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Cassandra "Cassie" Elizabeth Rae Layne Lewis

born Danni Shayne

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Actor History

Laura Wright (Originated role; August 1, 1997 to November 3, 2005)

Laura Stepp (temporary replacement; January 8 - 10, 2001)

Nicole Forester (November 4, 2005 to November 4, 2008)


Birthday: September 30


Former Owner of the Beacon Hotel

Former Partner in Lewis Construction

Former Partners with Danny and Tony Santos in the Towers Club

Formerly owned half of the Beacon Hotel

Former First Lady of San Cristobel

Former Princess of San Cristobel

Former Secretary at Lewis Oil

Former Stripper



Marital Status

Single/Divorced (Josh Lewis) (m. 25 Sep 07; div. 11 Aug 08)

Past Marriages

Rob Layne (Divorced)

Richard Winslow (deceased) (m. Jul 00)

Edmund Winslow (divorced) (m. Jan 05; div. late 05)

Josh Lewis (m. 25 Sep 07; div. 11 Aug 08)


Mr. and Mrs. Rae (Adopted parents; deceased)

Sarah O'Neal Shayne (Mother; Deceased)

Reva Shayne (Half-Sister)

Roxanne "Roxie" Shayne (Half-Sister)

Russell "Rusty" Shayne (Half-Brother)

Dylan Lewis (Nephew)

Marah Lewis (Niece)

Shayne Lewis (Nephew)

Jonathan Randall (Nephew)

Colin O'Neill (Nephew)

Susan "Daisy" Lemay (Great-niece)

Sarah Randall (Great-niece)

Henry Cooper Camaletti (great-nephew)

June O'Neal (Aunt; deceased)

Edmund Winslow (brother-in-law)

Alonzo Baptiste (brother-in-law; deceased)


Tammy winslow Randall (with Rob; adopted by Richard; Deceased)

Roger Joshua Winslow (with Hart; adopted by Richard)

Unnamed stillborn child (with Richard; Deceased)

William Richard Winslow (Adopted; with Richard)

Unnamed miscarried child (with Edmund; Deceased)

Unnamed miscarried child (with Edmund; Deceased)

Flings & Affairs

Billy Lewis (dated)

Hart Jessup (engaged; deceased)

Jim Lemay (dated; deceased)

Edmund Winslow (engaged)

Jeffrey O'Neill (Lovers)

Dr. Colin McCabe (one date)

Josh Lewis (engaged)

Cyrus Foley (one-night stand)

Crimes Committed

Corporate Espionage [Fall 1997]

Tried to steal money from Billy Lewis's office safe [October 7, 1997]

Helped Alan Spaulding "break into" Lewis Oil, so Alan could look at secret files [September 12, 1997]

Stole a file folder from Lewis Oil [November 5, 1997]

Drugged Hart Jessup in attempt to stop him from revealing her plot against the Lewis family [November 10, 1997]

ttempted to use a forged passport to travel to San Cristobel [July 13, 1999]

Stowed away on the Santos yacht [August 19, 1999]

Hid fugitives (Michelle and Danny Santos) from police [March 24, 2000 - April 14, 2000]

Attempted to bribe Rob Layne with a diamond necklace, so he would get him to sign divorce papers [May 17, 2000]

Fought with Olivia Spencer Spaulding, in the mud and then pulled Alan Spaulding and Richard Winslow in with them [May 9, 2002]

Took out a loan from known mobster, Tony Santos, to pay for Richard's medical bills [late June - early October 2002]

Asked Danny Santos to forge a living will for Richard Winslow [November 6, 2002]

Colluded with Danny Santos to fake his own death [November 11, 2002 - December 10, 2002]

Broke into Ed Bauer's medical clinic to get medication for an injured Danny Santos [November 12, 2002]

Obstruction of justice in the Carmen Santos sting [December 2002; charges dropped]

Kept quiet about Phillip's baby, Emma, being alive [January 2004]

Kidnapped Dinah Marler [September 24, 2004]

Held a gun on and threatened to kill Dinah Marler [September 27, 2004]

Attempted to set up her nephew, Jonathon Randall, so it would appear that he was trying to seduce her (attempt failed when he drugged her) [January 4, 2005]

Locked her daughter into the morgue where Sandy Foster's dead body was being kept [March 15, 2006]

Lchanged the DNA Tests for Beth Raines's baby to show that Rick Bauer was the father instead of Alan Spaulding [May 21, 2007]

Pulled a gun on Alan believing that he kidnapped Reva [September 14, 2007]

Viciously attacked Grady Foley [June 17, 2008]

Trashed her home and planned on blaming it on Grady (was stopped when Cyrus walked in) [June 27, 2008]

Breaking and entering with Cyrus Foley; Stole her neighbor's stereo [mid September 2008]

Brief Character History

Cassie Layne, given up by her mother at birth, grew up in Chicago with her adoptive-parents, the Raes. Unfortunately while she was still young, the Raes fell on hard times and Cassie subsequently spent the rest of her childhood in foster homes. When she was 18 years old, Cassie married her high school sweetheart Rob Layne and gave birth to a daughter, Tammy. Unfortunately, Rob's involvement with drugs (which Cassie didn't know about) got him arrested and Tammy was put in foster care when Social Services thought Cassie was an unfit mother. Though she hired a lawyer to get Tammy back, a lack of money blocked her efforts. So she was forced to work as a stripper at the Teasers club so that she would have the money to get Tammy back.

In August 1997, Cassie, known as "Shady Lane" was discovered at Teasers by a woman named Annie Dutton and a wealthy Alan Spaulding, who paid an abusive man to harass Cassie then played the hero by "rescuing her." As payback for his help, Cassie reluctantly agreed to act as a corporate spy for Spaulding's rival company, Lewis Oil. Promising that she'd earn enough money to be able to fight for custody of her daughter, Alan arranged for her to gain employment at Lewis Oil, where she would gather information about the company's finances and report back to Alan, who was planning a takeover. In order to accomplish this task, The plan was for Cassie to first seduce Billy Lewis and then Josh - thereby pitting brother against brother. However, she started to like the Lewis clan and felt guilty for betraying them. Deciding she could only get out of Alan's deal by having money herself, Cassie tried to break into Billy's safe but was caught by her new friend, Hart Jessup! Cornered, she told him everything and to her surprise, he offered to help her find her daughter. Posing as an engaged couple, Hart and Cassie traveled to Chicago to talk to the social worker assigned to Tammy. Unfortunately, Hart's jealous fiancée, Dinah Marler, who learned about their whereabouts from Annie, ruined their act by storming in on them and telling the social worker that Cassie was lying, so Cassie (who was convinced Dinah deliberately sabotaged her), was forced to continue to work for Alan. As she was about to follow through with Annie's plan to seduce a drugged Josh so that Billy would catch them, she decided against it and started to leave. But as she was about to leave, Reva Shayne caught her and during their confrontation, she noticed Cassie's cameo which Tammy had given to Reva and Josh's daughter, Marah. Since this cameo was given by Reva's mother, Sarah to the illegitimate daughter, Danni Shayne, she gave up for adoption over twenty-five years ago, Reva and Cassie realized they were sisters. While Reva welcomed her into the family, Cassie confessed everything to the Lewis' and they forgave her.

Cassie and Reva then beat Annie at her own game, Josh won custody of Tammy and Cassie stayed in town. Meanwhile, Cassie and Hart had fallen in love and Hart ended his relationship with Dinah on Christmas. But Dinah was determined to hold on him, so, in February 1998, she brought Cassie's ex-husband Rob to town in an attempt to break them up. Rob started hanging around Cassie and Tammy, making her feel uneasy and irritable while Hart tried to ignore Rob. One day, Rob followed Cassie and Tammy to Cross Creek and tampered with his car so that he would be trapped during the snowstorm. Heeding Tammy's pleas, Cassie let him stay until the snow let up. When Cassie fell asleep in front of the fire, Rob snuck up behind her and laid beside her when Hart arrived. Luckily, Hart didn't believe that anything happened. However, things grew tenser between Hart and Cassie when she refused to come clean about the truth about Reva's clone, since Josh confided the secret to her. When Dinah convinced Hart that Cassie was having an affair with Josh, they broke up but soon reconciled. Not long after, Dinah announced that she was pregnant with Hart's child but Cassie wasn't convinced that Hart was the father. After some investigating, she learned Rob had slept with Dinah before he had gone to Alaska and was convinced that he was the baby's father. She told Hart her theory but he was confused and reluctant to believe her. Then weird occurrences began to stir concern in Hart and Cassie, such as a newspaper placed on the Lewis' front porch that contained Cassie's own obituary! In a constant state of fear, Hart and Cassie became uneasy one night when they heard someone on their porch. Wanting to catch the culprit, Hart slammed the door open and hit the person on the other side in the stomach. When he stepped out, Hart found Dinah laying unconscious on the ground. As a result of the accident, Dinah suffered a miscarriage of her unborn daughter, whom she had named Laura.

Dinah used Hart's guilt to convince him to marry her. At this time, Cassie was pregnant with Hart's child, but she was upset and instead of telling him the truth, she told Hart that her friend Sean was the father of her baby and that she was leaving town with him. When Josh, drugged by Annie, harassed her, Cassie temporarily left with Tammy for Chicago while Hart soon learned the truth and followed her. Desperate to get to an out of town Cassie, Dinah found out her whereabouts and drove to meet her. Thinking her sister was picking her up, Cassie got into the car only to find Dinah behind the wheel. Dinah then locked the doors and drove into a snowstorm, ranting about how Cassie's ruined her life. Worked up Dinah, skidded into a snow bank and the car got stuck. Just then, Cassie started to go into labor but Dinah didn't believe her. Frantic, Cassie called Hart on his cell phone and he headed into the storm to find her. Angry, Dinah moved off telling Cassie to let Hart save her. However, Dinah returned to the car, realized that Cassie was serious and the baby may not make it without her help. So, Dinah acted as midwife and delivered the. Just then Hart arrived, thrilled and relieved to find Cassie and see his son for the first time. In February 1999, Cassie overheard the conversation and learned that Laura was in fact Rob's child! Then Cassie learned the truth about the child Dinah miscarried! Knowing that that was her only link to Hart, Dinah tried to appeal to Cassie, and when that didn't work, she grabbed the one antique gun Hart left behind. Dinah aimed the antique gun at Cassie, who plead with Dinah to realize that Hart would find out Laura wasn't his baby one way or another. At that moment, Hart walked in moment and jumped in front of Cassie as Dinah pulled the trigger. He was critically wounded, and as a devastated Dinah fled to her mother for help, Cassie had Hart rushed to the hospital. Tragically, Hart would die of his injuries, while Dinah went on the lam.

Devastated Cassie was left alone with her children to run the farm that Hart had left her in his will, but unfortunately, she had no money. She then met her old friend, Jim Lemay, whom she knew from Chicago and he helped her through her hard times to the dismay of his new jealous girlfriend, Beth Raines. Meanwhile, Reva learned that she had been married to Prince Richard Winslow in San Cristobel while suffering from amnesia years ago and she had bore him a son, Jonathan. When Josh mistakenly thought that Reva was being held captive in San Cristobel , he asked Jim for help and, wanting to help, Cassie stowed away on the Santos yacht. Meanwhile, Reva made the decision to let Jonathan stay with his adoptive family and sent him away without consulting Richard. Although Richard railed at Cassie, threatening to hold her hostage in exchange for the loss of his son, cooler heads prevailed and he relented on his threat. Recognizing Richard's pain, Cassie comforted him, and they became friends though Cassie's feelings were running stronger. When she returned home, Cassie was faced with the fact that she was in danger of losing the farm. Desperate to make money and not wanting to go to her friends and family for help, she decided to go back to stripping. In the meantime, Richard was left with the task of needing an heir. Not wanting to risk the pain of falling in love again, he offered Cassie a deal. He would marry her and solve her money problems and she would give him an heir. Cassie agreed to the marriage without admitting her true feelings for the Prince. When Reva found out about her sister's wedding plans she became jealous and enraged.

Throughout 2000, she claimed that she was just worried about Cassie, but everyone saw that she was still hung up on Richard. When Josh left her, Reva went to Richard and said she wanted to give their relationship another chance but Richard sent Reva away because he by now, was starting to fall in love with Cassie. Now moved into the palace, Cassie was beginning to fall in love with Richard also. Then Cassie contracted the measles. Delirious from fever, Cassie blurted out her true feelings to Richard, she later, not knowing that he shared those feelings, covered that she must have thought he was Hart. When Cassie overheard Richard and the doctor chatting and learned that her measles may have left her infertile. Cassie decided to cancel the wedding since she couldn't give him an heir. However, to Cassie's shock, Richard asked to marry her anyway, declaring that he had all the family he needed. After a passionate kiss, Cassie and Richard were informed of a series of accidents at the Spaulding Enterprise's construction site in San Cristobel caused problems for the monarchy, In the course of their investigation, Cassie and Richard learned that Richard's brother, Edmund, was sabotaging the project. They returned to San Cristobel and finally admitted their love for each other.

Later, Edmund found pictures of Cassie's stripping days and displayed them for the public to see. Though thinking of leaving San Cristobel so that Richard could find a more suitable wife, Cassie loved Richard too much, so she told the people of San Cristobel her story and let them decide if she should be princess. To her surprise, the people supported her. When a shocked Rob learned of Cassie's engagement to Richard, he reappeared thanks to Edmund, and told a shocked Cassie that she was still married to him. Apparently, Rob never signed the divorce papers. He offered her a divorce for a price. Cassie tried to bribe Rob into signing the papers, but he only got greedier and demanded more money. Unfortunately, he was almost executed when Edmund faked an execution order to publicly humiliate Richard so he could gain control of the monarchy. Though Richard rescued him, an angry Rob now demanded $ 1 million and a day alone with Tammy. Against her better judgment, Cassie agreed. Later, when Rob told Richard that he'd let him adopt Tammy in exchange for $ 18 million and Richard refused, Rob kidnapped Tammy to Springfield. Desperate, Cassie and Richard turned to Reva for help and they came up with a plan. Reva met with Rob and pretended to be on his side. But when Reva's recording tape fell to the ground, Rob exposed her and he got in an argument with her and Marah (who was in on the plan) and accidentally knocked Reva out. She was apparently unconscious and, afraid that he'd be arrested for it, Rob signed the divorce papers and granted custody of Tammy to Richard, then hurried out of town before the imaginary ambulance arrived. Finally free, Cassie and Richard married in a fairy tale wedding.

Soon after, in an attempt to get Cassie out of Richard's life, Edmund arranged it to look as if Cassie's life was in danger so he could convince Richard to hire a bodyguard for her. Hiring a bodyguard named Rourke, Edmund arranged an intimate situation between them to let it look like Cassie was unfaithful. Later, after overhearing Cassie tell Richard she was pregnant, he bribed a doctor to say that Cassie was not pregnant and Richard sterile. Months later, after reading a "love letter" from Rourke to Cassie, Richard learned that Cassie was indeed pregnant and coldly asked who the father was. Appalled by his accusation and confused when he showed her the letters, Cassie tried to convince Richard that they were being set up, but he found himself doubting her. Later, when Richard questioned Edmund, he denied his involvement in their problems but a wary Richard ordered Dax to investigate. Soon, Richard discovered that he'd been lied to and that he wasn't sterile after all. Although he tried to apologize for his jealousy, Cassie was hurt by his mistrust and remained distant. However, in a short amount of time, Richard's charms won her over and she forgave him. In 2001, Richard realized that Edmund was behind the scheme and denounced him. Meanwhile, Cassie and Richard were involved in a mystery regarding a strange engraving on Richard's christening cup. Doing some investigating they discovered a deep family secret: Richard was not the legitimate heir to the throne, Edmund was!

It seemed that Richard's mother was not Princess Charlotte but an unnamed woman, so Richard sent Cassie away to protect her from Edmund. Although Cassie and Richard tried to appeal to the public to denounce Edmund, despite their efforts, he took the throne. Believing that Edmund wasn't fit to rule, Richard decided to stage a coup. Realizing what Richard was planning, Edmund wanted them off the island to keep his power and one day, he placed her under house arrest when she tried to take Richard's christening cup out of the palace. Although Cassie was able to escape with Reva's help, Edmund's roadblock caused Cassie to swerve off the road. Although an unconscious Cassie and Reva were saved from the burning car by Edmund, in the process, Cassie ended up losing her baby while Reva temporarily went blind. Meanwhile, realizing he was in danger of being ousted, Edmund declared martial law on the island. Trying to escape, Richard and Cassie got separated, Richard escaped but Edmund kidnapped Cassie. A desperate Richard was searching for Cassie and when he tried to usurp Edmund, he faked his own death during a fight with him. Soon Cassie escaped when Edmund allowed her to attend Richard's funeral and Richard reappeared alive. He then staged a coup with help of his right hand, Col. Dax, Edmund was forced to vacate the throne and San Cristobel. After their victory, Cassie convinced Richard to run as President of San Cristobel. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Cassie and Richard, Col. Dax learned that the true heir to San Cristobel , William Winslow hadn't died at all; had been sold at birth to a fisherman's family, he set a plan in motion to restore the monarchy. Dax manipulated the situation so that Cassie and Richard (who wanted to expand their family and learned that Cassie may not be able to have anymore children) would adopt a child who he knew to be the son of William, now named Alonzo Baptiste. Dax hoped that Alonzo would seek custody of the boy and discover his true identity. Alonzo proved to be an honorable man, however, and decided that Will should remain with Richard and Cassie.

Touched by his selflessness, Cassie convinced him to stay in San Cristobel and stay near his son. Though he refused at first, Dax's manipulations forced him to stay on the island and Cassie offered him a job. As Cassie and Alonzo's friendship continued to grow, Will became deathly ill and Alonzo saved him by donating a part of his liver. Then Alonzo's ex-wife and Will's mother, Camille, arrived and both Alonzo and Cassie were shocked to learn the truth about Alonzo's origins. Though Alonzo had every intention of letting Richard continue to rule, in February 2002, he was forced to accept the crown when Camille threatened to take Will away from Cassie and Richard if he didn't take the throne and marry her. Hoping to secure Will and Cassie's happiness, Alonzo had no choice but to take the throne. As soon as Alonzo was crowned prince, he immediately deported Camille and Dax. Richard accepted his offer of being an ambassador-at-large, and he and Cassie left San Cristobel for Springfield.

While Cassie now renovated her farm, she learned that per her inheritance from Hart, she also owned one half of the old Beacon Hotel. Unfortunately, her partner was none other than Olivia Spencer, Richard's former fiancée. Meanwhile Richard could not bear to let Cassie know he had almost no money, due to the fact that all his money was tied up in the dire financial straits of San Cristobel. When thanks to Alan, the banks turned him down for a loan, Richard confided his plight to Reva, but swore her to secrecy. With her help, he got a job working at a used car lot. Then on one stormy night, Cassie got into a traffic jam due to a car accident. When she went to see what had happened, she was shocked to see that one of the victims was Richard! While he languished in a coma for weeks, Cassie learned that not only had he been having financial problems but Reva knew all about it. Angry at Reva, Cassie turned away from her but soon forgave her. Then Cassie would receive the shock of her life when Richard suddenly died. While a devastated Cassie let an ill Rick Bauer get Richard's heart, she was shocked to learn that Reva turned off Richard's life support at his request. At this time Cassie also had to deal with severe money problems, due to the Beacon Hotel's renovations, and Richard's medical expenses due to lack of insurance. After selling her engagement ring and paying off part of the debt, Cassie refused to accept money from friends or Josh and Reva, and instead borrowed from the mob, against Danny's advice.

The opening of the Beacon brought in cash, but unexpected expenses sapped that away. She was unable to pay the loan back and began receiving death threats. At one point, to raise money, she began stripping in front of Danny, but he stopped her in time to preserve her dignity. Meanwhile, Reva's crime was made public due to Edmund, leading to an arrest and sentencing; at the same time Tammy tried to steal back Cassie's engagement ring. Although Cassie didn't agree with what Reva had done, she had never wanted to see her go to jail. Reva, feeling she had done enough to hurt Cassie, accepted a plea and was sentenced to two years in prison. Soon after, the governor granted Reva a pardon, and the sisters were finally fully reunited. However, Cassie's life continued to be in danger, with bloodthirsty Carmen Santos breathing down her neck so Danny stepped in, embezzling money from Carmen's accounts and paying off Cassie's various debts. Unfortunately for him, Carmen began to piece together his crime so Danny wanted to get rid of his mother by working with the FBI and planned to lead Carmen into a trap. But Carmen freaked out before the feds or Danny expected, and shot him in the stomach, watching in horror as Danny fell off a cliff. Miraculously, Danny survived; Cassie found him on the beach, critically wounded. She whisked him to the wine cellar of the Beacon, nursing him back to health before moving him again to Reva's pool house. Cassie was literally Danny's lifeline for most of this time. Despite her better judgment, she also helped him fake his death. When Carmen was now arrested, Cassie continued to work with Olivia and saved Olivia's shares in the Beacon from Alan. In the meantime, although Danny had awoken feelings in Cassie that she thought died with Richard, it was obvious that he was still in love with his ex-wife, Michelle and so he and Cassie remained friends.

About this time, Edmund, who was newly appointed ambassador of San Cristobel , approached Cassie with the idea to dedicate a library in Richard's honor. Though repulsed by the idea of having anything to do with Edmund, at Tammy's request Cassie put her feelings aside and worked with Edmund on the dedication to the library. Though Edmund claimed to have changed and definitely seemed less arrogant, Cassie was still suspicious of his motives, and refused his offers of friendship. Despite their rocky history, Cassie started to find herself drawn to this more open, repentant Edmund. That is until a man arrived at the Beacon who was the spitting image of Richard! However, this man, new District Attorney Jeffrey O'Neill, was the polar opposite of Richard and constantly annoyed Cassie with his blunt manner. Hearing from a medium that Richard told her, "Things are not how they seem to be.", Cassie took this as a sign that Edmund had changed completely and opened herself up to him, despite Tammy and Reva's disapproval. However, Jeffrey continued to annoy her, so much that she finally threw him out of the Beacon! However, the next day her attitude changed when Jeffrey saved her life after she went over the edge of the Beacon in an attempt to stop Mitch Hendon from jumping. That same summer Jeffrey further endeared himself by being gentle with R.J. who kept mistaking him for Richard. It was then that Cassie finally realizing that underneath the gruff exterior there was a decent man. At the same time she was softening toward Richard, her relationship with Edmund was flourishing as well. Seeing that Edmund was regretful about his actions of the past, especially the accident that caused Cassie the life of her unborn child, Cassie reassured him that he was forgiven and was later shocked when Edmund purchased the Jessup farm for her. Though afraid that Edmund was rushing things romantically, he assured her that he expected nothing and it was simply a gift from him to her. In 2004, Cassie's relationship with Edmund was starting to show signs of strain. At Edmund's insistence, Cassie finally confronted him about the night she lost her child and told him her secret fantasy that the child wasn't dead. Later, Cassie was shocked to learn that Edmund was investigating that very possibility behind her back. Angry that he was keeping secrets from her, Cassie demanded that he stop the investigation since she had come to terms with the death of her child and also because she suspected his motive was simply to ease his conscience.

Weeks later, Edmund would unnerve Cassie again, by showing her a picture of Jeffrey with Reva's friend, Christopher Langham, both obviously agents for the government. Upset, but not altogether surprised that Jeffrey wasn't who he claimed to be, she was equally upset that Edmund had been so insecure that he had Jeffrey investigated in the first place. Weeks later, Cassie would be shocked when Edmund told her that Tammy had kissed him in a not-so-innocent way. Though shocked, Cassie tried to dismiss the kiss as simply Tammy's youthful exuberance. However, that day, she found herself in possession of Tammy's diary. Worried about Tammy, Cassie reluctantly decided to read the diary. Unfortunately, Tammy's deep infatuation with Edmund was clearly spelled out in the diary and Casie became very concerned. Unfortunately, when Cassie confronted Tammy, a furious Tammy lashed out. She lashed out at Cassie for betraying her privacy by reading the diary and accused Edmund retrieving her diary (that she threw in the trash) and giving it to Cassie (which he didn't; Lizzie Spaulding did). Later, Tammy decided to get back at Cassie by "running away" with Joey. Her plan worked, when Cassie realized that Tammy had skipped school with Joey, she was frantic. After spending a few hours at the Bauer cabin, Tammy and Joey finally went back to her family--but not Cassie, rather Josh and Reva. After spending weeks with the Lewises, Tammy finally calmed down and moved back into the Beacon, and apologized to Cassie and Edmund for the things she'd said.

Months later, Cassie was shocked to discover that she was the victim of identity theft. Apparently, someone in a woman in Europe was masquerading as Princess Cassandra Winslow, using Cassie's own credit card and then paying them off. Although Jeffrey was set to leave town, he decided to stay when Reva (against Cassie's wishes) told him about Cassie's problem. While Jeffrey was investigating the case, Cassie did some investigating of her own, intrigued at this woman who was living a glamorous life using Cassie's name. Later, Cassie started receiving crank calls. Realizing that her imposter was more dangerous than she'd originally thought, Cassie went to Jeffrey for help. Again he told her he was looking into the situation and urged her to have more security. Things started getting scarier when Cassie and R.J. were almost killed when a planter almost fell on them (they were rescued by Jeffrey) and Cassie realized that the stalker was in contact with R.J. Afraid, Cassie continued to lean on Jeffrey for help and he convinced her to move back into the Beacon so he could protect her. As Cassie's reliance on Jeffrey grew, so did Edmund's jealousy. Though concerned about herself and her family, Cassie was equally concerned about Edmund since she was afraid of what he might do if he found the imposter. Edmund's jealousy toward Jeffrey didn't go unnoticed by Cassie or Jeffrey either and Cassie tried to reassure him by pretending to fire Jeffrey. However, Edmund remained insecure and twice flew into a rage accusing her of having an affair with Jeffrey! Cassie was quickly able to ease Edmund's fear and assured him that she did not love Jeffrey. Not long after, Cassie was surprised to learn that Jeffrey had a suspect in custody in her stalking. Learning that he was on his way to Washington, DC to interrogate the stalker, Cassie decided to accompany him, despite his protests.

Knowing how jealous Edmund would be, Cassie lied to him and told him that she was going to a hotelier's convention. After confronting her stalker, Cassie returned to Springfield and was shocked when Edmund suggested that they invite O'Neill to dinner. The night of the dinner, there was a fierce storm that caused the power to go out. While Jeffrey and Edmund went to the barn to get a generator, Cassie became concerned when she couldn't find RJ. Believing he snuck outside, Cassie looked at and was horrified to see the barn ablaze! Entering the burning barn, Cassie spotted RJ trapped at the top level and too scared to come down. Though Cassie tried to retrieve him, she was trapped under falling debris. At that point, a figure entered the barn--it was Dinah! After rescuing RJ and getting Jeffrey and Edmund to save Cassie, Dinah was finally sent to jail for Hart's murder. It didn't take long for Cassie to figure out that Dinah had been her mysterious stalker. In prison, Dinah tried to convince both Cassie and Blake that she was truly remorseful about Hart's death. Although Blake remained convinced that Dinah should stay behind bars, Cassie, who was continually being warned by Jeffrey about how emotionally grueling a trial would be, began to wonder if putting her family through the torture of a trial was worth it. At this time, Edmund proposed marriage. Although initially afraid to take the risk, Cassie soon accepted. Meanwhile, Cassie decided to spare her family the pain, and made a statement stating that Hart's shooting was an accident. Thanks to that statement, Dinah was a free woman. Unfortunately, Cassie's fear consumed her, and believing that Dinah was a threat, she decided to get rid of her herself. As Dinah was being released, she hopped into what she thought was Ross's car, only to find Cassie at the wheel! Although Cassie assured a tense Dinah that this was just so they can talk, in private, and work out how they were going to co-exist in this town, her true intention became clear when they drove to Laurel Falls where Cassie pulled out a gun and announced her intention to do away with Dinah to ensure her family's safety. Meanwhile, Edmund and Jeffrey figured out that both Cassie and Dinah were gone – and assumed that Dinah must have kidnapped Cassie. As Dinah fought for her life by overpowering Cassie, Cassie got the upper hand and seemed about to shoot. Just then, Jeffrey and Edmund arrive, shocked to discover that Cassie wasn't the one in danger. Thanks to some words from Edmund and some reverse psychology from Jeffrey (who told Cassie to shoot Dinah); Cassie decided to spare Dinah's life.

Not long after, Cassie learned horrifying news from Reva: Sandy Foster was not her real son. Not only that, but the real Jonathan knowingly seduced Tammy, his own cousin with the intention of hurting her. After delivering this devastating news to Tammy, Cassie was concerned when she disappeared. Although Tammy soon returned, she lashed out at Edmund blaming him for what happened to her--since it was because of him that Jonathan was sent away. Cassie hoped to diffuse the situation by asking Edmund to move out. Meanwhile, unable to handle Edmund's jealousy, fainted. The cause of the fainting spell shocked both of them---Cassie, who thought she couldn't have children, had suffered a miscarriage! With the revelation that she could have a child, Cassie and Edmund decided to try for a baby.

In 2005, several things would conspire to throw Cassie's relationship with Edmund into disarray. Problems began when at her bachelorette party, Cassie came up with a plan to prove to Reva how twisted her son was. Faking being drunk, Cassie lured Jonathan to her apartment after arranging for Reva to meet her in her room. The plan was for Reva to catch Jonathan taking advantage of an inebriated Cassie. Unfortunately, Dinah unexpectedly intercepted the message and Reva never arrived in the room. Jonathan caught on to what Cassie's plan was and drugged her. The next morning, the day of her wedding, Cassie was horrified to wake up and find herself naked in bed with Jonathan! Sickened by what may have happened, Cassie got no answers from Jonathan. In distress, Cassie almost stood Edmund up at the altar but after a talk with Jeffrey decided to marry the man she loved. Soon after, Cassie confessed the details of what happened to a horrified Reva. However, when a disbelieving Reva asked Jonathan for his version, he stated that he was just messing with Cassie--nothing had happened. Although Reva was quick to accept his story, Cassie didn't believe it and was angered that Reva so readily believed Jonathan. Although a tape showed that nothing happened, Cassie accused Jonathan of doctoring the tape.

Her ordeal over, Cassie and Edmund went to a specialist to begin in-vitro fertilization. Although she had tried to keep her experience with Jonathan a secret from Edmund, for fear of his reaction, Jonathan informed Dinah who had no qualms about telling Edmund. As expected, Edmund angrily confronted Jonathan and attacked him. Luckily, Dinah informed Cassie of what Edmund knew and Cassie stopped Edmund before he was able to do too much harm. Unfortunately, Cassie's relationship with Reva became furthered damaged when Reva learned that Edmund had attacked Jonathan. Although Reva tried to get Cassie to see that Edmund was still violent, Cassie defended him against Jonathan whom she saw as evil. Later, after she deposited her eggs at the fertility clinic in preparation for the procedure, Cassie intercepted a fax from the DA's office charging Edmund with arson! The fax, spitefully sent by Jonathan, stated how Edmund had struck Jeffrey the night of the fire, accidentally causing a lamp to fall and cause the blaze that almost killed RJ the previous fall. Cassie then confronted Edmund, giving him every opportunity to confess to his role in the barn fire, but he didn't. Finally, Cassie told him what she knew. Despite Edmund's moving plea, Cassie left him. She began to have doubts until she heard Edmund throwing a violent tantrum inside, confirming her fears that he had gone back to the man he once was. Disgusted by what Edmund had done but still in love with him, Cassie confided her confusion to Jeffrey.

In the course of the next few weeks, Cassie's friendship with Jeffrey grew until they finally shared a kiss. Soon Cassie learned of Jeffrey's feelings for her and although she still loved Edmund, she had to admit that her feelings for Jeffrey were growing. Soon after Cassie is sickened to learn that Edmund arranged for an unexpected person to carry their embryo--Dinah! Edmund tried to explain that Dinah was doing it so they could be a family and signed a contract to give the child up, but Cassie was still in shock that he'd allow her hated rival to carry her baby. Although it was obvious that Edmund expected their impending parenthood to bring them closer together, Cassie wasn't ready to forgive Edmund. Cassie's fears proved to be founded when Edmund tried to manipulate Cassie by sending Dinah to the hospital under the guise of something being wrong with the baby. Meanwhile, Cassie received a note from San Cristobel , notifying her that Alonzo wanted Will to return to San Cristobel and begin his royal training. Desperate, Cassie called Edmund for help. Edmund then offered his support and promised Cassie that he wouldn't let her lose her son. Later when the situation looked bleak, Edmund tried to convince Cassie for all of them to flee Springfield and disappear so Alonzo couldn't find Will. However, Cassie was unwilling to run from her problems and instead went to discuss the situation with Alonzo.

After being temporarily kidnapped and imprisoned in San Cristobel , Cassie was released and finally spoke with Alonzo who convinced her that it was best for Will to remain on the island. Later, Jeffrey told Cassie that he was going to bow out and give Cassie and Edmund the chance to be happy. After sharing a close moment with Edmund, Cassie confessed that she needed him back in her life full time but only if he promised that nothing else that would ever cause her to lose faith in him again. Mere days later, Cassie's world would be ripped apart when Dinah appeared to be a victim of a kidnapping. That night, Cassie found a beat-up and disheveled Dinah at the barn. Shaken, Dinah claimed that Edmund had her kidnapped because she knew a secret--that he'd instigated Alonzo's wanting custody of Will. Not really believing Dinah, Cassie waited in secret for Edmund to come to Dinah. When Cassie finally entered to barn, she was horrified to see Edmund with a shovel in his hand seemingly ready to strike Dinah! Although Edmund tried to explain that it was all a set-up by Dinah, Cassie didn't believe him and wrote Edmund out her life for good. She then ran to Jeffrey's where they shared a passionate kiss. Although Cassie insisted it was over between her and Edmund, Jeffrey wasn't sure he wanted to be her rebound. However, his desire for her won out and the pair finally made love. Although Cassie had some trepidation about going out in public, they overcame their fears and were both relieved when Tammy gave her blessing about their relationship. Not long after, Cassie got an ultimatum from Edmund--break up with Jeffrey or be removed from the baby's life.

Though Cassie tried avoiding Jeffrey, soon they decided that Edmund couldn't bully them since they could easily have Dinah against Edmund for kidnapping. Weeks later, though, Dinah recanted her story and confessed that she'd never been kidnapped. Though they lost their leverage, the couple refused to let Edmund dictate to them. Weeks later, Edmund seemed to have a sudden turnaround and gave Cassie ownership of the farm. Later, Cassie was overjoyed when Edmund presented her with a beautiful baby girl. According to Edmund, Dinah had suddenly gone into labor at the farm and apparently had left town immediately after giving birth. Cassie named the baby Hope. Mere days later, Edmund pushed her to move ahead with the baby's christening and though Cassie was thrown, she ultimately agreed. Weeks later, Cassie received a visit from Michelle, who had lost her baby in a car accident weeks earlier. The night of Hope's christening, Jeffrey delivered some devastating news—Hope was not her baby, she was Michelle's! Apparently Edmund had arrived at the scene of Michelle's accident and delivered her baby. He then took the child as his own. Although Cassie refused to believe that, Jeffrey showed her a DNA test that proved Hope was not her baby. Meanwhile, Michelle returned to the house. Cassie struggled to tell Michelle the truth about the baby, but couldn't quite find the strength to do it. It became a moot point when Edmund realized Cassie was on the verge of telling Michelle and interrupted them. Michelle then left and Cassie demanded to hear Edmund's story. Although Edmund made a feeble attempt to deny it, there was no denying the fact that the DNA test proved it—Hope was not Cassie's baby. Alone with a horrified Cassie, Edmund informed her that Dinah never carried to term and faked part of her pregnancy. Edmund tried to convince her that he did it for her. He then told her that the baby was not Michelle's, but simply a woman who didn't want her child. Later, a DNA test would supposedly back up Edmund's claim and Cassie would keep the baby. Unfortunately, a few weeks later, everything changed when Dinah returned Hope to her rightful father--Danny.

Jeffrey informed Danny that a DNA test proved Hope wasn't Michelle's daughter but Danny didn't exactly trust Jeffrey's word and demanded that a DNA test be run that night. To Cassie's dismay, the test came back positive; Edmund had apparently faked the other test. Heartbroken Cassie returned Hope to her rightful parents. Later, on Halloween,, Edmund (who'd escaped from prison) found Cassie alone and threatened to hurt her family if she didn't agree to run away with him. Feeling trapped, she agreed. Luckily, she cleverly managed to alert Jeffrey right before she vanished with Edmund. Edmund then brought Cassie to San Cristobel with the intention of keeping her his prisoner until she decided to be his princess. Cassie tried to reach through Edmund's rage in an effort to get him to release her, but he stated that he would rather keep her his prisoner than see her with another man. Ata that point, Edmund's guards arrived at the tower and turned their weapons on Edmund instead of obeying his orders. He soon realized that he'd been tricked by Josh and Jeffrey and desperately called out to Cassie to save him but Cassie washed her hands of him.

After the close of the Edmund chapter in her life, Cassie put her energies in planning Tammy's wedding to Sandy Foster. Unfortunately the wedding turned out to be a disaster with the revelation that Sandy was still married to his first wife! Meanwhile, Josh finally gave Cassie a file about Jeffrey but she decided not to violate Jeffrey's trust and it into the fire. Speaking of fires, the house Sandy had bought for Tammy burned to the ground. Afterwards Cassie learned Jonathan was responsible, thus reinforcing her opinion that he was bad news. A few weeks later, Cassie and the rest of the family were shocked to see Jonathan and Tammy in the barn making out! Assuming Jonathan was attacking her, Cassie freaked out until Tammy informed her that they were love! Horrified, Cassie demanded that Tammy choose between her family and Jonathan and was shocked when Tammy chose him. Tammy then ended up moving in with Reva. Although Cassie tried to make amends with Tammy at Christmas, things remained strained since she refused to accept Jonathan in her life. Determined to get Tammy away from Jonathan, Cassie demanded that Jeffrey arrest Jonathan for arson. Reva pointed out that he'd have to arrest Tammy, too, since she was with Jonathan when he accidentally started the fire. Though Cassie appeared to back down, later she called the cops. Tammy and Jonathan were arrested. Though Tammy was granted bail, Cassie asked Jeffrey to get the judge to deny bail for Jonathan.

Jonathan spent the early days of 2006 in jail. Furious at Cassie, Tammy announced that she was moving in with Reva. Meanwhile, Jeffrey disagreed with Cassie's reasoning since it only furthered the rift between her and Tammy. So, he lied to Tammy that Cassie sent him to help get Jonathan a hearing. But when a thrilled Tammy rushed to thank Cassie, Cassie denied wanting to help Jonathan--she wanted Jonathan locked up forever. However, that wasn't meant to be since thanks to an impassioned plea from Reva, the judge granted bail. although Cassie was initially angry at Jeffrey's role at getting Jonathan out of jail, she softened when he admitted that he used to be a troubled kid like Jonathan and he was proof that someone could change his life around. A few days later, Jonathan visited Cassie at home and informed her that he had Josh's file on Jeffrey and threatened to make public what was in it unless she agreed to accept him and Tammy. Cassie refused to be bullied and dared him to do it. Later, Cassie then visited Josh to tell him about Jonathan's blackmail and to find out what was in the file. The problem was, Josh hadn't read it either. To head Jonathan off at the pass, Cassie and Josh decided to do their own inquiry into Jeffrey. The pair then traveled to San Cristobel to the one man who might have the answers--Edmund. Edmund informed them that Jeffrey didn't just look like Richard, he impersonated Richard - and he set up Dinah to impersonate Cassie! Edmund then asked to speak with Cassie alone and then dropped another bombshell: Jeffrey used to impersonate Richard all the time, and not just at official functions, but at home—but with her in bed. Cassie refused to believe him so Edmund suggested she ask Jeffrey. Back at home, she did confront Jeffrey--but only about him impersonating Richard with Dinah. Jeffrey confirmed it was true. He was sent by the CIA to protect Richard and that included impersonating him. Jeffrey asked for Cassie's forgiveness; Cassie didn't say yes, but she didn't say no either. Though she ultimately decided to forgive him, it soon became apparent that she couldn't trust him.

In the meantime, while she'd been in San Cristobel , both Tammy and Jonathan, thanks to Jeffrey, had been cleared of the arson charges. At this point, Cassie learned that dismissing the charges against Tammy had cost Jeffrey his job. Although touched, Cassie was still conflicted about Jeffrey's impersonation of Richard. Realizing she needed to know when exactly Jeffrey was posing as Richard, Cassie asked Josh to help her. Josh contacted a friend in the CIA but was surprised to learn that Jeffrey's records were sealed. Later, Jeffrey confessed that while he was impersonating Richard, he fell in love with her. In the meantime, Cassie was shocked to learn that Sandy was dead! Apparently, he'd taken Jonathan hostage at the edge of a cliff and in an effort to save Jonathan, Tammy inadvertently pushed Sandy to his death. While Tammy blamed herself for Sandy's death, Cassie insisted the fault was Jonathan's. To scare Tammy into what her future could be like, Cassie tricked Tammy and locked her in the morgue with Sandy's body to show her what a life with Jonathan would bring her. Not long after, Jonathan came to the rescue.

As Cassie was going through her troubles, Reva and Josh's marriage was falling apart. However, after some "signs" that they belonged together (really set up by Cassie) the couple reunited. Very soon after, Cassie buried the hatchet with her daughter and informed Tammy that she was done interfering with her and Jonathan. Meanwhile, in appreciation for all the help Josh had given her, Cassie got Olivia to sell back Cross Creek--in exchange for Cassie's half of the Beacon. Afterwards, Cassie and RJ accompanied Josh to Cross Creek cabin to redecorate the place to make it look like the Cross Creek of old. There, Josh suggested that Cassie should come to work for him at Lewis. When Cassie helped Josh fulfill his father's dream, Josh hired her to work on the project. Josh's kindness and friendship was having an unexpected reaction--Cassie was falling for him. But that's a thought Cassie wouldn't allow herself to have. Though Jonathan suspected, Cassie denied she had feelings for Josh. In the meantime, Josh and Billy learned that in order for the hospital to be built the way Josh wanted, Cross Creek would have to be paved over. Not wanting the family cabin destroyed, Josh had in transplanted to Springfield. But he wanted it to be a surprise for Reva. With the lights out, Josh planted a passionate kiss on the woman who walked in the door--Cassie. Though Josh was able to shake off the mistake, Cassie was obviously affected.

Cassie's feelings for Josh were growing stronger every day. In order to stop it, Cassie told Josh maybe he shouldn't come around so often, stating that it wasn't good for RJ to rely on a man all the time. Josh reminded her that RJ needed a father figure and he was the only constant one RJ ever had. Seeing his logic, Cassie reconsidered. Later, to get her mind off Josh, Cassie asked out Dr. Colin McCabe but that date was uneventful. Throughout the next few weeks, Cassie's feelings kept growing stronger. Although she tried to avoid it, she kept spending more and more time with Josh helping him on the hospital project.. As time went by, Cassie's feelings were getting stronger and stronger. Although she kept insisting that Josh go find Reva who fled town under false pretenses, he refused. Finally, Cassie took matters into her own hands and tried to trick Josh into going to Minnesota to see Reva, by telling him she wanted him to go with her on a business trip to New York for the veteran's hospital. Unfortunately, in her desperation to get Josh to the airport, she haphazardly threw his luggage in her trunk, with the strap hanging out. She was pulled over by a policeman and when she opened the trunk, to put the strap back in, Josh noticed that Cassie had no luggage. Cornered, Cassie was forced to confess her deception—it was a ruse to get Josh to Minnesota. Again Josh refused to chase after Reva and when he badgered Cassie about why he should go, she blurted out that she had feelings for him. Cassie immediately apologized but Josh told her not to; he had them too. Not long after, Cassie canceled her plans with Jeffrey but kept trying to avoid Josh.

However, Josh kept seeking her out. Later, while Josh was at the farmhouse with Cassie, the power suddenly went out. Though Josh offered to help and suggested she spend the night at his place, Cassie stubbornly refused. Finally, she allowed him to check the fuse box but while he was fumbling around the wires in the dark, he ended up burning himself. As Cassie helped treat his wounds, the closeness between them became unbearable and she went out for a swim to cool down. While swimming she had a cramp and suddenly went under. Luckily, Josh arrived looking for her and saved her from drowning. In the water together, Josh and Cassie gave in to their desires and shared a raw, passionate kiss. The kiss rattled them both but when Cassie suggested she and RJ leave Springfield, Josh begged her to stay since he couldn't lose her as well. At that moment, Josh decided that Cassie was the woman for him and they had no qualms making their relationship public. Though both Jonathan and Hawk angrily blasted him for cheating on Reva, Josh made it clear that Reva left him. Not long after, Josh was shocked to come face to face with Reva at the airport. At the same time, numerous people warned Cassie that Josh would ultimately leave her for Reva—it was inevitable. Later, Reva finally returned and blasted Cassie for her betrayal. Cassie stated that she betrayed her vows with Josh when she left. When, Josh and Cassie commiserated over their respective encounters with Reva, Josh admitted that he didn't think she was having an affair with Billy--she would not have been so self-righteous if that was the case. It turned out that Josh was correct. Weeks later, Josh and Cassie were shocked when Billy finally informed them that Reva disappeared because she'd been battling cancer. Apparently, she didn't want to mar Josh's happiness over the hospital project and kept her cancer treatments a secret. Josh and Cassie got to Cedars to find Reva on her deathbed. After saying her goodbyes, Reva flat-lined but suddenly made a miraculous recovery. Soon after, the family was elated to learn from Rick that Reva was cancer free. After Reva's amazing recovery, Cassie was insecure about her future with Josh but was determined to fight for him if she had to. However, Reva was too tired to fight for Josh and she continued to give her blessing--making it clear that she wasn't happy about it.

In early 2007, Cassie and Josh finally made love. Meanwhile, Tammy was finally able to fulfill her dream—to marry Jonathan. At the same time, Jonathan was granted temporary custody of his daughter by Lizzie, Sarah. Unfortunately, tragedy would strike a mere day later when Tammy was struck by a car. Tammy's condition was critical and she went in and out of consciousness for several hours. Though a heartsick Jonathan told Cassie that she had been right to warn him away from Tammy, Cassie comforted him stating she was glad Tammy found love with him. Then after saying a heartfelt goodbye to Jonathan, Tammy died. Oddly detached, Cassie threw herself into making funeral arrangements, only breaking down in tears after she decided to have Tammy buried in her wedding gown. Soon after, Mallet told Cassie that the driver who hit Tammy may have been aiming to kill Jonathan and that they thought Alan was behind it all. Days later, came the horrifying news that Jonathan and Sarah were apparently killed in a car crash. Distraught with the loss of her daughter, Cassie couldn't sleep and started taking sleeping pills. At the same time, she began having visions of Tammy. Upon learning that Alan was being questioned at the police station, Cassie went there and confronted him about his part in Tammy's death. When Alan tried to deny it, Cassie poured the guilt on him until he exclaimed that he wished he could go back to that day and change everything. At that moment, Frank was standing in the doorway listening and to him, that sounded almost like a confession. Cassie started becoming more and more unglued. Concerned about Cassie's detached demeanor, Josh suggested that she speak to a psychiatrist. Though Cassie confessed to the therapist about her fantasies about hurting Alan and ranted about her anger and sadness, she was far from healed.

Meanwhile, Cassie continued to harass Alan, going to his home and confronting him with what he had taken away from her. Though the District Attorney threatened to have Cassie removed by force, Beth took pity on Cassie and got her to leave. In the meantime, Alan had been cleared of any wrong doing in Tammy's death. While her visions of Tammy started out with Tammy telling her she had to let go, they soon became vengeful with Tammy urging her mother to make Alan pay for what he'd done. Finally, after walking around town disoriented Cassie confronted Alan at his wedding to Doris Wolfe. Ranting about how Alan didn't deserve to live, Cassie reached into her bag and pulled out a picture of Tammy, ranting about what Alan took from her. At this point, Rick and Josh were able to hold Cassie down and take her out of the room. Afterwards, Alan was shot and Josh found Cassie outside dazed and unable to remember anything. Cassie knew that Josh suspected that she shot Alan, and couldn't bear to lose his faith in her. osh was slowly convinced of her innocence. However, that changed when he realized that HB's gun, which he kept locked up, was missing. At the same time, When Josh told her about the missing gun, Cassie still couldn't remember what happened the night of the wedding. So, Josh jammed the lock, where the gun was kept, so that if the gun was traced back to them, they could say it was stolen. Not wanting Josh to lie for her, Cassie tried to turn herself in but Josh stopped her. Very shortly after, Mallet came by with some questions for Josh. When he asked where Josh and Cassie were when Alan was shot, Cassie almost confessed, but reconsidered when she saw RJ and lied that she and Josh were together the whole time. With the future uncertain, Josh impulsively asked Cassie to marry him and she accepted. Soon after, Cassie was summoned to the police station where she was shown a .surveillance tape which showed her with a gun at Towers the night Alan was shot. Suddenly Josh burst in and tried to defend Cassie but the evidence was hard to ignore and Cassie was arrested.

Later, as a horrified Cassie watched, Josh confessed to shooting Alan himself. Though Cassie pleaded with Josh not to lie for her and tried to convince Frank that's what Josh was doing, Josh stood by his statement and was arrested. Weeks later, Josh took a deal---plead guilty to self-defense and receive a two year sentence in a minimum security prison. Though Cassie again begged Josh not to cover for her, he was adamant and promised to marry her when he got out in two years. Unfortunately, Josh's story about shooting Alan in self-defense was soon disputed when it was determined that Alan was shot by seven feet away. Suddenly, Josh was facing up at least ten years in jail. Realizing that Josh was doomed, Cassie, Billy and Reva decided to raise reasonable doubt by implicating themselves. Though he initially rejected this idea, Josh finally agreed on the condition that no suspicion at all be put on Cassie. Unfortunately, Josh was found guilty and later it was feared that Alan's condition was worsening---which meant Josh could be facing twenty years. Though Josh wanted to end their engagement so Cassie could move on with her life, Cassie refused to give up. Later, Alan finally emerged from his coma but claimed not to know who his shooter was. In the meantime, prison was taking a toll on Josh, especially since convict Vinnie Salerno was having him attacked at every opportunity. Though he tried to be brave for Cassie, he admitted to Reva that it was too hard and he desperately needed some time alone with someone without the guards watching so he could feel like a human being. Since he already asked Cassie to stop visiting him since he couldn't stand seeing the distressed look on her face, he wanted conjugal visits from Reva. Cassie approved of the plan and even gave Reva a love letter from her to Josh. Meanwhile, Cassie overheard Lillian and Beth talking about how the baby she was passing off as Alan's could be Rick's. Cassie immediately went to Rick, told him what she'd heard and warned him that Alan would take his child away the same way he took hers. Later, an increasingly erratic Cassie started asking Beth about her baby. When Cassie pointed out that the baby could be Rick's, Beth realized that Cassie was the one who told Rick she was really pregnant. Weeks later, Ashlee Wolfe confessed to the shooting and Josh was finally exonerated.

In the meantime, Cassie continued to have visions of Tammy and when Reva threatened to tell Josh, Cassie accused her of angling to get Josh back. Days later, Cassie approached Beth again and asked to talk. Though wary, Beth allowed Cassie to help her with her bags and followed her into a warehouse when Cassie asked to show her something. It didn't take long to realize that Cassie had nothing to show—she just wanted to talk to Beth. An emotional Cassie then pleaded with Beth not to allow Alan to raise her child. Beth refused and during the confrontation, Beth was accidentally knocked down. While helping her up, Cassie continued to insist that Rick must be the father of Beth's baby but Beth denied it. Finally a security guard happened by and escorted the women to Cedars so Beth could be checked out. Though Beth and the baby were fine, Alan threatened to press charges against Cassie until Josh threatened to take Alan down for what he did to Tammy even if he had to fabricate evidence to do it. Meanwhile, Cassie started to become more and more unhinged and maniacally tried to convince Josh that Beth and Alan might rig the DNA test to show that Beth's baby was Alan's. Though Josh tried to convince her to forget about Alan and concentrate on her own health, Cassie refused to listen and enlisted Jeffrey's help in ensuring that the DNA test was fair. Jeffrey quickly found the technician (who was throwing money around at Company as if he had been bribed) and arranged for him to be replaced with someone else. After Jeffrey dismissed the technician, the tech's access card fell out of his pocket and Cassie picked it up.

Later, Cassie snuck into the lab and called up Beth's test. To her dismay, Alan was the father. With "Tammy's urging, Cassie changed the test to read that the father was Rick. Meanwhile, Josh shocked Cassie with his intention to become a minister. Days later, Reva apologized to Cassie for sleeping with Josh during their last prison visit. Apparently Reva thought Cassie already knew. Soon the pair began arguing over Josh. The exchange got heated with finally Reva slapping Cassie. Afterwards, an upset Cassie furiously confronted Josh and stormed out. Distraught, she attempted to throw her engagement ring into the river and fell in by accident. Luckily, she was rescued by Mallet. Her brush with death helped Cassie decide to be with Josh after all. At the same time, Reva found the DNA lab access card in Cassie's purse after she dropped it and did some investigation. It didn't take long for her to figure out that she rigged the DNA test. Reva confronted Cassie who convinced Reva to keep quiet by pointing out that the baby would be much better off with Rick as a father. Soon after, Josh asked Cassie to marry him the next day and she agreed on one condition: he spend the night with Reva for closure. Though Josh tried to reassure Cassie that he was over Reva, she was unconvinced and insisted. The next day, Josh confessed to Cassie that he and Reva did kiss but it was a goodbye kiss. Weeks later, Cassie handed over the surveillance tape and the Cedars' access card for Reva to destroy since Reva volunteered to do so. Unfortunately, Josh walked in on Reva burning the evidence and wound up seeing the footage on the DVD. Confronted by an incredulous Josh, an unapologetic Cassie defended her actions and insisted that the child would be better off away from Alan. In fact, when Cassie was told Beth and Rick wanted her to be godparents, Cassie saw no conflict with what she had done. Though she pleaded with Josh to keep the secret, it was apparent that Josh would spill it. Though Josh did plan on telling Alan, he only told Rick the truth about the paternity test. Weeks later, Cassie heard Rick ready to tell Beth the truth and distracted Beth by "accidentally" spilling wine on her. With Beth gone, Cassie tried to convince Rick to keep the secret. Though Rick was adamant that Beth should know, Cassie warned him not to lose another casualty to Alan. Throughout all of this, Josh had found a new calling and decided to become a minister. Though she supported him, Cassie had a lot of trepidation about becoming a minister's wife.

. Although Cassie planned on postponing the wedding, she suddenly had a change of heart and told Josh she wanted to get married ASAP. An impromptu wedding was quickly put together. Unfortunately, before they were officially named man and wife, Reva rushed out of the ceremony and was struck by Olivia's car. Since Reva had already told Cassie that she was not happy about the marriage, Cassie suspected that Reva threw herself in front of the car in an attempt to stop the wedding. The next day, Josh and Cassie went to the courthouse and made their marriage official. Later, Cassie blurted out that she wanted a baby. Taken aback, Josh told Cassie he wasn't sure he could handle a child at this stage in his life. Though Cassie understood, it was clear she was disappointed. However, Cassie had already made an appointment with a fertility clinic and didn't want to cancel. Later, Josh had a change of heart and told Cassie that he wanted to have a baby with her. Days later, Josh and Cassie went to the fertility clinic where the doctor stated hat there was a slim chance that Cassie could have a baby, but it would require surgery to remove the scar tissue from her uterus. Josh assured Cassie that he wanted a baby – but just wondered if he could still be a good father. The next day, Cassie was wheeled into surgery. While coming out from the anesthetic, Cassie had a nightmare about Alan hurting Tammy, RJ and Will. She jolted awake to find Beth at her side and strongly suggested that Alan was the father of her baby. Cassie passed out again and woke up to find RJ at her side this time. RJ knew that Cassie was trying to have another baby and wondered why he wasn't enough. Later, Josh told Cassie what she told Beth but assured her that they covered for her.

Back at home, Cassie suddenly told Josh that she didn't want a baby—she wanted to get Will back. Josh reminded her that she signed away all legal rights to the boy and if they tried to fight for him, which will be enormous work. He did agree to help her though. Soon after, Cassie tried to convince Alonso to relinquish custody of Will, arguing that since the political climate in San Cristobel was changing, Will probably wouldn't be prince anyway. Alonzo was not convinced however, and Cassie and Josh knew they were in for a custody battle. While compiling a list of people who could testify to what a good mother Cassie was to Will, one person's name came up. Someone who was around when Cassie was raising Will: Edmund. Cassie was reluctant but complied when Josh convinced her that she wouldn't have to be in contact with Edmund at all. Edmund only agreed to help if he talked to Cassie and although Josh was against it, Cassie agreed since she felt it was the only way to get her child back. Later, Jeffrey informed Josh and Cassie that Edmund, now locked up in a mental hospital, was on Alonzo's witness list as well. That meant they were going to have to go to San Cristobel and get his testimony in person. A few days later, Cassie went to San Cristobel with Josh and Jeffrey. The group got separated when suddenly the power went out. Over the sound system, it was announced that they'd be testing the back up power and there would be a risk of surges. When the power came on, Alonzo, close to an electrical gate is hit by a surge and collapsed as Jeffrey and Josh appear. The group was shocked to see that Alonzo was dead. That same day, a crazed innate confessed to murdering Alonzo. With Alonzo dead, Cassie brought Will back to Springfield.

Unfortunately, life in Springfield took a lot of adjusting for Will who missed his home in San Cristobel and his best friend, his uncle Edmund. Also having adjustment problems was RJ who was cold toward Will and definitely did not like having him around. In the meantime, Josh informed a pleased Cassie that he would like to adopt the boys. However, Will was still not connecting to his new family and kept asking for Edmund to visit. Though Josh thought it was a terrible idea, Cassie was desperate for a way to get through to her son and called Jeffrey to help arrange it. Later, the Lewises learned that Edmund was released by order of the Dept. of State. Soon after, Cassie and Josh threw a party for Will to help him better adjust. During the party, both RJ and Will disappeared for a time. Though RJ returned, Will did not. At the same time, Edmund arrived at the party. Though some accused Edmund of having something to do with Will's disappearance, Will was quickly found locked in the barn. Will hinted that RJ locked him in the barn and then asked if Edmund could stick around. Cassie reluctantly agreed, for Will's sake. Meanwhile, after changing the lock on the barn, Josh realized that it locked from the inside. That meant that RJ could not have locked Will in the barn. However, when Josh told Cassie that he suspected that Will set RJ up, she refused to believe it. In the meantime, Edmund showed no signs of leaving town and was considered a threat. Josh and Jeffrey finally decided to get him out of town by giving him a deal: ---either be framed for Alonzo's death (thus being executed) or spend his life in a cushy prison compound called Peaceful Valley. Of course, Edmund chose prison. Josh and Cassie then lied to Will that Edmund had to return to San Cristobel to fulfill some royal responsibilities. Will was unable to let go and begged that Edmund stick around long enough to watch him in the pageant. To Josh's shock, Cassie agreed. The next day, James Spaulding, who was playing the lead angel in the pageant, got hurt from a fall and the part went to Will. In the meantime, Cassie continued to dote on Will who finally warmed up to her.

Finally came the day of the pageant which coincided with Josh's ordination to become a minister. During Will's pageant, Jeffrey had Edmund removed and informed Josh that he would take full responsibility for what happened to Edmund, but refused to apologize for it or put a stop to it. Josh realized that there was no prison compound--Edmund was being executed. When Josh rushed out to find Edmund, he'd escaped. As Josh was officially ordained, Edmund crashed down from the balcony at Josh's feet. Edmund was rushed to Cedars alive, but comatose. Later, Josh was twigged when Will said that Cassie was holding his hand when Edmund fell since Josh remembered that Will wasn't with Cassie when it happened. Meanwhile, James informed Josh that he didn't fall off the stage – one of the shepherds tripped him. Several days later, Cassie and Josh informed Will that a still comatose Edmund was being transferred to San Cristobel but Will didn't appear to care. Though Josh was concerned about Will's stoicism, Cassie believed he was just in shock. However, Josh was starting to suspect that not all was well with Will. Remembering that Will was supposed to be a shepherd before James "fell" he openly asked Will if he pushed James. That isn't all he asked Will—he also asked the boy if he pushed Edmund. As Josh tried to get the boy to confess, Cassie walked in and Will ran into her arms crying. Upon learning of Josh's suspicions, Cassie became outraged and vehemently defended her son. However, Josh was certain that Will was troubled. Later, on Christmas Eve, Josh and RJ did some last minute shopping at the mall and unexpectedly ran into Reva who was shopping for Marah and Shayne. It was suggested that they shop together. Soon, the group found themselves locked in the mall when the power went out. Trapped for hours, Josh and Reva bonded over old memories leaving Cassie alone with Will. Luckily, Josh and RJ got out in time for Josh to read the Christmas Story at St. Mark's which seemed to surprise Will. Bewildered by Will's reaction to them being back to soon, Josh wondered if he was not responsible for the power outage as well and confronted him. As Josh grabbed Will, forcing him to confront him, Cassie came home. When Josh told her his suspicion, Daisy quickly took the blame and explained that she did it so that Josh and Reva could have some time alone together. Josh remained doubtful while Cassie blasted him for his attitude toward her son.

In early 2008, Reva tried to help Josh get Will into the Fairmont Academy impersonating Cassie, but her cover is blown when Mallet came to question her. Apparently, someone called in a tip about Reva being involved in Edmund's fall and Reva was brought in for questioning when a button from Edmund's shirt was found in Reva's purse. When Josh accused Will of setting her up, his accusations upset Cassie and Will played into her sympathy by packing his things and telling his mother that he wanted to leave before Josh sent him away. Later, Josh and Reva confronted Will at St. Mark's and finally got the boy to confess to shoving Edmund. With Cassie present, Will later informed Mallet that he shoved Edmund because he was threatening to harm Cassie, making the entire incident sound like a tragic accident. Later, though he confessed to Cassie that it was no accident. He wanted Edmund gone. In the meantime, Jeffrey wanted the boy remanded into custody and sent to a juvenile facility. As Jeffrey and Josh realized that Will intentionally shoved Alonzo into that electrical gate, Cassie spirited Will away to the Bauer cabin and informed him that they were going to stay there until he learned that violence was not the answer. Later, Jeffrey and Josh located Cassie and told her about Alonzo, but she protested when Jeffrey tried to take Will into custody. Cassie convinced Jeffrey to let Will stay at the cabin with her and Josh for a night. However, since Tammy's memorial service was coming up, Jeffrey must have taken pity on Cassie and let Will stay with her longer. Jeffrey was able to get Will into Fairmont but Cassie resisted and proclaimed that she promised Tammy she would not send Will away again. Apparently out of respect for Cassie, Jeffrey did not fight her. In the meantime, Josh walked in on Reva holding a baby and correctly guessed that the baby was Sarah. Reva admitted to Josh that Jonathan faked his and Sarah's death the previous year in order to protect Sarah from Alan. Josh promised to keep her secret but tried, to no avail, to convince her to tell Lizzie the truth about her baby.

Determined to "fix" her son, Cassie decided to have Josh and RJ move out of the house so she could concentrate on Will. Days later, Josh was unsettled when Lillian told him about seeing RJ stuck on the railroad tracks while Will just stood there. Though Lillian assumed Will was paralyzed with fear, Josh knew better and again entreated Cassie that Will needed professional help. .Josh and Cassie continued to be at odds about whether Will should be at home or not. Things got worse during the baptism of Beth's baby. Josh, feeling guilty at the paternity switch, wanted to back out of performing the ceremony. Upon pressure from Cassie, Josh agreed to act as godfather but have Rev. Rutledge officiate it. That day, the truth finally came out when Alan arrived at the church with a gun and threatened to kill Jonathan. With Alan spouting that he had nothing left to lose, Reva blurted out that the baby was his and not Rick's. Josh stepped up and confirmed that Reva was telling the truth. Cassie was forced to admit what she had done but unapologetically stated that she would do it again. She and Beth argued and Cassie was dismayed with Beth presented Alan with his daughter. Cassie angrily accused Josh and Reva of working as a team to ambush her, even though Reva had only done it to save her son. Though upset with Josh for confirming Reva's story, Cassie allowed him and RJ to move back to the farm. At the same time, the church board reviewed Josh's competency as pastor. While Josh was ready to throw away his collar, Reva implored him not to just give up his dream; to fight for it. Josh took Reva's words to heart and argued for his reinstatement which was granted. Meanwhile, after a talk with Josh, Cassie seemed ready to admit that Will needed more help than she could provide and prepared to send him away. However, weeks later, Cassie convinced a judge that Will was merely a little boy who felt abandoned by his mother and needed love. The judge sympathized and the charges against Will were dropped. Though Will was supposed to be sent back home, due to Josh's work commitments, it was decided that he would stay at Reva's. Soon after, Cassie burst on a dazed Reva and Josh passed out. Asked to explain himself, Will calmly explained how he tried to murder Josh and Reva by creating a gas leak. Scared, Cassie ran off with Will but ultimately decided to do the right thing and turned him in to the police.

Afterwards, Cassie agreed to buy Olivia's shares of the Beacon from her. Cassie's first order of business was to hire Cyrus as head of security. Will's absence affected Cassie deeply and she was unable to find comfort from Josh. Wanting to forget her problems, Cassie began flirting with other men at the Beacon. Several weeks later, Cassie found a letter hidden away from Will. Confronted, Josh admitted that, in an effort to protect her, he'd been hiding Will's letters. Upset, Cassie went out drinking and ran into Cyrus who was equally upset about his relationship with Harley. The two got drunk and had a one-night stand in Cassie's car. Feeling guilty, Cassie admitted to Josh that she'd been flirting with other men and confessed to her one indiscretion, though she refused to name who she had the one-night stand with. Cassie pleaded with Josh to forgive her but he coldly left for a convention after telling her that she needed help. Although Josh returned, things were incredibly tense between them, with Josh sleeping in another bed. Meanwhile, thoughts of the affair consumed him and, finally, Josh hired Harley to find out who Cassie slept with. Harley mentioned this to Cyrus who ultimately gave Josh a phony name. Soon after, Josh moved back into Cassie's bedroom.

Meanwhile, weeks later, Cassie was certain that she saw the man who ran down Tammy but Cyrus informed her that she was mistaken and stated that the man was simply Harley's neighbor. After her mistake, Cassie confided in Cyrus about the loss of Tammy and her wish that the man responsible was dead instead. Soon after, Cassie learned from Mallet that the man who killed Tammy was in custody—Cassie hadn't been mistaken after all. An upset Cassie went to the police station and savagely attacked him. Afterwards, Cassie learned that the man's name wasn't Mark Gillespie, it was Grady Foley and he was Cyrus's brother. Upset that he'd lied to her, Cassie promptly fired Cyrus and told him that she hated him. In the meantime, Harley was on the run after Gus's son, Rafe, shot Jeffrey. To get revenge on Cyrus, Cassie talked to Harley on the phone and spilled the beans about her tryst with Cyrus. Days later, Cassie confessed to Josh that Cyrus was the person she slept with. Shocked that he'd been lied to again, Josh walked out unsure if and when he'd return. Soon after, Cassie came face to face with Grady when he came to her home to apologized for what he did to Tammy. Suddenly, Cassie started smashing things, and threatened to blame it on Grady, However, Cyrus's arrival stopped her. In the midst of all this, Cassie also had to deal with Always, the chronicling Josh and Reva's love story. The movie fueled Cassie's insecurities about her relationship with Josh, especially when she watched the dailies which had the movie ending with Josh reuniting with Reva after her cancer scare. Meanwhile, though Cassie and Josh tried to get their marriage back on track through marriage counseling, it was clear that the end was near. When Cassie spotted Josh kissing Reva, she decided that perhaps it would be best to end things.

Meanwhile, Grady was found innocent when Daisy perjured herself on the stand and stated that Tammy's death was an accident. The verdict deeply upset Cassie and Cyrus tried to defend his brother by pointing out that Grady had been placed in foster care after Cyrus left and was physically abused. This didn't garner any pity from Cassie and she made it clear that she would never forgive Grady. Days later, Cassie came face to face with Daisy who tried to apologize for her lying. An angry Cassie would hear none of it and railed at Daisy. When Cassie broke out into tears, Cyrus, who'd seen the display, took pity on her and took her home. Soon, a friendship began and Cassie confided in Cyrus that her marriage was over. As time went on, Cyrus visited the farm frequent to help Cassie by doing odd jobs. Though Cassie was unsure about their friendship because it was his brother who killed Tammy, she found herself enjoying his company. Finally, Cyrus admitted to Cassie that the reason he stayed in town was because he was waiting for Harley to return. Days later, Cassie told Cyrus that Buzz informed her that Harley may have found a new love in Greece and she definitely wasn't coming back. Hurt, Cyrus stormed out. In the meantime, Cassie learned that Grady was the one who called the police on Rafe and quickly informed Daisy. When Cyrus learned what she'd done, he returned to the farmhouse to protect Cassie from Grady's wrath. Luckily for Cassie, Cyrus got his brother to back off. Meanwhile, their friendship deepened and when she complained about her neighbor's loud stereo, Cyrus promptly stole it. Unfortunately, he was seen fleeing from the scene and arrested. When Cassie learned what he did, she suggested that they donate the stereo to Cedars.

Meanwhile, the mysterious witness recanted his testimony about seeing Cyrus and all charges were dropped. Later, the pair was almost caught red-handed with the stereo but Cassie was able to distract her neighbor while Cyrus got rid of the equipment. When it was over, Cyrus got Cassie to admit that getting away with it gave her a rush. Unfortunately, Marina overheard about the stereo donation and correctly guessed that Cyrus stole it. When Marina questioned Cassie, Cassie covered for Cyrus but Marina was still suspicious. Cyrus suggested that he and Cassie take a polygraph test and later taught Cassie how to beat it. As time went by, Cassie was feeling more and more comfortable around Cyrus. Though she initially objected to him being around RJ, by Halloween, she had no problem with it. Unfortunately, the next day, Cassie got a shock when Marina visited the farm to question Cyrus about a break-in at the Spaulding mansion. Cassie lied that Cyrus was with her the entire day. Later, Mallet arrived at the farm and ultimately found the jewels in a toy that Cyrus bought for RJ. Appalled, Cassie railed at Cyrus and ordered him out of her life. Immediately after, Cassie decided that grief over Tammy's death was causing her to make bad decisions and she decided to leave town. As for the charges against Cyrus, they were dropped when Cyrus offered to turn evidence against some other thieves. Before leaving town, Cassie told Cyrus that she knew he purposely pushed. She also said a heartfelt goodbye to Josh and Jeffrey who understood that she needed a fresh start. Reva did not understand and begged Cassie to stay but Cassie was determined. After Cassie gave Reva their mother's cameo, Cassie and RJ left for Hawaii.

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