All My Children Recaps: The week of June 28, 2004 on AMC

Ryan caught Kendall and Jonathan in a compromising position. Zach and Maria had a prior connection to each other. JR drugged Babe. Jamie performed CPR on Babe after she passed out. A drunken Erica upset Lily. Jack organized an intervention for Erica, who was furious. Mark arrived to help Erica.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 28, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, June28, 2004

JR met the drug dealer at the music store, asking for something that packs a punch. Jamie saw JR hand money to the dealer. JR pretended he'd just been talking to an old friend and the guy must have been trying to find out if JR was still using. Jamie apologized. Later, the dealer returned and gave JR pills to make a woman love life, without knowing who she was loving.

Reggie and Danielle shopped and flirted. Danielle confronted someone by using her mother's badge and accused her of dealing, but the woman said she was a reporter wanting to do a story about her and Reggie. She said the topic was how to run game on the opposite sex and she wanted both their perspectives. Danielle claimed she didn't play games, just waited for the men to want her and work for her. Reggie called it a natural disaster and said all he needs is animal magnetism. They continued bantering and flirting during the interview and the reporter commented on the sparks between them until they kissed in front of the gathering crowd.

At the airport, David wanted to talk to his daughter, but Krystal stopped him and insisted to Babe privately that David is not her father. Krystal called David as big a liar as she is when he told her the DNA test proves he is Babe's father. Krystal didn't believe that David hadn't told anyone about Miranda yet. Babe stepped in and admitted to David that she's known the truth about Bess for a while. Babe tearfully tried to explain and vowed to get through it all, by standing at Krystal's side. David explained again about the night of the party and seeing Krystal and being Babe's father. Krystal suddenly realized it really had been David that night. They were all stunned. JR called Babe, but she could barely talk and didn't tell him her news. Babe cried about mourning the loss of her baby and David looked overwhelmed. Krystal missed her flight and said she was proud of Babe for telling the truth. David brought Babe a drink of water and she said she didn't expect anything from him. Krystal wanted to know what David would do next.

Ryan told Greenlee that he had to go after Kendall for one more try. Greenlee told him he was free to go and she wouldn't fight for 50% of Cambias when she files for divorce. Ryan said that wasn't fair and begged to know what she really wants. She told him to stop feeling sorry for her. He said he felt bad, but Greenlee swore she'd be fine. She hugged him goodbye and his phone rang. Kendall called and asked him to come over and he said he had to see her too. He and Greenlee agreed to be friends forever and he left as Simone came in. She finally noticed Greenlee was crying and gave her a hug. Greenlee sobbed and explained that he went back to Kendall, even though she can't make him happy and will only hurt him again.

At home, Kendall poured wine for Jonathan, Ryan's brother, and wanted to hear his life story. Later, when Ryan arrived, she called to him from the bedroom. He was surprised to find her naked in bed and even more surprised to see his nearly naked brother step into the room.

Edmund was on the phone, trying to track down details about the mysterious call about murder he overheard the night before. Maria thought he must have misunderstood what he heard and was upset that Edmund pursued it by calling the authorities. Edmund told her he was not going to be a "potted plant on wheel"s but she wanted him to do things that matter with his family, not chasing danger. Later, Maria was surprised to see Zach Slater walk into the stable.

Tuesday, June29, 2004

Maria and Zach kissed passionately in the stables. Maria pushed him away and he called it the goodbye kiss they never had. She explained she is not the same person anymore. He was aware of her history and said she was the same woman he remembered. She said he has to stay in the past. He said he understood and was walking out when Maria stopped him to ask about his life and happiness. He said he's done well, without regrets, and now owns five casinos and is on his way to look at another. Edmund rolled in just then and Zach said he was lost and Maria said she couldn't give directions. Edmund told him how to get to the shore. Zach thanked them both and left with a map. Edmund thought Maria looked far away and she said it was just a bad day. She also apologized and told Edmund to go ahead and investigate the threatening phone call he'd overheard.

Driving, Zach had a flashback to when he picked up Maria as a hitchhiker in the middle of the night. Maria didn't want to talk, and Zach wanted to take her somewhere safe.

Ryan chitchatted with Jonathan in Kendall's bedroom and refused to leave. He asked Kendall if she really needed to see him or only needed him to see her in the sack with his brother. Jonathan was incredulous that Kendall had called Ryan to come over while he was there. Kendall feigned innocence and said she had no idea he would sweep her off her feet. She asked Ryan what his unfinished business was. Ryan discussed SEC oversight of her selling her shares while sitting on the bed. She promised to consult a lawyer and he wished her good luck before inviting Jonathan to come stay with him for as long as he wants. After Ryan left, Jonathan asked if he was supposed to break them up or bring them back together. He was not happy and accused her of hating Ryan. She said Ryan wasn't heartbroken and can hold a grudge. Jonathan said he barely knows Ryan and she whined about how he married Greenlee while being in love with her. Jonathan accused her of using him like she might have used Ryan and warned her not to use him again to hurt Ryan. She said Ryan has no feelings to hurt. He reminded her that her plan worked, but she didn't get what she wanted and left.

Babe told David to do what he thinks is right about Bess. Krystal begged him not to hurt Babe and JR. Tad walked up, returning from a trip, and wondered who David was torturing now and laughed when Krystal told him the news about Babe's paternity. Tad was in disbelief and wondered if there was any woman on the planet he cares about that David hadn't abused. David called Tad impotent for not being able to swoop in and do a DNA test. Tad wondered what Bess had to do with this conversation. Krystal interrupted and followed David out. Tad asked Babe to tell him what is going on. JR showed up and Tad left. Babe said Krystal didn't leave because Aunt Tallulah is feeling better and asked JR to take her away on a vacation.

Ryan was off on a motorcycle ride, replaying the scene with Kendall in his head. He showed up at Tad's house, ranting and raving about life and asking rhetorical questions that Tad tried to answer until Ryan stopped him. Tad poured a drink and guessed he had women trouble since there were two in his life and apologized for how that sounded. Ryan mentioned living in a bubble and Tad told him he was sure that he could work things out with Greenlee. Ryan discussed IQ and how stupid he must be for not learning from his mistakes and demanded answers from Tad, who was confused about the questions not being rhetorical anymore and said since he can't program a coffeemaker and can't answer questions about life. Tad told him he was back from Las Vegas and said Zach Slater was either a great liar or a big mystery because his background was too perfect and too brief and everything seems to be true. Aidan stayed in Las Vegas to keep digging for info. As Ryan left, Tad suggested he wait 24 hours for things to get better, but Ryan guessed things could get worse. He was on the road on his motorcycle when he met Zach driving the car and looking at the map. Tires screeched.

Greenlee joined Erica at the bar at SOS. Erica snidely wondered if Ryan had already slipped through her noose. Greenlee toasted the Kane women and all the men they've ruined. Erica told her she and Ryan and Kendall hadn't missed her in Las Vegas and gloated over the look of desperation on her face. She told Greenlee she was like Mary and discussed how sad it was that two generations of women have no success with love and no clue what happiness is. Greenlee only asked how Erica's love life was and referred to her and Kendall as the Toxic Avengers of Love for sucking the life out of men they love. Erica asked how she lost Ryan before the thank-you notes were even mailed. Erica guessed Ryan came to his senses and went back to Kendall and Greenlee quickly warned her to stay away from Jack. Erica continued to drink and saw her father again and dropped her glass. Greenlee asked what was wrong and Erica told her to leave her alone and wallow in her own misery. Erica turned to leave and Kendall walked in and stood face to face with Greenlee.

Babe and JR showed up and JR told her he could give her a night she'll never forget. He put a pill in Babe's drink before handing it to her.

Krystal showed up at David's with a box and told David he had to look at what was inside before deciding if he could tell the truth about Bess. The box was full of pictures of Babe growing up, plus her baby teeth and a dance certificate. David was cynical but Krystal begged him to wait and get to know Babe. David said he is leaning towards telling Bianca the truth. Krystal reminded him he'd recently been attracted to her and asked for a heads up before he does anything. David was left alone to ponder the mementos. Krystal went to the park to pray.

Wednesday, June30

Reggie and Danielle set up a night time picnic in the park. Danielle whined a bit about bugs and how she'd rather be in a restaurant. Reggie said he wanted to introduce her to nature. They sat down on the blanket and began to kiss. An owl hooted and startled Danielle, who thought an animal was coming to attack them. Reggie pulled her closer and said he'd save her. A song came on the radio and Danielle pulled Reggie to his feet for a dance. They slowly danced and kissed. Danielle looked over his shoulder and jumped back, claiming to have seen eyes in the bushes. Reggie teased her about being scared. They laid back down on the blanket and began kissing again. Danielle said his moves were much smoother now than they were in Jack's apartment. Reggie said that was because Greenlee wasn't there to interrupt. Danielle said she really wanted to get to know Reggie and tries to ask questions. Reggie didn't really want to talk but Danielle began telling him that when she turned 18 she was heading to Los Angeles to rule the world.

In SOS JR got drinks at the bar for himself and Babe. Before he took them to Babe, he slipped the drugs he had bought into Babe's. He carried the glasses to her and she began to drink just as Jamie arrived. He asked JR why he called him there and JR said just to hang out with them. Jamie was a bit suspicious but agreed to stay. Minutes later Babe began to feel the effects of the drug. She started hanging all over JR, saying she felt "floaty." Jamie returned with some more drinks and Babe downed her soda in one gulp, saying she was parched. She climbed into JR's lap and was all over him. Jamie was uncomfortable, said the bartender had a crush on him and went back to talk to her. Babe asked JR to call the private jet and have it whisk them to an island so they could roll in the sand. His phone rang and he pretended it was from Chandler Enterprises. He hung up and told Babe there was an emergency he had to take care of. Babe tried to get him to take her with him but he promised to come back quickly. He left Babe with Jamie, telling him to keep her company. JR stood at the door and watched as Babe hung all over Jamie, barely able to say a coherent sentence. JR moved to watch through a window as Babe started running her hands all over Jamie. Jamie grabbed her wrists and asked what she was taking. Babe insisted that she would never take drugs and started rubbing her body up against his. Jamie said he was taking her home and told her to stay put while he settle the bar tab.

Across the bar Kendall and Greenlee ran into each other. Greenlee wanted to know where Ryan was and Kendall just smirked. Greenlee wanted to know what happened between the two of them and Kendall tried to be smug. But Erica strolled over with a drink in her hand. She told Kendall that Greenlee deserved the gory details. Greenlee asked how Kendall ruined things with Ryan this time. Kendall ignored her and asked Erica what she was doing in a bar with a drink in her hand. Erica said she came for the music and the fun. Kendall tried to get her to put the drink down but Erica got defensive and said she could either join her or leave her alone. Greenlee interrupted and asked Kendall again how she wrecked the best thing that ever happened to her again. Kendall ignored her and asked why she was doing this to herself. Erica got indignant and said "All this hovering and disapproval! Why am I still here? I was enjoying myself until you two showed up!" She tried to leave but Kendall stopped her saying she wasn't letting her drive drunk. Erica said she had a driver who would take her anywhere she wanted to go and walked out. Kendall tried to follow her but Greenlee stopped her. Kendall told her to drop dead just as Jonathan joined them. He and Kendall exchanged some unfriendly words and he walked off. Greenlee asked Kendall what was up with him and Kendall stormed away. Greenlee followed Jonathan and asked if he'd ever found Ryan after he came looking for him at Fusion. He said Ryan found him and Greenlee asked how he knew Ryan. Jonathan told her to ask Kendall and walked off. Babe was twirling around the bar and ran into him. She mistook him for JR and began hanging all over him, kissing him and begging him to take her home and make love to her. Jonathan tried to make her understand he wasn't JR but Babe was too far gone. Meanwhile Jamie looked around for Babe but couldn't find her. JR was outside in the alley and watched as Jonathan and Babe came out. Babe kept asking him to make love to her and touching him. JR just grinned as he watched. Jonathan realized that Babe thought he was her husband and offered to help her find him. But she thought he was teasing and tried to kiss him as Jamie walked out. Jamie ran to her side and Jonathan told him he didn't make the moves, she did. Babe fell into Jamie's arms as Jonathan ran off. JR crouched behind a dumpster and watched as Babe stumbled around and finally passed out as Jamie caught her.

Erica drunkenly banged on Jack's door until Lily finally let her in. Lily recognized her and Erica tried to hug her. Lily backed away and began getting upset. Erica babbled on and on until finally Lily said "Leave me alone!." Jack walked in. He helped Lily back to her room then came back to Erica. She prattled on and on, slurring every word. Jack just glared at her. She finally said "You're just staring at me! I didn't know if I should call first or just come over. It's so good to see your face! How does it feel to see mine?" Jack kept staring at her without a word. Erica said "Talk to me! Surely there's something you want to say to me." Jack said two words : Get Out! Erica was stunned and tried to make light of it saying he was just upset about Lily. Jack said "You've had a few drinks, you've upset my daughter. I want you to leave." Erica couldn't believe it and Jack said he wanted her out NOW. A very drunk Erica said Jack was making her out to be the villain again. "The woman you say you love always comes last on your list. Protect Lily, Bianca, Greenlee, Kendall. Your love for me must run very deep for you to dump me on a street." Jack told her she dumped herself there. He said she was so wrapped up in her own private hell she didn't know or care what kind of hell she put the rest of them in. "Don't come here stinking of booze and accuse me of not caring" he told her. Jack said it was his job to protect Lily. Erica said he did his job and they were both safe from her. "I will never come here again!" she cried as she walked out the door.

On the road Zach tried to help Ryan up off the pavement. Ryan told him "You touch me and you'll need an ambulance!." They began arguing and Maria showed up. She tried to check them out to make sure they were not injured and finally called an ambulance. She gets them both to the ER and has a nurse take Ryan for some tests while she gets Zach in an exam room. He tells Maria he's fine but that it was amazing to watch her work. "But then, it was amazing to watch you read a newspaper too!" he said. Maria smiled at him. Later Ryan was done with the tests and the nurse told him to wait for the results. Maria was finishing up with Zach and told him she thought she would never see him again. Then she said he checked out ok and was free to leave. Ryan walked in and said "I'll show him out." They began to argue and Maria tried to intervene. Zach said he was just passing through town, he wasn't there for Erica or Kendall. Ryan and Maria went into the waiting area. He told Maria he didn't trust Zach and was going to warn everyone about him. A nurse came and took Ryan to an exam room to get his results. While waiting a frantic Greenlee rushed in. Ryan wondered why she was there. She replied "You're the patient, I'm the wife! The hospital called me." They hugged.

Kendall was alone in her room and was tearing the sheets and blankets from her bed in a rage. She remembered Ryan walking in to find her with Jonathan. She fell to the bed crying.

Thursday, July 1

While hanging out at the park, Reggie and Dani talk about random things (plans for the future, Jack's plans to take the family camping) but are continuously interrupted because of noises Dani hears in the woods. To try to calm her down, and to try to push his agenda, Reggie keeps kissing her. She allows it for a while, and then pushes him off. Dani tells him that if all he wants is sex, he hooked up with the wrong girl. Incensed, Reggie acts as though that is the farthest thing from his mind. He does back down though, reminding Dani (and himself) that he said in the beginning that he would let her set the pace.

Satisfied, Dani goes back to kissing him, but in a much tamer fashion. Soon after, they are disrupted again - this time by some flashing cop lights. They briefly wonder if they are trespassing without knowing it, but quickly decide that they are in the clear.

Reggie jokes that with two cops for parents, she must have been implanted with a chip at birth that goes off whenever they are together. Insisting on a pat down to rid her of the chip, Reggie tells Dani to "assume the position." Dani strikes a goofy pose, and Reggie starts to go to work. Just then, Derek shows up and tells Reggie to get his hands off Dani.

Derek continues yelling and tells Dani that she is never to see Reggie again. He orders her to a waiting police car and then turns to deal with Reggie. Unimpressed, Reggie listens while Derek threatens him with serious harm if he finds the two of them together again.

At the hospital, a worried Greenlee fawns over Ryan, who is happy that she still cares, despite the fact that he stupidly keeps going back to Kendall. Greenlee tells him that she doesn't care about that - she just wants to know that he's okay. Ryan notes his surprise that she doesn't want details, but Greenlee makes sure he understands how well she knows the drill: Kendall goes into defense mode, does something stupid, wrecks her chances. Not even remotely surprised that the day's horrid events can be summed up so neatly, Ryan fills her in on how he found Kendall naked in the bed and his brother in nothing but a towel when he went to see her.

Ryan rhetorically asks what kind of moron keeps going back for the kind of pain that Kendall causes. He continues by saying that it's over this time for good, but Greenlee questions him: is it really, or will he give her another chance once the pain has died down?

Unable to give her a solid answer, Greenlee tells Ryan that she is willing to do whatever it takes to help him get over Kendall. With that agreed upon, Ryan heads off to take care of his release papers.

Krystal shows up at Tad's place for some comfort. She revisits all of her past mistakes, including her drunken hook up with David. She utters "Babe is innocent - she doesn't deserve to suffer" in a way that suggest duality, but Tad is none the wiser. He merely assures her that despite the "mistake" with David, Babe is just about the best result she could get. He extols virtues on Babe, and then does the same for Krystal. He tells her that she is one of the best mothers he knows - right up there with Ruth, Brooke and Dixie, and Babe is living proof.

Misty-eyed, Krystal asks if Tad has any plans for the evening. Having none, Tad asks what she has in mind. Krystal asks Tad to make love to her, and Tad happily obliges.

Up at the cabin, David flashes back to his conversation with Krystal and Babe at the airport as he looks over the photos and other memorabilia from the box Krystal left in his care. Just as he sadly compares a picture of Babe as a baby to one of Leora, there is a knock at the door. Bianca waits on the other side, offering an ear because she thought he might need to talk.

David confirms that he really is Babe's biological father, but that he is still trying to work through everything in his head. Bianca takes her turn at extolling Babe's virtues. David thinks that Bianca is romanticizing the situation, but Bianca wants to know why he can't just let go and enjoy his newfound connection. David said that it's not that easy - because the story is far from over.

David tells her that in actuality, he was just a sperm donor and that she can't expect him to just have an instantaneous conversion. He says that since he lost Leora, she is the closest thing he has had to a daughter - and there is no way that he could choose Babe over her. He confesses that he believes Babe doesn't need a father anymore. Bianca believes that if he spent time with Babe, she would be able to convince him otherwise. She tells David that they could be one big, happy, dysfunctional family.

Behind SOS, Jamie tries to revive Babe, who has stopped breathing. JR, realizing the magnitude of his actions, can't stay hidden and tries to help Jamie. He calls 911 while Jamie attempts mouth to mouth. JR flashes back to the events leading up to that moment and the guilt weighs on him.

The medics arrive soon after the phone call, and ask what Babe has ingested that night. Keeping his secret well guarded, JR instead lashes out at Jamie for not keeping a closer eye on Babe. Dismissing his brother's venom as worry and panic, Jamie tells the medics that Babe had been acting oddly. He goes on to say that he asked her before she passed out if she took any kind of drugs but she said no.

Maria meets the medics at the hospital as they bring Babe in. They take her into a cubicle and Maria fires off orders for Babe's care. She tells an assistant that they need to call David in.

Just as David is about to tell Bianca the secret, his pager goes off, summoning him to the hospital.

As Krystal and Tad get closer, they are ripped apart by JR's call from the hospital with the news about Babe.

It seems that all of Pine Valley converged on the hospital waiting and worrying about Babe. The idea of drugs comes up again, but Krystal and Bianca both deny that Babe would have ever done something so foolish. Jamie mentions again that Babe denied taking anything, adding that right before everything spiraled out of control, Babe was with a man. Jamie says that he didn't know the guy but maybe he is responsible for what's going on.

Turning slightly, Jamie sees the man in question at the information desk. Quickly, they all move toward him (with JR leading the pack) and confront him about his involvement (if any) in the situation. Flustered, he quickly says that he was only trying to get out of SOS, and that Babe was all over him, kissing him, asking him to take her home and make love to her. Everyone in the group is skeptical, but the man says that is all he knows and that he is only at the hospital looking for his brother. As they ask who his brother is, Ryan emerges from a set of doors behind the man, and introduces everyone to his younger brother Jonathan.

Ryan learns that Babe has been brought into the ER and that they are unsure of what is wrong with her. The group explains that Jonathan was one of the last people to see her before she collapsed, and that is why they were questioning him. Ryan assures them that they will hang around the hospital until the doctors figure out what is wrong. In the meantime, Ryan takes Jonathan off to meet Greenlee.

Suddenly, the group hears Maria say that Babe's heart has stopped and they rush to the door to see what's going on. David, working frantically, tries to shock her heart into restarting. After a few tries, it finally does start back up, much to the relief of everyone in the doorway. David gives a few more directives and heads through the thinning crowd to find JR. When he meets up with JR outside of the room, David asks him why this situation occurred.

Once Babe is stabilized, Bianca goes in to talk to her. As Maria stands by, Bianca tells an unconscious Babe that she has so much to live for - with a loving husband, a beautiful daughter and a new father to get to know. Bianca insists that Babe beat the odds and get better.

Down the hall, Jonathan is finally officially introduced to Greenlee. She apologizes for the way that she acted when she saw him at Fusion and at the bar, but Ryan figures they can work that out later. Ryan invites his brother to stay with them, only belatedly realizing that Greenlee should have a say in it. She is all for it and welcomes Jonathan to stay with them as long as he likes.

Off to the side, Greenlee mentions to Ryan that if Jonathan stays with them, they will have to share a bed. Ryan is game - and Greenlee decides she is too.

Back in the ER, Krystal takes the opportunity to again use the situation for her own gain. She asks if David plans on revealing the secret after he just saved his daughter's life. She says that if he does, he should have just left Babe for dead - because taking the baby from her would finish Babe off. David is at a loss for the right thing to do.

Friday, July 2

Erica wakes up on her couch, still wearing the red dress and heels from the night before. She picks up her wine bottle, sitting on the table, and then sets it back down when she spies something on the carpet. She goes to the kitchen to get a towel and when she returns, she begins cleaning up a big red splash of the red wine on her rug. Someone persistently knocks at the door and before she answers it, she hides the red wine and glass under the table. When she answers the door, it's Jackson, who kindly lets himself in. He tells her he wants to talk, but she responds that unless things have changed from last night, there is nothing left to say. She asks how Lily is and he tells her that Lily is fine. Jackson also apologizes for yelling at her and adds that he loves her -- he wants her back in his life. Erica jokingly says they discuss it another time over drinks. Jackson says no and then he sees the wine spill on the rug. Erica says it is cranberry juice, and then is shocked when Opal, Myrtle, Kendall, and Bianca walk in. Erica realizes that everyone is there to do an intervention and tells them all to get out.

But no one budges. When Erica threatens to call security, Bianca reminds her that if she kicks them out today, they will just return every day after, until the intervention happens. Erica goes to her room and slams her door. Not sure what to do, Jackson tells everyone to wait patiently until Erica comes out of her room. Opal takes charge and starts talking to Erica outside of her door. She tells Erica all of the things she loves about her, such as her temper, which explodes when Erica throws a vase at the door. Opal also says she loves Erica's leather skin -- skin so tough that she won't let anyone in, skin so tough that it only shows courage. She asks Erica to come out of the room and be courageous, not to be a coward feeling sorry for herself. Erica promptly steps out and goes back to the living room, where is the first one to talk.

Jackson tells Erica how her drinking has affected his life. He tells her that if she continues to drink, he does not want to be around her and he won't allow her to be around Lily either. Erica acts as though not ever seeing him again is no big deal. Jackson recalls the first time he saw her drink again, which was after Kendall's trial. Erica tells him that she didn't shut him out after the trial because of alcohol; she shut him out because he lied her to about Bianca's pregnancy. Bianca tells Erica not to blame Jackson for that. She told him not to tell Erica and Kendall pipes in that they lied to protect her. Erica says they didn't protect her -- they wanted to control her, like they are doing with the intervention.

Kendall gets angry at Erica and instead of having the "lets show her we love her attitude," she just spills out everything she is feeling. She tells Erica that she is the reason Bianca lost Miranda. She is the one who told Bianca her child would be cursed with the stigma of rape and would bring misery to Pine Valley. Opal reminds Kendall they are there to help, and Kendall says she is helping Erica. Erica turns to Bianca and asks her if she blames her for Miranda's death. Bianca says no and Erica asks her why she said she was not her mother anymore then. Bianca adds that she was in pain, just lost her baby, and lied to Erica about the pregnancy to protect herself. She was in so much pain already that she didn't want to take on her mother's pain of being raped either. Bianca asks Erica to got to therapy with her but Erica says she doesn't need to sit around a bunch of people, hug, and spill her problems out. Kendall jumps in and says that Erica would just rather be miserable instead. She brings up the stormy night that she helped Erica get through recalling her rape and the connection they shared. Then Erica took it all away and began to feed of her pain. "The Queen of Pain," Kendall calls her, ranting on and on, until Erica slaps her across the face.

Bianca rushes to Kendall's side and guides her away. Erica picks up the wine and Myrtle is next to speak. She reminds Erica that when she was taking pills, she went and spook to Mona's grave, which helped her so much. Erica says Mona can't help her now. Myrtle reminds her that she once told her she would stand by Erica no matter what. Erica takes the wine and gleefully calls herself the "Queen of Pain." Upset and disappointed, Myrtle goes to rest in Erica's room, Opal following behind. After they leave, Erica proposes a toast to the success of the great intervention. "Jackson, I hope you find a woman who is worthy of your perfection. Kendall, I use my pain not as good as you do. Bianca, I am so sorry of so many things," she tearfully cheers. Erica's toast is interrupted when her brother, Mark, shows up at the door.

Erica rushes off to Mark and embraces him with a hug. She gets so excited that he is there, but then realizes Jackson called him to help with the intervention. Mark says hello to everyone and even hugs Kendall, praising her for being such a great sister to Bianca. "Is that why you're here Mark? To be a great brother?" Erica asks. Mark tells Erica he knows how she is feeling right now: angry, suspicious, cornered, and trapped. He adds that his intervention saved his life, but Erica argues that her situation is not the same. His drug problem led to the demise of so many things in his life and she has not lost anything yet. Mark tells her to face what is really bothering her, and Erica says that apparently, she loves pain. Mark brings up her father, which hits a nerve in Erica and he realizes that her father's death is her problem. He tells her not to be like him or she will end up all alone. Erica says she is nothing like her father and he deserved to be alone. Mark says she doesn't deserve that though and she should not cut the people who love her off. Erica suddenly gets shaky and gasps.

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