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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 21, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, June 21, 2004

Jackie explains to Nick, the true results of the paternity test. He doesn't believe what she is saying. He believes that the second set of results could be wrong also. Jackie assures him that they were very careful with the second test and there are no mistakes this time. Ridge is the baby's Father. Nick calls Jackie a monster. She knew for at least a month and as long as old Nick was happy, it didn't matter about anyone else, not Brooke, not Ridge and not their baby. Nick looks at his Mother, he reminds her that she let him fall deeper and deeper in love with a family that wasn't even his. He tells her that Ridge and Brooke belong together. They lost a complete month because of what she did. Jackie's phone rings. It's Ridge and he is looking for Nick. She hands him the phone. Ridge say, "Brooke is ready to give birth. You better get it together, your son's on the way." Nick turns to Jackie and says, "Congratulations Mother, Dominic Marone Jr. is about to be born." Nick doesn't know what to do. He remembers that Brooke suffered panic attacks and numerous people telling her to get on with her life and do what's right for the baby. "She knew though, she knew that she really belonged with Ridge," says Nick. Jackie says that Brooke must be told the truth and she will go and tell her. Nick warns her to stay away. He will go and when he gets back, she better not be there. Jackie tells him, "All I ever wanted to give you was the family you never had." "The family that belonged to someone else," says Nick.

Ridge calls the Doctor as Brooke starts to go into labor. The baby is not due for another week, so it catches everyone off guard. Brooke is not going to be able to make it to the hospital. The Doctor is on his way. The Doctor gets caught in a traffic tie up and will be somewhat detained. He is on the way and will arrive as soon as possible, but, Ridge may have to help. He calms Brooke down and tries to get her to relax. He asks her if she remembers what Taylor said to her in the dream that Brooke had experienced some time before. Taylor had said, "Nothing worthwhile ever comes easily and an unlikely path would lead her to where she belongs." Ridge calms Brooke down by having her remember all the good times. Brooke looks at Ridge and says, "They may never be able to have a chance to have a child of their own, and, just for a little while, could they pretend-----?"

Brooke is having her final labor pains. The baby is crowning and Ridge can see the baby being born.

Ridge also calls Nick. He is not available so Ridge leaves a message on his answering machine that Nick is about to become a Father.

Stephanie phones Ridge. She learns that Brooke is in labor. Stephanie asks him if he's going to be there after Nick arrives. He tells her, yes, and the days after that also. Ridge tells her that Nick gave them his blessing. They have broken off their engagement.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Jackie tells Massimo that Brooke is delivering Ridge's baby, and she takes the blame for him finding out the truth so late.

Ridge helps Brooke deliver her baby and he is surprised at the connection he feels for the child.

Nick wants to tell Brooke that the baby is Ridge's before the baby arrives, but he and Mark arrive at Brooke's after the baby is born. Nick tells Brooke and Ridge that the paternity results were wrong, and Ridge is the father.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Brooke and Ridge are stunned with the news that the baby is Ridge's. Nick tells them that his mother ran a second test. Ridge doubts Jackie's word and asks Dr. McLain to run another test. The doctor asks a friend at the lab to rush the results. Ridge warns Brooke not to get her hopes up. Brooke is excited that the baby might be theirs. Ridge tells Brooke that no matter what the paternity test reveals, he will love the baby as his own. Brooke is sure that they might have a chance to have it all again.

Jackie explains to Massimo that she had another test run. She tells him that she has already talked to Nicky. Massimo doesn't understand how she is just now saying something when Dr. Paxton has been dead for months. He demands the whole story from Jackie. He tells Jackie that she was wrong to allow Nick to fall more in love with Brooke, and let Brooke and Ridge end their marriage. He accuses her of deceiving the entire family. Jackie defends herself by reminding Massimo that he wanted Nick to have his own family too. She knows Massimo won't understand why she did what she did, but asks that he forgive her. He replies that she is delusional if she thinks he'll forgive her. Jackie tells him that he is too angry to discuss this now. Massimo continues yelling at her. He tells her that Ridge turned his back on the Marone family because of Jackie's silence. He tells her they were all deceived by her and wonders what happened to the woman who vowed her love and devotion to him. He orders her out of the house. As he storms from the room, the family picture of Massimo, Jackie, Nick and Brooke drops off the desk and breaks.

Outside, Ridge tells Nick that he's sorry. Nick tells Ridge that when he found out Brooke was pregnant, Nick wanted the baby to be Ridge's. Ridge tells Nick that he wanted the baby to be his too, but won't start celebrating until the results of the paternity test come back.

Alone upstairs with the baby, Brooke admires and talks to him. Stephanie comes in and tells Brooke that she knows Ridge delivered the baby. She asks Brooke how long she will subject Ridge to all this. Stephanie hopes that Ridge will realize that Brooke's place is with the father of the child. Brooke asks Stephanie if her feelings for Brooke would change if the baby had been Ridge's. Stephanie tells her that integrity and virtue always win in the end and if Brooke and Ridge were meant to be together, then the baby would have been Ridge's. Just then, Ridge and Nick enter with Dr. MacClaine. As Ridge smiles at Brooke, Brooke tells him that she wants Stephanie to hear this. Stephanie is shocked when Dr. MacClaine announces that Brooke has a healthy Forrester baby.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Nick explains how Jackie kept the truth hidden and then leaves to let Ridge and Brooke be together with their child.

Stephanie is torn and even more torn when she finally holds the baby.

Nick goes home alone, realizing all that he has lost. Jackie arrives at Nick's penthouse and tries to convince him that they will get through this ordeal together. Nick tells her that he can't trust her anymore and asks her to stay out of his life.

Thorne tells Eric that he is upset about Ridge making decisions without consulting him. Eric tells Thorne that they should not discuss business without Ridge.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Jackie tells Nick that he shouldn't go into his shell again. He remembers that she let him fall further in love with the baby and the family that was not his, and never said anything. Jackie wants to know where they go from here. Nick tells her that if this is her kind of love, then, he doesn't ever want any part of it again. She tells him that this might not have worked out for him, and, she was wrong in what she did, but, he did learn how to open himself up to love. She hopes that he will not put walls up again. He tells her that at one time, the one person he knew would always be there for him, was her. Whenever he needed someone, he knew she would drop anything, and be there at a moments notice. Now, he just wants to get away from her.

Eric enters the room to find Stephanie sitting alone. He comes in to greet her not knowing that she has come back. Stephanie tells Eric that Brooke and Ridge have a child together. Another paternity test was run and Ridge is the Father. Stephanie tells Eric that Brooke and Ridge will marry again, move into the house again. She wants to know that Ridge and Taylor's children are going to lead stable lives. Eric tells her if she can't support the marriage and the life they have chosen for themselves, if she can't do it for her son, then do it for Ridge's son and their grandchild. Stephanie says that she was able to hold the baby. She didn't want to love him, but she did. Ridge also told her that she had to accept the situation or lose him. Eric responds with, you have to make up your mind. You have to decide which is stronger, your love or your hate.

Ridge and Brooke celebrate the birth of their newborn son and Hope meets her new baby brother, Ridge Jr.

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