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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 28, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, June 28, 2004

Brooke and Ridge are looking at the new baby. Thomas and the twins enter the room. They want to know what is going on. Ridge and Brooke tell the youngsters about the birth of the new baby. Ridge tells Thomas that the baby was born at the house. He also lets him know that a second paternity test was run and it was confirmed that the baby's real Father is Ridge. Brooke and Ridge tell the children that they are now a real family and will never be separated again. Eric looks on. He congratulates Ridge and kisses Brooke. He holds the baby. Eric is told that his name is Ridge Forrester, Jr. He thanks his Dad for telling him to hold on. They are truly united now. Rick thinks that the name is too long for the little one, right now. He comes up with the nickname, RJ. That is what the baby will be called.

Darla stops in at the office to see Thorne. Thorne is visibly upset. He tells Darla that Ridge is working on a new collection and that he has all ready pitched it to his Dad. He never came to him with it. Thorne thinks the designs are wonderful, but, he doesn't want to take the risk on a new line now. It is Forrester's intent to go back to what has worked for the company before. They have all ready tried Sharpe Designs and the Ambrosia Line and though it worked, it wasn't what Forrester Creations has built its success on.

Caitlin comes into an office hoping to see Ridge. She is told that he is not there, and should re-schedule. She tells Rick, who is in the office, that she was there to show Ridge some designs that she has created. Rick says, if she doesn't mind, he will be glad to offer his opinion, although he is not the expert, himself. She agrees. Rick tells her to try on the outfits. Caitlin comes out in one of her own creations -- a red dress that definitely draws Rick's attention. A second outfit is tried on, a short dress in pink. Rick is amazed and finds Caitlin fascinating to say the least.

Ridge enters Thorne's office. He is excited that both of them have new children to celebrate. After talking about the new idea of parenthood, the two of them get down to business. Ridge starts to talk about his new line. Thorne tells Ridge that he has concern over the new designs by Ridge. He explains that Forrester wanted to stay with the concept that made them successful. They are planning to stay with the elegant and safe designs that express the Forrester name. Darla is listening at the door. Ridge blows up and tells Thorne to get off his high horse. He doesn't answer to him. Darla, not being able to stand it anymore, enters. She looks at Ridge, and says, "Thorne has always respected you, now it's time for you to show a little respect to him."

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

At Forrester Creations, Ridge taunted Thorne over Darla's defense of him. Thorne warned Ridge that he'd better not speak to Darla in that sarcastic tone ever again. Ridge apologized to Darla and she accepted. While Ridge and Thorne continued to converse, Darla joined in. Ridge rudely told Darla to stay out of the conversation. Ridge asked Thorne if he was getting bad ideas about him from Darla? Ridge and Thorne again started to argue over Ridge's designs. Thorne reminded Ridge that he left for Marone Industries during one of Forrester's worst times financially. Thorne told Ridge that his designs are not traditional Forrester and not what the company needs right now.

Massimo approached Ridge after eavesdropping on Thorne and Ridge's argument. Massimo told Ridge to "trust his gut." Massimo said he should trust his gut because he was correct all along about Brooke's baby being his. Massimo congratulated Ridge on the birth of his son. Ridge refused to forgive Massimo. Ridge reminded Massimo that he supported Nick, not him. Massimo apologized for the part that Jackie played in the mistaken paternity. Massimo revealed that he threw Jackie out.

Massimo tried to advise Ridge that he does not fit in at Forrester Creations any longer because he's not a dressmaker. Ridge disagreed with Massimo and revealed that he is happy designing clothes. Massimo asked Ridge to return to Marone Industries. Eric walked in and advised Ridge not to leave Forrester.

Rick took Caitlin to the Café Rouse. Caitlin was completely star struck. She was excited to be there for the first time. Rick complimented Caitlin on her designs. He revealed that the designs are just the type that Ridge is looking for right now. Caitlin acknowledged that she is aware that Rick was married to Amber. Caitlin informed him that Amber resided with her family after her apartment fire.

Meanwhile, Brooke visited Nick on his boat. Brooke brought Hope to visit Nick. Brooke requested that Nick remain a part of hope's life because Hope needs him. Nick wondered if Brooke was referring to herself also. Brooke admitted that she still needs Nick and that she loves him too.

Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Massimo tries to convince Ridge that their father-son bond can't be broken. Ridge reminds him that he and Jackie tried to keep him away from Brooke. Massimo defends himself by telling Ridge that he had no idea what Jackie was up to, and informs Ridge that he has kicked Jackie out of his life. Massimo wants to see his new grandson. Ridge tells him to call Brooke and maybe she will invite Massimo over for dinner sometime. Satisfied that Ridge is softening, Massimo tells him that he knows Ridge will come back to his true family in time. Massimo leaves. Eric comes in and tells Ridge not to let his guard down around Massimo. Ridge assures Eric that he won't, but admits that Massimo has lost a lot recently and he can't kick him while he's down. Ridge says, in the long run, what can Massimo do? Eric finds it hard to believe that the Jackie that Eric knew could lie to keep Ridge and Brooke apart. Ridge tells Eric that he'd like to get his hands on her, if Brooke hasn't already.

Nick breaks away from Brooke's embrace and asks her if this is awkward. Brooke says it doesn't have to be. Nick tells her to be honest and admit that she got what she wanted. Brooke tells him that she didn't get everything she wanted because she never wanted to hurt Nick. Nick assures Brooke that he'll be fine. Brooke tells him to come for dinner sometime. Nick tries to push her out of the cabin of the boat, telling her that she's got her perfect life. Brooke tells Nick that she needs him in her life. Nick reminds her that she's made her choice. Brooke asks him where they can go from here, and admits that she misses him. Nick tells her that just being her friend won't work for him. He doesn't want to be her brother-in-law or Uncle Nick. Brooke tells him that there is a reason he came into her life, and asks him not to walk away. Nick warns her that if he ever catches her crying over Forrester, he'll have something to say about it. Nick has to leave, but invites Brooke to stay for a while and rest. After he leaves, Jackie arrives. Brooke surprises her by being there and says that maybe Nick doesn't want to talk to her, but Brooke does.

At the Café Russe, Rick talks about his failed marriage to Amber. Caitlin thanks him for lunch. Rick tells her that they will be spending more time together when she starts working for Forrester. Rick assures her that Ridge will hire her, but things have been busy since Ridge helped deliver Brooke's baby. Caitlin is thrilled to hear that Brooke and Ridge are back together and can't wait to talk to Thomas. Rick is surprised that Caitlin is friends with Thomas and asks if they are seeing each other. Caitlin tells Rick that they only talk a lot. Caitlin gazes at Rick dreamily.

Thomas goes to the fire station to see Hector. When he asks if Hector knows where Caitlin is, Hector is surprised that Thomas didn't know about her interview with Ridge. Thomas tells Hector that there has been a lot going on since for Ridge since he and Brooke got back together. Thomas admits to Hector that he wanted to talk to Caitlin about all that's been happening. Hector didn't realize that Thomas and Caitlin had grown so close. Hector tells Thomas he approves of Thomas and Caitlin dating, but is afraid that she won't have much free time after she starts her job at Forrester. Hector is worried that Caitlin will get caught up in the fashion world - a world that is all about being beautiful on the outside only. Thomas assures Hector that Caitlin is in good hands at Forrester and Eric wouldn't let anything happen to her.

Thursday, July 1, 2004

As their confrontation continues, Jackie suggests that Brooke is still in love with Nick, but Brooke denies that anything will ever happen between Nick and Brooke.

Nick tells Massimo that he is going away for a few days. He tells Massimo that he will always be there for him and that he blames Jackie for the pain she's caused.

Ridge tells Stephanie that she needs to get along with Brooke in order to spend time with R.J. This ultimatum causes Stephanie to break down.

Darla tells Sally about coming to Thorne's defense after Ridge bullied her and Thorne.

Friday, July 2, 2004

Rick tells Ridge all about Caitlin. He thinks she is exactly what they need. Amber comes in to visit with Rick. She looks all new and improved and has a different outlook about things, everything that is, except Rick. She is still attracted to him. Caitlin comes back to the office to see Rick with sketches that she thought Ridge would find useful. She thanks him again for the lunch and the day and gives him a kiss. Amber is behind the door and sees it.

Caitlin tells Samantha all about her wonderful day. Caitlin says that she thinks Rick took a personal interest in her. Samantha comments on the fact that Rick is somewhat older than her.

Stephanie comes through the front door with the girls. She gets to hold the new baby. While holding him, she is reminded of the things that Ridge said to her, especially that the baby shares all their blood. Brooke enters and sees Stephanie holding the baby. They start to argue as usual and Brooke declares herself new Matriarch. Ridge enters and sees them arguing. He tells Stephanie that he tried to appeal to her good judgment and to make peace. He sees that this seems to be impossible and throws her out. Outside, Stephanie is dazed, confused and mad as hell. She looks up and sees a glaring Brooke looking down at her.

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