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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 21, 2008 on GL
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Monday, January 21, 2008

When Buzz invites Harley to celebrate Marina and Cyrus's engagement, he learns just how much Harley feels for Cyrus. Buzz tells Harley not hurt Marina. Remy pretends to be an immigration agent to make sure that Cyrus is definitely marrying Marina.

Alone, Cyrus tells Harley they had their chance together, but she made it clear it was a mistake. Harley tells Marina not to be suspicious of her and Cyrus. Marina asks her to be her maid of honor. Later, Marina catches Cyrus sweetly holding Harley's face in his hand.

Doris admits to her daughter that she finally understands how happy Coop makes Ashlee. She'd never want to hurt her daughter by hurting Coop. Ashlee is shocked when Doris says she's starting to believe that Buzz Cooper is one of the good guys. Doris wants to call a truce with Buzz and have him work for her, but Lillian doesn't think he should trust Doris.

Coop, meeting Bill ask asked, sees the gas can. He realizes Bill wants to burn down Company to get to revenge. Bill lifts his lighter to set a fire, when Lizzie grabs the lighter from him. She tells the guys it's over, asking them both to let it go. Lizzie tells Bill it's time for him to grow up - because he's going to be a father.

When Coop blast Ava for her scheming, she throws out everything which reminds her of Coop. We see her fixation turn to Bill. Bill admits to Lizzie that it was water in the can, not gasoline.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The show opens with Cassie having a dream about frolicking with Tammy on Main Street. In the dream, the scene turns dark. Alan grabs Tammy by one arm and tries to pull her in his direction, while Cassie has the other arm trying to not let her go. Cassie wakes up screaming. Will enters the living room and asks his mother if she's okay. She tells him she had a bad dream. Will learns the dream was about Tammy. Cassie and Will both express how much they miss her. Later, they look at pictures of Tammy, some of which also have Jonathan in them. Cassie explains who he is, and tells Will they loved each other very much. They are trying to select a picture to use for her memorial. Will asks if Alan will be there, even though he "made Tammy die." Cassie is shocked to hear he knows about this. She discovers Edmund told him. Cassie struggles to explain Alan's role in what happened, and cuts the chat short by saying she has to make a phone call. She goes over to the phone, clearly shaken. When Josh comes home, Cassie is startled and drops the phone. He learns Cassie has been thinking and talking about Tammy.

Alan meets Ava so she can bring him some reports. He asks how the plans for a memorial for Sarah are going. She reports that everything is all set except for the guest list. Alan is still working on that. After Ava leaves, Alan opens his briefcase and finds a newspaper. At first he only sees the headlines, which read "Local Girl Killed In Suspicious Accident". When he unfolds the paper, he finds the word "Remember" written in red all across the bottom half and also sees Tammy's picture. He quickly drops the paper and is visibly unnerved by seeing this.

Reva enters the church and finds Josh fixing the podium. They begin to talk about the memorial service which is being organized for Tammy. Josh offers to help organize one for Jonathan and Sarah, but Reva politely says she doesn't want that. Reva asks about how things are going with Will. Josh says he and Cassie are working together to help him and they believe that will be enough. Before he leaves, Josh tells her his offer to help with a memorial still stands. Reva stays in the church a little while longer.

Soon, Alan enters the church. He was looking for Reva to tell her he believes Cassie is stalking him again. He gets phone calls in the middle of the night, and then shows her the newspaper he received. He says he's going over to Cassie's house to tell her to stop. Reva believes Jonathan is behind this since the anniversary of Tammy's death is near, but she doesn't let Alan know this. She tells Alan she'll go with him and asks him to let her talk to Cassie rather than him. Alan agrees to let Reva ask Cassie if she's behind all of this. Before she goes inside, Alan tells Reva if Cassie tries to deny it, to tell her he had the call traced to the Bauer cabin. He knows Cassie and Will were there that night. Reva mumbles under her breath that she hopes Cassie did this, knowing if it wasn't her, it had to be Will.

Alan waits outside while Reva goes inside to find out more information. As Alan is about to light a cigar, he hears a child's voice tell him he's not allowed to smoke there. Then Will comes out of the shadows and stands in front of Alan. He asks Alan, "Why did you kill my sister?" Alan replies that he's sorry Tammy is dead but that he had nothing to do with it. Will still thinks he did. Then Alan says, "People who kill people go to jail." Will gives an arrogant smile, shakes his head and replies, "Not always." Alan appeases Will by putting his cigar away, asking, "Are we done here?" Will responds slyly, "I don't know. Are we?" Alan offers him a dollar to go away, but Will demands $5. Alan makes the terms clear that for $5, Will has to leave him alone, not just for now, but always. Will takes the money but says nothing.

Inside the farmhouse, Reva shows Cassie the newspaper Alan received, and asks if she is stalking Alan again. Cassie answers that he would deserve it. Then Josh asks her if she did it. Cassie responds in an angry tone that she did not. Josh apologizes for making the assumption. Then he goes outside to tell Alan that Cassie had nothing to do with the calls or the newspaper. He tells Alan to stay away from the memorial service. Alan and Reva leave.

Reva and Alan arrive at the diner and pause outside. Alan thinks Will is a strange child and if he wasn't so young, he might consider him a suspect. When Alan goes inside, Reva stays outside to make a phone call to the Bauer cabin, hoping to find Jonathan there.

Later, Josh is preparing for the memorial service. Cassie says the boys are tucked in and waiting for him to read a story. He tells her he'll be up in a minute, and she leaves. Shortly after, Will appears standing nearby. Josh looks over at him, surprised and a little unnerved. Will says he came to get one of his toys - his businessman action figure. He explains that's what he calls him because he's very rich. Josh finds this item, with the doll's head missing. He looks at Will, who is now holding the doll's head in his hands. Josh asks Will what happened to his doll. Will just shrugs his shoulders to say 'I don't know,' takes the doll from Josh. Will walks back to his room, wearing a grin and with an eerily happy swagger in his stride. Josh watches with a stunned look on his face.

Bill and Lizzie talk about her pregnancy. As she rambles on in excitement, Bill becomes more uncomfortable. Finally he interrupts her and tells her he isn't interested in being involved with her and the baby. He explains that he'll support the child, but he's not up to being a father right now. An angry Lizzie tries to get him to step up and meet his responsibilities. Bill says he's trying to be honest with her about how he feels. He tells her they aren't a couple and he's not ready to take this on, and sometimes it just works out that way. When she calls him a jerk, albeit an honest one, he retorts that although she may think he's an awful person, she has done worse. When he mentions Jonathan's name, Lizzie becomes very angry. Before she leaves, Lizzie tells him that although Jonathan had his flaws, he was a great father. Shortly after Lizzie leaves, Ava arrives at Bill's room. She tells him there's no chance for her with Coop. Bill jokes it's probably for the best, saying Coop has an 'explosive' personality! She asks why he was in a bad mood earlier, and he tells her he doesn't want to talk about it. Both seem to be in bad situations with other partners, and find comfort in each other. They begin their latest round of making out. Ava finds Lizzie's scarf and tells Bill she found something. She calls it garbage, throws it in the trashcan and resumes their make out session.

Emma and her babysitter arrive at Bill's place looking for Ava to take over babysitting duties. Bill says hello to Emma, but she is standoffish towards him. After Emma leaves, Bill expresses his disappointment about how distant she was towards him. He asks if Ava thinks he's a good father. Ava tells him he's not Emma's father. He replies although he's not the biological father, he was her adoptive her father at one time. They had a relationship, and they even had fun. Ava tells him being a father isn't about fun all of the time, and a father has to "step up to the plate." This seems to leave Bill with something to think about. Ava leaves.

With his lawyer, Billy finalizes the plans to leave rehab and join an outpatient hospital program where he can come and go as he pleases. Lizzie shows up to congratulate Billy after hearing the news of his change in rehab plans. She starts rooting through her purse for her scarf and becomes frustrated, then throws the purse to the ground. Billy can tell this isn't just about the scarf, and asks Lizzie about what's going on. Lizzie tells Billy (in an off screen moment) that she is pregnant and his son, Bill is the father. We see an ecstatic Billy loudly expressing his joy at this news. He is also excited about the "amazing DNA" the child will have. Lizzie tells him Bill doesn't to be involved. Billy thinks Bill will eventually warm up to the idea, and encourages Lizzie to give him time. She takes Billy home.

Later, Bill bumbles around his room and knocks over the trashcan. As he cleans it up, he finds Lizzie's scarf, then slowly brings it to his face and takes in her scent. A knock at the door interrupts the moment. Bill opens the door and thinks it may be Lizzie. He discovers it's Billy coming to let Bill know he's out of rehab. Billy offers words of wisdom to Bill, saying most people believe it's not the perfect timing when a child comes into their lives unexpectedly. But they have to make it the perfect timing. As an extra motivation, Billy tells his son he has a golden opportunity to do a better job as a father than he had done before by meeting his responsibilities.

Later, Lizzie arrives at the church where Tammy's memorial will be held. Her face shows sadness as she sits in the front row, looking at the flowers and the picture of Tammy in front of her. Then she turns her head to see the candles. She lights one for Sarah and talks out loud, saying she thinks about her every day and she'll always love her. She begins to cry. Just then we see the feet of someone who starts to enter the church, but stops and retreats behind the door when Lizzie is spotted inside. The camera pans up to show those feet belong to Jonathan, who has returned to Springfield. We see him peering through the window of the door, looking over the preparations for Tammy's memorial, and finding Lizzie sitting there.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Title: Remember

The song "Take Me Far Away" plays as residents of Springfield prepare for Tammy's anniversary memorial. Josh curiously watches Will pull matches out of a drawer and set them on a counter. Then Will retrieves tissues and gives them to Cassie. Lizzie goes into her bathroom with her pregnancy test. Bill makes a hospital visit. Marina destroys her room, looking for a photo of Tammy. Remy shows up and they cry together. Reva looks around expectantly while she and Alan and pass time at Company. At the Bauer cabin, Jonathan prepares Sarah to leave.

Lizzie explains to Roxie that the piles of pregnancy tests on her desk are all defective. She says she thinks this can cause a serious problem for women all over America. She calls the hotline on the box to report a problem of national importance. The people on the hotline ask her if she took a test with a doctor and she says she didn't. She screams at them that she has to be pregnant and slams down the phone. Later she cries on the bed.

Meanwhile, Bill finishes with the doctor. He wonders if he'll be able to see to play catch with his kid. Billy shows up to escort him home. Bill rejects the walking cane his father offers. Billy overheard Bill with the doctor and is happy to hear Bill's sight is returning and he's warming up to the idea of a baby. Bill tells him Lizzie is the one having a baby. Billy tells Bill they are going to church.

Reva makes it to the Bauer cabin and sees evidence that a baby girl has been there. She seems both scared and relieved to at least know where Jonathan and Sarah are. At Company, Alan checks his messages. Twenty messages are on the phone, and they all have Tammy's voice. Will eavesdrops in the kitchen as Josh consoles Cassie. He comes between them and breaks up their embrace, telling Cassie not to forget the tissues. Will talks with Josh and wonders if Alan is a bad man because he makes Will's mother cry. Josh apprehensively gazes at the boy and explains to him that he needs to behave himself today.

At the church, Josh wears his black collar and robe. Daisy enters and apologizes for even being in the car which hit Tammy. Cassie and Josh say it's not her fault. Out in the foyer, Remy and Marina talk about Tammy. Outside, Bill feels Billy has dragged him there because he thinks Lizzie will be there. Billy advises Bill to suck it up and accept fatherhood. Lizzie comes between them to sign the guest book. Billy asks if she will sit with them. She replies that she doesn't think so and skirts away. Bill wonders how Lizzie looks, whether she seems upset with him or if she seems as if she doesn't care. Billy tells him Lizzie's probably not even thinking about him right now.

Lizzie heads to Tammy's photo in the front and tears roll down her face as she places roses on the pedestal before it. She asks Daisy if she can sit beside her. Both say they feel like pariahs but assure each other they aren't. Daisy mentions Sarah, and wonders if someday Lizzie would have another baby. Meanwhile, Billy explains that Lizzie feels the accident is her fault, and Alan has left her believing that.

Outside at the grave, Cassie has another Tammy vision. It's raining and the rain taps loudly on her umbrella. Tammy mentions the weather where she is now is sunny with a 99% chance of happiness. Tammy wonders if Cassie will throw this dreary party every year. Cassie says she's having the memorial so people who she left behind can cope. Tammy says she never left her. Cassie hates when people say that. She says she wants Tammy to really be there every day. Tammy asks her to let that go because now she has a family to take care of. Tammy makes her promise to never let Will go again. Cassie asks why there's only 99% chance of happiness where Tammy is now. Tammy says she can't be 100% happy until she knows Cassie is happy. She says the 1% depends on Cassie and she leaves.

Reva and Jeffrey sign the guest book. Reva admits her suspicions that Jonathan is terrorizing Alan. She lost Alan when she went to the Bauer cabin and she doesn't know what will happen if Jonathan and Alan come across each other. Jeffrey wants to stand on lookout, but Reva urges him to go to the ceremony. Cassie enters and then Alan comes in behind her.

Cassie says she's shocked Alan had the nerve to show up. Alan says he doesn't really want to be there, but asks her to stop the harassing phone calls with Tammy's voice. Cassie says she wouldn't use Tammy that way. Alan tells her if it's any consolation, he's lost everything. He lost Lizzie and Sarah. He admits Tammy didn't deserve to die. He apologizes to Cassie for his role in what happened to Tammy, the person who meant the most in the world to Cassie. He starts to leave, but Cassie tearfully asks him to come inside and pay his respects to her daughter. Surprised, Alan signs the guest book.

Josh conducts the ceremony for Tammy from the same spot where they had the pageant in the church. After he begins, he sits by RJ while Cassie reads a speech of what she thinks Tammy would say. She tells them all to go home and not waste time grieving for her. She had a good life, got to be a princess, got married, and she had a family and wonderful friends. The camera shows Daisy and Lizzie crying as Cassie talks about how young she was when she had Tammy. When she talks about how a child changes your life, Bill is seen nodding. Cassie sees Alan and says Tammy was all about forgiveness and welcoming people in when others shut them out. She says she takes comfort in knowing Jonathan and Tammy are together with Sarah.

She returns to the front pew to sit with Josh, RJ and Reva. She looks around for Will. Outside Jeffrey trudges through snow and rain. He spots a man and calls Jonathan. Then he sees Will and asks him what he's doing out there. Will wonders why Jeffrey called him Jonathan if Jonathan is dead. Jeffrey takes him inside and Reva comes out into the hall. Will announces that Jeffrey called him "dead Jonathan." Jeffrey says he misheard him. Will says no, he didn't. He wonders if they think he is as bad as Jonathan. Reva says no. Will demands to know why he was called that. Reva explains that he and Jonathan both lost a lot. That made them act out, but they are not bad. "You know who's bad?" Will asks with a frown, then answers, "Alan."

Reva looks at Jeffrey and says Alan isn't all bad. She offers to take Will inside to his mother. Meanwhile, outside in the rain, Jonathan and Sarah sit on some tombstones. Sarah skips away from Jonathan. Inside, the ceremony disbands. Jeffrey tells Josh that Will was lurking in the bushes outside and tells him Will mentioned Alan. They both express their concerns about Will. Josh says the Fairmount Academy didn't think Will was troubled enough to be accepted. Jeffrey has pulled a few strings and now Will has been accepted. Josh is happy because that's what they all need.

Meanwhile Lizzie thanks Cassie for inviting her and they hug. Lizzie is sorry they both lost their daughters. Bill calls for her and Cassie says she's right there. Lizzie pulls back, saying she's not, and tries to leave. Cassie coaxes her back to talk to Bill. Lizzie tells him she can't take any more of him being mean to her today. Sobbing, she says Tammy's gone, Jonathan's gone, her baby is gone, and their baby is... Bill interrupts her, explaining his revelation that their baby is a blessing. Even though he isn't ready for it, he wants to make it work. He hopes she feels the same way. She says if he really wants to be with her then they should try. He smiles and says they are having a baby, so it's worth a shot. Lizzie wearily agrees. Bill asks him to point him in the direction of his father. Before he goes, he tells her he's very happy about this.

Once alone, Bill's eyes start to hurt and he rubs them. Lizzie goes outside and she sees Sarah standing in the rain crying. She runs down the steps. Lizzie chases Sarah around the corner and runs into a stranger. The woman asks if she lost her baby. Lizzie gets a grip and says never mind.

Inside Reva and Cassie hug and commend each other on being strong. Alan enters to thank Cassie for letting him stay. He moves to the front to look at the memorial. He sits in the front row and Will is behind him, staring at him. Cassie wonders who could be harassing Alan. Reva says he has tons of enemies. It could be anyone. She leaves to find Jeffrey and Josh pulls Cassie aside. He explains how Jeffrey got Will into the academy. Cassie won't send Will away because she promised Tammy.

Meanwhile Bill's eyes start to focus and he finds himself staring at Jonathan through some windows.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Olivia is at home reading literature about dying, and then someone knocks on the door. She presumes it's Gus and says that he's a lifesaver for bring her meds. She opens the door to find Natalia standing there. Natalia says that Gus was with his family and that she is there to take care of Olivia. Natalia tells Olivia that Gus told her about his offer to take care of Emma if Olivia dies, and adds that she is fine with that. Olivia asks Natalia why she cares. Natalia responds that she hopes that Gus' friends and family will be her friends and family once they are married.

Gus is with Alan at the diner. Alan tells Gus that he didn't crash the memorial service for Tammy, but Cassie offered forgiveness and invited him to stay. Gus tells Alan that many people wished that he had died instead of Tammy or Jonathan or baby Sarah. Alan says that after the service, he wondered if anyone would care when he dies, and thinks there's at least one person who would. Alan says that he had an epiphany while at the memorial service: "Where there's love, there's hope." He says that he doesn't want to interfere in Gus's relationship with Natalia. Gus responds that he had an epiphany himself: "Where there's Alan Spaulding, there's trouble."

As Alan leaves the diner, he encounters Olivia as she is walking in. He tells her that he has changed his mind and that he doesn't want her to try to break up Gus and Natalia now. Natalia is nearby and overhears this. Inside, Olivia hands Gus a paper stating how to divide her assets when she dies. Natalia walks in and tells Gus and Olivia that she knows about the deal that Olivia had with Alan. Olivia says she won't deny it, and begins to leave. Gus stops her and lets her know that he isn't upset with her, but he's not very happy with Alan. Natalia says she understands and is not upset, and that she would do anything for her son.

Lizzie rushes into the hospital to find her mom, Beth. She tells Beth that she thinks she just saw baby Sarah at the church after Tammy's memorial service. Beth tells Lizzie that she must have seen a child and, in her grieving, her wanting Sarah made her think the child was Sarah, but it wasn't. Beth comforts Lizzie and tells her that it's her grief making her think this, and that's okay. Lizzie tells Beth that she thought she was pregnant with Bill's baby for one day, and that Bill backed away saying he wasn't ready. She told Beth that it turned out that she wasn't pregnant, but hadn't told Bill that part yet, because he had since changed his mind and is more ready to be a parent now. Beth tries to convince Lizzie to tell Bill that she isn't pregnant. Rick enters and informs Lizzie that Bill is starting to see shapes now. Beth tells Lizzie that a relationship built on lies cannot be good, then Beth turns to Rick for his support on that idea. Rick, who is keeping lies about Beth's baby's DNA, stammers before saying that he trusts Lizzie will do the right thing. Beth looks at Rick in shock because he didn't support her and because of his vague answer. Lizzie leaves, saying she knows what she has to do. After she is outside, she mumbles to herself, "I have to get pregnant."

Alan passes Beth in the hall of the hospital. He comments that seeing her brightens his day, and then he keeps walking. She stops him and asks if he is okay. He tells her that it's been a challenging day. Then he talks to Beth about how Lizzie is going to need both of them to help her get through the next week, the anniversary of Sarah's "death." He informs her of the memorial he has planned for Sarah and invites Beth to help support Lizzie. Beth eagerly says she'll be there. Then Alan adds that after the memorial, he'd like them all to go away together to St. Gabriel. Beth becomes upset, saying she can't do that because she's married. Just then, Rick enters. Alan extends his invitation to Rick as well, and Rick accepts, much to Beth's surprise. After Rick and Beth leave, Alan makes a phone call to Dr. Charles Grant and asks that Rick be on call all of next week, which makes him unavailable to take the trip.

The end scene from yesterday's show is played again, where Bill is walking out of the church but pauses because his eyes hurt. Then he looks up and he can see. What he sees is Jonathan looking through a door window. Then Dinah arrives to give Bill his cane. Bill starts to tell her that saw Jonathan, but then decides to keep that information to himself, at least for now. Bill and Dinah go to CO2 on Main Street, and Bill reveals that he can see again. Immediately after that, he informs Dinah that Lizzie is pregnant. Dinah is stunned by both pieces of news back to back! He tells her that he has warmed up to the idea of having a baby, and that he and Lizzie are going to give the relationship a second chance. He asks some questions about Lizzie's feeling for Jonathan. Dinah catches on that he is asking too many questions about Jonathan, but Bill covers by claiming to want to know more about the issues he may encounter with Lizzie. Lizzie meets Bill and Dinah, and Dinah offers congratulations, then leaves. Bill reveals to Lizzie that he can see again, and adds that he cannot wait to see their baby. Lizzie tells him that she's had a tough week, and that it would be nice if they could get away for a while. She tells him to go pack a bag and she'll do the same. He reassures her that he is focused on the future and the past is in the past. She tells him where to meet her, saying they aren't going together because there are things she needs to do to get ready for the baby.

Bill, still on Main Street, calls Frank and says he is dropping the charges against Coop, and to tell him they are even. Dinah appears again, bringing Bill a present for the baby - a silver spoon. Bill states again that he doesn't know how things will end up, but he's really going to give it a good try to make things work with Lizzie. He also speaks of how happy he is to have a chance to be a good father.

Jonathan notices that Bill looked in his direction but doesn't think Bill saw him due to his blindness. He sneaks away down some stairs, then suddenly hears Reva saying, "You don't write. You don't call." as she looks at him, smiling, happy to see him. He looks at her and smiles back, sharing a sweet "hello" moment. Then she tells him to 'get out of here,' before he gets caught being alive. He tells her that he came back for Tammy's memorial, and admits to being the one who is tormenting Alan with the newspaper and the phone calls. Reva tells him that he has to stop before he gets caught because he has to take care of Sarah.

Now at the Bauer cabin where Jonathan and Sarah are staying, Reva asks about Aubrey, the girl that Jonathan was dating and the daughter of the man Alan killed while helping Reva in Tourmaline. Jonathan says that they aren't together anymore. He says that the closer it got to the anniversary date of Tammy's death, the harder it was to be ready for another relationship. Jonathan tells Reva that Lizzie saw Sarah briefly, but that he whisked Sarah away quickly, so Lizzie probably thinks she imagined it. Reva tells Jonathan that she thinks it's time to tell Lizzie that Sarah is still alive. He says he still doesn't trust Lizzie. Reva tells him that Lizzie has changed, and that she barely even speaks to Alan now. Jonathan says that is what they thought the last time, and then Lizzie ran to Alan and opened her big mouth, which led to Tammy's death. Reva continues to plead for Lizzie to know the truth. Jonathan believes that even if Lizzie knew and kept quiet, Alan would still see it in her eyes or hear in her voice and know that Sarah was still alive. He adds that he wants Sarah to meet her mother, but he thinks it's too risky. Reva is worried that this will never end. Jonathan sarcastically suggests that Reva ask Father Joshua to pray that Alan finds religion or that a baby grand piano drops on Alan's head, because he sees that as the only way they can come out of hiding. The he asks if Josh and Cassie are still happy. Reva says they are. Then Jonathan asks about Reva and Jeffrey. Reva reports they are still together. He says he will be leaving soon and has decided to head north this time. Reva asks if he heard any of the memorial service. Jonathan says he did not, and says he wished he could have said some things at the service. Reva tells him they can have their own memorial, then pulls out a bottle of whiskey. They drink and remember Tammy by sharing their stories. Reva says she hates having Jonathan and Sara in hiding, and that she wants to show off her granddaughter and brag about her son. Jonathan replies that Alan won't live forever, and when Alan dies, Jonathan can feel safe to come out of hiding. Reva is worried about that comment, but Jonathan reassures her that he won't do anything to Alan because he already has too much to explain to Sarah one day. He tears up thinking about how much he thinks of Tammy every time he looks at Sarah.

Later, Jonathan begins packing to leave, but Reva convinces him to stay for dinner. He teases her about her cooking, saying if she cooks then miracles really do happen. Reva leaves to go get something from a nearby eatery. After Reva leaves, we see Lizzie arrive at the Bauer cabin, while just inside are Jonathan and her baby, Sarah.

Friday, January 25, 2008


Cyrus walks into Company and asks Buzz if he gets the family discount. Buzz ignores the comment and after an awkward silence, he tells Cyrus he is not married yet. Cyrus asks Buzz if something is on his mind. Buzz responds that there is-how to keep from hurting the most important women in his life. Cyrus asks what Harley said but Buzz states he wants to hear it from Cyrus. Cyrus explains that a strong bond was created when he and Harley were trapped in the church. Harley kept him sane when he thought they were going to die. Cyrus talks about how he likes Harley-she hardly lets her guard down but when she does there is vulnerability. Cyrus assures Buzz that he loves Marina, though, and wants to marry her. Buzz is content with that but tells Cyrus to take care of her heart.

Harley visits Marina and finds her crying. Harley asks if Cyrus called the wedding off. Marina asks why she would think that and explains that she is crying about Tammy. Marina talks about how unfair life is; she is getting married and Tammy is gone. Harley assures Marina that Tammy would have wanted Marina to be happy. Marina thanks Harley for being honest about her bond with Cyrus the other day. Though she admits she would be lying if she said she wasn't jealous, she says she should be thankful that Harley likes her fiancÚ as much as she does. Suddenly Marina decides that Valentine's Day would be a perfect day to get married. Later, while Marina is in the bathroom trying on a dress for her engagement picture, Cyrus walks in to see Harley trying on a veil. Cyrus suggests that he take both Harley and Marina to lunch but Harley quickly declines, making up an excuse about having to meet Zach for a school event. As she leaves, Marina comes out and tells Cyrus she has picked a date for the wedding: Valentine's Day. Cyrus states that is a little soon. Marina asks if there is any reason he does not want to do this. Cyrus assures her that he does want to marry her but he knows that all women want big, fancy weddings. He says that this is her only chance to have her dream wedding. Marina brings up immigration but he tells her to let him worry about that. They make plans to go skating and when Cyrus leaves to get some skates, Marina calls Remy to ask him to do her another favor. Remy asks what he gets out of it and suggests that he may need her services as a detective one of these days. Marina understands what he means-he wants a cop in his pocket. She agrees and tells him to slide the immigration notice under the door. Later, Marina and Cyrus are on Main Street where she is nursing her injured leg.

As Cyrus is trying to help Marina back home, she sees a judge she knows. Cyrus suggests they say hello and Marina comes up with another suggestion: he should marry them tonight.

Back at Company, Frank tells his father that he just spoke with INS about Cyrus. They informed him that the case has been closed for weeks. Frank is confused by that considering Marina has gotten calls. Buzz figures it must be some kind of mistake. At that point, Harley arrives and Buzz asks if Cyrus has told her anything about trouble with immigration. Harley tells him no. Privately, Buzz tells Harley that he spoke with Cyrus. What Cyrus and Marina have is real; he wants to marry her. Later, Harley confides in Buzz that sometimes she misses cop stuff. When Buzz suggests she go back to the force, Harley brings up Gus. She talks about how much she misses him. She admits that her missing Gus may have something to do with her feelings for Cyrus, but she wishes that was all it was. She laments that it is not like her to be weak or want something that is wrong. Harley leaves to call immigration for Frank. Later, Harley goes to Cyrus's to get his passport-she needs it for INS. While looking for it, she sees a yellow envelope from immigration. Later, an identical envelope is slipped through the door. Harley grabs the person leaving the letter. It is Remy. Harley knowingly asks when he started working for immigration.

Vanessa sees Bill walking without his cane on Main Street. He quickly tells her the news. His vision is back and Lizzie is pregnant. Vanessa is speechless but quickly becomes elated at the thought of being a grandmother. Alan overhears and is also pleased with the news. Alan suddenly starts asking questions about Lizzie's well being. Bill informs him that Lizzie is at the Bauer cabin where he will be meeting her. He also tells Alan that he knows what Alan did the last time Lizzie was pregnant. Alan defends himself by stating that he only wanted to protect her baby. He goes on to say that Lizzie has rewritten history to cast him as the villain. Vanessa tells Alan to just leave Bill and Lizzie alone. Alan points out that he simply wants to be a part of the child's life. Bill tells him they will send him a picture when the kid graduates from college and walks off.

Jon is inside the Bauer cabin. At the same time, Lizzie is outside leaving a message for Bill. When she walks inside, Jonathan and Sarah are gone-they are hiding in another room. Lizzie can tell someone has been in the cabin and starts calling out to find if anyone is there. Suddenly, Reva arrives and seems shocked to see Lizzie. Reva quickly tells Lizzie that she came to the cabin for some alone time and suggests that Lizzie go to a local inn. Lizzie says she understands whey Reva wants to be alone-it is because of Jonathan and Sarah. As Jonathan listens, Lizzie talks about Tammy's memorial and how much she misses her. She tells Reva that Tammy was her best friend and despite all the horrible things Lizzie did, Lizzie loved her. Lizzie talks about how scared she was and explains that was why she went to her grandfather. She wishes she could take that back so Tammy would be back in their lives. Reva gently tells Lizzie that Tammy is at peace. Lizzie replies that she is not. Lizzie comments that she thought she saw Sarah at the church. She states that sometimes she thinks if she is a good person, there is a chance she could see her. Lizzie then breaks down in tears asking for one day-one minute-with her baby. Reva comforts Lizzie by telling her she feels the same way. She talks about how much Lizzie has grown in the last year. Suddenly, Sarah cries out. Reva dismisses it as a small animal but Lizzie thinks it sounded like a baby. Reva quickly tries to hustle Lizzie out, but Lizzie explains she cannot leave because she told Bill to meet her there. When Lizzie goes out to the car, Reva hustles Jonathan and Sarah out. Jon tells Reva he will meet her at Tammy's grave. After he leaves, Lizzie returns and says she thought she heard Reva talking. Reva claims she was just singing to herself. Before Reva leaves, Lizzie asks her to come to Sarah's memorial.

Later, at Tammy's grave, Reva tells Jonathan how much she hates this entire situation. Jonathan asks Reva to watch Sarah for him while he does something. Jon sits outside the church while he talks to Tammy's spirit. Jonathan talks about seeing her on her deathbed. "Tammy" tells him to remember the good stuff. She then asks why he did not stay with Aubrey. "Tammy" liked her-she understood Jonathan. Jonathan confesses that he could not stop thinking about Tammy. "Tammy" tells him he needs to let her go. Jonathan tearfully admits that he does not want to. "Tammy" promises to always protect him. They then "kiss."

While Reva is in the car with Sarah waiting for Jonathan, Sarah throws her dolly out the window. As Reva goes outside looking for it, she spots Alan's car approaching. Alan drives up next to Reva's car while she blocks the window to keep him from seeing the baby.

Alone at the cabin, Lizzie spots a teddy bear. At the same time, Bill arrives and Lizzie shows him the bear and wonders who it belongs to. Bill says he knows: Goldilocks. Bill is being very nice, which is freaking Lizzie out a little. She wants him to be himself. She starts to open a bottle of wine, but Bill does not feel like drinking. He wants to talk. Suddenly, Lizzie's phone rings. It is Alan. Bill tells Lizzie that he told Alan about the baby. Lizzie is not very happy that he told Alan, and keeps insisting that Bill relax with a drink. Bill keeps telling her he wants to talk. Lizzie, though, is not in the mood for talk-she is hoping to seduce him. She is quickly turning Bill off. He explains that they have a lot to talk about. He says this is huge and asks why she is acting so desperate. Suddenly, Lizzie gets riled up and explains that she does not want to think about the future. She did that once and her baby is still gone. During the argument, Lizzie runs out. Bill chases after her and when he catches up to her, he demands to know what is going on it. An upset Lizzie screams that there is no baby. Bill demands to know what she has done and Lizzie breaks out of his grasp and runs right into the path of an oncoming car. Someone knocks her out of the way and Lizzie is face to face with her rescuer: Jonathan.

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