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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 21, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, June 21, 2004

In the Hughes' kitchen, Alison Stewart and Nancy read the second clue to the "Keys of the Kingdom" contest in the morning paper: "Where generations of Oakdale citizens go for last goodbyes and first hello's..." In the park, Casey Hughes, confused, continues reading: "People come from miles around - where some were freed, others bound..." At the Lakeview, Aaron and Curtis read the rest, baffled: "Ten paces from flowers that no water need, and beneath the word that all should heed, history hides a second key." Nancy Hughes immediately announces, "I know exactly where it is." She explains the clues to Alison and how they point to Luther's Corners Church: First hello's and last goodbyes refer to christenings and funerals; the "freed" people were slaves in the underground railroad, and the "bound" people are those married in the church. Nancy must make a speech, so she sends Alison on her own to search for the key.

Tom Hughes surprises Margo at the Lakeview and lovingly asks her what is bothering her. Thinking of her attraction to Doc, Margo lies that she is distracted by her sister Katie's problems. Casey interrupts and insists that Tom help him follow the clues to the second key, and Tom and Casey start their search for the key in the wrong place, the courthouse. Meanwhile, Aaron and Curtis think of looking at the airport and at the hospital. Alison bursts into the church at Luther's Corners, but she must wait in the Prayer Garden out back until a christening ceremony is over. The delay allows all the other contestants to catch up, and while they are waiting in the Prayer Garden, Alison tells Tom about finding Margo and her "partner," Doc, down on the ground where Alison assumed they were searching for clues.

Back at the Lakeview, Margo calls Doc to tell him that she has been delayed, but will still come to meet him in the hotel room that he has reserved. Doc does not answer his mobile phone because he and Jessica are passionately tearing off each other's clothes before they jump into bed. Lisa Grimaldi delays Margo further, but Margo finally rushes off to meet Doc. Immediately, Tom and Casey arrive, asking Lisa for help in deciphering the clue of the day, and Lisa asks Tom if he thinks Margo is all right. After their steamy lovemaking, Jessica is horrified at what she has done, and Doc taunts her that she had advised Margo to stay away from him because she wanted him to herself. Jessica gathers up her clothes and goes into the bathroom to get dressed, telling Doc that no one must ever know what the two of them just did. Meanwhile, Margo drives to her rendezvous with Doc, fantasizing all the while about making love to him. She arrives at the door and knocks. Jessica sticks her head out of the bathroom door, and she and Doc exchange a horrified look.

In Bermuda, Paul Ryan has experienced an exhaustive search by airport authorities, which has enabled Jordan to surprise Rosanna before she runs even farther with Cabot. Rosanna begs Jordan not to take Cabot from her, and Jordan asks Rosanna to compromise with him so that they both can be parents to Cabot. He warns her that, if she fights him, she will lose, and that he is determined to bring Cabot back to Oakdale. At this moment, Paul appears in the doorway and says, "She'll go." Paul promises to stand by Rosanna and holds out his hand to her, saying, "Let me take you home." Rosanna, Paul, Jordan, and Cabot all fly back on the Cabot jet. Paul promises to deal with James Stenbeck and to "watch Jordan's every move." Rosanna thanks him and kisses him.

Barbara Ryan and Dr. Walker Daniels return from a relaxing afternoon to find that Jennifer has turned the living room of their suite into an elaborate nursery for Cabot. Barbara at first insists that her home will not be a nursery for "Cabot Sinclair Stenbeck," and warns Jennifer that James could very well kidnap her the way he did Barbara if Jennifer thwarts James's plan for Jordan's marriage to Rosanna. Unfazed, Jennifer threatens to move out unless Barbara accepts Cabot. Barbara agrees so that she can help protect Jennifer, but she asks Jennifer to be kind to Rosanna, who, after all, loves her son Cabot.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Dusty is speaking with someone on the cell phone outside, that he hopes can help him locate a guy with a tattoo. He really needs his help if he has no association with this guy himself. Dusty goes in the house after finishing the call. Lucy comes in the room wanting to know what is going on. Dusty forces himself to tell her to have a little less lip. She is complaining and freaking out. Lucy says that she was afraid. Lucy puts him down but he responds that this crass low-life is keeping her alive. Later, Dusty decides that they are both hungry and he is going for something to eat. He says he will hurry back. He gives Lucy his cell phone. She is surprised, but he tells her again that he wants her to feel safe. She tells him she will work on the place they are at to make it more comfortable while they are there. When Dusty arrives back, he has burgers for the two of them to eat. She tells him she did not use the cell phone. She thanks him for dinner and he thanks her for fixing up the place.

Margo arrives at Doc's. He is busy rushing around tidying up all the things that he had prepared for Margo and himself. He cleans up the glasses and makes sure that Jessica is out of sight. He answers the door. Margo stands there saying that she is finally there and is he going to let her in. Doc says to her that when she didn't show, he fell asleep. She notices the bed is in disarray. Margo apologizes for being late. She starts to tell him what happened. He comes back with the fact that he is used to her excuses. Doc tells Margo that perhaps it was a good thing. He doesn't really know why she is there. He thinks she should go on home. Margo says he is not forcing her to be there and why is he so angry? He doesn't want to ruin her marriage. She is trying to figure out his 180 degree turn. She bursts past him into the next room. Jessica is behind the door. Margo tells him she thought someone else was there. Jessica is not discovered. Doc tells her he can't drop everything he is doing, every time Margo thinks she might want to be with him. He suggests to her that they will see each other but should remain just friends. She asks if they could meet the next morning to talk and he agrees.

Margo runs into Ben at the club. They both are unwinding with a drink while thinking over what has happened that day. Ben is feeling at loose ends over the feelings that Jessica has been having. Margo tells him that Jessica really wants a baby and she's afraid she is running out of time. Ben thanks Margo for talking to Jessica and being her friend. Margo says it is different for a man than a woman, "If Jessica loses this chance to have a baby, she's gonna need you to hold her in your arms. She will need alot of love to fill the emptiness." Ben has called Jessica and she meets with him. He has flowers for her. He tells her he spoke to Margo and she is really a true friend. He says that he will stand by her no matter what and will even think further about the in vitro process. As they prepare to leave the club, Ben leaves to pay the tab and runs into Doc. Jessica tells Ben she will wait for him outside. She has however, spent a few moments herself, remembering what went on between Doc and herself.

Tom is remembering some of the incoherent conversations he has had lately with Margo. Also a conversation with Alison about finding Doc and Margo together on the ground searching for something. He tells Casey that he has to go. It's something important and it can't wait. Tom stops at Kim's house to ask if his Dad is at home. Kim says he is with his mistress. He is surprised and then she explains that it is the hospital, and, it's a good thing that she is not the jealous kind. While at Kim's, he realizes that Doc is not doing the sports news. Kim tells Tom that Doc took the evening off for personal reasons. He goes to the police station to find Margo. He is still feeling somewhat suspect, after rehashing all these thoughts in his mind. Margo is quiet and tired looking as she sits at her desk. Tom asks her if anything is wrong as she also looks nervous. She responds that she is just tired. He waits for her while she finishes up some work and they leave for home.

Hal is greeted with a surprise visit from his daughter Nikki. She has come to town to work on the money laundering case. Emily is surprised as she opens the door to Hal's office to find him in a clinch with someone. She asks what is going on and is greeted by Nikki. Hal tells Emily that Nikki will be staying with them. Emily, all of a sudden, feels like a second fiddle with Nikki around.

Alison and Aaron meet up while they are looking for the second key. Both are searching is nearby places. They both find and reach the final clues at the same time. They reach for the key together and before it is all over, as usual, Aaron relents and lets Alison take the key. At Chris' Alison is telling Nancy that she has the key. Chris enters. She shows him that she won a key. She tells him that Nancy was her partner. They all embrace each other.

Back at the hotel room, Jessica is telling Doc she loves her husband, and, when she walks out the door she will not speak of what happened again. She doesn't know why it happened, but, unless he wants an all out war, she will do the same.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Dusty, standing outside the door, makes a phone call to Starziak, hoping to find out some information on the people that are after Lucy and him. He gets no reply and comes back inside. Lucy picks at him for leaving her alone again. She turns to walk away and Dusty reaches for her. In the process, she hits the shelving with goods on them, and they all come tumbling down, hitting both Dusty and Lucy. Dusty ends up with a dislocated shoulder, that he asks Lucy to help put back in place. Dusty and Lucy are getting closer.

Pilar watches Mike asleep. Mike wakes up and is surprised. He grabs Pilar and tells her to get out of his house. He is going to call the police if she comes back again. He tries to make it clear to her that he wants no part of her. Outside of Mike's, Pilar is saying to herself that someone has to pay for what happened to her relationship with Mike. That someone, is going to be Katie. Henry, comes up to the front of the house and sees Pilar. He calls out to her. They talk back and forth about the goodness of Katie. It is obvious that Pilar sees none in Katie. Henry goes inside to see Mike. Henry says that maybe Mike called because the two of them could come up with something to keep Katie from leaving. Henry thinks that Mike is dreaming. Mike acknowledges that he had a gift for Katie, to remind her of the fun times they shared. He changed his mind because after all she is married, and she is leaving. He does tell Henry, to please watch out for Katie at the party, though, because he wouldn't be surprised if Pilar showed up and tried to ruin it all for Katie. Katie thanks Simon for giving her this party. She goes upstairs to start getting ready. When she is done, she calls out to Simon, who she thinks is downstairs. He is not. Pilar enters through the front door and starts upstairs with knife in hand to find Katie.

Tom tells his Father that he thinks Margo is having an affair with Doc Reese. Tom is ready to kill Doc. He tells Bob why he believes it to be true. He knows his wife and he knows the way she has been acting lately. Tom describes his wife's moods to Bob. Bob tells him to concentrate on the important things, his wife and his children. Tom says that Margo has pushed him too far this time. Bob leaves the room to help Kim with something and Margo enters the back door to face Tom.

Margo tells Jessica that she did not sleep with Doc. He sent her away. Jessica is confronted by Doc, who tells her, that if the two of them are to keep this thing that happened, a secret, they need to corroborate their stories. Jessica tells him just to stay away.

Emily and Hal's daughter Nikki, have a brief falling out in the kitchen. Emily tells her that this is her kitchen, her son and not an office. Nikki realizes that she is off to a wrong start and apologizes.

Molly comes into the police station to give evidence against Dusty Donovan. Nikki is the one asking the questions. Molly remembers and tells Nikki her past experiences with Dusty and then says that she would have no problem believing that Dusty would be involved with a kidnapping. She also says that she has had no contact from Starziak since Dusty has been gone. As Molly leaves the police station, she is followed by a man.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Jessica and Doc were at the Lakeview talking about their one-night stand. Doc wanted assurance that Jessica would not go public with their tryst. Jessica said that he was just worried about Margo finding out because Doc still wants to be with Margo. Meanwhile Margo arrived at Kim's to pick up Tom. Margo was in a good mood until Tom told her that something was seriously wrong. Nancy, Bob and Kim walked in and interrupted them. Nancy told Margo that the jeweler couldn't get the locket for Katie engraved before the party. Tom pretended that was what was seriously wrong. Margo doesn't buy it but made an excuse to leave the room. Bob asked Tom if he said anything to Margo. Tom said no but was very angry. Bob tried to calm him but Tom said he had been through this before and he knew the signs. Bob suggested to Tom that he and Margo stay to talk but he refused and they all left for the party. At the party, Tom got upset when one of the guests brought up Doc's name. Bob followed Tom outside trying to calm him down. Tom yelled out about Margo sleeping with Doc just as Kim opened the door. Later, Kim went looking for Doc and Margo tried to get Tom to tell her what was wrong. Tom shouted at her to go ask Doc Reese and that he knew what she did!

Katie was in her room talking to Snickers. Pilar came in and raised a knife at an unsuspecting Katie. Simon called out and Pilar ran into the other room. Once Simon and Katie were together, Pilar repeated the same motion but was interrupted by Henry. Henry was trying to be brave and upbeat but turned melancholy when he admitted that he would miss Katie and wasn't sure she should go. Katie tried to reassure him that it wouldn't be forever and that Henry should find a girl. After they left to go downstairs, Pilar came back in, took Snickers, and waited for Katie to come back upstairs. Downstairs Simon was talking to Nancy and brought up Pilar's name. Nancy said she wasn't aware he knew Pilar and, as Henry listened, quickly denied knowing her. Later, Henry confronted Simon and Katie heard the exchange. Simon denied it and Katie believed him telling him that she got the creeps every time she heard Pilar's name. Katie went to get Snickers and, when she walked in her room, discovered Pilar holding Snickers with a knife to his head. Pilar said that rabbits only make noise when they felt threatened and would soon find out if it was true.

Rosanna was frantic because Cabot was crying so she called and left Carly a message for help. Jordan came in and offered to help. Paul walked in and asked Jordan if he was applying for a job as a nanny. Jordan said he wouldn't mind and told Paul that he was willing to do anything to make it easier for Rosanna. Paul was skeptical and offered to help Rosanna take Cabot up to his room. Jennifer came in and after a kiss hello, told Jordan that she had everything set up for Cabot at Barbara's. Rosanna walked in and told Jordan that Cabot would not leave the house unless he was with her. Jordan told her that she had to stop being so paranoid about his wanting to be with Cabot. Rosanna said that Cabot had been going so much and he needed some stability. Jordan agreed saying that, for now, Cabot would stay where he was at. Rosanna paused for a moment and then suggested that Jordan move in with her, much to Paul and Jennifer's dismay. Jordan said he would move in until they could work out an agreement. Later, Jordan asked Jennifer if she was okay with it. At first, Jennifer was a little upset but then realized that Jordan just wanted what was best for Cabot. Meanwhile, Paul told Rosanna that James would always be watching and offered Rosanna some protection.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Rosanna agrees to let Jordan move in. She feels she will be able to keep a better eye on him this way. Paul wants to keep an eye on Rosanna to keep her safe. "Why", says Carly, "what's in it for you"? Carly tells Rosanna that if she is going to let Jordan stay there, she better stock up on garlic and crucifixes. She will need them knowing that James Stenbeck is a part of this whole situation. Rosanna just wants her son to grow up knowing both parents. Paul tells her that Carly is right, she does need someone who will look out for her interests. He thinks he is the best man for the job. He wants to move in. Jordan comes out and says that he is really tired. He is met by an entering Paul who lets him know that Rosanna has decided to let him move in also.

Pilar has Katie upstairs in the bedroom. She tells her that she is the one who took care of Faux. She tells Katie to climb out the window or Snickers might get hurt also. After Katie doesn't come down, Simon sends Henry up to get her. When he gets upstairs, he finds only Snickers out of the cage, and, no Katie. Simon then goes upstairs looking for them both. When he enters the room, he asks Henry what is going on. Henry says that the room looked just like it does now. Simon notices an open window. They both agree that somehow Pilar has taken Katie. Pilar takes Katie to a boathouse. She shows Katie a plaque that Mike made her as a surprise. Katie reminds Pilar that she and Simon are going to Australia that night. Pilar asks, "Did he also promise to love you and cherish you till death due you part?" Pilar says, " that Simon's promises are all lies." She thinks Mike is waiting for her to find that out and come back to him. Pilar tells Katie that she did so much so win him over and all he ever wanted was Katie. She says the only thing that will hurt Mike is knowing what it will be like to be alone. That his Lady Kate will never love him again. Back at Simon and Katie's place, Henry and Simon are planning what to do. Simon is going after Katie and Henry is to go downstairs and tell everyone that Katie is not feeling well. Simon leaves and Henry calls Mike to hurry over to Katie's, it's an emergency. Ben comments to Jessica that it must be painful for Tom. Mike tries to help the situation by calling Pilar. He tells her to please not hurt Katie. Pilar is telling him that he always thinks the worst of her. In just a little while he will be able to look out his window and remember where Katie spent her final moments. Katie yells out that she is at the boathouse. The phone is disconnected. Mike tells Henry to call the cops. He is going to the boathouse. Pilar tells Katie that Mike will figure out where they are. She tells Katie to move, and Katie refuses. Back at the party, Henry explains to everyone that Katie was kidnapped. Katie is telling Pilar that she would like to choose where to die, and that she never had thought of it before. She thought she and Simon would have kids together and grow old. Pilar interrupts her by telling her that dying now will be alot less painful than spending a lifetime with Simon. Katie screams that she doesn't even know Simon and she has all this stuff against him. Pilar tells her that she is letting her die with her memories intact, but she better not push her. Mike calls out to Katie and Pilar turns around. Katie throws a netting over her and shoves her. Pilar had also been holding a knife on Katie. The impact kills her. She takes comfort in Mike's arms as Simon comes through the door. He takes a hold of Katie wanting to know what happened. He keeps asking her what Pilar said. Mike is confused by Simon's conversation. He starts to question him when Margo and the police enter. Simon takes Katie out the door to go home, but, she comes back to ask Mike how he is. She tells him that she knows he was close to her at one time. She joins Simon and they leave. Henry receives a call from Margo letting him and everyone know that Pilar is dead and Katie is safe. Having heard this good news, it makes Chris realize how lucky he and Alison are. Chris doesn't want to wait any longer to start their future together. He wants it to begin now. Chris proposes to Alison. Simon and Katie arrive back at home. Henry leaves to pick something up for Katie. Simon tells Katie that maybe they shouldn't be going away now. She asks if it is about Pilar. She can't figure out why he doesn't want to go now. At the crime scene Margo tells Mike that no charges are being made. She will need Mike's statement to corroborate Katie's however. Margo leaves and Mike takes a final look at the boathouse. He picks up the sign that he made, and looks questionably at it. Back at Katie and Simon's, he is telling her that he wants her, he wants to start over with her but they do not have to leave. Katie looks at him, and says, "Pilar said that you break your promises, that I would be better off dead than with a lifetime with you. She acted like she hated you but she didn't even know you. Why would she do that?

Tom is arguing with Margo. Margo tells him she went to see Doc to tell him to back off. Every time she saw him, he was always making comments. Tom tells her, she wasn't going there to tell him to stop it. He thinks she was going there because she liked it a lot. Tom says that most guys don't let it go on that long unless they are getting a little encouragement. Tom goes outside, followed by Margo. She says you have seen him in action, you know how he is. Don't tell me I gave him any encouragement, because I didn't. Tom wants to know if she was so uncomfortable around him, why didn't she say something? She explains that she was trying not to make a big deal out of it. Tom tells her that he lives in the same house with her. The silence was deafening and she was never where she was supposed to be. Margo relents, and tells Tom, all right. I liked the attention, and he noticed me. He made me feel young and he made me feel pretty, the way you used to. Tom is furious. He says " you have a problem, you bring it home. You don't bring a stranger into our marriage. Stop running away." " Don't give me reason to," says Margo. Outside also are Chris, Alison, Ben and Jessica. They see what has happened. Ben comments, that when it comes to your wife, it doesn't take much to light the fuse. Back at Tom and Margo's, the argument continues. Tom asks her about the afternoon they spent in bed. Was she really with him or with Doc. Tom thinks that flirting got out of hand and he wants to know how far it went. All the time lately for the two of them got to be too much. They got bored. Tom wants Margo to look at him and tell him whether or not she slept with him. Did she want to? He wants the truth. Margo goes upstairs wanting to know how all this helped their marriage. Jessica goes to Tom and Margo's with news. Tom tells her it is not a good time. Jessica tells him that Margo should give Katie a call. They may have to delay their plans to leave. Margo comes back downstairs preparing to leave. She tells them that Pilar kidnapped Katie. She never should have left her sister alone. She goes out the door. Jessica tells Tom that whatever the tension is between the two of them, Margo didn't do anything wrong. Tom is miffed because Margo went to Jessica to talk . She tells him that Margo may be having some midlife crisis but she is not having an affair.

Kim is speaking with Doc. She tells him that he better not hurt anyone in her family. If she finds out that it is affecting her family that it makes it her business. Kim threatens to chew him up in little pieces and hang him out to dry if he is connected with what is going on. Kim tells him that everything is a game to him. Especially when he is trying to win a happily married woman. " Happily married women never give me the time of day," says Doc.

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