for Lewis Construction with an investor named Hayward. Unfortunately, Hayward was arrested for drug dealing (through a anonymous faked video tape) and all the money that he had invested for the project was confiscated. Hayward had been set up and everyone realized that Roger was behind it to get revenge on Dylan. Though the investors couldn't sue Lewis Oil, the other company that wanted to help the Lewises was bought by Roger and he demanded $ 45 million from the Lewises. However, instead of paying, Dylan, with approval from Billy and HB, decided to go bankrupt. Meanwhile, Julie wanted to win Dylan back and apologized to him in a letter. Though tempted and on the verge of being seduced by Julie one day, Dylan refused anyway and told Julie that their relationship was over for good.

Dylan became friends with Bridget again and comforted her when she gave Peter to Billy and Vanessa for good. Not long after, Roger made a scene at Mindy and Nick McHenry's engagement party and when Dylan attacked him, Roger threw him over the parapet and choked him. Later at the party, Dylan and Bridget talked about Peter being Roger's grandson and someone overheard them behind the door. They were afraid that this someone was Roger who was shot that same night. Though Vanessa had learned the truth about Peter, she and Dylan decided to keep it from Billy. Unfortunately, Billy overheard their talk and in January 1994, Roger named Billy as his shooter and Billy was arrested. Though shocked, Dylan believed in Billy's innocence and also refused to believe that Billy had fallen off the wagon again. Roger got the charges dropped after making a deal with Alexandra Spaulding but Billy wasn't happy anyway and with Dylan, Vanessa, Mindy, Tangie Hill, Josh and Det. Patrick Cutter in attendance at Cross Creek, he confessed to everyone that he had indeed shot Roger. He was the one who had heard the talk between Dylan and Bridget about Peter weeks earlier and wanted to get rid of Roger to keep Peter. Before Billy was sent to prison, Billy asked Dylan to take care about Vanessa, Peter and Bridget. Meanwhile, Dylan and Bridget became closer until Vanessa decided to fight for Peter's custody. Though against the custody trial, Dylan sided with Vanessa. Suddenly Connie Lemay visited Dylan and told him that Susan was diagnosed with a rare form of diabetes. Only Dylan was able to help her by donating a part of his pancreas. To Dylan's delight, the surgery was successful. Though thankful, Connie still refused to let Dylan see Susan, stating that she belonged to her and her husband and that Dylan shouldn't be part of her life. Depressed, Dylan now understood how Bridget felt regarding Peter. Now believing that Peter belonged to Bridget, he continually argued with Vanessa and she finally threw Dylan out of the Lewis house. Not knowing where he belonged, Dylan moved in with Bridget at the Reardon boarding-house.

When the trial began, Dylan sided against his family and with Bridget and they become closer again. Later on the witness stand, Dylan read a letter from Billy in which Billy urged Vanessa and Bridget to make up. He also confessed that he was in love with Bridget and finally, Bridget and Vanessa decided to share custody of Peter. In addition, Dylan made up with Josh and Vanessa and officially got involved with Bridget. Though Bridget was afraid of not being pretty enough for him, Dylan assured her that he loved her the way she was. Not long after, Dylan found a telegram in which Hart told Bridget to meet him at the Jessup farm. Since Bridget hadn't informed him, Dylan followed her to the farm but Hart didn't arrive. Afterwards, Dylan and Bridget confessed their love for each other and made love for the first time.

Not long after, Dylan inherited land from Reva through Josh and planned to build his dream house for him and Bridget. However, the banks refused to give him a credit. Since Dylan didn't want to be dependent on Lewis Oil, he revived Lewis Construction. He then bought materials for three houses from an unknown trader for a great price and paid with advance payment from Mindy and Nick for building their future house. Later, he asked trucker Carroll O'Malley to collect the materials but when Carroll arrived at the Lewis Construction warehouse, he and Dylan were robbed by some masked men. Though Dylan was able to overpower one of the men, he had to give up to save Carroll. The men disappeared with the truck and Dylan's money and Dylan saved Carroll from being ran over. Det. Cutter investigated and learned that the company of Dylan's trader didn't exist so Dylan was set up by criminals. Hopeless, Dylan sold the Jessup farm for $ 90,000 to Roger and hired Frank to find Gabriella Lopez who had told David that she had witnessed the robbery. One day, someone sabotaged the bulldozer at the construction site and after Cutter stated that someone tried to sabotage Dylan and everyone around him, Dylan and Bridget faked arguments and let everyone believe that they had broken up. Dylan knew that the saboteur was one of his workers and one of his crew members included the newly arrived Matt Reardon, Bridget's brother, whom Dylan didn't like.

To lure the criminals, Dylan cooperated with Cutter and David and set up a truck shipment, announcing his crew that he would drive the truck himself. With David hiding in the backseat, Dylan was robbed again and Cutter and the police arrived. Unfortunately, Gabriella suddenly appeared and when the criminals kidnapped her, the police had no choice but to let them escape again. Gabriella disappeared again but later reappeared to give Cutter a key pendant. Another proof was a dragon tattoo that every criminal member had and when Dylan wanted to have a check-up of his crew, Matt burned his record down. In addition, Frank learned that Matt was wanted in Indiana for car theft and bodily harm and when Carroll stated that he had picked Matt up as hijacker in the night of the robbery and the key pendant belonged to him, Matt became the prime suspect. So Dylan and Frank confronted Matt at the warehouse with Bridget, David, Vanessa, Josh and Carroll in attendance but Matt denied of being the saboteur though he refused to tell where he had been during the robbery.

soon David realized that Gabriella was a con and one night, when Dylan arrived at the crime scene to search for traces, he was suddenly run over by a hit and run driver. He was operated on at Cedars but the injuries caused him to become blind. After his release, a frustrated Dylan couldn't deal with his blindness and refused to be helped by family and friends although he needed help. Suddenly both Dylan and Bridget were shocked when Ed Bauer stated that he had apparently been the hit and run driver. One day arriving at his land, Dylan suddenly overheard two men talking about David and Gabriella being kidnapped. So Dylan slowly sneaked to a car and overheard the criminals talking about killing David. Their boss, who was Gabriella's uncle Carlos Lopez, was there as well and suddenly Frank and Cutter arrived to arrest the criminals. Carlos attempted to escape but Dylan had manipulated his car to prevent his escape. With the criminals all in prison, Dylan learned that Carlos had been the hit and run driver and that he had set Ed up. And the reason for the terror was that Carlos wanted Dylan out of his land. Though now free, Dylan remained blind anyway and to come clean with his situation, he wanted to join a blind school in Wisconsin. He only informed Mindy and David and though he tried to hint his plans to Bridget, she didn't really listen. So Dylan asked David to take care of Bridget as well as writing a good-bye letter for him to her. A reluctant David agreed and after enjoying New Year's Eve at Company with Bridget and confessing his love to her, Dylan said goodbye to David on New Year's 1995 and left Springfield.

In 1996, Reva, who had returned alive months earlier, stayed in touch with Dylan by telephone and announced that he was all right at the blind school. In January 1997, Dylan visited Springfield and told Reva that his eyesight had completely returned after laser surgery. At the same time, Dylan wanted to reunite with Bridget and asked her to relocate with him to Minnesota. Unfortunately, Bridget refused because she was still in love with Hart and wanted to prevent him from marrying Dinah Marler. Before Dylan left town again, he met Annie Dutton for the first time and promised Reva to visit her as often as he could. A few months later, when Bridget realized that she lost Hart for good and finally accepted Dylan's offer. So she moved to Minnesota and the couple married. In September of that year, Dylan returned to Springfield to attend the funeral of the beloved H.B. In 1999, Dylan attended his mother's second wedding to Josh and sang a song for the couple. Dylan also became reacquainted with his now teenage daughter, Susan. Though Susan loved her adoptive-father, Jim Lemay, she became close to Dylan as well. In 2002, Dylan would return to Springfield to attend Reva and Josh's third wedding where he told the Lewis family that both Peter and Bridget were doing wonderfully.

In 2006, Reva asked Dylan to come to New York for a family get together. In New York, Reva was unusually emotional and spoke of how proud she was of him and how much she loved him. She then asked him to look after his youngest brother, Jonathan, whose life paralleled Dylan's. Dylan also noticed how close Billy and Reva were and half-jokingly wondered if they were back together. In 2007, a teenaged Susan, now going by the name Daisy, moved in with Harley. After learning about all of Daisy's troubles from Reva, Dylan paid a visit to Springfield to see his daughter. While he didn't get to see Daisy, he did spend some time reminiscing over old times with Harley. Sadly, he and Bridget were headed toward divorce and Dylan started wondering how things would have been if he and Harley had gotten together as kids. A few days later, Dylan saw Daisy's rebellious streak first hand when, while visiting Harley's, he discovered that Daisy snuck out of her room. Meanwhile, he met Harley's husband, Gus Aitoro, and immediately clashed. Weeks later, Daisy convinced Billy to offer Dylan a job at Lewis Construction. Billy agreed and Dylan moved back to town. His main motivation was his daughter, whom Harley admitted was becoming uncontrollable and Gus was driving her to a boot camp for rebellious kids. Dylan supported her decision and then told Harley his concerns about Gus—namely that he was a former drug addict. Harley quickly defended Gus but Dylan had his doubts.

Just then, the pair received word that Daisy and Gus were at the hospital after a fire in their hotel room where they stopped for the night. At the hospital, Daisy told her father that Gus had taken a pain pill and accidentally started the fire. This statement led Dylan to conclude that Gus was high that night. Later, Dylan accused Gus of still using drugs which he denied. Gus tried to explain that he would never hurt Daisy, who he thought of as his daughter, but Dylan wouldn't listen. Not even to Harley who emphatically defended her husband. Convinced there was something going on, Dylan searched the Aitoro home and found a videoblog on Daisy's computer in which she described her deep love for Gus. Suddenly, Dylan was convinced that something sordid was going on and Gus lured Daisy to the hotel. Dylan showed the videoblog to Billy who not only was certain that this was just a schoolgirl's crush but was certain that Gus was clean. Billy defended Gus's integrity and suggested that Dylan was looking for a ready- made family to replace his own. Dylan denied wanting to ruin Harley's life.

Later, when Gus was released from the hospital, Dylan watched as Daisy spent every opportunity to be close to Gus. When Daisy kissed Gus's cheek, Dylan had enough and he went after Gus. Frank pulled him off and an angry Dylan showed Harley the videoblog and stated that he had a drug test done on Gus at the hospital and he was high the night of the fire. Later, Harley and Gus realized that Daisy must have been the one to put the drugs in his drink. Later, Daisy was called in front of the judge for violating her parole (skipping school and failing to see a therapist).At the end of her rope, Harley admitted to the judge that she could not handle her daughter. Harley's admission had unforeseen consequences—Daisy was remanded into custody and sent to juvenile detention. An unforgiving Daisy remained cold toward her mother for weeks until Dylan lectured her about how both he and her mother where tempted to keep her when she was a baby and lied that sending her to juvie had been his idea. Thanks to Dylan, Daisy finally softened toward her mother and later she informed him that she wanted to move back in with Harley when she got out. Realizing that she had changed, Dylan arranged for Daisy to be released early. Throughout all of this, Dylan and Harley had continued to bond,

Not long after, Dylan impulsively kissed Harley. A few weeks later, Dylan kissed her again at her house just as Gus walked in. Outraged, Gus punched Dylan and when Harley let it slip that this wasn't the first kiss, Gus went ballistic and beat Dylan to a pulp. The commotion frightened Harley's son, Jude, who called the police. When the police arrived, Harley insisted that it was a family dispute and later went to Dylan's to beg him not to press charges against Gus since it could cost him his job. Dylan agreed as long as Harley did what he wanted. Believing he wanted to sleep with her, Harley started to call his bluff until he stated that all he wanted was some family time every week with her and Daisy. Unfortunately their first dinner wound up on the same night Gus wanted a family dinner with Rafe and his mother, Natalia. After Harley called Dylan to tell him that she had to stop by the Spaulding's first, Daisy suggested to Dylan that they meet Harley at the mansion. Unfortunately, that only increased the tension in the Aitoro marriage with both sides insisting on dining with their own children. Neither would budge and Harley ended up leaving while Gus stayed at the mansion. Since Daisy had stalked off after a tiff with Rafe, Dylan and Harley wound up having dinner alone and Dylan took a tipsy Harley home to his place since he didn't want Gus to see her drunk. After putting her to bed, Dylan slept in the bed himself. As he was sleeping, he thought he saw Gus in the doorway but kept quiet. Later, as Dylan was taking Harley home, there was an accident and Dylan was injured and taken to Cedars. There he remained in critical condition until he received a transfusion of blood from Reva's nemesis, Olivia. Later,

Dylan told Harley about seeing Gus in the doorway that night but told her that he kept quiet since he wasn't sure if he saw Gus or if it was a dream. Realizing that Gus must have believed that they slept together, Harley ran off to find him. Though he told Daisy that he didn't think there was any chance of him and Harley getting together, things changed when it was learned that in retaliation for the affair he thought Harley had, Gus turned to Natalia for comfort. Dylan tried to talk Natalia into help put a wedge in the already fragile Aitoro marriage. However, Natalia was unwilling. At the same time, Harley was uncertain about her marriage and decided to accompany Dylan to a physical rehab clinic out of town. When they returned, Harley and Gus tried to put their marriage back together but she was ultimately unable to trust that he would put her before Natalia and the pair separated.

Weeks later, Dylan spotted Daisy's name on an appointment book at Cedars and immediately started badgering the nurse about why his daughter was there. Suddenly, Reva arrived and told Dylan what she knew: Daisy was pregnant. The news rocked Dylan especially since Daisy seemed to be getting her life together by being on the student council. Believing he'd let his daughter down, an upset Dylan told her in no uncertain terms that this pregnancy would ruin her life. Several days later, Reva informed Dylan and Harley that Daisy had an abortion. Harley had been out of town prior to this and the only person she would confide in was Reva. Harley lit into Reva for keeping Daisy's secret and then accused her of acting as if Daisy was her own daughter. The pair argued and Harley demanded that Reva stay out of her daughter's life. At that point, Dylan interjected himself into the conversation and confessed that he may have pushed Daisy into this and stated that he wished he'd done more to help her. Later, Dylan apologized to Daisy for being so harsh with her before and offered her words of encouragement.

In the meantime, the Lewis family was floored when a bitter Bill returned from Venezuela and immediately ousted Billy from the company but leaking out that he'd started drinking again. Not only that, but he used Billy's new protégé, Lizzie Spaulding. Hoping to get Bill out of commission, Lizzie talked Billy into giving Dylan his power of attorney. When Bill learned about it, he argued that he would legally challenge it. Later, after visiting Billy in the rehab center, Dylan ran into Dinah, who had checked herself in for a pill addiction. When Dinah became woozy, Dylan was there to help her up. She then confided in him how hard things were for her and how she wished she had someone to help her, but she was all alone and no one cared. In 2008, Dylan continued to befriend Dinah but that ended when she got out of rehab. In the meantime, Billy decided to keep the company in Dylan's hands.

Afterwards, Dylan kept a low profile and was barely ever seen in town as he did so much business traveling. However, in September 2009, Dylan made time to attend Billy and Vanessa's wedding and was happy to see Bridget there as well.

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