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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 28, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, June 28, 2004

Chris proposes to Alison, and she accepts, on the condition that she wants "the Cinderella experience," a traditional wedding. Later, in bed, she is delighted that "your mom and my mom will be related!"

Dusty leaves Lucy in their hideout long enough to meet Ken Starziak, in order to find out the identity of the man with the tattooed wrist. At the same time, Hal introduces his daughter, Nikki, the FBI agent, to all of Lucy's family. Nikki tells them that she intends to find Lucy by following Starziak, in hopes that Starziak will lead her to Dusty. They do not realize that a heavyset gangster is eavesdropping. Dusty returns and tells Lucy that he has learned that the kidnapper is named Donald Creel, but just then Nikki pounds on the door and handcuffs Dusty. Lucy hides as Dusty informs Nikki that he is protecting Lucy, and that Nikki is going to help him find the real kidnappers.

After the family meeting with Nikki, Craig goes back to his temporary home at Holden and Lily's guest house. After Lily tells Craig good night, Lucinda accosts her and demands, "Don't let this mean, lying, pusillanimous wretch infect your home!"

At the metro, Aaron agrees to stay to help Molly close for the night. Starziak, sitting at a nearby table, overhears their conversation and leaves. Aaron is called away to check a bogus gas leak, and Starziak and his thug, Rocco, demand that Molly tell them what she told the feds. When Aaron returns, he and Holden find Molly gone and the metro in shambles.

In the boathouse, Mike surveys the site of Pilar's death and thinks of the mess he made by letting Pilar manipulate him. He finds Katie's bracelet, and Henry persuades him to return it to Katie in person. However, Simon refuses to let him see Katie, and Mike leaves, dejected. At about the same time, Katie finds the note Pilar shoved under the pillow for Simon, which says, ." Spain...I promised you that I would get Katie away from Mike..." Katie storms downstairs and confronts Simon with the note. Simon admits that he struck a deal with Pilar to keep Katie and Mike apart. Simon tells Katie, "It was a stupid, insecure thing to do, and I regret it." Katie reminds Simon that he was a con man when they married, and that he is conning her right now. Simon begs, "What will it take for you to forgive me?"

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Jack answers the call to come to Metro. He enters and sees the place in disarray. Aaron and Holden are there. They tell him that Molly is missing. The police look around for clues. Holden gets Jack on the side and tells him that he thinks Dusty is responsible for the happenings going on. Holden and Jack talk about what has happened so far. The police find a shoe belonging to Molly. They now know that she did not leave willingly.

Lucinda is reprimanding Lily for allowing Craig to be there. He is just a good for nothing. Craig enters the room and overhears Lucinda talking. Lily starts to apologize for her Mother, but Craig interrupts her. He says he will have his say when she is done. Lucinda tells Craig that he has used both his children unmercifully. He tells her that he has always loved his children and will do anything for them. He has always been Daddy to them. He was the one that fathered them when Sierra was off running her country and he was the one who took care of them. Lucinda reminds him that no matter what, he has always put himself first.

Margo runs into Mike. Mike is reminded of so many things that bring Katie to mind. He feels he treated her so badly. He regrets all the things he did and all the things that went wrong, because he didn't trust Katie. She tells him to go after her, but he can't bring himself to do it.

Katie tells Simon that he is still trying to con her now. He tells her he just loves her so much. He is really sorry for what happened. Katie says that sometimes sorry isn't always enough. Katie then asks, "If Pilar hadn't left the note she did, would he ever have told her the truth?" She realizes that he would not have. If what you tell me isn't real, how can I really want to see you ever again? Katie tells Simon that sometimes the hurt is just too deep. Katie says that Mike was not the one that came between them. He was. Simon, tells Katie that if he walks out the door, they will both have a lifetime of regret. Katie tells him to leave and not to come back this time. Simon removes his wedding ring and gives it to Katie. He leaves. Margo is at the door almost immediately. Margo tries to console her but, Katie wants her to figure out what she is going to do next. Margo tells Katie that if you are lucky enough to find real love once in your lifetime, it is worth fighting to keep. Katie goes to where Mike is. She tells him that they need to talk, if, he still wants to. She says he may like what she has to say.

Nikki is still trying to figure out Dusty and Lucy. She tells Lucy that Dusty is not reliable. Lucy begs to differ with her. " He has saved her life and kept her safe," says Lucy. Dusty claims that Starziak's men are not the ones after Lucy. Outside, Dusty tells Nikki that Lucy is not safe, even if she was at home. The people doing this are connected somehow with Lucy's life. It's someone close to her family. Nikki says she will look into it. She tells him to keep Lucy safe. Later, back with Lucy, he tells her that she is not a spoiled brat. He thanks her for keeping him out of jail. He apologizes to her again.

The men who took Molly have left her in an area in which they lock her up. Molly is seen crying, and, begging for someone to come and help her.

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Dusty tells Lucy that he thinks it was a good idea having Nikki Munson drop by. Nikki starts complaining that the pretzels she is eating are moldy. They both hear a noise and wonder who is coming. Dusty, at first thinks that it is Nikki who called the guys in the cars. Nikki reaches Hal and Emily's place, as her cell phone rings. It is Dusty calling and he wants to know who she told about them all ready. Nikki tells him that she didn't sell them out. She doesn't know anything about the guys outside or anything going on. Emily overhears part of the conversation and starts to question Nikki. She calls Emily rude and they get into another argument. Nikki knows that she has not been received with open arms by Emily, and confronts her with the idea that if she wants her to leave, just tell her. Emily does just that. Hal arrives home later, and calls everyone downstairs. He asks where Nikki is, and Emily says, I don't know, she's gone. Then she tells Hal that she asked Nikki to leave. Hal stands there astonished.

Back at the warehouse where Lucy notices that the noise they heard are not police cars but trucks, men are approaching where they are located. Dusty and Lucy hide in a large crate. The men enter, and, one of them notices that the place looks like it had visitors. Dusty covers Lucy's mouth as she tries to say something. The men walk out of the warehouse. Lucy removes Dusty's hand. They almost kiss but a large noise interrupts the mood. The men have come back and all of a sudden, Dusty and Lucy, are being crated and loaded into something that indicates they are being shipped somewhere.

Craig walks into a hotel room where two (2) men are playing cards. Craig announces that the police know all about them. They have the name of the guy with the tattoo and are looking for them. Craig tells them to get lost. They want to know about the money he promised them. He tells them that they muffled the job and deserve nothing. The men tell him that they will tell everyone that he is responsible for setting up the kidnapping of his own daughter. Craig tells them that if they don't walk out the door with nothing, he will pick up the phone and call the police, which he starts to do. Craig reminds them that they were to kidnap Lucy, hold her for ransom, and, then Craig was supposed to save her, but it didn't go at all like that. The men walk out, but say to each other that they are not done with Craig yet. Craig remains behind to pick up any belongings and things left. He picks up a picture of Lucy and tells it not to give up on him yet. Craig leaves the room, but, as he does, he runs into Nikki Munson, where apparently she is spending the night. During the process, it looks as though the picture of Lucy has fallen out of Craig's pocket.

Margo comes in the door and notices Tom there. She tells him that she is ready to tell him everything. She says that she wants him to know it all. Margo tells Tom about Doc's advances. She passed it off as innocent flirting the first time, but, the second time, he kissed her. It was in the locker room. He wants to know why Margo didn't slap Doc back. What was wrong? She can't answer him. Tom says they had made a promise to each other never to go down that road again. She tells him that it only happened once and nothing else. Tom leans over to tell her that he doesn't believe her. Katie knocks on the door and asks Margo to go back to the cottage.

On the way out, Margo tells Tom they have to get through this.

Katie talks with Mike. Mike thinks she is there to tell him that she appreciates what he did. He knows that she loves him and yes, he loves her but, sometimes, love isn't enough. Mikes reminds her of all the chances they had together, and they just blew them away. He tells her that he won't come after her, and tells her that she should give everything you have to Simon. She tells him, she saw Simon for the first time tonight. Mike says that Simon has the best in Katie. Mike has called Henry. He tells him that he saw Katie. Henry disagrees with him because he called the airport and the flight all ready left. Mike says that perhaps they took a later flight. At Katie's place, Katie wants Margo to tell everyone that she did leave with Simon. She especially wants Mike to know this. She wants him to find someone who will make him happy. Margo says, that the trust sets one free, but if you are hurting someone you love, she just doesn't know. Katie is closing the front door to leave town for awhile, and quietly says goodbye to Mike, their time together was way too short.

Doc is leaving the club when Jill comes up to him. She reminds him of where she knows him from. She tells him that she would like to spend some time with him. He tells her she is beautiful and should be with somebody who will return her attention. She reminds him of catching him with Margo, and, he pushes her off with some excuse. He also remembers Kim's talk with him. He goes to call Margo, but, thinks she might be with Tom.

Thursday, July 1, 2004

Hal was upset with Emily for sending Nikki away. Hal said he wanted his daughter to feel welcome in their home. Emily said that Nikki was a big girl and could make her own decisions. Hal figured she went to the Wagon Wheel and was leaving when Emily said that when he saw Nikki to ask her about her inside track to Dusty Donavan. Later, Hal confronted Nikki. Nikki told him that she made a deal with Dusty to get to Starziak. Hal tried to reason with her and told her that she was blowing her career by making this deal. Hal demanded that Nikki tell him everything but Nikki decided to take him to them instead. When they arrived at the warehouse they discovered it was empty.

Nikki ran into Craig at the Wagon Wheel. Craig made up that he was staying there. Craig proceeded to ask Nikki more questions about Lucy but Nikki said she had told him everything that she knew. They were interrupted by a phone call from Lily. Craig cut his call short to Lily when Nikki saw the picture of Lucy on the floor. Craig made the claim that Lucy was much prettier in person. Nikki assured him that they would do everything they could to get Lucy back safely. After Nikki left Craig placed a call to Lily. Craig decided to play on Lily's good nature and put the bug in her ear that Sierra's husband Alan might have something to do with Lucy's kidnapping. Lily told him that she didn't know anything about Alan but couldn't question Sierra's judgment. Craig said she was probably right. Lily convinced him to return home with her.

Dusty and Lucy were in the back of the truck being taken to parts unknown. Dusty was trying to figure out how they were going to get away when the truck stopped. Lucy was afraid so Dusty tried to comfort her. They were close to kissing when Dusty said that he just wanted to make sure Lucy stayed safe. Dusty put his arm around her telling her that she was going to be okay.

Jordan and Paul were reading when Rosanna came in stating that Cabot was teething and was not in a good mood. Jordan offered to help but Rosanna said Cabot would be okay. Jordan than said that he was going out for awhile to see Jennifer. After he left, Paul asked Rosanna if she was hungry and offered to fix her some French toast. Rosanna thought that was cute and told Paul he was full of surprises. Later, they were sitting on the floor eating and drinking wine. They started to sing Let Me Call You Sweetheart. They shared a laugh and Paul gently kissed her cheek. He apologized but Rosanna said she thought it was nice and that she was having a good time. She thanked Paul for bringing her back. As they were about to share a kiss, Cabot cried out. When Rosanna came back into the room, she and Paul shared a tender moment.

Jordan went to see Jennifer to explain to her that his arrangement with Rosanna would not last forever. Jennifer said she was uncomfortable knowing that Jordan woke up every day with Rosanna. Jordan dropped the news that Paul had moved in to. Barbara overheard this and went berserk! She said she didn't want Paul or Jennifer near Fairwinds. Jordan told Barbara to mind her own business and that he had the situation under control.

Tom went to see Doc to try to get him to tell Tom the truth. Margo suspected that Tom was with Doc so she had Jessica call and warn Doc. Tom figured that it was Margo so he asked Doc if they got their stories straight. Doc tried to reason with Tom but Tom told him to stay away from Margo or he would make Doc's life miserable. Later, Tom followed Doc who was meeting with Jessica. When Doc discovered this he told Jessica to leave. Without realizing it Jessica left something behind. Tom jumped in the car and told Doc he was watching him. Tom discovered what Jessica left behind, grabbed it and left.

Friday, July 2, 2004

Everyone is sitting around the table discussing plans for Chris and Alison's wedding. It is a table of smart remarks being thrown without the recipients being aware. Barb is especially between Kim and Susan. Chris tells Bob that his Mom didn't seem too happy. Bob chuckles and remarks, what made you think that, the acid tone in her voice or her clenched jaw?

Rosanna and Paul are chatting. They give each other a tender kiss. Paul is on the way out and Carly has just arrived. Rosanna tells Carly that something happened last night. Rosanna is reluctant in telling Carly what she is feeling for Paul. She wonders if she is crazy. Carly tells her that the look in Paul's eyes is the same one she is seeing in hers. She tells Rosanna that Paul is a complicated man with a lot of issues, like his Father and Mother and does she want to be a part of all that. She reminds Rosanna that she

is no one to be giving advice but she will tell her to follow her heart. She tells Rosanna that there is room in heart for two if that is what she wants. Rosanna wants to know if Carly thinks that Paul can be interested in her personally.

Barbara tries to make plans with her chauffeur to have her children kidnapped, since, she can't seem to get them to understand the evil behind James Stenbeck. Walker enters the room and confronts Barbara with what she is trying to do. She tells Walker that it is not about what she wants but what James wants. Walker reminds Barbara that her children are adults and she has to let them go. If she alienates her children, they will have no one to turn to. She tells Walker that James will try to derail any plans her children think will work. She tells him that he is right and thanks him for his advice. He leaves. Barbara goes to the phone to call the warden and make an appointment to see James Stenbeck herself.

Jack is questioning Starziak about Molly's disappearance. Meanwhile Molly is locked in an elevator where someone opens it long enough to shove food over to her. She finds a plastic knife and prepares to do something with it.

Jordan sneaks Jennifer for an afternoon for just the two of them.

Hal and his police squad break into the armored van to find Lucy sitting there by herself. They ask her where Dusty is. She tells them that she doesn't know. She explains that he put her in a crate and took off.

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ATWT matriarch Kathryn Hays (Kim Hughes) has died
GL, ATWT star Lisa Brown has died


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