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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 28, 2004 on DAYS
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Monday, June 28, 2004

Brady still believes that Crystal is staying with Nicole as payback for her protecting her back in their porn days but John insists it is because Crystal has something on Nicole. When John asks for Brady's help in nailing Nicole but Brady is wary now that he has gained her trust. After knocking back his beer, John says he doesn't think Brady wants Nicole to be guilty. Brady sidesteps the statement and agrees to go to the Kiriakis Mansion and try to persuade Crystal to come with him to Alice's. John approaches Rex at the bar but when he brings up Marlena's shooting, Earl storms out of the bar, upset.

Nicole reams out Crystal for lying and going out to Alice's. A bitter and disappointed Crystal informs Nicole that she didn't stay at the bar because she saw Earl the prison guard drinking at the bar. After being assured that Crystal wasn't seen, Nicole breaks the news that now Crystal will have to be a prisoner at the mansion just like she is. Crystal starts to whine as Brady enters and ask them again if they would like to join him at Alice's. Nicole says, "no freakin' way," and Brady slinks out to the foyer to call John.

After putting the plane on autopilot, Davies wakes up Jennifer and asks if the baby is okay. She says yes but flashes back to Patrick's plane heroics. Davies tells her he is probably dead. A tearful Jennifer demands to know if her husband is dead but Davies says he doesn't know. He leaves her in the back and from the cockpit, calls someone on his cell phone. He informs them that he took care of Jennifer's friends at the airfield as well as made sure the plane could not be tracked. With the cockpit curtain closed, Jennifer decides to call Hope on her cell phone.

Patrick and Hope rush into the control tower. Once Hope shows her badge, the air traffic controller agrees to help them track the plane. Unfortunately, the blip turns into four blips and each one is going a different direction. Just as Hope starts to despair, Jennifer calls on her cell phone. When Jennifer can't see anything out of her window, Hope decides to try to track her phone signal.

On the plane, Davies notes some interference with his radio. He opens the curtain to find little Jennifer chatting on her cell phone. He rushes back and struggles with her over it. The fall to the ground as the plane hits a pocket of turbulence and begins to go down. Davies tries to save the plane from its dive.

As a horrified Patrick and Hope listen in the tower, the phone goes dead and the blip on the radar disappears.

Jack awakens in the jungle and thinks about when Jennifer helped to save him from falling to his death off a catwalk. He then thinks about saving her from her car when it almost went off the bridge. Fortified, he shakes off his grogginess in time for a constrictor snake to coil around him. Channeling his late night viewings of the Discovery Channel, he remembers to stay still and stop struggling. The plan works and the snake slithers off. Jack gets up and hears a plane crash on the island.

Roman and Marlena chat outside Jack and Jennifer's island residence about living in hell. They both worry over Jennifer's arrival and then talk about their loved ones. Maggie surprises them when she shows up but says that she hopes Mickey will fall in love again and move on. She says she only wants him to be happy. Suddenly, they hear a plane overhead. Since they have never heard a plane there before, Roman believes it is a private plane that has veered off course. They hear the plane starts to dive and then crash but Roman says that it crashed past the force field. He believes not only will they not be able to reach it but there will likely be no survivors.

When confronted by Julie at Alice's, Bonnie produces the cash register receipts for the night and explains that all the cash is in the safe. Julie apologizes and wanders off. A smiling Mickey tells Bonnie that he is proud of her and kisses her. A teary eyed Bonnie says, "I don't deserve you, Mickey. I'm a total fraud." With a raised eyebrow from Mickey, Bonnie explains that she wouldn't have donated any money to the foundation except that she wanted to impress Mickey. She says she isn't good or honest and leaves Mickey to ponder her statement.

Later that night, Julie stops by Mickey's house to drop of his briefcase. When she hears Mickey moaning, she rushes in to check on him. Unfortunately for all involved, Julie finds Bonnie bouncing naked in bed with a pajama clad Mickey. Julie wishes "she was dead!" and says, "How could you Uncle Mickey?" As Julie leaves in tears, Bonnie comforts a confused Mickey.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Bo and Hope are on fire to find out who abducted Jennifer, where they are taking her and where the plane crashed. Hope suspects Patrick knows more about all this than he's saying. They confront him and find him searching through Jennifer's computer files. Patrick defends: he is as desperate to rescue Jennifer as they are and they all need to work together. Hope is forced to inform her relatives of the bad news and Julie and Mickey race over there in dismay. Bonnie also accompanies them and tension rises as Julie accuses Patrick of being in on this whole thing! Bonnie forcefully defends her son and Mickey defends Bonnie. When Bonnie gets Patrick alone, she demands the truth - he knows more about these bad guys who abducted Jennifer than he's letting on. She warns him to save his own skin or he'll be the next victim. Patrick is determined to find Jennifer and he knows exactly how he's going to do it. In private, Patrick pulls the mysterious doubloon out of his pocket. Bo and Hope are also suspicious of Patrick and Bo decides to do some digging and find out what this Lockhart guy has to hide. Hope says she'll keep an eye on Patrick. As Bo heads off to the station, he warns Hope to be very careful.

Julie confronts Mickey about sleeping with Bonnie; she thinks her uncle is making a terrible mistake. Julie viciously attacks Bonnie and Mickey demands Julie apologize... the bad news about Jennifer comes...

Shawn is so frustrated after weeks in captivity he gets violent with Jan, demanding she let him out. After a struggle, Shawn gets the keys and almost gets free. Jan has no choice: she hits him over the head with a vase and knocks him out. When Shawn revives it seems he has amnesia and has forgotten all about Belle. Jan is thrilled as Shawn says Jan is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Belle is ready to go on national TV during the Nascar race. John tells Belle not to get her hopes up but he wishes her luck. Brady warns his sister that Shawn may break her heart and even if he does come back, what about letting Philip move in. Emotional Belle calls Philip... she needs him!

John moves forward with his plan to use Earl, the prison guard, to nail Crystal. He offers Earl a job at the Kiriakis mansion and Earl's wife insists he take it. Meanwhile, Brady questions Crystal and Nicole. Crystal makes up a lie as to why she stood John up last night. Nicole, feeling the heat, convinces Crystal to get out of town. Crystal packs her bags but as she and Nicole come downstairs, they come face to face with Earl. Outside, John tells Brady that Crystal and Nicole are walking right into his trap!

Wednesday, July 30, 2004

Patrick has a secret plan to use the mysterious doubloon to save Jennifer. Bonnie, unaware, steals the coin and hocks it at a pawnshop! Patrick follows her, is furious with his mother and tries to buy the coin back - the pawnbroker refuses. With no choice, Patrick steals the coin and Hope, who has been following Patrick, has no choice but to arrest him. Patrick warns her that if she throws him in jail, she'll be signing Jennifer's death certificate!

Bo and Tek run an ISA computer search on Patrick and when the results come in, Bo is rocked!

On the island Jennifer's private plane has crashed in the jungle. Jennifer is trapped under the wreckage and a giant iguana slithers out of the underbrush and threatens to bite her! A rush of adrenaline gives Jennifer the strength to break free but she is horrified when she finds the dead body of the pilot Davies. She moves off and falls off a cliff. Clinging to the edge, Jennifer screams for help.

Jack has a dream that he sees Jennifer. He is determined, however, to reach the crashed airplane to help whoever may still be alive. Jack then hears distant screams.

Roman and Abe go back to Island Jack and Jennifer's house. They were expecting Jennifer to arrive on the island, could she have been on the plane they heard crash in the distance? Abe and Roman question Tony but he sticks to his story... he is as much a prisoner here as the rest of them. He also wants to try to get out of New Salem and try to reach the airplane.

At the NASCAR race, Philip rallies Belle and gives her faith in herself and in her plan to reach Shawn. Belle is grateful and shocked when Philip unveils his surprise for her: he has sponsored Shawn's favorite NASCAR driver, Casey Mears. Belle is deeply moved by Philip's gesture.

Jan discovers Shawn's ruse and realizes he still loves Belle. To prove Belle is in love with Philip, Jan forces Shawn to watch Belle and Philip dancing on an endless video loop. Shawn almost loses it. Jan finally turns off the video and the NASCAR race comes on... As Belle begins her plea on the live broadcast, it turns out Shawn is not paying attention, still hurt by the pictures of Philip and Belle together.

Thursday, July 1, 2004

Due to NBC Sports coverage of Wimbledon, Days of our Lives will be pre-empted on Thursday, July 1st and Friday, July 2nd. These preemptions were accounted for and regular programming will resume on Monday, July 5th with no lost episodes.

Friday, July 2, 2004

Due to NBC Sports coverage of Wimbledon, Days of our Lives will be pre-empted on Thursday, July 1st and Friday, July 2nd. These preemptions were accounted for and regular programming will resume on Monday, July 5th with no lost episodes.

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