All My Children Recaps: The week of June 21, 2004 on AMC

Krystal stopped David from telling the truth about Bess. Danielle upset Reggie when she asked about his past. Greenlee released Ryan from his wedding vows after he confessed that he wanted to be with Kendall. The DNA tests showed that David was Babe's father. Kendall invited Jonathan back to her place.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 21, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, June21

Ryan surprises Erica with breakfast - and Erica is happy to see it as long as it is accompanied by alcohol. When Ryan tells her that there is just orange juice, she seems considerably less thrilled. The breakfast is celebrating the first day of her new life - and Ryan promises that he will take her anywhere that she wants to go. Although Ryan tries to convince her that she could go back to Pine Valley when she is ready, Erica tells him that she doesn't think that she will ever be ready for that.

Ryan tells her that the only way that she will be able to move on is by going home and facing her fears. He reminds her that he tried to run away from Kendall by spending almost a year on the road - just him and his bike. It was only when he returned to Pine Valley and dealt with his issues that he truly felt free. Erica counters that by telling him that he is still running - and lately, he accomplished that by marrying Greenlee.

Ryan said that having a "Kendall-free zone" was one of the reasons he married Greenlee, but was, by far, not the only one. Erica notes that while she physically ran away to Vegas, he ran to Greenlee - and she wants to know what the difference is. In response, Ryan informs her that while he faced Kendall and told her it was over and why, she just pulled a disappearing act and left everyone in the lurch.

Erica tells him that she tried but that Jack hung up on her. She says that no one in Pine Valley wants to be with her - they just want to make her feel guilty for what's she's done. According to her rationalizations, Ryan tells her that she doesn't want to be with him either. Erica vehemently denies this, which should be evident by the fact that she called him first - but Ryan tells her that she waited weeks before she did that.

Erica said that she waited because she wasn't ready before. She's tired of fighting battles, and she doesn't want another one (which she will surely get if she returns to Pine Valley). Ryan doesn't think that it will be a new battle - but rather a continuation of the same one she has been fighting since she was young: her father. Ryan tells her not to give up and that she needs to face him down - but she doesn't have to do it alone.

Erica tells him that she's not giving up - but rather, making different choices. Ryan thinks that all she really needs to do is come home and give it another try. However, hurt, accusations and questions keep Erica from going home. Ryan tells her that all she needs to do is be there for them. Erica, remembering, says that Bianca has already been to hell and there is no way that she can make up for that. Ryan counters and tells her about Bianca kidnapping "Bess" and how the first person Bianca wanted to share her news with was Erica. Erica believes that they will be fine, even better off, without her.

Ryan tells her that she has created a fake life for herself and that if she goes home right now - she has a shot at the real thing. Erica thinks that her father will follow her, but Ryan tells her that they will all bond together as a family and they will face him down. After a moment, Erica finally agrees to let Ryan take her home.

Finally catching up with Jack as he wraps up his morning run at the park, an out of breath Greenlee apologizes for her behavior the night before. Jack tells her that running is what takes the edge off for him, but she says that running is too much work. Instead, she chooses to blow up and take out the people that she loves. In this case, she was really in the wrong because she yelled at Jack for doing for Erica what she is doing for Ryan. Jack tells her that she one-upped him by marrying Ryan.

Greenlee confesses the real reasons she and Ryan got married. She admits that she really does love him, and that she had a chance of winning his heart before Kendall joined him in Vegas. Jack says that he is addicted to Erica like Erica is addicted to booze, and Ryan is addicted to Kendall. They agree they can't seem to fix themselves until their beloved rid themselves of what they are attached to.

Greenlee makes Jack agree to the same time limits that she has: if Ryan and Erica don't change inside of 6 months, they will set them free.

Maggie tells a stunned Bianca that she is pretty sure that she loves her. Maggie was sure that once she said it, she would know how to deal with it - but the reality is far from that ideal. She wants Bianca to help her understand why she is feeling the way she feels. Bianca, while glad to hear Maggie say it, is still committed to and very much in love with Lena - no matter how far away she is.

Bianca goes on to tell her that it's not a cut and dried process - she herself asked a lot of questions to try to figure out her own tale. Maggie wants to know what questions she should ask herself because she is so uncertain about what's going on in her head. She wants to know if she's gay or if it's just Bianca. Is she a straight girl with a crush? Or is she gay, and sleeping with guys to prove that she's not.

The one thing that Maggie is sure of is that she loves Bianca - and that it feels really good to say it out loud. Bianca tells her to keep saying it - because she loves Maggie too. Maggie tells her that she is glad that Bianca didn't run away scared when she told her. Bianca responded by telling her that there is no way that she could - Maggie was there from the beginning and saw her through everything: Frankie's death, the rape, finding out Bianca was pregnant and through her grieving process over Miranda. Bianca tells her that she has no need to worry because she will always be right there, and will always support her.

In the nursery at the Chandler Estate, JR tells "Bess" that he thought for so long that what he needed was to travel the world and see new things - but now he knows that all he needs is her. Overhearing the conversation from the doorway, Babe says softly that she did the right thing. JR, hearing that, wants to know what she meant. Babe tells him that she is talking about marrying him, and having a child together. It hasn't been an easy journey but it was worth it.

Trying to use her wiles to try to make another baby fails, as JR claims he is chained to work. He tells her he doesn't think it's fair that he is gone all the time and she is on baby duty 24/7. He thinks that she needs to get out and have a life of her own. Babe says she doesn't mind - that he and "Bess" are her life and that she is going to spend the rest of her life being the best wife and mother she can be.

Then, out of the blue, Babe tells him that she wants to learn to bake. Baffled because they have Lucretia to cook for them, he wants to know why. Babe says that she wants to be able to teach "Bess" someday and create wonderful memories for "Bess" to hold dear.

Later in the study, JR and Adam have a talk. JR is beside himself because he was certain it wouldn't take much to make Babe go back to her party girl ways. Right now, she is making a play for Mother of the Year, and this doesn't fit in with the plans he has. Adam wants to know if JR has what it takes to take his plans to the next level. JR asks Adam if he wants JR to "gas light" Babe like he did to Dixie, and send her to the loony bin.

Adam digs himself deeper trying to explain what he wants from JR, and as he does, JR gets angrier. He demands that Adam never compare Babe to his mother, because they aren't in the same league. With that understood, the duo try to decided whether they will let Babe continue on her own (because she will undoubtedly screw up sooner or later), or whether or not they should give her a push in that direction.

Upstairs, Babe leans over "Bess" in the crib and promises that she will be the best mom.

In the courtyard, David calls Krystal's bluff as she continues to insist that she doesn't know anything about "Bess" being Miranda. Disbelieving, he calls her cold and heartless and tells her that the charade is over. With his new DNA test that she didn't have an opportunity to tamper with, he has 100% proof that the baby is Miranda. Still protesting, Krystal flounders as the tries to figure out how to fix the situation.

David offers a compromise as a solution to her troubles: another DNA test - out in the open for everyone to see. As Krystal's expression becomes conflicted, David tells her that he knows how the results will go - and that the scam will be up. There are a ton of people in Pine Valley that would do anything for Bianca - and once they find out that Krystal and Babe are behind it, there is no way they will be able to escape the wrath.

Krystal begs him not to blame Babe - and tells him she doesn't know. She then says that this is really all Paul Kramer's fault - he told them in the beginning that Miranda died and that Bess is the one that survived. By the time she uncovered the truth, it was too late. David tells her that she is just as bad as Paul is because when she found out - she covered up the truth instead of telling what she knew.

Desperate, Krystal tells David that she did it because the baby would have a better life as a Chandler than a Cambias. She also says, thinking that it would be a good idea, that Erica Kane wouldn't be opposed to that idea. This only angers David, and he says that Erica's issues have nothing to do with this situation. This is about Krystal stealing Bianca's baby and then watched her suffer. He tells her not to try to rationalize what she did. Krystal wants him to think about the lives that will be affected if he tells, but David is unmoved.

David says that he is sorry for how the truth will affect Babe - but this has to end. Krystal says there is one more thing that he needs to know before he goes in to talk to Babe. Frustrated, David says that there is always one more thing with her, and wants to know what she has up her sleeve. Swearing that she has no ulterior motive at this point, she finally confesses that Babe is actually David's daughter.

Tuesday, June22, 2004

Maggie seemed nervous and Bianca asked to know what she wanted from her. Maggie apologized for telling Bianca she loved her and left.

Reggie and Danielle went to the music store and Jamie made a date with a clerk there, but told Reggie he needed to talk to JR first about Babe because he has a bad feeling about them. Reggie watched jealously as another guy seemed to be putting the moves on Danielle and she lied about being a model. Reggie interrupted and warned Danielle the guy was really trying to sell her cocaine. Danielle pretended she'd known that and Reggie wondered if she could ever admit she's wrong. Maggie rushed in to see Jamie and asked how she can take back her declaration of love to Bianca. She expressed her confusion over her sexuality. Jamie assured her she'd done the right thing.

Babe rocked Bess to sleep, telling her how lucky she is to have a daddy who will always love her. She then tried to get JR to relax with her but he said he had to work and suggested Babe go out shopping or swimming without him. After she left, Adam warned JR to stop playing by the rules and get Babe out of Bess's life. Upstairs, Adam told Bess not to worry because if her dad couldn't follow through, her grandfather would. Brooke overheard everything from the doorway and demanded to know what he meant. Adam said he was trying to secure Bess's education and needed Brooke's help to get her into the Waverly School. Brooke said she'd stopped by with a list of charities that Adam can help. Brooke also commented about Mary and Adam was thrilled to hear her sound so jealous. Brooke said she was only happy that Mary was no longer chasing Jamie. Adam wondered if she was looking for donations for herself as well and called her love life a needy charity.

Bianca came over and asked JR about Bess. JR yelled at her about not keeping her promise to leave Bess alone. Babe overheard that and apologized to Bianca. She also told JR that Bianca was a part of Bess's life. Babe assured Bianca that JR would come around.

JR went to tell Adam that Babe has to go. Adam offered his help for his plan but JR said he could do it on his own. JR called the drug dealer, still at the music store, and said he needed drugs for someone else.

Greenlee offered Simone a company car to stop her from pouting over losing the trip to California. Kendall returned to announce she'd left Ryan in Las Vegas and was surprised to hear that Ryan hadn't been in touch with Greenlee. Kendall scoffed at Greenlee's concern about Erica and Greenlee warned her not to hurt Ryan. Kendall implied that lots had happened in Las Vegas between her and Ryan. Greenlee refused to take the bait and Kendall continued to goad her about the fake marriage. Greenlee was not amused to listen to her rave about Ryan and how guilty he felt about being with Kendall and that they'd slept together.

Zach sent one of his minions to follow Ryan and Erica to Pine Valley and get information about the Laveries' marriage. Zach was also informed that he'd just acquired an Atlantic City casino and said he'd been spending more time in the northeast.

David laughed in Krystal's face for claiming he is Babe's father. Krystal told him he was too drunk to remember and that she hadn't used protection and he must be the father instead of Ron. He said does not want Babe to raise Bianca's baby but Krystal wondered how he could break his daughter's heart like that. David continued to deny that he could possibly be Babe's father and suggested he run another DNA test to find out the truth. Babe came outside to give David a hug for reminding her not to go out drinking with her friends. David listened intently as Babe swore she would never leave Bess alone again. After she left, Krystal asked if David could really rip Bess out of Babe's life and David realized Babe was in on the secret. Krystal denied that Babe knew anything and David could only ask about Bianca's feelings over losing her baby. David said he was going to give hope back to Bianca and Krystal asked if he could do that, knowing it would kill his own daughter. Krystal said she didn't hand Bianca's baby to Babe, but she has lied to keep her there. David vowed nothing she could say would stop him from doing what needs to be done. He went inside and found Babe and Bianca.

Wednesday, June23

Ryan brought Erica back to her penthouse. She walked in, looked around and quietly said "Well, I'm home." She fiddled with things and commented about Bianca moving things around while she stayed there. Ryan told her Bianca was staying at Jack's now. Erica said Bianca could always count on Jack. She told Ryan she was going to unpack and rest and vowed to deal with her family soon. Ryan offered to call Jack but she said she wasn't ready yet. She said after she rested she would be ready to deal with anything in "do-able" doses. Erica told Ryan to go on home to his wife and Kendall, she was sure he had enough drama of his own to deal with. She sent him out the door then looked at the pictures of Kendall and Bianca sitting on the table. She picked up the phone then put it back down when she heard voices in her head. Bianca was telling her she was not her mother anymore, then Kendall saying it always comes back to her, and finally Jack saying everyone was afraid she was throwing away her sobriety. All the voices jumbled together and repeated themselves over and over until Erica screamed "Stop!!." Then silence. Erica started towards the bedroom but stopped when she saw her father's shadow. She yelled at him to go away and ran out the door. Erica ended up in the park, sitting on a bench and rocking back and forth. Anita was jogging and stopped when she saw Erica. Anita asked when Erica and Bobby returned. Erica told her Bobby was in Southern California and that she hadn't seen him in days. Anita didn't believe her when Erica said the two of them were just friends. Anita told her that she had filed for divorce. Erica said maybe Anita should look at herself to find a reason her marriage failed, saying maybe Bobby felt he didn't have a wife he could trust enough to confide in. Anita went off on Erica and asked how she could justify her actions. Erica said she didn't have to. Anita yelled at her that she ran off with a married man while her daughter was in mourning. Erica started getting frantic and told Anita not to talk to her about her daughter, "My life is much too complicated for me to care about what you say. You're just another voice in the wind!." Erica ran off.

In the Chandler living room David grabbed Bianca by the shoulders and smiled saying "Hold on, I have something really big to tell you!" Babe looked to Krystal who was almost in tears. Krystal stepped over to David and begged him to let Babe know the news first. She joined Babe and told her that David was really her father. Babe was speechless and Bianca asked David if it was true. David looked furious but they were interrupted by Adam and JR. Krystal told them the news but neither of them believed her. David said he was putting an end to this farce but Babe asked her mother to explain. Krystal told her story of meeting David at a party. David said he had no recall of sleeping with Krystal. JR asked how they could know for sure and David said he was going to have a DNA test immediately. Bianca was thrilled for David and told him he could be a father again and what a terrific person Babe was. "What bigger miracle could you ask for?" she exclaimed. Then she said that this meant David was related to Bess too. Babe began to get excited too but David scowled at her. He said to Bianca "You are the miracle, you have an endless capacity to see the good in everyone." Bianca said this was a second chance for David but he replied "I'm going to see that you get your second chance!" and headed toward the door. He stopped and told JR not to take his eyes off the child for a second. JR snarled "What the hell does that mean?" David just said "DNA proves all" and stormed out of the house. Bianca said she had to go too and left. Krystal tried to get Babe outside but JR stopped them. He was infuriated by David's parting words and wanted to know if Bess was in some sort of danger. Krystal said she knew David was on the top of JR's hate list and was sorry but she had to speak to Babe. She took Babe outside, telling her on the way that it was worse than she thought. Outside she sat Babe down and told her David was not her father, but that he knows Bess is really Miranda so she made up the story. Krystal said she told David that Babe doesn't know Bess is Bianca's baby. She said David was probably running the DNA test right now and would soon tell everyone Bess is Miranda. Babe was terrified. Meanwhile inside, Adam and JR were stunned by Krystal's revelation. JR said he couldn't believe there was an ounce of Hayward's blood in Babe. Adam said of course not, it wasn't true. He said it was obvious that Krystal was lying through her teeth and he was going to find out why. "And it will be the way to get rid of Krystal, Babe and David!" he said with a smile.

David went straight to the hospital and gave blood for a DNA test. He demanded to be given the results "yesterday."

In the park Danielle and Reggie shared a kiss. When they pulled away Danielle said now she knew what Reggie really wanted. He said it would be sweet if she wanted it too. Dani said she was too busy, she had to go get her job back at Fusion. Reggie offered to put in a good word with the ladies at Fusion. They sat down and the conversation turned to the drug dealer at the record store. Dani started asking questions about Reggie's birth parents and he got very upset, saying he wasn't going there. She went on about maybe his birth parents were drug addicts. Reggie finally had enough and told her to shut up. Dani walked off.

At Fusion Kendall continued trying to convince Greenlee that she and Ryan slept together in Vegas. Greenlee wasn't buying it at all and Kendall kept pushing. Greenlee told her to dream on and that she knows that Ryan shut her down. Kendall tried again but Greenlee said Kendall was a sore loser and asked "Don't you know Ryan by now? He wouldn't trash our vows. He's an honorable man." Kendall couldn't say anything and Greenlee went on. "Your reality bites! Ryan stands by me, I stand by him. Have you got the guts to suck it up and get back to work?" Greenlee's cell phone rang and it was Ryan. Kendall listened as Greenlee welcomed Ryan back to town. He told Greenlee he had 1 thing to take care of and then he'd be over to Fusion to play catch up. Greenlee smiled as she hung up. Kendall started to ask about Erica but Danielle barged in, Reggie right behind her. Dani pretended that she didn't know Reggie had been trying to catch up with her. He told her he still wanted to take her to the movies and she finally agreed and promised "no more nosey questions." Danielle strutted over to Kendall and Greenlee and announced "Great news people! I'm staying in Pine Valley! When can I start?" Greenlee told her there was no job for her, the offer was no longer on the table. Reggie tried to talk Greenlee into it and Dani whined "But Bianca said I could work here!." Kendall said they should give her a chance and Greenlee refused. Kendall said Greenlee no longer had solo hiring power and that Danielle could work. This started a heated argument between Greenlee and Kendall. Danielle and Reggie stood by and watched. Reggie finally broke up the fight. Greenlee gave in and said Danielle could have a trial period at Fusion.

Jack found Lily typing a book report on her lap top. She asked when he and Miss Kane were getting married because she needed to put it on her schedule. Jack said he wasn't sure if they would ever get married, he didn't know what the future held. Lily suggested making lists like she did. Jack tried to explain that Miss Kane has a problem. Lily asked "Like me?." Jack said it was a disease and that he hoped she would get help for it. Lily asked what would happen if she didn't get better. Jack said that he, Lily, Reggie, Bianca, Kendall and Greenlee would put together a happy family without Miss Kane. He said that only she could fix what was wrong. Lily went back to the computer and Ryan came to the door. He told Jack Erica was home but in bad shape. Before he could say more Bianca arrived. Ryan told them both that Erica had been drinking and had a break down of sorts. He told them that Erica thinks her father is haunting her. Jack started to rush to Erica's but Ryan told him he had people watching Erica. Bianca asked how he convinced Erica to come back and he said he told her about Bianca taking the baby and bringing her to Erica's. Ryan said he'd check in and left.

At Fusion Greenlee told Kendall that while she was gone she fired the ad agency Kendall had hired. They fought about this and who Ryan would side with on many issues in the company. Kendall snidely said "I have more to offer him than you" just as Ryan strolled in. He asked "Is that right?" with a little sneer in his voice.

Erica returned to her penthouse. She walked over to her bar and poured herself a brandy. As she lifted it up someone knocked on her door. She put the glass down and walked to the door, saying "Oh Ryan!!" As she opened it she was shocked to find Bianca there instead.


Thursday, June24

As he returns to his cabin, David is on the phone trying to put a rush on his latest set of DNA results. Almost immediately after he finishes his call, JR shows up and demands to know the truth about what Krystal is hiding. David refuses to budge, but JR wants to know what Krystal will get if David keeps her secret. David continues to put him off, hoping that he would give up and leave.

Not easily swayed, JR keeps up the verbal jabbing, finally resorting to a topic he knows David will respond to: Leora. JR starts to rant about how David is just jealous and wants revenge because while "Bess" survived, David's daughter didn't. Hitting its mark, David's temper flares. David threatens to tell the whole truth, and acknowledges that the truth would show JR more pain and revenge than he could ever imagine. JR unflinchingly challenges David to spill the secrets. However, after a moment where David recalls some things said at the infamous party, he decides to keep the secrets for now.

Infuriated, JR tells David that it doesn't matter if he is Babe's father or not - he is to stay away from him, his house, and his baby. Barely containing his rage, David shoots back a jab or two before JR takes off.

Back in town, Krystal and Babe have a heart to heart in the park. Krystal says that she will bear the brunt of the fallout once David reveals the truth about the baby. Babe, visibly upset, doesn't want her mother to have to stand alone. Krystal then tells her that they can't hurt her if they can't find her - she is planning to leave town before the truth comes out. Krystal feels it's important that Babe to act as shocked as everyone else and that she must stick to the story once Krystal is gone. By doing so, she can keep her marriage to JR intact.

Babe tells Krystal that she is the best and bravest person that she knows for being willing to give up everything that she has in Pine Valley for her. Krystal responds that there really is no choice - she will do anything to protect the love and life Babe has found with JR. A love like that, Krystal says, you have to protect at all costs. Babe asks how, if that's true, she can leave Tad behind.

Krystal tells her that she doesn't have a choice in that either - and that after the truth is revealed, Tad will hate her more than anyone else. Knowing that it will be best for everyone, Krystal stands firm in her resolve. They decide to head back to the house so that Krystal can start packing.

When they arrive, Babe makes a beeline for the safe and drags Krystal with her. She says that because Krystal is being so selfless and is giving up so much, she wants to help her to get started. As Babe is pulling a pile of money out of the safe, JR walks in and makes a quip about needing to see identification before allowing a withdrawal like that.

Erica pours a drink, but before she can ingest it, there is a knock at the door. She finds Bianca on the other side, intent on having an open and honest conversation. After telling her that she is glad to have her home, Bianca learns from Erica that she may have never come back from Vegas if it hasn't been for Ryan. Bianca wants to talk about the reasons that caused that, no matter how painful. Erica tells her that no one in Pine Valley really needed her - and that Bianca made that clear shortly before Erica left. Bianca admits that she pushed Erica away, but reminded her that when she stole the baby, and her mind was breaking - the first person she wanted to see was her mother. She wanted to go someplace safe, where the baby would be safe and she wanted to baby to meet her. The only problem was that when Bianca came looking, Erica was nowhere to be found.

Erica apologizes for all of the pain that Bianca had to go through, and for leaving her alone with that pain. She starts to say that if she had one wish, she would bring Miranda back, but Bianca stops her. Bianca says that things like that are so easy to say and so impossible to do. Instead, Bianca tries to explain what the pain was like, and how going to therapy has helped her deal with the pain.

Almost as if she can't deal with that, Erica repeats how she stayed in Vegas because she was shut out. Bianca tells her that she did that to herself. She shocks Erica by then telling her that besides the fact that she was not drunk - at the moment - nothing had really changed with Erica since she left.

Bianca says that Erica never hears what people are actually saying to her - she only hears what she wants. Erica interrupts and says that Bianca has it all wrong - and that she does hear. The thing that she hears loudest of all from her and Jack is how she disappointed them - and now that she is back, she's an even bigger disappointment.

Bianca suggests that since it had been so helpful for her, Erica should consider seeking therapy. Absolutely sure that she isn't in need of such things (because she shouldn't have to pay someone to tell her how she feels), Erica refuses. Frustrated, Bianca walks out. Once alone, Erica is drawn back to the drink she poured. She picks it up and contemplates drinking it, but then suddenly turns and smashes it against the wall.

Over at Fusion, Ryan calls Kendall on her outrageous behavior, towards Greenlee and in general. Greenlee tries to blow it off and dismiss the whole situation, by Ryan is not giving up. He wants to know if Kendall intends to keep up the high level of hostility. Greenlee, ever supportive, leaves the room so that Ryan and Kendall can work everything out on their own.

When she leaves, Kendall tells him that she won't keep up the heated atmosphere - because she can't take it anymore. Ryan tells her that it doesn't really matter what she feels because that won't change the way things are.

Just then, George Milligan (Head Counsel at Cambias) walks in and asks if Ryan and Kendall intend to make a habit of jetting off to Vegas and locking themselves in a hotel room together. Ryan wants to know what he wants and why he has been spying. Kendall starts to explain that they were out there to help her mother but Ryan says that she doesn't own him anything.

Milligan gives a line about how he is following up on the investigation by the SEC, and he swears he is looking out for Mrs. Lavery's best interest but Ryan doesn't buy it. When Milligan starts to argue with him, Ryan threatens to fire him. Milligan returns the threat by saying that Ryan shouldn't do that. Ryan counters by saying that he has more than enough ammo to fire him without much trouble at all, and escorts him out.

Alone again, Kendall says that she will keep their secret but can't handle seeing their marriage every day. Her solution is to quit. Ryan, disbelieving, doesn't think that will solve anything. Kendall informs him that she intends to not only leave Fusion, but also leave Pine Valley altogether. She will sign her shares over to Greenlee (since she has everything anyway). She tells Ryan that just like he had to clear out the chaos in his life, she has to do the same thing.

Greenlee comes back into the room, and Kendall informs her of the news of her impending departure. Then, Ryan gets a phone call, and asks Kendall not to leave yet. Once he is gone, Greenlee questions Kendall's sincerity. Admitting that honesty must be refreshing for Greenlee, Kendall attacks her once again by saying that she knows Greenlee is in the marriage for more than business. Greenlee thinks a moment, and then admits that she hopes Ryan will fall in love with her. Ryan walks in just as Kendall tells Greenlee that she knew her plan all along.

Kendall takes off, but not before telling Ryan that she hopes they understand why she isn't wishing them a long and happy life together. The elevator arrives and Kendall is gone. Stunned, Ryan stands in the empty foyer. Coming up behind him - Greenlee asks him to be honest: he doesn't really want Kendall to go, does he?

On the bottom floor, as Kendall exits the elevator, she runs into a handsome guy, which causes her to drop her box of things from the office. She blames him, but he says she wasn't exactly looking where she was going. He then says he is looking for someone and is hoping she can help. Before he can finish asking, Kendall says she knows he is looking for Ryan.

Back at the cabin - David receives the faxed results from the DNA lab.

Friday, June25

When JR sees Babe handing the wads of money to Babe, he assumes that it has something to do with David, but Krystal explains that her aunt is dying and she needs to go visit her. Babe adds that her ATM card is maxed out and she didn't have any other way to get her mom the money. JR gets suspicious and asks why he has never heard about this aunt. Krystal says that she isn't one to spread her business, plus Adam and him never seemed interested in their family tree. JR pretends to be understanding by giving Krystal extra money and suggesting Babe go with her mother, but Babe refuses to leave Bess. Krystal asks JR to promise to take care of Babe while she is away and he agrees. After Krystal and Babe leave, JR says "I promise to love daughter in little tiny pieces."

Liza comes over and asks JR if he has time to discuss a strategy to take the company back over, but he is too distracted. He tells Liza about David being Babe's father, but Liza says she met Babe's real dad. Liza can sense JR's confusion and leaves, letting JR try to figure out what his wife is hiding.

Zach is also at the airport and keeps having memories of Maria getting onto a plane with a suitcase in her hand. Milligan finds him and informs him that he was not able to get anything else on Ryan's marriage. Zach is disappointed and fires him immediately. Also at the airport, are Krystal and Babe. Krystal makes Babe promise to lie about knowing Miranda's real paternity. Babe tells her she can't lie to JR anymore, but Krystal reminds her that if Adam knew the truth, he would turn on her in an instant and JR too. Babe says she will lie to him because she does not want him to grieve the loss of their baby boy alone. She adds that no matter what ugly things she says about her to JR, she will really be defending in her deep down inside. Krystal says that in time, JR will heal and Babe will get the marriage and life she deserves. David rushes in the airport and immediately spots Krystal. He walks over and bluntly tells her that he got the DNA results. Guess what? He's Babe's father!

When David gets the faxed DNA results, they are incomplete and he impatiently waits for the test to be done again. He hears a scream and goes outside to find an injured Maria, who has been thrown from her horse. She hobbles into his home and tells David she just needs to fix the saddle. David offers to look at the saddle and when he gives her some water, he tells her she looks just like she did in the desert. Maria gets angry at him for bringing up such a painful time in her life and David simply says that sometimes God has a wicked sense of humor. Maria can sense something is on his mind, but doesn't question him. David is surprised at Maria's angry toward him and again, apologizes for what he did to her. Maria says that she was so happy when she remembered who she was, but also realized how much time she lost with her family. David says he is not her only problem; things with Edmund are not going well. Shyly, Maria admits that yes, things are not going well with her husband. David fixes the saddle and after Maria leaves, he gets a phone call, saying the DNA results are in!

Kendall assumes the mystery man's agenda is the same as Milligan, to dig up dirt on Ryan and prove his marriage to Greenlee is a lie. The man says he is there to see Ryan, but has nothing to do with Milligan. At first Kendall does not believe him, until he explains why he is there, which is the part the audience does not hear. In fact, Kendall tells "Jonathan" that maybe she can help him and takes him to her home. When they get to her home, Bianca comes over, but Kendall won't let her inside. Bianca explains that she heard Kendall was leaving town and Fusion. Bianca asks her to stay and think it over, but Kendall is too giddy and just all smiles. Bianca senses the weird behavior and Kendall says she is fine. She says she will stay in town for a few more days and brushes Bianca away. When she goes back inside, she and Jonathan share a toast.

Ryan tells Greenlee that he is happy Kendall is leaving town because now he can be a free man. Greenlee does not believe him and tells him to be honest with himself and her. She says that she knows he still loves her and understands where he is coming from. Bianca walks in and overhears them talking about Kendall's departure. She immediately gets upset and begins insulting both of them. She says that they took sacred vows of marriage and turned them into sick revenge on Kendall. Not to mention, Greenlee can't be part of her family if she can only continue to hurt them and Ryan brings her mother back home, but drives her sister out of town. After Bianca leaves, Ryan realizes that Bianca is right and admits to Greenlee that he still loves Kendall and can't let her leave. He tells Greenlee that she is his best friend and he will still protect her, but Greenlee says he is the one who needs protecting. She reminds him that if Kendall wanted to change, she would have done so already and keeping their secret isn't enough to prove anything. He tells Greenlee she should be with a man who really loves her and not have a marriage of business. Greenlee does not complain about their marriage -- she tells him she likes the arrangement of their marriage. In fact, she tells him she needs to be honest about how she really feels.

Edmund is in the stables, working on a "Keep out" sign for his kids, when Maria walks in. Edmund rolls away and accidentally spills the can of paint. When Anita compliments his work, he sarcastically thanks her, adding that it took him all day to make it. Edmund barks at Anita not to pity him, but Anita says she doesn't pity him; she admires him and is grateful he is still alive. Edmund reminds Anita that all he can think about is how he can't walk and just asks her to go. Anita leaves and when Edmund tries to call Maria, his call gets intercepted. Instead he hears a man's muffled conversation in bits and pieces, "Do you know the exit? " "Dark alley," "I'll be on it as soon as I can" and "Murder."



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