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Dinah Adele Chamberlain Marler
AKA Dinah Morgan
Who's Who in Springfield: Dinah Marler | Guiding Light on Soap Central
Actor History

Jennifer Gatti (June 16, 1986 to June 1987)

Paige Turco (July 1987 to February 1989)

Wendy Moniz (February 20, 1995 to February 4, 1999)

Gina Tognoni (July 7, 2004 to September 18, 2009)


Born: 1970


Former Owner of WSPR

Former Host of "The Light on Springfield"

Former Vice-President at Spaulding Enterprises

Former Temporary CEO for Spaulding Enterprises (sat in for Harley Cooper)

Former PR specialist at Spaulding Enterprises

Former PR specialist (and assistant) to D.A. Jeffrey O'Neill

Former station manager of WSPR

Briefly worked at Lewis Oil

Former waitress at the nightclub, Kiyogi

Formerly mowed lawns for Sally Gleason


Germany, quite possibly with A.c. Mallet

Marital Status

Single/Annulled (Shayne Lewis)

Past Marriages

Roger Thorpe (Divorced; deceased) (m. 22 Sep 95; div. 96)

Hart Jessup (Divorced; deceased) (m. 1998; div. early 99)

A.c. Mallet (m. 28 Mar 07; div. Jan 14, 08)

Shayne Lewis (m. 3 Aug 09; ann. 20 Aug 09)


Ross Marler (Father; deceased)

Vanessa Chamberlain Reardon (Mother)

Maureen Chamberlain Reardon (Half-Sister)

Bill Lewis (Half-Brother)

Clarissa Marler (half-sister)

Kevin Ross Marler (Half-Brother)

Jason Frederick Marler (Half-Brother)

Henry Chamberlain (Maternal Grandfather; Deceased)

Emily (maiden name unknown) Marler (Paternal Grandmother; Deceased)

Justin Marler (Uncle) >Quinton Chamberlain (Uncle)

Lainie Marler Bowden (Aunt)

Gordon Matthews (Adopted uncle)

Calla Matthews (Adopted aunt)

Jesse Matthews (Adopted cousin)

Dorie Smith (Foster sister)

Samantha Marler (Cousin)

J. Chamberlain (Cousin)

Phillip Spaulding (Cousin)

Ben Warren (Uncle; deceased)

Drew Jacobs (cousin)

Lizzie Spaulding (first cousin once removed)

Alan Cooper "Zach" Spaulding (first cousin once removed)

James Spaulding (first cousin once removed)

Emma Spencer Spaulding (first cousin once removed)

Sarah Randall (first cousin twice removed)

Blake Thorpe Marler (stepmother)


Unborn child (with Rob Layne; Deceased)

Miscarried child (unknown father; deceased)

Flings & Affairs

Cameron Stewart (dated)

Alan-Michael Spaulding (dated)

Jean-Luc [last name unknown] (lovers)

Michael Burke (dated; Deceased)

Hart Jessup (affair; deceased)

Rob Layne (one-night stand; deceased)

Jeffrey O'Neill (lovers)

Dr. Corey Sheehan (dated)

Jonathan Randall (lovers)

A.C. Mallet (engaged)

Matt Reardon (one-night stand)

Shayne Lewis (lovers)

Crimes Committed

Stowed away in Phillip Spaulding's car [June 16, 1986]

Stole $ 80.000 from the 5th Street charity gala [April 20, 1995]

Stole some money from the cash register of the Diner [April 27, 1995]

Staged her own kidnapping in an attempt to obtain money [Summer 1995]

Colluded with Hart Jessup to gaslight Roger Thorpe by making him think he'd killed Hart [spring - August 1996]

Fraud; with Matt Reardon, in Switzerland, impersonated a married couple to find information about Vanessa [July 4, 1997]

Hid and went off her birth control pills without telling Hart [August 25th - November 7, 1997]

Lied to Hart that she was pregnant [November 1997]

Tried to seduce her mother's husband, Matt Reardon [January 2, 1998]

Planned to run over Cassie with her car [January 8, 1998]

Bribed Rob Layne to break up Cassie Layne and Hart Jessup [February 1998]

With Rob Layne, broke into Michael Burke's apartment to find out what secret Cassie was hiding [April 28th 1998]

Fraud: she slept with Rob Layne, hoping to get pregnant (and she did), then passed the baby off as being Hart Jessup's [May 1998]

Bribed a doctor to forgo a paternity test [August 1998]

Took Vanessa's blood pressure medicine to lower her blood pressure in an attempt to hold onto Hart, by making everyone believe she had not fully recovered from her miscarriage [September 28 - October 6, 1998]

Took Vanessa's blood pressure medicine again [October 26, 1998 - October 31, 1998]

Set fire to Jessup Farm [October 29, 1998]

Tried to seduce Matt Reardon [Christmas Eve 1998]

Broke into Hart's hotel room at the Springfield Inn and rearranged his possessions [January 13, 1999]

Attempted murder of Cassie Layne [January 14, 1999]

Caused Hart Jessup's death (February 26, 1999]

raud, theft, theft of identity; stole Cassie Layne Winslow's's credit cards and bank statements; impersonated her and then ran up huge debts in Europe. [spring 2002 - July 28, 2004]

Fraud and prank phone calls; made prank phone calls, as Princess Cassie, to Cassie calling her, "Blondie." [July 28 - 30, 2004]

Stalked Cassie [July 28, 2004 to September 3, 2004]

Fraud; posed as a helper,"Dee" at the aborted wedding of Harley Cooper and Gus Aitoro. [July 29, 2004]

Went to the Jessup farm and ran a letter opener sharply along a framed photo of Cassie and then held the letter opener close to the young R.J. Winslow [August 4, 2004]

Tried to kill Cassie and almost killed R.J. by pushing a huge planter with a plant on top of them. (Jeffrey O'Neill saved them both) [August 10, 2004]

Broke into Jeffrey's safe and planted a photo of him and Cassie for Edmund Winslow to find [October 21, 2004]

Impersonated the manager of a strip joint to make Cassie believe that Tammy was trying to get a job as a stripper [October 29, 2004]

Lied about still being pregnant after she miscarried [July 2005 to October 14, 2005]

Held a gun on Edmund and threatened to kill him [October 26, 2005]

Broke into Mallet's room to get the message she'd left on his answering machine [December 29, 2005]

Held a gun on Alan-Michael while accusing him of causing her father's death [May 12, 2006]

Covered for a stoned Gus Aitoro that she was driving his car following an accident in which he almost struck Reva Lewis [June 12, 2006]

Negligible Arson, While setting fire to her wedding dress, accidentally destroyed half the Beacon Hotel [August 2, 2006]

Stole a file out of Mallet's apartment [August 29, 2006]

Embezzled money out of her mother's account by using her name [April 2007]

Intended to murder Griggs, a loan shark, in order to protect her and her family [June 20, 2007]

Stole a vase from the Spaulding mansion [August 2007]

Used someone else's lost credit card to order drinks [August 2007]

Kept quiet about Cyrus's plan to rob Alexandra in exchange for a piece of the profit [September 2007]

Took her half-sister out of school without her parents' knowledge [October 16, 2007]

Grabbed Mallet's gun when faced with being admitted to a mental hospital [October 16, 2007]

Escaped from the mental hospital by setting the contents of her wastebasket on fire [October 30, 2007]

Stole a document containing contracting bids for her brother, Bill (caught breaking & entering by Mallet but never reported) [December 7, 2007]

Texted numberous individuals under the guise of Phillip Spaulding [mid March 2008 to April 2008]

Paid a woman to bring up false charges against Frank Cooper so that he would lose his job as Chief of Police [March 2008]

Impersonated Phillip so that Alan would put his assets into a phony acc0unt [March 17, 2008]

Arrested for embezzling money from Maximus Inc (charges dropped) [August 7, 2008]

Paid Grady Foley to scare her brother, Bill [mid September 2008]

Kept quiet about the fact that Lizzie Spaulding was being held captive in the basement of WSPR [October 2008]

Kept quiet about the fact that Grady Foley kidnapped Lizzie Spaulding [October 2008 to March 2009)

Accomplice in the arson of the police evidence warehouse tht housed the evidence against Bill [late December 2008]

Broke into Edmund's room at the Beacon [February 6, 2009]

Fraud; masqueraded as Mallet's wife so that he could adopt a baby [February 27, 2009]

Impersonated Edmund's deceased daughter, Lara, in order to draw Edmund out of hiding [June 2009]

PUrchased an unregistered gun [July 14, 2009]

Fugitive from justice; fled to avoid being arrested for killing an Edmund impersonator [August 2009 to Present] Memorable Quote

Dinah to her father, Ross, on July 31, 1995, at the Reardon Boarding House kitchen. Ross and Vanessa have told Dinah that they will not be guilted because of what they had to do in giving up Dinah when she was young -- so Dinah could pursue or marry Roger Thorpe:

Dinah: (Lets out an ironic laugh after Ross has told her that he and Vanessa will not be guilted. And then Dinah starts to cry. She will continue to cry throughout her lines.) "You two are SOME PIECE OF WORK!! You rejected ME and NOW you're whining about your PAIN and your MISERY! What do you think it was like for ME? Growing up without a FAMILY, KNOWING THAT MY OWN PARENTS DIDN'T WANT ME! KNOWING THAT I HAD TO BE PUT TO WORK IN A ROAD CARNIVAL, BECAUSE ....""WELL YOU CAN'T [change things]! YOU can't. It's too little, too late, dad ..... (Walks over to the door, still crying and turns around.) As far as I'm concerned ..... you can both take your imitation love and choke on it! From now on I'm going back to the way I was living, growing up. I'M GONNA BE ON MY OWN! AND I'M GONNA DO WHATEVER I DAMN WELL PLEASE!"

Brief Character History

After being put up for adoption by her biological mother, Vanessa Chamberlain, Dinah was adopted by the Carter family and raised in Springfield. Unfortunately, Mr. and Mrs. Carter were killed in a car accident. Mrs. Carter's brother, Gordon Matthews, placed the little girl with The Little Angels foundling home in Springfield and Dinah was taken in by the Morgan family. The Morgans later took in another little girl named Adele. Dinah and Adele were very close but a teenage Dinah ran away because she felt that the Morgans no longer wanted her. Dinah ended up with a carney family - Joe and Shelley Kowalski. Dinah and the Kowalskis traveled the country with the carnival. Eventually, Dinah tired of the carnival life and left to find her sister Adele.

In 1986, a seventeen-year-old Dinah arrived in Springfield and the first people she met were Phillip Spaulding and Beth Raines. Dinah was hit by a car in front of Phillip and Beth's place so they offered to let this "traveler" spend the night. Dinah admitted that she was broke and agreed to do yard work to earn bus fare. She told Beth that she was here looking for someone. Dinah mowed some lawns and started to earn some money. Soon she got a job at Camp Cayuga outside of town along with Roxie Shayne. It was here that Dinah found a place to belong. Phillip began teaching her to read and one day at Camp Cayuga, he was moved when little Dorie Smith, an orphan taken in by India Von Halkein, wrote a story about her dog who had a black spot in his eye. The next day, Dinah mentioned that she remembered sitting with her little sister and playing with their puppy - who had a funny black spot in his eye. Phillip asked Dinah for more details about Adele, who had blond hair when she last saw her, and Dinah mentioned a birth mark. Phillip was convinced that Dorie and Adele were one and the same. At this time, Dinah moved in with Lillian Raines. Lillian had recently lost her daughter, Beth, and was eager to be a friend and "mother-figure" to Dinah. Dinah and Dorie soon learned their true identities and were overjoyed to be reunited. Dorie was very young when Dinah left and didn't recognize the name as Dorie had moved from foster home to foster home. India filed to adopt Dorie and Dorie was ecstatic. Meanwhile, Dinah started going to Springfield High but she wasn't popular because the students made fun of her carnival past, especially the spoiled Marcy Campbell. However, Dinah befriended Cameron Stewart, a popular boy in school and he later invited Dinah to a Halloween party given by the high school's "in" crowd, mainly. When alcohol took over the party, Dinah called Lillian for a ride home. Phillip volunteered to pick up Dinah and her friend Kelly-Anne and, on the way home, Phillip's car collided with a car driven by Jean-Claude Laval. Laval was killed and Kelly-Anne was seriously injured, while Phillip, Dinah and Laval's passenger Chelsea Reardon were okay. At Cedars, Dinah, Ross Marler and others donated blood for Kelly-Anne. At this time, Joe and Shelley Kowalski began their search for Dinah.

Shelley thought that they could get in on Dinah's new lifestyle. Apparently when trying to pawn on of Dinah's old bracelets, they discovered that it belonged to the wealthy Grace Cummings. Believing that Dinah must be from money they kidnapped Grace and then Dinah. At the same time, Calla Morgan discovered that Dinah had the same blood type as Ross. Fearing that she would lose Ross to Vanessa if he learned about Dinah, Calla deleted the records from Cedars' computers. Meanwhile, Vanessa's father received a ransom note but did not understand why he should pay a ransom for Dinah - a girl he knew nothing about. Shelley then delivered another note and this time referred to his "grand-daughter." Ross and Henry realized that Dinah was Vanessa's daughter. They went to Cedars to check the records but the records were gone. Calla confessed to what she did and why. Ross ran to Vanessa and told her that Dinah was their daughter. The ransom money was delivered but a cub scout stumbled onto the drop-off site and took the suitcase with the money. Joe and Shelley panicked and issued death threats. They ordered Vanessa to deliver $500,000 to Camp Cayuga. When Vanessa arrived, they took her captive, too. Dinah then learned that Vanessa was her mother but she was not happy. Then they demanded $1,000,000 for the three women. But Ross wanted proof that they were alright, so Joe put Dinah on the phone and she said, "I'm fine. This isn't as scary as the Lake Monster." Ross understood the clue - they were at Camp Cayuga. Ross and the police rushed there and rescued the women. Though Dinah didn't like Vanessa or Ross at first, she eventually began to trust Ross and moved in with him. However, she could never get past Vanessa giving her up. As Dinah graduated from high school, she became worried about Cameron. He began acting strangely. She became especially worried when she found cocaine in his pocket. Worried, Dinah talked to Lillian about drug abuse and Cam was arrested for possession when cocaine was found in his glove compartment. But the cocaine belonged to Cam's father, George - not Cameron. Cam took the blame for his father and was sentenced to 1,000 hours of community service. College would have to be postponed and Cam would have a record. Not long after, although he was attracted to the virginal Dinah, Cam ruined it by having an affair with Lacey Bauer.

Hurt, Dinah got involved with Alan-Michael Spaulding, despite the fact that Ross couldn't stand his father Alan. Vanessa didn't approve as well since Alan-Michael was wild and she felt he was a bad influence on Dinah. As a result, the relationship between mother and daughter became even more strained. One day on a motorcycle tour with Dinah, Alan-Michael crashed into Frank Cooper's car when Frank was driving his pregnant sister Harley to the hospital. Alan-Michael was forced to help Dinah deliver the baby, Daisy, in the car. In the process, Dinah and Harley became friends and Dinah was there for Harley when she gave Daisy to the Lemay family. Meanwhile, Cam wanted to reconcile with Dinah but refused to come between her and his best friend, Alan-Michael, so he stated dating Harley who claimed to be a virgin. Dinah advised Harley to tell Cam the truth but she refused. Unfortunately, Cam finally learned the truth and left Harley. Later, when Vanessa was about to leave town for Venezuela, Dinah and Ross said their goodbyes and mother and daughter finally became close.

In 1988, Dinah suspected Cameron's dad, George, and his criminal partner, Nicky Sutton of smuggling drugs in cars through Frank's garage. Although she tried to tell Cam, he refused to believe her and pushed her away. Then one night he left home after an argument with his father. Concerned, Dinah went looking for him and only met George in the house; Dinah's shock, George kissed her, Dinah didn't tell anyone about it except Harley. As for Cam, he made up with his father but, one day, he witnessed George with Nicky at Spaulding Enterprises and finally realized that George hadn't changed as he claimed. One day, when Dinah was alone in the Stewart house with George, she tried to get George to leave Cam alone. George got angry with Dinah and nearly raped her. Fortunately, while visiting Ross, Cam realized that Dinah was at his house with his father. He and Ross raced over to the Stewart house and stopped George from raping Dinah. Meanwhile, Cameron was determined to have his father arrested for drug dealing. Though Springfield P.D. Lt. Larry Wyatt tried to get Cam and Dinah to see that it wasn't wise for them to set up George, both of the teens refused to listen and Lt. Wyatt got Cam and Dinah to agree to let him be nearby when George was arrested. On the day Sutton was arrested, George ran off. When George came home he first started abusing both Cam and Dinah until the bag of coke he bought from Nicky came falling out of his pocket onto the kitchen floor. Lt. Wyatt came in and arrested George right on the spot. Meanwhile, Alan-Michael had enough of Dinah being involved with Cam's personal problems and he and Dinah broke up. So Dinah and Cam were free and got involved again. Not long after, Dinah and Cam were surprised to learn of Alan-Michael and Harley's engagement. In February 1989 Dinah departed Springfield to go to college in Paris and Cameron followed her.

Dinah returned to Springfield in 1995 a changed woman. No longer the sweet young teenager, this Dinah was sophisticated and spoiled from living in Europe. Although Ross and Vanessa thought she was on break from school, they were shocked to discover that she'd actually dropped out! While Dinah tried to pass herself off as a wealthy debutant, Ross's new wife, Blake, and Henry suspected that Dinah was in fact broke. While staying at Vanessa's, Dinah alienated herself from Vanessa's fiancé, Matt Reardon, by flirting with him. (in her defense, Dinah had no idea who he was). Days later, Dinah was shocked when she came across an old acquaintance named Viktor Pasternak. As Dinah was telling Viktor about her money problems she mentioned that her grandfather has a huge trust fund, but she won't receive a penny of it until she married. However, Viktor had a plan. That same day, Vanessa learned of Dinah's money woes and since Dinah's flirtatious ways were grating on Matt, she suggested that Dinah live with Ross and Blake. Although Blake wasn't happy about the situation, she caved in and let Dinah move in to the carriage house. However, like Matt, Blake didn't totally trust Dinah either and decided to find out what her new stepdaughter was up to by bugging the telephones at her house. Unfortunately, for Blake her plan wasn't totally successful; not only couldn't she make out who Dinah was speaking with, but Dinah caught on and starting speaking in code with Viktor. Meanwhile, Dinah had found a perfect way to get money--she'd arrange for Viktor to kidnap her and they'd split the ransom money. Unfortunately for Dinah, Viktor double crossed her and left her tied up while he decided to ask for more money (which he'd keep for himself. Luckily, that same day, Ross found the bugs that Blake had planted and she tried to get him and the others to see that Dinah was planning something. Not long after, the family received Viktor's ransom demand and Matt convinced everyone, including Dets. Patrick Cutter and Frank Cooper, that he to have him take the money to the location Viktor had mentioned. Unfortunately, Matt was captured himself. Viktor took off and was later caught before leaving on a flight out of Springfield by Det. Cutter. In the meantime, Matt and Dinah were able to escape from the factory by kicking open a trapdoor. Rescued, Dinah was resentful when Ross and Vanessa read her the riot act about setting up her own kidnapping. Angry at her parents, Dinah lashed out by sleeping with the town villain, Roger Thorpe, Blake's father.

In an effort to get Thorpe away from their daughter, Ross and Vanessa used Roger's visitation rights for his grandson, Peter, as a weapon since Vanessa had custody of the boy. Livid at their using Peter, Roger vowed to find his son, Hart, and tell him about Peter (since he had no idea he fathered a child) and then use him to get custody of Peter. Roger hired a bevy of private investigators to find Hart and also married Dinah. Meanwhile, wondering why Roger was so hot to find him, Hart returned to town, in 1996, and overheard the truth about his parenthood before seeing his father. Blown away, Hart went to see his father, but quickly realized that Roger had been planning on using him. Never close to his father, Hart got Dinah to sleep with him and then gleefully revealed the fact to his enraged dad. Little did anyone realize that Roger had been busy embezzling all of Dinah's trust fund money, most of which had been given to her by her grandfather Henry. Roger tried to patch things up with Dinah while his lawyer was "doctoring" his financial books to make it look like Roger had lost the money in a bad investment (it was actually stashed away in the Cayman islands). When he was about to have to go to court to reveal what he had done with the money, Roger took some pills and faked a heart attack to dodge court. His ploy nearly worked, Dinah almost fell back into Roger's grasp, but Hart learned that his father had stolen Dinah's money and showed Dinah the proof. Dinah got even more upset when she was told Roger had faked his heart attack. She bought a gun and went into Roger's hospital room with the intention of killing him. Luckily Hart dragged her off before she pulled the trigger. It was then they concocted a plan to make Roger believe he was losing his mind. In the process, she and Hart began to fall in love.

As time went on, Roger grew more and more violent, attacking Hart several times and choking Dinah with a scarf. He went so far as to start drugging Dinah with a psychoactive drug, Lonatrat that destroyed people's brains. He tried to convince Dinah (while she was under the drug's influence) to jump off the roof of their penthouse. Hart caught on to his father's malevolent plot and saved Dinah. Now, they both decided to kick their plan into high gear. Hart confronted Roger at Laurel Falls with a vial of Lonatrat and threatened to the police Roger had been trying to drive his wife insane in an effort to cover up the fact he robbed her blind ever since he had married her. A fearful Thorpe pulled a gun on Hart and the two struggled. The gun went off and Hart was shot. A despondent Roger, believed that he had "murdered" his own son. However, this was merely part of the clever plot against him, Hart was not dead: the bullet had been a blank and he had been wearing a blood pack. Now, Hart began popping up all over town to flare up Roger's guilty conscience. Roger's mental state dramatically declined after he accidentally drank an entire vial of the Lonatrat he had been poisoning Dinah with. The drug was pumped out of his system, but he was left strapped down to a hospital bed after he had tried to strangle Dinah.

Finally, at a fair, Hart revealed himself to Roger in front of the entire town. A whacked out Thorpe couldn't believe his eyes and admitted to everyone that he had shot Hart. After Dinah refused to corroborate Roger's story, he realized he'd been set up all along and attacked his son. It took two cops to subdue him and he was again strapped down to a bed to await a mental competency hearing the next day. Roger represented himself at the hearing, but after becoming violent on the stand, the judge ordered him placed into the Midland Hills psychiatric hospital. After Roger tried escaping twice, Dinah authorized the psychiatrists to give Roger "shock treatment" to cure him of violent impulses.. At a second competency hearing, Hart and Dinah were discovered together and a "kind, benevolent" Roger was finally released from the mental hospital. Within a couple of weeks Roger decided to get back in his son's good graces, so he made some street thugs mad, got beat up and used Hart's sympathy to worm his way back into Hart's life. Dinah wasn't quite so trusting, so Roger set it up for her to get locked in a grain silo on the Jessup farm. She nearly suffocated as the silo filled up with grain, but just in time, Roger "rescued" her.

After the debacle with Roger was over, Dinah had to deal with Vanessa's presumed death as well as trying to show Hart that she could be a good caregiver to his son, Peter (something others had doubts about). Soon, Dinah got a surprise visit from her old lover from France, Jean-Luc. Jean Luc and Dinah had lived together for two years and he told Hart that he regretted kicking her out and wanted her back. Hart was ready to throw Jean Luc out, but Dinah told him that she would handle him. Dinah told Jean-Luc that she was a different person now but he said that she still seemed like the uninhibited girl she was and asked if she ever managed to get her hands on the trust fund money that her mother had for her. Although Dinah and Hart thought Jean Luc's appearance in Springfield was innocent, he was actually paid by Roger to break up the couple. Jean Luc visited Dinah again and pledged his love for her. When Dinah rejected him, he pointed out that she would eventually tire of the farm and that a girl like her could never make a man like Hart happy for long. Things between Dinah and Hart would get worse without Jean Luc's help. It soon became obvious that Dinah was insecure of her role in Hart's life and wasn't quite the type of woman to stay on the farm. Things got tenser after a trip to Switzerland, where Jean Luc arranged for Dinah to be reunited by her jet setting friends. Although Dinah was enjoying herself, it was apparent that Hart wasn't and he was further dismayed when her friends followed her to Springfield. Not understanding how Dinah could have such shallow friends, Hart confided his frustrations to Bridget, which only fueled Dinah's jealousy. Fearing she was about to lose Hart, Dinah agreed to tell her friends that they had to leave, which prompted Jean Luc to ponder how she was no longer her own woman. Believing Jean Luc's words that Hart was trying to turn her into a domestic type, Dinah made a turn around and refused to tell her friends to leave. Although she and Hart tried to settle their differences, she kept finding herself drawn to the jet setting life and finally the couple decided they were incompatible and broke up in 1997.

Depressed over the loss of her mother and Hart, Dinah bonded with Matt over their shared loss and their attempts to build a children's wing at Cedar's in Vanessa's memory. Knowing how much Dinah still loved Hart, and that the feeling was mutual, Matt arranged for the couple to be locked in a shed until they could settle their relationship one way or the other. Matt's plan worked and the pair decided that their love could overcome their differences. Not long after, Matt came to a startling conclusion--Vanessa was alive! Although Dinah initially scoffed at his theory that Vanessa faked her death (to spare her family the agony of dealing with her illness), soon she began to suspect that perhaps he was right and she set out with Matt to locate Vanessa at a hospice in Switzerland. After her brother, Bill's, high school graduation, Matt and Dinah traveled to Switzerland and although they found proof that Vanessa was alive, Vanessa was nowhere to be found! However, they did find evidence that she had just been in Springfield for the graduation. Later, Dinah was thrilled when Vanessa (whose illness went into remission) finally returned to the family. Unfortunately, while she was thrilled at her mother's return, it brought out a fear--could the degenerative disease Vanessa have be passed on? Told that that was a possibility, Dinah began to have second thoughts about having children with Hart, something that didn't please him. Although she later agreed to "let nature take its course", Dinah secretly began taking birth control pills.

In the meantime, Dinah was becoming increasingly jealous of Hart's new friend--Cassie Layne, an ex-stripper who was trying to raise money to get her daughter out of foster care. Extremely jealous of Cassie, Dinah went as far as to sabotage Cassie's attempt to get her daughter back by following the pair to Chicago and blowing their cover as an engaged couple. Although Dinah pled innocence, Cassie was certain that Dinah deliberately messed up their scheme. Unfortunately for Dinah, Hart found the pills and left for Cassie. Losing Hart brought out the worst in Dinah and she started obsessing with finding a way to win him back, alienating herself from her family. Knowing that Hart couldn't resist the maternal-type, Dinah borrowed a baby and set it up so Hart would see her caring for a child. Her plan worked with Hart believing that Dinah had changed and they reconciled. Desperate to hold on the Hart, Dinah then arranged a surprised wedding at Hart's birthday party! Seeing that Hart was obviously in shock, Blake faked abdominal pains to get Hart out of the house so he'd have time to think about whether he actually wanted to marry Dinah. Later, Dinah was devastated when Hart broke their engagement saying that he no longer loved her. Making matters worse was the fact that Vanessa sympathized with Cassie and told Dinah that she needed to move on with her life.

Vanessa's acceptance of Cassie angered a bitter Dinah and in 1998, she set out on a plan to hurt her mother like she'd been hurt. Dressing up like Vanessa, Dinah set it up to have Matt kiss her and fort her mother to see. Unfortunately, the plan failed and Vanessa saw nothing while Matt blasted her for what she was doing. Afterwards, Dinah decided to focus her energies on getting Hart back. Having found Cassie's ex-husband, Rob, at a halfway house in Chicago, Dinah asked him to come to Springfield to help break-up Cassie and Hart. Dinah further enticed him with the concept that she'd help him get custody of Tammy. Meanwhile, Dinah leaned on Hart for comfort during Vanessa's health scare. When her plans didn't work, she accused Cassie of having an affair with Josh. At the same time, Dinah became convinced that Cassie was keeping a secret, along with Vanessa's doctor, Michael Burke, and decided to find out what exactly Cassie was up to, thinking perhaps Cassie was having an affair. With a reluctant Rob in tow, Dinah broke into Michael's apartment to see what she could find. While she couldn't find anything, it was apparent that Cassie was keeping a secret from Hart and that was damaging their relationship. Then one day, a drunken Hart showed up at Dinah's doorstep and she took advantage of the situation by telling him later that they'd made love. Later, she slept with Rob so that she would become pregnant! The plan worked and Dinah told Hart that she was pregnant with his child. After having a slight scare, Dinah lied to Hart that she was having a trouble pregnancy. Pleased when Hart vowed to stay by Dinah during her pregnancy, she was chagrined when Cassie, who saw through Dinah's lie, promised to do the same. Wanting to put a cramp in their relationship, Dinah gave Hart an ultimatum: her and the baby, or Cassie. Meanwhile, Cassie learned of Dinah and Rob's tryst.

Tragically, days after learning that Cassie herself was pregnant, Dinah miscarried when, while sneaking around by the farm, she was accidentally hit by a door by Hart. She then used his guilt as well as her mother's blood pressure pills to con him into staying with her. Later, when she became ill from over-medicating herself, she conned Hart into marrying her by claiming to be dying. Although the plan worked, Hart was still drawn to Cassie, who had decided to lie to Hart by claiming the child she was carrying wasn't his. Determined to keep Hart with her, Dinah decided to cut his business trip with Josh Lewis short by setting fire to farm. The fire left Dinah with terrible scars on her face, which made Hart feel more responsible to her. However, Hart was shocked when he overheard Dinah and Vanessa talking and discovered that he was the father of Cassie's baby! Though Dinah tried to convince him that she kept the truth from him because she loved him and wanted him to stay, he didn't buy it and left her. Desperate, Dinah found out where Cassie was arranged for Cassie to think Reva was picking her up in a limo. When Cassie discovered who the driver was, Dinah locked the doors and drove off. Worked up, Dinah skidded into a snow bank and the car got stuck. Just then, Cassie started to go into labor and Dinah was forced to deliver the baby. Just then Hart arrived, thrilled and relieved to find Cassie and see his son for the first time. Things only got worse for Dinah in 1999. Totally unbalanced by now, she got angry with Hart for rejecting her and retaliated by breaking into his room at the Springfield Inn. Desperate to hold on to Hart, Dinah finally revealed the lengths she had gone to keep him -- taking Vanessa's pills, which almost killed her, and starting the fire that scarred her. Shocked, Hart called Vanessa, telling her to get her daughter. Then Cassie learned the truth about the child Dinah miscarried! Knowing that that was her only link to Hart, Dinah tried to appeal to Cassie, and when that didn't work, she grabbed the one antique gun Hart left behind. Dinah aimed the antique gun at Cassie. At that moment, Hart walked in moment and jumped in front of Cassie as Dinah pulled the trigger.

Hart was critically wounded, and as a devastated Dinah fled to her mother for help, Cassie had Hart rushed to the hospital. Vanessa was devastated by what her daughter did and wanted Dinah to explain the accidental shooting to the police but Dinah insisted that she'd kill herself first, so Vanessa decided to hide her. Days after Hart's death, Vanessa arranged for Dinah to fly to Switzerland where the nuns who took care of her during her illness would help Dinah disappear. After mother and daughter shared a heartfelt good-bye, Dinah fled Springfield. There would be no word about Dinah until the summer of 2000 when she contacted her mother saying that she needed help: she was pregnant. Dinah was mentioned in June 2002 when Ross saw Vanessa at Josh and Reva Lewis's wedding. Curiously there was no mention of her having had a baby. When asked how Dinah was doing, Vanessa commented that she was traveling and was none the worse.

The truth about what Dinah had been doing would come to light in the summer of 2004 when Cassie found out that a mysterious woman in Europe was using her credit cards and paying them off. The mystery became even more intriguing when she realized the woman was posing as Princess Cassandra Winslow. At the same time that Springfield D.A. Jeffrey O'Neill promised Cassie that he'd investigate, Dinah unexpectedly placed a call to Ross but hung up before speaking. Not long after, Dinah received a call from Jeffrey himself warning her that he better not learn that she was Cassie's imposter. Jeffrey turned out to be right; it was indeed Dinah! Again, Dinah called Ross, this time speaking with her father and asked specifically about Cassie. Not long after, Jeffrey tracked Dinah down in Europe and warned her that if she didn't stop impersonating Cassie, he'd have her locked away. Far from being concerned, Dinah instead flirted with Jeffrey, bringing to mind when they met two years ago--when he rescued Dinah (who had miscarried her baby) who was languishing in a European prison. Jeffrey's rescue had a price--in exchange she had to help him, by impersonating her old rival Cassie, who to Dinah's utter shock, was now married to an actual Prince, Richard Winslow, a dead-ringer for Jeffrey. However, now, Cassie was a widow living in Springfield, where Jeffrey now resided as well. Although Jeffrey thought that he'd scared Dinah into submission, she went back to masquerading as the Princess, only to be almost discovered by Cassie! It was then that Dinah decided to go back to Springfield, in disguise since she was still wanted for Hart's murder.

Back in Springfield, Dinah contacted Ross, who urged Dinah to turn herself in. She agreed, and later made the same promise to Bill when he discovered her. That same day, Dinah met Cassie's new beau, Edmund Winslow and realizing that he was jealous of Jeffrey, informed him that she had dirt on O'Neill. While staying at Bill's apartment, Dinah continued to skulk around Springfield, soon making her way to the Jessup farm where she came face to face with Hart's son, RJ. Dinah introduced herself as his imaginary friend, and convinced the boy to keep her existence a secret. In the meantime, Dinah offered Edmund a deal to work together and ensure that Jeffrey never got too close to Cassie. Later, when a mysterious person began stalking Cassie, and even attempted to kill her, Jeffrey realized it had to be Dinah. As the weeks went by, Jeffrey hunted for Dinah, and finally found her in Bill's apartment. Although he tried to threaten her into leaving town, again she broke down his defenses and the pair almost wound up making love. Soon after, Dinah began actively stalking Cassie. Yet, Jeffrey kept quiet, instead trying to handle Dinah himself and urging her to give up her obsessive vendetta against Cassie. Deciding to get rid of Dinah once and for all, Jeffrey put her on a plane to Europe under guard. However, Dinah was too slick and bribed a look-a-like to take her place while she stayed in Springfield. At the same time, Jeffrey, and an unexpected Cassie, were on their way to Washington DC on the pretense of talking to Cassie's stalker. Things finally came to a head one stormy night at the Jessup farm. Upon arriving at the barn, Dinah spotted Edmund knocking Jeffrey out with a shovel. The blow caused Jeffrey, who was holding a candle, to fall and the barn went up in flames! Edmund was able to drag Jeffrey to safety, while unbeknownst to them, Cassie entered the burning barn and spotted RJ trapped at the top level. Although Cassie became trapped under falling debris, Dinah herself saved the day by rescuing RJ and alerting Edmund and Jeffrey to Cassie's fate.

Now exposed, Dinah was sent to jail where she made no secret of her intention to reveal Jeffrey's secret, and the fact that Edmund had initially tried to kill O'Neill, unless both men got her charges dropped. The key, of course, was Cassie. As the sole witness to the shooting, if Cassie stated that Dinah was not in sound mind during the shooting- Dinah would go free. Hoping to facilitate her release, Dinah tried to convince both Cassie and Blake that she was truly remorseful about Hart's death. Although Blake remained convinced that Dinah should stay behind bars, Cassie, who was continually being warned by Jeffrey about how emotionally grueling a trial would be, began to wonder if putting her family through the torture of a trial was worth it. In the end, she decided it wasn't and stated that Hart's shooting was an accident. Thanks to that statement, Dinah was a free woman. Unfortunately, Cassie's fear consumed her and she decided to get rid of Dinah herself. As Dinah was being released, she hopped into what she thought was Ross's car, only to find Cassie at the wheel! Although Cassie assured a tense Dinah that this was just so they can talk, her true intention became clear when they drove to Laurel Falls where Cassie pulled out a gun and announced her intention to do away with Dinah to ensure her family's safety. Although Dinah scoffed at the idea of the "upstanding" Cassie resorting to murder, she started to believe that Cassie was freaked out enough to do it. Meanwhile, Edmund and Jeffrey figured out that both Cassie and Dinah were gone – and assumed that Dinah must have kidnapped Cassie. As Dinah fought for her life by overpowering Cassie, Cassie got the upper hand and seemed about to shoot. Luckily, Jeffrey and Edmund arrived on the scene. Thanks to some words from Edmund and some reverse psychology from Jeffrey (who told Cassie to shoot Dinah), Cassie decided to spare Dinah's life.

In the meantime, Dinah decided to take from Cassie what was taken from her. Deciding to steal Edmund away from Cassie, Dinah set it up so he would spot her drunkenly attempting to strip in a bar. Attempting to avoid her making a scene (as well as announcing to the bar that Cassie had tried to kill her), Edmund dragged her out of there. Confronted by Edmund, Dinah turned on the tears and bemoaned to Edmund that she didn't know how to change. As she'd hoped, Edmund softened toward her and let her spend the night in his hotel suite. Meanwhile, Dinah continued to fuel Edmund's jealousy of Jeffrey by setting it up so he'd see a picture of Jeffrey (as Richard) with Cassie in Jeffrey's apartment. Ultimately, Dinah's plan failed and Cassie and Edmund made plans to have a baby. Later, Dinah was able to seduce Jeffrey. However, Jeffrey discovered her true motive for the seduction when he discovered that she'd poked holes in his condom. Realizing this was all about getting pregnant so she could have a life like Cassie's, Jeffrey blasted Dinah and threw her out. By the end of the year, Dinah was more jealous than ever of Cassie's impending marriage to Edmund and sought to destroy it by suggesting to RJ that saw Edmund hit Jeffrey over the head the night of the fire. That night, RJ told Jeffrey, who went to Dinah for confirmation. Dinah confirmed what she'd seen and then encouraged Jeffrey to tell Cassie what he'd learned.

In 2005, Dinah was pleasantly surprised to see Cassie's trouble-making nephew Jonathan head up to Cassie's room at the Beacon. Figuring that Cassie was setting Jonathan up (so his mother would see him taking advantage of an "inebriated" Cassie), Dinah put a wrench in her plans by first hanging a Do Not Disturb sign outside Cassie's door and then keepping Reva from going up to Cassie's room. The next morning, the day of Cassie and Edmund's wedding, Dinah summoned Edmund to the hotel. Unfortunately, by the time Edmund got to Cassie's room, Jonathan had slipped out. However, thanks to Jonathan's drugging of Cassie and implying that they had slept together, a shaken Cassie almost didn't attend her own wedding. After learning that Edmund and Cassie did marry, a devious Dinah revealed to Edmund that she knew the reason why Cassie nearly didn't make it to the altar. Although she was just teasing him with the information, without giving him any, Edmund was intrigued. Later, Dinah was still intent on breaking up the happy couple and decided to help fuel Edmund's growing jealousy by anonymously sending Cassie flowers. Meanwhile, Bill was still concerned about Dinah's obsession over Edmund and his wife, Olivia, attempted to distract her by setting her up with a man named Corey. Upon learning that Corey was an OB-GYN, Dinah's interest suddenly piqued since she knew she could use that to her advantage. Knowing that Cassie and Edmund were trying to get pregnant, it didn't take long for Dinah to start pumping Corey for information on modern fertility methods. Though Dinah tried to get her hands on some fertility drugs, she ended up being caught by Corey. She used her feminine wiles to try to nab the key to the medicine cabinet, but struck out. Upset, Dinah later went to Jonathan and blasted him for not telling Edmund that he was with Jonathan the night before their wedding. Later, Dinah piqued Jonathan's interest when she told him about the fire in the barn. Eventually, Cassie figured out that Dinah knew what happened the night before her wedding.

Dinah finally told Edmund what she knew about Jonathan and Cassie. Angry beyond belief, Edmund raced off to confront Jonathan while Dinah went and told Cassie what Edmund knew. Unfortunately, although Cassie came face to face with Edmund's violent side when she saw him beating up Jonathan, she still stayed loyal to him. At the same time, in celebration of what they thought would be the end of the Winslow marriage, Dinah and Jonathan became lovers. They then hatched another plan to destroy the Winslow marriage by telling Cassie's sister, Reva, about Edmund causing the fire, hoping Reva would tell Cassie. Days later, the Winslow family was dealt a devastating blow when Cassie finally learned that Edmund had been responsible for the barn fire. With Edmund vulnerable, Dinah convinced him to let her carry his and Cassie's embryo (which had been frozen and was ready for implementation), convincing him that it would help him get Cassie back. Although he was skeptical of her motives, when Edmund learned that Cassie was leaving him, he desperately agreed to the plan. To cover himself legally, Edmund had Dinah sign a contract stating that she would voluntarily give up the child at birth. He then invited Dinah to stay at the farm so he could take care of her. Although Dinah tried to get closer to Edmund by offering him tips on how to win back Cassie, all her efforts only reminded her of the sacrifice she was making. Later, Dinah was confronted by an angry Ross who questioned her relationship with Edmund. She didn't reveal the truth but insisted that she was not leaving Springfield. Later, Dinah finally informed Cassie that she was pregnant with her and Edmund's baby. Although sickened with the revelation that her hated rival was pregnant with her child, Cassie had no choice but to accept the situation. However, she refused to simply reunite with Edmund.

Throughout all of this, Dinah was falling more and more in love with Edmund, but he was still obsessed with Cassie. In order to get Cassie back, Edmund created a situation in where her son's biological father demanded custody. Unfortunately, the plan backfired and Cassie ultimately wound up returning Will to San Cristobel. To Edmund's chagrin, Dinah had a tape of Edmund confessing what he'd done. On day, Edmund found Dinah alone at the barn and confronted her about her threats to tell Cassie the truth. In the course of a heated exchange, Dinah grabbed a shovel as if to hit Edmund with it. Shocked, Edmund grabbed the shovel, and as he was held it in midair above Dinah, Cassie walked in! Although Edmund tried to explain that it was all a set up by Dinah, a shaken Cassie didn't believe him and wrote Edmund off for good. Although she again declared her love for him, her words only angered Edmund who bitterly hated Dinah for what she'd made him lose. Weeks later, Dinah revealed her biggest secret to Jonathan--she was no longer pregnant! Apparently, she'd had a miscarriage and was now using body pads to fake her pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Dinah threatened to bring false charges of kidnapping unless Edmund made love to her, hoping she'd get pregnant for real. Not trusting Dinah, Edmund did some snooping in her room and later realized their secret. Dinah was able to convince Edmund to use her pregnancy as a means to hurt Cassie. At the same time, Cassie pleaded with Dinah to bring kidnapping charges against Edmund and Dinah finally confessed that there was no kidnapping. In the meantime, Cassie was showering Dinah with kindness out of gratitude for carrying her child. Extremely uncomfortable, Dinah wanted to tell Cassie the truth ASAP but Edmund kept putting it off. Finally one night Edmund kidnapped Dinah and whisked her away to a replica of the Jessup farm. During their exchange, Dinah heard a baby crying but Edmund dismissed it. Edmund then left Dinah there, devastated and trapped. Having just read that Michelle Bauer lost her baby in a car accident, Dinah realized that Edmund had stolen Michelle's baby and given it to Cassie.

Dinah tried to reason with Edmund and convince him that his plan wouldn't work, but Edmund refused to listen. At the same time, Jonathan was shocked to learn that Dinah's baby was born, since he knew there was no baby. Concerned about Dinah, he followed. Edmund and found himself outside the recreated farmhouse where Edmund was keeping Dinah. Unfortunately, Jonathan was called away. Unnerved by his close call, Edmund threatened to stop giving Dinah food if she didn't find a way to deter Jonathan. So Dinah sent him off with a note to Jonathan that would throw him off her trail but Edmund wouldn't promise that he'd come back. Angry and worried that she wouldn't get out alive, Dinah decided to trick Edmund by hiding in a crevice in the farmhouse. Her plan worked; when Edmund returned he couldn't find her. Unfortunately, instead of just leaving the door unlocked as Dinah thought he would, a panicked Edmund locked it behind him and later set fire to it! Dinah tried to get out but was overcome by the smoke and passed out. Luckily, detective A.C. Mallet, who'd been investigating Edmund happened by and rescued her. Noticing her attention on the cell phone that she'd swiped from Edmund, he pressed redial and got in touch with Cassie, telling her he'd found the missing Dinah. That night, Dinah was taken to Cedars where she apologized to Cassie for all she'd done. Then in an act of atonement, she took the baby, Hope, and gave her to her rightful father--Danny Santos.

Afterwards, Edmund escaped from jail and Mallet was put in charge of keeping an eye on Dinah. When he caught Dinah trying to steal his gun, Dinah admitted to him that she wanted to kill Edmund and make him pay. When Dinah was almost caught by her probation officer with the gun, Mallet covered for her but let her know that she had to let him take care of Edmund. However, Dinah, who had a habit of ditching Mallet, went off to find Edmund herself. Finally, she found him hitchhiking at the side of the road and picked him up. She then held a gun on him and threatened to make him pay for what he'd done to her. Luckily for Edmund, Mallet (who'd been searching for Dinah) came upon them and convinced Dinah not to pull the trigger. Edmund demanded Dinah's arrest, but Mallet informed him the gun was fake (which it wasn't) and that no charges could be filed.

At that point, Dinah decided to turn her life around and become a better person. In order to help her out, Mallet convinced Harley, who happened to be his ex-wife, to get Dinah a job at Spaulding Enterprises. Although she was definitely attracted to Mallet, Dinah had been burned too many times and resolved to swear off men. Besides, she knew Mallet still had feelings for Harley. Dinah wasn't the only person who thought that, and to prove everyone wrong, Mallet planted a hot kiss on Dinah and publicly insisted they were dating. Dinah played along, and then let Mallet have it. Harley, however, continued to urge Dinah to give Mallet a shot, assuring her that he was a wonderful guy. Meanwhile, Christmas was rolling around and Dinah was upset that her whole family would be gone for the holiday. A few days later, Mallet surprised Dinah by arranging for Vanessa to come home for Christmas.

Although Dinah was initially hurt since she figured Vanessa only came because Mallet talked her into it, Vanessa assured her that she didn't need all that much convincing. The next day, Vanessa played Cupid and set up Dinah and Mallet to run into each other while Christmas shopping. The pair bantered back and forth about a host of nonsense topics - hot cocoa, cookies, and silk pajamas - but when it looked like the conversation might go deeper, both pulled back and pretended it was all a joke. As the days went by, teh two grew closer and closer. Finally, on Christmas, the pair shared a turkey dinner and wound up making love for the first time. The next morning, the pair woke up together, both ecstatic from the night before but neither was willing to admit that their encounter meant anything serious, and so they ended up parting on a testy note. Later, Dinah was devastated to get a note from Ross telling him that he'd gotten a job in Washington DC. Depressed that she'd never even gotten to say goodbye, Dinah left a babbling message on Mallet's machine. Regretting it, she tried to break into his room to erase the tape, but he caught her and admitted that he already heard it. Then, New Year's Eve, they ended up making love again.

Soon after, in 2006, Dinah became increasingly insecure about Mallet's feelings for Harley. It didn't help that Mallet would frequently drop everything to help Harley who was distraught over the fact that Gus was missing. Despite being jealous, Dinah was determined to be a supportive friend to Harley and offered to take care of things at Spaulding so Harley could look for Gus. One day, when Dinah walked in on Mallet holding Harley, as if to comfort her, she played it cool, but made it clear to Harley that Mallet was her man now. Weeks later, on Valentine's Day, Dinah was shocked when Harley decided to step down as CEO of Spaulding and named Dinah was her replacement! Meanwhile, Alan-Michael fueled Dinah's jealousy by commenting on how closely Mallet and Harley were working together and suggested that Mallet dragged his feet about getting a new partner specifically hoping he'd get Harley. Later, Mallet shocked Dinah by asking her to move in with him. Still not secure, a wary Dinah asked if this was his way of telling Harley that he's tired of being her back-up guy. Mallet spoke from his heart, telling Dinah how much she meant to him. Dinah was moved and they made love. However, Mallet's devotion to Harley irked Dinah and during an argument about Harley, Mallet confessed that he had recently slept with her. Mallet explained that it was only one time and the woman he loved was Dinah. An angry Dinah didn't believe him though and walked out the door. With Mallet following, Dinah rushed out to confront Harley and both got the shock of their lives when they saw Harley with Gus! Although Mallet was afraid Dinah would spill the beans about his confession, after Harley raved about what a great friend Dinah had been to her, Dinah kept her mouth shut and professed her love to Mallet. Later, she was shocked when Harley announced that Dinah would stay on as CEO of Spaulding.

Afterwards, Alan-Michael tried to get Dinah to join forces with him against Harley but Dinah refused. The same day, Harley, who learned that Dinah knew the truth, found her and asked for forgiveness but Dinah couldn't quite give it. The next day, Mallet gave Dinah some horrible news-- Ross's private plane lost contact shortly after take-off and crashed. A few days later, Harley told Dinah, in light of Ross's death, she should take some time off; Harley already hired a replacement. Far from grateful, Dinah felt as if Harley had betrayed her again and ranted to Mallet. However, Mallet agreed with Harley. Dinah tried to insist that her job was all she had left to hold on to. Although Mallet was able to calm her down, she still felt bitter. Dinah finally exploded when Harley wouldn't let her return to work—throwing her affair with Mallet in her face. Meanwhile, the police discovered that Ross's plane went down due to sabotage and since Ross was set to meet with Alan-Michael several times over the last month, he was the prime suspect. Despite Mallet's concerns, Dinah refused to stay out of the investigation and was determined to nail Alan-Michael. Later, Gus walked in on Dinah tearing Alan-Michael's room apart, searching for evidence. Gus told Dinah he knew how she felt – his dad was killed too. He then offered to work together to nail his brother. Later, Dinah learned that Alan-Michael was traveling under an assumed name in Gabriel and stole Mallet's gun to confront him.

It didn't take long for Mallet to discover his gun and Dinah were gone and he and Gus and Harley went out searching for her. Meanwhile, Dinah found Alan-Michael's room and held a gun on him, ranting about how he'd killed her father. Luckily, Alan-Michael was able to talk Dinah down. Soon after, Mallet found a shell shocked Dinah and thinking she'd killed Alan-Michael tried to get her to turn herself in. At that point, Dinah informed him that she didn't kill Alan-Michael because she was afraid of losing Mallet. Dinah also confessed that she and Alan-Michael plotted together to get Harley out of Spaulding. At that point, a local cop arrived to arrest her for holding Alan-Michael at gunpoint, but Mallet hid her. He then told Dinah she needed to apologize to Harley. But before she had a chance there came a startling revelation—Phillip was alive and in hiding!

Apparently, Ross found out Phillip was alive and was trying to find him; Phillip had the plane sabotaged in order to keep it from lifting off to give him time to escape. The plane was never meant to take off. Later, Mallet and Dinah convinced the cop to drop the charges against her. Soon after, Mallet admitted to Dinah he knew Phillip was alive since Harley married Gus; he kept quiet so Harley would be happy. Though she initially railed at him, after finding a note from her father, Dinah quickly forgave Mallet. for. Weeks later, Dinah finally confessed to Harley that she plotted against her. Harley forgave Dinah since she had more important things to worry about. Namely Gus who had returned to popping pills after he accidentally overheard Dinah and Mallet mention Mallet's affair with Harley. Knowing that Gus had left, Dinah asked if Gus's exit meant Harley would go after Mallet again, but Harley stated it was Gus or nothing. Days later, Dinah confronted Alan-Michael to announce that she was still loyal to Harley.

In the meantime, the revelation of Harley and Mallet's affair was too much for Gus and he became hooked on pain pills. Though Mallet considered Gus a lost cause, Dinah tried to help him. When Gus responded by kissing her and suggesting revenge sex, Dinah slapped him and blasted him for his attitude. Not long after, Mallet unexpectedly asked Dinah to marry him. In the meantime, a picture of Gus kissing Dinah ended up on the internet and Mallet was determined to find out who was responsible. When the site went down, Dinah figured it was Alan-Michael and since he had what he wanted he didn't need the site. Unfortunately for Dinah, that wasn't the end of the site. At their engagement party, Mallet went on the laptop to show Gus and Harley their wedding video site and what should come up but Springfield Burns? This time, instead of a picture, the site included surveillance reports written by Mallet on Dinah! Mallet confessed that the FBI forced him to keep surveillance on Dinah since she held a gun on Edmund--otherwise she would go back to jail. Betrayed, Dinah rushed out. Mallet followed and tried to explain that he was doing his job but Dinah felt as if their whole relationship was a lie. When Mallet stated that Dinah was simply angry because she was stressed about the wedding, she shoved him into the water and then moved out of their apartment.

Days later, Dinah vindictively decided to burn all her bridal things in her room at the Beacon. After setting the bed ablaze, Dinah quickly put the fire out then left the building for a late night swim. Dinah seductively pulled Jeffrey in the pond with her and while they were kissing they noticed flames--the Beacon was on fire! Shocked, Dinah muttered something about what she'd done and ran to see if Mallet was alright. At the scene she found an injured Mallet who had gone into the burning building to save her. Horrified at what she'd unintentionally done, Dinah begged an unconscious Mallet's forgiveness. Later, Jeffrey accused her of setting the fire and she was forced to admit that she did, though she believed it was out when she left the room. Jeffrey was set to arrest Dinah but she begged him to bend the rules. Jeffrey decided to keep quiet, for a price and, when Mallet woke up, Dinah announced that she wanted to marry him. Days later, Jeffrey told Dinah what she needed to do to secure his silence--get Spaulding's endorsement for his mayoral campaign. When Dinah dragged her heels about getting the endorsement, Jeffrey put the pressure on, stating the DA needed a recommendation about the fire ASAP.

Meanwhile, Gus and Harley shared a theory with Dinah and Mallet--whoever was behind SpringfieldBurns may have started the fire at the Beacon. When Gus and Harley tried to ask Dinah some questions about the night of the fire, Dinah suddenly made an excuse and rushed out. Later, she met with Jeffrey on Main Street. After he again threatened her with jail unless she got his endorsement, she reminded him that she knew about his past--if it got out it could ruin his chances of becoming mayor. Dinah suggested that they needed to work together. Jeffrey conceded that she had a point and they agreed to keep each other's secrets. Soon after, Dinah showed up on SpringfieldBurns--this time in a picture with Jeffrey in the pond. Suddenly, Mallet surprised her by asking about what happened the night of the fire. Thinking he was talking about Jeffrey and her, Dinah assured him that nothing was going on between them-Jeffrey just wanted an endorsement. Later, Mallet gave Dinah another chance to open up when he brought up that he lost all of his clothes in the fire. Again, Dinah kept quiet. Just then, the fire inspector came looking for Dinah--thanks to a tip from Mallet. When Dinah accused Mallet of selling her out, he assured her that he wanted to protect her and begged her to tell him what happened. Just as she was about to, the Fire Inspector came to arrest Dinah and Dinah bitterly went off with him. At the police station, Gus and Harley tried to help Dinah by questioning her. Dinah was incredibly defensive and refused to answer their questions. In short order, Jeffrey got the arson charges against Dinah dropped. A free woman, Dinah informed Mallet that they were truly over.

Days later, Mallet confronted Dinah and begged her to admit that she started the fire. Dinah confessed the truth about the fire. Realizing that Jeffrey had the charges dropped to get Dinah under his thumb, Mallet tried to convince her that they could fight the charges since it was an accident. However, Dinah refused to take the risk of going back to prison and warned him if he told anyone what she did, she would deny it. She then told him to let their relationship go. Later, Dinah finally asked Alan-Michael to endorse Jeffrey O'Neill as mayor. Although he had been planning to anyway, Alan-Michael was intrigued about why exactly Dinah was working for Dinah. Before he got an answer, the cops, including Mallet, burst into his room and revealed that a live feed of Dinah and Alan-Michael was being fed on SpringfieldBurns.com. Later, Dinah received a call and learned that she forgot to cancel her wedding reception. Unable to get a refund, Dinah and Mallet decided to throw an "independence" party. At the non-reception, Frank urged Mallet to reconcile with Dinah while both Harley and Blake urged Dinah to reconcile with Mallet. The plan worked and Mallet admitted to Dinah that he wanted to marry her; she agreed. Weeks later, it was revealed that --Blake was the blogger!

Unfortunately, upon winning the mayoral race, Blake was poisoned and left in a coma. Dinah quickly went to Cedars and confronted a comatose Blake and railed at her for ruining her life. The next day, Mallet accused Dinah of knowing that Blake was the blogger and poisoning her. Meanwhile, Vanessa was keeping an eye on Clarissa and when she had to leave, Dinah offered to watch her sister. Dinah knew that a social worker would be visiting Clarissa and snuck out with the girl. They went to the Winter Carnival. Dinah was accused of kidnapping and found by Mallet. When Dinah angrily railed that Mallet always suspected the worst of her, he confessed how much he loved her. Mallet's words caught Dinah off guard and she passionately kissed him. Later, the pair made love.

A few weeks later, Vanessa shocked Dinah with a job offer--her own TV show. Trouble was, the station couldn't air both that show and THE LAW so she was going to hold a competition and let the audience decide. Though Dinah tried to win underhandedly by bribing Mallet's production assistant into giving her tapes of THE LAW, good old fashion reporting won out, in 2007, when Dinah solved the mystery of why a millionaire dropped a bagful of money in the middle of the street. Mallet was so impressed with Dinah's "Find your Light" segment that he dropped out of the contest and declared Dinah the winner. Meanwhile, weeks later, Dinah got a shock when her credit cards were declined and later she was outraged to learn that her bank account was cleaned out. As Marina searched through Dinah's records, she came across something that indicated that the identity theft may have been personal against Dinah. Later, Dinah privately called to check on the status of a prisoner. Days later, someone sent a rude e-mail to one of WSPR's advertiser's in Dinah's name. Later, Dinah received flowers addressed to a "Didi Moore" and realized who had been harassing her. Days later, Dinah came face to face with that person—Cyrus Foley. The international criminal arrived in Springfield and accused his old partner, Dinah, of leaving him to rot in prison.

Dinah informed Cyrus that "Didi Moore" (Dinah's old alias) was never coming back. Making it clear that she owed him, Cyrus persuaded Dinah to take him to her mother. Vanessa was far from happy to see Cyrus, who apologized for the things he did in the past and claimed to be a changed man since his prison stint. Cyrus claimed that he had no grudge against Vanessa for sending him to prison and asked only that they forgive him. That was before suggesting that they let him in on their business venture. Neither Vanessa nor Matt were buying the changed man routine and told Cyrus to leave. A few days later, Cyrus was arrested and Marina asked Dinah if she knew him. Though she denied it at first, Dinah quickly greeted him like an old friend and admitted that she knew him in Europe. Mallet quickly realized that Dinah already knew Cyrus was in town, and she admitted the truth. Later, Cyrus finally agreed to leave Springfield if Dinah recovered the stolen jewels he hid at the police station. Though Dinah was caught in the act by Mallet, she covered by claiming that she figured out where the jewels were. Meanwhile, Cyrus was showing no signs of leaving Springfield and finally told Dinah why he came to town---he wanted her mother's money.

Cyrus warned Dinah if she didn't get it to him, he would reveal a damaging secret he knew about Mallet who had just been appointed to the state's crime commission. That same day, Mallet asked Dinah to marry him at his swearing in ceremony. Dinah happily agreed and the pair finally became husband and wife. Later, Dinah tried to appease Cyrus by suggesting three targets he could go after, but Cyrus was adamant that the money come from Vanessa. So to save Mallet, Dinah was forced to embezzle money from Vanessa's account by pretending to be her. Soon after, Mallet reported that some suspicious activity had been going on in her mother's account - specifically money being transferred out. Convinced Cyrus was behind it, Mallet got Vanessa's permission to conduct an investigation. However, that made Matt extremely nervous and he was forced to admit to Dinah that he secretly took money out of Vanessa's account to pay investors. When Mallet got a lead about Cyrus and went to call the FBI, Dinah quickly stopped him by telling him about Matt. Unfortunately,, the loss of Vanessa's money had damaging consequences. Apparently, the "investor" that Matt was working with was a loan shark. Without the money to pay back the loan shark, the money was forced to come from Maureen's trust fund since that is what Matt used as collateral. Matt was forced to confess the truth to Vanessa who responded by throwing Matt out. Meanwhile, since everyone figured out that Cyrus took the rest of the money, Matt desperately pleaded with Dinah to help him find Cyrus. Several days later after finding a wig in Dinah's possessions, Mallet realized that she must have been the woman helping Cyrus. Caught, Dinah was forced to admit what she did and why she did it. Regretful that she knew his dark secret, Mallet and Dinah resolved to find Cyrus and the money.

Meanwhile, Blake finally emerged from her coma as Mallet was telling her his deep dark secret. Later, Dinah was touched that Mallet arranged for an alibi for her so that she couldn't be named as Cyrus's accomplice in stealing Matt and Vanessa's money. The pair then searched the warehouse for the missing money but it was nowhere to be found. In the meantime, after being discharged from Cedars, Blake invited herself to stay with Dinah and Mallet. She also made it very clear that it would be in Mallet's best interest if he got the criminal charges against her dropped--insinuating that she heard every word he said to her. Fortunately for Mallet, the matter was moot when the governor--an old friend of Ross's--had all of the charges dropped. As the days went on, Dinah was ready to throw Blake out but Mallet urged her to be nice because of what Blake might know. Unsure of what Blake actually knew, Mallet tried to coax it out of her but to no avail. Meanwhile, Cyrus (who was forced to destroy the money since it was marked) was put on trial. Dinah begged Cyrus not to ruin Mallet by revealing his secret. To everyone's shock, none other than Alexandra helped Cyrus by getting him top notch legal counsel. Cyrus was found not guilty and assured Dinah that her debt was paid: they were even. Later, curious Dinah found Mallet's silver suitcase. Inside was a collection of guns and the phone number of a man named Griggs.

Dinah confronted Mallet and he confessed his secret: after Harley divorced him, he took a job for a loan shark named Griggs and was ordered to kill a man. He did it and even felt empowered—that is until he learned the man had a family. Mallet told Dinah that he had a visit from Griggs who wanted him to do one more job: kill Matt. Though Mallet wanted to turn himself in so Frank could arrest Griggs, Dinah was sure there was another way. Later, Griggs threatened to kill Dinah if Mallet didn't do what he wanted and it seemed he would carry it out when Dinah was almost struck by a car. However, Dinah was unconvinced Griggs had anything to do with it and remained unconcerned. Meanwhile, Vanessa and Matt had finally reconciled and Matt informed Mallet and Dinah that he got the money he needed to repay his debt. That same day, Mallet and Matt faked Matt's death. Unfortunately, Mallet had been followed and Griggs quickly found out it was all a ruse. Meanwhile, Dinah arranged to meet Griggs herself. While seductively offering to work for him, Dinah slowly pulled out a knife with the intent of killing him. Soon Mallet arrived on the scene with a gun. Suddenly, Griggs got the upper hand and was about to shoot Mallet when Dinah stepped in the way of the bullet. Griggs ran off and Dinah was taken to Cedars after being shot in the head. Dinah was in critical condition and although there was a fear that Dinah could remain in a coma for the rest of her life, she woke up.

Unfortunately, Dinah's head injury left her confused and she began trouble with her memory. Though she tried to cover, she finally admitted the truth to Matt who helped her make a cheat sheet for herself and encouraged her to confide in Mallet. However, Dinah was unwilling to do so and continued to cover her condition. Days later, it became apparent that something was wrong when Dinah froze during a live television interview. Mallet quickly covered and Dinah was forced to come clean about her condition. Later, Dinah saw all of the medical bills and asked Matt to talk Vanessa into giving her a raise. Matt told her that he couldn't do that since Vanessa (who blamed Matt for Dinah's shooting) served him with divorce papers. He told her that he wouldn't be able to get her a job at Lewis Construction either. Desperate, Dinah even sought out Cyrus to be his partner in crime again but he rejected her as well. Meanwhile, Mallet told Dinah that Vanessa had to let her go at WSPR since she Dinah couldn't do her job. Dinah continued to be frustrated with her condition and with Vanessa and Mallet's coddling. The only person she felt secure with was Matt. Later, Dinah was shocked when she saw Griggs! Confused, since Mallet assured her that he was in prison, Dinah went straight to Matt. As Dinah was relating how Matt was the only person she could confide in, Matt suddenly kissed her. He quickly pulled away and apologized. Meanwhile, Dinah learned that Cyrus planned on robbing Alexandra and offered to keep quiet as long as he gave her a cut of the profits. Cyrus agreed and gave her the money. When Mallet found out about it he demanded that she return the money which she decided not to.

In the meantime, Mallet was forced to work another job to make ends meet and took a job as Doris's security guard.. Things got so desperate that Mallet stole money from a drug bust. Though he decided not to use the money, Frank found it in his drawer and reprimanded Mallet at the charity ball. Dinah overheard everything and came up with a plan to ultimately save Mallet. Dinah met with Matt and came on to him, arranging it so Mallet would see them kissing passionately. Mallet immediately attacked Matt and Vanessa witnessed the entire scene as well. Upset, Dinah told Mallet that she turned to Matt because Mallet made her feel like damaged goods Mallet tried to assure Dinah that they could work things out but Dinah refused to listen. She later admitted to a suspicious Matt that it was all a ruse to release Mallet. Meanwhile Dinah learned that she was right about Griggs after all—she had seen him in Springfield! Griggs had been working with Cyrus to scam money from guests at the charity ball. Not only that, Griggs kidnapped Marina. Wanting to help, Dinah stopped Mallet from confessing his past association with Griggs to Frank. She then went to Cyrus to ask for her cut of the money but Cyrus was too focused on Marina and simply shoved his laptop at her. Later, told the police his suspicion that Dinah got Griggs to kidnap Marina. Brought in, Dinah denied in although she admitted to blackmailing Cyrus for a piece of the profit. Though Mallet tried to get Dinah to admit that she was not in her right mind because of the brain damage, Dinah insisted that she knew exactly what she was doing. Later, after a close moment with Mallet, Dinah went to Matt's pulled him into a kiss.

In the meantime, Vanessa and Mallet were both highly concerned with Dinah's well being and irresponsible behavior. Angered that Mallet was treating her like a child, Dinah returned her wedding ring and she and Matt ended up making love. Later, Dinah came for Matt for company again but he was frustrated because he was supposed to spend time with Maureen but she was taking an entrance exam at her new boarding school. Feeling sorry for him, Dinah pulled Maureen out of school and brought her to Matt. Vanessa immediately called Mallet and a doctor. Concerned that Dinah was a danger to herself and others, Vanessa told Dinah and Mallet her intention to have Dinah placed under psychiatric care. Dinah went ballistic at the thought and suddenly grabbed Mallet's gun. She was soon subdued and dragged away, screaming that she would never forgive Vanessa or Mallet.

Later, as a ploy to escape, Dinah swiped some matches from an unsuspecting doctor in order to set the contents of her wastebasket on fire. As planned, an orderly rushed in to put out the fire and Dinah slipped past him. Soon, Dinah's escape was thwarted by Mallet. Fortunately, Lizzie arrived and agreed to sneak her out. Back in Springfield, Dinah convinced Lizzie to let her stay at her place. At about the same time, Bill returned to town after a stint in Venezuela. Dinah told him all about her cognitive problems since getting shot in the head and Bill confessed that because of the anti-American atmosphere in Venezuela he was forced to use some unsavory tactics to keep the company afloat. The next day, Bill (who had literally seduced a client away from Lizzie) learned from Vanessa that Billy had started drinking again and with Dinah's help arranged for the press to find out about it. With Billy's problems now public, he was ousted from Lewis and Bill quickly took his place. Weeks later, Bill asked Dinah to steal contract bids from a competitor, Andrea Daniels and Dinah readily agreed. Unfortunately, Dinah was caught breaking in by Mallet, who tried to make Dinah see how dangerous her little stunt was: she could have been killed if another police officer had responded to the scene. Mallet's words irked Dinah who railed at his implication that she was damaged. Fed up with this argument, Bill turned to leave but was turned around by Mallet. Bill responded by punching him. Soon the pair began fighting until Dinah demanded that Mallet leave. She then presented Bill with the contracting bid.

Around Christmas, Matt admitted to Dinah that she'd been lied to: he and Vanessa were never together. It was all a lie to help Dinah get her life back together. At the same time, Mallet arranged for the breaking and entering charges to be dropped by forcing Dinah to sell Christmas trees as a community service. After finishing the job (which she only performed half-heartedly), Dinah brought a tree for Mallet. Mallet was touched and soon the pair made love. However, Mallet had been rejected by Dinah for weeks and suggested that they divorce.

Soon after, Dinah entered rehab. Though she wove a story about becoming addicted to pain killers, her real intention was to spy on Billy for Bill. Not long after, Billy mentioned to Dinah about giving Dylan his power of attorney—thus putting him in charge of the company. Dinah quickly reported the news to Bill. Meanwhile, despite herself, Dinah was becoming affected by the rehab program. In 2008, Dinah began to regret pushing Mallet away. Weeks later, Dinah's doctor told her that he was very optimistic about her regaining her mental faculties. It seemed that Dinah was getting better and better. Dinah went to Mallet with her good news and the two briefly bonded. Later, while Dinah was speaking with Mallet, he got a police call so Marina offered to handle a police call while Mallet spoke with Dinah. To ensure that they had privacy, Dinah secretly shut off Mallet's cell phone. Dinah made it clear that she wanted to reunite but Mallet was wary since Dinah pushed him away so many times in the previous months. Meanwhile, Marina wound up with a knee injury while handling the call. Realizing that Dinah must have turned off his phone (since Mallet never turned off his phone) Mallet blasted Dinah for her irresponsible behavior. In the meantime, Marina and Mallet's growing friendship wasn't lost on Dinah and she decided to keep things to her advantage by keeping Marina with Cyrus. Knowing that Cyrus had feelings for Harley, Dinah gave Marina tips on how to seduce Cyrus to keep him and later put doubts in Harley's mind about Cyrus's womanizing ways. Unfortunately, in the end, Cyrus ended up leaving Marina for Harley.

Meanwhile, Vanessa offered Dinah a job at WSPR but Dinah declined since she wanted to make certain that she was one hundred percent up to par. Later, Dinah visited Mallet at the station to tell him she missed him and saw a contract on his desk. Mallet told Dinah that he was offered a job as the new Chief of Police at Shrewsbury. Though Dinah assumed that he turned it down, Mallet admitted that he had no good reason to. Later when Dinah told him how proud she was of him, they shared an intense kiss. Dinah though broke it and stated that she couldn't fall for him right before he left. Anxious for Mallet to stay in town, Dinah paid a woman to complain about Frank flirting with her at a crime scene. As expected, Frank was suspended and Mallet was offered the Chief of Police spot. Not long after, Dinah asked Alan for a job at Spaulding but he rudely refused by bringing up her recent diminished mental capacity. In the meantime, Beth, Lizzie, and Alan had all received messages from Phillip at about the same time. Phillip had urged Lizzie to follow her heart when it came to Bill, asked Beth to talk all about their past and after telling Alan that all was forgiven asked him to deposit a large sum of money into an account. Meanwhile, Bill had just spoken to Dinah about a company that approached him for some business. Later, Bill realized that the company's initials were PS—which could stand for Phillip Spaulding. Bill did some more digging and discovered that Dinah was impersonating Phillip all along!

Confronted, Dinah admitted it and told Bill that she wanted to make Alan pay since she blamed him for her father's death. Bill offered to help and later lied to Alan that Phillip was following him and to meet him at the gym. Alan searched for Phillip to no avail. Bill then met Dinah at the mansion where she placed a file in Alan's drawer. At the same time, Dinah had arranged for the IRS to audit the Spaulding books. Thanks to Dinah, the police found evidence of financial fraud and Alan was arrested; his assets seized.As a result, Alan lost his mansion which Dinah promptly bought, telling everyone that she used the money from some very lucrative investments. Learning that Mallet was investigating Phillip's whereabouts since Alan blamed Phillip for setting him up, Dinah got Remy to make it look like Phillip was long gone, in exchange for letting him stay at the mansion.

Over the next few weeks, Dinah continued to call Mallet and flirted with him. Finally, after Dinah called in a false disturbance, Mallet told her not to prank him anymore and admitted that though he did love her, their relationship was too complicated. After kissing her, Mallet walked away. In the meantime, although Frank's suspension was lifted, Doris decided to keep Mallet on as police chief. Meanwhile, Dinah finally told Alan that she was the one who brought him down, not Phillip. Alan let it be known that he would regain what he lost. Later, Dinah made another play for Mallet by luring him to the mansion by faking a robbery. During their conversation, Dinah let it slip that she was responsible for Mallet's job—and Frank's suspension. Despite feeling like a hypocrite, Mallet kept quiet and continued on as Chief. In the meantime, Dinah suggested to Bill that Spaulding Enterprises was ripe for a takeover. Bill took his sister's advice and after suggesting that they merge Spaulding Enterprises and Lewis. Meanwhile, Mallet sought Dinah's help in stopping Jeffrey from conducting an investigation into shady dealings in the police department. Though Dinah tried to blackmail Doris into getting the investigation dropped, Jeffrey continued to look into the matter. When his investigation turned to Mallet, Dinah was forced to reveal the secret that Mallet was trying to protect—that Gus was the corrupt cop. In the meantime, Bill double-crossed Lizzie and eventually had himself voted in as CEO of Spaulding-Lewis, which he renamed Maximus.

Meanwhile, a guilt ridden Mallet resigned as Chief and opted to return to walking the beat as a means of simplifying his life. Regretful of her part in it, Dinah finally confessed to Frank what she did but made it clear that Mallet knew nothing until it was too late. Several days later, Bill moved into the mansion with Ava, who was apparently pregnant with his child, and Olivia. Soon after, Bill made an impromptu enjoyment announcement to the press and Dinah threw herself into making wedding preparations. Though the wedding went off without a hitch, things ended badly weeks later when Ava gave birth to a boy, who obviously was not Bill's. Bill confessed that he learned on their wedding day that Ava had had herself artificially inseminated but married her anyway. Though he planned to raise the child as his own, to everyone's shock, the baby was bi-racial. It didn't take long for Remy to realize that he was the father, which Ava confirmed since they had slept together. However, Bill had gotten used to the idea of having a son and was determined to fight Remy for custody. Worried that her brother would lose everything, Dinah asked Lizzie, who had just moved to Los Angeles, to return and help Bill. Though Lizzie refused at first, she quickly relented and returned to Springfield. –In the meantime, Dinah took pity on Remy and gave him money to leave town with the baby since he was Max's father.

Tragically, the point became moot when the baby died. Soon after, Dinah admitted to Bill that she used company money to get Remy to leave town. Enraged, Bill threw Dinah out of the mansion and demanded that Mallet arrest her for embezzlement. Mallet had no choice but to comply but surprised Dinah by bailing her out. Meanwhile, though Bill quickly dropped the charges, he locked Dinah out of the mansion and informed her that he tricked her into signing all of her assets—including the house—to him. While Dinah was feeling underappreciated by Bill, she was approached by Alan who suggested that she help him oust Bill from the company. Though reluctant at first, Dinah agreed when Bill continued to dismiss Dinah. It didn't take Bill long to realize that someone in the company was working with Alan and he asked Dinah to find out who. Later, Dinah alerted Alan to the fact that Bill followed him to New York City. Several days later, Dinah was shocked to learn from Alex that Lizzie owned almost half of the company. By this point, Dinah was back at the mansion and seething with resentment over Bill's closeness with Lizzie. When Dinah warned Bill that he needed to focus on business and cut Lizzie off, he confronted her about betraying him to Alan. Again, Bill kicked Dinah out of the mansion and his life.

Armed with a plan, Dinah went to Cyrus for help but found his younger brother, Grady, instead. Believing that he could help her, Dinah hired Grady to work for her. Soon after, Dinah discovered that Bill had frozen all of her assets. Meanwhile, Cyrus warned Dinah not to work with Grady since he was dangerous. Undeterred, Dinah ignored Cyrus's advice and told Grady that she wanted Bill hurt so he would realize how much he needed her. That night, Grady, wearing a ski mask, attacked Bill and landed him in the hospital. Unfortunately, the person who wound up taking care of Bill was Lizzie. Finally, Dinah gave Grady a new assignment—break up Bill and Lizzie. In the meantime, Dinah was finding herself physically attracted to Grady. The feeling was mutual; however, Dinah was adamant that they stick to the business at hand. Unfortunately, the plot went nowhere and seemed to backfire when Lizzie and Bill were set to deliver a joint presentation with some influential investors. Knowing that Dinah wanted Lizzie out of the picture, Grady took it upon himself to kidnap Lizzie and kept her tied and blindfolded in the basement of WSPR. When Dinah found out, she was appalled but kept quiet out of fear of being implicated. The plan became even better when Bill ranted to Dinah that Lizzie abandoned him. Seeing her chance to get back into Bill's good graces, Dinah continued to keep mum. Intrigued by each other, Dinah and Grady soon made love. Afterwards, after Bill revealed to Dinah that he was going to profess his love for Lizzie, Dinah tried to make it appear as if Lizzie skipped town.

Unfortunately, Grady beat her to it and sent Bill a ransom note. Extremely worried about Lizzie, Bill sought emotional support from Dinah. Pleased, Dinah left discreetly delivered a second ransom note, this one demanding money Though Bill initially complied with the "kidnapper's" demand not to involve the police, he reconsidered. Dinah quickly dissuaded him and told him to just involve one officer—Mallet. At the ransom drop, Dinah tried to stall Mallet by professing her love for him. When that didn't work, Dinah successfully kept Grady from being captured by alerting him to Mallet's presence by calling Mallet's cell phone. Though Mallet later discovered that Dinah was the one who called him, he never suspected that it was to distract him from catching Grady. As the weeks went on, Bill continued to lean on Dinah for emotional and professional support. However, Dinah began to feel guilty about the turmoil that she was putting Bill and Lizzie through. Wanting to end the situation, Dinah tried to break into the Spaulding safe to get Grady his money but was interrupted by Mallet. By this point, even Grady admitted that the kidnapping was a mistake and wanted a way out. Dinah found the perfect solution by placing a call to Bill, then placing the cell phone next to a bound and blindfolded Lizzie. Soon after, Bill successfully rescued Lizzie. Unfortunately, during the attempt, he crashed the van that they were escaping in. Though Lizzie was unharmed, Bill was left in a coma.

Guilt-ridden, Dinah couldn't even bear to face Bill and decided to leave the country. After saying goodbye to Mallet, who had long moved on with Marina, Dinah left Springfield. Looking for redemption, Dinah went to Germany and began volunteering at a VA hospital. There she met a bitter young man who was confined to a wheelchair. Assuming that he was a soldier named Tayor, Dinah tried to befriend him but was met with antagonism. Later, when Dinah tried to return a watch that Taylor dropped during an argument at a bar, she learned that the man's name wasn't Taylor after all. Dinah confronted the man who told her that his name was Travis Bickle. Wondering if this man had any family, Dinah called Mallet to get some information on him. Dinah then learned three pieces of information: 1) Bill was awake and accused of being Lizzie's kidnapper 2) Mallet and Marina were getting married and 3) Travis Bickle was obviously an alias. After the call, Dinah confronted "Bickle" on his attitude. At that point, he finally let down his guard and told her that he had been working to deactivate land mines and was injured in one. Touched that he confided in her, Dinah told him all about her problems, and during her rant, mentioned that her ex-husband was marrying Marina Cooper. Dinah then returned home and went straight to Mallet—demanding to know what evidence they had against Bill. During their discussion, Mallet admitted that he loved Dinah but they weren't good for each other. Later, Cyrus told Dinah that Alan and Grady framed Bill but assured her that he would take care of it so that neither Grady nor Bill would go to jail.

In the meantime, Dinah was shocked to come face to face with the man from Germany right outside Company. Before the man would tell Dinah why he was there, he spotted Marina and Mallet getting married and barged in. Inside, a scuffle ensued and Dinah discovered that the young man was none other than Shayne Lewis. Meanwhile, despite Dinah's insistence that Bill was innocent, everyone except Lizzie believed that he engineered the kidnapping so Lizzie wouldn't share the glory of his business deal with Decker. To make matters worse, Bill wasn't sure of his innocence himself because he had no memory of the events that transpired while Lizzie was kidnapped. Exceedingly guilty, Dinah was about to confess but a warning look from Grady stopped her. Grady later warned her that Alan would kill Bill if she said anything. Uncertain about what to do, Dinah confided in Shayne and during her rant, Shayne suddenly kissed her. They both agreed that it was a mistake. Days later, Shayne invited Dinah to the Lewis's for Christmas. Afterwards, they went to the evidence shed and Shayne solved Dinah's problem by torching the shed—thereby destroying the evidence against Bill. Days later, on New Year's Eve, Dinah told Shayne that she wanted to ring in the New Year with him. When Shayne rejected her, she relentlessly pulled him into a kiss.

Though Shayne's physical condition improved gradually, in 2009, emotionally he was still tortured. After intervening in an argument with a guy and his girlfriend, Shayne was charged with disorderly conduct. After a policewoman gave Dinah a picture that she found among Shayne's effects, a curious Dinah asked Jeffrey to locate the woman since she was convinced she was special to Shayne. Dinah was correct. Shayne was mortified by what Dinah had done and, in the course of their discussion, he finally got out of his wheelchair. By this point, Jeffrey had learned that the girl, Lara Pizano, was dead. Shayne was forced to confide to Dinah and his family that Lara, who died in a minefield, was the love of his life—the girl that he was going to marry. Desperate to give Shayne closure, josh and Reva arranged a memorial service, despite Dinah's belief that it was a bad idea. After Shayne left the service, Dinah tracked him down and found him poised on a rooftop ready to jump. Shayne finally confessed that Lara died in a minefield that Shayne, himself, failed to clear. Shayne was so distraught that he purposely walked on the active field after her, hoping to die. Realizing that Shayne had been trying to commit suicide on the train tracks, Dinah tried to talk Shayne down and ended up slipping. Shayne caught her and took her to the hospital after she'd hit her head.

Afterwards, everyone was shocked when Edmund returned to town claiming to be Lara's father. According to Edmund, Lara came to Edmund while he was in the hospital and confessed that she was his daughter from an affair with a servant girl. Saddened over the loss of the daughter he barely knew, Edmund asked to speak to Shayne about Lara. Though Dinah and his family warned him that Edmund was a dangerous man, Shayne felt a need to speak to Edmund. However, Shayne agreed with Dinah that Edmund could never know the details of Lara's death. Dinah was deeply concerned that Shayne would let the truth slip out and tried to dissuade him from seeing Edmund. Unfortunately, Reva disagreed and lured Dinah to the Bauer cabin and kept her there by claiming to have car trouble. When a furious Dinah objected, Reva fought back and told Dinah that worried about Shayne's friendship with Dinah since Reva feared she was dangerous. Meanwhile, Edmund came up with the idea that a hospital be built in Lara's honor. Shayne, who had begun working at Lewis Construction, agreed. As the weeks went by, Shayne seemed to find purpose, not only in his work with Edmund but also his friendship with Dinah.

Certain that Edmund was still a treat and unable to convince Shayne, Dinah starting snooping around Edmund's place and found a sonogram. Edmund admitted to Dinah that Lara was pregnant when she died. Edmund stated that the baby was Shayne's but Lara had not informed him yet. Concerned for Shayne's well being, Dinah forbade Edmund to tell Shayne about the pregnancy. Weeks later, Dinah saw Edmund about to show Shayne a video of Lara. Desperate to shield Shayne from the truth, Dinah quickly deleted the video from Edmund's computer. Without knowing what was on the video—only knowing that it was Lara—Shayne railed at Dinah for her insensitivity and ordered her out of his life. Chagrined, Dinah left Springfield for Bosnia. There, Dinah ran into a familiar face—Mallet. Mallet was in Bosnia, without Marina's knowledge, in order to adopt a baby. Knowing how much Mallet wanted a family with Marina, Dinah volunteered to masquerade as Mallet's wife so that the adoption could go through. Almost immediately after, the case worker informed Mallet and Dinah that the parents wanted the baby back. However, when the couple asked for money in exchange for the child, Mallet and Dinah realized that something shady was going on and Mallet took the child. Afterwards, Dinah returned to Springfield. Mallet returned at the same time with the baby who Marina named Henry.

By this point, Shayne could no longer deny what he felt for Dinah and kissed her. However, Dinah still felt guilty about her role in Lizzie's kidnapping and pushed him away. In the meantime, Phillip learned about Dinah's role in the kidnapping and confronted her. Due to Phillip's prodding, a guilty Dinah finally confessed to everyone what she had done. Bill refused to forgive Dinah and made it clear that she was no longer his sister. Ashamed, Dinah went to the rooftop to think. When Shayne found Dinah on a rooftop, he assumed that she was going to jump and talked her down the same way she talked him down. Afterwards, Dinah opened herself to a relationship with Shayne. In the meantime, to make amends for what she had done to Lizzie, Dinah filed a civil suit against herself and donated the settlement money to charity.

Not long after, Edmund finally told Shayne about Lara's pregnancy. When Dinah confessed that she had known about the pregnancy but kept it a secret because she didn't think Shayne could handle it, Shayne admitted that she did the right thing. The pair then made love for the first time. Afterwards, Shayne finally let his guard down and told Edmund the truth about Lara's death, believing that Edmund would be sympathetic. Unfortunately, Shayne was mistaken. After vehemently confronting Shayne, Edmund lashed out at Dinah and finally attempted to kidnap Colin. Luckily, Reva stopped him and Edmund was shipped out of town under guard. Meanwhile, Shayne decided that he needed to say goodbye to Lara and went to Bosnia with Dinah to visit Lara's grave. Suddenly, a nun approached Dinah and told her that Lara's baby was alive. According the nun, Lara was rushed to a clinic where he baby was delivered. Though Lara died, her baby survived. That baby was put placed in an orphanage and adopted by none other than Marina and Mallet. Skeptical, Dinah confided the news to Remy and discreetly had a DNA test done. Later, the test concluded what Dinah feared—Shayne was Henry's father. Soon after, Dinah revealed the truth to Shayne. Shayne decided that Henry was better off with the Camaletti's and kept quiet. Though Dinah continually tried to argue that he'd regret his decision, Shayne was adamant against revealing the truth.

Meanwhile, everyone was shocked when Edmund turned up back in Springfield—dead. After watching a DVD that Edmund intended to be placed in a time capsule for the Lara memorial project, Shayne decided that Dinah was right—he had to tell Marina that he was Henry's biological father.In the meantime, the investigation into Edmund's death led the police to Reva. Though Reva confessed, Mallet seemed to think that she was covering for someone else. Dinah begged Reva not to confess to a crime that she didn't commit, however, Reva was adamant about her role in Edmund's death. Jeffrey overheard the conversation and accused Dinah of framing Reva. Later, Jeffrey theorized that Edmund might not be dead after all. Believing that it was an imposter who had been killed, Jeffrey set it up to look as if he had killed Edmund and then attempted to flee the States in search of Edmund. Dinah caught on to Jeffrey's plan and offered to help him locate Edmund. The pair decided to draw Edmund out of hiding by having Dinah impersonate Lara.

Several weeks later, Dinah returned to Springfield alone. After telling everyone that Jeffrey went off on his own to chase Edmund, Dinah was shocked to learn that Jeffrey was declared dead after his plane went down. Relieved to know that Dinah was alive, Bill finally forgave her and invited her to his wedding. Unfortunately for Bill and Lizzie, they put the wrong date on the invitations and were dismayed to find the church empty. Luckily for them, Dinah happened to be there and hurriedly put together an impromptu outdoor wedding. Touched, Lizzie asked Dinah to be her maid of honor. Meanwhile, Dinah was so paranoid about Edmund returning that she purchased an unregistered gun. She then got Mallet's help in trying to locate Edmund. Later, Mallet told Dinah his suspicion that Marina killed the Edmund imposter because he knew about Henry. Though Dinah urged Mallet to dismiss his suspicions for the sake of his family, Mallet stated that he could not live with the knowledge that Marina could kill a man and lie to him about it. In the meantime, Dinah was surprised when Shayne asked her to marry him. Dinah refused and told Shayne that she didn't deserve a happy life since Jeffrey's life was over. Afterwards, Dinah tried to talk Frank into closing the murder case. Not long after, Matt overheard Dinah tell Henry that she was the one who killed the Edmund imposter since she assumed he was out to take the baby. Matt confronted Dinah and told her that he understood why she did it. Matt urged Dinah to go on with her life and marry Shayne.

At Jeffrey's memorial service, Dinah told Shayne that she would marry him. Wanting something to celebrate, Shayne suggested that they marry as soon as possible. The day that she married Shayne, Dinah's happiness was crushed when she overheard Mallet tell Remy he was going to arrest Marina. Unwilling to let Mallet arrest his own wife, Dinah blurted out that she was the one who killed the John Doe. Dinah explained to Mallet that she did it to protect Henry, he understood and told her to keep quiet. Unfortunately, Frank overheard Dinah and insisted that she be arrested. After making love to Shayne on their wedding night, Dinah slipped out without saying a word to Shayne. With Mallet's help, Dinah fled the country. An angry Shayne sought an annulment while Dinah settled for a life in Germany.

Several weeks later, Dinah ran into a familiar face in Germany—Mallet! Mallet informed Dinah that he left Marina and was working in Germany for the CIA. Though the pair seemed ready to go their separate ways, by the following year it was clear that they were very much a couple.

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