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Victoria lost her baby. Gloria proposed marriage to Will. When Lily confronted Daniel about his porn habits, he walked out. Victor told Nikki that he had regained control of Jabot. Victor received news that the Newman jet had gone down.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 7, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, May 7, 2007

In the boardroom at Jabot, Kevin overheard Gloria arrange a date with William over the phone. Later, Kevin asked his mother if she was pursuing William because he had inherited his uncle's money. Kevin also warned his mother of the danger she posed for herself since she's the perpetrator William is searching for in the Jabot cream-tainting case. However, Gloria explained that by dating William, she could keep tabs on the investigation. Neither knew, however, that Lauren overheard the conversation on her laptop as she monitored activities from the Webcam in the boardroom. When Kevin and Gloria returned to the Baldwin's, Lauren was furious and confronted Gloria. However, Gloria lied when she insisted that Michael knew about what Gloria had done to the cream. Lauren also accused Gloria of courting William to keep him from pursuing charges. Gloria denied guilt of any charges by blaming Jack, who had released the cream earlier than expected. However, when Gloria later met William at the restaurant for their date, she secretly spiked his champagne with a passion-enhancement drug. As the drug began to take effect, Gloria made overtly sensual gestures as she spoon-fed bites of chocolate mousse to William. Just as William was ready to whisk Gloria off to bed, she nearly cold-cocked him with a left-field marriage proposal. A stunned William couldn't believe what he heard.

When Michael returned home, Lauren grilled him about Gloria's face-cream incident. Michael explained that he never found the right time to tell Lauren the truth because she becomes so angry when he does. Michael reminded Lauren that it was never proven that Emma Gibson's death was caused by the poisoned cream. Michael also explained that Gloria didn't intend to cause harm to anyone. However, Lauren reminded Michael that Gloria always involves him in her schemes. She also told Michael that his mother was out on the town with her prosecutor boyfriend.

Victor and Michael confronted Ji Min and told him that they knew he was working for Jack, who's the illegal owner of Jabot. Victor taunted Ji Min by telling him that Jack owned him. However, Ji Min insisted that he is the owner of the House of Kim and Jabot. Victor and Michael continued to pressure Ji Min to tell the truth by warning him that he will go down with Jack when he falls. After Ji Min left, Victor ordered Michael to dig up the proof they need in order to force Ji Min to confess the truth that Jack owns Jabot. Later, a nervous Ji Min met with Jack and warned him that if their arrangement is exposed then the House of Kim would suffer, but Jack smugly claimed that he had thoroughly covered his tracks. However, just as Jack was convincing Ji Min that the truth wouldn't be exposed, Michael was calling Victor to tell him that he had found the proof needed to leverage Ji Min. Later, Michael showed Victor conclusive evidence proving that the House of Kim's debts were paid in full just before the purchase of Jabot.

Colleen and Adrian lamented that fact that they must keep their relationship a secret to placate the university. When Colleen told her lover that she'd be attending a pricey fund-raiser with Kevin, Adrian wondered how she could afford the tickets. Colleen mentioned that her dad received the tickets for agreeing to lend an ancient painting for the evening. After the fund-raiser, Colleen said that her dad had arranged to ship the painting to Europe as loan to a museum. Later, Adrian thought about how his job offer at a museum in Europe had been inexplicably rescinded. Adrian made a quick call to France and learned that Brad had donated the painting so that the art gallery would withdraw Adrian's job offer. Later, in front of Victoria, Adrian angrily confronted Brad. However, Brad first claimed that he had merely made the donation as a tax write-off. Adrian warned Brad that if he continued pressuring Colleen to break up with him then Adrian would make Colleen his wife. After Adrian left, Victoria admonished Brad for manipulating people's lives. Victoria told Brad that his good intentions usually end up hurting the ones he loves.

Colleen later changed her mind about attending the function with Kevin, so she told him that he was no longer needed as her escort. Later, as Colleen served Adrian at the club bar, Brad stopped by to rehire her to work on the Clear Springs restoration project. Colleen accepted, and Adrian later thanked Brad for changing his mind. Back at the office with Victoria, Brad boasted the fact that he'd reconciled his relationship with Colleen in front of her boyfriend, but Victoria, in pain, told Brad to call the doctor because she felt she was in labor.

Phyllis and Daniel discussed the fact that she faces extortion charges. Daniel told his mom that he was worried, but Phyllis declined to discuss the matter with Daniel because he could be called to testify against her. Phyllis, however, was concerned for Daniel when she learned that his job review revealed that his performance is poor. Daniel denied that he was having problems other than those related to school and recent family tragedies. However, Daniel didn't tell Lily about his low performance record, but he did tell Kevin. As Daniel reminisced about old times when he and Kevin used to steal liquor from Michael, Daniel teased that he'd love a drink. A concerned Kevin warned Daniel not take a drink. Later, however, Phyllis stopped by the coffeehouse and told Lily about Daniel's problems at work. When Phyllis asked Lily if she knew what could be troubling Daniel, Lily kept mum. However, back at work, Daniel locked himself into an office and watched a porn DVD on a company laptop.

Jack hired a new campaign manager, Ben, who informed Jack that he has to be ready to throw a few punches if he wants to win. After reading the scandalous newspaper headlines about the blackmail, Phyllis went to Jack's office and asked him if he hated her. However, Ben, Jack's campaign manager, breezed in and ordered Phyllis out of Jack's office. Jack, too, agreed that he shouldn't have contact with Phyllis until the campaign is over. After Phyllis left, Ben explained that the public associates Jack with corporate intrigue and involvement with special-interest groups. Ben said he had a plan to counteract bad publicity by having Jack appear dressed casually in jeans for an appearance at a retirement home for a Mother's Day brunch. Ben suggested that Jack authorize the press to publish information that would shed light on Nikki's lack of experience in order to shift the focus away from Jack's Clear Springs blackmail publicity.

David read aloud to Nikki the scandalous headlines regarding Phyllis' blackmail scheme that cast Jack's campaign in an unfavorable light. Nikki and Karen both agreed that Nikki would remain silent on the issue and not speak out about family, but Nikki worried that her association with Phyllis could backfire. When Nikki saw Phyllis at the office, she told Victor that she couldn't seem get away from her. Nikki added that having Phyllis back at work is tolerable as long as her presence hurts Jack's campaign when people see them working together. Victor, however, urged Nikki to back off a bit. Nikki told Victor that if he wants her to back off in order to keep Phyllis and the Newman name out of the headlines then Victor should bring Jack down sooner rather than later.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Victoria calls J.T. from the hospital because she's afraid of losing the baby. Brad is annoyed when he comes into her room. He goes to get Victoria a drink and Dr. Okamura enters, telling Victoria that her baby died in utero. Victoria starts to cry, sad that she never even learned if it was a boy or girl. Brad returns and Victoria tells him about the baby. Jack confronts Daniel that the I.T. department knows that he's been looking at porn on work computers. Daniel denies it. Lily looks into Daniel's backpack to get a paper and finds his porn DVD. Furious, she scratches it up and tells Daniel that she doesn't believe that he's not looking at it. Amber tells Lily that Cane's accepted a job working for Katherine, and hopefully soon they will have enough money so she can quit her job to focus on her music. Kay goes over Cane's new job responsibilities with him, and he says that he won't let her down. Amber joins them for dinner, but fakes a call saying that she needs to leave and sneaks Kay's keys out of her purse. Amber sneaks into Kay's house and starts putting her knick knacks into a bag. She bumps into a chair and Esther rushes in and turns on the lights. Amber leaves the bag and manages to slip outside before Esther calls Kay and tells her there's been a break in. Amber arrives back at the GCAC before Kay receives a call from Esther. Cane volunteers to move into their house and keep watch over everyone. Victor and Michael confront Ji Min with new evidence to support Jack owning Jabot. Jack walks in and the other men try to hide what they were discussing. After Jack leaves, Ji Min realizes he's trapped, and Victor says he'll give him until tomorrow to decide if he will cooperate with them or not. Victor and Michael meet with Ben, who tells them that Jack is going to do everything in his power to bring his poll numbers up. Later, Victor and Michael celebrate Jack's last night of ignorance.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Nick tells Phyllis that she can't release a statement about her arrest. Jack is hounded by reporters asking about Phyllis' arrest. Victor tells Ji Min that he is going after Jack, and if Ji Min doesn't help, he'll do it alone and take Ji Min down with Jack. Victor tells him to get Victor proof that Jack owns Jabot, and he gives Ji Min a min-recorder and tells him to get him the proof by the end of the day. Lily tells Colleen that Daniel had a porn DVD in his book bag. Michael is upset that Lauren found out about Gloria tainting the face cream. Gloria tells Michael and Kevin that she asked William to marry her. Michael tells William that Phyllis is not accepting the plea bargain, that he intends to win the case.

Jack tells Brad that the case against Phyllis has gone too far. He tells Brad to go to William and explain that he was pressured into pressing charges and that he made a mistake by pressing them. Michael rips up Phyllis' statement to the press. He tells her that he is not accepting the plea bargain. Lily and Colleen tell Kevin that they think Daniel has a problem with pornography. Kevin tells them that guys look at porn, it's not a problem. They ask Kevin if he can take a look at Daniel's hard drive. William asks Gloria if they can discuss her marriage proposal over dinner. Nikki and David discuss strategy involving Phyllis' arrest.

Phyllis tells Brad that she is not accepting a plea bargain. But then she offers Brad a deal. Phyllis tells Brad that it's illegal that he bought up all the property at Clear Springs and could profit greatly selling it to for the project. He says what he has done is not illegal.

She tells him that she realizes that she shouldn't have done what she did, that she is sorry. He then tells her he is not going to drop the charges. He says if he's going to go down in flames, that she is going to burn with him.

Phyllis runs into Evan, whom she and John met on a cruise. He asks Gloria if she is seeing anyone, and she explains that she is but hasn't quite snagged him yet. Daniel tells Kevin that Lily had found the porn DVD in his book bag. Kevin tells him if he doesn't stop looking at porn that he might lose his wife. Ji Min meets with Jack with the recorder in his pocket. Ji Min talks about an investment he committed to for Jabot, and Jack tells him to get out of it, that he owns House of Kim and Jabot. Ji Min apologizes and Jack tells him to run everything by him before committing to something. Lily and Colleen look at the Strangers By Night website and Lily says that one of the pictures of someone's butt is Daniel's. She can't see the faces on the pictures unless she's a member so Colleen gives her a credit card to join. Colleen tells her to send a letter to Daniel's listing to see if he writes back. Kevin tells Daniel if he can't stop looking at the porn, then he should look at it with Lily so she doesn't feel left out. He says the couple that plays together, stays together. Nick tells Victor and Nikki that Phyllis isn't going to plea in her case. He tells them a plan he has on the Clear Springs project that could work out for everyone involved and keep Phyllis out of jail. Victor says he'd like to discuss it with Nikki alone. Nick reminds them that this is about Noah and Summer's legacy. Victor tells Nikki he doesn't like the idea, and that he thinks Nikki should make Brad withdraw the charges and watch the destruction of Jack; that he is close to having Jack where he wants him.

Victor overhears Brad on the phone with Victoria and questions him, but Brad says she just has morning sickness. Victor tries to get Brad to drop the charges and tells Brad that he brought him into this business and that he can take him out. Brad tells him that he can't help him and leaves. Victor calls Jack and tells him that he couldn't get through to Brad about dropping the charges against Phyllis. Gloria cooks up a scheme with Evan to make William jealous. Gloria and Evan 'run into' William at lunch. Phyllis is upset that no one can convince Brad to drop the charges against her, and she's upset that she may miss raising Summer. Nick tells her that they'll get through this together. Michael tells Phyllis that there is still a chance she could be convicted, that there is no such thing as a sure thing. She tells him that she has confidence that he will save her.

Brad tells Colleen that Victoria lost the baby, but asks her not to say anything to anyone. Michael interrupts and tells Brad they are meeting with William about the case against Phyllis. After William's lunch meeting, Gloria calls him over to join her and Evan. Evan tells William that every guy on the cruise ship hoped to tango with Gloria and that he hoped to get his chance tonight. Gloria asks if she and William can postpone their dinner plans since Evan is only in Genoa City for one night. Nikki phones Phyllis and asks her to meet in Victor's office.

Lily is ready to send the fake email to Daniel's listing, but Colleen tells her she thinks it's a bad idea now and that she should try to talk to Daniel about it and ask him to go to marriage counseling. She send the email anyway, and Daniel starts reading it from his computer at the coffee shop. Ji Min gives Victor the mini-recorder with Jack's confession. Jack tells Phyllis that he and Nikki are releasing a joint statement and that Phyllis is leaving on unpaid leave. Nikki tells her to clear her office and leave the premises. Phyllis tells them that she is going to go to trial and win, and that after she wins she will accept their joint apology. Nick tells them that he won't. Brad, Michael and William meet to get Brad's official statement.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Jack tells Victor that his new campaign manager is out to impress. He hopes that the public still believes he had nothing to do with Phyllis' blackmail case. Victor says that Michael will try to keep Phyllis out of jail. Jack asks Victor if he saw article on Nikki in the paper. Can't afford another hit like this extortion business. Victor asks Jack if he has a moment, he has a surprise for him. Victor starts to read the paper.

David Chow tells Nikki that it was a good idea for her to fly coach, that it will give her a good opportunity to mingle with the people. Company jet wasn't available. Sharon and Jack are flying to Clear Springs.

Phyllis paces back and forth. Nick says make the rest of the day a Phyllis Newman day. Nick tries to get her mind off the trial. As they are making love, they are interrupted by a telephone call. Victor tells Nick that he needs him to fly to Clear Springs. He says that Sharon is going as well, he can go with her. When Nick hangs up the phone, they are interrupted again by a knock at the door. It's Victoria. She explains to Nick and Phyllis about her miscarriage. Nick hugs Victoria. He tells her that she's a great sister. She was always the good one. Victoria admits that she's not always been so good. She slept with J.T. Nick says that when he comes back from the Clear Springs trip he will be there for her.

Jack comes by the coffeehouse, sees Daniel on the computer. Daniel says that he's been working on a paper for class. Jack says that he had a creative writing class in college and hated it. When Jack leaves, Daniel goes back to the website. He writes back to Luscious Lips. He says that he doesn't have a girlfriend, because that would be unfair to all the other ladies. When Lily reads Daniel's response, she is infuriated. When Daniel comes home, Lily asks Daniel what he was doing. She boldly asks him if he's still been visiting Strangers by Night. Daniel says that he hasn't. Lily says that she might be acting paranoid, but she's a little confused about something. She wonders if he has been emailing other women. Daniel keeps lying. Lily reads the emails that Daniel wrote. He gets upset that she's been snooping around in his business. Lily can't believe he would continue to lie to her about it.

Brad tells Michael that he gave the seat on the Board of Directors to Neil because he felt pressured by Phyllis. Brad says that Phyllis told him that she had evidence she could use against him. He admits that Phyllis knew that he had an affair, and that she implied that she might use this against him. Michael asks if Brad knows what implied means. Brad says yes, that it is a nonverbal insinuation. Michael is happy to hear this news. He tells Phyllis that Brad appears to be backing off of the case.

At the coffeehouse, Sharon and Jack talk about how excited they are to fly to Clear Springs. Jack says that he has a meeting to go to, but will meet her at the jet. They kiss goodbye. Victoria comes by the coffeehouse and thanks Sharon for taking her to the hospital. Sharon asks how the baby is doing. Victoria admits that there is no baby.

Michael goes to Victor and says that things are looking up with Phyllis' case. Victor tells Michael that he has been trying to reach Jack Abbott, but that the phone keeps going to voice mail. Victor passes over the recorder to Michael, saying that it will prove that Jack owns Jabot. Victor asks Sharon if she has seen Jack. She says that Jack is in a Chamber of Commerce meeting. Victor is glad to hear this; he doesn't want to think that Jack would avoid him.

Sharon goes to Brad and tells him that she heard about Victoria's miscarriage. She says that she is sorry, and her heart goes out to the both of them. Brad asks her to do a favor for him. He asks her to lie about Phyllis blackmailing him. He says that Phyllis shouldn't have to go to jail. When Sharon goes to discuss Phyllis' case with Michael and Barnwell, she is upset to see the stenographer in the room. She says that she has nothing to say. Barnwell asks Michael to speak privately. He is upset that everyone seems to be changing their accusations. Barnwell says that if he put Phyllis up to blackmailing people for a second time, the only person he will ever council again is a fellow cellmate.

Jack calls Sharon to say that he probably can't make the flight. Sharon is upset, but agrees that she can handle it herself. Jack tells her to call him when she gets to the hotel.

Nick is happy to hear that Sharon is not pressing charges against Phyllis. He is upset with Nikki that she would continue to do this to Phyllis. When Nikki sees that Sharon has a subpoena, she says that now Sharon will have to tell the truth after all. When Sharon goes to Brad, she is upset about her situation. She admits that Brad is the one that she loves, even though he causes her so much pain. When Sharon goes to the jet, she is surprised to see Nick there. She says that she is pleased, having Nick there is much better than taking the flight by herself. Nick says that they were married for ten years; he can tell that something is wrong. She says that she needs his advice, she's in trouble.

Victoria comes by the office to see Brad. She admits to Brad that she still hasn't told her parents about her miscarriage yet.

Jack comes to meet Victor. Jack wonders if it's good news. Victor says that depends. He plays the recorder.

Friday, May 11, 2007

On the Newman jet, Sharon reveals to Nick that she's still in love with Brad. Nick is shocked. Sharon says that even if Brad left Victoria, she couldn't be with him since she's married to Jack and he is in the middle of a political campaign. She says that she knows what it's like to be in love with more than one person at once, and that she forgives him for what happened with Phyllis. They share a loving embrace. Lily confides in Colleen that she doesn't know how she can trust Daniel again. Amber tells Daniel that he's got to make up with Lily. Colleen fills Amber in on what is happening with Lily, and Amber says that they have to do something to help her and Daniel. Jack asks Victor what he wants from him and why he conned him. Victor says that Jack first conned him when he was in the hospital by getting him to sign over NVP to him. Victor demands that Jack sell NVP back to him or else he'll expose Jack for being a crook. Victor tells Nikki that Jack is selling NVP back to them, and Nikki is ecstatic. Jack tells Phyllis that Victor has been setting him up the past couple of months, but that all he wants is for him to sell him back NVP. Phyllis can't believe that Victor is also trying to extort him. Jack confronts Ji Min about him wearing a wire, but Ji Min pretends to not know what he is talking about. Later Ji Min decides to leave town and Jill invites herself along to Korea with him. Jack tells Kay that he owns Jabot and would like to sell it to her. Meanwhile, Victor receives a call that the Newman jet just went down.

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