Passions Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on PS

Kay, Miguel, Paloma, and Noah planned a double wedding. Pretty manipulated the device in Fancy's brain to get between Noah and Paloma, and Luis worried about Fancy. Theresa and Pilar escaped from Juanita, but remained in danger. Viki thought she had stabbed Ethan through the curtains, but stabbed Rebecca.
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Passions Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on PS
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Monday, January 28, 2008

Kay and the gang were finally compromising on having a double wedding. Upstairs in Maria's room, Tabitha was very close to Miguel's letter that Endora had hidden in the doll, and she suspected that something was amiss with Endora's behavior. She asked Endora if she was lying to her mommy. Tabitha picked up the doll and noticed that the head was loose but did not sense the letter inside. Endora remained quiet.

Tabitha concluded that one of Endora's friends had broken the doll and tried to fix it. Endora lied to Tabitha by agreeing with her. Tabitha went downstairs to keep an eye on Kay and the gang. She wished them well on their wedding plans and told them that she hoped they had beaten the odds. The date that had been set for the wedding was off because the church was booked up, so Tabitha offered to use magic. Miguel told her that she was not to use magic.

Soon after that, Noah and Paloma saw a bat flying over their heads and wondered what was going on. Miguel reminded Tabitha about not practicing magic, but it was not her that time. It was Endora. Kay and Tabitha pretended that it was a remote-controlled toy and asked Endora to use a remote and pretend to make it stop. She did, and everything went back to normal again for the time being.

Paloma suggested postponing the wedding for a year or calling it off altogether. Endora used magic and caused the phone to ring, and Kay got a message telling her that the church finally had an opening. Miguel asked Kay if she and Tabitha had anything to do with it, and they both denied it, but Miguel refused to believe them. Kay volunteered to take a test, and Tabitha agreed because she had nothing to hide, but Endora didn't want to take the test because she did have something to hide. Tabitha stated that she would not use the device on Endora, so she was off the hook for the test.

Juanita told Theresa that after killing Theresa and Pilar, she was going to use her cell phone to destroy the rest of Theresa's family. Immediately, Theresa reached for her cell phone, threw it to the ground, and stomped on it, rendering it useless. Juanita threatened to kill her right then and there but changed her mind since she was waiting for Pilar to send Theresa to hell. In addition, Juanita made it known that she would not drop her vendetta against Pilar's family until each and every one of them was dead. Theresa told Juanita to think of Jesus, and that angered her even more.

Immediately after, Pilar walked in the room, demanding that Juanita leave Theresa alone. Juanita held the gun to Pilar's throat and blamed Pilar for the loss of her family. Pilar told Juanita to do as she had promised and let Theresa go, but Juanita said that she had no intentions of letting Theresa go and intended to kill every single member of Pilar's family. Juanita then proceeded to hold the gun to Theresa's head.

Pilar begged Juanita, but it was all in vain. Juanita lowered the gun, and Pilar thanked her, but Juanita was just warming up. She picked up a knife instead and told Pilar that Theresa deserved to die slowly, so she held the knife to Theresa's throat and told Pilar to watch while Juanita killed Theresa.

Pilar begged Juanita to let Theresa go, but Juanita ignored her. Pilar told Juanita that she had no idea what her late husband was like, so Juanita threw Theresa aside to argue with Pilar in defense of her late husband. She admitted that she had realized what Carlos had been up to, but she claimed that it had been honorable. Pilar said that what he had been doing had been murdering people.

Juanita held her head and told Pilar that she could not take it anymore, so she turned on the alarm and locked them in the room, giving them one more day of life. She warned them about the security system so they could not escape. Pilar told Theresa that she had left an urgent fax at the hotel front desk. The fax was a letter that detailed what had been going on, and Luis would receive it and send the FBI to rescue them. Theresa was excited that they were going to be rescued, but the wind had blown the letter off the counter and straight into the garbage.

Back in Harmony, Luis questioned Paloma about Theresa's whereabouts, but Paloma didn't know.

Fancy reflected back on what had happened at the cottage and wondered what was wrong with her. Meanwhile, Pretty was standing behind a shelf, with the device in her hand, stating that Fancy was under her control. Luis saw Pretty and questioned why she was spying on Fancy. She denied it at first and then admitted that she was keeping an eye on Fancy for her own safety. Luis admired that and told Pretty that she was very caring.

Pretty told herself that Luis would give up Fancy for her "any day now." In addition, she told Luis that Fancy was deranged and was accustomed to having those outbursts. Luis defended Fancy and decided to go talk with her in order to work things out. Luis sat down and started talking to Fancy, and the conversation was normal until Pretty activated the device and used it on Fancy. Fancy had a few twitches and then proceeded to tell Luis off regarding him and Sheridan.

Pretty seemed to be having a field day after witnessing Fancy going off on Luis. She went to Fancy's rescue, and Fancy called her the "elephant woman," who reminded her of watching the movie Night of The Living Dead. Pretty pretended to be hurt and ran off. Luis questioned why Fancy would treat Pretty that way and told her that he didn't know who she was anymore. Fancy told him to stay away from her and stormed out.

Pretty tried to gain sympathy from Luis by acting pitiful; Luis rubbed her back, but it was without emotional attachment. Pretty pretended to go after Fancy to help her, and Luis was grateful for her help and support. She told Luis that all she wanted was what was best for him, and she stated to herself that she was best for Luis.

Fancy ended up on the wharf, complaining about a terrible headache. Noah stopped by, and she told him about the headache. Pretty watched in the dark and decided to use another frequency on the device. This time, Fancy seduced Noah and kissed him even though he didn't want to. Pretty decided to call Luis in order for him to see the type of person Fancy was.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Both Paloma and Luis thought that a few people were acting out of character, so it was very unlikely that Theresa had a new man. Luis used Fancy as an example of someone who was behaving out of character in that one minute she was calm, and in the next minute, she was irrational. Paloma suggested to Luis that Fancy might have a brain tumor, and that would explain her mood swings. Since Fancy wouldn't talk to Luis, he didn't know how to talk her into getting a brain scan.

Down on the wharf, Pretty continued to control the device in Fancy's brain, and Fancy was trying her best to seduce Noah, but Noah told her that he was engaged to be married to Paloma and could not behave in such a manner. Noah questioned Fancy's behavior, and Fancy wanted to know why Noah was such a prude. Pretty thought that she deserved to be with Luis, so she turned up the device in hopes that Fancy would become a total sleaze. Fancy was ravenous and could not keep her hands off Noah. Noah forcefully told her to stop because it was not like her and that she was in love with Luis and he was in love with Paloma. Pretty called Luis and pointed him in the direction of the wharf because she wanted him to see Fancy kissing Noah.

Paloma and Luis saw Fancy kissing Noah passionately while Pretty was in the dark, smiling. Paloma told Noah that she could not believe what she was seeing, and Noah told her that he could explain. Paloma told him that it wouldn't work "this time" and that she would never forgive him. She ran off with Noah pursuing her. Luis asked Fancy to explain herself, but she didn't have an answer.

Meanwhile, Pretty tried to change the frequency of the device, but the knob fell out. She recovered it and turned the dial to "sleaze." Fancy then started to kiss Luis passionately as if nothing else had happened. Luis was shocked at Fancy's behavior. Pretty changed the frequency, and this time, Fancy was angry at Luis. She lashed out at him then walked away. Noah caught up with Paloma and tried to explain things to her, but she didn't want to believe him and told him that she never wanted to see him again.

Despite getting Theresa out of the way so that she could have Ethan, Gwen was curious to know Theresa's whereabouts. Rebecca wondered if Theresa had gone to Mexico and spilled her guts, however, Gwen didn't think that Theresa was dumb enough to risk death for Ethan. Rebecca told Gwen not to worry about Theresa because Gwen had won Ethan. Gwen told Rebecca that she was glad that the threat to Pilar had worked and that she had never had to follow through with it, since that would have put her family in danger.

Esme had her eyes set on Ethan because she thought that Theresa had run off with another man. That didn't sit well with Viki because she did not want anyone taking Esme away from her. She had killed all of Esme's previous men, so she would not hesitate to kill Ethan. Viki imagined Esme being married to Ethan, and she pictured Ethan sending her off to boarding school. She told herself that she would kill Ethan first before he got the opportunity to marry Esme.

Meanwhile, Ethan was on the phone, trying to track down Theresa. He could not seem to find Theresa, so he focused on getting the adoption papers together for Esme adopting Viki. Esme tried to twist Ethan's arms into asking her out while an angry Viki looked on with a knife tucked inside her robe. Rebecca told Gwen that Esme was after Ethan, but Gwen didn't want to believe the worst about Ethan.

Gwen and Rebecca walked into the living room to inquire what Ethan and Esme were doing, and Rebecca pointed out to Gwen that there was something strange about Viki. Ethan left the living room but has to go back for some papers. He was unaware that Viki was lurking in the shadows, waiting to kill him. Viki stabbed Ethan through the curtains and walked off.

Back in Mexico, while Pilar slept, Theresa apologized to her about going to Mexico against her will. She then started singing a song in remembrance of Ethan. While singing, she reflected back on the good times she had had with Ethan. Returning to Juanita's home caused Pilar to remember clearly what Carlos had done to her years before. Theresa asked Pilar why she had kept such a horrible secret without telling anyone about it, and Pilar told her that Ivy and Father Lonigan knew.

Theresa started to cry and stated that if Juanita killed them, she would never get to tell Ethan the truth about Little Ethan and that she had done it out of love. Theresa realized that being in Mexico gave Gwen exactly what she wanted. Pilar thought that Luis should have gotten the fax already, but the wind had blown it in the garbage, so no one had gotten a chance to send it.

Theresa wanted to try to break the code so that they could get out, and Pilar seemed to think that the code would be the anniversary date of Carlos' death. Pilar tried entering the code, and it worked. She and Theresa made a run for it and hoped that Juanita wouldn't catch up with them.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Theresa and Pilar had escaped Juanita's compound and run for their lives. Juanita was furious, demanding her goons find the women right away, dead or alive, as the two found their way to the wharf, looking for some way to escape. Meanwhile, Ethan got a mysterious call from Mexico, telling him that Theresa and Pilar were there and in grave danger.

Gwen and Rebecca were shocked to learn Theresa was in Mexico and tried to stop Ethan from going to rescue them, fearing he would learn their secret -- that they had been blackmailing Theresa and Pilar.

It looked like Viki had stabbed Ethan, but it turned out she had actually given Rebecca a minor wound. Viki raced upstairs, vowing to take care of Ethan as soon as she got her chance. Julian, Sam, and Ethan searched the mansion for the attacker and found a trail of blood leading right to Viki's bedroom.

Tabitha relieved her stress with a chocolate binge as Miguel continued his magic ban. Noah pleaded his innocence to a disbelieving Luis and Paloma -- nothing was going on between him and Fancy.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Passions no longer airs on Thursdays. The show airs Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00.p.m.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Passions no longer airs on Fridays. The show airs Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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