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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 30, 2007 on GL
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Monday, April 30, 2007

Cyrus has abducted Marina and shows her the police uniform he will be wearing to allow him access to the crime scene at the warehouse. He wants to retrieve the money he stole from Matt and Vanessa. Marina says she would prefer seeing him in an orange jumpsuit. As he is preparing to leave, Cyrus tapes her to her chair so she won't leave. He starts to kiss her, but stops, telling her she has lost her ability to recognize seduction. She says she has had plenty of boyfriends. He cuts off the tape and decides to take her with him. As he is leading her out of his room at gunpoint, they are interrupted by a stranger in the hallway. They return to his room.

Harley knows that Daisy is eavesdropping on her telephone call to Gus so she pretends to tell him she has decided to spoil Daisy with a brand new expensive car. She busts Daisy's listening in. Daisy lets slip that she took Harley's car so she could go catch a bus to see an old friend in Chicago. Harley reveals that she and Gus argued earlier. Daisy doesn't look disappointed. Harley, Daisy, and Dylan all end up at Company. Buzz has sent Daisy a wedding invitation via email on her cell phone. Dylan offers to outfit Daisy for the wedding. As he leaving to take her shopping, he calls out to Harley, "Coming, Mom?" She laughingly replies, "Coming, Dad." After their afternoon of shopping they return to The Beacon. Dylan tells Daisy that Harley was a hottie back in the day. Daisy asks Dylan what he first remembers about Harley. He says that she was fearless. She asks the same question of Harley. She replies that of course he was really, really cute and had a quiet air of mystery about him. Dylan said he was quiet because he didn't know he had any family back then. Daisy perks up, stands by Harley, and says, "Now you have us!" Dylan presents them both with a mother/daughter gift. They both receive jewelry with Daisy's birthstone. Harley promises not to wear hers at the same time Daisy wears hers. Daisy says that if Dylan and Harley had realized what love and family were all about back then, they would be a family now. Harley reminds her that Daisy wouldn't have her brothers if that had been the case. Daisy acknowledges that. Harley finds it strange that Gus hasn't checked in with her yet, even though they had had a fight. Harley calls Gus and asks him to meet her at The Beacon. Daisy approaches Harley after the call and tells Harley she doesn't need to worry about her being after Gus. Dylan invites Harley to join him and Daisy for lunch, but Harley says she has an appointment. As she is leaving, Daisy tells Harley not to worry about the Gus stuff. She tells Harley that it is as though Harley thinks Harley is the only woman that he's ever loved. Harley looks perplexed.

While on Main Street, Gus is practicing how he'll tell Harley about Daisy "borrowing" the car. A car suddenly loses control and stops just short of Gus. When he helps the driver from her car, he realizes that it is his old girlfriend Natalia. They go over old times and Gus explains to her how he had to leave her because of the danger he was involved in back then. He reveals that he is the biological son of Alan Spaulding. They discuss that he is now married and that she is still single. She did not become a lawyer as planned. She instead is working at a restaurant in Chicago. Harley calls Gus and asks him to meet him at The Beacon. He is abrupt and dispassionate with Harley on the phone, seemingly for Natalia's sake. He agrees to meet Harley. He cuts short his time with Natalia and gives her a parting kiss on the cheek. They both seem very affected by their meeting. When Gus meets Harley at The Beacon, she has changed into a sexy dress and apologizes for putting him on the spot earlier. Gus kisses her very passionately.

Mallet and Dinah are at the warehouse searching for Matt and Vanessa's money. Dinah has a bouquet of flowers that she is going to take to comatose Blake. Mallet thanks her for protecting him. She laments that Matt, Vanessa, and Marina will hate her when they learn of her role in the theft. Mallet says that he will stand by her. He also thinks that Cyrus is probably halfway around the world by now. He tells her that he is sorry she is caught up in his secret. Dinah reminds him that he has been behind her every time she has been in trouble. He says that there is a difference since she was caught up in circumstances and he chose his. Matt calls Dinah, asking her to meet him. Mallet agrees to take the flowers to Blake. Dinah says he should talk to Blake, just in case hearing his voice might help.

Dinah meets Matt in his room and he's been drinking. They place is a wreck and he's feeling sorry for himself. When he tells her that he is all alone in this, Dinah tells him that he has her on his side. Mallet visits Blake in her comatose state and confesses all his past sins to her. As he is leaving, she opens her eyes.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Marina remains undeterred, yelling for help, though Cyrus keeps a gun on her. The manager comes to check on things, and Cyrus pulls Marina into a kiss to prove that everything is fine. Marina is affected despite herself. Later, as per Cyrus's plan, Marina relieves the cop of his watch so that Cyrus is free to get the money. Cops surround the area, knowing Cyrus is inside, and he makes a run for it. Marina's fever has come back and she collapses in Cyrus's arms. After hearing that Blake is awake, Dinah suggests that Matt come to the hospital where he might be able to "run into" Vanessa. Matt goes to Vanessa asking her not to throw away what they have. Matt gets a suspicious call reminding him and Vanessa that he's still in trouble with the loan sharks. Dinah can't believe Mallet was telling Blake his deep dark secret. Mallet is relieved when Blake says she didn't hear what he was talking to her about, and catches her up on things she's missed in the last 6 months. Blake needs serious physical therapy and suggests that she stay with Dinah and Mallet. Billy watches Cassie with concern as she ecstatically claims everything will be okay now that Josh is coming home. Dinah's twigged by her curious behavior as she talks about her "visions" of Tammy. Billy thinks that Cassie may be in more of a fragile state than she lets on. Billy tells Josh he knows what happened at the jail with Reva, but Josh insists neither one will tell Cassie. As he prepares to leave prison, Josh is surprised that Reva is there to greet him instead of Cassie.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Inside the Light: Freedom

Reva has a daydream at the prison in which Josh has decided that he loves her and wants her back. When she emerges from the daydream, she is at the prison, poising herself to tell him her true feelings. Just then, Cassie runs passed her and into Josh's arms. Reva grimaces at them.

Neither Josh nor Cassie expected Reva to be there. She plays it off as a last minute decision after she heard from Jeffrey. Josh goes away to sign paperwork. Cassie thanks Reva again for being so selfless and for being there for them. Josh decides that they should call Billy so that everyone can hang out together. Reva declines, saying that they have plenty of time for that later.

Back at the Farm, Josh is welcomed home by RJ. Meanwhile, Reva strolls into a hotel room at the Beacon. She miserably spies a champagne bottle and two glasses in the lonely room. She pops the cork and drinks right out of the bottle. On the bed is a box. Tearfully, she pulls out and an old photo of her first wedding to Josh and a drawing done by Shayne with the caption "Mom and Dad." Reva sobs.

Meanwhile, Josh admires a similar drawing done by RJ. There is no name written under Josh's depiction. RJ asks if he can call him Dad. Josh agrees and signs the drawing as "Dad."

Reva tells herself that she's so much better than this. She takes a hard gulp of champagne and then calls Marah to give her the news about Josh. Down on Main Street Josh runs into the reverend. He thanks him for his help in prison. The reverend tells Josh that he asked God for a second chance and he got it. He urges him not to waste it. Josh asks what that means. The reverend replies that he can go in any direction he chooses now. He tells Josh that he's faithful that Josh will choose the right path. Cassie pops up to ask the reverend to officiate their wedding. A hesitant Josh expresses the need to take the big things one step at a time. Cassie is fine with that just as long as they get married.

Meanwhile, Reva has a difficult conversation with Marah who can't seem to reconcile her issues with Josh's choices. While Josh can think of nothing more than seducing Cassie in a Beacon hotel room, Cassie urges him to go across the hall to see what Billy needs. After being practically shoved into the hallway, Josh texts the words, "meet me."

Later, Josh strolls onto the landing at the top of the lighthouse. A few moments later, Reva appears, saying that she got his message. Josh asked Reva to come to the lighthouse to make sure she wasn't going to tell Cassie what happened. Reva is sarcastic at first, agreeing to his needs. Finally, she tearfully admits to her own needs. Josh doesn't want to hear it because he didn't call her there to talk to her for those reasons. Reva retorts that it's too bad because she does want to talk about those things.

Josh hangs onto the notion that he has loved Reva more than any other man ever could love a woman, but she pushed him away. Now he wants to live his life the best way he knows how. Reva tells him that she loves him and has never stopped loving him. Josh seems clueless to the possibility that Reva's feelings for him are still alive and continues to blame her for her choices while she was sick. She says that she pushed him away because of the Veteran's project and the cancer, but she hoped that when she didn't have a reason to push any more that he'd still be there—or she'd be dead.

Josh tells her that loving Cassie is easier than loving her. He escorts her back the Beacon, where she is staying while Cross Creek is being painted. When Reva trips, Josh comes into the room to help her. She refuses his help, telling him to get it. This is exactly what he means by she always pushing him away. She tells him to get out again as he discovers Shayne's drawing. Reva tells him to keep it. He doesn't want to and she shoves it at him, telling him to get out. She knows that he just wants her to tell him that it's okay—that everything is okay, but it isn't okay. She says she'll love him till the day she dies. He tells her that he will love her, too but he leaves her alone to go be with her sister.

Buzz comes to visit Reva to keep her company. He invites her to his wedding. Reva isn't sure she's coming, but Buzz pouts that he's come to all of Reva's weddings. Laughing, Reva hopes that Olivia realizes how lucky she is. Buzz lets Reva know that with or without Josh, Reva is an amazing human being. He asks her not to give up on love and to make the world hers once again.

After sex, Cassie discovers Shayne's drawing in their hotel room. She stares at it puzzled. In the morning, Cassie dresses for a run and they hear a broadcast on TV about Ashlee. Bitter Cassie doesn't want to hear any more about her. She's the reason he went to prison. Josh doesn't harbor any ill feelings about it. He tells her that while she's out running, he's going out for fresh air himself. Cassie closes the door with a strange look on her face. She heads to Reva's room.

Reva runs into her on the way out of her room. Cassie immediately accuses Reva of getting a room at the Beacon with ulterior motives. She accuses of her giving Josh that drawing with underhanded intentions. Reva tells her that Cross Creek is being painted and she didn't give Josh that picture with a hidden agenda. She stares at Cassie for a long, hard moment. Suddenly she says that she isn't going to lie to her any more. She marches her into the hotel room to talk about it.

Reva admits that she gave the picture to Josh because she wanted him to look at it and feel the same way she does about it. She admits that she has never stopped loving Josh. Cassie acts as if she didn't know this could ever be a possibility. She's outraged that Reva would dare do these things. Reva tries to tell Cassie how she feels, but Cassie screams that she doesn't care how she feels. Cassie blurts that she should have known Reva never stopped wanting him. Reva agrees. With a sardonic look on her face, she tells her that she was right about all her suspicions about Reva's feelings. Further, she tells her that she was right to be concerned about Reva's jailhouse visits. She was right that was totally inappropriate for Josh and her to be alone together—because it was.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Josh runs into Alan. Alan warns Josh to not try to seek revenge on him for what has happened to Josh. Josh assures Alan he's not going to waste time hating him. Alan runs into Beth and she introduces him to her new personal trainer who Alan promptly fires. He tells Beth he won't put up with her betraying him again. He hands Beth an itinerary that she balls up and throws at him.

Ava asks Olivia for advice on how to get Coop back. Olivia asks Ava to be her maid of honor. Ava runs into Coop at Company and asks about Ashlee with an attitude.

Frank accuses Buzz of rushing into this marriage so he doesn't lose Olivia. Buzz is giving Olivia love, security, a family, and a home. He wants to give her all those things to help her forget Jeffrey. Olivia comes into Company and tells Buzz he should ask Coop to be his best man. Buzz is onto Olivia's plan to get Ava and Coop back together. Coop is concerned how Frank will take the news that Coop will be best man. Coop accepts the offer. Coop starts writing his speech. Ava tells Coop she's going to be Olivia's maid of honor, but wants to make sure Coop is ok with it. He assures her he'll be fine.

Jeffrey rehearses Ashlee's testimony. He asks where Doris is – Coop tells them she probably won't show up because she's having car trouble. Ashlee thanks him! They head to Ashlee's sentencing and they run into Josh. She apologizes and Josh tells her the best they can do is learn from the mistakes and move forward. Josh offers to tell the judge he forgives Ashlee and he has no ill feelings towards her. Ashlee asks Coop what she did to deserve a friend like him.

Reva tells Cassie she gave the drawing to Josh so he would miss his family and her and because she's never stopped loving him. Cassie indignantly questions Reva why she never told her. Reva told her she was right to be angry when she visited Josh that last time. She was right to feel it was inappropriate to be with him, because it was. Cassie asked if she was there trying to take Josh back. Reva wanted to just drop the discussion – but Cassie wanted to be done with the lies and wanted to know the truth. Reva told Cassie she realized she wasn't going to die, she was holding everything in – trying to be a good sister, trying to be Josh's friend. She's angry at everyone. She told Cassie she's already told Josh, at the lighthouse, that she had never stopped loving him and that she wanted him back and wouldn't stop. She tells Cassie he went home to her. In the middle of their discussion, Cassie gets a call from Josh. She didn't tell him she was with Reva. Reva accuses Cassie of being threatened by Reva. Reva promises not to try to slip into Josh's bed anytime soon. But, she tells Cassie she's sacrificed enough. Cassie asks if she should quietly step aside and assures Reva she won't do that. Cassie asks Reva if she can live with what's happening. Reva doesn't promise anything. Cassie tells Reva she thinks it's best if she's not in the wedding.

Ashlee is sentenced to three years in juvenile hall. Josh makes her promise she won't waste her second chance. Reva witnesses their exchange. Alan catches Reva's observation and asks how she let him get away. Alan asks Reva if she knows who her real enemies are. Reva tells Alan he's jealous of Josh because everyone looks up to him. Alan taunts Reva about her reluctance to fight for Josh. Reva tells Alan if she wanted Josh back, she could get him – Cassie is no competition.

Josh goes home to Cassie to tell her the outcome of Ashlee's hearing. He tells Cassie they have a lot to look forward to and nothing to worry about. Cassie tells Josh how she started following Alan again and her trip to Chicago. She also admitted to threatening Beth. Josh makes sure Cassie's anger towards Alan is over – all the bad is behind them.

Jeffrey and Ashlee come to Company to tell Coop about the outcome of the hearing. Olivia dissuades her from going into tell Coop – he's bonding with Buzz. Ashlee says she'll leave him a voice mail and runs off. Jeffrey asks Olivia why she did that and realizes Coop was inside talking with Ava – then he understood. Coop comes out, asks where Ashlee is and runs off after her.

Friday, May 4, 2007


Reva is at the Beacon with Dylan having lunch and reassuring him about his new job at Lewis. When Dylan points out that at least she will be working there also, Reva admits that she will not be at Lewis anymore. She tells him that she needs to move forward with her life. Reva then tries to change the subject but Dylan would rather talk about her and Josh. He thinks they belong together. As Reva admits that she does love Josh, Cassie arrives. Dylan leaves and Cassie gives Reva a cup of coffee as a peace offering. Cassie mentions their conversation from yesterday and states that they cannot let a guy come between them. Cassie tells Reva that she wants her at Josh's party. Reva tells her she can't. Cassie tries to talk her into it but Reva says she cannot make light of things she thinks are wrong and leaves.

Remy is getting slightly drunk at Company while Coop is setting up for Josh's welcome home party. The pair talk about Ashlee and when Remy points out that she did what everyone else wanted to, Coop suggests that he leave and not ruin the party with comments like that. As Coop is talking to Remy, Natalia arrives for work and is put off by Remy's belligerent attitude. As Coop and Natalia set up for the party, he tells her about Remy's situation. Learning that he used to be a cop, Natalia, later, asks Remy if he worked with Gus. When Remy asks if she knows him, Natalia lies that he gave her a ticket once. Rick arrives for the party and offers to help Natalia. However, he backs off and leaves when Remy is rude to him. When Natalia complains about Remy being a jerk, he admits that she caught him in a bad year. Later, Natalia serves Remy coffee and asks why he is no longer a copy. He tells her that he did not do something to help a friend and she died. Natalia guesses that he was in love with this friend and points out that him walking around all day being a jerk will not honor his friend's memory.

Billy and Josh talk business before his party. Josh compliments Billy on what a great job he did while he was gone. When Billy jokes that he probably did not think he had it in him, Josh states that he never had any doubt. Billy tells Josh that he is gladly willing to turn the reigns over to him. Josh starts to tell Billy that he does not seem like the same person since being in prison. While they are talking, Dylan arrives and mentions about Cassie being at the Beacon with Reva. The group arrives at Company for Josh's party. By this point, Cassie is there. Coop thanks Josh for helping Ashlee out. Suddenly, to Cassie's surprise, Reva arrives and gives Josh a warm hug. Later, Josh is outside alone when Dylan approaches him. Josh tells Dylan how happy he is to see everyone and how prison gave him an appreciation for life; especially about being able to make choices. Dylan brings up being able to choose which sister to pick, prompting Josh to state that he has picked. Josh tells Dylan that he loves Cassie. Dylan tells Josh that he knows he helped Cassie through a rough patch but he should not take what he and Reva have (a once in a lifetime love) for granted. Josh states that he is not just helping Cassie through a rough patch. He is not saving Cassie; she saved him. As Reva is inside telling Billy that she simply views this as another chapter in the Josh & Reva story, Josh and Dylan re-enter and Josh gives a speech. After thanking everyone for their support, he announces that he will not be returning to Lewis. When Dylan asks what he is going to do, Josh admits that he does not know. He plans to visit Marah and Shayne and maybe work at the Veteran's Center but after that he has no idea. He just knows that is something different he should be doing with his life. After Josh's speech, he talks to Reva who assures him that things will work out that way they are supposed to. Meanwhile, Cassie sees a vision of Tammy outside and asks Tammy if it is wrong for her to smile and have fun. "Tammy" tells Cassie to tell her.

Harley confronts Daisy about a letter that came in the mail---a final notice for Daisy to appear before the judge for skipping school. Apparently this "final notice" is the only one that Harley has seen. Later, she, Gus and Daisy go to the courthouse to see the judge. As they're waiting, an anxious Daisy asks about Dylan; Harley tells her she cannot get in touch with him. Mel arrives as Daisy's lawyer and tells Daisy what will happen in this meeting. Finally, the judge arrives and begins by telling Harley and the others that Daisy has missed 23 days of school this quarter. Daisy states that she did not think it was that many. The judge asks if Daisy plans on having a career someday and Daisy half-seriously replies that being a cop runs in the family. She also admits that she has missed some meetings with her court appointed counselor. The judge does not think Daisy is treating this matter seriously enough and calls her on her dismissive attitude.. He then brings up that she was spotted running a red light in Chicago recently. This shocks Harley since she had no idea Daisy drove to Chicago. The judge asks Harley whether she, as a decorated police officer, thinks she can adequately keep Daisy under control. A surprised Harley states that she wishes she had more time to prepare a statement; she just recently learned of this meeting. Harley speaks directly to Daisy and tells her how much she missed her when she was away and how much she wanted to make up for lost time when she returned. However, Daisy has changed. Harley tells Daisy that she is concerned about her influence over the boys. They think what she does is cool but it is not safe. Harley admits that the choices Daisy makes scare her. Harley then tells the judge that her daughter has had lots of loss and change in her life and admits that she needs help finding her way in life. Harley admits that she does not think she can help her. Harley tells Daisy that she loves her and wants her to be safe and happy, but she cannot do it. After complimenting Harley on being brave and unselfish enough to admit that she is failing her daughter, the judge decides that Daisy is to remanded into juvenile detention for at least two months. Harley starts to object since that is not what she wanted, but the judge's decision is final. Daisy pleads the judge to let her live with her father but the judge is adamant that this is best. When he leaves, Harley tries to comfort Daisy, but Daisy backs away and asks to be taken to juvenile detention ASAP because she does not want to be in the same room as Harley. Harley and Gus try to soothe Daisy by promising that they will visit, but Daisy still feels betrayed and tells Gus that he is not her friend and congratulates Harley on getting rid of her again. Later, with Gus, a guilty Harley tells him she wants to go to Josh's party. When they arrive, Natalia sees Gus and tells "Nick" hello-leading Harley to ask if they know each other.

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