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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 5, 2004 on GL
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Monday, July 5, 2004

At the Bauer BBQ, Robby runs up to Michelle. She hugs him while giving a death stare to Tony and Danny. Robby asks Michelle to do the "mommy kiss" which she does all wrong. Michelle tells her son that that mommy has been sick and doesn't remember some things. Michelle is furious with Danny and sad to realize that she doesn't remember her own son. Michelle asks Danny if that was the type of marriage they had Danny keeping secrets from her. When Danny says Robby doesn't need to know everything right now, Michelle tells Danny that her son needs a mother, not an actor. Tony blasts Danny for trying to control everything and always screwing things up.

Jeffrey is on the phone with someone telling them that if they are using Cassie's credit cards, they better stop or they will deal with him. Jeffrey tells Cassie to save his room at the Beacon. It looks like he'll be staying in town after all. Cassie is upset, but Edmund tells her it's a good idea to have Jeffrey involved in the credit card situation.

Frank tells Darci to think about his marriage proposal. Darci says she has to tell him everything she knows about the mob case. She tells Frank she was a prostitute and worked with Vinnie in Europe. One of her regular customers was Brad Green, and Alex was involved with him. Later, Gus fishes for information from Frank. Frank tells Gus that the case is still open as far as he is concerned, and that Gus better remember that honesty is the best policy. Gus tells a nervous Alex that Frank is on to them, and that she's on her own. Frank and Darci announce their engagement and Frank asks Harley to help him find the missing pieces to the mob case.

Joey tells Alan about his waterproof MP3 player idea. Alan shoots him down by showing him teens in the hot tub that have already bought waterproof MP3 players at a store. Alan worries about the future of America and the future of Spaulding.

Marina overhears Alan give his computer password to someone over the phone. It's the initials of his grandchildren. A thrilled Marina tells Sandy the password. Later, Alan tells the teens to get dressed and meet him in the Spaulding boardroom in one hour.

With Olivia absent, Rick asks Phillip if this is the kind of marriage he wants. Phillip says marriage isn't his top priority right now.

Meanwhile, Olivia and Bill are headed to the bedroom. After much making out, Olivia tells Bill she can't go to bed with him. Bill offers a deal to help her takeover Spaulding, with them splitting the business 50/50. Olivia agrees, and tells Bill to go take a cold shower.

Remy once again offers to take Tammy to the Summer Fling, which Lizzie overhears. Lizzie runs to Joey to tell him that Tammy has moved on. Joey tells Lizzie to stop acting like a jealous girlfriend and that Edmund has offered him a job at the farm for the summer. He can set his own hours and work around the Spaulding project.

Michelle is uncomfortable as Rick and Ross give the traditional 4th of July speech. As Ross announces Michelle's return, a fed up Tony walks out. Michelle follows and tells Tony to get her out of there or she'll leave on her own. Michelle leaves with Tony on his motorcycle as Danny rushes to catch them.

During the fireworks, Ross gets a call from a blonde woman. She hangs up without saying a word.

Tuesday, July 6, 2004

With her wedding approaching, Harley tries to ward off suspicions about her future in-laws, the Spauldings. Buzz urges her not to let her suspicious mind run away with her. But, at the end of the day, she calls Marie Green to ask for information on Alex and Brad, which Alex overhears. Frank, off his conversation with Darci, has also decided to pursue the Alexandra angle in the Antimonius investigation. He asks Harley to join him at the station to compare notes. Gus realizes Frank's inquiries might expose his secret but ultimately, can't go through with telling the truth.

Tony brings Michelle to Laurel Falls on his motorcycle and she asks him for the whole truth about her life. Tony gives her the good with the bad. He reveals Danny was in the mob and how his mother tried to kill Michelle. She is intrigued with the notion that she married a mobster and realizes there's more to Danny than she gave him credit for. She's intrigued enough to go back with Danny and try again.

Danny, meanwhile, gets the news from Cassie that his federal loans are coming due. He, however, is more focused on Michelle. She advises him to let go of the past and make Michelle fall in love with him all over again. So Danny goes off to plan a night of romance for his wife.

Ross gets a surprise call from his daughter, Dinah. She asks about Cassie. Dinah swears she's over her obsession and just wants to be sure Cassie's living a happy life so she can have a clear conscience. However, unknown to everyone, Dinah is masquerading as Princess Cassie.

Alan calls the intern candidates into his office for an emergency meeting where he tries to figure out who hacked into his computer. Without being coerced, Sandy stands up and confesses. Alan calls in his security guards and orders them to have him arrested. Marina leaps to his defense and Alan has her hauled in as well.

Wednesday, July 7, 2004

When Tony brings Michelle home from Laurel Falls, Danny is waiting. He has prepared a romantic dinner to surprise her. He is determined to take Cassie's advice and try to forget the past. Danny appreciates Tony's importance to Michelle, but from now on he intends to be the man who comforts her. Danny and Michelle begin to grow closer with a little nudge from Robbie.

Phillip finds Olivia snooping around Spaulding and informs her that his spies told him about her rendezvous with Bill. He threatens that if Olivia cares about Emma, she'll end this affair before it even gets started. Meanwhile, Olivia is preparing both to unseat him from power and move things along with Bill.

At the same time, Bill goes to Josh, admitting his mistakes. They reconcile their differences. However, Bill has acted this way only to win back control of Lewis. Sandy and Marina are hauled into the police station for hacking into Alan's computer. S

hayne finds himself in the awkward position of defending his brother and his girlfriend, while believing Sandy is at fault for getting Marina involved. When Sandy realizes his stunt has gone too far and he's going to be fingerprinted and processed like a criminal, he reaches out to Reva. Reva arrives and does battle with Alan on behalf of her son. Later, Sandy and Marina end up in separate cells.

Thursday, July 8, 2004

Bill arrives at Spaulding Enterprises because Phillip asked to see him. He asks if this is about business or the fact that Olivia spent the previous night at his place. Phillip admits he knew she was at Bill's last night. Bill says he knows Phillip is having Olivia trailed but doesn't care to know the details regarding the power plays between them. Bill is asked if he thinks Phillip views his marriage as a game. He responds it doesn't seem to be about love. He asks why Phillip just doesn't cut Olivia a break. Phillip tells Bill he loves his wife and wants to save their marriage. He says Olivia's flirting just a way to taunt him. When Bill asks why she would do that, Phillip replies it's because he hurt her. Bill seems a little skeptical about how Phillip could still love Olivia despite the things she did to him. Phillip says he's failed at marriage before--he refuses to fail again. Bill has had enough of this conversation and wants to know what Phillip wants. Phillip tells him to stop seeing Olivia. When he asks if the Lewis-Spaulding proposal is at stake, Phillip assures him it's a separate issue entirely. He asks Bill how deep his feelings for Olivia are since he was assuming it was just lust; if it's love, it's an entirely different situation. Bill states he's not in love with Olivia. Phillip tells him since he has nothing to lose, and Phillip has everything to lose, Bill should do the right thing and step aside. Bill leaves.

Sandy and Marina are in jail having breakfast. When he mentions her father, Marina says she's not calling him. Besides, as Chief of Police, she's sure he already knows. He's just making her stew in there for the night. Sandy notes they haven't been booked yet and that's a good sign, leading Marina to ask him why he's so worried about it. But Sandy says he's not worried. After some talk, they both start laughing over Alan's reaction yesterday. Just then Alan himself walks in and notes a night in jail hasn't changed their attitude. He tells them his instinct is to press charges; however Reva talked him out of it. When the teens react happily, Alan warns he's got something more painful in mind for them. Later, as they're being released, Sandy apologizes to Marina for getting her in trouble and thanks her for sticking up for him. Again, Alan approaches them with the news he's reserved the right to press charges. Their punishment is this: they will both be dropped from the intern competition and made to work at Spaulding Enterprises. They are to create security measures to keep people from hacking into their computers. If they fail, they'll go to jail. Alan leaves and Marina goes to collect her belongings. After she's gone, Shayne arrives. He lashes out at Sandy for getting her in trouble and ruining her chances to win the scholarship money. He tells Sandy not to get Marina into anymore trouble. Overhearing this, Marina tells Sandy he has to collect his stuff. With him gone, Marina apologizes to Shayne for making him worry and suggests they get out of there. But Shayne tells her he was to visit the PT clinic first. He's thinking of pitching again.

At the Beacon, Jeffrey sees Cassie shredding documents. She tells him she's destroying all her old credit card and bank statements since she's freaked out about the identity theft situation. He tells her to relax since his office is handling it. She asks him what kind of person would do something like this. Jeffrey simply says he has no idea and goes off to do some work at the other end of the lobby. A little later, Olivia spots her shredding so Cassie explains about her problem. She tells Olivia about how vulnerable it makes her feel. Olivia says she can relate; Phillip cancelled her signing privileges to their joint account and almost cancelled her passport. Shocked, Cassie asks what she's going to do. Olivia tells her she'll fight him and comments you can't trust anyone in this world. She mentions Cassie's little tiff with Edmund, and upon learning it's been settled, wonders how she can stay so optimistic about love. Cassie merely says she realizes they're not perfect and she's willing to do the work. She comments on Olivia's interesting choices this year. Bad choices Olivia thinks--starting with marrying Phillip. Cassie reminds her she did love Phillip in the beginning and love produced Emma. Olivia notes now Phillip is using Emma to manipulate her. As Olivia is talking, Cassie stares at one of her statements and exclaims her credit card problem hasn't been going on for months--it's been years.

Across the room, Jeffrey overhears and looks like he might know something. Cassie rushes over and informs him. He's skeptical, since if this person had been using her card for years, she would have noticed it when she opened the statements. But Cassie admits she never used this card; she never did open the statements. Jeffrey again assures her he'll look into it. Cassie starts wondering who's using her card. It must be a wealthy woman since she's paying off the bills. If she already has money, then she must want the glamour of being a Princess. Amused by her high opinion of her name, Jeffrey walks off.

Jeffrey heads out of the Beacon where he finds Bill muttering to himself. When he comments on it, Bill lashes out and tells the DA he sure doesn't want to talk to him. When Jeffrey accuses him of holding a grudge, Bill says he hates him and thinks he's as much a user and manipulator as a Spaulding and he doesn't care about anyone but himself. He warns Jeffrey if he hears he's sniffing around, Bill will forget what a nice guy he is. Jeffrey tells Bill to get a grip, find a nice girl, and don't make threats he can't pull off. Leaving the Beacon, Olivia spots Bill who cancels their date for tonight. She's surprised by the change in plans, but he just brushes her off.

In the hotel, Cassie is using her laptop to do a search on her name: Princess Cassandra Winslow. She's found a lot of articles regarding several places and events she's attended. However, she hasn't been to any of them.

Later, Alan arrives and tells Phillip someone bought the lakefront property he was looking at before he even had a chance to bid on it. Phillip suggests it was Olivia, since he caught her snooping through the files the other day. He also thinks she's getting help from Bill Lewis. Alan states they have to put a stop to it and Phillip assures him he's working on it. Alan asks him what he has planned but Phillip is evasive. Alan warns that while prolonging Olivia's torture is admirable, he should be practical and get her out of the family. Phillip says he's not wounding her for sport--she can be very useful.

Blake witnesses Gus and Harley getting all lovey-dovey at the offices of Harley's Angels. After Gus leaves for the police station, Blake asks Harley about her and Gus' pre-marital bliss. She thinks everything's a little too rosy and asks what's up. But Harley is on the phone now setting up a meeting with Marie Green. Harley tells her she needs to close the entire investigation and asks about Brad's involvement with Alexandra in Paris. Marie says she'll be at the office to talk to Harley in person. After Harley ends the call, Blake questions her and guesses she thinks Alex knew what Brad was doing. Just as Blake asks what that could mean for Harley and Gus, her cell phone rings. Unfortunately, it's Ross's cell phone; she's been fielding his calls all morning. After the call, Blake asks her if she told Gus her suspicions and Harley says no. She's waiting to see what Marie has to say since she's hoping she will clear Alex. If Alex were involved in anything criminal, it would destroy Gus. Blake notes this would be especially true if Harley were the one to tell him. She asks Harley again what she thinks a revelation like this would do to her and Gus, not so much the long-term effect, but merely the fact the Spaulding family is throwing their wedding. Harley says they can always elope. Soon after, Marie comes in for her meeting. While Blake tries to look busy, Marie tells Harley she wants to tell the truth and talk to her about Alexandra. Wanting Marie to open up, Harley tells her she has a source who says Alexandra had to know what Brad was doing. But Marie surprises Harley by saying Brad was more than capable lying to and keeping this from Alex for years. She confesses to Harley that she knew Brad was selling drugs. This was why she hired Harley, so she could stop him. She reiterates Brad was working alone and he dumped Alex in Paris because she was getting too close to finding out. When Marie leaves, a happy Harley informs Blake the Spauldings are in the clear.

Alexandra stops by the police station to ask Gus what's going on. He informs her Frank is taking over the investigation and looking over the entire Antimonius case, including her. Alex tells him she overheard Harley telling Buzz she suspected her as well. Gus gets a little panicked because he knows Harley won't stop digging until she discovers the truth. Alex tells him to calm down because she thinks everything's going to work out for the best. Later, Harley rushes in, very happy. She thanks Alex for throwing her wedding and gushes over Gus and their upcoming marriage. While Harley is gushing over Gus, he and Alex exchange looks. Alex soon leaves, and Gus makes an excuse to leave also.

At Harley's Angels, Blake's cell phone, actually Ross', rings again but this time there is silence and the caller hangs up. Meanwhile, the mystery woman on the other end receives an incoming call from Jeffrey O'Neill who is at the Beacon.

Friday, July 9, 2004

Ross summons Gus and Frank to the station to present them with promotions for their work in ridding Springfield of drugs.

Harley tells Frank what she's learned from Marie and is relieved she and Frank can now set aside their investigation into Alex and move ahead with the wedding. But at the ceremony, Marie arrives (dressed to the nines, liberally spending the money Alex bribed her with) and when Alex tries to get rid of her, Frank observes their interaction. At the end of the day, careful to keep it from Harley, Frank decides to revive his investigation, and invites Alex down to the station for a little chat.

Cassie finds herself obsessing about the woman who's using her name all through Europe, and Edmund tries to get her to back off. They go out to a play for a distraction but it only serves to make Cassie more aware of how this unknown woman is living the high life while she leads a more mundane existence. Edmund is disappointed that Cassie feels so down about her life but Cassie is quick to assure him she doesn't, she just wishes she knew who this woman really was. Meanwhile, Dinah, Cassie's imposter, is indeed living the high life in Europe, attending an opera. But Jeffrey O'Neill pays her an unexpected visit and tells her the time for playing games is over.

Bill and Tony, hard at work, take a break to hit on a nurse they meet at Company. At the same time, Michelle goes through her date book, finds an entry marked "Company," and mistakenly believes she and Danny are entertaining that night. When he corrects her, she gets excited about the idea of going out on the town, and dresses up in her new clothes. Danny warms to the idea, recalling Cassie's advice to get Michelle to fall in love with him all over again. The couple runs into Tony and Bill as they compete for the nurse's affections, and Michelle finds herself curious about Danny 's single days. There's a real spark of connection between them and when they return home, Michelle tells Danny she wants to make love.

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