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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 21, 2004 on GH
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Monday, June 21, 2004

Jax is overjoyed to see his old friend Lois, and he greets her warmly and calls her "the one who got away." Lois assures Courtney that her relationship with Jax was always platonic, but Courtney returns the assurance by telling Lois that she and Jax are also not dating. Ned arrives on the scene, and Jax takes him off to discuss Brook Lynn. Meanwhile, Lois barrages Courtney with questions, discovering her relationships with Sonny, AJ, and Jason. The light mood is interrupted when Lois makes a disparaging remark about Carly, and Courtney puts her in her place. Lois apologizes, but continues to shoot off her mouth, and Courtney takes it in stride. The foursome gathers again over champagne, and later a dance.

Nikolas pleads with an unconscious Mary, and begs her to be ok. She wakes up finally, and he assures her that he will never leave her. Mary is happy with his declaration of love, and is able to rest. Unbeknownst to the couple, Emily is on the other side of the curtain, devastated at Nikolas's words. She rushes out and returns to the scene of their earlier lovemaking. While Mary sleeps, Nikolas also returns to Wyndemere, where Emily is crying over her lost love. He tells her that Mary is alright, but also that they made a mistake. Emily is stunned by his loyalty to Mary, and tries to tell him of her deception. Nikolas refuses to listen, and runs out before Emily can prove to him that he isn't who he thinks he is. Later, Lucky comes upon a broken and crying Emily, and tries to help her get over her loss.

Sonny begins to recover from his bullet wounds, but refuses to listen to Carly and the nuns. He insists that he and Carly leave the convent before someone else is hurt. Carly begs him to reconsider, but he won't hear of it. They board the plane, where his condition worsens. Carly is shocked to realize that Sonny has begun to bleed again. Back at GH, Jason wards of an attack by Nico, who tries to stick him with a needle. The two men fight, and are broken up by a security guard. Assuming Jason is the bad guy, the guard corners him and allows Nico to run off. Later, Alan arrives and is visibly upset to realize how close Jason came to death. Jason has his men track Nico, but no one knows who he is at that point. It isn't until later, when Sam overhears Jason talking to a wounded Sonny, that she realizes who attacked both men. She tells Jason that Nico is her ex-boyfriend, and that he's dangerous. Jason realizes that he and Sonny are in danger while they are with Sam, and decides to take her back to his penthouse, where things are secure. As the two prepare to leave the hospital, they are met by Carly and a collapsed Sonny, fighting for his life.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Nikolas tells Mary that he doesn't want her working at GH, and demands that she quit. When she asks him why, he says that he makes enough to support them, and he'd rather she spend her time with him. Mary happily agrees, and the two decide to go to the park and spend the day together. Once they arrive, they find Emily, who was dragged on a picnic by Lucky. Nikolas prepares to leave before Emily sees them, but Mary asks him to go ahead without her so that she can briefly talk to Emily. Lucky gives the two women privacy, and Emily muzzles her anger toward Mary, as not to admit that she knows about Nikolas. Mary wishes Emily the best in her future, and hints that she might be leaving Port Charles. After Mary returns to Nikolas, Emily stews. Lucky tries to distract her, and as Emily attempts to tell him that his brother is alive, Lucky interrupts her with the news that he has feelings for her.

Lois thanks Dillon and Georgie for helping her daughter, but Brook Lynn interrupts and tells her mother to steer clear. Lois begins to badger Lynn again about singing, and Ned comes upon the scene and tries to calm everyone down. The kids wait outside while he talks to Lois, and he gets her to agree to stay in Port Charles and return to L&B. Meanwhile, unwilling to stay with either parent, Lynn happily accepts Georgie's invitation to stay at the Scorpio house. Lynn realizes that her mother is again charming her father away from common sense, and she rushes back to the studio to burn her demo tapes. Later on, Dillon encounters Lois at L&B, and is stunned to hear that she's coming aboard.

Jason warns Sam to keep away from Nico, and let him and Sonny handle the situation. Sam expresses her guilt over her role in the fiasco, but Jason reminds her to keep her unborn child safe. He leaves to go see Sonny, and Sam immediately attempts to contact Nico. Nico calls back later and sets up a time to meet at Kelly's.

A recuperating Sonny is interrupted in his hospital room by Ric, who wants to know who is behind the shooting. Sonny refuses to divulge any information, and Ric continues to badger him. Meanwhile, Carly manages to stop a disguised Nico from entering Sonny's hospital room. Courtney comes upon Carly in the hallway, and later drives Ric out of Sonny's hospital room. As she leaves, she questions Jason on his safety, but he tells her that she needs to stay away and keep herself safe. Jason checks on Sonny when a nurse runs in after Carly tells them that Sonny is in pain. Unable to get information from Sonny, Carly eavesdrops on his conversation with Jason, and discovers who is behind his shooting. She runs back to the penthouse and confronts Sam for her part in the mess. Carly warns Sam that she's caused enough trouble, and that she needs to leave town or else. After Carly leaves, Sam calls Jason and tells him of her meeting with Nico. Irritated, Jason tells her to stay home and he'll meet in her place. As he heads to Kelly's, Sam quietly slips out of the penthouse, but before she can leave the building, she's grabbed by Nico.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

As Dillon cleans up the mess made by the sprinklers at L&B, Lois arrives. Dillon informs Lois that Lynn's demonstration tape was burned but is surprised when Lois announces that she came to see Dillon, rather than to grab her daughter's demo tape. Lois declares that she has arrived to put L&B back on the Music Map. While Lois is laying down the law to Dillon, Ned arrives. After Dillon leaves, Lois informs Ned that L&B's balance sheet is dismal and they need a plan for discovering and developing new talent if they want to get the record company back on its feet. Meanwhile, at Kelly's, Lynn thanks Mike for renting a room to her. Later, Lynn confides to Georgie that Lynn believes her mother will befriend Dillon, then wrap Dillon around Lois' little finger so Lois will be able to use Dillon to manipulate Lynn. Later, Lynn returns to L&B and, finding Ned and Lois together, Lynn asks to go with Dillon and Georgie to a film festival in New York City. However, Lynn is disappointed when Ned and Lois present a united front and, reminding their daughter that she just ran away and frightened everyone, reaffirm that Lynn is STILL grounded! After Lynn storms away, Ned and Lois begin talking about old times. Ned finally informs Lois that not all of Lynn's demonstration tapes were destroyed. When Ned puts Lynn's tape on the deck, Ned asks Lois to dance with him. However, when Ned becomes carried away by the music and attempts to kiss Lois, she slugs him. Meanwhile, a fuming Lynn returns to Kelly's and reports to Georgie that her parents turned down her request to accompany Dillon and Georgie to New York for the film festival. As the two girls talk, Georgie confides that she believes she is the Last Virgin Alive! Meanwhile, Lois reminds a shocked Ned that their relationship can be strictly business ONLY -- and Ned agrees to Lois' terms.

In the Park, Emily tells Lucky that she does NOT want to see him get hurt but their relationship is moving too fast for her. Although Emily explains that her heart still belongs with Nikolas, Emily is surprised when Lucky suddenly kisses her. Later, Lucky stops by Kelly's and asks Mike if he could close Kelly's early one night so that Lucky could have the place to himself to make a special dinner for Emily.

Carly stops at the Hospital to check on Sonny. Meanwhile, as Jason arrives at Kelly's to meet with Nico, he runs into Courtney. Courtney is surprised when Jason orders her to stay away from Kelly's. However, Courtney quickly guesses that Jason's business is about Sonny's assailant and Jason explains that an old boyfriend of Samantha's has targeted Sonny and Jason. Meanwhile, in the Penthouse lobby, Nico grabs Sam and drags her onto the waiting elevator. As Sam tries to convince Nico to let her go, Nico reveals his plan to kill both Sonny AND Jason! Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Sonny thanks Carly for saving his life after he was shot. At the same time, Jason realizes that Nico is NOT at Kelly's and frantically tries to call Sam at the Penthouse. When Sam does NOT answer, Jason races off toward the Penthouse, but warns Courtney to stay safe. As soon as Jason leaves, Jax arrives and prevents Courtney from taking a call coming in on her cell phone. Outside Kelly's, Jax reassures Courtney that Jason can take care of himself and will NOT be any safer if Courtney gives up her entire life to devote every waking moment to worrying about Jason. Jax challenges Courtney to give up her hand-wringing spot next to Carly and have dinner with Jax in the Park. When Courtney declines his offer, Jax leaves -- after reminding Courtney that, while Jax is No. One on her speed dial, Jax does NOT plan to wait forever for Courtney to let go of her past with her criminal ex-husband. Instead of joining Jax in the Park, Courtney goes to the Hospital to see Carly! Meanwhile, Sam tries to convince Nico that he will be buying more trouble than he can handle if he takes on Jason and Sonny. When Sam warns Nico to quit pushing her around, Nico reveals that he has guessed that Samantha is pregnant with the Mob Boss's child. Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Carly tells Sonny that she believes it is time for both of them to let go of their resentment and petty jealousies. Sonny agrees that he would like for the two of them to find a way to trust each other again. Sonny and Carly's conversation is interrupted by Michael's arrival, who demands to speak to Sonny alone. After Carly leaves, Michael appeals to Sonny to quit taking chances with his life. Sonny assures Michael that he and Carly plan to take care of Michael and Morgan and urges Michael to let go of his worry. Meanwhile, Carly meets with Bobbie and assures her skeptical mother that her life with Sonny is getting back on the right track. After Carly returns to Sonny's room and informs Michael that it is time to go home, Michael insists that Carly kiss Sonny good night before they leave. Later, as Michael goes to bed in his room at Sonny's Penthouse, Michael asks Carly why she and Sonny no longer kiss each other the way they used to. Carly explains that she and Sonny are working on building a stronger foundation for their relationship and rebuilding takes time.

In the meantime, Jason arrives at the Penthouse just as Nico leaves the building, holding Sam at gunpoint. Sam struggles out of Nico's grasp, but he soon recaptures her, just as Jason appears with a gun trained on Nico. When Nico refuses to surrender his gun and leave, Jason fires and a wounded Nico flees the scene. While Nico escapes, Jason stops to make sure that Samantha is OK. Then Jason rushes Sam to the Hospital. Jason arrives at the Hospital and rushes Samantha in to see Dr. Meadows while Courtney is still waiting at the Nurses' Station to contact Carly. Watching Dr. Meadows and Jason rush Sam to an exam room, Courtney decides to cancel her page for Carly and leaves the Hospital. Later, Courtney meets Jax in the park, where she discovers that Jax is waiting dinner for her. Courtney explains to Jax that she saw Jason bringing Sam to the Hospital because they had been involved in another violent altercation and that she had a feeling of relief that she was now out of Jason's dangerous life. Courtney lets Jax know that she appreciates Jax's efforts to cheer her up and get her life going in a whole new direction. Although Courtney warns Jax NOT to leap to the conclusion that she is starting to fall for him, Jax surprises Courtney when he admits that it IS possible that JAX is starting to fall for Courtney! Then Jax kisses Courtney! Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Dr. Meadows assures Sam and Jason that "their" baby is OK. But Dr. Meadows also warns Sam and Jason that IF they want Sam to carry the baby to term, Sam should leave Jason's home if it is NOT safe for her to be Penthouse -- or to be anywhere near Jason! Meanwhile, Emily arrives to visit Sonny and lets slip that someone tried to kidnap Sam. When Emily realizes that Sonny did NOT know about the attempt to abduct Sam, Emily rushes to assures Sonny that Sam and the baby are OK. Later, Sonny leaves his hospital bed and goes looking for Sam. When Sonny finds Sam, Jason and Sam are involved in a serious conversation about the future of "their" baby and Sonny notices that Sam and Jason are holding hands!

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Ned gives Lois free reign over L&B when she starts talking shop when he arrives. He tells her he is going to go to the courthouse for the day. Lois asks him if he is going there to support Skye or Alexis. Ned explains to her why he decided it would be best to give Alexis full custody of Kristina, but didn't tell her the truth about not being Kristina's biological father. Lois suggests using some of Eddie Maine's songs to remix on future songs. Alcazar shows up and meets Lois. Lois tells him that sage has a good singing voice but she's not great just yet but with appropriate training and guidance she may have potential. She tells him that she does have a problem with his financial help since she has learned he has had ties to organized crime. Alcazar tells her that all his money is legitimate now and denies having ties to organized crime. Lois tells him that him telling her that isn't good enough since she doesn't trust him enough to take his word and wants proof. Later, she calls Jax and asks for his financial help.

Skye's murder trial begins. Ric makes his opening remarks then calls Jax as his first witness. Jax is evasive on the stand, reluctant to paint his ex-wife in a bad light with the jurors. Ric tries to get Jax to tell him if Skye told him she killed Ross Duncan or not. Jax looks over at Skye and tries to avoid answering without explaining the circumstances. Ric demands a yes or no answer only. Alexis pipes in with objections and accuses Ric of badgering the witness. The judge denies her objections. Ric keeps at it so Alexis keeps objecting. Jax is finally forced to say yes to Ric's question to whether Skye told him she killed Duncan. The judge gets tired of the banter between Ric and Alexis and calls them to the bench. He tells them he is going to call for a recess after he dismisses Jax from the stand. The judge tells them to use the recess time to talk out their personal problems outside of court and come back and act professionally or he will hold them in contempt of court. During the recess, Jax approaches Skye and apologizes for what he had to say on the stand. Skye tells him that she understands that he didn't enjoy what he had to do but understood that he had to tell the truth on the stand. Later, the Quartermaines argue over how the trial is going. Edward thinks Skye is looking guilty to the jurors because of Jax's testimony and blames him. Monica comes to Jax's defense and tells them that Alexis isn't done with her defense yet. Emily feels bad for Skye and tries to get Lucky to help her. Lucky tells her that Skye is guilty of murder. Emily tells him he doesn't know that for sure but he makes a remark about how people do desperate things to hold on to the people they love. Tracy shows up with a smug look of the cat that ate the canary. Alan asks her if she is here to testify and tells her she better tell the truth. Edward disagrees with Alan and threatens to disown her for good and get rid of her at ELQ if she doesn't help Skye in someway and encourages her to lie on the stand if she has to. Tracy tries to hide her smile and tells them she would never perjure herself on the stand and promises to tell the whole truth. Ric calls Tracy to the stand. He spreads out some photos of Skye with the dead body that Tracy took. Alexis objects to the admittance of the photos since they were not presented before trial. The judge over-rules her objection and allows the pictures and Tracy's testimony. Tracy acts like she loved Skye as her adopted niece until she found out she killed a cop and tried to hide the body and now she wants her to pay. The photos make Skye look even more guilty along with Tracy's testimony. Alexis calls Skye to the stand. She asks her about the night she was with Duncan. Skye admits she had a lot to drank and didn't remember killing anyone since she passed out and woke up next to the body. She tells the court that Luke persuaded her to hide the body until they found out who really killed Duncan. Ric cross-examines Skye and she admits that she is in love with Luke. Courtney meets with a woman from the child welfare office who is willing to endorse her foundation. The woman is suspicious of the funding since Courtney is Sonny's sister. Courtney tries to assure her that Sonny isn't involved in any way with the foundation. Jax walks out of the courthouse. Courtney sees him and tries to introduce him to the woman. Jax brushes them off and tells Courtney "not right now" and storms off. Courtney finds him in the park and tells him off for brushing off the woman, who could be important for the foundation. Jax is visibly upset but doesn't apologize to her. He tells Courtney that he may have just helped convict his ex-wife and has a lot on his mind. He tells Courtney that he has never treated Skye the way she deserved in their marriage and that he basically left her for Brenda shortly after their wedding. He tells her that in a way he isn't much better than Sonny and Jason for how they treat women. Courtney tries to make him feel better by telling him that we love who we love and have to deal with the consequences and all we can do is be as honest as possible in out lives.

Sam sneaks into Sonny's hospital room to talk to him. She apologizes to him for why he got shot since she got involved with Nico when she was young and he shot Sonny and went after Jason because of his obsession with her. Sonny tells her she isn't to blame for what happened to him or Jason. She thanks him for treating her like a human being and letting her be herself when no one else did. Meanwhile, Carly shows up at Jason's place to ask him to go away with Sam and take her out of the country so that Nico will follow them and keep away from Sonny. Jason tells her he can't leave town with Sam right now and asks her if she would want Sam and the baby to put themselves in harm's way just because she wants Nico away from Sonny. Carly tells him that she wants to keep Sonny and her family safe and can't do that right now because the family is vulnerable right now and she needs him to protect them. Jason tells her that he thinks it is best right now to handle Nico while is right here in Port Charles and that if he can't do that he will consider leaving the country with Sam for awhile. Jason shows up at the hospital and finds Sam talking to Sonny. Sonny questions Jason's judgment when he asks him why he shot at Nico when the man had a gun on Sam and was holding her. Jason tells him he shot Nico only because he had a clear shot and that Sonny knows he wouldn't put Sam in any danger otherwise. Sonny tells them he is going to be released from the hospital later today. Jason goes back to the penthouse with Sam. On the docks, Nico meets with his employer, Faith. She tells him he has already struck out twice by not being able to kill Jason or Sonny at G.H. Nico tells her he wants Sam back for himself. She reminds him that he is working for her and she has paid him to do a job. She tells him they are going on to plan b now. She tells him he is going to pretend to take her out and then she wants him to kill Alcazar afterwards so the cops and the D.A. will think Sonny was behind the hits. They hear people coming toward the pier and hide in the corner. It is Ric and Alexis arguing about who was acting more unprofessionally in court earlier. Faith tells Nico that Ric and Alexis will be perfect witnesses to what they will be doing. Faith approaches Ric and Alexis and demands protection since Sonny has already been shot at and she could be next. Suddenly shots are fired toward the three of them and they dive for cover. Afterwards, Faith accuses Sonny of being behind the attempted hit on her in broad daylight. Ric tells her she has many enemies and suggests she leave the country and hide out somewhere. Faith skulks off in a huff. Ric escorts Alexis to a bench and puts him arm around her and rubs her shoulder and asks her if she is alright. Alexis looks at his arm over her shoulder and he realizes how intimate that looks and lets go of her. Faith goes to the hospital and insists on seeing Sonny. Max can't stop her from going in. Michael sneaks back into Sonny's room and hides in the corner. Sonny just comes out of the bathroom after dressing in his clothes when Faith barges in. Michael overhears her accusing Sonny of hiring someone to try to kill her in broad daylight. Sonny tells her he had nothing to do with it. Faith tells Sonny that it must be Alcazar that ordered the hit and warns him to watch out before Alcazar kills him this time and takes Carly away for good. Carly notices Michael isn't in the hallway when she is talking to Bobbie about how she feels confident she and Sonny can make their marriage work this time. Carly runs into Sonny's room to find Faith there. She accuses Faith of taking Michael. Michael comes out of the corner and tells them he was there hiding the whole time. Faith leaves. Carly tells Michael not to run off like that again and to hide and listen in on Sonny's conversations. Michael promises not to do that again. Sonny is released from G.H. Carly wheels Sonny out after he signs the discharge papers. As they are heading to the elevator, Alcazar steps off of one and heads toward them. Michael runs ahead of them when he sees Alcazar. He warns Alcazar to stay away from his family or he will be killed instead. Meanwhile, Jason tells Sam she shouldn't have gone to see Sonny earlier since Carly could have walked in and overheard them and their secret would be revealed. Sam tells him she only went to thank Sonny. Sam admits that she is glad she is pregnant. Sam's cell-phone rings and she answers it. Nico is on the other line and tells her to meet him on the pier and if she doesn't show up he will tell her boyfriend Jason about the secret she doesn't want anyone to know. Jason asks her if that was Nico and what he wanted. Sam doesn't know what to say to him.

Friday, June 25, 2004

In the courtroom, Skye testified being in love with Luke but stated that she wouldn't kill because of it. Edward and the rest of the family let Tracy have it because of her testimony and treatment of Skye. Alexis asked Lucky to take the stand for Skye, but he said he couldn't because of his belief that Skye had hurt Laura. Emily tried to get him to be more reasonable and left before he took the stand. Questioned by Ric, Lucky testified that he had indeed seen a blonde woman with a knife in the park, approaching Skye, but he didn't go along with Ric's accusations about Skye. When he really started thinking about it, he truly did not believe that Skye was guilty, and this was evident when Alexis cross-examined him. After court adjourned, Ric told Alexis he would still win the case with his closing argument. Emily returned to the courtroom and learned of Lucky's testimony. Alexis told her how hurt Lucky seemed about Nikolas' supposed death. In the corridor, Skye noticed a woman with long blonde hair spying on her. She followed the woman, eventually catching up to her in the park. The woman was sitting on a bench with her back to Skye. Skye questioned, "Laura?" The woman turned around and said that her name was Heather Webber.

Jax agreed to Lois' request that he invest in L&B Records. She then questioned him about his feelings for Courtney. Meanwhile, Courtney was having a discussion with her father about Jax. When Jax arrived, Mike jokingly chided him for being late, keeping Courtney waiting. Mike left them alone, and Jax admitted to Courtney that he had found himself quite distracted by her.

Nikolas, still believing he is Connor, was in the midst of lovemaking with Mary when he stopped and said he needed some space. He left and eventually ran into Emily, whom he basically accused of stalking him. She proceeded to slap him and told him not to be so self-righteous about their liaison. Later, Nikolas met with Alcazar on the docks and kept his boss from getting shot by Nico (who had been paid by Faith to kill him for the sake of blaming Sonny). Nico escaped, and, when Nikolas returned to the cabin, Mary discovered he was wearing a gun. She wanted to know why, and Nikolas exploded, demanding to know why his life didn't feel right to him based on things she had told him! He wanted to know the truth.

On the docks, Emily told Lucky she had something important to tell him, but she did not admit to knowing that Nikolas was alive. Lucky gave her a passionate kiss, which seemed to rattle her.

Sam received a call from Nico on her cell phone asking her to meet him on the waterfront. Jason was there when the call came in, and, when he asked her about it, she only admitted that it was Nico but not about the meeting. Jason took her phone from her and ordered Max to watch the door so she couldn't leave. Sam remembered when Nico had been in court and threatened to expose her biggest secret. In the present, she felt the baby kick and was comforted.

At the hospital, Sonny was being discharged. He and Carly fought about Alcazar's possible involvement in the shooting, so she left without her husband. Jason arrived with an update about Sam and Nico. Sonny mentioned that there might be more to Sam than they realized. The police then escorted Sonny and Jason to the station, for questioning about the attempted shooting of Alcazar. Then, the two of them saw Max being brought in as well, leading them to wonder who was watching Sam.

In Jason's penthouse, Sam heard somebody outside the door and assumed it was Max. She yelled out to him but received no response, prompting her to venture into the corridor. Suddenly, Nico, gun in hand, grabbed her. At that moment, the elevator doors opened, and Carly appeared!

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