All My Children Recaps: The week of July 5, 2004 on AMC

Erica decided to seek treatment for her alcohol abuse. Babe's blood work showed drugs in her system. JR paid Seth to leave town. Krystal considered leaving Pine Valley. Babe prepared to return Bess to Bianca. JR had doubts about destroying Babe. Bobby told Anita that their marriage was over.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 5, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, July 5

As Babe recovers from her near overdose, JR paces the hospital corridor and confides to Tad he thinks Babe has a drug problem. Meanwhile, David confronts Babe about drugs found in her system. He asks her to remind him why he should let her keep Bianca's baby. Krystal defends Babe saying she'd never take drugs. She gets in David's face telling him he owes Babe an apology. Krystal vows to find out who slipped Babe a mickey. Babe swears to Dr. Hayward she did not knowingly take any drugs. She also tells him he owes her nothing and to tell the world about Miranda if he must. Babe says how much her heart aches every time she sees Bianca and leaves the decision of whether to tell the truth to David. Babe has just one request. She begs David to tell Bianca in a way where it won't hurt Krystal. David tells Babe if he told people he figured it out on his own, it's no guarantee Krystal's involvement wouldn't get found out. Babe realizes he's right. David and Babe share a bonding moment as he realizes what a heroine Krystal is to Babe and acknowledges what a great job Krystal did pulling double duty as mother and father. Babe tells David she fears that if she returns Miranda to Bianca, the baby will only serve to remind Bianca of the monster who fathered the child.

Jamie confronts JR about talking to the dealer. JR makes up a story that suggests the dealer drugged Babe because JR threatened to have him arrested. Jamie takes off with vengeance on his mind.

Outside Babe's hospital room, Krystal confides in Tad her worries about David accusing Babe of drug abuse. Tad says if David thinks that of Babe he doesn't deserve to be her father. Krystal tells Tad what a special guy he is and no matter what happens she wants him to know she thinks he's "one hell of a guy." "What's going to happen?" Tad asks. Krystal tells him, "Nothing. I just wanted you to know how I felt," as she reaches out to caress Tad's cheek. They share a kiss.

Erica's intervention continues. First, staring at the card-shuffling shadow, she vows to protect her family from the specter of her father then begs Mark to tell her how to make him go away. She tells Mark her father is there because he has something to tell her, something she does not want to hear. Erica clasps her hands over her ears and babbles "no" to strains of "Happy Birthday." Memories flood back. Erica recalls that instead of forgetting her birthday party all those years ago, her dad knew Richard Fields would rape her and set it up to happen. Her father sold Erica to the man who raped her. The morning after the party, Erica heard her father and Richard Fields talking. Peering through a crack in the door she saw them smoking cigars, drinking Scotch, and laughing over an inside joke. She heard Richard Fields tell her father, "Thanks, Eric. A deal's a deal. Now I'll make your movie." Instead of protecting his daughter, Eric sold her innocence to get his movie made. "The rape was all an Eric Kane production," Erica realizes. Jack steps forward to comfort Erica telling her she was in no way to blame for her father's unforgivable actions. "Wish I'd seen the bastard on his deathbed," Mark chimes in. "I'd have pulled the plug myself," he adds. Myrtle says she hopes hell is anointing Eric's bones. Bianca comes forward and tells her mom she's sorry for what she went through. Sitting on the sofa, Erica takes Bianca's hands in hers and tells Bianca she never wanted to add to her pain. Both in tears, mother and daughter embrace.

Rising, Erica feels she's said too much. She knows they came seeking honesty but knowing her father sold her is too much information Erica fears. Opal and Myrtle are glad Erica told them about it. They say now she can deal with it. Erica is certain once was enough. She says she won't spend years reliving the darkest moment of her life on some therapist's couch. Erica goes for a drink. "If ever I needed a drink in my life, I need one now," Erica says. "Please don't stop me," she begs of Jackson. Jack tells her he won't stop her, but he wants her to turn to family instead of the bottle. "There's no love in that glass," Jack tells Erica. Kendall, Opal, Myrtle, Jack, everyone present vows to be there for her if she'll just turn to them instead of alcohol. "It's up to you, Erica. Your family or that glass of wine," Mark tells her. Erica walks across the room holding the goblet of wine near her lips with both hands. Inhaling its bouquet, it appears certain Erica will choose to drink the glass of wine. Shaking, she pulls it away from her lips and dumps the wine in a fern. As the last of the wine pours from the glass, Jack rushes to Erica and folds her into his arms. A sobbing Erica melts on Jack's shoulder. Jack promises he'll do anything to help Erica. She asks Jack to sit with her in her room. Before leaving, Erica thanks her family for having more faith in her than she had in herself. Mark offers to take her to treatment in person. Myrtle vows to be with "my girl" every step of the way. Opal tells Erica she's proud of her. Erica apologizes to Kendall for slapping her. Kendall shrugs the slap off and asks permission to ask Erica one question. Permission granted, Kendall asks, "What do you see when you look at me?" "I see only you, Kendall. Only you," Erica answers. Erica tells both her daughters how much she loves them. After a group hug with Bianca and Kendall, Erica leaves the room with Jackson.

With Erica gone, Kendall takes in the reality of it all. "That last piece of the puzzle makes so much sense," Kendall says. She finally understands why Erica pushed her away. Bianca understands Kendall's feelings but points out that helping Erica now is the most important thing. "She needs us now more than ever," Bianca says.

Lying on her bed with Jackson beside her, Erica tells him the only reason she was able to resist drinking was because she got a better offer. "Your love. My family's love," Erica utters. Just in case she doesn't already know it, Jack tells her the love was always there. Quietly, Erica says, "I'll go." "Go?" Jack questions. "I'll go get help," she tells him. Happy to hear this, Jack rolls over and embraces Erica from behind. He tenderly kisses Erica's cheek. A proud smile spreads over Jack's face as he cradles the love of his life in his arms.

Tuesday, July 6, 2004

Tad and Krystal tried to relax in the park as Tad tried to figure out what Krystal was holding back. Their quiet reverie was interrupted by a baseball landing between them. Tad went on to describe Krystal as a combination of contradictions. She appreciated his description and reminded him she is also a wandering soul and he wondered if she was trying to say she is leaving soon. She said no, but left the door open to a sudden departure. Tad complained about karma biting him where it counts after all his years of loving 'em and leaving 'em. He tried to convince her to stay in town but she refused to make promises she couldn't keep.

Jamie confronted JR about Seth being the one to pass drugs to Babe and urged JR to stay with Babe while he goes after Seth. JR told Jamie to stay away from Seth and Jamie grew suspicious. JR found Seth and berated him for putting his wife in the ER. Seth was unsympathetic but JR warned him the cops would believe him accusing Seth of giving Babe the drugs, not that JR bought drugs to give his own wife. JR gave him a wad of cash to leave town and when he heard a noise, suddenly threatened him with a chokehold. Jamie appeared and JR said it was lucky he did or he would have hurt Seth for passing pills to Babe. JR tried to convince a skeptical Jamie of how much he loves Babe.

Babe and David discussed the secret and David told Babe there was no way to convince him that Bianca didn't deserve her child. Babe tried to explain that she only wanted to give the baby a good father. She also described how Bess reaches up to her from the crib. Babe wondered if she was reaching out to her, or her mother. She expressed her confusion over what to do but not wanting Krystal to take all the heat. Babe said all she wants is for her boy to be alive and to grow up with Miranda and sadly realized she would never see her baby boy again.

In the park, Bianca was upset to see the sign announcing the site of the future Miranda Montgomery Center for Women and Children. Reggie tried to comfort her and Bianca blamed the stress of the intervention for her bad mood and short temper. Reggie encouraged her to let it out and she told him about a dream that Miranda was still alive and how the hope won't go away. She described how at this age, Miranda would be able to reach up to her from the crib. Bianca felt better and left to see Babe at the hospital and Reggie said he had to "carpe some diem."

Derek and Livia were at the police station, wondering where Danielle was when she appeared dressed in prison jumpsuit, perfect orange accessories and handcuffs on, complaining about being a prisoner. Derek refused to budge about her not being able to see Reggie. Livia offered to be Danielle's legal representative. Danielle shouted about being guilty of kissing a boy, guilty in the first degree. Derek was not amused and reminded her they were on their way to a family picnic. Livia warned Derek he was being harsh, but he asked her to tell the story about getting pregnant with Terrance at Danielle's age. Danielle was surprised and asked how and why and if there wasn't any birth control back then and bragged about her "A" in sex ed. Her phone rang and Derek warned her it better not be Reggie. She showed him the Caller-ID which said it was Michelle. After Derek left, she bragged to Reggie about programming his number under the name Michelle. Reggie encouraged her to go the family picnic after all.

Kelly Buchanan showed up at the hospital with Ace. David directed them to an empty cubicle down the hall and Babe caught a look at Ace. He saw Krystal and told her that Babe was being released. She asked him again to give her notice before he tells Bianca the truth so she and Babe can leave town for good and give him a happy ending. Bianca came to the hospital and was worried when she saw the look on David's face. Ace was diagnosed with a touch of colic. JR and Kelly were checking out at the same time. He called Babe over to look at the pretty baby boy.

Wednesday, July 7, 2004

The 4th of July picnic was underway in the park. Danielle played teen drama queen and Derek only reminded her she could not see Reggie. Livia tried to reason with her to be more polite to her father. Reggie showed up behind a bundle of balloons so Danielle spilled on herself and left to go clean up. She and Reggie kissed and he said he'd sneak around and she promised to get Derek to change his attitude.

Edmund was on the phone with the FBI, still trying to stop the murder he overheard discussed on the phone. Maria urged him to not be upset by the lack of support and he explained it all to Derek, who agreed to take it on. Edmund wanted to leave immediately and search phone records, but Derek said he was only willing to file a report in the morning. Derek talked to Maria and offered sympathy. She was alone watching the fireworks and remembered watching fireworks with Zach in the past.

Livia explained to Anita that the divorce papers hadn't been filed and no one knows where Bobby is. Anita hadn't heard from him either. They wondered if he was just dragging his feet over the divorce. Anita couldn't help but worry and confided to Maria. Maria said she worries Edmund is focused on this phone call to avoid being with her and she keeps having old memories return. Edmund rolled by and Maria went after him and as they watched the fireworks together, Zach showed up.

Derek finally missed Danielle and was furious to think she was with Reggie. Livia tried to reason with him and to give both kids some credit.

In the hospital lobby, JR made a fuss over Ace and explained he and Babe had been expecting a boy, but had a girl instead. Krystal stared longingly after Kelly and Ace as they left. Tad thought she was having another panic attack.

Babe walked toward David and heard him tell Bianca that Bess needs her mother. Babe seemed stunned and asked Bianca to get her some juice and she asked David for enough time to go home and say goodbye to Bess. JR wheeled Babe out and Krystal begged David to make up his mind about telling. After David left, Tad asked Krystal to explain what was going on and said he knows she's hiding something. He also urged her not to expect paternal affection and interest from David for Babe.

David went home and sat alone, pondering his life and Babe's until Babe showed up to act like a loving daughter. She gushed about his view of the woods and lamented his lack of decorating. They hugged and grew close, until a knock at the door interrupted David's dream. Tad was at the door, suggesting he walk out of Babe's life for good. David accused him of being there about Krystal instead. Tad called David a sperm donor and again warned him to leave them both alone. David said he was going to go visit someone and Tad could follow him.

At Chandler mansion, JR clued Adam in on his plan to drug Babe and watch her throw herself at Jamie and how she'd nearly died. Adam was glad JR had covered his tracks and urged JR to get rid of Babe and Krystal. JR wanted to make sure he would win custody in a divorce battle and Adam promised his support to keep Bess.

In the nursery, Babe said goodbye to Bess and explained Bianca was her real mother and how she would not have survived the infection in the hospital if she'd known her baby was gone. Krystal watched from the door and hugged Babe when she asked why she had to lose two babies.

Downstairs, JR told Babe he had something important to tell her but was interrupted by the arrival of David and Tad. Adam tried to throw them out, but David insisted on giving everyone some big news. Bianca walked in just then and David looked uncomfortable.

Thursday, July 8

Zach shows up at the park, and joins the Santos/Grey/Frye picnic. He introduces himself to Anita and tells her that Bobby invited him to the outing and promised to make an appearance himself. Clearly unsettled by the idea that Bobby is back in town, Anita tries to cover by making introductions to the family. Maria is equally disturbed and notes that when he stopped by Wildwind to get directions, they led out of town. He tells them he got Bobby's call before he got too far.

Reggie and Dani start kissing but are interrupted by lights and a loud voice yelling, "FREEZE!" Briefly blinded, it takes them a few moments to realize that it is actually Jamie. He says that he needs to talk to Reggie because it's important and can't wait. Reggie and Dani start to protest, but the choice is nullified when Livia shows up to drag Danielle back to the picnic.

Reggie tells Jamie that he'd better have a good reason for interrupting - and Jamie says he does: JR. He suspects that JR is the one that drugged Babe, and almost killed her.

Dani returns to the picnic escorted by Livia. Derek demands to know where she was, and Livia lies and says there is a long line at the bathroom. Unwilling to challenge his sister, he introduces Dani to Zach. Zach has been trying to make nice with Anita, but she can't handle him and walks away. Zach feels like he is intruding but everyone insists he stay. Dani is especially vocal (because he will alleviate her boredom) and starts to give him the third degree.

Bobby finally shows up and runs into Anita behind some bushes. He kisses her hello but she pulls away in a less than warm welcome. She is angry because he had been out of touch for so long. Bobby tells her that he did so because he wanted to make sure he had good news when he talked to her. Good news turned into great news, and by then he felt that he couldn't tell her over the phone.

Anita seems less than impressed, given the lack of details. Bobby wants to know what's wrong. As she tries to spit it out, Palmer and Opal walk up behind them, and Palmer wants to know what his wayward grandson has done this time.

An uncomfortable Anita stands by while Bobby tells Palmer that his debt will be paid off in full soon because his boss set him up to earn a lot of money. He drops the news that Zach has put him in charge of his East Coast offices, which will allow him to be in Pine Valley with Anita. Palmer thinks that is a great idea because his settling down is past due.

As Edmund and Zach make small talk, Maria flashes back to a time with Zach in a cabin. He had just returned from getting food and she is on a rug in front of the fireplace crying. He rushes to her side, concerned that something was seriously wrong. She eases his fears by saying that as long as he is with her, she is fine.

Maria snaps back to the present and is visibly shaken. She gets up and walks away but when she looks back Zach is staring at her. She walks behind the bushes and Edmund follows. He asks what is wrong, and she originally tries to blame it on too much caffeine. When that fails, she blames it on worrying about Anita with Bobby back in town.

With the Grey contingent gone, Dani swoops in for another shot at Zach. Pretending that he needs someone like her on his staff, she tries to score a job. Zach tells her that she needs to be 21, but that if she is still interested when she reaches that age - she can talk to him then.

Derek tells Livia about Edmund's crazy obsession with the overheard cell call. He tells her of Edmund's desire to tie up all of the police resources so that he can try to and figure out what happened. Livia tells Derek that she thinks it's a good idea and maybe he should rethink it.

Jamie tells Reggie that he thinks JR drugged Babe so that he could set her up - JR assumed that Babe would sleep with Jamie, but never saw the possibility of anything going wrong. Not only can Reggie not believe that JR would do something like that, but he can't believe that Jamie would think such a thing about his brother. Jamie admits that thinking such things makes him sick - and he invites Reggie to come up with a better idea.

Jamie continues by saying that with all of the other things that happened (JR wanting Jamie to have the first dance with the bride and Adam wanting Jamie to spend more time at the house hanging out with Babe), perhaps Adam is in on this plan with JR. Reggie says that if that's true, there may be more danger than they realized.

Jamie admits that he needs more information if he is going to prove that Adam and JR are behind the overdose. The key is the drug dealer, Seth - but Reggie doesn't think he will talk easily. They plan to do some "convincing" to see if Seth will open up.

After some thought, Derek tells Edmund that he can utilize the police database at night. They take off to the station and slowly the party breaks up. Zach is left waiting for Bobby and Maria is left waiting for Anita.

Increasingly nervous, Maria chatters randomly to fill the space. Zach reminds her of a time when they didn't speak unless they had something to say. Maria flashes back yet again to the cabin, where words were not needed as they shared an intimate dinner, and indeed an intimate night. Flashing back to the present, she looks at Zach and he leans in to kiss her.

As Bianca joins the crowd in the Chandler living room, Adam expresses his annoyance at both her and David's interruption. Demanding to know what it's about, David reveals true parentage as his reason. As Babe and Krystal look on, scared of what he will say, David announces that he really is Babe's biological father. Adam and JR are not impressed, but Babe and Krystal are pleasantly surprised to hear him say that he wants to get to know Babe and be a part of her (and "Bess"') life. Bianca is thrilled as well and says that they are more alike than they know.

While Tad is vocally suspicious, Adam tries to negate the connection by suggesting that Krystal may not want him in Babe's life. Krystal wisely states that Babe is an adult and can make her own decision.

Babe, thrilled at David's decision, decides to officially introduce him to "Bess", and Adam and JR are furious. JR makes a comment about how Bess has enough losers hanging around her just loud enough to for Bianca to hear. She confronts him about his inclusion of her in that group.

Once up in the nursery, Krystal voices her own doubts about David's intentions. Babe thinks that she is being a little over the top with her demands for explanations but David says it is understandable - Krystal would lay her life down to protect Babe. Krystal admits that she can't accept what David says at face value without a promise that he won't change his mind. They both are genuinely curious about why he made the choice he did.

David tells them that the bottom line is that he already lost one child and he can't bear to lose another. Giving him a hug, Babe says that Bianca was right when she said they had a lot in common.

David tells his new daughter that they can't have a repeat of the drug overdose at SOS and Krystal is immediately back in protective mode. However, Babe holds her own and says that while she has some old habits that need to stay broken (she used to smoke, and she sometimes eats too much ice cream when upset), drugs have never been and will never be one of them.

David takes a step back and relates the story of JR bringing "Bess" to the ER, and how JR insinuated that Babe partying hard was a regular occurrence. Visibly upset, Babe asks exactly what JR said. When David says that JR wasn't direct about it, Babe lets loose. She says that it never happened because JR loves her and would never say anything bad about her. She also said that if she could take on Adam, she sure could take on him. Krystal warns him about getting between a woman and the man she adores.

David, admitting defeat, says that he may have heard wrong because both he and JR were upset that night. He tells Babe that he has no intention of trying to break them up or trying to attack an innocent man.

JR tells Bianca that she is in a different category than David - and she agrees: David is Babe's father and Bianca is Babe's friend. Tad steps in for a frustrated JR and says that they just had a lot dumped on their shoulders with David's announcement and they were all just trying to deal. She suggests that they choke it down whatever way they can because Babe deserves to have a father and "Bess" deserves to have everyone who can love her around her.

Later, when things are cooled down in the nursery and Bianca has joined them, Krystal thanks David as he prepares to leave. He promises that he will be back to be the doting father and grandfather he promised to be. Once he leaves, Bianca asks Babe if she can talk to her alone. Krystal takes her leave, and Bianca gushes about how great it is that Babe is letting David in. She says that David has been lost since Leora died, and that if anyone can bring the love back into his life, it's Babe and "Bess."

Bianca tells Babe that all the bad things David has done are separate from who he is as a person. She tells Babe that once she has his heart, she won't be able to find a bigger protector - for her and the baby.

Later, when Bianca is gone, Babe tells "Bess" that she is glad that they are still together and that by her choices, they both have daddies they can be proud of.

Tad tells JR that they have to learn to tolerate David now that he is part of the family. JR tells him that won't happen because every time he sees David, he sees the man that killed his mother. He promises to do any and everything to keep David from his wife and child. Overhearing his last words, David strolls into the living room and says that JR will be fighting a losing battle. David is planning to model himself after Adam and rabidly protect his daughter. David tells the room that if anyone wants to try to hurt Babe, they will have to go through him to get to her.

He goes on to say that just by the short time he saw Babe with the baby in the nursery, he knows that she is a wonderful mother and the baby is in exceptional hands. Anyone that thinks differently should feel free to argue that point with him.

He leaves and Tad follows, asking what his exchange with JR was about. David tells him it's between the two of them - but if he wants to worry about something, keep an eye on JR.

Alone again, JR wonders aloud to his father what David knows and how close he is to the truth. He notes that if David is clued in to anything, Tad can't be far behind. He is still committed to getting Babe out of he and his baby's life - but he needs to change the plan a bit so as to keep David and Tad as much in the dark as possible.

Friday, July 9

Bobby does not take the news of the divorce very well. At first, he thinks Anita is joking, but then when he realizes she is serious, he tells her he thought they were working out their problems. Anita tells him they were working it out, until he lied to her about Erica, a woman he hardly knows. Bobby says he has worked so hard and done everything for Anita. He admits to lying to Anita because she would not understand and he felt as though he could relate to Erica's situation. He tells Anita that she has never been an outsider like he has -- she is too perfect. Anita tells him she is not perfect and she isn't play games with Bobby. She doesn't want to divorce him, but she can't continue to be with someone who lies to her. Bobby feels her will never measure up to Anita's standards and rules. He tells her he will get a lawyer and that their marriage is over.

Maria and Zach get close to one another, but immediately pull away when they realize they were close to sharing a kiss. Zach offers Maria a glass of water and tells her not to be scared of him. Maria isn't sure if she should be scared of him. She tells him that he shows up out of nowhere and is brother-in-law's boss. Zach assures Maria he is not in Pine Valley to interfere with her family or her marriage. She asks him if he ever thinks about what they shared and he says, "Don't you?" Maria remembers a brief moment where her and Zach made love. He answers that he does, but he only there to enjoy the memories, not to win her heart. Maria admits she doesn't like pretending her and Zach are strangers, even though when they were together, they barely knew each other. Her story was plastered on every paper, so what is his story? Zach avoids her question and they share another memory together. The memory is when Zach and Maria are snuggling close to fire and Zach admits he lives for the moment, not the past. Anita finds Maria and then Zach leaves. Anita cries on Maria's shoulder and Zach finds Bobby, who is more than eager to leave Pine Valley. Zach tells him he can't move him because Anita may change her mind about the divorce.

Ryan and Jonathan arrive back at Ryan's house, after sharing a few drinks. When Jonathan brings up Kendall, Ryan does not want to discuss her. He asks Ryan if him sleeping with Kendall will affect their relationship and Ryan tells him no. Ryan doesn't seem bothered by Jonathan's actions and just sorry he got dragged into Kendall's games. Ryan briefly tells Jonathan about their history, engagements, and why it never worked out between them. He even says he will be happy with Kendall gets out of their lives personally and professionally. Jonathan is amazed that Ryan is handling the situation with such ease. He tells him to punch him in the face, but Ryan simply slaps him playfully and offers to get him another beer instead. When Jonathan asks Ryan if he loves his wife, he says that he does. He explains that Greenlee is not only his wife, but his best friend and he can trust her. After learning more about Jonathan's education, Ryan offers him a job at his company. Jonathan is hesitant at first, afraid Ryan would think he came to Pine Valley to use his brother for his wealth. Ryan tells him he does not think that and if Jonathan messes up, he's fired - just to show him he isn't doing him any favors. Jonathan shows Ryan and old photo of them when they were kids. He says he understands why Ryan left and no one ever blamed him. They talk about his sister as well.

Greenlee goes over to Kendall's house to give her papers to sign, handing over to Fusion stock to Greenlee. Greenlee even suggests Kendall give her Enchantment stock to Bianca. Kendall reminds Greenlee that she was going to get her lawyers to draw up papers, but Greenlee retorts that the last time Kendall's lawyers drew up papers, she got too many surprises. Kendall says she can sign as many times as she wants, but she will always be the woman Ryan loves. Greenlee retorts that she didn't love him when she slept with his brother. Kendall thinks that Greenlee is scheming to make Ryan fall in love with her, but Greenlee points out she doesn't have to scheme. When Kendall threatens to go to the SCC and tell them about their marriage, Greenlee assures her that she would sleep with Ryan faster than she could get anything to happen. Greenlee points out that Ryan was on his way to get Kendall back and drop her, but when he saw Kendall in bed with his brother, he changed his mind for good. Kendall tells Greenlee she will get her lawyer to look over the papers and get back to her in the morning. After Greenlee leaves, Kendall looks at the paper, not sure if she should sign them.

Greenlee returns to Ryan's house and tells him about her encounter with Kendall. When she asks him if he thinks she will sign the papers and leave town, he says he does not know. Greenlee runs into a shirtless Jonathan and welcomes him to their home, then heads for bed. Jonathan goes outside, looks at the photo and says, "I made it." When Ryan and Greenlee have to share a bed, Ryan sleeps in boxer shorts. Greenlee comes out of the bathroom in satin pink lingerie and Ryan jokes that she should wear something to make her look old and unattractive. Greenlee tells him that they control themselves and then each turn on their side, ready to sleep.



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