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Jonathan Randall
Who's Who in Springfield: Jonathan Randall | Guiding Light on Soap Central
Actor History

Sean Rademaker (Recurring, September 3, 1999 to September 20, 1999; January 12, 2000; January 19 to January 21, 2000)

Tom Pelphrey (September 2, 2004 to February 1, 2007; July 31 to August 2, 2007; January 23, 2008 to March 6, 2008; August 5, 2009 to September 18, 2009)


With his daughter, presumed dead after faking a car explosion (February 1, 2007 to January 25, 2008)


Foreman at Lewis Construction

Formerly Part owner of Outskirts bar

Former employee at Lewis Construction


A cottage in Springfield

Marital Status

Single/Widowed (Tammy Winslow)

Past Marriages

Lizzie Spaulding (Married: September, 6, 2006; Annulled: January 2007)

Tammy Winslow (Married: January, 18, 2007; deceased)


Richard Winslow (biological father; deceased)

Reva Shayne (mother)

Marissa Spencer Randall (adoptive mother; deceased)

Alfred Randall (adoptive father; deceased)

Marah Lewis (half-sister)

Dylan Lewis (half-brother)

Shayne Lewis (half-brother)

Colin O'Neill (half-brother)

Prince George Winslow (paternal grandfather; deceased)

Unknown woman (paternal grandmother; deceased)

Sarah Shayne (maternal grandmother; deceased)

Susan Lemay (niece)

Henry Cooper Camaletti (nephew)

Roxie Shayne (aunt)

Rusty Shayne (uncle)

Cassie Layne (aunt)

Alonzo Baptiste (uncle; deceased)

Edmund Winslow (uncle)

Tammy Layne Winslow (cousin)

Roger Joshua Winslow (cousin)

William Richard Winslow (cousin)

June O'Neal (great aunt; deceased)

Olivia Spencer (adoptive aunt)

Sam Spencer (adoptive uncle)

Ava Peralta (adoptive cousin)

Emma Spencer Spaulding (adoptive cousin)


Sarah Randall (with Lizzie)

Flings & Affairs

Tammy Winslow (one-night stand)

Dinah Marler (lovers)

Zoe (one-night stand)

Tammy Winslow (lovers)

Lizzie Spaulding (one-night stand)

Tammy Winslow (engaged)

Aubrey Cross (dated)

Lizzie Spaulding (engaged)

Crimes Committed

Suspected of being Reva Shayne Lewis' stalker [January 29, 2003 -March 3, 2003]

Sold a party drug to Lizzie Spaulding [September 2, 2004]

Sent harassing email messages to Sandy Foster [September 20 - 24, 2004]

Doctored an email to insinuate that Sandy caused his death [October 8, 2004]

Disconnected and threw out a hospitalized Sandy's call button so he could not call for help [ October 15, 2004]

Arranged for his mother, Reva Lewis, to be slipped drugs [October 15, 2004]

Incest: Maliciously seduced his cousin, Tammy Winslow, in order to exact revenge on his family for giving him up [October 19, 2004]

Bound and gagged Sandy in his hospital room at Cedars [October 21, 2004]

Attempted to strangle his mother [ October 25, 2004]

Drugged his Aunt Cassie and then made it appear as if they'd slept together [January 4, 2005]

Set himself up to fall down the stairs, to make it appear as if his stepfather, Josh Lewis, pushed him [January 7, 2005]

Broke into a record store and attempted to steal a CD (was arrested) [January 28, 2005]

Destruction of private property; destroyed the car he'd bought for his mother [February 4, 2005]

Lifted Bill Lewis's Lewis' wallet out of his pocket without Bill's knowledge, then placed the wallet on Jed Harris to blackmail Jed into giving him information (returned the wallet the same day) [April 1, 2005]

Under coercion, embezzled money from Lewis Construction [early June 2005]

Smashed pictures in the Lewis home [July 6, 2005]

Knocked his mother unconscious [August 15, 2005]

Assaulted Alfred Randall in self-defense [August 15, 2005]

Coerced a prospective buyer into not purchasing the house Jonathan wanted [November 15, 2005]

Broke into and ransacked said house after it was purchased by Sandy for Tammy [November 17, 2005]

Sabotaged Sandy's divorce from Ava Peralta [November 2006]

Planned to set Tammy's house on fire; although he changed his mind, he ended up accidentally burning it down anyway [December 7, 2005]

Arrested for arson (charges dropped) [December 27, 2005]

Assaulted a police officer [December 27, 2005]

Snuck into the Jessup farm to retrieve Tammy's things [January 15, 2006]

Snuck into Josh's room and stole a file he Josh had on Jeffrey [January 16, 2006]

Trashed Sandy's room [February 28, 2006]

Arrested for violating a restraining order from Tammy Winslow [April 6, 2006]

Got into a fight with Coop Bradshaw and went through a glass window [May 1, 2006]

Stole keys to an OB-GYN clinic from Ashlee Wolfe [May 4, 2006]

Broke into the OB-GNY clinic [May 5, 2006]

Gave liquor to the underage Ashlee Wolfe [May 8, 2006]

Arrested for letting Ashlee order drinks with a phony ID at Outskirts (she was being served without his knowledge) [May 16, 2006]

Crashed into the Spaulding mansion window [June 17, 2006]

Roughed up Alan's goons [August 11, 2006]

Stole Dr. Baker's wallet and used his credit cards to buy an expensive bottle of champagne [September 12, 2006]

Kidnapped Lizzie to force Alan to return Sarah to him [January 24, 2007]

Drugged Alan and then set fire to his mansion while he was asleep [January 26, 2007]

Faked his and Sarah's deaths [February 1, 2007 to late January 2008]

Assaulted the sheriff of Tourmaline, CA, with a shovel when he discovered the man was beating his daughter, Aubrey [September 2007]

Harassed Alan with phone calls [January 22, 2008]

Planned on drugging Lizzie and fleeing with their daughter [January 30, 2008]

Held a gun to Alan, threatening to kill him [February 12, 2008]

Kidnapped Lizzie and left her stranded at the side of a deserted road [February 20, 2008]

Bought dope from a drug dealer, planning to frame Lizzie [March 4, 2008]

Stole Beth Bauer's car, switched a patient's medication at Cedars, switched Billy's drink order with bourbon, and sent a hooker to Bill Lewis, while leaving notes behind implicating Lizzie [March 5, 2008]

Kidnapped Roxy, Lizzie's dog [March 5, 2008]

Kept hidden the fact that Jeffrey O'Neill was alive [August 2009 to Present] Memorable Quote

Jonathan's farewell to Tammy at her grave on March 55, 2008 before he leaves left town with Sarah.:

"I'm going to hit the road. I'll look after Sarah; she'll look after me. And, uh, I think we're going to be okay. I love you."

Brief Character History

Jonathan Randall was born into royalty as the son of Prince Richard Winslow of San Cristobel , and Princess Catherine (Reva Shayne Lewis' name when she was suffering from amnesia). Unfortunately, while he was still a baby, his life was torn apart when Catherine heard that Jonathan's Uncle Edmund was planning to kill him so he could inherit the throne. Scared for the life of her child, she confided in Olivia Spencer (without Richard's knowledge) and gave up her baby to keep him safe. Olivia then put him under the care of her sister, Marissa, and Marissa's husband, Alfred Randall. Catherine then escaped San Cristobel.

Years later, in 1999, Reva regained her memory and Richard learned of his son's fate. Wondering about Jonathan, Reva broke into Olivia's room to get his phone number and, after speaking with Jonathan (by pretending she was doing a survey), she got his address, and she and Richard flew to the Randalls' to see their son. Once they saw how happy Jonathan was, they realized that it was best not to tell him who they were, and let Olivia's sister continue to raise him.

Five years later, a seedy young man named JB showed up in Springfield. Skulking behind the scenes, the first person he made contact with was the wealthy Lizzie Spaulding. Overhearing Lizzie trying to purchase a party drug, Jonathan was more than happy to give her what she wanted. Days later, Lizzie tried to buy his silence, but he wasn't interested in money - -he wanted her to introduce him to Tammy Winslow. Lizzie was happy to oblige. Knowing that Tammy had just broken up with her boyfriend, JB made it a point to flirt with the vulnerable young woman.

At the same time, Sandy Foster, who was believed to be Reva's son, Jonathan, was having flashbacks of his friend, the real Jonathan Randall. These flashbacks centered on Jonathan's death when he fell from a cliff, despite Sandy's attempt to rescue him. Soon, Sandy began receiving harassing emails regarding Jonathan's death. Days later, when Tammy's boyfriend had finally left, JB took advantage of the situation and attempted to seduce her, knowing full well she was his cousin--for JB was none other than Jonathan Randall himself! However, no one knew this, especially not Tammy. Luckily, the pair was interrupted by Reva, who took an immediate disliking to JB. Later, a dangerous JB returned to Tammy, but she decided to wait to have sex.

Not long after, Sandy was seriously injured after being struck by a car. While, Sandy was left comatose and in need of a transplant, Reva was shocked to learn that Sandy Foster was not her biological son. Reva still donated part of her liver to the ailing Sandy. While he recuperated, Sandy received several visits from a very menacing Jonathan, facing the man who purposely left him to die. To make sure Sandy remained unconscious, a devious Jonathan fed him morphine. At the same time, Reva was trying to locate information on Jonathan. Believing the information could be in Sandy's laptop, Reva asked Tammy to get it. But Jonathan volunteered to get it for Tammy and, unbeknownst to everyone, planted a letter that implied that Sandy had killed Jonathan.

Tammy was falling more and more under JB's spell and the night he planned to seduce her, he and Tammy went to visit Sandy, who was shocked to see Jonathan alive and well. With Tammy out of the room Jonathan not-so-subtly revealed to Sandy that he and Tammy were going to have sex. Then, to make sure nothing went wrong with his plan, he bound Sandy, disconnected his phone and call button, and even had a nurse drug Reva, who was being released that day. So, that night, Jonathan went ahead with his diabolical plan--he seduced a virginal Tammy in order to get revenge on his family. Although Sandy was finally able to contact Reva, by the time they found Jonathan and Tammy, it was too late; they'd made love.

A day later, Reva arrived home to find Jonathan waiting for her. When Jonathan proudly admitted he slept with Tammy, Reva was furious and disgusted. However, when he revealed that he slept with Tammy to hurt Reva as much as she hurt him, Reva began to see that she had a hand in making her son a bitter, angry, and damaged person. Reva's attempts to reach out to her son were met with scorn. The more Jonathan tried to hurt Reva, the more he succeeded in making Reva try harder to reach him. Jonathan's arrival put a strain on Reva's marriage to Josh Lewis, who distrusted Jonathan. At the end of the year, Reva insisted that Jonathan face his demons by going to San Jamar and facing his abusive adopted father. Despite his reluctance, Reva goaded him into taking the trip, only for the pair to find his adoptive parents' home abandoned. Apparently, Alfred had died in a boating accident and Marissa had left.

Meanwhile Tammy's mother, Cassie, was determined to rid the family of Jonathan, and in 2005, the night before her wedding, she came up with a plan to prove to Reva how twisted her son was. Apparently drunk, Cassie lured Jonathan to her apartment. Although she intended for Reva to come, Jonathan's new friend and Cassie's rival, Dinah Marler, unexpectedly derailed the plan. It didn't take long for Jonathan to realize he was being set up and he got his payback by drugging Cassie. The next morning, Cassie was horrified to wake up next to a naked Jonathan. In distress and unsure if anything had happened, Cassie considered standing up Edmund at the altar.

Later, Cassie confessed the details of what happened to a horrified Reva. However, when a disbelieving Reva asked Jonathan for his version, he stated that he was just messing with Cassie--nothing had happened. Although Reva was quick to accept his story, Cassie didn't believe it and was angered that Reva so readily believed Jonathan. Although a tape showed that nothing happened, Cassie accused Jonathan of doctoring the tape. Meanwhile, Jonathan and Reva bonded after he took her to a music store, claiming that he wanted her to get to know the real him. Despite himself, Jonathan was touched when she told him how much she loved him. The moment was broken, though, when the pair was arrested for breaking and entering, since Jonathan had lied to Reva and told her he knew the owner. Luckily, Reva managed to talk their way out of trouble. Impressed with how cool his mother actually was, Jonathan let down his defenses.

In the meantime, the situation between Cassie and Edmund was growing worse, with Edmund suspecting Cassie had something to hide. In the end, Dinah, herself, finally told Edmund the truth about the night before Cassie's wedding. As expected, Edmund angrily confronted Jonathan and attacked him. Luckily, Dinah informed Cassie of what Edmund knew and Cassie stopped Edmund before he was able to do too much harm. At the same time, in celebration of what they thought would be the end of Cassie and Edmund's marriage, Dinah and Jonathan became lovers. Later, Edmund tried to make amends to Jonathan by apologizing for all the pain he'd caused him, but Jonathan coldly rejected him.

At that point, Dinah had told Jonathan about a fire that Edmund caused at the Jessup farm while he was attacking Jeffrey O'Neill. Jonathan told Reva about Edmund causing the fire, hoping Reva would tell Cassie. When Reva continually dragged her feet about telling Cassie, Jonathan ultimately took matters into his own hands. Upon learning that Reva had drawn up legal papers charging Edmund with arson, he stole the documents and then faxed them to an unsuspecting Cassie. The plan worked when a devastated Cassie left Edmund. Meanwhile, that spring, Tammy informed Jonathan that she was no longer afraid of him. Weeks later, living at the Springfield Inn, Jonathan became a hero by saving Tammy's life in a fire.

About a month later, Jonathan started to receive mysterious and disturbing phone calls from a woman named Darla, who later showed up in Springfield and warned Jonathan that he'd better deliver the information about Reva he promised or he'd suffer the consequences. Soon after, Josh finally decided to give Jonathan a job at Lewis Construction. Fearful of Darla's next move, Jonathan turned down the offer, but changed his mind when he saw Darla hone in on Tammy. Later, Jonathan received another ominous warning that made him fear for Reva's safety. Meanwhile, Tammy continued to befriend Jonathan, who confessed to her that he suffered from dyslexia and later confessed to her that his trust fund was gone.

Later, Jonathan received another threatening message, reminding him that someone was watching him. At the end of May, Jonathan was rattled to come face--ace with his former tormentor--his presumably deceased stepfather! Alfred ha taken to calling himself Nate, and was working at a bar in Springfield. Though Jonathan tried to warn Reva that Nate was bad news, she refused to believe him. Afterwards, Nate encouraged Jonathan to give Reva and her family what they deserved, and suggested that he begin stealing money from Lewis Construction. A little later, after realizing that Reva asked Josh to "babysit" him, Jonathan threatened to quit, but Josh didn't take the bait and left him alone with the company bank codes. Just as Jonathan began to copy them down, Tammy caught him. Luckily for him, he was able to hide what he was doing.

Meanwhile, the pressure that Nate had been putting on Jonathan finally became too much to bear, and Jonathan unloaded months of pent-up aggression on Tammy. In an emotional exchange, Tammy admitted that she was inexplicably drawn to Jonathan. When Tammy rejected him, Jonathan set it up so Tammy would think Sandy slept with another woman. Meanwhile, Jonathan was rattled to learn that his adoptive mother, Marissa, had died in a boating accident. Later, after being comforted by Reva, Jonathan told her, with Nate standing right there, of his suspicion that his father had to have killed Marissa, since she was terrified of water. As soon as he said it, Jonathan realized the mistake he had made, and he tried to warn Reva against investigating Marissa's death.

Later, in private, Jonathan tried to get Nate to leave, but Nate refused, determined to get what he wanted from the Lewis family. When Nate sensed Jonathan's reluctance to help him, he tore into Jonathan the way he'd always done. When Reva found Jonathan battered, he covered for Nate by claiming to have gotten into a brawl. Feeling alone and confused, Jonathan quit his job at Lewis and later trashed pictures of Reva in the Lewis house. Not long after, Jonathan was faced with an angry Tammy who figured out his set-up of Sandy. In the meantime, Jonathan was horrified to learn that Reva knew exactly who Nate was. Suspecting that Reva was going to try to trap Nate, thus putting herself in danger, Jonathan warned his father in an effort to get him to leave town.

Jonathan then stole the money from Lewis Construction, foiling Nate's plans to get a hold of that money. It didn't take long for everyone to realize Jonathan had the money, and Nate tried to pressure Jonathan to give him the money by pushing a water-phobic Jonathan into the water. Luckily, Tammy came across Jonathan as he was drowning, and saved him. Far from grateful, Jonathan believed that she should have just let him drown, and walked off. With everyone looking for Jonathan, he finally showed up at Tammy's doorstep asking for a place to hide. Tammy offered to let him take a shower, but then seemingly betrayed him by telling Reva where he was. When Reva and others arrived, Jonathan attempted to tell everyone that Nate murdered Marissa. After being accused of helping to cause Marissa's death, Jonathan angrily took off, but came back to Tammy's to confront her about the way she gave him away. During the discussion, Tammy insisted that she was only trying to help him. The moment, like so many others, became passionate and the pair kissed. Suddenly realizing what she was doing, Tammy pulled back and ran off.

Later, when Tammy pleaded with Jonathan to return the money, he just lashed out at her and warned her to stay away from him. Later, another attempt by Reva to trap Nate resulted in Tammy getting kidnapped. Shortly after, Sandy found Jonathan holed up in a hotel just out of Springfield and asked him to help Tammy. Although Jonathan refused at first, he had a change of heart and went to the docks and told Nate he'd go with him in exchange for Tammy's freedom. Though Tammy made an emotional pitch for Jonathan to stay and say goodbye to his father for good, Jonathan couldn't bring himself to leave Nate's side. Luckily, Reva lurked nearby and disabled Nate's boat to keep him from leaving with Jonathan. Unfortunately, Nate blamed Jonathan and angrily berated him. Just then, Jonathan saw Reva's foot sticking out, and he stood up to his father.

Concerned that Jonathan might actually kill Nate, Reva made her presence known and begged Jonathan to come home with her. Despite her pleas, Jonathan sided with his father and rushed at Reva, knocking her unconscious. Nate then turned on Jonathan for choosing to save Reva and the two began to struggle. In a final showdown, Reva awakened and smacked Nate across the back with an oar just as he was about to kill Jonathan with the spear gun. Nate came after Jonathan one last time, but Jonathan managed to hit him in the head with the oar and Nate fell into the water. A distraught Jonathan was ready to dive in the water also, but Reva succeeded in holding him back. A little later, while Reva was alone on the docks, Nate miraculously came out of the water and tried to kill Reva. Thankfully, Josh arrived just in time and threw him into the water, unaware that he'd thrown him into the boat propeller. Jonathan was then left to deal with the death of the only father he'd ever had.

Soon after, Jonathan came across a young battered woman named Ava hanging around Outskirts. More inconvenienced than concerned, the naturally impatient Jonathan was ready to kick her out when a loan shark came into the bar searching for her. Understanding what it was like to be in trouble with loan sharks, Jonathan paid off the thug, but then informed Ava that she owed him and had to work for him until she paid off her debt.

Throughout all of this, Jonathan was falling in love with Tammy and he finally confessed his feelings. Though deeply tempted to give in to her own feelings, she resisted and pushed him away. Soon after, Jonathan met Tammy at the Jessup farm where she confessed that Sandy was going to propose and that she intended to say yes. The heat between Tammy and Jonathan was undeniable, however, and though she tried to fight it, they begin to kiss. The couple then began to make love, but was interrupted by an urgent call for Tammy telling her Sandy had been electrocuted. Feeling extremely guilty, Tammy told Jonathan that she could not give in to her feelings for him and was resolved to stick by Sandy.

Later, Jonathan saw Ava talking to Fallon, a man from Sandy's past, and after being badgered for an answer, Ava finally blurted out the truth--She was Sandy's wife! She then told Jonathan that Sandy's real name was not Sandy Foster, and he abandoned her after he'd married her. Though Ava begged him to keep it a secret, Jonathan went right to Tammy. Jonathan then suggested to Ava that perhaps they should both just sit back and let things unfold on their own. In her case, that meant signing the divorce papers, since by setting Sandy free, she'd have a fighting chance of winning him back.

Several days later, after Jonathan and Tammy had another steamy encounter, Jonathan confessed to Reva that he was in love with Tammy. However, Reva hurt him by trying to convince him and Tammy that Sandy was the more stable choice for Tammy. Later, Jonathan stumbled upon Blake selling a house and, inspired by Reva's suggestion to change, he showed interest in buying. Unfortunately, Blake refused to sell the house to him and instead sold it to Sandy. Finally, the night before the wedding, Jonathan dared Tammy to admit that she really loved him, not Sandy. Tammy denied it and then threw herself at Jonathan for a scorching kiss, announcing that she wanted a last fling to get her ex-lover out of her system. Jonathan wasn't moved by her declaration, though, and demanded that Tammy make a public choice, him or Sandy. Tammy chose Sandy, and Jonathan stormed off. Despite Reva's pleas that he stay away from the wedding, Jonathan came, certain that Tammy would call it off. Although Tammy did end up going through with the wedding, Sandy was arrested immediately after for bigamy! Apparently he never divorced Ava, after all. Distraught, Tammy ran out of the church and came face-to-face with Jonathan, who whisked her away.

Afterwards, Jonathan convinced Tammy to run away with him. Although she agreed, he was heartbroken when she disappeared and apparently went to see Sandy. Convinced he'd lost Tammy, he broke into her empty dream-house and prepared to set it on fire. Only Tammy's arrival and confession that she couldn't imagine spending her life with anyone but him kept Jonathan from doing something drastic. Unfortunately, the torch he was holding accidentally dropped and ended up burning the house down, after all. Later, Jonathan was disconcerted when Tammy refused to tell anyone they were involved, thinking that she was ashamed of him. When Tammy stated that she was merely afraid, he demonstrated that there was only one way to deal with fear: head-on.

Jonathan then jumped into the water. After Tammy pulled him out, they began to make love in the boathouse, Sandy called Jonathan's cell phone, pretending to be the police, and summoned him to the station to discuss the fire. At the station, Jonathan vehemently denied having anything to do with it, but later told Reva if he had to confess in order to protect Tammy, he would. He got his chance when the police informed him that a witness had seen a dark-haired man and a blonde-haired woman running from the scene. Jonathan confessed to setting the fire, but stressed that he was alone. However, Reva provided an alibi stating that Jonathan was with her at the time the fire was set.

Afterwards, at Cassie's Christmas party, Jonathan met Tammy outside the Jessup farm and the two began to make love in the barn. Unfortunately, they were discovered by the entire family. Cassie freaked, assuming her nephew was attacking her daughter but was stunned when Tammy announced that it was consensual. Although Cassie gave Tammy a choice between her family or Jonathan, Tammy chose Jonathan. Afterwards, Tammy publicly (and very loudly) announced to the world that she loved Jonathan. Just then, though, the cops arrived. Thanks to Cassie, Jonathan was under arrest for arson. When Tammy spoke up that she was there, she was arrested as well.

Jonathan spent the early days of 2006 in jail since Jeffrey, at Cassie's request, had the judge deny him bail. Thanks to an impassioned plea from Reva, though, bail was granted. Later, Jeffrey convinced Assistant DA Doris Wolfe to drop the charges against Tammy. Her job was made easier when Jonathan, in an effort to save Tammy, stated in court that Tammy had nothing to do with the fire. Although things were looking bleak for Jonathan, he was unexpectedly saved from prosecution when Sandy testified to accidentally setting the fire himself. Later, Jonathan learned that Tammy had been expelled from college because of the arson charges, and attempted to talk the dean into letting her back in. Unfortunately, Jonathan's persuasive arguments came out as intimidation and the dean wouldn't budge- for Jonathan; Sandy had no problem getting the dean to allow Tammy back in.

Several days later, Jonathan spotted Sandy spying on him and Tammy through the window, but Sandy claimed he was just waiting for them to leave because he didn't want things to be awkward. Jonathan didn't believe Sandy's lies for a second. Later, when Jonathan learned that the bar had been raided three times for serving kids with fake ID's, he was positive that Sandy was behind it. Although he confronted Sandy, he had no proof. After making sure that no one would give an apartment to Jonathan, Sandy began stalking Tammy and called Jonathan, taunting him about it. Jonathan flew off the handle, but Tammy handled the situation by confronting Sandy and asking him to leave her alone. Later, Jonathan found Tammy struggling with Sandy and rescued her, without resorting to violence. Jonathan took her home and the pair exchanged private vows to always be together, and finally made love.

Afterwards, Jonathan assured her that Sandy would never be a problem for the two of them again. Jonathan left for a moment, and Frank arrived, needing to talk to him -- about Sandy. Apparently, Sandy called the police station claiming that Jonathan threatened him and Sandy was afraid for his life. Tammy left and Jonathan returned to find Frank. After talking with Frank, Jonathan found out that Tammy had gone after Sandy and went to find her. To get away from Frank, Jonathan confessed to Sandy's murder, then knocked out an officer and ran off. He came upon Tammy and Sandy on the edge of a cliff just as Tammy was offering to run away with Sandy to protect Jonathan. But, as soon as Tammy looked at Jonathan, Sandy realized Jonathan was the one she loved.

Sandy grabbed Tammy and warned Jonathan that if he took another step, they'd both be going over the cliff. Jonathan begged Sandy to let Tammy go, and Sandy agreed -- as long as Jonathan took her place. Jonathan agreed and the pair faced off, just like they did years earlier. A fistfight ensued which left Jonathan holding Sandy by the collar, but Reva's arrival distracted him long enough for Sandy to get free and gain the upper hand. Sandy was determined to finish Jonathan off, so Tammy threw herself at Sandy to save Jonathan, but ended up pushing too hard and sent Sandy careening off the cliff to his death. Sandy's death rocked Tammy to the core and, to alleviate her guilt, Jonathan finally admitted that he was the one who sabotaged Sandy's divorce and let him be arrested as a bigamist--thus all of the ensuing mess was his fault. Horrified that he put events in motion that led to her killing Sandy, Tammy railed against Jonathan and left.

Desperate to get Tammy back, Jonathan entered in a deal with Lizzie--help him get Tammy back and he'd help her get Coop back. Later, Jonathan hid in the backseat of Tammy's car to talk to her. Although Tammy admitted she would never stop loving or wanting him, she didn't like the person that loving him was turning her into. After driving away without him, she got a restraining order against Jonathan. When Jonathan defied the order in order to talk to Tammy, he was promptly arrested. Then a surprising person bailed him out--a tipsy Lizzie.

Lizzie and Jonathan ended up at Outskirts where they had a one-night stand. The next morning, Jonathan got a shock when Tammy arrived at his door saying she'd changed her mind--she wanted to be with him. Weeks later, Jonathan was stunned when Tammy told him she suspected Lizzie was pregnant. He confronted Lizzie, who informed him that she already knew she was pregnant with Coop's baby when they slept together. However, he wasn't totally sure she was telling the truth. Later, there was more talk of babies when he discovered Tammy had been doing some research on genetics. She told him she discovered that since they were only half-cousins, the risk of defects in their children was very small. She then quickly reassured him that children were far off in their future. However, thinking about Lizzie, Jonathan wasn't so sure.

Afterwards, Jonathan saw Lizzie in deep conversation with a high school girl named Ashlee. Suspicious, Jonathan approached Ashlee and invited her for coffee and learned she worked at an OB-GYN clinic. Later, Jonathan stole Ashlee's keys to the clinic and he broke in -- only to be caught by Ashlee. Weeks later, Ashlee came to Outskirts and ended up buying drinks with a phony ID. Unfortunately, she wound up drunk in front of her mother, DA Doris Wolfe, who promptly had the bar closed down and Jonathan arrested. Meanwhile, Jonathan learned that Wolfe was investigating Lewis Construction, as well. After assuring Reva he'd fix it, Jonathan demanded that Lizzie lie and say she gave Ashlee the illegal booze, or he'd go to Coop with news of their one-night stand

Later, Jonathan was shocked when Reva told him she'd overheard Lizzie telling her mother that Jonathan was the father of her baby! Afterwards, Jonathan and Lizzie argued about her lying to him about the baby. Jonathan told his mother that the child would be better off without him. However, when Reva set it up so Jonathan would be stuck in Lizzie's room at Cedars while she had her sonogram, he was touched to learn that Lizzie was having a girl. That same day, Jonathan told his mother that Lizzie was having a girl. Reva tried again to get him to claim his child, but Jonathan insisted because of his rotten childhood he'd be a rotten father. Besides, it would ruin his relationship with Tammy.

During the argument, Reva collapsed and Jonathan took her to Cedars after pocketing the stuff that had fallen out of her purse. At the hospital, Jonathan dug through his pockets and found medication to counteract the symptoms of chemotherapy. Realizing his mother had cancer, he confronted her. Although she denied it at first, she admitted it was true. Jonathan could barely hold back the tears, but got angry when Reva admitted she was keeping it a secret from Josh. Jonathan called her a hypocrite for demanding he tell the truth about his baby when she wouldn't even tell her family about her cancer. Jonathan threatened to tell Josh himself, but Reva said she'd tell Josh when he opened up about the baby. After Reva collapsed one day, she begged Jonathan to acknowledge Lizzie's baby. Thinking that Reva might never get the chance to meet her grandchild, he took off -- but not before finding Billy in the hospital to fill him in on Reva's condition.

Knowing Lizzie was at Towers getting ready to marry Coop, Jonathan rushed there. Though Beth hired someone specifically to keep him out, Jonathan barreled in and announced that he was the father of Lizzie's baby. The next day, Jonathan found Tammy at Cassie's and tried to explain. During the discussion, Tammy realized she was partly to blame, since she had broken up with him. Later, Jonathan was upset to learn that Reva checked herself out of the hospital since he only confessed because he thought she was on her deathbed. Reva was proud of him for doing the right thing, but all Jonathan cared about was Tammy.

A few weeks later, someone mysteriously set up a meeting between Jonathan and Tammy at the Lighthouse. Although Jonathan tried to convince Tammy that they belonged together; she needed more time. When she left, the person who set up the meeting arrived--Alan Spaulding. Alan was there to ensure that Jonathan stayed out of that baby's life. When Alan suggested that Jonathan was less suited at fatherhood than he was, Jonathan agreed and stated he didn't want anything to do with Lizzie's baby. Then, after implying that he used his connection in the DA's office to reopen Jonathan's bar that very morning, Alan promised to give Jonathan what he wanted--Miss Tammy Winslow. Alan then arranged for Jonathan to fly to his island villa where Alan met him days later. He offered a deal: If Jonathan relinquished all rights to Lizzie's baby, he would have not only the villa, but would be set for life financially. As for Tammy, Alan sent her a text message in Jonathan's name asking her to meet him there-and provided a ticket at the airport. Jonathan had one condition--Reva would be able to see her grandchild any time she wanted. Alan agreed then left.

The next day, Jonathan returned to Springfield and talked to Reva. Again, she tried to persuade him to acknowledge his daughter. Their phone conversation was overheard by Alan who, believing Reva was talking Jonathan out of reneging on his parental rights, grabbed the phone out of Jonathan's hand and made it abundantly clear to Reva that she would have no part in their granddaughter's life. Unfortunately, Alan only ended up hurting himself. That very day, a furious Jonathan told Alan that he had already signed the document but since he insulted Jonathan's mother, all bets were off. Then he savagely tore up the document. Alan then tried to pressure Jonathan by arranging for the bank to foreclose on Outskirts and freezing his and Tammy's bank accounts. Alan also arranged for Tammy to be denied college admission. However, neither Jonathan nor Tammy would give in to Alan's threats.

Later, learning that Alan was keeping Lizzie a virtual prisoner, he helped Lizzie escape from her bedroom window. Meanwhile, Jonathan got a call from Billy telling him that Reva had taken a turn for the worse and was in need of bone marrow. After the procedure, Jonathan confessed to Reva that not only did he finally feel like her son, he finally wanted to be a part of his daughter's life. When he returned, he discovered that Lizzie had decided to move back home so she wouldn't be trouble and Jonathan asked her to move back with him and Tammy. In the meantime, when Jonathan bragged about how his DNA was good for making good babies and helping his mom, Reva was forced to admit that the procedure didn't work--she was still dying.

Afterwards, Jonathan had an emotional moment and Lizzie, who had accidentally learned of Reva's cancer earlier, held him and comforted him. Later, Jonathan asked Tammy to marry him and she accepted. As they decided to keep the news from Lizzie, a jittery Lizzie arrived and told them about a strange nursery that Alan had at the mansion. Though an upset Lizzie was convinced that Alan intended on keeping her a prisoner until her baby was born, both Tammy and Jonathan were skeptical that Alan would go that far. Although Lizzie claimed to have a picture on her cell phone, it was gone; she accused Alan of deleting it.

Not long after, Jonathan and others were at the Beacon when a shot rang out in Lizzie's room. The group ran in to find Lizzie with a gun and Alan lying on the floor. Lizzie stated that she heard someone in her room and demanded to know who it was. The intruder didn't answer and so she fired. Since there was no blood, it didn't take long for everyone to realize the gun was full of blanks. During the course of the argument, Alan apparently suffered a heart attack and had been taken to the hospital. At her trial, things looked bleak for Lizzie when Tammy testified that Lizzie admitted to deliberately shooting Alan, and it looked like Alan would win the case. That is, until Jonathan stood up before the court and spoke about how he wanted to raise his daughter with Lizzie. Then he asked Lizzie to marry him. Lizzie agreed and Jonathan offered to wed the next day, to prove his sincerity to the judge. Though he later, opted to ditch the plan, both ladies insisted it was the only way and the wedding went on.

After warning Jonathan that he would be watching him, Alan reluctantly gave Lizzie away at her wedding. With Jonathan and Lizzie being watched, Jonathan was forced to sneak around with Tammy. Finally, he decided that he couldn't keep up the charade and promised Tammy that he would divorce Lizzie and find some other way to protect the baby from Alan. However, when Lizzie had a scare, Jonathan decided to end things with Tammy so he could fully commit to Lizzie and the baby. As Jonathan and Lizzie were looking at a sonogram of their perfectly healthy baby, Reva slipped away. Miraculously, she came back! Apparently, Jonathan's bone marrow donation had worked; it just took a while for Reva's immune system to kick in.

On Thanksgiving, Lizzie's water finally broke. Unfortunately, there was a snowstorm and Jonathan's car was stuck. When he finally got it out of the snow, he was struck by a skidding car. As Lizzie was going into labor, Jonathan was freaking out. Luckily, Tammy and Remy arrived, and Tammy gave Jonathan the confidence to return and, with Tammy's help, he delivered his baby daughter. At Cedars, Alan served Jonathan with a legal document asking for custody again. Jonathan, fed up with fighting with Alan, proposed, for the sake of Lizzie and the baby, to move his new family into the Spaulding mansion. However, Jonathan's offer was an empty one. While Alan's guard was down, Jonathan secretly whisked Lizzie and the baby out of town. Alan immediately sued for custody of the baby, but thanks to an impassioned plea by Josh, it was denied. Days later, Jonathan and Lizzie finally returned to town with the baby, whom they named Sarah. They also came armed with a restraining order forbidding Alan to come near his great-granddaughter.

Later, Jonathan and Tammy came face-to-face during a holiday party at Towers. While Tammy begged Jonathan to stay on the balcony with her, he begged her to leave. Soon the pair ended up in a passionate kiss and later made love at the Jessup barn. Days later, Jonathan got a message to meet Tammy at the barn. Tammy and Lizzie got the same message--they realized Alan set Lizzie up to see Jonathan meeting Tammy. Though tempted to stay with Tammy, Jonathan returned home.

In 2007, Jonathan was all set to leave Lizzie when she suddenly starting acting depressed. Soon, she was diagnosed with postpartum depression and Jonathan decided to stay with her until she got better. However, it didn't take long for Tammy to figure out that Lizzie was faking. That same day, a frantic Lizzie called Jonathan stating that her car had been stolen while Sarah was in it and Lizzie was in the chapel. An angry Jonathan found Lizzie at the church and Father Ray had to keep him back when he lunged at Lizzie. At that point, Frank rushed in with news that they found the car. Jonathan left with Sarah after informing Lizzie that he was filing for custody of the baby. Soon after, Jonathan was granted an annulment and temporary custody of Sarah.

Finally free, Jonathan and Tammy got married in a quick, but beautiful, ceremony. Unfortunately, just as Jonathan and Tammy got exactly what they wanted, things turned tragic. A mere day later, Tammy overheard a man describing Jonathan's car at a certain location--Old Mill Road. At the same time, Lizzie lured Jonathan to Old Mill Road, and offered to hand over Sarah to him there. Immediately realizing that Jonathan was in some kind of trouble, Tammy hurried over to Old Mill Road and rushed out to save Jonathan from the path of a speeding car. Unfortunately, Tammy ended up being struck down herself. Days later, after asking to see Sarah, Tammy died.

That night, Jonathan confronted Alan at the mansion about his part in Tammy's death. When Alan announced that he would be suing for custody of Sarah, Jonathan lunged at Alan and was dragged out by security. After Alan,who had somehow been drugged by Jonathan, went to bed, Jonathan sneaked back in and set fire to the mansion, but quickly put it out so that his daughter wouldn't lose a father. Later, Jonathan was furious when Alan showed up at Tammy's funeral to discuss Sarah and belittled Jonathan's love for Tammy by saying that Jonathan would forget about her quickly. Jonathan charged at him, but Billy held him back and Alan promised that it would not be over until he had Sarah.

That same night, with Sarah, Jonathan got into his car and started following Alan's limo menacingly. The limo driver struggled to lose him but Jonathan stayed on his tail. They drove through the countryside until the limo managed to swerve away from him. At that point, Jonathan went off the road and over a cliff, where his car plummeted and exploded on impact with Alan and Reva as witnesses. That same night, who else but Jonathan and Sarah would show up at Reva's door? Jonathan revealed that it was the only way to get Alan off his back forever. After bidding adieu to Reva and thanking her for all the love she gave him, Jonathan left Springfield with his daughter.

That summer, an ill Sarah required treatment for anemia and Jonathan had Reva kidnap Lizzie and bring her sedated to a secret location. Bone marrow was extracted from Lizzie and Reva and they were given tattoos to cover the scars. The procedure worked and Sarah made a full recovery. Though Jonathan later arranged for Reva to meet them for a visit in a nearby town, when he spotted Lizzie following Reva, he was forced to flee. Weeks later, Jonathan saw on the news that his brother, Dylan, had been involved in a serious car accident. Jonathan paid a clandestine trip to Springfield to confront Reva and assured her that Dylan would be all right since he was her son. Jonathan left town again and returned to where he had been hiding--Tourmaline, CA. There, Jonathan had been involved with a girl. Unfortunately, her father, the local sheriff, didn't like it and called Alan. Finding that the father was beating his daughter, Jonathan beat him with a shovel and thought he killed him. It turned out that he wasn't dead, though, and when Reva arrived to cover things up, the sheriff tried to kill her. Luckily, Alan arrived just in time and shot the sheriff dead.

In 2008, Jonathan received a call from Reva telling him how distraught Lizzie still was over Sarah's "death." Though Reva warned Jonathan not to return to town, he ended up doing just that. On the anniversary of Tammy's death, Jonathan returned with Sarah and started harassing Alan by calling him and using an old voice mail of Tammy to simulate her voice. While a memorial was being held at St. Mark, Jonathan visited Tammy's grave. Later, Reva visited Jonathan at his hideout -- the Bauer Cabin -- and warned him to stop harassing Alan and leave town. Reva urged Jonathan to tell Lizzie the truth about Sarah, but Jonathan was convinced that Alan was still a danger and refused to take a chance. During their conversation, Lizzie arrived at the cabin, and Reva distracted her so Jonathan and Sarah could sneak out.

Soon, Lizzie was seen running from the cabin with Bill following. Lizzie rushed onto the street to get away from him -- right into the path of a car. Luckily for her, Jonathan intervened and knocked her out of the way. Lizzie was shocked beyond belief to see Jonathan alive and asked about Sarah. Jonathan lied and told a devastated Lizzie that Sarah was dead. The next day, Jonathan decided to do the right thing and presented Lizzie with her daughter. Lizzie lashed out at Jonathan for his deception, but kept quiet when Alan approached her bedroom looking for her. Jonathan left after Bill threatened to call security and send Alan after him. Later, as Lizzie and Jonathan were ready to toast to running off and raising Sarah together, Jonathan attempted to double-cross Lizzie by drugging her and taking off with Sarah. Unfortunately for Jonathan, Bill caught wind of his plan and arrived in time to switch the drinks. Jonathan became sedated instead and when he awoke, Sarah was gone.

Meanwhile, Bill approached Jonathan offering to help him get Sarah back, so that Bill could have Lizzie all to himself after Jonathan and Sarah left town. Bill helped Jonathan sneak into the mansion, but as soon as they did, Bill tipped off the house security and two guards arrived and strong-armed Jonathan. As he was about to be arrested, Lizzie arrived and ordered the guards to let Jonathan go. Bill's set-up disgusted Lizzie and she angrily blasted him. Later, she agreed to leave town with Jonathan and Sarah. Not long after, Jonathan finally decided it was time to get revenge against Alan, and asked Remy to get him an untraceable gun. He then went to San Gabriel and held a weapon to Alan's head. Spewing venom, Jonathan had every intention of killing Alan until a pregnant Beth appeared ready to go into labor. Jonathan saw no choice but to toss the gun aside and help Alan deliver Beth's baby girl.

Alan then called for a truce, but Jonathan had doubts that Alan was sincere. Jonathan was proven correct when he received a text message from Lizzie asking him to come to the Bauer cabin. The message turned out to be fake and two goons grabbed Jonathan and shoved him into a car while Alan took Sarah. Luckily, Lizzie saw the goons stuff Jonathan inside the trunk and rescued him by knocking the goons out. The pair then went to St. Mark's where Beth's baby was being baptized. There, Jonathan saw Alan and pulled a gun on him again. Alan got the upper hand and threatened to kill Jonathan, since he had nothing left to lose.

Desperate to save her son, Reva blurted out that he did, and stated that Beth's baby was his, not Rick's. Afterwards, Jonathan and Lizzie went to the mansion to reclaim their daughter. Lizzie speculated that knowing he had a baby could take Alan's mind off Sarah. Later, Jonathan was angry to see Lizzie talking to Bill, since he had just learned from Ava that Bill was looking to go into business with Alan. Jonathan was more convinced than ever that Alan was a threat to Sarah, and Lizzie came up with a solution. She and Jonathan would get married so they could raise Sarah as a family. Jonathan agreed and even asked Josh, who had become a minister, to officiate the wedding. Later, Bill approached Jonathan and revealed that he knew about what happened in Tourmaline. When it seemed as if Bill would reveal his secret, Jon began to choke him -- until Lizzie arrived, begging him to stop. Eager to protect Bill and avoid complications, Lizzie suggested they leave town after the wedding and Jon agreed. Just as the wedding was starting, Bill barged in and urged Lizzie not to marry Jonathan whom she obviously didn't love. Lizzie was so moved by Bill's words that she when it came time to say her vows she couldn't go through with it, and left.

Eventually, Jonathan decided to give staying in Springfield a try to put Sarah in child care while he applied for a job at Lewis Construction. However, Jonathan quickly realized something was wrong when he couldn't get a hold of Sarah, and dropped everything to storm over to the day care facility. Upon learning that the woman in charge let Lizzie take Sarah, Jonathan became enraged and angrily confronted the woman. A cop saw his outburst and took him to jail. Frank let Jonathan go after warning him to be smarter. He could not protect Sarah if he was in jail. Jonathan decided to be smart and pulled many pranks around town, leaving notes implying that Lizzie was involved. At the same time, Jonathan learned that Lizzie was having her dog groomed and picked up Roxy. Lizzie called Jonathan and asked him to meet her on Old Mill Road -- where Tammy was killed. Before leaving, Jonathan visited Reva and left a note for her saying goodbye.

At Old Mill Road, Jonathan discovered that it was a set-up. When Lizzie attempted to drive off with Sarah, Jonathan jumped on her car and railed that she was worse than Alan. Unnerved, Lizzie hid Jonathan and sent the police on a wild goose chase. Then at the cemetery, Lizzie made the painful decision to let Sarah leave with Jonathan.

In August 2009, Jonathan came across a body lying in the woods and was shocked to discover that it was Jeffrey who had been presumed dead for weeks. Jonathan was able to revive Jeffrey who warned him that Edmund was a danger to everyone that Reva loved. As if on cue, Jonathan got a menacing call from Edmund who threatened to take Sarah. Edmund warned Jonathan that he could eliminate him as easily as he took care of Jeffrey. Though Jonathan wanted to call Reva to tell her that her husband was alive, Jeffrey decided he'd have a better change of nabbing Edmund if everyone thought he was dead. Using a doll of Sarah as bait, Jeffrey succeeded in luring Edmund out. Unfortunately, Edmund got away and promised that he would murder all of the Lewis children unless Jeffrey continued to let Reva believe that he was dead. Apparently, Edmund's main goal was to make Reva suffer. Jeffrey swore Jonathan to secrecy and then convinced him to return to Springfield to watch out for Reva.

Jonathan returned to Springfield and met his new baby brother, Colin. He also finally got to meet Josh and Reva's son, Shayne. Like Josh, Shayne immediately distrusted Jonathan and when he overheard Jonathan having a clandestine phone call, he immediately suspected that he was working with Edmund. Unbeknownst to Shayne, Jonathan was actually talking to Jeffrey who kept in touch with him for several weeks. Though Jonathan had every intention of leaving town, Jonathan decided that Sarah needed a mother and finally let Lizzie see her daughter. After Josh assured Jonathan that Alan had mellowed considerably, Jonathan decided that it was safe to return to Springfield permanently. Later, Jonathan visited Alan himself. Though Alan claimed that he was a changed man, Jonathan still didn't trust him. Despite this, Jonathan had papers drawn up sharing custody of Sarah with Lizzie. Happy that Jonathan was staying, Reva arranged for him to stay at the cottage that Cassie had originally bought him and Tammy for their wedding. By the following year, Jonathan had settled into life in Springfield and had just been selected to work as a foreman for Lewis Construction. As for Jeffrey, it could be assumed that all contact with Jonathan had stopped.

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