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Tammy Layne Winslow Randall

Actor History

Katie Sagona (August 1997 to July 2, 2002)

Stephanie Gatschet (July 16, 2002 to October 2003 [recurring]; November 2003 to February 21, 2007 [contract]; May 4, 2007; January 23, 2008)


Struck by a car and died January 24, 2007



Former Summer intern at Lewis Construction


AT time of death, in an apartment on 8th Street with Remy and Marina

Marital Status

at time of death, Married (Jonathan Randall) (m. 18 Jan 07)

Past Marriages



Cassie Layne Lewis (Mother)

Rob Layne (Biological father; deceased)

Roger Joshua Winslow (half-brother)

Unnamed Winslow (half-brother; deceased)

William Richard Winslow (adopted half-brother)

Richard Winslow (Adopted father; Deceased)

Sarah Shayne (maternal grandmother; deceased)

Reva Shayne (aunt & mother-in-law)

Rusty Shayne (uncle)

Roxie Shayne (aunt)

Edmund Winslow (adopted uncle)

Alonzo Baptiste (adopted uncle; deceased)

Dylan Lewis (cousin & brother-in-law)

Marah Lewis (cousin & sister-in-law)

Shayne Lewis (cousin & brother-in-law)

Jonathan Randall (cousin)

Susan "Daisy" Lemay (first cousin once removed)

Sarah Randall (first cousin once removed & stepdaughter)

Henry Cooper Camaletti (first cousin once removed)



Flings & Affairs

Joey Lupo (Dated)

Jonathan Randall (one-night stand)

Sandy Foster (engaged; deceased)

Jonathan Randall (engaged)

Crimes Committed

Arrested and jailed for shoplifting Cassie Layne Winslow's engagement ring from a jeweler [September 12, 2002]

Helped Marina Cooper obtain a fake I.D [October 11, 2002]

Arrest for grand theft auto (charges dropped) [May 15, 2003]

Arrested for trespassing on private property (charges dropped) [October 16, 2003]

Arrested for arson (charges dropped) [December 27, 2005]

Pushed sandy Foster off a cliff, to his death, in self-defense [March 14, 2006] Final Words

Tammy, on her deathbed, to her husband Jonathan:

"I love you. I love you."

Brief Character History

Tammy Layne was taken away from her parents after her father, Rob, was arrested for drug possession. Tammy was shuffled from foster home to foster home and, though she had some visits with her mother, Cassie, she waited for the day when they would be reunited permanently. In 1997, when Tammy was seven years old, Cassie worked as a stripper in order to afford the legal fees necessary to fight for custody of her daughter. In order to raise the necessary funds, she unwillingly cooperated with Alan Spaulding and Annie Dutton to scheme against the Lewis family. For added incentive, Annie kidnapped Tammy and refused to turn her over to Cassie unless she went along with their plan. When Tammy gave her cameo to Marah Lewis, Reva suddenly realized that Cassie was her long-lost sister! With the help Reva's husband, Josh, Tammy and Cassie were finally reunited. Tammy's happiness increased, in 1998, when Cassie dated Hart Jessup and became pregnant with his child. When her half-brother, RJ, was born, Tammy was elated at being a big sister. Unfortunately, in February 1999, her happiness turned to sadness, when Hart suddenly died. Though Cassie and the Lewises tried to give Tammy stability, it was clear to her that there were problems.

In 2000, Tammy was elated to learn that her mother was marrying Richard Winslow, the prince of the island of San Cristobel. Excited at the idea of being a real life princess, Tammy quickly adjusted to life on the island and grew close to Richard. Unfortunately, her real father, Rob, reentered her life and ended up kidnapping Tammy in an attempt to extort money. Luckily, Tammy was saved and, eventually, would become closer to Richard than to her own father and was thrilled when he adopted her. When Richard lost his throne to his brother, Edmund, in 2001, Tammy successfully convinced him to run for the presidency of San Cristobel. In February 2002, after almost two years of living in San Cristobel , Tammy and her family moved back to Springfield where they quickly settled into private life. However, Tammy's peaceful world was destroyed yet again after Richard's death from a car crash, and Cassie's discovery that Reva had disconnected him from life support (at his request). Angry, Cassie immediately moved her family out of Reva's home. Without a father and a home, Tammy felt lost, and frequently visited Rick Bauer, the man who had received her father's heart. As Cassie became more isolated in her grief, Tammy drifted away. She was far more willing to forgive Reva than Cassie was, and so was unable to confide in Cassie. When she and her friend Lizzie Spaulding overheard two women at the mall gossiping about Cassie's engagement ring being on sale, Tammy was devastated to find out that her mother had sold her precious ring for money. Tammy and Lizzie tried to steal the ring, and were promptly arrested.

In 2003, Tammy got into trouble again when she let Lizzie talk her into stealing back Marina Cooper's car, which was impounded. Caught in the act, the girls were sent to jail and would have been released if the new District Attorney, Jeffrey O'Neill (who was the spitting image of Richard!) hadn't decided to bring them up on charges. Later, when he learned that the car was not officially impounded, he dropped charges and let the girls go. That summer, Tammy had to contend with her mother's new relationship with Edmund, who Tammy distrusted no matter how many nice things he tried to do for her. Also that summer, Tammy finally got a boyfriend, Joey Lupo. Though Cassie was convinced he was trouble, she was shocked to learn that he was an excellent student and had no marks against him. Meanwhile, despite herself, Tammy ended up softening toward Edmund and, finally, by October, he'd totally earned her trust and support when he got her and Joey out of trouble after they were caught trespassing on private property. Though she appeared to be happy with Joey, by year's end, it was becoming apparent that she wanted a boyfriend who was more sophisticated, someone who was more like Edmund.

Tammy's relationship with Joey continued into 2004, yet she was still unsatisfied. Though still dating Joey, she was continually exasperated by his inability to live up to the romance and passion she found in Romeo & Juliet. That play was very dear to Tammy as she was to play Juliet in the school's production. After months of rehearsals overseen by Edmund, the school play went on and was a smashing success. The night of the show, an exhilarated Tammy went to the rooftop of Towers (where the opening night party was) and found herself alone with Edmund. Full of excitement, Tammy finally decided to show her growing feeling for Edmund by kissing him! After telling a shocked Edmund not to tell Cassie what just happened, Tammy quickly went home where she fantasized about Edmund. However, the following morning, Tammy was forced to face reality when Edmund confronted her about the kiss, gently calling it a mistake. Determined to put her crush behind her, Tammy threw out her diary, in which she wrote about her love for Edmund. Unfortunately, Cassie found the diary, and worried about Tammy, she read it! Confronted by Cassie about the kiss and her infatuation with Edmund, Tammy was furious that Edmund told Cassie about the kiss and accused him of retrieving her diary from the trash and giving it to Cassie. Angry that her mother invaded her privacy by reading her diary, Tammy lashed out at both her and Edmund, whom she accused of being the same hateful man he always was. She then proceeded to lock herself in her room and refused all of Cassie's pleas to talk to her. She then, with some encouragement from Lizzie, decided to get back at her mother by "running away" with Joey. Her plan worked, when Cassie realized that Tammy had skipped school with Joey, she was frantic. After spending a few hours at the Bauer cabin, Tammy and Joey finally went back to her family--but not Cassie, rather Josh and Reva.

After spending weeks with the Lewises, Tammy finally calmed down and moved back into the Beacon, and apologized to Cassie and Edmund for the things she'd said. Finally over her crush with Edmund, and content with Joey, Tammy's world was turned upside down when Lizzie "innocently" told Joey about the kiss! Although Lizzie tried to claim that she assumed he already knew, Tammy was finally on to her "friend" and warned Lizzie not to interfere in her relationship with Joey. Unfortunately, Joey turned away from Tammy again and spending more and more time with Lizzie. Tammy finally saw her chance to re-bond with Joey when he she convinced Edmund to give Joey a job working at the Jessup farm where Tammy was. Just when it seemed that Tammy and Joey were moving toward reconciliation, an unfortunate mishap (unintentionally set into motion by Lizzie) reminded Joey that he would never be equal to Edmund in Tammy's eyes, and so Joey asked Lizzie to the summer dance. At the dance though, Tammy arranged for her and Joey to share a dance. As before, Joey started to soften toward Tammy, but again the moment was broken by Lizzie, who was supposedly attacked (she faked it) and had to be taken home. Later, Tammy was shocked when Lizzie informed her that Joey kissed her. Late that summer when Joey learned that Tammy's mom, Cassie, was being stalked, he decided to stick around Tammy in order to protect her. Though they had fun together, Tammy ruined the moment by asking his motivation--was he hanging around her just to protect, or did he want to be around her?

Unfortunately, that question didn't set well with Joey; he wanted someone who could just relax and have fun, not make things complicated; someone like Lizzie. Despite this, by summer's end, Joey and Tammy had grown closer, and when Joey ended up winning the Spaulding intern contest, it was Tammy, not Lizzie he wanted to celebrate with. Although Joey and Tammy made plans to meet at the Beacon, and make love for the first time, after a talk with Reva, Tammy decided that she wanted to wait to make sure her first time was truly special. Meanwhile, Tammy met the dark and brooding JB and immediately established a bond with the seductive young man. When JB told her that he'd heard from Lizzie that she slept with Joey, Tammy refused to believe it and confronted Lizzie and then Joey. Chagrined, Joey was forced to admit that the night he was supposed to make love with Tammy, he had apparently made love to Lizzie. Making things worse, was that Joey had no memory of it. Deeply hurt and angry, Tammy lashed out and decided to become a bad girl by drinking and hanging out at a local bar. There, feeding her insecurities about her good girl image was JB who started flirting with her shamelessly. Wanting to change herself, Tammy flirted back. In the meantime, after an argument with Lizzie, Tammy started to suspect that perhaps there was a reason why Joey didn't remember sleeping with Lizzie--perhaps Lizzie drugged him? Although Tammy was ready to forgive Joey if he confirmed her theory, he cruelly told Tammy that he had wanted to make love to Lizzie and lied about not remembering anything about it. After telling a distraught Tammy that they weren't meant to be, Joey left Springfield for Boston University.

Having lost Joey, Tammy continued her dangerous game with JB, who made no secret of his desire to seduce her. Although the pair almost made love at the Jessup farm, they were interrupted by Reva, who took an immediate dislike to JB. The next day, Tammy went to meet JB at a bar and was almost struck by a car. Luckily, Sandy saved her but ended up in critical condition. In the meantime, things between Tammy and JB were heating up and Tammy finally decided to shed her good girl image and made love to JB. Unfortunately, mere days later Tammy would learn something from Cassie that rocked her to the core--JB was in reality, her cousin Jonathan Randall, and he knew it all along; he just used her to get revenge on his family. Although Tammy accused Cassie of lying, she soon realized that it was the truth. Disgusted that she gave her virginity away to her own cousin, Tammy ran away. She then went to Sandy, who she knew was an imposter, and blamed him for what happened since it was Jonathan's life that he stole. After another run-in with the angry Jonathan, Tammy ran away and was found at the docks by Sandy. Fearing that she was about to kill herself, he tried to talk her down, but to no avail. Tammy jumped into the water. Luckily, Sandy saved her and she finally crumbled, allowing Sandy to take her back to his place. By Christmas, Tammy returned to her family. Although still hurting and unable to even look at Jonathan, she, alone, saw him looking through the window at the Lewis house on Christmas Day. Although she stayed quiet, she couldn't help but be moved. By 2005, Tammy was on the road to rebuilding her self esteem, with Sandy's help. After warning Jonathan to stay away from her mother's wedding, Tammy was horrified to see Jonathan stumble down the stairs at the reception! Although it looked as if Josh pushed Jonathan, which is what Jonathan wanted everyone to think, Tammy could not believe that Josh would do that. Weeks later, Tammy helped Sandy by suggesting that Josh rehire him at Lewis Construction. Later, Tammy had a run-in with some girls who taunted her about dating her cousin. Upset, she ended up in Sandy's arms but she still couldn't make love. However, Sandy completely understood. S

Soon after, Jonathan surprised Tammy by suggesting that they help their mothers and, though she knew he must have been up to something, she couldn't help but be touched by his concern.. By spring, Tammy declared that she was no longer afraid of Jonathan, but rather determined to keep him from coming between her Aunt Reva and Uncle Josh. As they argued, Jonathan spotted a father angrily berating his little boy. Reminded of his own childhood, he angrily confronted the violent dad. When a security guard intervened, Tammy came to Jonathan's defense. In the meantime, Sandy and Tammy had grown closer. Realizing that he couldn't date his roommate, Sandy gently asked Tammy to move out. Understanding, she moved into the Springfield Inn. Later, on discovering that Jonathan had coincidentally moved in to the room next door, Sandy told Tammy that he wanted her to leave, but she refused. Very soon after, Jonathan became a hero by saving Tammy's life in a fire. The next day, as Tammy thanked him and tended to his wound, he got defensive and pushed her away. Hurt, Tammy headed to the Jessup farm and was shocked to learn that Cassie had left Edmund. She was then outraged to know the reason: the previous fall, Edmund had hit Jeffrey over the head which accidentally caused a fire in the barn which almost killed RJ! Devastated that Edmund hadn't changed at all, Tammy wrote him off and left. Later, Tammy challenged Jonathan to do something positive with his life, and deciding to reinsert himself into the family, Jonathan asked Josh for a job in the family business, which made Tammy a little uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, although she was falling for Sandy, Tammy still had issues about sex. After having an uncomfortable discussion about it, Sandy sweetly informed Tammy that she was worth waiting for and she promised he wouldn't have to wait forever. Later, Tammy and Sandy's kissing turned passionate until an uncomfortable Tammy pulled back. Meanwhile, Tammy continued to befriend Jonathan, who confessed to her that he suffered from dyslexia and later confessed to her that his trust fund was gone. In the meantime, Tammy started to become suspicious about Sandy, especially when she learned he'd lied about having to work. That same day, Tammy became suspicious about what Jonathan was doing at Lewis Construction, but just shrugged it off. Later, when Jonathan unexpectedly lashed out at Tammy, an emotional Tammy was forced to admit that she was inexplicably drawn to him. But when Jonathan began to reach out her to, Tammy pulled away and told him that she'd always choose Sandy over him. Afterwards, Tammy was crushed to find earrings in Sandy's apartment. Sandy's return home though left her confused since he didn't behave like someone who was cheating. Later, when Sandy left for business in Cross Creek, Tammy met the mysterious owner of the earrings "Zoe" who confirmed that she went to bed with Sandy. When Sandy returned home from his business trip, Tammy gave him the cold shoulder but was pleasantly surprised when he gave her a promise ring. Later, when she finally confronted Sandy about the affair, he denied it. She then called him a liar and he retaliated by bringing up her feelings for Jonathan. Soon after, Tammy discovered that Zoe's "Sandy" was actually Jonathan! Realizing she'd been set up, apologized to Sandy but he refused to forgive her. Afterwards, Tammy was shocked to learn that Jonathan may have stolen money from Lewis Construction. Realizing that's what he must have been doing weeks earlier, Tammy sympathized with him. When he showed up asking for a place to hide, Tammy offered to let him take a shower, but then seemingly betrayed him by telling Reva where he was.

When Reva and others arrived, Jonathan, attempted to tell everyone that his adopted father (who was in town masquerading as a bar owner named Nate) murdered his adoptive mother, Marissa. After being accused of helping to cause Marissa's death, Jonathan angrily took off but came back to Tammy's to confront her about the way she gave him away. During the discussion, Tammy insisted that she was only trying to help him. The moment, like so many others, became passionate the pair kissed. Suddenly realizing what she was doing, Tammy pulled back and ran off. Later, wanting to forget her encounter with Jonathan desperately fell into Sandy's arms and they made love for the first time. Meanwhile, Tammy pleaded with Jonathan to return the money,but he just lashed out at her and warned her to stay away from him. Later, as Sandy and Tammy were having a romantic morning together, a tipsy Jonathan interrupted them. When Sandy and Jonathan got into a heated discussion over Tammy, Jonathan nearly revealed that he and Tammy kissed. Tammy went to see Reva and was horrified to find Nate tied up at Reva's house. Believing that Jonathan did this, Tammy untied the man, only to be kidnapped and taken to the docks! Knowing she was bait for Jonathan, and knowing Nate intended to kill Jonathan, Tammy tried to keep Nate from discovering her cell phone. Unfortunately, he found it on her and used it to summon Jonathan. When Jonathan arrived, Nate informed him that to save Tammy from any more pain, he must leave Springfield with him for good. Jonathan agreed and cruelly ordered Tammy to leave. Heartbroken, Tammy gave Jonathan her lockets. Luckily, that same day, Jonathan was rescued.

Despite her growing attracting to Jonathan, Tammy continued her relationship with Sandy. When Sandy failed to open up about his family, Tammy decided to surprise him by locating some of his family for a surprise party. Needing help, she asked Jonathan if he knew anyone from Sandy's past. Oddly, all Jonathan could remember was that Sandy had no friends--although he did get a phone call once from someone named Fallon. Tammy continued her investigation, and , after a tip from Jonathan, she checked out the local church in the town where Sandy supposedly grew up. Meanwhile, Jonathan tracked her down. After speaking with a minister who told them he could show them Sandy Foster, the pair was confused when the minister brought them to a tombstone with the name Sandy Foster on it. A little later, when Tammy asked Sandy about it, he nimbly offered an explanation that eased Tammy's doubts. Not long after, Tammy railed at Jonathan for trying to find Dinah Marler and bring her back to Springfield where she could once again ruin Cassie's life. The argument led Jonathan to blurt his feelings for Tammy and before she could respond, he pulled her into a kiss. The impulsive kiss heated up when he confessed that he didn't want to fight the attraction between them anymore. Though deeply tempted to give in to her own feelings, she resisted and pushed him away. Later, Tammy walked into the Outskirts bar and was not happy to see Jonathan and his new employee Ava Peralta in close proximity. Jonathan played on her jealousy. .Afterwards, Tammy was shocked to learn from Lizzie that Sandy intended to propose! Soon after, Jonathan met Tammy at the Jessup farm where she confessed that Sandy was going to propose and that she intended to say yes. The heat between Tammy and Jonathan was undeniable, however and though she tried to fight it, they begin to kiss. The couple then began to make love, but was interrupted by an urgent call for Tammy telling her that Sandy had been electrocuted. Feeling extremely guilty, Tammy told Jonathan that she could not give in to her feelings for him. Although Jonathan tried to convince her that they couldn't deny their feelings, Tammy was resolved to stick by Sandy, promising God that if Sandy pulled through she'd stay away from Jonathan. Later, after a recovering Sandy rejected her, Tammy took him up to the roof where she had set up a romantic scene for him. After making a heartfelt speech about why she wanted to marry him, Sandy cryptically told her that he had something to take care of before he could commit to her fully. A few days later, Sandy asked Tammy to marry him. Thrilled, and determined to end her conflict over Jonathan, she accepted.

In the upcoming weeks, Tammy put all her energies in planning her wedding, while her thoughts remained with Jonathan. Later, Tammy revealed to Reva that she was in love with Jonathan. Although Reva tried to convince her niece that she was just confused, Tammy insisted that her feelings are genuine. Afterwards, Tammy became a little suspicious when her new friend, Ava, suggested a wedding gift that would be absolutely perfect for Sandy. Finally, the night before the wedding, Jonathan dared Tammy to admit that she really loved him, not Sandy. Tammy denied it and then threw herself at Jonathan for a scorching kiss, announcing that she wanted a last fling to get her ex-lover out of her system. Jonathan though wasn't moved by her declaration and demanded that Tammy make a public choice, him or Sandy. Tammy chose Sandy and Jonathan stormed off. Although Tammy did end up going through with the wedding (despite Reva giving her the option to end it), immediately after Sandy was arrested for bigamy! Apparently he was already married to none other than Ava! Distraught, Tammy ran out of the church and came face to face with Jonathan who whisked her away. Tammy and Jonathan's escape from her fiasco of a wedding took them to Towers, where they had their own private reception as they apologized for hurting each other in the past. They then took off for her honeymoon cabin in the woods, where Jonathan carried the bride over the threshold and their desire for one another heated up. Unfortunately, they were interrupted again by Tammy's cell phone. Afterwards, Jonathan convinced Tammy to run away with him. Although she agreed, he was heartbroken when she disappeared and apparently went to see Sandy. Thinking she'd chosen Sandy over him again, an angry Jonathan refused to take her calls.

Convinced he'd lost Tammy, he broke into her empty dream-house and prepared to set it on fire. Only Tammy's arrival and confession that she couldn't imagine spending her life with anyone but him, kept Jonathan from doing something drastic. Unfortunately, the torch he was holding accidentally dropped and ended up burning the house down after all. Later, Jonathan was disconcerted when Tammy refused to tell anyone they were involved. Thinking she was ashamed of him, he confronted her only to learn she wasn't ashamed--she was afraid. To demonstrate that there's only one way to deal with fear, head on, Jonathan jumped off the pier into the water. After Tammy pulled him out, she agreed to give the courage thing a shot. As they began to make love in the boathouse, Sandy called Jonathan's cell pretending to be the police and summoned him to the station to discuss the fire. At the station, Jonathan vehemently denied having anything to do with it, but when the police informed him that a witness had seen a dark haired man and a blonde haired woman running from the scene. Jonathan confessed to setting the fire, but stressed that he was alone. However, Reva provided an alibi stating that Jonathan was with her at the time the fire was set. Afterwards at Cassie's Christmas party, Jonathan met Tammy outside the Jessup farm and the two began to make love in the barn. Unfortunately, they were discovered by the entire family. Cassie freaked, assuming her nephew was attacking her daughter but was stunned when Tammy announced it was consensual. When Tammy chose Jonathan over her mother, Cassie informed the police that Jonathan was responsible for the fire. When Tammy spoke up that she was there, she was arrested as well.

So in early 2006, Jonathan spent time in jail and Tammy moved in with Reva. Although he was originally denied bail, that decision was overturned thanks to an impassioned plea from Reva. Afterwards, Sandy made an impassioned plea of his own--telling Tammy that if she would only let him hold her again, she'd remember how great they were together, and take him back. When Tammy resisted, Sandy got pushy which was when Jonathan walked in and angrily warned him to let go of her or he'd kill him. Sandy provoked Jonathan into attacking him, but Tammy's pleas compelled him to pull back, and Jonathan let Sandy to pummel him.. A little later, Tammy and Jonathan finally had an honest conversation about what being cousins really meant to their relationship and decided that having one grandma in common didn't matter and, to prove it, the pair went out on their first ever real date. Meanwhile, Jonathan and Tammy's trial date had come. Although the DA's office was going after both of them for arson, Jeffrey convinced Assistant DA, Doris Wolfe to drop the charges against Tammy. Her job was made easier when Jonathan, in an effort to save Tammy, stated in court that Tammy had nothing to do with it. Although things were looking bleak for Jonathan, he was unexpectedly saved from prosecution when Sandy testified to accidentally setting the fire himself. Soon after, Cassie told Tammy that Jonathan had tried to blackmail her with information on Jeffrey in exchange for accepting the relationship. Tammy confronted Jonathan who not only admitted it but declared that he'd do it again. He reminded her that he was willing to flatten anyone who might get in the way of the two of them. Tammy was understanding, but wished there was some way to make her mom see the same good in Jonathan as Tammy did. In the meantime, Tammy learned that she'd been expelled from college because of the arson charges.

Later, Tammy was shocked to learn that Sandy had talked the dean into reconsidering. She was also surprised when he told her he was working at the school, and taking some classes, too. Meanwhile, Jonathan was convinced that Sandy was a threat to Tammy, though Tammy just thought he was being paranoid. Later, Tammy and Jonathan decided to move in together. Unfortunately, they had trouble finding a place and so Tammy came up with a brilliant idea--they'd live in the back room at Outskirts. As expected, Cassie was horrified when she learned the news and again tried to convince Tammy that she was ruining her life by being with Jonathan. A few days later, Sandy began stalking Tammy and called Jonathan, taunting him about it. Jonathan flew off the handle, but Tammy handled the situation by confronting Sandy and asking him to leave her alone. When sandy tried to shatter Tammy's faith in Jonathan by playing a recording of Jonathan threatening him (conveniently leaving out the part that it was provoked), Tammy refused to be scared and got Sandy to give her the tape. A few days later, Sandy scared Tammy by making menacing comments about Jonathan.

Scared at what might happen, Tammy went to her mother and Jeffrey for help and Jeffrey offered to get a restraining order against Sandy. Tammy then received a special delivery letter from Jonathan and headed out. She arrived at the fishing shack, which was beautifully decorated with candles, and slipped on a wedding gown and diamond ring. She got ready for her wedding. Except that the groom who entered...was Sandy. Tammy tried to run away from Sandy, but he grabbed her and ripped her dress Then Jonathan came in. Although Tammy was afraid Jonathan was about to bash Sandy's brains in, Jonathan wouldn't be baited. He and Tammy went home and after ordering Tammy to lock the door and not let anyone in, he went off on a mysterious mission. He returned later, looking ragged, but told Tammy he wasn't with Sandy. Tammy believed him, and the pair exchanged private vows to always be together, and finally made love. Afterwards, Jonathan assured her that Sandy would never be a problem for the two of them again. Jonathan left for a moment, and Frank arrived, needing to talk to him - about Sandy. Seemed Sandy called the police station claiming that Jonathan threatened him and Sandy was afraid for his life. Tammy left to find Sandy. On the edge of a cliff she found a menacing Sandy who desperately pleaded with her to return to him and tried to convince her that Jonathan was a bad person. Afraid for Jonathan's safety, Tammy agreed to run away with Sandy.

At that moment, Jonathan arrived. As soon as Tammy looked at Jonathan, Sandy realized he's the one she loved. He grabbed Tammy and warned Jonathan that if he took another step, they'd both going over the cliff. Jonathan begged Sandy to let Tammy go, and Sandy agreed - as long as Jonathan took her place. Jonathan agreed and the pair faced off, just like they did years earlier. A fistfight ensued which left Jonathan holding Sandy by the collar, but Reva's arrival distracted him long enough for Sandy to get free and gain the upper hand. As he was about to toss Jonathan off the cliff, Reva tried to get through by reminding Sandy that she loved him like a son once, and loved him still. B Sandy was determined to finish Jonathan off so Tammy threw herself at Sandy to save Jonathan, but ended up pushing too hard and sent Sandy careening off the cliff to his death. After Cassie cruelly locked Tammy in the morgue with Sandy to let her face up to what happened, Tammy blamed herself for Sandy's downward spiral and death. To alleviate her guilt, Jonathan finally admitted that he was the one who sabotaged Sandy's divorce and let him be arrested as a bigamist--thus all of this was his fault. Horrified that he put events in motion that led to her killing Sandy, Tammy railed against Jonathan and left. Days later, Tammy was shocked when none other than Joey Lupo walked back into her life. Joey admitted that the only reason he'd left town was because Phillip Spaulding blackmailed him into it. Now that Phillip was apparently dead, Joey was in town asking for another chance. Though still smarting from recent events, Tammy agreed to go to dinner with him. However, during dinner, she realized that she still loved Jonathan and ended things with Joey before they started.

Later, Jonathan hid in the back seat of Tammy's car to talk to her. Although Tammy admitted she would never stop loving or wanting him, she didn't like the person that loving him was turning her into. After driving away without him, Tammy went to Jeffrey and got a restraining order against Jonathan. A few days later, Tammy was unexpectedly asked out by Remy, but she declined. Later, Jonathan defied the order in order to talk to Tammy and was arrested. Deeply regretting what happened, Tammy arrived at Outskirts the next morning saying she'd changed her mind—she wanted to be with him. However, Jonathan was a little upset that she'd left in the first place and refused to take her back. Tammy was determined to win Jonathan and kept calling him. At the same time, Cassie shocked Tammy by telling her she'd no longer stand in the way of her and Jonathan. That same day, Jonathan had a change of heart and took Tammy back. In the meantime, Tammy overheard a conversation with Lizzie and Rick and correctly suspected that Lizzie was pregnant. Later, Tammy told Remy she was rescinding the restraining order and swore that Jonathan would never hurt her. When Remy dared her to prove it, she tried. He wasn't sold though and reminded her he was there if she needed him. In the meantime, there was more talk of babies when Jonathan discovered Tammy had been doing some research on genetics. She told him she discovered that since they're only half-cousins the risk of defects in their children was very small. She then quickly reassured him that children were far off in their future. Later, Jonathan was arrested for selling drinks to a minor and his bar was closed. They then moved into the Beacon. Afterwards, Ashlee, the girl who'd bought the alcohol at Outskirts, came to Tammy and gave her a file.

Before Jonathan threw her out, she suggested Tammy might want to know what was in it. Just then Lizzie arrived and spun a story that Jonathan was blackmailing her because he learned that she initially went to a clinic to have an abortion. Weeks later, at Lizzie's wedding to Coop, Tammy was shocked when Jonathan rushed in and announced that he was the father of Lizzie's baby! Although Lizzie tried to claim that he'd raped her, no one believed her, especially after Jonathan gently took care of Lizzie when she fainted. At the wedding was Tammy who was shaken and refused to talk to him. She then went to Cassie's and told her the whole story. Surprisingly, the next day, when Jonathan arrived to see Tammy, Cassie insisted they needed to talk. Jonathan explained that he had a drunken one-night stand with Lizzie immediately after they'd broken up. During the discussion, Tammy realized she was partly to blame but still needed time to process the revelation. Later, during a confrontation with Tammy, Lizzie doubled over in pain. Tammy took her to the hospital and the doctor informed her she'd had Braxton Hicks contractions but was fine now. The next day, Tammy was surprised when she suddenly got a message from him telling her to meet him at an island villa--a ticket was waiting for her at the airport. There, Jonathan told her that he left because he had to clear his head and figure out a way to get her back. Tammy asked him repeatedly if he'd come to a decision about the baby but Jonathan insisted that all that mattered was her and him. When Jonathan seemed uninterested in talking about his child, Tammy mentioned about taking Lizzie to the hospital.

After unsuccessfully trying to bribe Jonathan into staying out of his baby's life, Alan tried to pressure Jonathan by arranging for the bank to foreclose on Outskirts and freezing his and Tammy's bank accounts. Alan also arranged for Tammy to be denied college admission. However, neither Jonathan, nor Tammy, would give in to Alan's threats, with Jonathan deciding to go after Alan as well. Later, Tammy attempted to register for school, but when she told the admissions woman from the university that she was being set up by Alan, the woman accused Tammy of harassing her, and she called the police. Luckily, it was Remy who showed up defused the situation. As Jonathan was dealing with Alan, so was Lizzie who felt that her grandfather was trying to control her life and take her baby. Things came to head when Lizzie escaped the mansion, with Jonathan's help, and later disappeared. Though Jonathan had no clue where Lizzie was, Tammy did—she'd seen her on Main St. When the pair found her, Lizzie informed them that she planned on giving their child up for adoption so she wouldn't mess up everyone's lives. Though Jonathan thought that was perhaps for the best, Tammy was adamantly against it and insisted that Jonathan wouldn't be able to live with that. Tammy then decided that in order to keep Lizzie away from Alan, she could move in with Jonathan and Tammy. Soon after, Lizzie disappeared! Realizing Alan kidnapped her, Jonathan crashed into the mansion window only to learn that Alan had brought Lizzie home to tell her was letting her move in the .penthouse with Tammy and Jonathan. Days later, Tammy was caught in a robbery at Company and held hostage. Luckily, Harley and Gus saved her, but not before Tammy was knocked unconscious after being shoved headfirst into the bar. Luckily, Tammy ended up being fine, though she was hospitalized. Jonathan immediately blamed Alan. Days later, Lizzie announced to Tammy that she was moving back home so she wouldn't be a problem, yet Jonathan surprised her and Tammy by asking her to move back in.

After Alan briefly kidnapped Tammy to intimidate her into having Lizzie move back home, Jonathan decided to get back at Alan by roughing up his goons. However, Tammy didn't approve of Jonathan sinking to Alan's level, besides it would make matters worse. When Jonathan went out for ice cream and returned with bruises on his hand, Tammy accused him of going after Alan's henchman but Lizzie told her that Jonathan put his fist through a wall when he learned that Alan closed Lizzie's credit card. That same day, Jonathan asked Tammy to marry him and she accepted. As they decided to keep the news from Lizzie, a jittery Lizzie arrived and told them about a strange nursery that Alan had at the mansion. Though an upset Lizzie was convinced that Alan intended on keeping her a prisoner until her baby was born, both Tammy and Jonathan were skeptical that Alan would go that far. Although Lizzie claimed to have a picture on her cell phone, it was gone; she accused Alan of deleting it. When Jonathan accused Lizzie of just exaggerating, she got upset and left for a walk. Afterwards, a shot rang out in Lizzie's room. The group ran in to find Lizzie with a gun and Alan lying on the floor. Lizzie stated that she heard someone in her room and demanded to know who it was. The intruder didn't answer and so she fired. Since there was no blood, it didn't take long for everyone to realize the gun was full of blanks. During the course of the argument, Alan apparently suffered a heart attack and taken to the hospital. At the hospital, Lizzie shocked Tammy by telling her that she knew Alan was in the room—she had wanted to kill him. Lizzie was quickly charged with attempted murder. At the station, Jonathan tried to stand up for Lizzie, by stating that he gave Lizzie the gun (he hadn't) Unfortunately that backfired when Doris Wolfe announced that that made him an accessory to second degree attempted murder. Lizzie tried to convince Gus and Doris that Alan was coming after her and her baby, and told them about the nursery at the mansion, and asked them all to come see it. When they arrive at the mansion, the "nursery" was a storage room. With Jonathan and Lizzie both in trouble, Jonathan suggested that he and Tammy get married right away. Though she pretended to like the idea, it was clear that Tammy was uncomfortable with the quickie ceremony in their room and they ended it. The next day, Alan shocked the group by arranging to have the charges dropped.

Later, Lizzie was served with papers: Alan was taking her to court for being an unfit mother. Soon after, Jonathan, and the girls planned on running away, but Reva returned to town and convinced Jonathan to stay and fight Alan. At the trial, thanks to Tammy's testimony that Lizzie admitted to deliberately shooting Alan, it looked like Alan would win the case. That is until Jonathan stood up before the court and spoke about how he wanted to raise his daughter with Lizzie. Then he asked Lizzie to marry him. Lizzie agreed and Jonathan offered to wed the next day, to prove his sincerity to the judge while Tammy supported the decision. To prove the marriage was phony, Alan ordered Lizzie's psychiatrist Dr. Baker to follow Jonathan and Lizzie. However, the duo was onto Alan and got a restraining order against Alan and Dr. Baker—neither could come within so many feet of the couple. With their phones probably bugged, Jonathan and Tammy had to use creative ways to slip past Dr. Baker in order to spend time together. After they were close to being caught, Jonathan and Tammy faked a fight for Baker, and then seriously made out. To throw suspicion off, Tammy started spending time with Remy—to Jonathan's chagrin. After spending some time together, Remy impulsively kissed Tammy but she reminded him that she loved Jonathan. Several days later, things got tense during a family dinner with the Billy and Reva and finally erupted in a shouting match. It all became too much for Tammy and she ran out. Fueled by Tammy's words, and her closeness to Remy, Jonathan decided to show everyone how "respectable" people behaved and produced a photo of Beth having an affair with Rick Bauer. Jonathan's actions not only earned Tammy's wrath but also Remy's who attacked him. Several days later, Reva surprised Jonathan by purchasing the old fishing shack for him and Tammy—as a way for them to work things out.

That same day, Remy suggested to Tammy that she move into a new apartment with him and Marina. At the same time she was to meet Jonathan at the old shack, Tammy had to meet Marina and Remy to see the apartment. She chose Remy and met Jonathan later and announced her intention to move in with Remy and Marina. Convinced that they were drifting apart, Jonathan tried to get her to change her mind, but she was determined. Later, Jonathan decided that he couldn't keep up the charade and promised Tammy that he would divorce Lizzie and find some other way to protect the baby from Alan. Suddenly, Lizzie became upset and experienced pain, but Jonathan was sure she was faking and walked out to be with Tammy. It turned out Jonathan was wrong--when he and Tammy returned, they found Lizzie passed out on the floor. Lizzie was rushed to Cedars and after an anxious night, she and the baby were finally stabilized. When she woke up, an angry Lizzie blasted Jonathan for leaving her and accused him of not loving the baby fully. Stung by Lizzie's words, Jonathan decided to end things with Tammy so he could fully commit to Lizzie and the baby. Later, Tammy left a tense (thanks to Marah) Thanksgiving dinner at Cassie's with Remy. Riding around with Remy, the pair spotted Jonathan's car and were shocked to discover that they were stuck in the snow storm and Lizzie was in labor. As Lizzie was going into labor, Jonathan was freaking out. Luckily, Tammy and Remy arrived and Tammy gave Jonathan the confidence to return and with Tammy's help, he delivered his baby daughter.

Soon after, Jonathan fled town with Lizzie and the baby to escape Alan's clutches. Alan demanded to know where they were, but Tammy honestly had no idea. Soon after, Remy made it clear to Tammy that he was not about to wait around for someone who was pining after someone else; however he nonetheless agreed to help Tammy track down Jonathan.. Meanwhile, Alan immediately sued for custody of the baby, but thanks to an impassioned plea by Josh, it was denied. Days later, Remy succeeded in finding the Randalls and Jonathan and Lizzie finally returned to town with the baby, whom they named Sarah. They also came armed with a restraining order forbidding Alan to come near his great-granddaughter. That same day, Tammy was horrified to hear Lizzie tell her mother that Sarah was her "best trick" to win Jonathan. No longer convinced that Lizzie would be a good mother, Tammy wondered if she shouldn't fight for Jonathan after all and told Lizzie as much. Though she threatened to tell Jonathan what Lizzie told Beth, when Lizzie called her a selfish homewrecker, she relented. Later, Tammy and Jonathan came face to face during a holiday party at Towers. While Tammy begged Jonathan to stay on the balcony with her, he begged her to leave. Soon the pair ended up in a passionate kiss and later made love at the Jessup barn. Days later, Jonathan got a message to meet Tammy at the barn. Tammy and Lizzie got the same message--they realized Alan set Lizzie up to see Jonathan meeting Tammy. Though tempted to stay with Tammy, Jonathan returned home. He and Tammy made love again at the barn after Christmas.

In 2007, Jonathan was all set to leave Lizzie when she suddenly starting acting depressed. Soon she was diagnosed with postpartum depression and Jonathan decided to stay with her until she got better. Suspicious, Tammy went sneaking around Lizzie's and found a DVD "I Hate My Own Baby: The Janie Walker Story" and was stunned to find out that the words Lizzie has been using to describe how she feels are actually dialogue from this movie. Disgusted that Lizzie was lying, Tammy rushed to find Jonathan and ran into Beth on Main Street. When she told Beth what she found, Beth denied it and practically attacked Tammy to keep her from talking to Jonathan. However, when Tammy got to the cabin, she was shocked to see Jonathan and Lizzie apparently on the couch making love. The next day, Jonathan denied sleeping with Lizzie; he was way too tired. Though she had doubts at first, it occurred to Tammy that Lizzie wasn't above setting Jonathan up. Tammy then went to Lizzie and told her intention to fight for Jonathan and tell him everything sneaky thing she had done. When Jonathan learned the truth, he immediately left Lizzie and got an annulment. To top it off—Jonathan was awarded custody of Sarah. Finally free, Jonathan and Tammy got married in a quick, but beautiful, ceremony.

Unfortunately, just as Tammy had exactly what she wanted, things turned tragic. A mere day later, Tammy overheard a man describing Jonathan's car at a certain location. Immediately realizing that Jonathan was in some kind of trouble, Tammy called Remy for help but burned off her marriage to Jonathan, he refused. Tammy rushed over to Old Mill Road (the location she heard Jonathan was at) and rushed out to save him from the path of a speeding car. Unfortunately, Tammy ended up being struck down herself. After lingering in a coma for a few days, a weak Tammy suddenly awakened and asked Jonathan to get Sarah away from Alan and bring her to the hospital. As Jonathan tried to retrieve Sarah for Tammy's sake, Tammy asked Cassie to take care of Jonathan and Sarah when she was gone. Jonathan succeeded in bringing Sarah and pleaded with Tammy to recover. Sadly, Tammy was way too weak and after telling Jonathan she loved him, Tammy drew her last breath. Though Jonathan planned on getting revenge on Alan, since he was the one who arranged the hit and run, Reva stopped him. Later, to protect Sarah, Jonathan faked his and the baby's death and fled Springfield.

Tammy Winslow's life was marred by trouble since her birth. After spending her first few years in foster homes, she was finally reunited with her mother. Unfortunately, problems continued to affect Tammy's life. In her young life, Tammy would lose two beloved father figures—Hart and Richard—tragically and unexpectedly. Though she wanted to shed her "nice image" when she was a teenager, she remained an honest girl with a heart. Entering adulthood, Tammy fought the odds to be with her own cousin. Though Tammy won this "war" of forbidden love, her life ended tragically and far too early. The story of Jonathan and Tammy brings to mind "Romeo and Juliet". Tammy will be missed by the many people that loved her and will never be forgotten.

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