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All charges were dropped against Victor in the Ji Min murder case. Victor lost the Clear Springs lawsuit. Victoria awoke from her coma. Katherine learned that she'd had a minor stroke, and she retired from Chancellor. Gloria and Kevin purchased poison with Jeffrey's credit card.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on Y&R
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After words with Diane and Audra, Kyle has a proposition for Victor

After words with Diane and Audra, Kyle has a proposition for Victor

Monday, January 28, 2008

At Jabot, Cane and Lily were still reeling after Amber's theatrical stunt during the Fresh Faces of Jabot event. Neil stopped by to visit with Lily and suggested that they go out to lunch together to celebrate. When Lily invited Cane to tag along, however, Cane excused himself and claimed that he was too busy. As Lily and her father dined at the club, Neil broached the subject of Cane and Lily's budding relationship. Neil explained that the baggage in Cane's past could complicate their relationship.

Lily admitted that Amber remained a factor but insisted that she and Cane were merely friends. Although Neil claimed that he agreed with Lily, she pleaded with her father to honestly trust her judgment, so she could let her guard down. After Lily accused her father of moving ahead too quickly with Karen, Neil explained that, with Karen's help, he was beginning to heal after Dru's death. Neil advised Lily to give herself more time with Cane before moving forward, to see if their relationship grew.

At the Chancellor estate, Amber panicked when Katherine suddenly slumped over on the sofa. After Amber made a frantic 9-1-1 call for help, she attempted to revive Katherine from an unconscious state. Fearing that Katherine was near death, Amber bargained with God not to let Katherine die. Amber prayed and promised that she'd never again lie or cheat if God allowed Katherine to live.

When Katherine awoke, she insisted that she was fine. Amber, tearfully relieved, embraced Katherine and said that she'd phoned for paramedic assistance. Katherine, however, insisted that she didn't need anyone fussing over her, so she forced Amber to cancel the call for assistance. Amber, who worried that her fiasco had caused the attack, was relieved when Katherine swore that Amber was not to blame. Still concerned, however, Amber pressed Katherine to be evaluated at a hospital.

At first, Katherine refused to be examined, but after remaining a bit unsteady, she agreed to be examined at home. After the doctor's assessment, he explained that Katherine had most likely suffered a TIA or mini-stroke. The doctor told Katherine that she required medical tests to determine what had caused the TIA, because they often occurred as warning signs.

At Jabot, after the announcement debacle, Cane apologized to Jill for having allowed Amber to carry out her charade. Jill, however, remained shaken as she recalled Amber's previous stunts, which had hurt and embarrassed the family. Cane advised Jill to let go of her frustration, since Amber was no longer connected to their family. After Cane and Jill went home, however, they were not thrilled to see Amber seated on the sofa beside Katherine, who vehemently defended Amber when Cane and Jill berated her. However, Katherine remained mum about her attack before she and Amber secretly left for the hospital. After Katherine and Amber left, Jill expressed concern that her mother hadn't looked well.

Michael stopped by Heather's office. He informed Heather that the Genoa City Athletic Club waitress named Carol, who was the star witness against Victor, had admitted that someone had paid her to claim that she had seen Victor in the Athletic Club locker room on the night of Ji Min's murder. Heather was visibly shocked with Michael's news and explained that her witness had been interviewed three times.

Michael told Heather that the witness, who had little income and no healthcare insurance, had likely been desperate for the payoff money to cover her ill husband's medical care. Heather insisted that perhaps the witness had, instead, accepted the money to claim that her true eyewitness account was a lie. Heather maintained that her case wasn't dependent upon a single testimony. Therefore, the development was merely a setback. However, Michael assured Heather that he could shred every piece of her case's evidence in court.

Maggie also stopped by Heather's office. Maggie knocked down Heather's house of cards when she reported that police had caught her faulty key witness attempting to flee. As Maggie tried to console Heather, Dennis, the district attorney, suddenly burst in. Dennis berated Heather for not adding up numerous revealing clues that had indicated that the witness was unreliable.

Heather maintained that she could still build her case, but Dennis revealed that another witness, a valet named Sean, had granted the press an interview and accused the D.A.'s office of not being interested in the truth if it hurt their case. Heather was stunned when her boss suggested that the failed case could wreck her career. Flustered, Heather went into overdrive after her angry boss stormed out. Maggie, worried about Heather, phoned Paul and urged him to stop by Heather's office.

Heather was not at all pleased to see Paul when he arrived. When Heather expressed doubt about her ability to do her job, Paul praised his daughter and told her that she was good at what she did and insisted that she would solve the case. Heather seemed renewed by her father's encouraging remarks. However, the D.A. returned and explained that, in light of reasonable doubt, the case was closed and that all charges against Victor had been dropped. After hearing the devastating news, Heather lashed out at Paul. Sobbing, Heather blamed Paul for throwing her off-track when he revealed to her that he was her father. After she asked Paul to leave, Heather composed herself and phoned Michael to let him know that Victor would not be prosecuted.

After hearing the news about Victor's case from Heather, Michael stopped by Victor's to let him know that the charges had been dropped. As Michael offered a toast to Victor's freedom, Victor instead toasted to Jack's downfall. Michael, however, suggested that Victor use his newfound freedom to mend fences that he'd recently mowed down.

Nick and Summer enjoyed a happy homecoming with Phyllis after she returned from a business trip to Arizona. Phyllis asked Nick for an update on his family, but Nick desired to make up for lost time, so he made love to his wife on the sofa while Summer slept. Phyllis was stunned when Nick revealed that his parents had settled their divorce and that Nikki had lost her share of N.V.P. to Victor. After Nick admitted that his father had fired him, Phyllis suggested that Nick find a way to heal the rift with his father.

Nick remained adamant that he would never again trust his father as he had in the past. Since Nick was no longer with Newman Enterprises, Phyllis suggested that they embark on a project together. Nick agreed and said that it was time to get out from under his father's shadow.

In Victoria's room at the Newman estate, Nikki and J.T. cared for Reed, who remained fussy after his feeding. However, when J.T. placed the infant in bed next to his comatose mother, Reed stopped crying. J.T. affirmed that his son seemed to sense his mother's comforting presence. Nikki, marking the special moment, snapped a photo.

Victor was pleased when J.T. told him that he planned to stay at the estate with Reed, so the baby could bond with Victoria. Later, after Nikki and J.T. fed Reed and placed him into his crib near Victoria's bedside, they went downstairs to have dinner. After Nikki and J.T. left the room, Reed began to fuss and cry. As Reed cried, Victoria blinked her eyes and opened them briefly.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

As J.T. and Nikki rocked Reed to sleep, Victoria started to wake up. At first, Victoria was confused and panicked when she realized that she was not pregnant anymore. J.T. rushed over and took Reed to Victoria. J.T. ran downstairs and enthusiastically exclaimed that Victoria had awakened.

Victor went upstairs to see Victoria and held her in his arms. Victoria seemed very confused. Victor tried to comfort her and told her that her memories would return to her soon enough. Nikki happily called Nick and told him that Victoria had woken up. Nick rushed over, and they talked to the doctor about Victoria's condition. J.T. said that the doctor had said he wanted to take Victoria in for tests but that if Nick was calm, he could go see her.

When Nick went in to see Victoria, he gave her a big hug. The doctor gave Victoria some memory tests, and Victoria fumbled a bit. The doctor later explained to the Newmans that Victoria might need some help with her emotions. J.T. took the baby to Victoria then became scared when she fell asleep. He woke her, but when she opened her eyes, he apologized and lay down next to her.

Victor told Phyllis that he would still like her to work with him at NVP. Phyllis tried to talk to Victor about the situation with Nick. Victor said that if Nick wanted to talk to him about something, Nick needed to do it himself. When the family returned downstairs, Victor told Nikki and Nick that his murder charges had been dropped. He said that it seemed like Michael Baldwin had been even more willing to believe his innocence than his own family had.

Phyllis tried to stay supportive of both Victor and Nick. Phyllis told Nick that his motto should be to never give up on his family. Victor and Nikki discussed whether or not to tell Victoria about the divorce. They decided not to say anything for the time being.

Jack and Sharon tried to figure out a way to keep the estate from Gloria. The lawyer suggested trading over some of their assets or selling the estate to Gloria. Sharon considered making Gloria an offer that she couldn't refuse. When Jeffrey walked by, Sharon wondered if Jeffrey might be able to help them.

Sharon and Jack introduced themselves and tried to talk about making Jeffrey an offer. Gloria showed up just at the appropriate time and asked that Jack propose the offer to both of them. As Jack offered Gloria an enormous sum of money, Gloria still declined. Later, Sharon told Jack that something didn't feel right about Gloria and Jeffrey's relationship.

At the coffeehouse, Kevin and Gloria talked about Gloria's plans to move into the Abbott mansion. Gloria noticed that Jana was working at the coffeehouse again. When Gloria teased Kevin about Jana, Kevin got upset. He tried to change the subject by asking her if she'd had the chance to look at the book he had given her.

Gloria thought that Kevin should buy the poison online, using Jeffrey's credit card. When Jana asked Kevin what he and Gloria had been talking about, Kevin stayed quiet. Jana pried it out of him, anyway, and thought she might be able to help him.

Jeffrey told Gloria that it was time to consummate their relationship. Gloria said that she was insulted. He had already manipulated her out of her money and into marrying him. Jeffrey was disappointed but said that what was most important was for them to begin sharing bank accounts.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jill and Katherine were having their morning coffee at home. Jill said she was surprised Katherine wasn't rushing into the office. It didn't seem like Katherine -- Jill was sure Katherine would want to be at the Fresh Faces of Jabot photo shoot. Jill asked if Amber's antics could have something to do with Katherine's mood, but Katherine defended Amber, telling Jill that Amber was embarrassed and humiliated. Jill said that embarrassed and humiliated was not enough.

Answering the doorbell to admit Amber, Jill wondered "what the hell" Amber was doing there. Amber said she had left a scarf behind. Cane joined them and also seemed unpleasantly surprised to see Amber. Jill told Amber that she had banned her from Jabot, and if she could, she would ban her from the Chancellor Mansion. When Cane and Jill left for Jabot, Amber asked Katherine if she had heard anything about her test results. Katherine said she hadn't, and when she complained about the decaf that Jill was making her drink, Amber presented her with a latte from Crimson Lights.

Amber and Katherine had a long talk about Katherine's life. Amber said she thought that Katherine had always been strong and self-confident, but Katherine assured her that simply wasn't true. She said that self-confidence was something she needed to work on. When Amber opined that Katherine probably didn't regret anything she had done in her life, Katherine said she certainly would have lived her life differently. Katherine said she remembered a moment of self-loathing, long before, when she had stared in a mirror and realized that she was a full-fledged alcoholic.

Katherine started talking about the rage and frustration she had felt toward Jill for stealing Phillip from her and remembered the horrible night years before when, in a car with Phillip, she had pleaded with him for one more chance to work things out, and he had rejected the offer. She remembered accelerating towards a cliff. She told Amber that jealousy was counterproductive and that Katherine and Jill had spent much of their lives trying to make each other miserable, before Katherine had learned that Jill was her daughter. Amber compared that to the feelings she had towards Lily. Katherine reminded her that the situations were in no way alike -- that Lily had not stolen Cane from Amber, but that he had turned to Lily after he learned of Amber's lies.

Amber asked Katherine who Rex was, and Katherine remembered a tender moment she and Rex had shared. When she told Amber that she had lived a very long time, Amber said that Katherine had a lot more life left in her. Katherine told Amber that the lowest point of her life had been realizing she was an alcoholic, and Amber expressed amazement that Katherine had her alcoholism in check. She said Katherine was her new hero. Katherine advised Amber to stand up and realize Amber was worth fighting for. When Amber suggested that Katherine write a memoir entitled "Stronger," Katherine humorously suggested the title "Love Makes You Do Strange Things That Make No Sense."

Katherine's doctor showed up and told them that Katherine had suffered a minor stroke -- that it wasn't a matter of great concern, but it was important that she take care of herself. He gave Katherine some dietary guidelines and a list of dos and don'ts. The doctor implored Amber to help Katherine take care of herself.

After the doctor left, Amber started crying and thanked Katherine for being so good to her. Katherine said she realized Amber was a fighter, just like Katherine was. She told Amber that Amber had inspired her, and Katherine realized what she had to do.

Neil and Karen were having breakfast at Neil's apartment. Karen told him that she had used her key the night before to get into the apartment but wouldn't make a habit of it, to ensure that Lily wouldn't get upset. Neil assured her that Lily wouldn't. They shared an amusing moment when Neil found Karen's hairbrush in the silverware drawer. Looking at a picture of Drucilla, Neil expressed his concern that Lily wanted to follow in Dru's footsteps and become a model.

Neil said he had hoped that Lily would choose a white-collar profession and perhaps become an attorney or a doctor. Karen guessed that the reason Neil didn't want Lily to become a model was because he didn't want to lose Lily the way he had lost Dru. He told Karen that modeling was a lifestyle he didn't want Lily involved in because it had caused marital problems between him and Dru. He added that if Dru hadn't become a model, she might still be alive.

At Jabot, preparations were feverishly underway for the Fresh Faces of Jabot photo shoot. Lily -- with Devon there for moral support -- and the other two finalists discussed their schedule for the day as Jill and Cane showed up. They told the girls that they would be getting their hair styled, would have their makeup applied, and would choose their wardrobe for the photo shoot. Jill took the other two finalists for wardrobe measurements, leaving Cane with Lily and Devon. When Cane tried to calm Lily's jittery nerves, Devon looked on in disgust. After Lily's hair was done, to some mixed reviews, Devon received a phone call from Neil, who was interested in how everything was going. Devon implored Neil to head over, as it would mean a lot to Lily, but Neil still had his doubts.

Later, as Lily was picking out a dress for the shoot, Neil and Karen showed up. Neil told Lily how wonderful she looked. As Lily told Cane she thought Neil as there because Karen had forced him, Neil told Karen that Lily captured Dru's elegant style. When he told Karen that he wished he could keep Lily away from Cane, Colleen overheard and asked Neil to give Cane a chance.

Later, as the shoot ended, Neil hugged Lily and told her that if she wanted to model, he would be supportive. As the group congratulated Lily, Karen and Neil left. Back at Neil's, Karen told him that Dru would be proud of both him and Lily. Neil gingerly suggested that he wanted Karen to start singing at the club. He said she needed someone to help her get over her stage fright, and as he said he felt he was just the right person to do it, they began kissing.

Arriving back home, Jill was upset to see that Amber was still there. Amber prepared to make a quick exit, and as she left, Katherine implored her not to tell anyone about her medical problem. Amber promised, and she left. When Jill said that Amber had ruined what had otherwise been a great day, Katherine said that she was going to be stepping down at Chancellor Industries and wanted Jill to take over.

When a shocked Jill pushed Katherine for an answer as to why Katherine had picked that moment, Katherine said she was entering a new phase of her life. Jill was concerned that Katherine was ill, but Katherine assured Jill she wasn't. Katherine said she was thinking about the time she had left -- and that she wanted to write a memoir. Jill was shocked and very concerned about how she and Phillip would be portrayed -- that Genoa City would be scandalized. Katherine said that perhaps a scandal was what Genoa City needed.

At the Athletic Club, Cane and Lily were celebrating the successful photo shoot and began kissing just as Amber entered. When Amber started to become upset, she told herself not to -- to remember the advice Katherine had given her.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Gloria showed Kevin the poison they had ordered over the Internet. Kevin wanted to make sure that Jeffrey wouldn't check the credit card bills. Gloria said not to worry about it. Jeffrey interrupted them and asked Gloria if she would like to go to lunch with him. Gloria said that she was too busy. Jeffrey mentioned that if they were planning to kill him, he would prefer pills and a glass of wine. Gloria said that they were not planning anything. When Jeffrey left, Gloria worried that he might be onto them.

At the coffeehouse, Jeffrey told Kevin that he knew Kevin had been hacking into his computer and cell phone. He told Kevin that he was way out of his league, and that he'd better quit before he put Gloria in jail. Jeffrey headed back to see Gloria, inquiring why they hadn't moved into the Abbott mansion yet. Gloria said that they would in time. Jeffrey offered to take Gloria for a ride in his new car. Irritated, Gloria told him again that she was busy working.

Jill stopped in and asked Gloria how her marriage was going. Jill told Gloria not to take it the wrong way, but Gloria looked a little less than radiant. Jill said that she was having a hard time keeping up with Gloria's marriages. Gloria said that she hadn't caught up to Jill yet. When Gloria saw Jill going through a lot of paperwork, she found out that Katherine was retiring. Gloria told Jill that she would be the perfect person to run Jabot. Gloria went to see Katherine to talk to her about it, but Katherine said that she already had someone else in mind.

Katherine told Cane that she was stepping down from Chancellor Industries and that Jill would replace her. Once Katherine assured Cane that she was okay, he and Jill inquired who Katherine was thinking of having run Jabot. Katherine said that when she decided on someone, she would speak to them personally. When Jill headed off to work, Katherine told Cane that she needed to talk to him about something important. Cane assumed that Katherine wanted to talk to him about Amber.

Katherine tried to make Cane understand Amber's position. Cane had a hard time sympathizing with Amber. Katherine told Cane that he had to tell Amber that he didn't care for her romantically. She said when Cane tried to simply be polite to Amber, she might take it as a possible chance for them to get together. Cane gave Amber a call and asked to talk to her.

When Cane and Amber met, Amber couldn't stop apologizing for her actions. Cane told her that he was glad to hear her talk that way, but he needed her to understand that he was not going to be a part of her life. He told her that she deserved to be loved, but it wouldn't be with him. Cane told Amber that he was rooting for her in her new life, and they hugged.

Meanwhile, Neil watched Amber and Cane suspiciously. Neil went up to Cane and said that Cane could play the field if he wanted, but he was not going to do it when he was with Neil's daughter. Cane told Neil that Neil was completely wrong. Neil said that if Cane ever did anything to hurt Neil's daughter, Neil was not going to be a "happy daddy."

Victoria worried about the things she was having problems remembering. She was heartbroken that she had missed the birth of her son. J.T. told her that Reed had pulled through against the odds to be with his mother. When Reed started crying, J.T. took him over to Victoria. J.T. said that they were going to be a very happy family. Victoria said that at least some people would be happy. She remembered that her parents had been having problems before the accident.

As Nikki and Victor went through their divorce papers, Nikki couldn't believe that after everything they had been through, it had all ended up as simple papers. Victor said that Nikki should be happy because she still had her money. They argued about whether or not to tell Victoria about the dissolution of their marriage. Neil stopped by and said that Katherine, Nikki, and Jack had won the first round in the Clear Springs case against Victor. When Victor and Nikki began arguing about the case, they stopped abruptly when J.T. carried Victoria downstairs.

Victoria told her parents not to pretend in front of her. She asked what was going on with their marriage. Nikki and Victor tried to explain to Victoria what had happened between them. Victoria said that she had been gone for three months, and she needed to find out what she had missed after all that time. Nikki admitted that they had decided to divorce. Victoria said that she understood how difficult it was to stay in a marriage when the people were no longer in love.

When Victoria and Nikki were alone, Nikki explained that David and she would start a business together. Nikki told Victoria that she was going to marry David. Victoria said that she was happy for her mother. Brad stopped by to see Victoria. Victoria told Brad that she knew how badly he had wanted the baby to be his.

Brad said that he was just happy that Victoria and the baby were all right. When Victoria mentioned that she knew about her parents divorcing, Brad blurted out that he hoped to take over Nick's position at Newman. Victoria was shocked to hear that Nick wasn't working at Newman. Victoria turned to Victor and asked how he could have fired Nick.

Victor told J.T. that it would be hard to raise a family on a P.I.'s salary. Victor gave J.T. the offer to become the head of security at Newman. J.T. went to tell Nikki and Victoria that he had decided to accept Victor's offer. Katherine called Nikki and told her that the job at Jabot was hers if she wanted it.

Friday, February 1, 2008

J.T. was with Victoria, watching her sleep. She awoke and expressed how happy she was to have a son and J.T. to call family. She told J.T. that she wanted to get married right away. She reminded him that she had promised to marry him before her son was born, and she didn't want to wait, since she was out of her coma -- she wanted a wedding in the Newman house as soon as the arrangements could be made, maybe in a couple of days.

J.T. got down on one knee and officially proposed to Victoria. She said yes. Then J.T. got up, got something from a coat pocket, and returned to his kneeling position. He told her that her first ring had been lost in the rubble of the explosion, but he had gotten her another one. He opened the ring case and showed her the ring then took it out and slipped it onto her finger. Katherine and Amber went to the Newman ranch to see Victoria but also to talk with Nikki. Katherine asked if Nikki had made a decision about running Jabot Cosmetics. Nikki said yes; she would accept the offer. Katherine asked for one favor -- input about whom Nikki hired to be a part of her team. Katherine strongly recommended hiring Amber as Nikki's personal assistant.

Nikki asked Amber if she'd had any experience in that type of work and also if she had interest in what Jabot represented. Amber became very excited at first and began to sell herself to Nikki. However, Amber stopped, gave a sad look, and said she couldn't. She explained that it would be too difficult for her to work around Cane. Katherine said that Amber had to learn how to control her emotions and work in a professional way. Amber said that in that particular case, Cane was like a drug to her and that it was best if she just stayed away.

Katherine went upstairs to see Victoria. Victoria and J.T. informed Katherine and Nikki that they planned to marry in a few days. Katherine and Nikki began to ask many questions about planning the details, but J.T. said he'd take care of all of it. Soon after, Victor entered and was also told about the wedding plans. Katherine excused herself so the family could further discuss the plans. Nikki escorted Katherine to the door.

Later, Victor went downstairs and saw that Nikki was still there. She said there was something that she wanted to speak to him about. He was curt with her, telling her to get to the point. She informed him that Katherine had retired and that Katherine had offered to let Nikki run the company; Nikki had accepted. Victor replied that she'd be Katherine and Jill's puppet. Nikki again stated that Katherine had retired. Victor said that he'd been down that road before and indicated that he knew Nikki would still be working under Kay and Jill. Nikki became frustrated with his argumentative tone and went back upstairs to say goodbye to Victoria.

J.T. and Victoria had just talked about Victoria not having a wedding dress. When Nikki entered again, Victoria asked if she could use Nikki's wedding dress, the one Nikki had used in her last wedding to Victor. Nikki said that she would get it out of storage. She left and then returned with the dress. Victoria said it was beautiful, and she tried it on.

Nikki flashed back to wearing the dress and Victor carrying her over a threshold. Nikki returned to reality with tears in her eyes and saw Victoria in the dress. With only a few minor alterations, the dress would fit Victoria perfectly, so Victoria had the dress she would wear on her wedding day. Later, Victor walked in and saw Victoria in the wedding dress, and they shared some tender father/daughter time.

J.T. served Victoria some lunch and found her holding the baby and dozing. She said that trying on the wedding dress seemed to have taken a little too much out of her. She was weak when she tried to sit up, and she worried that she wouldn't have the strength to stand for the wedding. J.T. lovingly told her that she would have him to lean on.

Phyllis returned home from shopping and found Nick very casually dressed and watching television while snacking. She dropped a few hints that maybe he should get dressed, but they seemed to fall on deaf ears. Nick said that he was enjoying not punching the clock every day. Phyllis asked him to think about something he had always wanted to do but had never done. She asked questions that led them both to discover that Nick enjoyed the creative side of a business and not the paperwork side. With that, they agreed they could begin to explore options and possibilities.

Jack and Sharon had just finished a workout together and were having breakfast at the Athletic Club. Jack commented on how being so leisurely about his daily schedule felt odd to him, as he was accustomed to being dressed in a suit and running off to work at that time. Sharon assured him that he'd find something that interested him before too long. He told her that he needed something that would get his creative juices flowing again. Sharon informed him that she had invited Nick and Phyllis over for dinner in the evening. Jack said that he would enjoy the one last evening with friends before Gloria moved into the house the next day.

Jack went to the coffeehouse to pick up chocolate cake for the dinner. Amber arrived soon after, with an armful of things that began to fall out of her hands. Jack helped her by picking up something that she had dropped. He saw that they were fashion drawings and asked whose drawings they were. Amber told him they were her drawings. Jack looked at each and told Amber that he liked them.

Jack returned home with the cake. He asked Sharon what she thought of the fashion industry. Sharon replied that it was the best invention since fire then asked why he was asking. Jack responded that he had a notion in his head that wasn't quite a full idea yet. Later, Nick and Phyllis arrived.

Jack, Sharon, Phyllis, and Nick all raised their glasses as Nick offered a toast -- to crossroads, since they all seemed to be at one. As they socialized before dinner, they discussed business ideas. Jack mentioned that he had seen some drawings earlier that had caught his attention, and the conversation grew into more business ideas. It became clear that they seemed to all be on the same page, and Sharon suggested that maybe they all should work together to get something started.

Victor entered the dining room at the Athletic Club and saw Jack and Sharon. Jack made a snide comment about how Victor had gotten lucky "this time" to be out of jail. Victor replied that it was a matter of time before Jack went to jail for trying to pin a crime on Victor. He added that Jack had paid people to say that Victor had been at the scene of the crime. Sharon was surprised to hear that and reacted.

Jack spoke to Sharon and told her that Victor would say anything. He then told Victor that he hadn't been accused of anything. Jack asked if Victor had proof. They both made antagonizing comments about how each had alienated everyone in their lives. Victor left to find his own table.

Brad entered the club and found Victor seated alone at a table. Victor was curt with Brad, saying he didn't have much time. Brad got right to the point and said that Victor knew what Brad had accomplished at Newman Enterprises and knew what Brad's abilities were. Victor interpreted what Brad was saying -- that Brad wanted Nick's job. Victor said that he didn't trust Brad and that Brad would never get the position. Victor cut the meeting short and left.

After Nikki left from her visit with Victoria, she saw Brad at the Athletic Club while she waited to meet David. She told him it was no secret that Brad wasn't happy at Newman Enterprises and suggested that maybe they should discuss business. She explained that she would be running Jabot and that she was building her own team, and maybe there was something there for him. Brad appeared interested.

Katherine arrived at the coffee shop to see Amber. She saw Amber's drawings. Amber thought she needed to let go of her past ideas, so she threw her drawings in the trash. Katherine advised Amber that she should never throw away her past because "it comes back to haunt you." Amber quipped that she was about ready to hire an exorcist to get rid of her past. Katherine offered Amber hope by saying that Amber had inspired her to think about her life and move on. Katherine explained that Amber's inspiration was why Katherine had retired and why she would write her book. Katherine directed Amber to get the drawings out of the trash, and Amber did. Katherine advised Amber, "Never give up on your dreams because without them, we're nothing."

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