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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 5, 2004 on GH
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Monday, July 5, 2004

A hesitant Jason agrees to let Carly help him uncover Sam's big secret in Bailey's Beach. Their trek leads them to an encounter with a man who spills the goods on Sam's past.

Back in Port Charles, Monica approaches Sam and tells her she'd like to be a part or her and Jason's baby's life.

Sonny realizes that either Faith or Alcazar hired Nico to kill him. Knowing that Sonny means business, Faith prepares to plead for spare her life. Once she arrives, however, she eavesdrops on a conversation in which she learns that he, not Jason, is the father of Sam's baby.

Emily battles it out with Mary, who ultimately convinces Emily not to tell "Connor" that he is Nikolas Cassadine. Alcazar makes good on his word to Mary and offers up a fake story when Nikolas asks him if he shared a past with Emily. At the same time, Lucky admits to Liz that he is falling in love with Emily.

Tuesday, July 6, 2004

Alcazar hands over proof to Sonny that Faith is the one that hired Nico. With that in mind, Sonny orders Faith to be executed. But when the mobster confronts her, she warns him that if anything happens to her, she'll see to it that Carly learns the truth that he's the father of Sam's baby.

Jason and Carly learn that Sam is running away from the law. Assuming that Carly will tell Sonny everything on her own, Jason makes her promise that she won't say anything to him until he has a chance to talk with Sam. Carly agrees, but sets the wheels in motion for Sam's capture by alerting the Bailey's Beach police of her whereabouts.

Acting on Alcazar's phony story, Nikolas confronts Emily about what he believes to be the truth of their past together. Although crushed when he says he'll never trust her again, she doesn't tell him that he's really Nikolas and not Connor Bishop. Having overdosed on sleeping pills, a groggy Mary accidentally called Nikolas by his real name.

Wednesday, July 7, 2004

In Lucky's room above Kelly's, Emily tearfully explains that her relationship with Nikolas is over. When Lucky reassures Emily of his love for her, Emily confides that she refuses to use Lucky to fill the void left by Nikolas. At the same time, in Mary's cottage, a groggy Mary, believing that Emily has followed through on her threat to tell Nikolas everything, confesses to Nikolas that she deceived him and that he is NOT Connor Bishop, but Nikolas Cassadine. Mary explains that, when she first saw Nikolas, she believed that he really WAS Connor, returning to her. Mary argues that she wanted to give Nikolas something to hold on to because he was hurt and lost, and that was why she answered his questions about himself with anecdotes from Connor's past. But Nikolas refuses to accept any of Mary's explanations and slams out of the house. Later, Nikolas finds Emily down on the docks and angrily explains that Mary told him the truth and demands to know WHY Emily had not been the one to tell him the truth. Emily protests that she did NOT want to shock Nikolas with the truth, but Nikolas accuses Emily of trying to manipulate him and refuses to believe her. Lucky rounds the corner and overhears Nikolas as he blasts Emily for lying to him. Lucky intervenes and tries to get Nikolas to calm down. But Nikolas turns his fury on Lucky and the two brothers end up in a fight. Declaring that he can NOT stand the sight of either one of them, Nikolas orders Lucky and Emily to get away from him. Bursting into tears, Emily runs away and Lucky runs after her, leaving Nikolas alone on the docks.

As Lesley Lu and Heather visit Lesley at the Hospital, Heather volunteers to move in and help Lesley with Lulu so Lucky won't be forced to move home to help take care of Lesley and lulu. Lesley reluctantly agrees. Later, Heather takes Lulu to Kelly's, where they run in to Lucky.

On the docks, Faith warns Sonny that Carly will get a letter from Faith detailing the paternity of Samantha's baby if Sonny murders Faith. Faith proposes a truce, promising to stay out of Sonny's way if he lets Faith go. Sonny lets Faith go, but refuses to agree to a truce.

As Georgie and Lynn meet at Kelly's, Dillon surprises Sage and Trent, sneaking in to L&B to cut a demonstration record. Trent claims that Sage is just hanging out with him while Trent cleans up. Dillon refuses to believe their excuse and suggests that they call Lois and get official permission to use the studio to record. When Trent explains that they just wanted a sample of their work for Lois to listen to later, Dillon suggests that they leave now but return later when Dillon does not officially know they are "borrowing" the equipment. After Trent leaves, Sage stays behind long enough to accuse Dillon of having a colossal ego and then Sage reminds Dillon that she is OVER Dillon. At the same time, Georgie confides to Lynn that Dillon hit the sheets with Sage, but has never had a roll in the hay with Georgie! Lynn suggests that Georgie should come right out and tell Dillon that she is ready to hit the hay with him, then Lynn leaves for L&B. Lynn arrives just as Sage bolts out of the studio, almost running in to Lynn. After Lynn quizzes Dillon about his feelings for Georgie, Lynn suggests that Dillon should give Georgie some attention to reassure Georgie of his love. Dillon tracks Georgie down at Kelly's and, as Dillon is suggesting some romantic activities for them, Georgie suddenly asks if Brooke told Dillon that Georgie is ready to hop in the sack with him.

At Jason's Penthouse, Jason confronts Samantha with the news that he knows that she is wanted in Bailey's Beach for arson and murder. Jason is stunned when Sam admits that she DID set the fire that killed her mother but did NOT know that her mother was in the house. Sam also contends that the fire was an accident. Sam explains that she was devastated when she learned that her mother wanted nothing to do with her after Sam had spent years fantasizing about the happy reunion she would eventually have with her mother. One night, when her mother was supposed to be at a club meeting, Sam broke into Evelyn's home and burned photos of Evelyn that Sam had carried with her for years. Sam burned the pictures in the fireplace, but believed the fire in the fireplace was out when Sam left the house. Sam explains that she learned only later that her mother had not attended the meeting she was supposed to go to, but had, instead, taken sleeping pills after her argument with Sam -- and was asleep upstairs when the fire broke out. Sam confesses that she was arrested for arson but left town while she was out on bail and had been running ever since. Jason promises Sam that he will get her out of the arson charges and continue protecting Sam and her baby. After Jason persuades Sam to lie down for a while, Sonny visits Jason and confides that, although Alcazar brought Sonny proof that Faith hired Nico, Faith has also written a letter to Carly, spilling the secrets about Sam's baby, which will be delivered to Carly if anything happens to Faith. Jason explains that he discovered that Sam is on the run because the police believe that Sam burned down her mother's home and that Sam's estranged mother died in the fire. Later, Sam tries to explain the situation to Sonny and Sonny promises to make all of Sam's troubles go away. At the same time, across the hall, Carly is disappointed when Jason confides that he believes Sam's version of events and reminds Carly of all the damage that Carly has done in the past, just by accident! Jason reminds Carly of the many times Jason has helped Carly and declares his intention to help Sam as well. Carly warns Jason that Sam's lies are endangering everyone whom Jason loves. Meanwhile, Sonny shares with Sam some of his painful memories of life with his stepfather. Sonny urges Sam to tell him everything else connected with that incident that she can remember, so Sonny and Jason can get her out of her jam. Meanwhile, a sheriff from Bailey's Beach shows up at Kelly's and flashes a picture of "Sandra" in Mike's direction, demanding to know if Mike has seen that woman. But Mike insists that he has NEVER seen that woman before. At the same time, in the Penthouse, Carly argues that Jason COULD be endangering Michael and Morgan by allowing Sam to live so close to them. Jason angrily declares that Carly is not even aware of half the sacrifices Jason has made for Carly, then slams out of the apartment. When Jason meets Sonny in the hall, Jason reports that he could NOT get through to Carly! When Sonny arrives home, Carly begs Sonny to send Sam away that very evening. Meanwhile, Jason reports to Sam that he believes Carly will keep her mouth shut because of Carly's friendship for Jason. Jason assures Sam that he and Sonny will take care of Sam's Bailey's Beach problem, but urges Sam to level with him about everything he needs to know in order to protect her. At the same time, Sonny accuses Carly of being too possessive of Jason and insists that Sam poses NO threat to Michael and Morgan. Sonny argues that they have a responsibility, as Jason's friends, to protect Sam and her baby. But Carly retorts that they will ALL be safer if Sonny sends Sam to a safe house in the mountains, surrounded by great doctors, until Sam's baby is born. Then, Carly proposes that, once Sam's baby has been born, Sonny should pay Sam off and make Sam leave town for good. As Sonny continues to insist that there is NO need to send Sam away, Carly warns Sonny that Sam could flip out at any moment and start another fire that would endanger Michael and Morgan. As Sonny and Carly argue, they hear the police demanding entrance to Jason's Penthouse and rush outside to investigate. As Sonny and Carly arrive in the hallway, the police break in Jason's door, but discover that the Penthouse is empty! Sonny is stunned when the police declare that they have a warrant for the arrest of Sandra McIntire. Sonny notices the disappointed look on Carly's face.

Thursday, July 8, 2004

Nikolas finds Emily sleeping on the couch at Wyndemere. He wakes her up and asks her what she is doing there. Emily tells him she was waiting for him to show up so she could talk to him and explain. Nikolas tells her he heard enough from her and isn't interested in her excuses. Emily refuses to leave until she has a chance to tell him her side. She tells him that she will wait for him as long as it takes and tells him why she didn't tell him the truth sooner. She tries to tell him about her brother Jason's accident and how he lost his whole memory and how angry he was when the family tried to make him remember when he couldn't. Nikolas refuses to accept her excuses and tells her that he doesn't remember loving her and asks her to stay out of his life. Meanwhile, Mary talks to Alcazar on the docks and tells him that she inadvertantly told Nikolas the truth based on an assumption she made. Lorenzo tells her he is sorry that it happened and that he knows that she loves Nikolas. After Emily leaves, Nikolas calls Alexis to come over. He makes it clear to her that he didn't call her over for some sentimental reunion because he still doesn't remember her or anyone who claims they love him. He tells her that he only wants her there to be his lawyer even if she is his aunt and that he wants to know how much he is worth. Alexis explains to him that his will is being contested by his grandmother Helena, who still thinks he is dead and that he must not trust her since she is an evil woman. Alexis is dismayed when Alcazar shows up at Wyndemere. Alexis tells Nikolas that he must not trust Alcazar since the man is a ganster. Alexis leaves them to talk. Alcazar tells Nikolas that he is sorry for keeping his identity a secret from him and that he had his own motives to use Nikolas and that was to get inside of Sonny's organization and use the information Nikolas gathered to try to get Carly back. Nikolas tells him he isn't angry with him since he is the only person who has admitted he used him and was up front about it. Alcazar proposes that they continue their working relationship in the future. Emily calls Jason and asks him to meet her so they can talk since she needs his help. Emily tells Jason that Nikolas found out he wasn't Connor Bishop but still doesn't remember being Nikolas Cassadine. She asks Jason to go and talk to Nikolas and help him through this. Jason isn't sure he can help him but agrees to go and talk to him. When Jason gets there he finds Alcazar talking to Nikolas. Jason asks Alcazar what he is doing there. Nikolas asks him what he is doing there since Alcazar is his guest and Jason is only Emily's brother. Alexis runs into Ric on the pier. She asks him to arrest Alcazar. Ric tells her he needs evidence to arrest Alcazar. Alexis is disgusted that Ric refuses to arrest Alcazar but has no problem trumping up charges against other innocent people. Ric asks her what this all about. She tells him that Alcazar is using Nikolas and that she doesn't want Nikolas to get hurt.

Jax and Courtney banter back and forth and enjoy themselves camping. Courtney insists she doesn't need his help fishing and admits she isn't a novice at camping after all since she use to go camping with her father. Courtney goes off to fish and ends up falling into the freezing lake. She makes Jax turn around so she can change her clothes. Jax takes one of the pots they brought so he can see her reflection while she is dressing. She throws her shirt at him when she catches him spying on her. They end up sharing a laugh. Jax admits that he is having a good time with her and they share a kiss.

Georgie finds Brook Lynn sitting outside at Kelly's. She tells her off for telling Dillon what she told her in confidence. Brook Lynn tries to explain that she didn't tell Dillon everything and that she was only trying to help them. Georgie refuses to listen to her explanation. Later, Brook Lynn tries to explain to Georgie what happened when Georgie is inside of Kelly's. Dillon shows up and defends Brook Lynn and tells Georgie she was being unfair to Brook Lynn when Brook Lynn storms out after telling them she wants nothing to do with them anymore. Dillon tells Georgie to go after he and apologize. Georgie refuses to apologize. Brook Lynn storms out of Kelly's and knocks into a guy on his way in. They fall to the ground. Brook Lynn blames the guy for not looking where he was going. He tells her she needs to look where she is going. Brook Lynn checks to make sure her guitar is not broken and storms off. Lucas notices she dropped something. He tries to call out to Brook Lynn but she is long gone. He finds out it is a notebook. He goes inside of Kelly's. Georgie and Dillon are discussing their relationship. Georgie doesn't understand why they haven't made love yet. Dillon tells her he didn't want to pressure her until she was ready. Georgie notices the guy walking into Kelly's and tells Dillon that Lucas is back. She runs over and hugs Lucas and tells him she missed him. Dillon is green with envy. Georgie tells Dillon that she emailed Lucas twice a day while he was away. Dillon accuses Georgie of still having feelings for Lucas, since he remembered she had a crush on Lucas last year. He also accuses her of really wanting to save herself for Lucas. Georgie is shocked by his accusation and they start to argue. Meanwhile, Lois asks Alcazar to come and talk to her at the studio. She tells him that she wants him to stay out of Sage's career and that the only way Sage will make it on her own is if she has people around her who will be honest with her and know the music business like herself. Ned walks in to find Lois holding Alcazar's hand for a second. He asks what is going on. Alcazar leaves them to talk. Lois explains that she asked Alcazar to allow her to help Sage and to stay out of L&B. She tells him that she wants to sign Sage up as an artist. She also tells him they need to talk to Sage and their new employee about what they have been doing late at the studio. Lois calls them in to confront them about recording music after hours without permission. Lois surprises Sage by informing her that she is interested in signing her to a record contract. Lucas shows up with Brook Lynn's notebook. He introduces himself. Lois remembers him being Bobbie and Tony's son. He tells her that he found this notebook at Kelly's and that Georgie told him it belonged to her daughter and to drop it off here. Lois opens it up and finds that the notebook contains pages of song lyrics that Brook Lynn wrote herself. She finds one song that she likes and is impressed by her daughter's lyrics. She shows one of the songs to Ned to read. Ned gets his guitar out and Lois asks Sage to sing along with Ned to try out the song. They sing it and Lois really likes it. Brook Lynn shows up and hears the song and is furious. She confronts them and accuses them of stealing her song.

Jason takes Sam somewhere where they can hide out. He brings back some food. He asks Sam to swear to him that she is telling him the whole truth about what happened with her mother. Sam tells him that she swears on her baby's life she is telling him the truth. Jason believes her and promises to take care of her and the baby and keep her from going to prison. Jason returns to the penthouse to meet with Emily and Ric is there waiting. He tells Jason that if he knows where Sam is hiding and doesn't tell the police he will be charged with accessory. Jason refuses to tell Ric anything. Ric tells Jason that they will eventually find Sam and that she will go to prison and have to have her baby there. Jason ignores him at first but tells Ric that he can't prove he knows where Sam is and claims she left him in the middle of the night and took all of her things. Meanwhile, Sam imagines having a happy family with Jason and her daughter and then having Ric and the authorities show up and arrest her. Later, Sam makes a mysterious phone call on her cellphone. Emily walks in and confronts her about keeping secrets from Jason after he went out on a limb for her.

Friday, July 9, 2004

Lucky and Liz discussed the situation with Nikolas and Emily. Emily arrived, hoping for assistance from her friends in getting Nikolas to remember his past. Lucky became visibly agitated and eventually left them. Liz threw out the assumption that, while Nikolas had no memory, Lucky would have a chance with Em.

Jason visited Nikolas and found him with Alcazar. Alcazar exited, and Jason told Nik that Emily could not watch another life wrecked the way he had wrecked his own after the accident. He warned Nik about Alcazar and tried to convince him not to punish those around him. Nikolas argued that he didn't care what Jason had to say and never wanted to see Jason's "bitch of a sister" again. At this, Jason decked him and left. Nik's next visitor was Helena who had learned of his return. She was thrilled to see him and tried to convince him of a close relationship between them, going so far as to say he had told her before the accident that he was going to leave Emily. Nikolas told her he didn't want to be lied to again! Helena continued spinning her web, speaking against Alexis as well. Finally, he ordered her to leave. Looking through some boxes, he found a picture of him with Emily. Studying it for a moment, he threw it across the room, witnessed by Lucky as he entered. Lucky informed his brother that he should let Emily go if he no longer loves her; Lucky said that he is in love with her himself!

Brook Lynn allowed her song to be used by Sage, rather than perform herself. Lois promised to try to make Sage a star. Ned was upset with Lois for trying to manipulate Brook. Alcazar arrived and asked Lois out for a drink to discuss business, much to Ned's disapproval. Lois turned him down, claiming she had other plans. After Alcazar left, she told Ned she had a better offer—him.

Dillon and Georgie argued about Lucas, Sage and sex. Not feeling trusted, Dillon left her sitting alone at Kelly's. Brook Lynn later joined Georgie and tried to help. She thought that the couple should quit trying to plan some grand first-time encounter and just make having sex about the two of them. Georgie found Dillon at the studio and let him know that she trusted him. They started to make out, and Dillon stopped, looking troubled. Georgie wondered if she was doing something wrong, but Dillon told her it wasn't her. As they both noticed a nearby drooping flower, he said that it wasn't happening "down there."

Carly asked Sonny if he was making arrangements to send Sam away, in order to protect their children. Ric arrived, trying to find Sam. Sonny left Ric and Carly alone together, and Ric tried to work Carly for information since he believed she was the one who had ratted Sam out to the Bailey's Beach Police. Sonny met with Jason and said that Sam needed to get out of the country; there was no way his baby was going to be born in jail. When Sonny and Carly spoke again, Carly tried to convince him to let Sam go to jail, have the baby and then have the baby given to Jason.

Sam made a phone call and stated to the other person that she would meet with them as soon as possible. Emily interrupted and asked if she was planning to leave and what she was hiding. Sam made up a story about the phone conversation. Emily admitted that she believed Sam had not purposely set a fire, causing a death. When Emily spoke with Jason, she mentioned Sam's phone call, and Jason wanted to know exactly what was said. When he returned to Sam at the safehouse, he informed her he was taking her out of the country, but she said she couldn't go, claiming she didn't want to run again. Jason said he would ask Sonny if there was any alternative. Jason pretended to leave, and Sam tricked the guard into going out and getting her some more prenatal vitamins. When she made her exit, Jason followed her to a motorcycle repair shop. From outside, he spied her embracing a man.

Alcazar was surprised to find Faith in town, still alive. Later, he was happy to run into Carly. Carly was surprised to learn that he had given information to Sonny about Faith hiring the shooter. She was even more surprised when she found Sonny and Faith on the docks together!

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