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Joshua Shayne Lewis
Who's Who in Springfield: Joshua Shayne Lewis | Guiding Light on Soap Central
Actor History

Travis Cartier (February 19, 1990 to April 1991)

Brett Cooper (December 22, 1993 to April 29, 1997)

Garrett Stevens (July 4, 1997 to May 25, 1999)

Tony Michael Donnelly (October 14, 1999 to December 24, 1999)

Billy Kay (February 8, 2000 to January 24, 2003)

Marty West (February 14, 2003 to August 16, 2004)

Jeff Branson (December 1, 2008 to September 18, 2009)


Born (on-screen): February 19, 1990 (Revised to 1985 when he turned 18 in 2003)


Employee at Lewis Construction

High school baseball coach

Former volunteer in the Peace corps

Former Student


A small apartment in Springfield

Marital Status

Possibly married to Marina Cooper

Past Marriages



Josh Lewis (father)

Reva Shayne (mother)

Marah Lewis (sister)

Dylan Lewis (half-brother & cousin)

Jonathan Randall (half-brother)

Colin O'Neill (half-brother & godson)

Harlan Billy "H.B." Lewis I (paternal grandfather; Deceased)

Martha Lewis (paternal grandmother; Deceased)

Sarah Shayne (maternal grandmother; Deceased)

Hawk Shayne (maternal grandfather)

William Lewis (paternal great-grandfather; deceased)

Susan "Daisy" Lemay (niece)

Sarah Randall (niece)

Billy Lewis (uncle)

Patricia "Trish" Lewis (aunt)

Melinda "Mindy" Sue Lewis (cousin)

Bill Lewis (cousin)

Roxie Shayne (aunt)

Rusty Shayne (uncle)

Cassie Layne (aunt)

Tammy Winslow Randall (cousin & sister-in-law; Deceased)

Roger Joshua Winslow (cousin)

William Richard Winslow (cousin)

June O'Neal (great aunt; deceased)


Henry Cooper Lewis (w/Lara; raising with Marina Cooper)

Flings & Affairs

Marina Cooper (lovers)

Lara Pizano (engaged; deceased)

Dinah Marler (lovers)

Crimes Committed

Participated in the making and distributing of pirated CDs [September 25, 2000 - December 6, 2000]

Unwittingly told Olivia Spencer Lewis about Richard Winslow, Noah Chase and Phillip Spaulding's attempted coup of San Cristobel [May 16, 2001]

Stuck Marina Cooper with paying a dinner check at the Lakeland Country Club. (Ben Reade paid it for her.) [March 14, 2003]

Set off an explosive (gas can) in an attempt to save Marina Cooper [July 30, 2003]

Torched a police evidence warehouse [late December 2008]

Arrested for disturbing the piece [December 4, 2008 & January 2009]

Charged with disorderly conduct [January 13, 2009]

Brief Character History

Shayne Lewis spent his early childhood without his mother. Soon after his birth in 1990, Reva suffered a severe case of postpartum depression and drove her car off a bridge and was presumed dead. His nanny Harley Cooper took care of him and his sister, Marah, and when Josh moved to Italy in January 1991 to search for Reva (who was assumed alive there), Shayne soon followed along with Marah and their grandmother, Sarah. Unfortunately, Josh never found Reva and while Shayne was still young they returned to Springfield in late 1993. For the next several month,s it was just Shayne, his father and sister.

In 1995, Josh fell in love with Annie Dutton. By now, Shayne was about 5 years old and he became very close to Annie. In a sense she became the only mother he'd ever known. Then suddenly Reva re-entered his life. Leery about this woman he never knew, Shayne took his lead from his big sister. In 1996, Reva realized Shayne, and especially Marah, wanted Annie as their mommy, so she gave Josh custody of her children so he and Annie and the kids could be a family together. Not long after, Shayne was injured in a demolition accident in a building on Fifth Street but was saved by Alan Spaulding. In 1997, Marah and Shayne finally started to form a close bond with Reva. However, when Josh left Annie, Shayne was upset and accused his father of not keeping his promises. Annie. Josh & Reva tried talking with their kids and explained that Josh and Annie were getting a divorce, but Shayne, as opposed to Marah, was not happy about the upcoming divorce. Then, one day Annie and Alan showed up, and Annie tried to apologize to the children for her past drunken behavior. The kids backed away when she tried to hug them and Annie ended up signing the divorce papers. By 1999, though, Shayne had finally grown close to Reva and watched happily when his parents remarried. Not long after, Shayne was kidnapped by an unstable Holly Reade. He wasn't the only one and Holly told the children that she'd be a much better mother than their own. Luckily the children were rescued by Josh and Reva, with some assistance from Annie. However Shayne's perfect world was later shattered when it was learned that Reva had a child in San Cristobel. Unlike Marah, Shayne supported his mom, and promised to take care of her. Unfortunately, other members of the family, namely Josh and Marah, had trouble coping and Josh and Reva ended up divorcing in 2000.

In the midst of his divorcing Reva, Josh was becoming involved with a woman named Olivia Spencer. Hoping to forestall the upcoming divorce, Marah and Shayne conspired to get rid of Olivia. Marah assured Shayne that her plan would bring the family back together. Reva received flowers welcoming her back to Springfield. The flowers lifted Reva's spirits, but she was unaware that Marah sent them, not Josh. After some resistance, Shayne and Marah begin to warm up to Olivia. Reva returned home to find Olivia getting closer to Josh and her kids. Later, Josh informed Marah and Shayne that Olivia was moving in with him and they were not happy with Josh's decision. Meanwhile, Marah, Susan Lemay and Sam Spencer planned their trip to Chicago to see NuGround. Sam convinced an unsuspecting Phillip Spaulding to allow them to use the Spaulding computer lab to produce bootleg CDs. When mobster Tony Santos volunteered to help by selling CDs to one of his "friends.", a concerned Shayne phoned Josh to prevent the budding romance between Tony and Marah. In addition to being concerned about Tony, a smitten Shayne defended Catalina Quesada when Marah complained about her presence in their lives. Marah was peeved when Catalina accepted Shayne's invitation to tag along on the Chicago trip. Meanwhile, Marah and Shayne reacted poorly when Josh informed them of his engagement to Olivia. Right after, Marah, Shayne, Susan and Sam meet at Company to prepare for the trip to Chicago. Tony arrived with the money he promised, but was disappointed when she told him he can't go with them. Unfortunately for the group, the fact that they had pirated CD's was discovered and they were arrested. Punished for what they'd done, Marah lashed out at Catalina, but Shayne encouraged Catalina to stay, telling her not to listen to Marah.

In 2001, both Reva and Shayne were saddened when Catalina moved to the boarding house. Soon after, Reva received a call that Shayne had been in a serious lacrosse accident. She attempted to reach Josh before he left on his honeymoon, but an unknowing Olivia turned off Josh's cell phone. However, Josh finally got the call and he and Reva were relieved when they learn that Shayne will be all right. Later that year, Shayne unexpectedly helped his mother on a time traveling excursion. After accidentally spilling something on Reva's new painting, Shayne tried to clean it, only to discover there was another picture underneath. Shayne started to grow concerned that Reva couldn't get her mind off of the mysterious painting in their living room and called Josh for help. About the same time, Reva disappeared! In the end, it was discovered that the painting was a time portal and Reva had been spending time in the past. In 2002, Shayne was happy to see his parents married for the third time. On the romantic front, he was attracted to Marina Cooper and covered for her several times. It began at the mall, when Shayne saw his childhood friend, Marina, get busted for shoplifting. Though Shayne came to her rescue, Marina was ungrateful. Once things settled down, Marina, who had run away from California, grew concerned that Shayne would reveal that she had been in town for longer than everyone had thought. Sure enough, Shayne let the cat out of the bag, leaving Marina's parents Frank and Eleni confused so Marina was forced to admit that she stayed away to avoid Eleni. Meanwhile, Shayne spotted Marina watching mobster Romeo Jones and tried to warn her away from him. However, when Marina overheard Frank discussing an illegal card game going on at Infierno, she took off to warn Romeo that the police on were on to him and made Shayne promise to cover for her.

Later that year, Shayne was saddened by the death of his uncle, Richard Winslow and he and Marah tried to keep their cousin Tammy occupied before their Aunt Cassie got there to break the news. Meanwhile, Marah and Shayne were confused about a growing rift between Reva and Cassie until Reva explained the tough decision she made when she turned off Richard's life support. In pain and on machines, Richard asked Reva to put him out of his misery and disconnect him from life support. When Reva confessed this to her children, Shayne immediately understood, but Marah did not, causing a rift between mother and daughter. Meanwhile, Shayne's affections for Marina continued to grow but to his dismay, she was only interested in the older Ben Reade, who Shayne felt was just using her.

In 2003, Shayne started working toward getting a baseball scholarship and continued to befriend Marina. Just when it seemed as if he and Marina were getting closer, Shayne found himself with a dilemma—he could go to Stanford on a baseball scholarship or skip college and play professionally. Convinced by Reva to sign both contracts and make the decision after his prom, Shayne still found the choice unbearable. Overhearing Shayne say he wished someone else could make the choice for him, Josh took Shayne at his word and secretly mailed in the draft contract. He then proceeded to scold Shayne for missing practices and guilted him by saying that he regretted not making his own father happy by becoming a professional baseball player. Josh's attitude though didn't help matters since Shayne was more concerned with Marina's well being since she'd just gotten out of a relationship with Ben Reade. Later, the night of Shayne's prom, Josh was elated to learn that Shayne had been picked up by the Chicago Cubs and the following day, after hearing Shayne say he wanted to go out for the draft, he told Shayne what he'd done. Though Shayne was angry at first at being denied the chance to make his own choice, he soon became elated at the chance to play major league baseball. However his main concern was always Marina, so much that at his final high school baseball game, he couldn't play well until he saw her in the stands. At summer's end, the pair got closer and went to the Bauer cabin together. Though the trip started out fine, it ended with Marina being kidnapped by Ben! Luckily, Shayne found Marina and although he tried to rescue her, Ben attacked him and threatened to kill him. In the end, Ben killed himself and Shayne did his best to comfort a very shaken Marina.

Fortunately, by summer's end, Marina had come to terms with what happened and she and Shayne settled into a very comfortable relationship. On the other hand, his relationship with Josh continued to be strained because of Josh's insistence that Shayne take his baseball career more seriously and not focus so much on his personal life. Then one rainy night, Shayne invited Marina to go to a concert. Though he had to meet with the Cub's general manager that same night, he was convinced he could do both. Unconvinced was Josh who demanded that he not attend the concert. Angry at his father's demands, Shayne went to the concert anyway with Marina but left early in order to make his appointment. Then suddenly they collided with an incoming car! Shielding Marina so that she wouldn't go through the windshield, Shayne suffered swelling to the brain and spine that left him temporarily unable to walk and talk. In the hospital room, Shayne was shocked when he learned who the other driver was: it was Josh who was racing to bring Shayne home from the concert. Though Shayne tried to push Marina away, for fear of her putting her life on hold to take care of him, Marina refused to leave Shayne's side. Soon the pair would make love for the first time.

Later, Shayne overheard Marina talking to their friend Nico Castana about a school dance. Concerned that he was holding Marina back, Shayne talked a very reluctant Nico into taking Marina to the dance. However, instead of being thankful, Marina was angry at Nico for asking and hurt that Shayne felt he had to arrange for her to have fun. However despite her reassurances that she was happy with him, Shayne was desperate to walk again and asked Josh to be his rehabilitation coach and later pushed himself past the point of endurance in order to walk again. Late in the year, Shayne's overworking himself would cause complications and he'd undergo surgery. As 2004 wore on, Shayne would slowly regain the use of his legs. Although his faith did waver when he didn't recover as quickly as he'd hoped, encouragement from his parents and Marina gave him the incentive to not give up and strive to fully recover. He also started to bond with his newfound younger brother, Sandy, the child of Reva and Richard Winslow. As the months wore on, Shayne was on hand to comfort Marina, who had been through a harrowing experience with a woman named Carrie Caruther's, and also encouraged her friendship with Sandy. With encouragement from Shayne, Marina slowly began to trust people again. In the meantime she was spending lots of time with Shayne and Sandy, sensing that Sandy was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. Believing it was because he felt like a third wheel, Marina made plans to play matchmaker, although Sandy was obviously not pleased with that idea.

By the beginning of summer, Shayne had fully recovered and Lizzie and Sandy convinced Marina, Shayne and a few other teens to compete for an internship at Spaulding Enterprises. However, the contest was not as interesting as the teens had hoped, the only one excited about it being Lizzie. Unfortunately, things wouldn't go too well, when Marina and Sandy were caught after they hacked into Alan Spaulding's computer account. Although Alan agreed to drop the charges, Shayne was angry at Sandy for getting Marina into trouble. Not long after, Shayne started to suspect that Sandy had feelings for Marina, but kept his suspicions to himself. In the meantime, Shayne had begun pitching again and looking into going to the Majors. As the weeks went by, it was becoming clear that Shayne wanted a change in his life. At the end of summer, after a talk with Mayor Ross Marler, Shayne decided to do something meaningful with his life and create a mini Peace Corps in Bosnia. Although he wanted her to go with him, Marina opted to stay at home with her family, which was going through a trying time.

The summer of 2006, while Marah was in New York on business, Reva arranged for a family reunion. However, conspicuous in his absence was Josh. Months later, the pair divorced. In early 2007, Shayne learned that Josh confessed to the attempted murder of Alan Spaulding to protect his Aunt Cassie and agreed to the deal to go to prison for two years. When Shayne called his father to talk him out of it, Josh adamantly refused and so an upset Shayne hung up. Josh was ultimately released and months later married Cassie though both Shayne and Marah refused to attend the ceremony. On Christmas Eve, Shayne called his parents when they, along with RJ, were trapped in the mall. Shayne wished the pair a Merry Christmas and told them that one day he would be able to tell them about all about the things that he had seen. Suddenly, the signal went dead, leading Reva to fear that something bad had happened. They went up to the roof hoping to reconnect with Shayne but still were not able to. While, Josh, Reva and RJ made the most of their situation, they breathed a sigh of relief when Shayne called them back. Shayne asked them to put some Christmas music up to the phone for him because there was not much Christmas going on where he was.

In 2008, Shayne continued his work in the Peace Corps and contacted his parents regularly. At one point, h even hinted to Josh that he had a serious girlfriend. Although a few instances of lost contact worried Josh and Reva, Shayne turned out to be fine. Finally, in late summer, Josh visited Shayne for several weeks and reported that he was fine. Unfortunately, by Thanksgiving, that was longer the case. Unbeknownst to the Lewises, Shayne was in a Veteran's hospital in Germany after being injured in a land mine. Since he was supposed spend the holiday with Marah and his parents, Shayne called Marah to tell him he couldn't make it but offered no explanation. In a wheelchair and angry at the world, Shayne grew upset at a female volunteer and accused her of volunteering just to make herself feel better. The woman mistakenly believed that Shayne's name was Taylor and he didn't correct her. He also discovered that this woman was none other than Dinah Marler, his Aunt Cassie's old rival. Later, when Dinah tried to return a watch that Taylor dropped during an argument at a bar, she learned that his name wasn't Taylor after all. Dinah confronted Shayne who lied that his name was Travis Bickle. It didn't take Dinah long to learn that that was a false name and she confronted "Bickle" on his attitude.

At that point, Shayne finally let down his guard and told her that he had been working to deactivate land mines and was injured in one. Touched that he confided in her, Dinah told him all about her problems, and during her rant, mentioned that her ex-husband was marrying Marina Cooper. Intrigued, Shayne left Germany for Springfield. After keeping his distance, Shayne came face to face with Dinah who demanded to know what he was doing there. Before he could answer, Shayne saw Marina and Mallet getting married by Josh inside Company. Shayne quickly burst in and caused a scene. Afterwards, a bitter Shayne told Marina that she and Mallet would not be happy since love always ended badly. Meanwhile, Josh demanded that Shayne tell him what his injury was, Shayne was tight lipped and refused to discuss it. AS Josh and Reva continued to ask about Shayne's injury and gushed about him being a hero, Shayne grew increasingly uncomfortable and announced that he would be returning to the Peace Corps.

Soon after, Shayne's parents finally learned that a previous spinal injury could be impeding on Shayne's progress. It was obvious that Josh blamed himself for Shayne's previous injury and Shayne insisted that he was not his fault. As the days went by, Shayne continued to push everyone away. Even the news of Reva's pregnancy didn't give him any peace. Finally, Shayne asked Jeffrey, Reva's new husband, to help him leave town. Knowing that Reva wanted Shayne to stay, Jeffrey asked Shayne to stay and informed him that his mother's cancer had returned. When Shayne got the call anyway from the organization, he incorrectly assumed that Jeffrey reconsidered. Knowing that concern for Shayne was causing Reva stress, Jeffrey blocked him from leaving the country. Meanwhile, Dinah was dealing with the fact that her brother, and Shayne's cousin, was wrongly accused of a crime that she was complicit in. Uncertain about what to do, Dinah confided in Shayne and during her rant, Shayne suddenly kissed her. They both agreed that it was a mistake. Days later, Shayne invited Dinah to the Lewis's for Christmas. Afterwards, they went to the evidence shed and Shayne solved Dinah's problem by torching the shed—thereby destroying the evidence against Bill. Days later, on New Year's Eve, Dinah told Shayne that she wanted to ring in the New Year with him. When Shayne rejected her, she relentlessly pulled him into a kiss.

Though Shayne's physical condition improved gradually, in 2009, emotionally he was still tortured. After intervening in an argument with a guy and his girlfriend, Shayne was charged with disorderly conduct. In an attempt to get Shayne to open up to her, Reva had herself arrested but Shayne remained tight lipped. In the meantime, a picture of a girl was found among Shayne's possessions. A cop gave the photo to Dinah who asked Jeffrey to locate the girl. Shayne was mortified by what Dinah had done Shayne was mortified by what Dinah had done and in the course of their discussion, he finally got out of his wheelchair.. However, by the time he protested it was too late. By this point, Jeffrey had learned that the girl, Lara Pizano, was dead. Shayne was forced to confide to Dinah and his family that Lara, who died in a minefield, was the love of his life. Though Shayne wouldn't divulge details, Josh assumed that she was killed in the same explosion that injured Shayne. Desperate to give Shayne closure, Josh arranged for the wing that he was building for Cedars to be named in Lara's honor.

In addition, he and Reva planned an impromptu memorial service. Despite his family's good intentions, the service made things worse for Shayne and he contemplated suicide by going up to a rooftop. Dinah tracked him down and Shayne finally confessed that Lara died in a minefield that Shayne, himself, failed to clear. Shayne was so distraught that he purposely walked on the active field after her, hoping to die. Realizing that Shayne had been trying to commit suicide on the train tracks, Dinah tried to talk Shayne down and ended up slipping. Shayne caught her and took her to the hospital after she'd hit her head. Afterwards, Shayne was shocked to learn that Edmund Winslow was Lara's father. Raised by a single mother, Lara did not set out to find her father until things were serious with Shayne. According to Edmund, Lara visited him when he was in the hospital and gave him the will to live. Lara apparently bonded with Edmund and told him about her relationship with Shayne. Saddened over the loss of the daughter he barely knew, Edmund asked to speak to Shayne about Lara. Though Dinah and his family warned him that Edmund was a dangerous man, Shayne felt a need to speak to Edmund. However, Shayne agreed with Dinah that Edmund could never know the details of Lara's death. Edmund then came up with the idea that a hospital be built in Lara's honor. Shayne, who had begun working at Lewis Construction, agreed. In the course of working together, Shayne began to suspect that Edmund had truly changed. As the weeks went by, Shayne seemed to find purpose, not only in his work with Edmund, but also his friendship with Dinah. Noticing that Shayne's feelings for Dinah were growing, Josh encouraged Shayne to sweep her off her feet. However, Shayne was reluctant and finally confessed to Josh the truth about Lara's death. Weeks later, he confided in Josh about his suicide attempts and asked that Reva not be told.

Meanwhile, even though he was reluctant to begin a relationship, Shayne's feelings for Dinah continued to deepen. Finally, he couldn't deny what he felt and kissed her. However, Dinah still felt guilty about her role in Lizzie's kidnapping and pushed him away. When Shayne found Dinah on a rooftop, he assumed that she was going to jump and talked her down the same way she talked him down. Afterwards, Dinah opened herself to a relationship with Shayne. In the meantime, Reva finally had her baby whom she named Colin. By this point, Shayne had healed emotionally and he finally confided in his mother about his suicide attempts. Not long after, Shayne was rocked when Edmund revealed that Lara was pregnant with Shayne's baby when she died. Since Shayne and Lara had not seen each other for months (they were at different sites in Bosnia), this was news to Shayne. Though Shayne seriously thought about killing himself, when he went to the roof, he couldn't go through with it because of his feelings for Dinah. When Dinah confessed that she had known about the pregnancy but kept it a secret because she didn't think Shayne could handle it, Shayne admitted that she did the right thing. The pair then made love for the first time. Afterwards, Shayne finally let his guard down and told Edmund the truth about Lara's death, believing that Edmund would be sympathetic Unfortunately, Shayne was mistaken. After vehemently confronting Shayne, Edmund lashed out at Dinah and finally attempted to kidnap Colin. Luckily, Reva stopped him and Edmund was shipped out of town under guard.

Meanwhile, Shayne decided that he needed to say goodbye to Lara and went to Bosnia with Dinah to visit Lara's grave. Weeks later, Dinah shocked Shayne by revealing what she'd learned in Bosnia. After the explosion, Lara was rushed to a clinic where he baby was delivered. Though Lara died, her baby survived. That baby was put placed in an orphanage and adopted by none other than Marina and Mallet. Shayne decided that the boy, Henry, was better off with the Camaletti's and kept quiet. Though Dinah continually argued that he'd regret his decision, Shayne was adamant against revealing the truth. Meanwhile, Henry became ill and was in need of a blood transfusion. Luckily, Shayne overheard and volunteered. Shayne was a match and was able to save his son's life.

Later, everyone was shocked when Edmund turned up back in Springfield—dead. After watching a DVD that Edmund intended to be placed in a time capsule for the Lara memorial project, Shayne decided that Dinah was right—he had to tell Marina that he was Henry's biological father. Shayne soon confessed to Marina but made it clear that he did not intend to take Henry away. Deeply rattled, Marina asked Shayne to keep the revelation a secret from everyone—including Mallet. Meanwhile, Shayne was outraged when the police arrested Reva for Edmund's murder. The investigation into Edmund's increased the tension between Shayne and Mallet since Shayne didn't like the way Mallet was handling the case. Soon, Jeffrey came up with a theory that perhaps the person who was murder wasn't Edmund after all but an imposter. Though Shayne thought about using Henry as bait to lure out Edmund, Marina was adamantly opposed to that idea. At the same time, Jeffrey framed himself for the murder and fled town in an attempt to find Edmund. Unbeknownst to Shayne, Dinah went with him to flush out Edmund. Though Shayne wanted to search for Dinah after he discovered what she'd done, he relented when Marina begged him to stay in town to protect Henry.

Several weeks later, Jeffrey called Reva and told her that his plane was going down. It was quickly confirmed that Jeffrey's plane did go down in Florida and he was presumed dead. Everyone thought that Dinah was dead as well until she returned to town alone. Dinah informed everyone that Jeffrey had been right---Edmund was not the man who was killed. Thrilled that Dinah was alive, Shayne asked her to marry him but she refused. However, after Jeffrey's memorial service, Dinah had a change of heart and accepted his proposal. Wanting something to celebrate, Shayne suggested that they marry as soon as possible. Unfortunately, hours after marrying Shayne, Dinah mysteriously fled the country. It didn't take long for Shayne to learn the reason---Dinah had killed the man believed to be Edmund. Dinah's departure left Shayne reeling. Deeply hurt and angry, Shayne gave the wedding rings to Vanessa and said nothing as Josh secured an annulment on Shayne's behalf. Shayne continued to act angry at the world until Marina convinced him that Dinah should be applauded for what she'd done since she did it in defense of Henry. Not only that, Dinah was the one who united Shayne with his son to begin with. In the meantime, Shayne finally got to meet his younger brother, Jonathan. Shayne immediately distrusted Jonathan and when he overheard Jonathan having a clandestine phone call, he immediately suspected that he was working with Edmund. Though Reva quickly dismissed that notion, Shayne continued to distrust his brother. Though the feeling was mutual, the pair decided to set aside their differences for Reva's sake.

In the meantime, Shayne continued to bond with Henry. Realizing that Henry already had one father and did not need another, Mallet left Marina and encouraged Shayne be a part of Henry's life. When Shayne informed Marina that he wanted to be a part of his son's life, Marina happily agreed to a joint custody agreement. Soon after, Shayne finally told his parents about Henry. Later, Marina got Shayne a job as an assistant baseball coach for the local high school. By the following year, all indications were that Shayne and Marina's relationship went beyond friendship.

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