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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 21, 2004 on GL
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Monday, June 21, 2004

Michelle awakens from her coma much to the delight of Danny and Tony, but their joy is short-lived when they realize that she's lost her memory. Danny is a total stranger to her but Tony seems familiar. Rick suggests that Michelle remembers Tony from the moment he lifted her out of the factory rubble. Danny stays by Michelle's side and promises that he'll stay with her until her memory returns, but it's with Tony that Michelle feels a connection.

Gus searches through the late Brad Green's belongings and finds a letter that connects him to Alex. Gus summons Alex and informs her that when Brad uttered his famous last words to Harley, he was, in fact, trying to incriminate Alex. Gus steps out of the interrogation room and is horrified to find Harley with Brad's stuff. He forbids her from going through it and lies to her yet again about it's contents.

Olivia confirms that Bill has been buying up large chunks of Spaulding stock. She offers him a partnership, but he flatly refuses her. She warns him that she's not giving up. Bill calls Phillip and tries to establish an alliance with him.

Beth catches Phillip hiring a drill sergeant for a nanny and calls him on they way he and Olivia are hurting Emma. Phillip suggests that Beth take charge of Emma's care. Beth reluctantly accepts the role stating that she only wants to protect the baby from her parents. Olivia surprises Beth by voicing support for the idea. With Beth in charge of Emma, Olivia will be free to wage her war against Phillip.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

As Michelle continues to feel a connection with Tony, Danny attempts to jog her memory. He succeeds only in frustrating her. Danny gets paged and sends Tony to check it out. Tony is stunned when Robbie runs into his arms. He summons Danny, who shares a couple of heartbreaking scenes with the little boy who misses his mother so much.

Reva arrives at the hospital and surprises Michelle with the news that she's been where Michelle is now. She tells Michelle about her sordid past and they share a laugh. When Reva advises her to hold onto Danny and their love, Michelle gets annoyed. Later, Danny returns to the room to find Michelle gone.

At the gym, Olivia takes another crack at intimidating Bill into joining forces with her. Once again, he rejects her advances and questions her ability to take on the Spauldings. Olivia vows to show Bill she can play hardball. She contacts Josh and plays the worried friend, informing him she found Bill with a gun. When Josh leaves to confront Bill, Olivia is satisfied her job is done.

The participants in the intern contest show up for their second assignment. Lizzie is pleased when Tammy doesn't arrive at the beginning of the meeting. She believes she'll have Joey all to herself. But Tammy, taking advice from Reva, shows up looking great and makes a splash with Alan. During a break, Tammy tries to talk to Joey, but he refuses. Meanwhile, Lizzie presses Alan to fix the contest so she is teamed up with Joey. He makes her believe she won't get her way, then gives in and assigns the duos, which are rife with romantic entanglements.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Cassie and Harley attempt to forget their troubled relationships while in a yoga class. Instead, they decide to face their problems.

Meanwhile, Gus and Edmund run into each other at Olivia's bar, just as confused and miserable about the state of affairs. The two men trade war stories. Gus realizes his past mistakes will come back to haunt him and he should tell Harley the truth about protecting Alex.

At that moment, Harley shows up wanting to put the past behind them and concentrate on their wedding. Harley helps Cassie find a way to get Edmund out to the farm, hoping she can reach him with a little romance.

Buzz questions Alex about her newfound affection for Gus. She is able to cover and work her charm to get Buzz enthused about a Spaulding style wedding for Gus and Harley.

Overwhelmed by the holes in her memory, Michelle leans on Tony for support. But he's not interested in being her rock - or anyone else's. When Josh comes to talk to him about Bill's emotional state, Tony blows up. He insists he's not responsible for other people's problems and is determined to remain on his own - and answer to no one.

Danny and Rick try to remind Michelle of her life and work at Cedars. Nothing seems to click until the mention of pediatrics. Danny and Rick are hopeful Michelle may remember Robbie, but it's quickly apparent she doesn't. Danny realizes he must keep Michelle from knowing she has a child - at least for now.

Josh takes Jeffrey to task for endangering Reva's life with Vinnie.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Gus arrives at the Spaulding mansion to tell Alex that Harley and he are eloping. She asks if this is what he wants or what Harley wants. Gus begs Alex to back off. She agrees, while having her fingers crossed behind her back.

At Harley's Angels, Harley announces Gus and she are eloping. Blake and Mel are upset about the unromantic elopement and ask if this is what Gus really wants. This is his first wedding, and he may want a big affair. Harley worries she's depriving Gus. She agrees to a wedding but wants it simple with a few friends and family. Alex shows up and encourages Harley to ask Gus what he really wants. Mel suggests Harley give Gus a test to find out his true feelings about the wedding.

Olivia tells Phillip she approves of Beth becoming Emma's new nanny. She then asks him to call off his spies, but he refuses. Phillip reminds Olivia to return his stock.

While Phillip and Gus are discussing the wedding, Phillip receives a call. He is told all of his stock has been returned, along with a healthy profit.

At the farm, Cassie meets Edmund with a romantic dinner. He tells her it will take more than his favorite meal and a fine wine to get past everything which has happened. Cassie admits she didn't trust Edmund, but he gave her reason for doubt by not telling her the whole story. They are startled by a sound, which turns out to be a bat. After catching and releasing the bat, Cassie and Edmund share a kiss, but he pulls away and leaves.

Bill meets Josh at Olivia's Bar. Josh tells him that he talked to Olivia, and she feared Bill was being self-destructive. She also told Josh Bill had a gun. Bill says this is just Olivia's way of getting revenge for turning down her business proposal. Bill calls Tony and tells him to go ahead with the "demolition." Olivia shows up and tries to persuade Bill to join forces with her. He brushes her off again, and she plants a kiss on him. Meanwhile, Josh goes to Bill and Eden's apartment, sees the mess, and calls Billy.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Harley is preparing to have Alan and Alexandra over for dinner. Before they arrive, Harley test out an idea on Gus--what if they elope to Niagara Falls? Though a tad confused by the suggestion, Gus agrees to the idea. Soon after, Alan and Alexandra arrive. Over dinner, Harley brings up the elopement idea and mentions that she and Gus will be eloping to Niagara Falls. She tries to sell them on the idea by mentioning that'd be different from any other wedding she's had, it's economical, and she could even rent a wedding dress. It's obvious by the silence, that no one, not even Gus, is impressed with the idea. Harley then gives the Spauldings free reign to tell her what they think of her and Gus eloping to Niagara Falls but she's surprised when Alan and Alex say they want whatever Gus and Harley want. Harley seems disappointed at that. No one took the bait and told her what they really thought, they were all supportive. Harley then admits that even though she was suspicious of the Spauldings, she was wrong about them. She the tells Gus that he deserves to have his first wedding be special and agrees to let the family plan her wedding. Later, as they're leaving (and Harley is out of the room), Alex tries to ask Gus if he took care of the incriminating evidence against her, but he tells her they'll discuss it later and rushes her out. When Harley returns, she tells Gus she has to tell him something about Alexandra. Gus has a worried look on his face and is relieved when Harley merely admits that Alex told her he wanted a big wedding. Noticing his relief, she asks why he thought she was going to say, but he shrugs it off. When Harley goes upstairs, Gus takes the document incriminating Alex out of his pocket and burns it.

After a tense visit from Michelle at the hospital, Marina goes home and sees Shayne talking with Kira on the Spaulding project while Sandy is working on something alone. After Shayne and Kira leave, Marina asks Sandy if men actually fall for Kira's little act and tells him that she really wants to beat her at the contest. She then becomes curious about what he's working on. He tries to keep it from her, stating that she should have "plausible deniability", but she wants an answer. He informs her that he's hacking into Alan Spaulding's computer. Marina is surprised since he'd ruin his chances of winning the contest. But Sandy could care less about the contest; he doesn't like Alan at all. Feeling that Alan is condescending and manipulative (since he purpose split up the couples, Marina and Shayne, and Tammy and Joey), Sandy wants to teach Alan a lesson by pulling one over on him. Marina's impressed and wants in.

Cassie is at the Beacon ready to bring dinner up to Jeffrey and is surprised to see him descending the stairs. After thanking him for his advice about Edmund, Cassie admits that Jeffrey's a stand-up kind of guy. However, her opinion suddenly changes when her yoga instructor comes down the stairs, definitely a guest of Jeffrey's. Realizing that he's had a fling, she tells him that she's reminded of what a shallow "jump anything that moves" guy he is. Later, she's at the farm and is shocked when Jeffrey just barges in. While Cassie's angry at his intrusion, he's mad because she was rude to him at the hotel and wants an apology. Realizing that Jeffrey won't leave until she talks to him, Cassie tells him that the problem is that when it comes to relationships, he acts like a college kid instead of an adult. He asks why it makes a difference to her and she replies that it doesn't; she just doesn't like being lied to since she thought he once cared about her niece. Jeffrey shoots back that he did care about Marah, that's why he put her on the plane. As Jeffrey makes himself comfortable at the farm, Cassie gets uncomfortable and admits it's because Richard used to visit the farm a lot and it freaks her out to see Jeffrey there. Jeffrey then apologizes for barging in, and after some prompting, she half-heartedly apologizes for insulting him at the hotel. They then talk about Cassie's moving to the farm and Jeffrey's leaving town once the case is wrapped up. Later, Jeffrey calls Cassie on the reason he always annoys her -- because he shares the face of a certain man but acts nothing like him. Cassie maintains that it could be true and asks why she annoys him. He confesses that it's because she reminds him of someone too. Cassie starts to ask questions, but Jeffrey will only say the woman is gone, the relationship was toxic and he got out before any more damage was done. Cassie tries to talk some more about Jeffrey's mystery woman but he clams up and starts to leave. She asks him why he's told her this now, since he's leaving soon, and he tells her it to show her that she was wrong about him not caring about anyone. Cassie tells Jeffrey that does think he's wrong about not being able to have a meaningful relationship again and thinks he should get rid of his hang-ups. He replies that hang-ups are good, they keep you from making the same mistake twice. As they both bond over their ability to hold grudges, Edmund enters with a very unhappy RJ.

Danny accidentally wakes up Michelle at the hospital as he's fixing her blanket. She's kind of annoyed and tells him that he doesn't need to be there all the time. Danny suggests that while she's up, they can go over the pictures again to jog her memory, but Michelle's tired of doing that. She suggests that he touch her, however his hand to her face has no effect. Not long after, Marina arrives for a visit, but Michelle is hostile since she feels as if she's on exhibit. And hearing Marina describe Michelle and Danny as a "super couple" doesn't make Michelle feel any better. Later, Bill drops in for a visit, which pleases Michelle since she thinks he's hot. She's disappointed though, and surprised, when she learns that they were always just friends. Bill explains that they did trying dating once but she was hung up on some other guy. Michelle figures out he's talking about Danny and realizes that Bill doesn't like him. Intrigued, she tries to get him to give her some dirt on Danny, but Bill won't say anything bad about him. Michelle theorizes that perhaps the reason she doesn't get an emotional vibe from Danny is because their marriage wasn't as loving as everyone thought. However, Bill shoots that down but admitting that both she and Danny loved each other. Meanwhile, in the hall, Rick tells Danny that Michelle can be discharged. When Danny starts to get excited, thinking that being home will jog her memory, Rick warns him not to be too optimistic. They then inform Michelle, who is less than enthusiastic. When the guys all start talking about the upcoming Bauer Barbecue, Michelle suddenly freaks out and tells them to get out and leave her alone.

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