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Jack resigned from Jabot. Frank Barrett's body was discovered, and the police connected Frank to Sharon. Katherine decided to go to rehabilitation. Phyllis told Daniel the truth about his father. Nikki had visions of something horrific from her past.
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Following an intervention and heavenly visit, Katherine agreed to go into rehab
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Katherine stuns everyone by holding an intervention party

Katherine stuns everyone by holding an intervention party

Monday, July 5, 2004

The supervisor at the recreation center, Jamal, informed Devon that Lily's mom was there to see him. Devon assumed that Dru wanted to chew him out again, and he huffed that he didn't need any lectures about stealing. She told him that she was there about her daughter. Dru contended that although Lily and Devon's lives were very different, Lily had been through a lot over the past year. Dru didn't want Devon to lead Lily down the wrong path, and she referred to the money he'd stolen.

Devon defended that he'd needed the money more than the guy in the store had. Dru countered that the man had worked for the money, and Devon hadn't had any right to steal it. Devon tried to return to work, but Dru barked that they weren't finished talking. She ordered him to stay away from her daughter, and he assumed that it was because he didn't live in a fancy neighborhood. Dru insisted that it was about character and not a zip code.

Devon pointed out that he hadn't asked Lily to lie to the cops, and Dru thought that meant Lily cared about him. Devon assumed that Dru didn't, and she countered that she might if she got to know him. Devon divulged that he knew she'd once lived on the streets, and he questioned where she got off judging him. Devon blasted Dru for acting high and mighty with her big apartment, fancy clothes, and nice car when she was no better than he was. He spat that all she'd done had been to get lucky.

Dru asserted that there was no such thing as luck. She shared that she'd worked very hard, and God had given her a brain and determination. Devon referred to her rich husband, but she argued that Neil had worked hard, too. Devon scoffed at the idea of becoming just as phony and stuck-up as she was if he buckled down. Dru again warned him to stay away from Lily, but Devon argued that they both worked there. Dru implied that she could talk to his social worker or supervisor, and Devon begrudgingly agreed to figure something out.

Later, Lily greeted Devon, who ignored her. She asked what was wrong, and she surmised that he was still upset about the day before. She recognized that her mom could be a little intense, but she pointed out that he shouldn't have stolen the money. He questioned why she'd covered for him, and she replied that she'd been protecting him. Devon snapped that he didn't need her protection, and he told her to get lost.

Lily wondered why Devon was angry when she'd helped him out, and she'd thought they were friends. He barked that she'd been wrong, and he told her to find another charity case. Devon stalked off, and Jamal asked if Lily was okay. She didn't know what she'd done wrong, and Jamal explained that Devon wasn't an easy person to get to know because it was hard for him to let people in. Jamal thought perhaps her mom knew what was going on, since Dru had been there earlier to see Devon.

At Phyllis' place, Daniel was taken aback by Phyllis' revelation that Danny wasn't his father. Phyllis clarified that Danny wasn't Daniel's natural parent, and Daniel declared a timeout. She reminded him that he'd promised to hear her out, even if she said something he didn't like. Daniel asked if Danny knew, and Phyllis confirmed that he did. She stressed that it wasn't about trashing Danny, who had been a wonderful father to Daniel in every sense of the word. Phyllis recounted that Danny had fought her to the bitter end for custody because he'd wanted Daniel so badly.

Phyllis added that Christine and Danny had been "hellbent" on keeping Daniel's true paternity a secret. Phyllis swore that if it had been up to her, Daniel would have known the truth years earlier, and she, Danny, and Daniel would probably still be a family. She hissed that "certain people" had wanted to banish her from Daniel's life, so she'd had no say in his upbringing or whether he heard the truth about his paternity. He surmised that she meant Christine, and Phyllis called Christine controlling and extremely self-absorbed. Phyllis claimed that Christine had a lot of influence over Danny and that Danny's inability to get over Christine had caused most of the problems in his marriage to Phyllis.

Daniel asked who his father really was and why the man hadn't raised him. Phyllis recounted that she'd been very young when she'd gotten pregnant, and she'd known Daniel's biological father hadn't wanted kids. Daniel asked if his natural father knew about him, and Phyllis claimed that the man did. Daniel wondered how Danny had fit into the picture, and a starry-eyed Phyllis reflected back on meeting Danny in New York, when he'd been on Broadway.

Phyllis gushed that she'd fallen head over heels in love with Danny when they'd first locked eyes, and she'd known that they'd been destined to be together for the rest of their lives. Daniel snickered and concluded that after Phyllis had slept with Danny, she'd lied and claimed the baby was his. Phyllis swore that she'd loved Danny with all her heart, so she'd lied because she'd wanted them to be together forever. She continued that she'd also done it for Daniel, since she'd known Danny would be an excellent father, and she'd also known that a man who was into his marriage wouldn't have left his wife at home alone for a year.

Daniel scoffed at the idea that Phyllis had done Danny and Christine a favor by breaking them up. Phyllis insisted that she and Danny had been extremely involved, and it had been bliss when he'd divorced Christine and married Phyllis. Phyllis said they'd been a happy, loving family until Christine had decided to ruin everything by making it her life's mission to get Danny back to spite Phyllis. Phyllis recalled that Christine had used Daniel as a weapon while convincing Danny to divorce Phyllis and have her declared an unfit parent, even though she'd been an excellent mother.

Phyllis admonished Christine for dumping Danny to hook up with Paul, causing a devastated Danny to move to Europe, which in turn had ruined Phyllis' chances of having a relationship with her son. Phyllis told Daniel that he could thank Christine for ripping him away from the mother who'd truly loved him, out of vindictiveness and spite. Phyllis wailed that it killed her to know that Daniel was living with Christine after all Christine's lies and manipulations.

Daniel became incensed that Christine had played God with his life, and he wondered "how the hell" Danny could have gone along with it. Phyllis figured that Daniel was old enough to make his own decisions, and she begged for a chance to be his mom. She reiterated that he'd deserved to know the truth, and she loved him and wanted to have a relationship with him. Daniel wanted time to think, and he headed out.

At home, Christine was stunned when Danny told her that Daniel had agreed to see his mom. Danny doubted that Phyllis would be satisfied with one visit, and he expected that it would only whet her appetite. Christine recognized that they had no control over what Phyllis would say to Daniel, but she implored Danny to have faith in his son's good judgment. Danny rubbed Christine's shoulders and called her amazing. He admitted that he'd been thinking about something, and he proposed that he move in with her and Daniel.

Christine happily agreed that it would make sense for all three of them. Danny wondered if she was ready for an instant family, and Christine insisted that she'd like Daniel even if he wasn't Danny's son. Danny urged her to take time think about it, and she agreed to sleep on it -- alone in her big bed. She purred that a perk of him moving in would be having no more lonely nights, and they kissed.

Later, Christine answered the door to Phyllis, who asked if Danny was there. Christine reported that he'd left a few minutes earlier, and she coldly asked what Phyllis wanted. Phyllis asserted that they needed to talk about Daniel, and she sauntered in.

At the Athletic Club, Danny left a message for Gina. He voiced concern that Daniel had asked to meet, but Daniel wasn't there. Daniel suddenly walked in. "Hey, son," Danny greeted, but Daniel ordered Danny not to call him that ever again. Daniel angrily asked whether Danny had planned to tell him the truth or if he'd intended to let Daniel spend his entire life swallowing the lie that Danny was his father.

At the Chancellor mansion, Katherine invited her friends and family in and welcomed them to her intervention party. She offered food and free drinks to everyone, and Jill wondered what was going on. With a drink in hand, Katherine proclaimed that they were celebrating, and she suggested that they help themselves to some hors d'oeuvres. Jill turned to Esther, who fretted that the turn of events hadn't been covered in her training classes.

Arthur insisted that they were there to help Katherine, but she informed him that she had no interest in getting sober. Brock called her "Duchess," and Katherine was touched that he was there. She drunkenly told her guests not to stand there and stare, and she suggested that they do something to liven up the intervention. "Here's to you!" she toasted as she raised a glass.

Brock appealed to Katherine to think back to when she'd last gotten sober after years of drinking. He recalled being proud of her, and it was breaking his heart to see her making the same mistakes again. He pointed out that the last time, Phillip had died, and he worried that it could be her that time around. Katherine reasoned that they were all going to die and that it was just a matter of when. Arthur argued that it didn't have to be then.

Arthur remembered falling in love with the vital, exciting woman Katherine had once been. He was afraid that after that night, he might be left with nothing but memories, since the woman he was looking at wasn't the woman he'd fallen in love with but an out-of-control alcoholic. Lauren lamented that the lovely, charming person who they'd all respected and loved had disappeared. Liz chimed in that all that was left was a sad, pathetic woman who was drinking herself into a grave. Liz questioned whether Katherine cared so little for those who loved her. Katherine quipped that love was "never having to say you're sorry."

Esther insisted that the Big Book had said Katherine could do it. Katherine referred to taking it one day at a time, but she declared that it wasn't the day, and she urged Esther to put it to rest. Lauren chided Katherine for being flippant when they were all facing the possibility of losing someone very dear to them. Katherine nonchalantly stated that it was a fact of life to win some and lose some. Brock stormed out, and Jill pleaded with Katherine to think of the years they'd lost when they hadn't known Jill was her daughter.

Jill questioned whether Katherine was willing to give up the connection they'd started to make, but Katherine expected Jill to grieve for about five minutes if Katherine kicked the bucket. Katherine cracked that alcohol was a preservative, so she'd probably outlive all of them. Jill urged her to be serious, and Katherine replied that she was serious about her drinking. Katherine encouraged everyone to live it up, but she stopped in her tracks when Mac walked in.

Katherine prompted Mac to join the party. Mac was horrified to see what the intervention had become, and Jill explained that Katherine wasn't taking it seriously. Brock hugged Mac, and Katherine became emotional and asked for a hug, too. Mac observed that her grandmother was drunk, and Katherine complained that people had already brainwashed Mac. Mac argued that those people were Katherine's friends and family, who were trying to save her life. "Be that way," Katherine slurred, daring Mac to take their side.

Mac wondered whether Katherine knew how important she was to Mac, and she recalled how Katherine had rescued her when she'd had nothing. Mac stated that Katherine had shown her what it had meant to be part of a family, and Katherine asserted that they were still a family. "No, we aren't," Mac sadly replied, adding that they wouldn't be unless Katherine stopped drinking. Mac cried that she couldn't just stand there while Katherine destroyed herself, and she pledged to walk away, too. Katherine reeled as tears streamed down Mac's face.

At Jabot, John worried that Victor needed an answer that day, and Ashley sympathized that it would be difficult for John to fire his own son. John had no intention of doing so, but Brad argued that $75 million could do the company a lot of good. John questioned whether it was worth having no pride left, but Brad countered that they couldn't afford not to accept Victor's offer. John griped that it was extortion, but Ashley contended that they could submit then or submit to the failure of their company in a few months. John didn't know if he could find it in himself to tell Jack that he was no longer wanted there. Ashley figured that Victor had the money, so he made the rules.

Jack arrived and wondered why everyone looked so glum. He cheerfully suggested that they get to work, and he pitched an idea to consolidate Jabot's West Coast manufacturing facilities. Brad considered it a great long-term plan, but he noted that they were a day late and an hour short in the short-term. Jack prepared to roll up their sleeves and get creative, but Ashley informed him that they'd been talking about the whole picture before Jack had walked in. Brad added that they'd been discussing Victor's offer, and John growled that he wanted to spit in the man's eye.

Jack sensed that they were considering the offer, but John assured him that nothing had been decided. Jack realized that they weren't looking for the right way to tell Victor that there was "no way in hell" because Victor had won, and Victor would give them the money once Jack was out. Jack offered to make the situation less uncomfortable by tendering his resignation, but John refused to accept it. Jack firmly quit, noting that it was the only way, and he claimed that he felt a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. Jack sincerely wished them luck, and he headed out. John and Ashley looked pained.

Later, Jack returned with a box of his personal belongings. He informed John that he'd left everything company-related for whoever would be taking over his workload, and he wondered if his father would hire someone to replace him. John admitted that he hadn't considered that yet, and he noted that Jack was taking it very well. Jack confided that he felt like he had a long, sharp knife sticking out of his back, but he understood why the decision had needed to be made. Jack was sure that John had been the last one to sell out, and he acknowledged that Jabot needed Victor's money more than the company needed Jack.

John praised Jack for the personal commitment and energy he'd given Jabot over the years. Jack appreciated it, but he knew that Victor had the upper hand. John lamented that he was about to receive $75 million to save his company, but all he felt was a profound sense of loss. Jack recalled that John had always told him that there were no free lunches, but John revealed that he'd been prepared to turn Victor down. Jack was confident that his father would get over it.

Jack recalled that he'd turned down the same offer from Victor once before, and it had been the right thing to do, but it would be dumb to do so then. John was amazed that Jack was so calm, and Jack admitted that he was boiling inside. Jack explained that he couldn't get mad at John and Ashley because they were all he had, and he refused to get angry at Victor anymore. John couldn't help but feel angry, and he shared his dream of one day putting the company in Jack's hands to let his son carry it on for him.

John softly stated that knowing Jack would be there to tend the garden John had planted would have made it easier for John to accept his life ending. Jack begged him not to talk like that, and he reasoned that they didn't know how things would turn out. Jack envisioned that they might look at it down the line as a great thing that had happened at exactly the right time. John noted that Jack was trying to make him feel better when John had expected to be the one to boost Jack's spirits.

Jack implored John to let him succeed at one thing that day, and he thanked his father. The men said they loved one another, and they embraced. John said he was going to miss Jack around there, and Jack grabbed his box of personal items and headed out. Jack paused at the elevator and stopped to take a last look around. "Someday, some way, I'll be back, Dad. I promise," Jack vowed.

Rex and Phillip III visit Katherine

Rex and Phillip III visit Katherine

Tuesday, July 6, 2004

by Nel

In Christine's apartment, Phyllis told Christine that she'd told Daniel everything. Christine asked Phyllis how she could have been so cruel. Phyllis claimed that Daniel had refused to have dinner with her unless she told him the truth. Christine accused Phyllis of making it about herself, and she asked if Phyllis had any idea what that might do to Daniel. She said that that Daniel hadn't wanted anything to do with Phyllis until that evening.

Phyllis told Christine that she'd told Daniel the truth. Christine claimed it was Phyllis' truth, but Phyllis claimed that she'd had a real conversation with her son. Phyllis warned Christine not to interfere if she valued her happy life. Christine asked if Phyllis was threatening her. Phyllis accused Christine of tearing Daniel away from her. Christine retorted that Phyllis had done that to herself with all her lies and manipulations. Christine stated that Phyllis had dragged her ex-boyfriend to town, and she'd drugged him just to get a sample of his blood to cover up her little secret.

Christine said she couldn't believe the monstrous things Phyllis had done, but Phyllis yelled that it hadn't been as monstrous as Christine taking Daniel away from her. Phyllis claimed she'd told Daniel the truth, and she warned Christine that she and Danny better not to screw up her relationship with Daniel because she wouldn't be responsible for her actions. Phyllis stormed out.

At the Athletic Club, Daniel accused Danny of hiding the fact that Danny wasn't his father. As angry as Danny was at Phyllis, he promised to tell Daniel everything he wanted to know. Danny said Phyllis was manipulative, and she'd broken up his marriage to Christine. He said he'd never slept with Phyllis. She had already been pregnant by another man, and she'd entrapped him after she'd discovered she'd been pregnant. Danny said he'd met her at a party. She'd been an obsessed fan of his for some time, and she'd wanted to be with him, so she'd drugged his drink, taken him to her place, and staged the illusion that they'd had a hot night together.

Danny told Daniel that as soon as Phyllis had given birth to Daniel, he had insisted on a paternity test. The test had shown a positive match. He and Christine had broken up, and he'd married Phyllis. It had been a long time before he'd discovered that Phyllis had rigged the test. Christine had known something hadn't been right, and she'd helped with the investigation of the lab. Proof had been found that the results had been falsified, the blood samples had been switched, and that Phyllis had perpetuated the lie.

Danny told Daniel that years after he'd discovered he'd been deceived by Phyllis and he'd fallen in love with Daniel, he'd sworn he wouldn't leave Daniel with her because she wasn't rational, and he'd been afraid for Daniel. Daniel didn't understand how Danny had been granted custody because Danny wasn't his biological father. Danny said he'd won the difficult fight because he'd raised Daniel and because Phyllis had been declared unfit. Danny said Phyllis had admitted that she'd been declared unfit.

Danny told Daniel it was a true story, and it hurt him when Daniel claimed that Danny wasn't his father. Danny said he was and always would be Daniel's father. Danny said that Phyllis had known that he wouldn't walk away from his obligation for the child he'd adored. Daniel said he was screwed up and didn't know who he was. Danny assured him that he was the same wonderful person he'd always been, but Daniel said he couldn't handle it and had to leave.

Sharon pushed Grace into a room and accused Grace's boyfriend, Cameron, of being involved in a murder. Grace claimed that Cameron hadn't had anything to do with that body, and Sharon was trying to cover her own tracks. Sharon said she and Nick had told Grace about the body, Grace had told Cameron, and suddenly, the body had appeared. Grace was surprised the body had turned up. She accused Sharon of being scared because Sharon had killed someone, and her house of cards was about to collapse. Sharon stated that she hadn't killed anyone, but Cameron had set her up for a murder he'd committed.

Grace told Sharon to shut up because she was tired of Sharon trashing the man Grace loved. She said that Sharon had tricked her into doubting Cameron once, but it wouldn't happen again. Sharon said she knew Grace didn't want to believe that Cameron had murdered anyone, but Grace was making the worst mistake of her life -- being an accessory to murder. Grace said if Sharon was trying to scare her, it wasn't working.

Sharon told Grace that that Cameron expected Sharon to take the blame for something he'd done, but in time, Grace would realize the truth. Sharon claimed that Grace couldn't be certain that Cameron hadn't killed anyone. She pitied Grace because Cameron was using her, and as soon as he was done, Grace would become a disposable commodity. Sharon stated that he was dangerous and a psychopath, and Grace would wind up spending the rest of her life behind bars. Grace cried that she hadn't done anything. Sharon said Grace was an accessory to murder unless she started cooperating.

Sharon claimed that Grace needed to tell her what Cameron had done to tie her to the murder. Grace said she didn't know anything about a body. Sharon reminded Grace that she'd already admitted that the situation had started when Grace had arrived in town to destroy her. Sharon said it was ironic, but Grace would destroy herself unless Cameron did it for her. Grace turned on her heel and left.

Nick arrived at Cameron's and told him the police had found the body, and he accused Cameron of railroading Sharon. Cameron denied it. Cameron suggested they talk about what had happened in Denver. Nick claimed he knew what had happened in Denver, but Cameron continued. He said that Sharon had walked into the bar, lonely and miserable, and they had talked for hours about her life, her marriage, and her past.

Cameron told Nick he knew that Sharon had been involved with Diego and Matt Clarke and that she'd been pregnant with Frank Barrett's child, Cassie. He said that one thing had led to another; Sharon had taken him up to her room, and it had turned into a night he'd never forget. Cameron said that Sharon was a bad girl, but she was beautiful and feisty. Nick stated that Sharon hated Cameron, but Cameron claimed that Sharon was a hot ticket.

Nick told Cameron he had a different scenario. Nick said that a lonely, depressed, and vulnerable woman had walked into that bar, and Cameron had taken advantage of her vulnerability. He'd beaten her up because he was a sick individual and got his kicks that way. Cameron claimed he was a lover, not a fighter, but he commended Nick on his unshakable faith in his wife.

Nick said that Sharon could drive a man to do crazy things, and Cameron had been obsessing about her for months. Nick claimed that Cameron had gone to New York and hooked up with Grace Turner. They had devised a plan to destroy his and Sharon's life. Nick said that Grace had already admitted that much to him and Sharon. Cameron suggested they let the police figure things out. Nick called Cameron cocky and full of himself and promised that if Cameron had done anything to connect that body to Sharon, Cameron would be the next one the police found in that sewer. Nick left.

At Katherine's, the intervention continued, and Mac asked if Katherine had heard what she'd said. Katherine said she had -- that Mac would walk out on her. Mac asked Katherine to put the glass down, but Katherine screamed that she couldn't. Katherine's friends and family were in tears. Brock said that Katherine had chosen alcohol over everyone who loved her. Nikki said that Katherine had a choice, but Katherine stated that she didn't have a choice.

Arthur Hendrickson was the first to say goodbye to Katherine, followed by Gina Roma, Lauren Fenmore, and Liz Foster Brooks, who asked how Katherine could do that to the people who loved her. Katherine asked why they couldn't stand by her if they loved her. Esther thanked Katherine for all the wonderful years. Nikki said she loved her very much, but she had to leave. Katherine begged everyone to stay. Jill said that at least they'd had a little time together as mother and daughter. She told Katherine she loved her. Katherine spat that she'd always known Jill would desert her. Jill left sobbing. Brock said that Katherine was a vital and strong woman, and it tore his soul to see it come to that.

Katherine asked if that was her funeral and if they'd all said their farewells. Mac said that Katherine had made the decision to die. Katherine yelled that Mac had never loved her and that she didn't need any of them. After everyone had gone, Katherine sat on the couch and muttered that she didn't need any of them, then she said she did need them, and she sobbed.

Katherine poured herself a drink, lay down on the couch, placed her drink on her chest, and fell asleep. Katherine woke up when the room began to shake as if there was an earthquake. She rose and saw a door open, and the ghost of Rex walked through it. Rex said that Katherine was in trouble, and he was happy he hadn't been around to see the woman he'd loved a drunk. He said she'd turned her back on everyone who loved her. Katherine claimed things would have been different if he were still with her. Rex said things wouldn't have been different, and he disappeared.

The ghost of Phillip III, Katherine's grandson, walked through the door and said he was happy she remembered him. Katherine said he'd been a sweet young man. Phillip stated that he hadn't been able to stay away from the booze. Katherine said they had been very close, and she'd loved him in spite of Jill's protests. Phillip said he was grateful for the time they'd had together, but he'd stupidly gotten behind the wheel of his car and driven while he'd been drunk. He alluded to how Katherine had lost her husband Phillip II the same way because she'd been driving while she'd been drunk.

Rex returned and told Katherine she didn't need the booze, but Katherine claimed she did. Rex asked her to give him her glass. She handed it to him reluctantly, and Rex put the glass and the bottle on the coffee table. Katherine asked Rex and Phillip not to leave her, but Rex said it was the first day of her life if she chose to make it so. He told her that it was a long time on the other side of the grave, and Phillip agreed. Katherine begged Rex and Phillip not to leave her, but the door slammed and Katherine woke up. She was about to take a drink but realized her hand was empty. She saw that her glass and the bottle were on the coffee table.

Katherine asked herself if she'd been dreaming. Holding her head, she went and opened the dining room doors. She called to Rex and Phillip. When there was no response, she returned to the living room. She held the bottle and said, "The first day of the rest of my life. So be it."

Lily arrived at home and yelled for Dru. She accused Dru of getting in Devon's face and treating her like a little kid. She accused Dru of ruining her life. She wanted to know what Dru had said to Devon to make him stop talking to her. Lily admitted that she'd made a mistake with Kevin, but Devon was nothing like Kevin. She asked Dru to give her a break.

Alone, Dru recalled arriving at her Aunt Mamie's and Mamie asking if Dru had found a job. Dru had claimed she hadn't needed a job. Mamie had realized that Dru had gone there because she'd needed money. Mamie had asked if Dru had wanted to eat, but Dru had snapped that she'd been broke, not hungry. Dru had panicked when Mamie had said she'd received a letter from Dru's mother. Mamie had assured her that she hadn't told Dru's mother where Dru had been, but Mamie had wanted to know how long it had been since Dru had seen her parents or her sister.

Dru realized she'd been no different in her youth than Devon.

At the police station, an officer claimed he might have found a match for the body. He said he had a missing person's report from the previous winter for Frank Barrett, who'd lived in Madison.

Wednesday, July 7, 2004

Dru asked Jamal and Mrs. Davis over to talk about Devon. Mrs. Davis said Devon's background left him at risk. So far, he'd done nothing more serious than shoplifting and breaking curfew, but when he turned 18, he'd be out of the system and entirely on his own, without many prospects. Dru hoped that Devon wasn't going to fall through the cracks. Mrs. Davis said boys like Devon had a one in a million chance of turning out like Dru. Dru seemed to be really worried about Devon and wondered if there was some hope for him.

Devon went into the rec center and found Nick working out with the punching bag. Nick tried to give him some pointers on boxing. As Nick tried to get to know him, Devon first lied about his father then admitted he didn't have a father. He'd been taken away from his mother when he'd been little because she was a crackhead. Nick offered to take Devon to the ranch to go swimming. Devon said he had things to do and didn't need a rich dude like Nick doing him favors.

Hank Weber was sure the body in the sewer belonged to Frank Barrett. There wasn't much in Frank's file that gave him information until he realized that Frank was connected to Nick, Sharon, and Cassie.

Sharon was in a panic as she told Nikki about the police finding the body. Nikki said it was a disaster waiting to happen because Nick and Sharon had told Grace everything, and she'd betrayed their trust. Cassie walked in while they were arguing, and Nikki noticed the earring on Cassie's necklace and asked about it. Cassie explained that she'd found it at the rec center. After Cassie left, Nikki told Sharon to relax and try to hold herself together. Sharon hugged Nikki and thanked her for everything she'd done for Sharon.

Nick came home and told Sharon what Cameron had told him -- that Sharon had confided all the details about Diego, Matt, and Frank to him before going upstairs with him in the hotel in Denver. Sharon denied it and said that Grace had to have provided all that information. She begged Nick to tell her that he trusted her. Nick said that he believed in her. He wasn't sure how or why Cameron had gotten all the information he had, but Nick wasn't going to let him destroy their family. Just as he and Sharon were about to go upstairs to the bedroom, Hank Weber arrived and said he needed to ask Sharon some questions.

Daniel was thinking about Mac when Christine walked in. He didn't want to talk about Phyllis with her, even after hearing that Phyllis had talked to Christine. She told Daniel that things had been handled badly, and Danny was upset. Daniel believed Phyllis' version of things but invited Christine to tell her version. Christine tried to point out Phyllis' culpability, but Daniel said all three of them were screwed up. He'd have had a family with a mother and a father if Christine hadn't stolen a normal life from him. He called her a self-righteous, all-knowing lawyer on a power trip. Christine said that Phyllis had been dangerous, unscrupulous, and not trustworthy with a little boy's future.

J.T. overheard as Daniel and Mac agreed on the phone to meet at Crimson Lights. J.T. warned her not to meet him, and Mac defended Daniel. J.T. told her that Daniel was 16. Mac accused J.T. of trying to ruin her relationship because he was miserable. As J.T. tried to convince her that Daniel had lied to her and used her, Mac told him to shut up. J.T. said it was obviously too late for him to stop her from getting hurt. He urged her to just forget that Daniel even existed.

Daniel told Mac about his meeting with his mother. She was surprised to hear that Phyllis was his mother. She said she could tell him stories about Phyllis, who was usually described as a loose cannon. Daniel said he couldn't blame her for all the things she'd done, or any of them for keeping the story from him. He'd probably have kept quiet, too. Mac didn't confront him with the secret he was keeping from her about his age.

Instead, Mac told Daniel about her miserable night with her grandmother. When Katherine had entered her life, all her dreams of a family and a real home had come true. But the woman she'd said goodbye to the night before wasn't the same woman. She was slowly committing suicide. Daniel pointed out that a lot of people loved Katherine, and Mac and those people could rely on each other for support. Mac said she had to get to the rec center and would see him later.

Thursday, July 8, 2004

Detective Weber told Nick and Sharon that Frank Barrett was dead. Weber asked Sharon about the last time she'd seen him. Sharon said she'd seen Frank at the boutique a few weeks earlier when she had been with Cassie, but it had been like seeing someone from her past; they hadn't really had anything to talk about. Detective Weber knew that Frank was Cassie's real father. Nick and Sharon said that Nick was the only father Cassie had ever known, and they had been waiting until the time was right to tell her.

Sharon was worried about Cassie because she would have to find out. Weber seemed satisfied and left, saying that he might be back. Nick and Sharon discussed Cameron's involvement in the murder. They realized that Frank was someone who could be linked to Sharon but not Cameron. Nick was angry and went to see Cameron. Sharon begged him to be careful. Nick said he wouldn't get hurt, and it was the only thing he could do.

Neil told Michael that although he wouldn't press charges against Kevin, he thought that Kevin should see a shrink. Neil felt that it would be better for everyone. Michael was angry; he didn't like Neil telling him what to do.

Kevin went to see Lauren at the boutique. He was looking for a job. Lauren didn't think that Kevin working at the boutique was a good idea. There were a lot of young girls working there. Kevin said that he had changed, and he had Lauren to thank for it. Lauren didn't believe change could happen that easily.

Phyllis and Dru argued over who got to use the office for meetings. Phyllis finally agreed to leave Dru alone for a meeting, saying that she had to go let some of her aggression out. Phyllis and Daniel had been talking, but she was really worried that some people, "not to mention any names," would want to continue keeping her away from her son. Dru said that Daniel was lucky to have a mother who loved him, because many children were not so lucky.

Phyllis wondered where Dru was coming from. Dru started talking about people like Devon who grew up with no one to love, but Phyllis stopped her. She didn't want to hear about depressing things like that. Dru looked at a piece of paper with Devon's name written all over it.

Mac arrived home in tears after seeing Daniel. Raul was packing some things for Brittany. Raul felt stupid that he kept trying to be in Brittany's life when she obviously only cared for him as a friend. He couldn't be fun like Bobby. Mac tried to comfort Raul. Mac told him that she'd just found out that Daniel was only 16, and her grandma had picked alcohol over her and her family. She had no one. Raul hugged Mac.

Lily was talking to Daniel when J.T. arrived and told her to leave. He was being rude, and he told Daniel that he didn't appreciate Daniel lying to his friend Mac. J.T. said that Mac knew the truth. Daniel thought maybe J.T.'s plan to break them up hadn't worked because Mac hadn't said anything to him when they'd met. J.T. said it would. Daniel told him things were not over between the two of them.

Jill saw Jack and his new tennis partner at the coffeehouse. Jack said that he was happy, but Jill had a hard time believing that tennis and poker would continue to make Jack happy. She was worried about seeing Katherine again when she went to get her things.

As Jill arrived at the Chancellor estate, Katherine was surprised to see her. Katherine realized that Jill was there to pick up her things. Katherine told Jill that she had decided to go into rehab. The intervention had actually gotten to her, and it had even paved the way for her to realize things about her past. Katherine asked Jill if she would stay in the house while Katherine was away.

Friday, July 9, 2004

Daniel was upset by Mac's reaction to the news J.T. had shared with her. He reminded her that age was an arbitrary thing, and she hadn't had a problem with J.T. dating Colleen in spite of their age difference. Mac said that Colleen hadn't lied to J.T. Mac didn't base her decisions on what was okay for other people, only on what was right for herself. She didn't think a relationship between them was appropriate. Furthermore, Daniel had lied to her.

Daniel argued that Mac had just made assumptions about his age. He'd believed she wouldn't have given him a chance if she'd known he was four years younger. Instead, they'd been good together and shared something special. Their kiss had been real. Mac told him that was over. She was willing to be friends with him, but nothing more, and she hoped he would continue to volunteer at the rec center because they needed his help. She began to cry after she persuaded him to leave.

Danny confronted Phyllis at the Athletic Club, tearing into her for the things she'd told Daniel. Phyllis said that she'd been the only one willing to tell him the truth. Danny said that she'd told her version of the truth, which was vastly different from the way things had really happened. Phyllis reminded him that he'd had his chance to put his slant on things. If he'd cared about Daniel, sometime during the intervening years, he would have picked up a phone and checked on Phyllis, to see if she'd become worthy of mothering her son. But he hadn't.

Phyllis said she was going to do for Danny what he'd done for her---nothing. The most she could promise was that she wouldn't badmouth Danny to Daniel. Danny told her that she hadn't won. One day, Daniel would see her for what she really was, and Danny would be there to pick up the pieces. Phyllis looked a little worried as Danny left the club.

Christine and Paul talked at Crimson Lights. He told her about losing his lease on his office space at Newman Towers. So far, he hadn't decided what he was going to do. Christine hadn't decided her future, either. Although she wasn't ready to go down the same road with Michael in their partnership, Paul said that in spite of his feelings for Michael, Christine had thrived when they'd worked together. He was upset to hear what Phyllis had told Daniel and assured Christine that she wasn't to blame for any of it. They touched hands and agreed that it was good to be able to talk to each other again.

Nikki was surprised and not entirely happy to receive a visit from Bobby Marsino, but she heard out his proposition. He admired the way she'd made something of herself and had a classy life. He wanted to do the same thing, with her help. Nikki wasn't interested in becoming a partner in his cabaret, although she admired his persistence in pitching the idea to her. Her career and life were just too busy to allow her to do something like that. However, she was willing to tell her friends about the changes at Marsino's and recommend that they go there.

Later, Cassie stopped by to pick up a book she'd left at Nikki's. Nikki again looked at the necklace Cassie had made from the earring she'd found at the rec center. After she left, Nikki began playing the piano, but she was interrupted by sudden, blurry flashbacks of people, including a little girl screaming.

Dru talked to Neil about Devon, saying that he reminded her of herself. Neil pointed out that she'd overcome her rough adolescence on the streets. Dru said that she'd done that with his help, along with help from Aunt Mamie, John Abbott, and Nathan. She wondered if they were going to look the other way and let another kid fall through the cracks, like so many troubled teens did. She didn't think she could bear to see that happen.

Devon wasn't entirely comfortable in Crimson Lights with Lily. He said he didn't usually hang out where the rich kids did, and although he agreed the coffee she bought him was good, he wasn't sure it was worth four dollars. She saw him looking at a sandwich and offered to buy him one, but Devon refused. He finally loosened up a little when she asked where he hung out, admitting that he had played basketball near the rec center in the past. He had since developed an interest in boxing, and Mr. Newman had said he wasn't bad.

Lily said she liked aerobics and yoga. When Devon laughed at her for being such a girl, she suggested that he go with her to yoga sometime. It was harder than it looked. After she left for her shift at the rec center, Devon saw Trevor set another sandwich on the counter. He went to steal it, but as he reached for it, Dru entered and asked him what he thought he was doing.

Nick confronted Cameron with the news that the body had been discovered and was probably Frank Barrett's. Although he didn't know why Cameron had done it, Nick knew Cameron was guilty and was trying to connect Sharon to the murder. Cameron assured Nick that he got away with whatever he wanted to. He never lost. Nick questioned what in Cameron's past had turned him into such a twisted person. Nick asked if he had been sexually molested as a child or if some woman had hurt him. Nick questioned if, in fact, Cameron hated women. Cameron told him to leave, and Nick vowed that it was one fight Cameron wasn't going to win.

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