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Monday, July 5, 2004

The morning paper contains the clue to the third key in the "Keys of the Kingdom" contest. The clue reads:

Where East meets West, on the northern side

To seek your goal, turn your back on beauty

Behind a glass, folks trip and slide

Think pink, go in, and shake a booty.

Nancy Hughes has an early meeting, so Alison goes to Aaron for help. They can't figure anything out, but when Nancy returns, she sends them to the Happy Feet dance studio, where she once took dance lessons. At the hospital, Dr. Bob Hughes joins forces with Chris to help win the key for Alison, and Bob sends Chris to the Happy Feet studio as well. Just after Chris arrives, Emily shows up, wanting to find the key for Alison as well. Emily and Chris go inside and join the tango class, but we see pink ballet slippers hanging in a display case.

At the athletic club, Ben rebuffs Doc's friendly greeting, accusing Doc of trying to seduce another man's wife. Jessica walks up and is relieved when Ben continues berating Doc for trying to come between Tom and Margo. After Doc walks off, Ben tells Jessica that he has talked to the doctors, and now he is ready to go forward with the in vitro procedure. Jessica bursts into happy tears, telling Ben, "I love you so much." Before they leave for the hospital, Jessica searches for her compact to repair her tear-stained face, but finds it missing. Dr. Sedgwick does some preliminary tests, and comes out to tell the surprised Ben and Jessica that Jessica is already pregnant. As Ben embraces Jessica, Jessica sees Doc over Ben's shoulder, and her happy smile is replaced by a shocked expression when she realizes that Doc could be the father.

On the patio of the athletic club, Tom angrily demands that Margo show him her compact. Poor bewildered Margo finds her compact, and Tom collapses back into his seat and tells her, "I can't do this any more." They go inside the club, and Tom tells Margo that he had followed Doc the night before and saw Doc with a woman who left her compact behind. After making Margo assure him one more time that there was only one kiss between her and Doc, and after Margo promises "My heart is yours forever," Tom tells Margo that he believes her, and kisses her tenderly before he leaves. As Margo sits back, relieved, Jill, the attendant, comes up to Margo and tells her that she wants to talk about "you and Doc Reese." She tells Margo that she knows that there was more than one kiss. Jill asks Margo to help her, in return for Jill's silence.

Barbara arrives at James Stenbeck's prison cell and tells him, "I'm here to help you." She tells James that Jordan and Rosanna are planning to have their marriage annulled, because they are in love with Jennifer and Paul. Barbara and James agree that they both want Jordan to stay married to Rosanna, although Barbara's motivation is to keep her children away from James. Barbara asks that James not hurt anyone in his machinations to keep the marriage together. Dr. Walker Daniels is waiting in the bar at the Lakeview when Barbara returns, and she giddily tells him that she has found someone who will solve all her problems.

After Paul and Rosanna kiss, Paul confesses that he has feelings for her, and that the feelings probably started when she was still married to Craig. Paul promises to stay with her until she is safe from Stenbeck. Rosanna glows with happiness as they retire to their respective rooms. However, when she returns to the living room, she finds Cabot there in his stroller, when neither she nor Paul has brought him downstairs.

Tuesday, July 6, 2004

Alison and Aaron are searching for another of the keys when Aaron starts questioning her about her engagement to Chris. He wants to know how it all came about and what is happening and how soon it is. He also reminds her that she is only going on 19 and does she really want to be tied down to a Doctor's routine and schedule. Aaron wants her to make sure she is not marrying for the wrong reason. She is going to be married in only two months and Aaron is surprised. He asks her if she is pregnant. Alison says that she is not and rebounds with, "Why can't you be happy for me? You're my best friend."

Margo and Jill are having a confrontation when Jill tells Margo that she better do something for her or her husband is likely to find out about her escapades with Doc. Jill tells her that she will have her silence for this favor. Margo says that there is a name for this, and, Jill claims there is a name for what Margo was doing also. She tells Margo that she wants her to set up a date with Doc before that night. Margo reminds her that she is a police detective and her husband is the D.A. Jill doesn't care, 'cause she is in love with Doc. Margo tells her to go after him then, but, Jill claims to need her help, or she will tell all. Margo tells Jill she is playing with fire, and Jill shoots back, "With you were the one rolling around naked with a man who wasn't your husband."

Paul and Rosanna find Cabot downstairs in his chair. Paul foolishly makes a remark about Cabot getting there by himself and Rosanna is visibly alarmed. Paul tries to say that perhaps the housekeeper came and brought him down. They check with the housekeeper there, but, she says she didn't go near the baby. Rosanna knows that something is going on, but isn't sure what. Paul tells her that one of the other servants has all ready left for the day, and, perhaps she was the one who had moved Cabot. Paul says that he will check the following day. Rosanna is still alarmed and concerned. Paul says that he will sit by the baby while she rests. She finds that comforting.

Chris and Emily have found the location of the key. They are in a dance studio trying to tango their way over to the display in the window, where they are sure it is hidden. Emily uses a phony move to lure everyone away from where Chris is headed. Alison and Aaron come in, Emily makes herself scarce, and Alison is very disappointed not to find the key. In the meantime, Chris pulls the key out of his pocket and shows it to Emily. She is delighted. They decide to team up as partners, but, only because they are working for the same thing. Emily will give the money to Chris and Alison if they win, if Alison will give a percentage to charity. Chris will be happy to help Alison win the contest, because she is trying so hard. In the meantime, Alison and Aaron decide to team up also.

Walker and Barbara are dining together. Walker wants to whisk Barbara away for a vacation. She tells him that she can't go, things are too hectic right now. She gets a phone call that Walker doesn't want her to take, but she answers anyway. It is James, and he is telling her that what they discussed that morning is being taken care of as they speak. He tells her to call Fairwinds. She does and Paul answers the phone. She asks if something is the matter. Can she help? Paul says that he will handle it and not to be concerned. Barbara hangs up and returns to her conversation with Walker. He is comforted with the words that he hears from Barbara. She is telling him that even though she can't go away with him right now, she is not afraid to let the world know that they are together. She thinks they should have a party. A way to tell everyone they are together, and to tell her children that she is living her own life and they are living theirs. She takes him up to her suite to show him how serious she really is.

Jessica and Ben find out that she is pregnant. They are all elated and the Doctor says that sometimes miracles really do come true. She tells Jessica to come by the office for some pre-natal care. Doc sees the two of them celebrating and walks up to see what is going on. Jessica, not wanting to tell him anything, says she won a case that day. After Doc leaves, Jessica tells Ben that she does not want Doc to know anything about her personal life. She would like to wait until after she is out of her first trimester, before anyone knows about the pregnancy.

Tom has a lunch date with his Dad and meets him at the hospital, but, before he does, he encounters Doc. Tom tells him that he and Margo have reached an understanding and they will be just fine. Doc replies that Tom probably won't believe this, but he is happy for him. Tom counters with, "I'd be a fool to believe anything you say." Bob calls out to Tom and they prepare to leave for lunch.

Margo runs into Doc at the hospital. He starts to talk with her knowing that something is the matter. She claims that they cannot talk there with all her in-laws. He tells her they just left for lunch. Margo pulls Doc into Bob's office to tell him what is going on. She says that Jill wants a date, a one-night stand with him, or will blow Margo and her marriage and job out of the water. Doc tells her that he encountered Jill before and she is trouble. He doesn't want to get involved with her. In the meanwhile, voices are heard approaching. It is Bob and Tom. Doc hides under the desk. The two men enter the room to find Margo there. Babs has forgotten his wallet. Margo makes an excuse for being there, and remains behind to make a supposed call to the station, while the two men leave once again for their lunch date. Doc comes out and Margo pleads with him once more. This time he gives in, and says he will do something. As Doc leaves, Margo tells him that she really felt something for him. He made her feel alive.

Jessica sees Margo at the hospital. Margo is almost in tears. She tells Jessica that someone saw her and Doc at the country club and is threatening to blackmail her. The woman wants Margo to set her up with Doc. Margo feels like she doesn't know if she is a mistress or a pimp. Margo doesn't even know why she should be jealous anymore. Doc obviously didn't give her the time of day, because he was with another woman that same night. Jessica is astonished at what Margo is telling her. Margo says that Tom followed him and saw the other woman in the car, but all he could find was her compact. She says that the clue will gnaw at him until he finds out who it belongs to, but then he will believe her. Jessica is deep in thought, knowing it was her compact.

James is seen speaking with someone on the phone. He is saying, "that tomorrow, they should give them something that is not so easily explained away."

Wednesday, July 7, 2004

Henry comes to Mike looking for a job to pay off his parking fines. Poor Henry is lonely, and thinks maybe they should hang out. Henry even suggests lunch. Mike gives in and tells Henry to meet him at Metro for lunch.

Jessica and Tom meet to discuss some work. Tom wants to know the reason it had to be in person though, 'cause it was something they would normally talk about on the phone. Jessica gets down to business. She says that she is a friend to both Margo and him, and she wanted to know how he was doing. They talk about betrayals. Jessica tells him that he has to forget about it and to start trusting Margo again, and to get rid of any little thing that is a reminder of what has happened. Tom admits that he followed Doc last night to see if he was with his wife. He was with someone, but it wasn't Margo. Tom tells her about finding the compact in Doc's car. Jessica says that Tom can give it to her. She will dispose of it for him. He comments that he cannot do that because he has left it in the car. Tom leaves for his meeting. Jessica begins to experience twinges in her stomach area. At the hospital, the Doctor tells Jessica that it is normal to be experiencing what she is feeling. The Doctor calls it internal stretching. She says even in the first week, things begin to move around, and there's still another 39 weeks to go. Jessica says there must be some mistake, she didn't think those tests could pick anything up until the first month. The Doctor also mentions that a blood test can pick up a pregnancy in 48 hours. Jessica remembers spending the evening with Doc, and faints on the spot. The Doctor tells her she must take better care of herself, and eat properly and to come to see her in the office, in the early part of next week.

Jill sits herself down at Margo's table and tells her that she didn't get much sleep. She kept waiting for something that didn't appear, and, if Margo doesn't get her that date with Doc, everyone will be talking about her and her husband won't like what they are saying. Doc happens to enter the room and sees Jill on one side of the room and Margo on the other. Doc goes to Margo's table. She pleads with him to get Jill off her back. He wants to know if everything else is o.k. and she says she is working on it. He says he will do what he can. Doc approaches Jill to set something up. He invites her to meet him in the lounge when she gets off work. She is thrilled.

Lucy is telling Craig that Dusty all ready knows the name of one of the people involved with her kidnapping, and he will look him up and find him. She feels she has to keep telling everyone that Dusty saved her life, he did not kidnap her. Lucy tells her Dad that the man's name is Don Creole. Craig tells Lucy that he thinks Dusty is trying to play her hero. While they are talking Lily and Lucinda enter the room. Lucinda keeps putting down Craig while Lily tries to quiet her down. Craig says that they all need to keep an open mind as to who the kidnapper might be. Alan enters the room. He wants to know what is going on. Craig says he will call Sierra and Alan says no to him, that he will. When Alan leaves, Lily tells Lucinda that Craig thinks that the person responsible, could possibly be Alan. Lucinda agrees to run a background check on Alan and find out what she can about the man who married her daughter in a whirlwind romance. Lucy makes a call to Dusty. She tells him that there are security guards all around protecting her. Dusty is glad to hear that. He tells her to stay by the house and do what she is told by the security guards. Lucy tells him that she wishes she could see him, just as Craig walks into the room and asks her who it is, that she would like to see.

Nikki is at the office pleading for more time to bring in Dusty. Her boss says she can have twelve hour and no more. Hal says he can perhaps supply her with a couple of men to aide her search. While she is alone, the phone rings and it is Dusty. He is telling her that he did not forget about their deal and he is on Don Creole's tail. He needs her help in keeping Craig Montgomery from playing hero for his daughter, and would she keep an eye on him. Nikki gets up to leave the office and charges into Henry on the way out. Henry is charmed by this creature, to say the least. However, after a few words, she leaves.

Dusty meets with Starziak. He wants Starziak to tell him where he can locate this Don Creole guy. Starziak doesn't want to, but finally says he can maybe hook up with him at this place where Creole's brother is part owner.

Tom runs into Margo as she is waiting for Jessica. He tells her that he had a talk with Jessica and she sort of straightened things out for him. The first thing he needs to do is to dispose of the compact that he found. He throws it in the trash and walks out. Jessica, once again, is confronted by her Doctor, about the next week's appointment. She will not be doing a sonogram because it is a little early for that, and they usually wait until the end of the first month. The Doctor leaves and Jessica calls Margo. She apologizes for being a little late. Margo tells her that whatever she told Tom, did him a world of good. He even threw away the compact. Margo says that she was thinking she might go over and pull it out of the trash, when she called. In fact, she is still toying with the idea. Jessica tells her not to do that. Margo says that she just wanted to know who was with Doc last night. Jessica tells her to place her luncheon order and she will be right there. Jessica starts on over. In the meantime, Margo gets a waiter to retrieve the compact. When he brings it back, Margo thanks him. She turns it over and reads what it says. Jessica comes barging in to sit at the table, and gasps, when she sees Margo holding the compact. Margo looks up at her, and says, "you were the woman with Doc, last night!!"

Nikki runs into Craig and tells him that she is close to ending the two cases involving Dusty. She tells Craig to please stay out of it. When they get this Don Creole, they will find out who paid him to kidnap Lucy. She walks away and sits at the bar. Down the stairs comes Mike and Henry. Henry is going on and on about this "vision of loveliness" he encountered earlier during the day. All of a sudden he spots her sitting there alone at the bar. He begs Mike to intercede on his behalf. Mike goes up to her, and she turns around, and throws her arms around him. Henry looks on, and says, "oh great !!!"

Doc meets Jill in the lounge. She is pushing to get him alone, but, Doc settles her down into ordering a drink and tells her it won't take much time. He tells her to "sip it slowly sister, 'cause when you're finished with that drink, I'm finished with you." He tells her that no matter what she thought, she is not going up to his room, not now, not ever. She says that she thought they had a deal. Doc reminds her that she had the deal, not him. He also tells her that she might have been five stars in his book, but, blackmail is a deal breaker. He warns her not to true it again and if she thinks that his brief thing with Margo was anything, to go ahead and do what she wants, it's on her head. He gets up and leaves.

Craig uses Lucy's cell phone to redial a number of the person she had been speaking with. He discovers it was Dusty, who is thinking it was Creole calling, and Dusty is saying that he just wants to talk. Craig hangs up. He knows he must reach Creole before Dusty does.

Thursday, July 8, 2004

Henry stands by and watches Nikki hug Mike. Mike was a little taken aback because, at first, he didn't know it was Nikki. Henry came over with drinks. Nikki thought he was the waiter then recognized that they had met before. Mike introduced her to Henry. Henry was cute as he flirted with her. Mike asked Nikki why she was back in town. Nikki told Mike that she was in town questioning Craig. Henry continued to flirt with her until he found out that she was a special IRS agent. Henry spilled his drink and Nikki asked him if he was afraid of IRS agents. Henry tried to change the subject by asking Nikki out but she misunderstood him and asked Mike if he would like to join them. Nikki had to leave and, ignoring Henry, gave Mike her number. Mike just laughed as Henry accused him of muscling in on his action.

Rosanna told Paul that she still couldn't understand how Cabot got downstairs. While Paul was trying to reassure her, Jordan and Jennifer came in and picked up on the uneasiness in the room. Jordan demanded to know what was going on. Rosanna covered by saying that Cabot had a slight fever but the doctor checked him out and said he would be fine. Jordan asked Rosanna if he and Jennifer could take Cabot to the park. Rosanna told them it was a good idea as Barbara and Walker came in apologizing for not calling first. Paul and Jennifer were not happy that she had shown up and tried to get rid of her. Barbara proceeded to tell them that she wanted to have a dinner party to introduce Walker as her new boyfriend. Barbara asked them to consider it and they agreed they would. Jordan and Jennifer left with Cabot. Rosanna offered Walker a drink and they walked away. Barbara continued to try to convince Paul that she was just trying to make things right between them. Paul saw right through Barbara's pleading and later told Rosanna that he figured out who was behind the mystery surrounding Cabot's sudden appearance in the living room. Walker was called away to the hospital and Paul insisted that his mother stay behind. Paul told Barbara that he knew what she was up. Paul accused Barbara of trying to get Paul and Jennifer away from Rosanna and Jordan and didn't give her a chance to say anything. Paul told her that she was not going to manipulate or interfere in his relationships anymore. Meanwhile, Jordan and Jennifer were with Cabot at Al's diner. They weren't paying attention to Cabot and when they were ready to leave, Jennifer discovered the baby in the stroller was not Cabot!

Jack was looking through a mountain of paperwork when he came across something that could mean a breakthrough in finding Molly. He told Holden about it as they left to find her. Meanwhile, the thug that kidnapped Molly had brought her some food. Molly tried flirting with him and when he started to make a move, she stabbed him with her pen. He got the upper hand and tried to strangle her as she screamed. Holden came in and saved the day but ended up on the receiving end of a knife. Holden didn't waist any time and went after the thug until Jack came in and arrested him. Holden went to Molly and comforted her. Molly later thanked Holden and asked him to go with her to the police station.

Margo discovered it was Jessica's compact that was in Doc's car. Margo accused Jessica of lying to her. Jessica tried to make it look like Doc and her were talking over business but Margo didn't buy it. Margo was playing the detective and she thought Jessica was covering something up. Jessica told Margo that she met with Doc to make sure he didn't do anything to make the matter worse. Jessica lied that said she wouldn't so anything to hurt her relationship with Margo. Margo was in tears as they hugged. Margo suddenly felt sorry for herself by saying that Tom worked long hours and Casey wasn't home much anymore. Jessica said that Margo had all this free time on her hands and got caught up in Doc's little fantasy. At the hospital, Jessica's doctor ran into Ben and told him that his sperm count was unusually low and it was statistically impossible for Ben to father a child. Ben asked what would cause the low sperm count. The doctor said there could be a lot of factors but none of them mattered now so Ben and Jessica should just rejoice in their miracle. Ben agreed. Later, Ben walked into the club and blurted out that Jessica was pregnant!

Friday, July 9, 2004

At the restaurant where Jessica and Margo are, comes Ben. Ben is feeling very proud and blurts out the fact that Jessica is pregnant. He says they went to learn about in vitro fertilization and came out pregnant. How come her best friend didn't tell her, says Margo. After Margo leaves and Ben is sitting with Jessica, he laughs and says that they are so blessed. The Doctor told him that his sperm count was low and it's hard for anyone to get pregnant with odds like that. Ben tells Jessica that the baby just isn't a blessing but a miracle.

Lucy and Lucinda talk. Lucinda is so glad that Lucy is safe and sound and back home where she belongs. The telephone rings and it is a call that Lucinda has been waiting for. She leaves the room to answer it. It's Lily. Lucinda tells her that she has no news yet about Alan Drake. She will let her know when she does. Lily's front door opens and it's Holden helping Molly through the door. Molly tells Lily that Holden saved her life. Carly rings the doorbell and comes in to see Molly. She is glad that she is alive and safe. While Carly speaks with Molly, Holden and Lily are having a little chat of their own. They are discussing Molly's staying at the house. Lily is beginning to see a growing bond between Molly and Holden. Carly offers her home to Molly, but, Molly refuses because Holden had told her to come home with him and he would keep her safe.

Back at Lucinda's place, Dusty climbs into Lucy's window. When she realizes it is him, she rushes into his arms. He comments on the high life she lives there. He also mentions dating Lily when they were much younger. Lucy says, "You dated my Aunt?" Lucinda hears noises coming from Lucy's room and inquires if she is all right. She says that she was listening to the radio and looking out the window to wish on a star. Since everything seems all right, Lucinda leaves Lucy's room. Dusty scurries out from under the bed. He is about to leave when Lucy says she has something for him. She gives him a necklace that was given to her; it is a sign of good luck. She gives him a kiss on the cheek. They are drawn to each other but nothing is said and Dusty leaves.

The two men who kidnapped Lucy at Craig's request, turn up to pay him a visit. He tells them that they had three chances to kidnap Lucy and they failed. The men tell Craig that they are watching Lucy and will continue to do so, so that they can tell Lucy her Father is responsible for her kidnapping. They tell Craig that they want a million dollars and they will forget all about him. The men leave. Craig later calls them. He says he will pay them tomorrow. He is to leave his cell phone on to learn of the drop spot. He pulls out a gun from behind the counter and says to himself, that he will handle it his way.

Rosanna and Paul question Barbara's motives for her involvement with the problems they are all having. Barbara swears to them that she is not guilty of anything and she is not involved. Barbara excuses herself and stays outside the door in a hidden spot to listen to what is going on. Jordan and Jennifer come in and ask what is going on. They tell Paul and Rosanna about the incident at the restaurant. The chance happening that their baby was taken because it was in the same kind of stroller that belonged to Cabot. It forces Rosanna to tell Jordan and Jennifer about Cabot ending up downstairs, without an apparent reason. Barbara listens as Paul says that Stenbeck has his fingerprints all over this. He has to be involved somehow. Barbara takes off after hearing Paul say that. Jordan says that no way could James be involved. He would not want them to worry about Cabot. They all agree that until they know what is happening that each should stand guard over Cabot. At a pay phone outside, Barbara calls James Stenbeck. She tells him that whatever he is doing, it is working. She wants his promise that he won't hurt the child.

Margo and Jessica sit down for lunch. All of a sudden Margo starts to grill her. She asks her about Jill, about her pregnancy and other things that Margo is beginning to doubt. Jessica gets up and says, "Margo, when you can stop treating me like a criminal, and remember that I am the best friend you have ever had, we can finish this conversation. When I come back, if your attitude hasn't changed, you can have lunch alone and I will find another table." At the end of lunch, Jessica tells Margo to forget all about Doc. Margo says that "all is right between them?" Jessica agrees. They part and Margo is seen later calling the hotel where she was to have met Doc. She tells them she will be coming on police business, and, she wants to speak with some of the employees on duty in regard to a case, on a particular day.

Doc is summoned by Kim. She tells him that she has received a letter from someone by the name of Jill. Doc makes a reference to the fact that he turned down her "invitation" and she is trying to get even. Kim tells him that Jill mentioned Doc has had some pretty close encounters with an officer in the Oakdale Police Department, and her name is Margo. Kim points out to Doc that he better take care of this problem now, or look for a new job.


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