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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 21, 2008 on GH
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Monday, January 21, 2008

Sonny proposed to Kate in the spot where they were supposed to have met and run away together as teenagers. He made a heartfelt plea to her and told her that she had his heart. Kate told Sonny that he had hers, as well. Sonny pressed Kate to marry him, but she said that it was not that simple. She had tears in her eyes when Sonny told her that if she could not say, "Yes," then she should not bother saying, "No." Kate heaved a huge sigh and ran away.

A dejected Sonny looked at the fortuneteller's card, which read, "You will stand alone." He crumpled the card and put it in his pocket. He tossed the ring box on the ground as he walked away. Kate was bereft when she returned, found Sonny gone, and saw the ring box on the ground. Sonny went to the movie house. He remembered a heartfelt conversation between himself and Kate when she had been Connie Falconeri.

Sonny called one of his subordinates and ordered him to make an offer that could not be refused. He bought Fortunato's and the movie house and told Moose to purchase the place in Florida that he had always wanted. When Moose asked a heartbroken Sonny if he would redecorate, Sonny said, "Yes. Something like that." When everyone was gone, Sonny used the fortuneteller's card to light a fire that would torch both places. A sad, hurt Sonny walked outside, picked up the box, replaced the ring, then threw it as far as he could before walking away without looking back.

Jerry, "Mr. Moreau," had another conversation with the tattooed man whose face was hidden. The tattooed man was not happy to hear that there were "complications" with the shipment. He warned Jerry that he might "forget" that they had a prior relationship if anything interfered with the shipment heading into Port Charles.

Logan and Lulu were tied up and on the Zacchara ship that was transporting Moreau's goods. Spinelli had followed them, but he left to find Jason. Before Jason could look in on Liz, Max found him and told him that a Zacchara ship was using their shipping lanes. Jason instructed Max to take out the Zacchara ship.

Spinelli showed up and let Jason know that Lulu was on the ship. Jason stopped Max from taking action. Meanwhile, a wounded Johnny, unaware that Logan and Lulu were aboard, sneaked into the boiler room to sabotage the ship. A man with a gun stopped Johnny before he could light the fuse on the bomb he had.

Logan was mad at himself for listening to Spinelli and Johnny instead of going to the police. Lulu told him that Spinelli and Johnny knew what they were doing. Logan told her it was all Johnny's fault that she had been kidnapped. She knew everything, she told him. Johnny had told her when she had met him in the tunnels. Logan was jealous and insulted Johnny's father.

Lulu reminded Logan of Scott's colorful past, but Logan insisted that Scott was not crazy like Anthony Zacchara. When he noticed that she was constantly looking at the door, he wondered out loud if she was expecting Johnny to rescue her. She did not admit it, nor did she share the flashback of a passionate kiss between herself and Johnny. Logan managed to free himself, and as he was about to untie Lulu, Moreau's men rushed in. Logan struggled as one of them ordered another to shoot Lulu.

Before Logan could take action, Johnny, Jason, and Spinelli arrived and subdued Moreau's troops. Logan, Lulu, Spinelli, and Jason left the ship. Johnny stayed behind to light the fuse that had been set in the boiler room. After the fuse was lit and before Johnny could escape, a Moreau man attacked Johnny. On the docks, Jason, Lulu, Spinelli, and Logan saw and heard the boat explode.

Kelly told Robin that she was pregnant. Robin was shocked. She insisted that she had not had unprotected sex and then remembered the broken condom on the night of Georgie's funeral when she had slept with Patrick.

Patrick told Nikolas that his tumor might be causing hallucinations and shared information on cases where persons in similar circumstances had smelled and felt loved ones who had not been there. Nikolas denied that he was having hallucinations but asked to be alone. As soon as Patrick was gone, Nikolas told Emily what he had learned. A tearful Emily said that she needed to go, but Nikolas wanted her to stay. He vowed that he would get her back if she went away. He would rather have the tumor and die than lose Emily.

Emily wanted Nikolas to live. She asked him to close his eyes and kissed him. When he opened his eyes, she was gone. A depressed Nikolas went looking for Emily. He thought he saw her at the nurse's station, but it was someone else. He returned to his room, saddened, but found a soulful Emily sitting on his bed.

In the doctor's lounge, Robin overheard Leo and Patrick talking. Patrick admitted that he was interested in Leyla because she had shown an interest in him. There was no future with Robin, he told Leo, because she wanted children and he did not. A shaken Robin did not give him the news about her pregnancy and later insisted to Kelly that they keep the pregnancy a secret from everyone for the time being. When Robin saw Patrick again, she wanted to tell him, but she did not. After he left the lounge, a tearful Robin lay down on a bench and hugged herself.

Dr. Leo told Liz that she would not be released from the hospital because he was afraid that she would rip out the stitches in her leg. Lucky took Jake, who could be released, to see her. They had a happy conversation, and she asked him to watch the boys while she recovered in the hospital. He quickly agreed. Jason saw them together and did not interrupt.

A happy Lucky took Jake away. Although Jason saw them, Lucky did not see Jason. Jason went to Liz's room, but Leo was about to go in, so Jason turned away. When her door opened, Liz hoped it was Jason but was disappointed when Leo walked in.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Coop overheard as Mac and Detective Harper talked about the DNA results from Georgie's murder, which were due back soon. They still suspected that the results would reveal Johnny's DNA. The mayor walked in and asked what they were doing to put Joe behind bars. Mac mentioned that Ric was nowhere to be found. Scott thought it was his opportunity to take Ric's place, but Alexis stepped in and said that she would take Ric's place while he was temporarily out on vacation.

Maxie stopped by the station and wanted to talk to Mac about Georgie's case. They went into the interrogation room to talk. While they were busy, the DNA results were delivered. Coop took them from the man and offered to deliver them to Mac. Trevor arrived to talk to Alexis. She told him she didn't have time, but he said that he was looking for his son after the explosion on the pier.

Once Trevor left, Alexis gave Scott some busy work. After she left, Scott told Logan that when he found something that he wanted to do, Scott would help him get a job. He needed to impress Lulu. Scott left, and Logan noticed the file folder on the desk with the DNA results from Georgie's murder.

Mac went to talk to Felicia about the case. She told him that she had been going over the list of suspects. He told her he didn't want her to do it. She tried to explain that she had to do it for her daughters. Max said that Felicia hadn't just left the girls. She had left him, too. When the girls had needed someone, he had been there. He had gotten a lot wrong, but at least he had been there for them. He added that he wanted to be the one to find Georgie's killer.

Felicia said that she could help. Mac said there was a time he would have welcomed that, but no longer. She cried as he left. Mac went out to retrieve the DNA results. He told Scott that he had run the test through the whole system. He opened the file folder, and it was empty. His daughter's killer had been in the station and had stolen the results.

A woman stepped out of a house and started to lock up, and she spotted Ric. She asked him if she could help him. He told her that he had lived there. The house had been in his family for generations. She said she didn't live there, but she checked on it for the owners. She thought it was a beautiful house. The owners only used it for holidays. She thought it was sad inside, and he agreed.

The woman started to say something but changed her mind. She said that everyone always told her that she talked too much. He convinced her to go ahead and tell him what she had been thinking, and she told him that it looked like the house wasn't the only thing that was sad on the inside. She told him that she had forgotten something inside and went back in.

Meanwhile, Trevor left a message for Ric and asked Ric to reconsider giving him the piers. When he hung up, Trevor's men told him there was no sign of Johnny. They knew that Jason was the man in the way of Moreau. They aimed to find Jason's weak spot.

At the hospital, Lulu asked Leyla if anyone had been taken into the ER the night before. Leyla replied that no one had been taken in. Tracy walked over and told Lulu that her father had escaped. They both couldn't believe that Luke had pulled another stunt so soon. Tracy asked Lulu how her visit with her mother had been, and Lulu said it had been fine. Tracy said that she knew Lulu was lying.

Logan approached and told Tracy that Lulu was staying with him. Tracy bought the story and told Lulu that she needed to start going home. After Tracy left, Logan asked if Lulu was at the hospital, trying to find out if Johnny was there. Lulu agreed to leave Johnny up to Jason and to do what he said. Logan doubted that Lulu could do that.

Dr. Julian arrived to check on Liz, who admitted that she was having nightmares and was not sleeping. She asked for things to draw with, and then she asked what the date was. Carly walked in and said that Liz knew darn well what the day was. Carly said Liz knew that it was Jason's birthday, and Liz should give Jason the gift of spending his birthday with his son.

Carly was going to do her best to convince Jason to go for custody of Jake. The fire had proved that Liz wasn't keeping Jake safe and was an unfit mother. Liz was shocked that Carly was being so hateful. They continued to argue until Jax walked in. He praised Liz for her bravery in rescuing Jake. He told her that her kids were in good hands, and they should all do everything possible to make sure things stayed that way. Carly relented to the pressure, and she and Jax left to plan Jason's birthday party.

Sam stopped by Lucky's to talk to him. He told her that he had his hands full. He appeared with Jake, who had just woken up. Lucky told her he had been driving Jake around to get him to sleep. It was something that Laura had done for Lulu.

Sam told Lucky that she had missed him. They talked about Joe and Nikolas and how they were both good people that had lashed out in a time of desperation. Sam compared herself to them. She apologized for telling Carly about Jake, but she had felt very hurt and had lost perspective when she thought about Jason and Liz. He asked her if it was out of her system, and she said that would be nice.

Sam turned to leave, and Lucky stopped her. He told her that if she didn't mind ravioli and canned peas, he would like to have a late dinner with her. She smiled and agreed.

Lucky took Jake to see Liz at the hospital. She was thrilled to see her little boy. Cameron was with a neighbor. Liz asked how Jake was sleeping, and Lucky told her how he'd been using Laura's old trick to get Jake to sleep.

On the docks, Trevor and his men surrounded Jason with guns drawn. Trevor told Jason he had five seconds to reveal where Johnny was. Jason said he didn't know where Johnny was. Max walked onto the scene with his own gun drawn, and Trevor's men put their guns down. Trevor told Jason that if Johnny had been harmed, it would be Jason's fault. Jason said that Trevor had pushed him into that life, so if anyone was to blame, it was Trevor.

When Trevor left, Jason told Max and Milo to search for Johnny. Max mentioned that it might not be a bad thing for Johnny to never show back up. Jason said that Johnny might not be the bad guy that he and Sonny thought he was. He was just a kid trying to outrun his father's reputation.

Jason left a message for Sonny and kept him up to date with what was going on with the Zacchara family. He hung up, and Lulu approached him. They argued about Johnny, and Jason told her to stay away from Johnny if she wanted to help him. He told her that he had Max and Milo looking for Johnny. It was all that he could do.

A woman answered the door that Jerry stood outside. She welcomed him in, and he met with his old friend. The man was disappointed in the failure of the most recent shipment. He had let a band of "Hardy boys" ruin everything, and their shipment was at the bottom of the harbor. Jerry said that he had done damage control.

The man wanted Jerry to concentrate on getting the piers for him. It was too dangerous to deal with the Corinthos family and the Zacchara family. Jerry questioned his desire for the piers for himself. He asked if the man meant for both of them. The man agreed and called Jerry an old friend again.

Lulu entered a building with crates that had Alcazar's name on them. She found Johnny and got him to wake up. He was badly injured, but he refused to see a doctor. He didn't want Jason or Trevor to know where he was, either. She left to get medical help.

Lulu returned to the hospital and paid a visit to Liz. She said that she needed a favor. It was personal, and Liz couldn't ask any questions. A person was hurt, but they couldn't see a doctor. Liz knew right away and told Lulu to get some antibiotics from the supply closet in the emergency room. Lulu found the drugs and returned to show Liz what she was taking.

Unknowingly, Lulu just barely missed Monica slipping into the supply closet to sneak a drink and refill her water bottle with alcohol. Liz asked Lulu to do her a favor. It was also personal and required that Lulu ask no questions. Lulu agreed. Lulu met up with Jason, handed him the picture of Jake that Liz had drawn, and wished him a happy birthday. Lulu returned to the warehouse, but she couldn't find Johnny.

Jax and Carly went home and talked to the boys. Carly wanted Michael to help Morgan wrap Jason's birthday present. Michael thought Morgan was a baby, and he told Carly that Jason really wasn't into parties, anyway. He went upstairs, and Carly wondered aloud what was wrong with him. Jax thought he was just growing up, which was something his mother should consider doing.

Carly asked how long Jax had been saving up that comment. He told her that she needed to quit meddling in Jason's business. Jake wasn't her child. She had no right attacking Jake's mother, especially in the hospital. Jason walked in and agreed. He was upset that Carly had told yet another person about Jake's paternity. He told her to leave Liz and Jake alone. That was all he wanted for his birthday.

Carly told Jason that a new leather jacket would be more practical, and Jax said it would also be more long-lasting. Jax walked over and wished Jason a happy birthday. He had to leave to check on a hotel in Hawaii. He kissed Carly goodbye and told her to keep an eye on Michael because he seemed to be going through a phase.

After Jax left, Jason wanted to know why Carly was doing "this." There had to be a reason. He suggested that since she couldn't give Jax a baby, maybe she was trying to get Jason's baby for him. He knew that Carly wasn't going to stop. The boys arrived downstairs and wished Jason a happy birthday. He opened his gifts while Carly put candles on the cake.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lulu followed Johnny's blood trail to Luke's old boat, the Haunted Star. Johnny was feverish and barely conscious. He urged her to leave, but she told to him that she was not very good at taking orders. She gave him antibiotics and bandaged his leg wound. He told her that he could have killed her if he had succeeded in blowing up the boat the first time he had tried. Even though he had been unaware that Lulu was aboard the boat, Johnny told her he had no idea how he could have lived with himself if she had died in the explosion.

A weakened Johnny phoned Trevor and said to call off the search for him. He refused to tell Trevor where he was. Before Trevor could accuse Sonny of blowing up the Zacchara ship, Johnny confessed that he had blown it up and would do it again if Trevor tried to do anything without his consent. Trevor got tough and warned Johnny not to threaten him. Johnny told Trevor the same thing. He warned Trevor that there would be an accounting when he got home.

Trevor told his henchman, Mr. Vaughn, that Johnny was becoming as much of a problem as Jason Morgan. Trevor had a solution -- to replace Johnny with a female member of the family who would be more responsive to Trevor's manipulations. They also discussed the dire need they had for the pier properties, which were a requisite to establishing their operational base in Port Charles. The piers belonged to Ric, but Trevor was sure that he could force Ric to surrender the real estate.

Johnny's fever did not abate, and he became increasingly ill. Lulu covered him with a blanket and would not leave him alone, even though he insisted. He asked about the boat they were on, so she told him about her parents, their love for each other, and how they might have saved the world. Johnny said that he did not know what love looked like and then passed out. Lulu revived him and wanted him to get treatment from a doctor. He told her emphatically, "No doctor!"

Johnny remembered another fever he'd had when he had been a young boy. He talked about his mother and how she had wrapped him in a blanket and held him in her arms. That might be what love looked like, he mused. Lulu saw him shiver and wrapped her arms around him. He told her that she was beautiful and almost said that he loved her, but he did not. Lulu's feelings for Johnny were clear in her eyes. As Johnny slept, Lulu stayed by his side, nursing him with compresses to ease the fever.

Ric stood at the gate of his family's former home, flashing back to his conversation with Sonny when Ric had acknowledged ownership of the property and belittled Sonny's Bensonhurst background. When the woman caretaker interrupted and offered him a cup of coffee, he accepted. She asked him if he had lost something. He said, "Yes, me."

Ric and the woman exchanged chitchat. Ric admitted that he was still haunted by an unhappy childhood. Ric and the woman seemed to connect for a moment then she left, and Ric was alone outside the gate. Ric flashed back to the time he had lured Sonny to the house to confront him with the fact that he was Sonny's brother. He had accused Sonny of deliberately trying to kill him by pushing their mother down the stairs, a story Trevor had told, which Sonny had adamantly denied. A reflective Ric walked away, and a thoughtful Trevor moved to the spot Ric had vacated; Trevor paused.

At the hospital, Jason woke Liz, who was very happy to see him. He told her how proud he was of her. He thanked her for saving Jake, who he called "our son." He told her how scared he had been when the ER had been taken over by the bomber. He confessed that he had always thought that a threat to Jake would be a result of Jason's life choices, not as result of circumstance.

Liz was quick to blame herself because Cameron had been playing with matches. She wanted to know if Jason had changed his mind and wanted to claim Jake. He told her how much he wanted to be with both of them because he loved them so much, but he knew that the decision to keep Jake's parentage a secret was for the best. They decided to continue stealing whatever happiness they could. Jason agreed to stay with Liz until she fell asleep.

Later, on the pier, an emotional Jason held a picture of Jake and said, " Will you forgive me?" At the same moment, Liz woke with a gasp.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Maxie wanted a moment with Mac, but he was distracted. Scott was there, and Mac had just acknowledged to him that the lab results on the killer's DNA test had disappeared from his desk. Both suspected that the killer was a PCPD officer.

On the docks, the Text Message Killer tried to strangle a struggling Alexis. Before he could finish, Sam appeared and interfered. She screamed and attacked him. Together, Sam and Alexis fought him off. Mike heard them and rushed to their aid, but the killer escaped. Alexis got a message on her phone from the killer, who threatened to first kill her then her "bitch daughter."

Lucky arrived. Sam, Mike, and Alexis told their stories. None had seen the strangler's face. All they could tell Lucky was that the killer had been dressed in black and had worn a ski mask and black gloves. Mike suggested that Alexis go to the hospital, but she refused. Instead, she told Lucky that they were going to the police station to find out what was being done to catch the killer.

Back at the station, Coop was adjusting his tie when he walked in and found Maxie still waiting to talk to Mac. Before she could talk to Mac, Mac and Scott wanted to talk to Coop. They asked about the test results. He told them that he had not given them directly to Mac because Mac had asked not to be disturbed while he had talked to Felicia. Instead, Coop had left them in Mac's "In" basket before going out on a call. When asked if he had seen the results, he told a suspicious Mac and Scott that he had not.

At the nurse's station, Kelly approached Robin about her pregnancy. Robin urged her to keep the information private. Patrick overheard her but thought she was talking about Nikolas. Robin and Patrick argued about Nikolas. He wanted to know why she had not told him that Nikolas had decided against the surgery. She responded that it was because she had not talked to Nikolas.

Patrick insisted that he could save Nikolas' life. Robin said that Patrick could not just strap Nikolas to a gurney, split his head open, and put another notch on the OR table like he did on his belt. She taunted him further by telling him that there was a vacant supply closet not being used on the fifth floor. Patrick was angry and responded that he was happy they had broken up. He was also glad that he had not gotten her pregnant.

In his hospital room, Nikolas told Emily that he would not have the operation to remove his tumor because he would not risk losing her. Emily told him, "There is more for you to live for in this world than just me." Nikolas responded, "I don't know what to believe." Nurse Nadine walked in and heard his side of the conversation. She said, "There is more in this world than most people believe. We just have to keep ourselves open to the unexpected, don't we?"

Nurse Nadie had release papers for Nikolas to sign. Nadine asked if she had driven Emily away. Nikolas was intrigued because Nadine seemed to accept that seeing Emily was normal. She went on to share that she understood because she communicated with someone who was gone, someone that she loved. She also told him that she did not consider it an excuse not to live her life, but she did believe in hanging on until it was time to let go.

"How do you know when the time comes?" inquired Nikolas. "I don't know," said Nadine, adding, "I'm not there myself, but I can say you will know it in here. " She pointed to her heart before exiting.

Outside the room, a contemplative Nadine rubbed her locket in her fingers. Leyla noticed and asked Nadine if she was okay. Leyla started to question Nadine about the locket but was paged before Nadine answered. Nadine walked away. Leyla smiled when she saw that the page was from Patrick, apparently suggesting another romantic rendezvous.

Robin visited Nikolas and told him that there were no alternative treatments and that his only chance was surgery. He wanted to know how to let go of something important to him.

Leyla went to the examining room, and when Patrick arrived, she was naked and waiting for him. Patrick told her that he had paged her for a consult, not a tryst, and that Dr. Ford was on his way. Leyla dressed hastily and was very upset about potential damage to her career. Patrick laughed and told her he was joking. He was playing a game, he said. Dr. Ford was gone for the day.

An angry Leyla slapped Patrick, but before she could stalk out of the room, Patrick grabbed her, and they kissed passionately. They started to make love, but a playful Leyla slipped away, grabbed Patrick's clothes, and said, "If it's games you want, doctor, I will win." She scampered outside to the hall. Patrick opened the door, and several staff members saw him in the altogether as Leyla tossed his clothes in a laundry hamper. From down the corridor, a tearful Robin saw it all.

Scott met with Logan on the docks. He wanted to know if Logan had taken the DNA test results as a way to have a hold over Johnny Zacchara. Logan was incensed and told Scott to leave him alone because he no longer wanted any help from Scott. As a parting shot before storming off, Logan said he was glad that at least Scott did not think that he was the Text Message Killer.

Back at the police station, Coop told Maxie that he was on duty and could not spend any time with her. Maxie told Mac that Felicia had left town after Mac refused to let her help with the investigation into Georgie's death. Alexis, who was filling in for Ric while he was gone, demanded that an APB be issued for Johnny.

In a hidden corner outside Kelly's, Coop held the missing lab results. The DNA was a match for Coop. He put it away and took out his cell phone.

Alexis, Sam, and Lucky went to the docks to look for Alexis' missing keys, which had been lost during her struggle with the Text Message Killer. Lucky wanted to assign a guard, but when Alexis found her keys, she tried to protest. At that moment, her cell phone rang, as did Sam's. They both received messages from the killer. Alexis' phone read, "Now you'll die slow." Sam's read, "And you'll watch." Both looked grim.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Patrick received a cold reception from Epiphany when he stopped by the nurses' station to pick up some charts. Leyla was also there and explained to him that she had been suspended for two weeks without pay because of their tryst in the examining room.

Meanwhile, Liz had another dream about the house fire that had trapped Jake inside. In the dream, she heard Jake crying for her. She woke up and ran out into the hall. Julian and Robin found her in the hall and escorted her back to her hospital bed. Liz complained to them that she had taken a sedative that had made her dreams worse and that she hadn't gotten much sleep.

Robin guessed that Liz was more likely suffering from posttraumatic stress than just having a dream about the fire. Julian told Liz that he would prescribe a different sedative that should help her sleep without causing any side effects. Robin told him she would stay with Liz for a while.

After Julian left the room, Robin locked the door and told Liz about her surprise pregnancy. Liz was very happy for her and guessed that Patrick was the father, since she remembered Robin telling her that she had slept with Patrick after Georgie's funeral to seek comfort from him. Robin wasn't sure about how she felt about producing a baby the one night she had slept with Patrick. She worried that Patrick would think she had planned to get pregnant by him that night, but it hadn't been planned at all. Liz thought that it was perfect that Robin had gotten pregnant by Patrick that night because with a death there was new life.

Robin didn't plan to tell Patrick about the baby even though she knew he would notice at some point that she was pregnant. She thought she would have to lie to him if he did ask her. She asked for Liz's advice after admitting she was confused about what to do. Liz advised her to tell Patrick the truth because the truth ended up slipping out somehow anyway. She also thought that Patrick might change when he found out he was going to be a father.

Later, Patrick apologized to Leyla for getting her in trouble with Dr. Ford and offered to talk to Ford himself and try to fix it. Leyla thanked him but thought it would be better if he didn't talk to Dr. Ford because Patrick would probably also be reprimanded. Patrick wondered how Ford had known about their tryst. Leyla picked up some of his clothes and showed him what he had left behind for Ford to find. Julian and an orderly also stopped by to show clothes Patrick had left behind as evidence of what he had been up to. Patrick laughed it off. Epiphany told them all to get back to work.

Julian and Patrick headed to the nurses' station. Julian asked Patrick if he should ask Liz out for a drink sometime, since he thought she was beautiful. Patrick reminded him that Liz had two children. Robin walked over to the other side of the nurses' station and heard Patrick warning Julian to stay away from Liz and any single mother. He said it would complicate any relationship if kids were involved, and he would not make that mistake himself, since he didn't want children in his life. Patrick's words hurt Robin, and she walked off wondering what she was going to do.

Meanwhile, Jason stopped by the hospital to check on how Liz was doing. Epiphany informed him that she could only give out patient information to immediate family members but hypothetically told him that Liz was doing fine physically but that emotionally she needed to have something to keep her mind off her own thoughts. Liz woke up and found a note that read, "Don't stop." Liz smiled at the note before going back to sleep.

Lucky showed up at Alexis' house with Cameron and Jake to see Sam and to see how Alexis was doing after the Text Message Killer's attack. Sam told him that she was fine, and Alexis seemed okay also. Cameron tried to find Kristina to play with. Alexis thanked Lucky and Sam for agreeing to watch the girls while she went off for a little while to meet with someone. Sam and Lucky told her to go and do what she needed to do.

Sam said Cameron's red baseball cap reminded her of her late brother Danny, who had also worn a red cap. She told him she missed Danny very much, and at one time he had been the only man in her life she had been able to count on. She confessed to Lucky that she was very afraid of losing him. Lucky and Sam discussed their relationship. Lucky told her that he would like to explore their relationship and see where it went. Sam agreed, and they kissed.

Later, Alexis met with Jerry at Kelly's. She told him about how she had been attacked and how Sam had rescued her. Jerry offered to stick close by her and be her shadow in case she was attacked again. Alexis informed him that she was filling in as D.A. for Ric while Ric was away, so she couldn't represent Jerry because it would be a conflict of interest. Meanwhile, Ric returned again to his childhood summer home and flashed back to when he had confronted Sonny about being his half-brother, and how Ric had accused Sonny of pushing their mother down the stairs while she had been pregnant with him.

Ric went to a diner nearby and ran into the woman he had seen leaving his old house the day before. She told him that she worked mostly at the diner and that she cleaned houses to make some extra money. He noticed she had a cut on her lip and asked her about it. She told him that she had tripped and fallen. She explained that she was a klutz sometimes and was always getting bruises and cuts. Ric accepted her answer and ordered some coffee. She guessed what he liked in his coffee, and the two of them struck up a nice conversation.

Trevor found Ric at the diner and sat down to try to persuade him to sell Trevor the waterfront property that Skye had given Ric. Ric listened to Trevor insult him and didn't seem inclined to sell the property to Trevor. After Trevor left the diner, the waitress returned to talk to Ric about what had just happened with his father. He told her he didn't have a good relationship with his father. She told him she had lost her family at a young age. He said he was sorry for that.

The waitress advised Ric to let his hair down and to try to enjoy himself while he was there. Ric left and returned later wearing a flannel shirt and with his hair all messed up. She noticed he had forgotten to take the tag off the back of his shirt and went over to help him remove it. They enjoyed a good laugh as Trevor watched them from outside.

Later, Trevor received a phone call from Moreau, a.k.a. Jerry. Jerry used his fake French accent while talking to Trevor. He warned Trevor that Moreau would take his business to Sonny and Jason if Trevor didn't get Johnny in line.

Meanwhile, Jason found Michael inside Sonny's office and asked what he was up to. Michael had been about to steal Sonny's gun but had managed to shut the desk drawer and act like he hadn't been caught. Jason confronted Michael about trying to steal the gun and asked what he planned to do with it. Michael said he had only stopped by to see Sonny after not seeing him for a few days. Jason said that Sonny would return home soon, and Michael did not need to worry about Sonny. Michael said that the Text Message Killer was still on the loose and that neither Jason nor Sonny had found him and killed him yet.

Jason gave Michael a lecture about guns not being safe for Michael to use then told him to go back to school and let Jason and Sonny take care of things. Jason also said that neither Jason nor Sonny wanted Michael to have the kind of life they had, and they wanted better things for him. Michael left the office. However, he returned later to try to steal the gun again, but Jason had managed to lock the desk drawer. Michael took the letter opener and thought about breaking into the desk but changed his mind. He left, unaware that Jason had been hiding in the office and watching him. Jason looked very worried about Michael's actions.

Maxie woke up with Coop in his room above Kelly's after spending the night with him. Maxie mentioned the missing DNA report that had been stolen from Mac's desk at the police station. Coop told her that he still felt awful about Georgie's death and what it had done to Maxie. He suggested that she go away with him to Montreal for a little while. Maxie asked him if he could get time off when he was only a cadet. Coop said he thought he could manage it and suggested they leave that night.

Maxie was reluctant to go with Coop at first because she didn't want to leave Mac after everything that had happened. Coop told her that Mac would want her to go away because she would probably be safer if she went somewhere else. Maxie agreed to go with him and planned to go home and pack a few things and meet him later. Coop cleaned up his room, and on the floor, he found the DNA results he had stolen from Mac's desk. The DNA results showed that Coop was a DNA match for the skin cells they had found under Georgie's fingernails. Coop locked the DNA results into his lock box and hid the box in the bottom drawer of his dresser.

Coop later ran into Jerry outside of Kelly's. Jerry asked Coop to dig up some dirt on someone. Coop said that whatever Jerry wanted him to do would have to wait. Jerry said not to take too long in helping him, or Jerry might end up dead himself.

Meanwhile, Lulu went to Kelly's to pick up a large order of food to take back to Johnny at the Haunted Star, the old ship Luke had owned and made into a casino. She ran into Logan outside of Kelly's on her way to see Johnny. Logan told her that he was crazy about her and was trying to give her the space she needed. He guessed that she was taking food over to Johnny's hideout and told her it was okay with him, even though he felt that Johnny was not good for her to be around. He suggested that she meet him later at the park and kissed her goodbye.

Lulu took Johnny his food. Johnny was playing piano when she got there. She complimented him on how well he played. He told her that his mother had forced him to take piano lessons when he was five. Later, after his father had killed his mother, he had found out that the music comforted him, he could hide away to play it, and his father wouldn't disturb him. Lulu saod that Logan knew she was having Johnny hide out somewhere but didn't know where he was. She felt Logan wouldn't tell anyone. Johnny told her that she should stay away from Logan because he wasn't good for her but admitted Logan was better for her than Johnny was. Logan had followed Lulu and found out where Johnny was hiding out.

Later, Lulu overheard Logan telling Scott that he knew where Lulu was hiding Johnny. Lulu misinterpreted what Logan said to Scott and thought he was telling Scott where to find Johnny. Johnny still played piano after Lulu left and thought about the kiss they had shared. He slammed down the piano cover in frustration.

Lulu returned to the Haunted Star, grabbed Johnny, and kissed him passionately, catching him off guard. It turned out that Logan had refused to tell Scott where Lulu was keeping Johnny hidden, since it would betray her trust if he did. Later, Coop went back to his room and found Logan waiting there, holding the DNA results in his hand. Logan asked Coop what he had done.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Johnny dismissed Lulu's theory that Logan had sold them out to Scott; Logan was too in love with her to rat her out. Although smitten, Johnny wouldn't act on his belief that Lulu would be better off with him than Logan.

Coop maintained his innocence when Logan confronted him with the incriminating DNA test results. Afterward, Coop had a brief exchange with an enigmatic Daniel at Kelly's and later stood up to Jerry. Later, Maxie made a horrifying discovery.

Michael set out on a very dangerous course. Meanwhile, Jason had his hands full when Kate and then Carly arrived, looking for a missing Sonny. Kate was evasive when Carly wondered why Sonny would take her to Bensonhurst. Ultimately, Kate revealed that Sonny had proposed to her. Carly angrily ripped into Kate, who made a hasty retreat. A frustrated Jason then threw Carly's own behavior back in her face. Later, Kate met face-to-face with Sonny.

Ian Devlin, a newly arrived doctor at the hospital, quickly got the attention of the nurses. As Lucky was called away on police business, he left Sam to look after Jake. However, when Liz returned home and found Jake in Sam's arms, she was absolutely furious

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